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SGlider12's Blog is a Gimp tutorial and resource blog dedicated to helping people learn the necessary skills needed to create original works of digital art using the Gimp.
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Get a FREE Xbox 360 Elite!
2008-04-15 00:39:00
Want a free Xbox 360 Elite ? I bet you do. Shoot, I know I do. I bet you're thinking, "No, this has to be a scam. There's no way." Well, just wait a minute. This is perfectly legit, and here's how you do it.EDIT: Go here as well if you would like to learn more.1) 1) Go here to get to the website. 2) 2) Once you are there, pick out what prize you want. Once done, pick your account style. The referral one is the easiest. It only requires you to do one offer and then get 9 referrals. 3) 3) Now you need to complete an offer. I recommend you pick the stamps offer. Yes it requires a credit card (as they all do), but no worries. Just keep the trial active for 3 weeks then you can cancel it without your credit card being charged. You must keep the trial active for 3 weeks in order to get credited for your offer completion. 4) 4) Now, you need to get your referrals. Don’t worry, it’s not hard. Just spread the word. Give people your referral number, post it online, etc. ...
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Free Prizes, Free Gaming Stuff, Free Everything
2008-04-14 02:34:00
Alright I have to admit that this post has nothing to do with the Gimp, Photoshop, or anything of the sort. But, it is pretty sweet.So, a while back, I came across this website called Gaming Lagoon. Gaming Lagoon is basically a place where you earn points by participating in surveys, or even getting referrals. These points you can spend on prizes, such as free XBOX accessories, Wii accessories, Wiimotes, Rubik's Cubes, Nintendo DS Lites, PSPs, Rapidshare Accounts, Steam Games, other video games such as World of Warcraft, SD Cards, PS2 and PS3 accessories, and even more! There is also an option to Custom Order something, so basically, you can get anything you want for free, as long as you have the points.The points are actually quite easy to get. You have a lot of options to choose from. They include free, cell phone required, credit card required, and daily offer. You can also get points through referrals. I was actually able to make 20 points in one day just through the free optio...
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Prints for Sale
2008-04-11 03:58:00
I now have two prints for sale at DeviantArt.Zombie by ~sglider12 on deviantARTSpeed by ~sglider12 on deviantART
More About: For Sale , Sale , Prints
Skateboarder and Snowboarder
2008-04-11 03:41:00
Sorry I haven't had any tutorials recently. I've been busy playing around in Photoshop, trying out vectoring, vexel, etc. Anyway, here are two new ones. Click on them to see them full size. They don't look as fuzzy when you do. :PSkateboarder Snowboarder II
2008-04-09 04:50:00
Thought I'd show you another recent one of mine done in Photoshop and Illustrator. Earlier I added it to DeviantArt and it got about 40 hits in 2 minutes. Pretty sweet. Click it to view full size.Speed ~SGlider12
Some of My Latest Works...
2008-04-07 03:53:00
I haven't really done this before, but I thought I should show off some of my latest works. For the most part they have all been done in Photoshop. Be sure to click each image to view them full size, trust me it gives you a better image to view.This one I call Lights. I actually created it for a Gnome wallpaper contest, which you can enter here.Here is one I made inspired by a tutorial I've seen. I like rock music, so why not eh?A photo collage/manip of the band System of a Down.These last two were just different variations of urban-vector/grunge pop art I was messing around with. Both are music themed, as you can see from them both showing music symbols, and Slash in the second one. :PLater on, I'll add some more stuff for yall to see.
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Create a Cool Music Logo on a Grunge Background
2008-04-06 03:36:00
Today I will show you how to create a cool music logo on a grunge background, based on a tutorial for Photoshop by Kyle Pero at Create a new 1000x500 pixel image on a white background. Get out the text tool and type in something that you would like for your text. The font I used was size 70 black Kremlin font.2) Create a new transparent layer and name it "outline" Drag it underneath your text layer. Right click on the text layer > Alpha to Selection. Go to Select > Grow. Grow by 3 pixels. Click Ok. Click on the Outline layer. Click the fill tool. Use color #a0a0a0 and fill the selection.3) Merge the text layer and the outline layer. Name the layer "Text." Now, duplicate the layer. Using the move tool, move the duplicated layer 1 pixel down and 1 pixel to the left. Move the duplicated layer behind the original. Repeat this until you get something like mine:4) Create a new transparent layer named "circle." Drag the circle layer underneath the text layer. Get out the ell...
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Some Ideas...
2008-04-06 02:41:00
Alright, so I am on the yearbook at school and they have asked me to come up with some designs for next year's yearbook. I've come up with a few, but here's one that I think is web-worthy. Tell me what you think:The Cover. For this, the text font will stay the same, but what is actually written may vary.Left Page:Right Page:If you like, I can have these recreated in Gimp in a tutorial. So, tell me what ya think!!
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Still Here..
2008-03-29 03:23:00
Just wanted to let you know I'm still here. My last post I made isn't really my last. I'm still making Gimp tutorials, I just haven't done any yet. So, yeah. :P
I'm Parting (But Not Completely) With Gimp...
2008-03-25 02:34:00
Alright, so here's why.Next year I will be a junior in high school I'm going to go to the Denton Advanced Technology Complex, which is sort of like a trade school course you take in addition to your high school classes. The course I am taking is Advertising Design, which focuses mainly in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and some others which I don't remember. So, I am going to go back to Adobe (I know, eck) products to refresh my memory. Gimp isn't supported, shamefully, but with all my Gimp skills it should come in handy.But don't worry, I'm not completely leaving Gimp, and I'm not completely leaving all the Gimp websites out there, including this one. I'll still be around. I might even make a couple of tutorials or so, especially over summer when I have more time, but then I will also need to double up on my Photoshop and Illustrator use then because those are the couple of months I have to practice just before my courses. So yeah, what I'm saying is I won't be using Gimp ...
Photo Montage Tricks
2008-03-22 03:07:00
Alright today I am going to teach you how to create one of those colorful photo montages usually used in advertising. The original tutorial was written by Ian Keltie, a Newcastle-based commercial artist, for Adobe Photo shop and Adobe Illustrator. We are going to try to achieve something similar to this:You will need a couple of stocks. You will need something for the main aspect, whereas the boy in the above example. I have decided to theme mine as music instead of money like in the original. I used one of Daron Malakian, guitarist for System of a Down. I will tell you about other stocks we will need as we get to them in the tutorial. You are going to need some textures as well. Here is the link to the ones used in the original tutorial. I will be using them as well.1) Open up your main image in Gimp. Render it.2) Duplicate it. Colors > Threshold. Play around with the slider until you get something you like. Get out the magic wand tool. Select the white parts of the face and the nec...
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Creating an Urban-Style Piece of Artwork
2008-03-20 02:22:00
Today I will be showing you how to create an urban-style piece of artwork in Gimp based off of the tutorial by Markus at This is personally one of my favorite styles that I have been wanting to learn how to make, so I figured why not try a Photoshop one in Gimp? It gives it that creative and challenging aspect to it.Now, as the original tutorial says, this tutorial is very stock heavy. I wanted my image to be based around music like the original, so I have gathered stock images based around that genre. You can get stock images at GettyImages, Corbis, etc. Here are what I used:1) Create a 600x450 image with a white background. Filters > Render > Clouds > Solid Noise.X Size: 11Y Size: 7Leave everything else default and click Ok.2) Filters > Noise > SpreadHorizontal: 20Vertical: 20Click Ok.3) Filters > Artistic > OilifyMask Size: 24Exponent: 16Click Ok4) Filters > Artistic > Apply Canvas; Click Ok(This is about as close as I could get to the original.)5) Filters > Noise > ...
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Quick Grungy Poster
2008-03-19 02:28:00
Here is the Quick Grungy Poster tutorial that was originally written for Photoshop by Fabio at PSDTuts. I remade it for the Gimp. For this tutorial you will need some grunge brushes. Go to and search "Gimp Grunge Brushes." You can also use grunge Photoshop brushes if you want due to Gimp supporting Photoshop brushes. If you want to learn how to install them, go here and look at my guide to installing anything in Gimp.1) Create a new image. Give it a background color of #6d5608. Now set the foreground color to white and the background color to black.2) Go to Filters > Artistic > Clothify.Blur X: 8Blur Y:8Azimuth: 176.1Elevation: 53.7Depth: 1Click Ok.3) Click the Text tool. Instead of typing PSD like in the original tutorial, type GIMP.Font: Arial BoldSize: 140Position it in the center.4) Create a new transparent layer. Click the Rectangular Selection tool. Create a selection as shown and fill it with white.Do the same for the other letters on the same layer. It should ...
Mulitcolor Glowing Floral Image Tutorial
2008-03-09 06:33:00
A video tutorial on how to make a multicolor glowing floral image in Gimp.Download the high resolution video here.
More About: Tutorial , Image , Floral
How to Install ANYTHING in Gimp
2008-03-08 19:30:00
I've seen a lot of questions about installing different things in Gimp , such as scripts, brushes, gradients, fonts, etc. So, now I'm here to help. I will be showing you how to install things in Windows.Go to My ComputerYour Hard Drive (usually drive C)Program FilesGimp-2.0sharegimp2.0As you can see, you have different designated folders each item goes in. For brushes, paste them into the Brushes folder, for gradients, paste them into the Gradients folder, and so on.Now, for fonts, they are different. You have to actually install the font on your computer for it to work. To do this, go to My ComputerYour Hard Drive (again, usually C)WINDOWSFontsPaste your font into the Fonts folder. You should see an install dialog pop up.Make sure you restart Gimp so your new items will load.With regards, Glider
CD Case Tutorial
2008-03-08 06:51:00
Alright, so here is a CD case tutorial inspired by my Software Box Tutorial . This one is actually a bit easier to make.1) Create a 550x550 image with a white background. Create a new layer and make a rectangular selection that is a about 400x400 pixels.2) Give the selection a background color, so we can see the base of the case. Right click on the layer, Alpha to Selection. Copy and paste. Press the new layer button so the rectangle is on it's own layer that is equal to it's size. You can delete the other copied layer.3) Now decorate the newest layer to your liking so it looks like a CD case cover. Here's mine:4) Now, we will add some rotation to it. Rotate it to your liking with the Rotate tool. I rotated mine to appear tilted upward. Now duplicate the layer. Right click, alpha to selection on the duplicated layer. Fill the duplicated layer with a dark color that matches your color scheme. Put the dark layer behind the designed layer and move it to where it appears to "shadow" t...
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Open Source Software
2008-03-05 01:58:00
Everywhere you look, open source software is on the rise. Why? Well, for one, it is open-sourced, meaning you can help contribute to it, whereas, closed-source doesn't. Another reason is that it is FREE. Isn't that a lovely word, free? Yup. Alright, so here are my two cents on free, open-source software.Web BrowsingMozilla FirefoxFirefox is a primary, free, open-source browser. It features a fast, safe, and a trustworthy web-browsing experience. It features tabbed browsing, many different themes to customize your look, many extensions to extend the functionality of Firefox, and more. It is considered to be one of the world's best browsers. Firefox is available in many different languages for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Get it Here.Multimedia PlayersVLC Media PlayerVLC is an all-in-one multimedia station that plays more file types than most others. It is capable of playing Quicktime, OGG, AVI, DIVX, DVDs, and much more. It also includes a nice interface. VLC is available for Win...
More About: Software , Open Source , Open , Source , Open-Source
Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest
2008-02-22 05:12:00
The Spread Firefox community is holding a Firefox 3 T-Shirt design contest to celebrate the new release of Firefox 3!!! This is definitely worth checking out. You can download the official rules here. Click here to go to the official contest page.
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Gimp 2.4.4 Portable
2008-02-21 04:57:00
Alright, so a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Gimp Portable 2.4.4. I've been using Gimp Portable for sometime on my flash drive at school, but it wasn't as flexible as the newer one, so yeah I'm glad they finally updated it. :DClick here to get Gimp Portable 2.4.4Try it out.
Userbar Video Tutorial
2008-02-11 04:00:00
A video remake of my userbar tutorial.Download High Resolution Video Here ( 17.59 mb)
More About: Tutorial , Userbar
iPod Dancer Video Tutorial
2008-02-10 06:57:00
I didn't realize how popular my iPod Dancer Tutorial would get, so I decided to make a video tutorial of it. Here:Download High Resolution Video Here (27.1 mb)
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Useful Websites
2008-02-04 03:13:00
Ok, so I've been working on this list for quite a while of useful websites and their products. They are in no particular order. Enjoy.Email ServicesGmailAOL MailYahoo! MailBlog ServicesBloggerWordpressBloggingWebsite tiesTripodAngelfireBravenetWeb AppsBoxGoogle Services (Orkut, PicasaWeb, Blogger, Gmail, iGoogle, etc.)Del.icio.usXdriveMediafireFilefrontR apidShareDiggTorrents (not for piracy purposes)IsoHuntMininovaBittorrentTorrent ReactorTorrentzuTorrentAzuerusSearchGoogl eMSN Live SearchYahoo! SearchTechnoratiMusicRhapsodyiTunesZuneMP 3CD UniverseBest Buy Digital Music DownloadsMusic StackWinampGraphic DesignTutorializedGimpDezinerfolioPlanet PhotoshopGimp TutorialsGood TutorialsShoppingEbayOverstockAmazonBuyYa hoo! ShoppingMSN ShoppingBizRateAOL ShoppingVideo & MoviesYoutubeAOL VideosNetflixIMDbGoogle VideoTechnologySourceforgeW3 SchoolsPC MagExtreme TechHack-A-DaySocial NetworkingMyspaceFacebookOrkutXangaICQGoo gle GroupsMSN GroupsYahoo!...
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Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Computer
2008-02-03 06:52:00
We all love our computers, no doubt about that. When you first get it, it’s brand new, speedy, and performs to your standards. But overtime, it becomes quite slow, low on memory, and all around horrible to use. So, is it time to buy a new computer? No, absolutely not. In only a few easy steps, you can clean up your computer, for absolutely free, and bring it back to life. If you want to just perform a clean install, then scroll down to the bolded words “Clean Install.” Note: I have also provided you a PDF of this tutorial so you can print it. The PDF can be downloaded here. First, let’s do the obvious. Uninstall any programs you don’t need or use. Delete anything you don’t need or use, such as old pictures, documents, music, etc. Now, let’s get rid of the trash. There is a nifty little program called CCleaner, formerly known as Crap Cleaner, that cleans out the cracks and crevices of your computer. Download it from here. Install CCleaner. Open the program up. ...
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Web 2.0 Website Links
2008-02-03 04:46:00
Ok, so these are the little web 2.0 style links for webpages. I decided to do a tutorial on these because I needed some custom ones, and thought I'd share. Aren't I the nicest person?? :POk, before we start, we need to get the font. I'll use the userbar font that I introduced you to a while back in my userbar tutorial. Get it here.1) Ok, so open Gimp. Create a new image that's 80x15 pixels with a white background.2) Create a new layer. Change the foreground color to something that you would like for the border. Go to Select -> All. Go to Edit -> Stroke Selection. Select 1px thick, and solid line. Stoke the selection. Select -> None. Note, you won't be able to see the stroke because it is being covered by the yellow and black dashed lines. Don't worry though, it's there.3) Now we will add text. Type in what you like. For my case, I will type "Gimp Google" but without the quotes. Make sure the font is Visitor TT1 BRK. The font size should be about 10-14. Adjust the color and p...
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Gimp Google
2008-01-31 04:42:00
Here's the story:So I was browsing the forums at Gimp El Llama, an active user of the forums, as am I, created a new topic about an Ubuntu search imitation of Google for Ubuntu related topics. Another member suggested that there should be a Google explicitly for Gimp. So, that's what I did:Gimp Google.Seriously, it's a Google search engine for Gimp that I made. How awesome is that??As for tutorials, I'll be making some sometime in the near future... don't know when though...Link.
Smiley Tutorial
2008-01-23 02:46:00
Ooh, two tutorials in two days. I'm on a role...hehe...Anyway, today I'm going to teach you how to make smilies in Gimp. This is a very easy tutorial.1) Create a new 19x19 transparent image.2) Zoom in to about 800%. Click the ellipse select tool. Create a circle that fills up the entire space. Fill it with a dark yellow.3) Now select the gradient tool with the selection still activated. Select a lighter yellow as your foreground color. Now, in the gradients dialog, select FG to Transparent. Drag the gradient from the top to the bottom. You should have something like this (note I am zoomed to 800%):4) Create a new layer. Select the ellipse tool again. Select an area about the size of an eye. Fill it with a semi-dark shade of gray. Again with the gradient tool, and white as your foreground color, drag the gradient tool from top to bottom. Shrink the selection by one pixel and fill it with black for the pupil. Do this again for the second eye. You should have something like this:5) N...
More About: Tutorial , Smiley
Web 2.0 Badges
2008-01-21 23:06:00
Today I will be teaching you how to make Web 2.0 badges in Gimp. Pretty simple to catch on I must say.1) Create a new image that is 300x300, white background.2) Add a new layer. Select the ellipse select tool. Select an area that nearly fills up the canvas.3) Now we want our border color. Select color 0159d2 and fill the circle with it using the paint bucket tool. Do not deselect yet. You should have something like this:4) With the circle still selected, create a new layer. Go to Select -> Shrink. Shrink the selection by two pixels. Press D to reset your foreground and background colors. Press X to switch them. White should be in front.5) Click the gradient tool. In the gradients menu, select FG to Transparent. Fill the selection with the gradient by dragging it from top to bottom. Hold the CTRL button while you do it to keep the line straight. You should have something like this:6) Now we will add some text. Add the text toward the center with white font. Position it somewhere in t...
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Upgrading RAM
2008-01-21 22:46:00
Ok, remember how I told you I bought a one gig RAM upgrade from Yeah, well it came (like a week or two ago..sorry this is so late) and I installed it. My laptop is now faster than ever. Especially since I am running Ubuntu on it (goodbye Windows!) and using less memory, the thing is like new, even though when it was new it was slow...haha.So, as for the Gimp, I'm going to be making some tutorials. Right now though, I am completely out of ideas. Maybe you could help me? Leave a comment for this post requesting an idea in Gimp and maybe I can make a tutorial about it. Go for it!
2008-01-16 03:06:00
Being a student can be very demanding at times. You're broke, you have a job but it just isn't enough, and you need more money. I am one of those people. As you can see, I've added a Donation button to the right under my profile. For less then a soda, you can help feed me. Believe me when I say this that your donations are extremely appreciated. Thanks for reading my blog and keeping up with it.
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Sigs in Gimp
2008-01-07 01:33:00
I've seen a lot of tutorials like this on how to make sigs in Gimp . I thought I would make my own, too.1) First, we need to make a background. I am going to make a grunge style background based on the tutorial from GimpTalk. First, you need to get some grunge brushes in order to do this. Go to and search for grunge gimp brushes or just Google some. Now, create a new image, 400x150, with a white background. Create a new layer, name it grunge. Brush your grunge brushes on it with a black color. Completely cover the layer.2) Now, go to Colors -> Color Balance. Change the color balance of the grunge layer to something that suits your needs. You can also go to Colors -> Colorize and change the colors from there.3) Do a motion blur. Go to Filters -> Blur -> Motion Blur. Blur Type: Linear, Length:121, Angle:115.4) Create a new layer. Now use your grunge brushes in white on the layer. Do a motion blur on the layer again. Linear, 160, 0. Lower the opacity to about 60.5) Creat...
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