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All About Pokemon Figure
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Pokemon Plush Giratina (Tomy)
2008-04-11 17:46:00
Tomy will release Giratina plush each. Size is approx. 17" (height). Will post the photo later.#487 Giratina another form (10 July)#487 Giratina origin form (7 August)
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Tomy New Pokemon Merchandise of 3Q 2008
2008-04-11 17:15:00
Tomy held the meeting and presentation of new pokemon merchandises in 3Q 2008 on 9-10 April.Ginatina, Shaymin, Regigigas and New Pokemon (not yet open to the public) are main. Please refer to the post and photos in news site. Will post the more detail each.Giratina : Action figure, Origin and another form plushiesShaymin : Talking plush, figureNew Pokemon : ? mark one. Plush and figure (TomyMC), updated previous TomyMC info July#1[ Reference ]Tomy new pokemon merchandise presentation by
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Pokemon Choro-Q Dialga and Giratina (Tomy)
2008-04-11 11:10:00
Tomy will release new 2 Choro-Qs of Pokemon DP series on 19 July. Size is appox 2.7" (length). Will post the photo later. Previous items are also mentioned.[ January 2007 / 1st line in phto]#025 Pikachu, #387 Turtwig, #393 Piplup[ October 2007 / 2nd line in phto]#387 Turtwig, #390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup[ January 2008 / 3rd line in phto]#389 Torterra, #392 Infernape, #395 Empoleon[ July 2008 ]#483 Dialga, #487 Giratina (another form)[ Reference ]About Choro-QChoro-Q Official Site
Pokemon Figure Release Info in September#1 (Tomy MC)
2008-04-10 11:29:00
Tomy will release 3 new figures of Monster Collection series on 20 September . Will post the photo later.#443 Gible#482 Azelf
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Pokemon Figure Release Info in August#2 (Tomy MC)
2008-04-10 11:27:00
Tomy will release 2 new figures of Battle Scene series on 9 August . Will post the photo later.#486 Regigigas#487 Giratina (another form)
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Pokemon Figure Release Info in August#1 (Tomy MC)
2008-04-10 11:22:00
Tomy will release 3 new figures of Monster Collection series, a figure is released weekly, same as July. Will post the photo later.#414 Mothim (2 August )#462 Magnezone (9 August)#477 Dusknoir (16 August)
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Pokemon Figure Release Info in July#1 (Tomy MC)
2008-04-10 11:18:00
Tomy will release 3 new figures of Monster Collection series, a figure is released weekly, same as last year. (Because of new movie release month). Will post the photo later.#428 Lopunny (5 July )New Pokemon (12 July) [ added 11 April *1]#433 Chingling (19 July)#473 Mamoswine (26 July)*1 Pokemon name is not announced from Tomy yet. Will update the post later.It is good timing, just 1 week brfore new movie release.
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Pokemon Soft Vinyl Figure (Banpresto)
2008-04-09 05:05:00
Banpresto will release 5 New Pokemon soft vinyl figures in May. Size is approx. 3.5" height, game prizes.#389 Torterra, #392 Infernape, #395 Empoleon, #483 Dialga, #484 Palkia
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TomyMC Clear Figure Info (TomyMC)
2008-04-07 13:29:00
Tomy MC has seldom released the clear figures, it out in the movie release or special occasion.Here is the list of clear figures. If you have other, please let me know.Photo is the clear figure in 9th movie release, 10th movie one is linked to Figure Release info July#2. In this year, which Pokemon will be released ?[ Movie release ]#151 Mew, #244 Entei (translucent), #245 Suicune, #311 Plusle, #312 Minun,#359 Absol (translucent),#380 Latias, #381 Latios, #382 Kyogre, #383 Groudon, #384 Rayquaza, #385 Jirachi, #386 Deoxys, #418 Buizel, #438 Bonsly, #439 Mime Jr., #441 Chatot, #446 Munchlax, #448 Lucario,#458 Mantyke, #461 Weavile, #463 Lickilicky, #483 Dialga, #484 Palkia, #490 Manaphy, #491 Darkrai[ 2003 Fukuoka Pokemon Center Opening ]#025 Pikachu, #158 Totodile, #255 Torchic[ Other ]#251 Celebi (2001 award), Pikachu (2007 Itoyokado ver),#378 Regice (5pcs figiure set), #001Bulbasaur (Pokemon Panorama bag set)
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Pokemon Cake and Lunch
2008-04-04 06:07:00
Pokemon cake is introduced by Bandai in March, with Pikachu and Pachirisu figures. Previous cake is linked to Cake and Osechi.Next is not relation to the Pokemon figures, but you must be like it.Pokemon fun site in Japan produces the lunch (bentou), available at Tokyo, Shinjyukum Shinagawa, Ueno, Oomiya JapanRailway stations and Haneda airport. We call this kind of lunch 'Kyaraben (meaning character lunch)'. Please also check the following site, it's one of art ![ Reference ]About Kyaraben 1Gallery of Pokemon Lunch 1Gallery of Pokemon Lunch 2Gallery of Sgt.Frog (Keroro) lunch 1 
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Pokemon Metal Figure Collection DP5 (Kyoudo)
2008-04-04 04:19:00
Kyoudo will release 8 figures, Pokemon metal figure collection DP5 in July.Size is 0.7", Gashapon (capsule toy). A figure has 5 color variation. (gold, dark gold, silver, gunmetal gray and copper) Will post DP5 photo later. As for DP1 to Dp4, please refer to Pokemon Metal Figure Collection DP4.[ DP5 July 2008 ]#013 Weedle, #014 Kakuna, #025 Pikachu, #391 Monferno#401 Kricketot, #403 Shinx, #444 Gabite, #486 Regigigas
New Pokemon or Not ?
2008-04-03 12:36:00
Just check the past and presume.Nov 2002 : Game Ruby Sapphire releasedMay 2004 : Munchlax was introduced in June's Corocoro magazine [ added ]Jun 2004 : Munchlax plush released by Tomy [ added ]Jul 2004 : 7th movie Destiny Deoxys released, Munchlax appeared in the movie. Sep 2006 : Game Diamond Pearl released Jul 2008 : 11th movie going to releaseMunchlax is one of 4th generation Pokemon , was introduced 2 years faster than DP game.So, will be same way in this time or not...What's in a name ?That which we call a PokemonBy any other word play as sweetWelcome any Pokemon !
Pokemon Plush/Whistle in Ichiban-Kuji (Banpresto)
2008-04-03 02:56:00
Banpresto will release Ichiban-Kuji (meaning: No.1 Lottery) 2008 movie version in the end of July, 5 grade of prizes. Prize and Includes Probability (IP) of lottery are shown as follow.Special : New Pokemon plush, size 20", ip 1.5% First : Giratina plush, origin form, size 15", ip 1.5%Second : Shaymin plush, size 7.8", ip 2.5%Third : Pikachu, Giratina, Shaymin, New Pokemon plush, can tie with arm, size 5", ip 25.5%Fourth : Pikachu, Giratina, Shaymin, New Pokemon whistle, size 1.9"(figure), ip 69%Note: New Pokemon will appear in 11th movie. No information at present. Will update the post later.
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Pokemon Paper Craft
2008-04-02 09:21:00
Today's post is about paper craft. DIY ![ Team Rockect 2008 Calendar ]Pokemon Fun site serviced downloading of Team Rocket 2008 2 Calendars (Jan-March). They were available by 21 March. Next one will come on 4 April. Wallpaper of PC is now available, not calendar this time. (added 9 April)[ Pikachu Paper Craft ]For sales promotion of new game "Everyone's Pokemon Ranch", Pokemon official site in Japan services Pikachu paper craft. Paper pattern can be downloaded from here.[ Reference ]Gallery of Pokemon paper craft 1Gallery of Pokemon paper craft 2Pattern of Pokemon paper cfaft
Pokemon Strap 2008 Movie version (Bandai)
2008-04-01 04:49:00
Bandai will release 10 figures, Pokemon Strap 2008 movie in the end of June.A figure has 2 variation, ordinary color and clear. Gashapon (capsule toy), figure size is 1.3". 2007 movie item are also mentioned as follow.[ 2007 Movie / June 2007 ]#025 Pikachu, #393 Piplup, #453 Croagunk, #483 Dialga, #484 Palkia, #491 Darkrai[ 2008 Movie / June 2008 ]#025 Pikachu, #393 Piplup, #487 Giratina(origin form), #492 Shaymin, New Pokemon (*1)*1: Like Arceus from current generation ?? Or next 5th generation, like same as 'Munchlax' when released 7th movie Destiny Deoxys ?? This toys preview just says "New Pokemon appears in 11th Movie". No information at present. Will update/upload the photo later. BTW, this is not April Fools' Day post...
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Updated Release Summary etc (Blog Info)
2008-04-01 03:47:00
Thank you for visiting to All About Pokemon Figure (AAPF) always.The following 4 parts in blog have been updated.Items Release Summary : Posts are summarized on quarter year. Please refer to 2008 Release Summary.Updated Pokemon #1-#386 : Updated Figure Release Summary (RB), Figure Release Summary (GS) and Figure Release Summary (RS)Post Re-Categorize : Post in "Other" category are on the increase, otherFiguresSeries and otherFigures are added. Please refer to the right side menu in blog.Translator Widget : For 10 languages translation, google widget is added. please refer to the right side menu in blog. (Need to correct/improve English of a basis .. orz)
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Pokemon Plush Shaymin (Tomy)
2008-03-31 08:41:00
Tomy will release Shaymin plush on 30 May. Size is approx. 10". Will post the photo later.
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Pokemon Chupa Surprise Figure DP4 (Subarudo)
2008-03-31 07:15:00
Subarudo will release 10 figures, Chupa Suprise Figure DP4 on 14 April.Canday toys, size is 0.9", a figure is inside one of 5 kinds Poke Balls (PokeBall,UltraBall,MasterBall,GreatBall, RepeatBall) .Previous items are also mentioned as follow.[ DP1 March 2007 ]#025 Pikachu, #387 Turtwig,# 390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup, #396 Starly#421 Cherrim, #448 Lucario, #466 Electivire, #483 Dialga, #484 PalkiaPrize :Dialga/Palkia clear figure[ DP2 June 2007 ]#150 Mewtwo, #244 Entei, #249 Lugia, #251 Celebi, #380 Latias, #381 Latios, #385 Jirachi, #386 Deoxys(attack form), #448 Lucario, #490 Manaphy, #491 Darkrai[ DP3 September 2007 ]#398 Staraptor, #403 Shinx, #409 Rampardos, #417 Pachirisu, #464 Rhyperior#467 Magmortar, #475 Gallade, #480 Uxie, #481 Mesprit, #482 Azelf[ DP4 April 2008 ]#025 Pikachu, #026 Raichu, #207 Gligar, #224 Octillery, #416 Vespiquen,#427 Buneary, #445 Garchomp, #460 Abomasnow, #472 Gliscor, #485 HeatranPrize :Pikachu/Darkrai clear figure (each 50 winners in montly May-Dec)
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Pokemon Metal Figure Collection DP4 (Kyoudo)
2008-03-28 18:12:00
Kyoudo will release 8 figures, Pokemon metal figure collection DP4 in April.Size is 0.7", Gashapon (capsule toy). A figure has 5 color variation. (gold, dark gold, silver, gunmetal gray and copper) This series has been started since 1997.[ DP1 March 2007 ]#025 Pikachu, #130 Gyarados, #387 Turtwig,#390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup, #396 Starly, #446 Munchlax[ DP2 October 2007 ]#025 Pikachu, #143 Snorlax, #417 Pachirisu,#406 Budew, #436 Bronzor, #443 Gible, #453 Croagunk[ DP3 December 2007 ]#025 Pikachu, #133 Eevee, #173 Cleffa, #408 Cranidos,#410 Shieldon, #427 Buneary, #440 Happiny, #491 Darkrai[ DP4 April 2008 ]#025 Pikachu, #063 Abra, #308 Medicham, #394 Prinplup,#418 Buizel, #433 Chingling, #459 Snover, #463 Lickilicky
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Access to AAPF by Mobile (Blog Info)
2008-03-28 02:32:00
Thank you for visiting to All About Pokemon Figure (AAPF) always. This info for mobile users.If brawsing AAPF by mobile terminal, would recommend the following two way.One of web service campany river-stone services-in 'brogger mobile viewer'. If brawsing AAPF by mobile terminal, please access/bookmark to AAPF url. Menu and contents are converted simply.Using by google mobile proxy. Images are selectable. Here is AAPF with images or without images.
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Pokemon Amigurumi Key Chain (Tomy)
2008-03-27 08:18:00
Tomy will release 4 Amigurumi Key Chain s on 19 April. Will update the size later.Amigurumi is knitting or crocheting stuffed toy.#025 Pikachu, #393 Piplup, #417 Pachirisu, #440 Happiny[ Reference ]Amigurumi in WikipediaGallery of Amigurumi 1 (artist in US)Gallery of Amigurumi 2 (artist in US) (Pokemon Amigurumi !)Gallery of Amigurumi 3 (artist in Japan)
Pokemon Action Key Chain DP2 (Bandai)
2008-03-27 07:40:00
Bandai will release 6 Action Key Chain s (partial movable) DP2 in the end of June. Will post the photo and update on the movable part later. Previous items are also mentioned as follow.[ DP1 Released June 2007 ]#025 Pikachu (Cheek glimmer)#387 Turtwig (Mouth open) #393 Piplup (Eye smile)#483 Dialga (Body spin on the ball)#484 Palkia (Body spin on the ball)#491 Darkrai (Body spin on the ball)[ DP2 will release June 2008 ]#025 Pikachu#393 Piplup#486 Regigigas#487 Giratina#492 Shayminand other (not yet announced at present)
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Pokemon Plush Shaymin (Unofficial Info)
2008-03-25 07:23:00
One of my eBay HongKong customers stopped at Amusement Expo 2008 held on 15-16 February in Japan, who is Gundam games fan but sent me some Pokemon photos.This Shaymin plush seems Banpresto one (game prize), will come out in June probably. Just FYI.#492 Shaymin
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Pokemon Center 10th Annv Plush
2008-03-24 12:01:00
Pokemon Center Japan have opened since 25 April 1998. These plushies are 10th anniversary special version, will release in the end of April. Size is 5.5", Pikachu (center in photo) is 11".#001 Bulbasaur, #004 Charmander, #007 Squirtle, #025 Pikachu #152 Chikorita, #155 Cyndaquil, #158 Totodile#252 Treecko, #255 Torchic, #258 Mudkip
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Pokemon Figure Children’s Day Version
2008-03-24 03:42:00
Heartland released Pokemon figures for Children's Day in the beginning of March. Size : 55" (length) x 45" (height) x 28" (depth). Another photo is Koinobori Pokemon version.In Japan, 5 May is Children's Day and is a festival for boys. 5 May is one of Japanese national holidays, is also traditionally called Tango no Sekku. Girls's day is 3 March, called Hina Maturi. On Children's Day, families celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of children. And families with boys fly huge carp-shaped streamers (Koinobori) outside the house and display dolls of famous warriors and other heroes inside. The carp was chosen because it symbolizes strength and success; according to a Chinese legend, a carp swam upstream to become a dragon.#025 Pikachu, #129 Magikarp, #387 Turtwig, #390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup
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Pokemon Swing-head Figure Pikachu Shinx Buneary Lucario (Subarudo)
2008-03-11 07:27:00
Subarudo will releases swing-head (head can slowly move from side to side) figures Pikachu, Shinx, Buneary and Lucario in end of March. Size is 2.3", it can detach a figure from stand.#025 Pikachu, #403 Shinx, #427 Buneary, #448 Lucario
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Pokemon figures Yujin Pokedex DP07 photo uploading
2008-03-11 07:04:00
Photo for Yujin Pokedex DP07, will release at 25 March is uploaded.
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Pokemon Figure Release Info in May (Bandai SG)
2008-03-09 06:03:00
Bandai Pokemon Super Get Series 1 to 15 are full covered DP 105 Pokemons except for Shaymin and Arceus. As best selection series, SP01 will out in April and the following SP02 will out in end of May. Will post the photo later.#389 Torterra, #392 Infernape, #395 Empoleon#480 Uxie, #481 Mesprit, #482 Azelf#483 Dialga, #485 Heatran, #486 Regigigas, #491 Darkrai
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Pokemon Clockwork Figure Pikachu Shinx Darkdrai (Subarudo)
2008-03-07 19:15:00
Subarudo will releases clockwork figures Pikachu, Shinx and Darkrai in middle of March.They can walk by clockwork. Will update about size.#025 Pikachu (walk with both legs)#403 Shinx (walk with hopping)#491 Darkdrai (walk with turning)
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Pokemon figures Bandai SuperGet15 photo uploading
2008-03-07 18:28:00
Photo for Bandai Pokemon Super Get Series 15, figure release in March is uploaded.In April, best selection series SP01 will out.
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