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IM at Work, Part 2: Tools for Locking Down
2007-07-06 15:51:00
Letting employees have unbridled access to free, consumer-level instant messaging applications running on their workplace computers is a security disaster waiting to happen. Instant messaging applications are easy targets for hackers taking advantage of vulnerabilities. It is critical for businesses to pay attention to their employees' use of inread more | digg story
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Online Credit Card Processing Shopping Rush
2007-07-02 23:25:00
It is the time of year when businesses start getting busy. Right before Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping rush begins. This includes both traditional retailers and online commerce as well. Do not let Christmas sneak up on you without ensuring that your business can handle the shopping increase.What can you do to make sure you can handle increased credit card processing during the busy Christmas season? Do not forget to have your technology running as smoothly as possible. Make sure you can handle a big increase in traffic on your web site. If the customer orders do not make it through because you have not accounted for increased traffic, you will have a headache on your hands.Make sure you have everything in stock. Because ecommerce sites can see an increase of up to 30% in their orders during the holiday shopping rush, your stock can drop dramatically. Remember that many shoppers wait until the last minute to do their shopping – even online! So be sure to cater to them ...
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Online businesses face credit card security deadline - Network World
2007-06-14 15:03:00
In an effort to combat fraud, identity theft and other security issues, American Express, Discover, MasterCard , Visa and others created the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security more digg story
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MasterCard SDP - Site Data Protection
2007-06-13 21:45:00
This includes the consumer who is purchasing with Mastercard , the business owner who is conducting the transaction, and the third party processors who are making the transaction a success. Mastercard SDP ensures that the transactions are conducted in the highest safety possible, and ensure that all credit card information is encrypted and kept confidential. Mastercard SDP will help protect the vital information pertaining to the credit card holder and lower the chances of phishing or credit card fraudulent activity.The Mastercard Company itself takes Mastercard security very seriously. In fact, they feel that if you, as a merchant or business, accept Mastercard payments, then you are in fact partly responsible for maintaining SDP security. It is the business owner’s responsibility to maintain a high degree of security as well. SDP security is essential to making your business a success. If you don’t provide your customers encrypted SDP security you will lose sales. Custome...
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PCI Security Standards Council: Building Trust
2007-06-05 23:10:00
With the formation of the PCI Security Standards Council , multichannel merchants, online retailers, consultants, payment processors, and virtually every organization that touches online payments should find it much easier to comply with the PCI Data Security more digg story
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Internet Merchant Accounts
2007-05-30 20:32:00
When applying for Internet merchant accounts, you will hear the term “qualified rate.” The qualified rate it he lowest rate you will incur when having a credit card charge processed. Many merchants may be concerned about the fees associated with Internet merchant accounts. The fees and charges you might incur include:An application fee An authorization fee (this is a fee charged each time a credit card is sent to the institution, whether it is accepted or declined) A monthly minimum fee (to make sure you make a certain number of processes each month. If you don’t make it, you will be charged to satisfy that fee) A statement fee A batch fee (incurred each time you settle a terminal, which sends the day’s transactions to the institution for payment) A discount rate (a percentage of each transaction) And a per transaction fee (a flat fee charged each time a credit card is successfully processed) Fees will vary from institution to institution, however all are based on Interchan...
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Accept Checks Online
2007-05-18 15:11:00
Accepting eChecks allows merchants to tap into a larger customer base which is good business. When you eliminate paper checks and have your customer's checks processed electronically you are guaranteed that their transaction is viable and the funds will be transferred to your merchants account effortlessly. All you have to do is accept the checks and the software program does the rest. Processing a custome,s checks is as easy as accepting and processing their credit card information.Any business owner knows that building and maintaining a customer friendly storefront is important. The arrival of eChecks is providing merchants with the key that is unlocking their earning potential. Many merchants have missed out on transactions simply because they did not offer payment by check as an option. Accepting checks opens the door to a flood of customers who are not comfortable using credit cards.There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the way that people shop. With a larger amount ...
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Batch Upload Payment Processing
2007-05-11 18:10:00
Some merchants do not process a very high volume, while others can process thousands of transactions each day, depending on the size of their business. For merchants who do a high volume amount of credit card transactions, a batch upload method of processing is usually the most efficient way to complete it. A batch upload basically means that all transactions are “held” in the merchant’s gateway processing system until they are all complete and ready to be batched. The merchant will then process the batch all at once, so that all transactions are gone through and settle into their bank account at the same time.Read more about batch upload payment processing.
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What is Hacker Safe versus PCI compliance?
2007-05-01 20:16:00
Scan Alert PCI Compliance is a basic service being offered to VirtualTrak Technology merchants Free for the first year. This service only includes the quarterly Scan, assistance with the annual questionnaire and a PCI compliance certificate. Scan Alert Hacker Safe service offers extended PCI services, such as daily Scans instead of quarterly, assistance with the annual questionnaire and a Hacker Safe logo to place on the merchant’s website. The Hacker Safe logo has been proven to increase consumer confidence, thus boosting merchant sales. Hacker Safe PCI can be purchased by VirtualTrak Technology merchants at a discounted rate depending on the merchant’s transaction volume. Scan Alert should be contacted directly for details.Find out how to become pci compliant and get your PCI Security Certification Service.
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Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard
2007-05-01 17:35:00
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security StandardDue to the increase in identity theft and fraud the Credit Card associations (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) have established the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for merchants. PCI compliance lists the requirements to ensure that credit card payment transaction details information and cardholder data is protected against theft and identity abuse leading to financial theft. All merchants who accept, process, or store credit card data are required to become PCI compliant by July 31, 2007, and verify this compliance.The consequence of not verifying compliance includes:finesexpensive recovery costsand/or the loss of a merchant’s ability to accept credit card transactions.Compliance with these requirements will increase consumer confidence while reducing identity theft and fraud.VirtualTrak Technologies has partnered with Hacker Safe’s Scan Alert who will provide this compliance service to Virt...
Tips for Business - Prevent Fraud
2007-04-30 19:18:00
Red flags for fraudulent purchases include: bulk transactions, first time shoppers, big ticket items are being purchased, rush delivery, shipping is requested to a different address than the customer or the shipping address is listed as an overseas address, large purchases are being made with numerous credit cards and shipped to a single address, separate purchases are being made but they are coming from a single Internet Protocol address.The customer should be required to give you the three-digit number on the back of the card. This will ensure that the purchaser has the card in his or her possession. Find out more information for Tips for Consumers - Preventing Fraud .
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Tips for Consumers - Prevent Fraud
2007-04-30 19:08:00
Keep in mind that a criminal does not have to be in possession of your card to make fraudulent purchases. A criminal can obtain your credit card information and make card-not-present transactions by just knowing your credit card number. You should always shred or burn your credit card statements. To protect yourself even further, you should always keep your bills and credit cards in a safe place away from the eyes of anyone who enters your home.Be patient when you are making card not present transactions. Most businesses are now requiring that you give additional information when you make purchases to ensure that you are indeed the cardholder.Find more useful tips for Business to Prevent Card Not Present Fraud .Digg Story
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Virtual Terminal Transactions
2007-04-26 22:36:00
VerePay Technologies offers a secure browser based payment processing gateway for business merchants online. The virtual terminal acts as your POS (Point of Sale) terminal which replaces the credit card swipe machine.Read Moredigg story
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American Express CID - Card Indentification
2007-04-20 17:03:00
The modern day of shopping is getting an overhaul. Today, consumers are discovering that they can purchase products and services over the Internet, saving time, money, and fuel costs. However, with these great advancements come higher security risks. Because of the potential for credit card fraudulent activity, American Express has instituted their American Express CID security plan. The American Express CID security consists of a four-digit number. CID stands for card identification number, and this number verifies that cardholder’s in fact have the card in their hands and are not just using a credit card number. Using security programs such as the American Express CID security number helps to prevent credit card fraud, misuse, and abuse. Using other security measures as well as the American Express CID security number can help ensure that your customers will enjoy the greatest security possible when completing their credit card transactions online.American Express is committed t...
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Credit Card Processing Transaction Fees
2007-04-11 18:41:00
These fees are charged per single transaction, and are used to pay the credit card companies for their services. In most cases, these transaction rates are less expensive for the retail stores than they are for the internet stores. This is because internet business poses a higher risk, so the credit card processing transaction fees are typically higher in order to cover that risk. A transaction fee usually consists of a discount rate, which is a percentage of each transaction (usually ranging from 2.10% to 2.40%), as well as a per transaction fee. This fee is usually anywhere from $.25 to $.40 per transaction. All of these fees will be shown on the merchant’s monthly statement so they will be able to see and track their charges each month. While it may seem like this is a high price to pay, it is absolutely worth it for merchants to be able to easily accept credit cards as payment.Get a free credit card processing rate analysis.
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Credit Card Processing Statement Fees
2007-04-11 18:37:00
Visa® and MasterCard are both credit card companies that are governed by the rules and regulations of the banks unlike AMEX and Discover card, which are both privately owned credit card companies. Merchants must obtain a merchant account in order to accept these cards as payment. With this account there are several fees, including credit card processing statement fees, and credit card processing transaction fees. The statement fee is usually charged every month. This fee is exactly what it sounds like, a fee that is charged to cover the cost of maintaining and sending all merchants a statement each month of their transactions and charges. In most cases, the merchant service provider charges around $10 to $15 each month for credit card processing statement fees.
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Credit Card Processing for Merchants
2007-04-09 22:32:00
For example, with American Express, the card itself has a 4 digit number above the credit card number to manually add before credit cards are processed. Using Visa, MasterCard or Discover? There is a 3 digit number that will need to be manually entered as well, ensuring that the credit card is real.Some information to keep in mind about online credit card processors like PayPal and other companies is they have higher processing fees than most Credit Card Processors because they have a set amount per charge per processing fee, unlike Credit Card Processors that can some times negotiate the processing fees.Most important to the merchant, make sure you research whom you are going through. There are a lot of flashing advertisements out there quoting a specific amount for processing. Make sure it is true. Most of those are for companies that have a very large processing amount. Or process a lot of cards. Protect your self and at the same time that will ensure security to the consumers th...
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A high percentage of people don't carry cash anymore.
2007-04-09 22:27:00
With businesses today, ninety percent of people pay with credit cards. And a majority of those use a Visa or MasterCard logo ATM bank card. The need for carrying cash is fading quickly, and the measures that credit card companies are taking now to make sure every transaction is safe, gives people a sense of security.With Fraud Protection, credit cards companies reverse fraudulent charges with no repercussion to the customers’ credit card. With all the information required, usually the monies used in the fraudulent purchase are refunded with in 24 hours.The ease of using a credit card at most locations is making it so even fast food restaurants are making it possible to use credit cards instead of only cash. Gift cards are now available in credit cards instead of going to a specific store, making those holiday credit cards a huge success.
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Credit Card Processing
2007-03-26 19:01:00
For the merchant, having a credit card processor that will work with them whether they are mail order, online, wholesale or retail is very important. Being able to accept all major credit cards also depends on which credit card processor the merchant goes through. Not all processors provide services that can provide all major credit cards. Some do strictly Visa and MasterCard , and there are quite a few small businesses that use American Express for the small business benefits that card offers.One of the most important requirements that a merchant wants with their credit card processor is a peace of mind when it comes to safety in their processing. By insuring a safe credit card processor to reduce the risk of fraudulent charges and also the risk of having their customer’s credit card numbers and information stolen due to the lack of security with a credit card processor, some things to look for are: Does the credit card processor use companies like Scan Alert or other types of PCI...
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Accepting Credit Cards
2007-03-23 15:04:00
In this day and age most major stores you go into accepts credit cards. Many consumers today have ceased carrying cash. For most businesses it is almost imperitive that you accept credit cards in order to compete. In the past there was a stigma about how expensive it was for merchants to accept credit cards. However, if you are set up with the correct type of merchant account the cost associated with it is not really expensive. If you are able to save each sale that you have lost from not accepting credit cards, or from accepting a check against your better judgement your overall revenue would increase.Some merchants have accepted credit cards in the past and felt that they paid way too many hidden costs. The best way to avoid this is to research the company that you are going to get a merchant account with. Make sure that you know how credit card processing works and why there are different fees. Do not be afraid to ask questions.Examples of good questions to ask:How long will it t...
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Talento T-IPP Credit Card Terminals
2007-03-21 16:17:00
Accept credit cards today with a Talento T-IPP Credit Card Terminal s.Being able to accept credit cards with today’s age of almost everyone carrying some sort of credit card is very important. However, there are still those that prefer using their Debit card. And then there are those that use EBT. With this system you accept all the above. With a simple to plug in external key pad, the customers can add in their pin.Keywords: ebt, talento, t-ipp, credit card terminals, debit cards, credit card transactions, card transactions
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Wireless Credit Card Terminals by EXADIGM
2007-03-20 16:51:00
This unit will benefit anyone’s company the moment that it is purchased. The merchant has a retail store and wants to go do trade shows. Now the need for a mobile credit card processing machine is mandatory. This machine connects right to a cell phone, and now the merchant can accept credit cards any where they can think of wanting to sell their merchandise. It can be used with Verizon and Cingular cellar services.The EXADIGM Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminal can also connect to dial- up modems, USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.Keywords: credit card processing equipment, wireless terminals, exadigm
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Retail Merchant Accounts
2007-03-16 19:24:00
Being educated in what your company does is one of the most important factors of a thriving company. Decisions are always made when owning a business. What to sell, what not to sell; when to expand from retail to e-commerce, and where and whom to go through for credit card processing. Some merchants prefer to go through their own personal banks, but there are merchants whose credit score may not reach the expectations of what their personal banks prefer or require and could be charged a much higher percentage rate as well as other hidden charges not disclosed during the initial setup. A credit card processor knows that merchants do not always have that perfect credit score. A credit card processor works with the merchant, and their individual issues, giving the merchant the attention each one requires, and not a set package or specific mold. Find out more on how we can help your company succeed.Free Rate Analysis Keywords: free rate analysis, accept credit cards today, retail mercha...
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Address Verification System (AVS)
2007-03-16 19:11:00
What can a merchant, who accepts online, phone, or mail transactions, do to as a means of security protection to prevent themselves from falling victims to accepting stolen credit cards or fake credit card numbers? Merchants can help secure payment gateways by using the Address Verification System (AVS).The Address Verification System was originally used in the case of in person purchases where merchants could verify cards because they had embedded holograms or on-card photo ids. However, this does not help with online, phone, or mail transactions. But, AVS can provide secure payment gateways by having the merchant verify credit card data, such as billing address and zip code, against the Visa®/Mastercard billing information of the cardholder. This layer of security protection allows merchants to further investigate a transaction if the billing information provided by the Address Verification System does not match that the customer provides.It benefits the merchant to use the Addre...
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Online Credit Card Payment Processing
2007-03-16 19:05:00
For those who run any type of business over the Internet, credit card processing is key to the success of their business. Online credit card processing will enable your business to accept immediate payment through the Internet by means of a credit card. For example, if you have ever used a credit card to pay for a purchase or a service, and waited while the transaction went through, you have experienced credit card processing. In fact, what happened was that your credit card went through a processor where it was either approved or denied. There are a number of different options for credit card processing, and a company should choose the method that is best suited for their business.Keywords: online payment processing, credit card payments, credit card transactions, credit card transactions
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Mandatory PCI Compliance
2007-03-16 18:48:00
Your customers will feel safer from identity theft and credit card fraud when you sign up for a HackerSafe account. With VerePay payment gateway, from VirtualTrak Technologies, it's a 70% discount.What you can expect from ScanAlert's Hacker Safe:Increased Conversion RateIncreased Consumer ConfidenceIncreased Google RankingIncreased Security For more information on mandatory pci compliance.You can also call 866-872-3011. Make sure you reference VerePay for the discounts.Keywords: increase conversion rates, verepay, website security, online store security, discount website security
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Virtual Terminal Transactions
2007-03-15 06:25:00
VerePay Technologies offers a secure browser based payment processing gateway for business merchants online. The virtual terminal acts as your POS (Point of Sale) terminal which replaces the credit card swipe machine.Keywords: virtual terminal, virtual terminal transacations, virtual terminalsread more digg story
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Online Payment Fraud Prevention
2007-03-12 16:22:00
One of the most important areas that a company must protect themselves from is online payment fraud. In today’s modern era, many consumers are choosing to shop online. This has opened the doorway for businesses to accept and process credit cards in real time applications. Although this has created a doorway for business success, it has also enabled credit cards online fraud to become increasingly prevalent. In hopes of preventing fraud online, many companies are choosing to use higher security settings, encrypting credit cards, and are using strategies designed for preventing fraud online.For more information on online payment fraud prevention.Keywords: Consumer Fraud , fraud prevention, online payment fraud, payment fraud prevention
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Protect Yourself From Card Not Present Fraud
2007-03-05 16:53:00
With the boom in mail order, technology and the convenience of the Internet, many consumers are making card-not-present transactions. Card not present transactions benefit both the consumer and the business owner. By offering the convenience of card not present transactions, customers are able to patron stores hundreds of miles away from their home base. Consumers can now purchase goods and services which would otherwise not be available to them. Stores benefit by having an expanded world-wide customer base and without card-not-present transactions some small businesses would not stay afloat.The downside to card not present transactions is there are criminals who can fraudulently obtain credit card details to purchase goods and services. The ease of making card-not-present transactions means that consumers and businesses have to monitor transactions to ensure that a thief is not making an illegal purchase.Tips Consumers Can Take To Prevent Card Not Present Fraud Tips Businesses Can T...
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Common Reasons for Chargebacks:
2007-02-27 16:36:00
1. Requested Transaction Information Not Received.2. Duplicate Processing3. Fraudulent Mail/Telephone Order Transaction4. Cardholder does not recognize – Potential Fraud5. Fraudulent Processing of Transaction – No Signature Obtained6. Customer disputes7. Processing errors8. Authorization issues9. Nonfulfillment of copy requests (only if fraud or illegible)For More Information on Charge backs and Protecting yourself, visit chargeback fraud, preventing chargeback
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