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How to Solve No Internet Connection Message on Google Android Market/Play
2012-04-23 22:33:00
One of the most annoying things happened to me yesterday on my Samsung Galaxy S smartphone: I’ve got a “no connection” error in the Google Market place and a few other Android apps I tried to run and check the Internet connectivity. It was really annoying, as some apps, including the browsed did work. Changing wireless routers didn’t work either, for some reason. So it was clear to me the problem lied with some settings related to Android. Searching all over the web for my problem didn’t seem to find a reasonable explanation. That’s when I’ve noticed the time and date ...Original article - How to Solve No Internet Connection Message on Google Android Market/Play
How to find similar websites for free
2012-04-20 18:00:00
Let’s take the following scenario: one of your favourite websites is down, or closes or something else happens and you’re no longer able to access it. Here’s where a services like Websites comes in handy. This free service allows you to find similar websites to the one you’re trying to replace. Someone hinted me about this service and I though of giving it a try and see if it lives up to the expectations. It’s not just a good service to replace a news source, but also a way to find similar websites to yours if you want to make new ...Original article - How to find similar websites for free
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Logitech Harmony Link Universal Remote Bridge Review
2012-04-04 22:03:00
If you know something about universal remotes then you know Logitech ’s Harmony line of products. In this short review we’re going to take a look at the Logitech Harmony Link , an infrared bridge that’s meant to link your Android/iOS tablet or smartphone to all the gadgets in your house that feature an infrared remote. You’ll be downloading free Logitech apps that will control everything through the touchscreen. Let’s see first how the Logitech Harmony Link looks like. Logitech took great care to make sure the Harmony Link design will blend easily in both classic and modern homes, so we’re dealing ...Original article - Logitech Harmony Link Universal Remote Bridge Review
Small Monitors Could Increase Productivity Over Multi-Monitor Setups
2012-03-28 00:06:00
The more the merrier, right? It’s certainly my belief when it comes to multi monitor productivity, something that’s becoming very affordable today, as I’ve said when testing the GeChic OnLap external USB monitor, and it makes sense when you summarize everything to more pixels means more stuff on the screen, so you can work faster by not having to switch between apps. Well, it seems more monitors don’t always mean better productivity, as I’ve read in this article. It’s an interesting read that makes the point that more monitors or pixels encourage you to keep a visible Twitter client, IM ...Original article - Small Monitor s Could Increase Productivity Over Multi -Monitor Setups
Adobe Photoshop CS 6 BETA can be Downloaded for Free
2012-03-22 22:15:00
Adobe Photoshop is the name that comes into my mind when I’m thinking about “image editing”. It’s not the kind of software that everyone uses for two reasons: it’s complicated and very expensive. That doesn’t mean light versions or demos are not used by people throughout the world who are passionate about imaging. Photographers, art designers, web developers are using Adobe Photoshop and are waiting for the latest version. That’s why it comes as a surprise that Adobe launched Photoshop CS 6 beta as a Free download (link here, it’s around 1GB). This means Adobe is getting ready for the ...Original article - Adobe Photoshop CS 6 BETA can be Downloaded for Free
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nano-SIM is the future of cellphone SIM cards
2012-03-21 19:14:00
We’ve been using Mini SIMs since at least 10-15 years, when the telecom industry made the shift from that credit card sized SIM cards, and it worked just fine. Apple changed things for the better in 2007 with the first iPhone , when the MicroSIM was introduced. Since then a few smartphones have implemented micro-SIMs but it’s not yet an industry standard in the sense of worldwide adoption. Things are about to change once again, with the introduction of Nano SIM, one third smaller than the current microSIM and one third of the total area of your normal Mini SIM. The ...Original article - nano-SIM is the future of cellphone SIM cards
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New iPad 3 (2012) hands on, videos and first impressions
2012-03-18 20:54:00
Apple dominates the tablet market since the first introduction of the iPad, two years ago. I still remember the first reactions to the 10 inch slate, which were not that encouraging, and certainly didn’t prevision what was to follow: tens of millions iPads sold. Fast forward to 2012, when Apple still holds the majority in this new niche, but the Android competition is closing by fast. That’s where the new iPad (3rd gen 2012 model) comes into play, with a vastly improved Retina Display, that counts no less than 3 million pixels (2048 x 1536, four times the count from ...Original article - New iPad 3 (2012) hands on, videos and first impressions
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Facebook Messenger for Windows is Now Ready to Download
2012-03-06 22:44:00
Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, reaching almost 1 billion users, most of which are active, unlike what reports say about the 3 minutes/month spent on average by Google Plus users. And one growing app/feature inside Facebook is the Chat one, what’s why the company has decided it’s time for a Facebook Messenger for Windows , just released for Windows 7. Facebook Messenger for Windows is free to download from here. And unfortunately the good news ends here as the app is unable to provide anything else that simplicity, at the expense of features, as most of the ...Original article - Facebook Messenger for Windows is Now Ready to Download
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Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts: An Overview Of The Main Key Combos and Action
2012-03-02 16:02:00
I’m pretty sure you all know the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Beta version was released to the public for free a few days  ago [details and download]. More than one million downloads took place and reviews are coming all over the web. I’m not going to review the OS in this post (I’ll do that in a few days here at GadgetRoad), but I’m going to give you a list of keyboard shortcuts that will come in handy in the 8th Generation Windows operating system Even if you’re a keyboard navigation guru a lot of things have changed in the ...Original article - Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts : An Overview Of The Main Key Combos and Action s
VLC 2.0 Media Player: Still the Best, Still Free to Download
2012-02-20 01:39:00
I still remember the time when I had installed Windows Media Player , BSPlayer, QuickTime and a few several other media player programs just to be able to playback all kinds of media files floating around at that time. All this came to an end when I’ve discovered VLC media player, a free alternative that has the big advantage of including the video and audio codecs in the software install kit, so you don’t have to install and update them, which makes it easier to maintain your Windows install up to date. VLC is not perfect, but with version 2.0, available ...Original article - VLC 2.0 Media Player: Still the Best, Still Free to Download
ASUS 1025C, 1025CE and 1225C EEE PC netbooks unboxing and first impression
2012-02-16 23:38:00
Believe it or not, netbooks are still a product consumers want and buy. Why else would ASUS launch no less than three new EEE PCs with the Intel Cedar Trail platform. I say new because I’ve already mentioned the X101CH last month. The three new ASUS netbooks are the 1025C, 1025 CE and 1225C EEE PCs (first two are 10 inches while the latter is an 11.6 inch netbook). All three were unboxed on video and previewed by our friends at Netbooklive here and here. They’re pre-production samples, with final products expected to retail in March, with slightly different specs ...Original article - ASUS 1025C, 1025CE and 1225C EEE PC netbooks unboxing and first impression
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How to Download and Backup all your Google Docs files with one click
2012-02-06 21:43:00
If you are like me and like to have everything backed up and available on your computers (and other mobile devices) at any time you’re probably using solutions like Dropbox and Google Docs. If with Dropbox your files are also stored on your PC, so you’re covered on matter what not the same can be said about Google Docs , or any of their services for that matter. What it means to you is that at any given moment if your Google account is unavailable (or closed for some reason) it’s almost impossible for you to access your files. You can ...Original article - How to Download and Backup all your Google Docs files with one click
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GeChic OnLap 1301 USB monitor review: dual monitor for your laptop
2012-01-30 21:46:00
I don’t know about you, but personally I’ve been using a laptop for work for the past couple of years, even if the price and performance difference could justify in some cases a desktop. I find today’s laptops sufficiently powerful for the tasks I’m performing, except one thing: screen real estate. If you feel the same then you might want to take a look at the GeChic OnLap 1301 (official page), a 13.3 inch LCD monitor that get power via USB and connects to your laptop via either VGA or HDMI. It’s a cheap alternative for building a multi-monitor desktop. ...Original article - GeChic OnLap 1301 USB monitor review: dual monitor for your laptop
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Best eReader: top 2012 eReaders compared and reviewed
2012-01-24 17:38:00
Best 6 and 7 inch eReaders comparison article with 2012 models, complete with reviews and purchasing options. Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo and even Sony made it to this chart!Original article - Best eReader: top 2012 eReaders compared and reviewed
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 personal review
2012-01-19 23:36:00
Image has been from the ancient times more than just a picture, it has been entertainment. The last ten years technology made the moving image to go from cinemas in the homes of people who have something to tell or to share or both. This is how the web camera gain ground and became popular among people worldwide. Why is that? Simple, we all have our stories to tell! And the image is more than suggestive in telling a story. And little by little this industry developed and now we have come to ask for HD resolutions and so and ...Original article - Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 personal review
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Asus X101CH EEE PC netbook preview [video]
2012-01-14 23:01:00
We haven’t talked a lot here on GadgetRoad about netbooks lately, but we have a novelty: the cheap ASUS X101CH EEE PC, a 10 inch netbook with the new Cedar Trail Atom platform from Intel. The preview has made my our friends from This is the successor to the this years’s X101H, and will arrive on market in February 2012, so until then you have to rely on previews like this, that take into account a 99% final version of the product you’ll actually going to buy next year. The hardware Let’s begin with the construction, which doesn’t follow ...Original article - Asus X101CH EEE PC netbook preview [video]
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Sony PSPgo ultra portable gaming console: my thoughts
2012-01-03 21:25:00
Gaming is a beautiful passion, but it should not keep one locked in the house, so while we all demanded more portability, the manufacturers decided to obey and deliver. This way a new type of hardware has seen the light of the day: the portable gaming console. The consumer’s market abounds in variety of offer, but one product of the kind that we thought it wordy of attention is the Sony PSPgo. Stay close to us and see if it could satisfy and match your needs and expectations! The Sony PSPgo features a 16 GB of internal memory and Bluetooth ...Original article - Sony PSPgo ultra portable gaming console: my thoughts
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Microsoft Arc Touch Laptop Mouse: Portable and Flexible
2012-01-03 20:38:00
The pointing device, commonly known as the ‘’mouse’’, is nowadays one of the most needed tools for computing. It has evolved during past years and now there are lots of kinds of mice: regular mice, gaming mice and, nevertheless, laptop mice. The last category is the one approached in this article. The laptop mouse was invented due to the user’s need of more portability, therefore this kind of mouse had to be more portable, light weighted, with reduced dimensions and more easy to use. A concrete example is the Microsoft Arc Touch Laptop mouse. Follow the lines below and see ...Original article - Microsoft Arc Touch Laptop Mouse : Portable and Flexible
Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam: Pictures tell stories!
2012-01-02 21:35:00
Pictures do tell stories. They have done that from the most ancient times when people tried to scratch cave’s walls in order to tell something about someone or just something else (like phenomena, for instance). Nowadays, we don’t scratch walls anymore; we post on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. And that is why a webcam has become a useful tool of communication. The criteria in choosing one are mostly the following: autofocus, HD resolution, good sound and the list stops pretty much here. The thing is it could all be reduced at HD sound and image, so an HD webcam. Such ...Original article - Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam: Pictures tell stories!
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Battery Life: The Next Big Smartphone Revolution
2011-12-30 18:25:00
It seems as though smartphones are getting more powerful by the month. Manufacturers continue to push the envelope, producing devices that dazzle on all levels. There are already multiple dual-core processor devices on the market, and by next year we could see quad-core smartphones. Yet this isn’t a universal positive. While faster processor speeds will allow our devices to do more, they also drain batteries at increasing rates. This is a pretty large obstacle going forward, and it’s one that carriers and manufacturers alike will have to overcome. Contemporary smartphones already perform a number of functions. In fact, they take ...Original article - Battery Life : The Next Big Smart phone Revolution
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HP Wireless Laser Mobile Mouse: Your Laptop Buddy
2011-12-20 22:40:00
Sometimes classic products do not perform as expected, but sometimes new products with classic looks and high tech features appear on the market and they do deserve a shot! Such an example is the HP Wireless Laser Mobile Mouse for laptops. Mice shapes have changed these days, they went from the usual colors to much more joyful ones, which are not bad, but black still is one of my favourite colours! Behind that classic design of the HP Wireless Laser Mobile Mouse, wonderful skills are hidden and it would be a shame to miss them! If we got your attention, ...Original article - HP Wireless Laser Mobile Mouse: Your Laptop Buddy
Ergonomic Office Chairs: There?s a Reason a Top Model Costs Much
2011-12-15 22:12:00
Ergonomic office chairs are the cheapest way to improve your health if you work all day at the office. Invest now in an ergonomic chair so you don't regret it later on when your back will hurtOriginal article - Ergonomic Office Chairs : There’s a Reason a Top Model Costs Much
Top Wireless Gaming Routers: When Games Are a Prority
2011-12-14 19:05:00
If you're a serious gamer is worth investing into a wireless gaming router. Only the best gaming routers provide a shutter and lag free multi-player gaming experienceOriginal article - Top Wireless Gaming Routers: When Games Are a Prority
Sony PRS-T1 eReader with Wi-Fi: Black, White or Red
2011-12-12 16:50:00
One of the latest inventions that made waves on the consumers market was the ebook reader. That may be enough reason for some to believe that reading is fashionable again, I personally think that it was never out of fashion, because books have carried valuable information and entertainment all the way, throughout the ages. But, fact is that the book’s shape had to change, had to evolve and it did. The ebook readers allow one to store thousands of books in one small device and carry them around, plus the access to internet and useful applications, common for people nowadays. ...Original article - Sony PRS-T1 eReader with Wi-Fi: Black , White or Red
Bose Companion 20 computer speakers: The Essential Gaming Sound
2011-12-11 23:03:00
The sound of the game you play is one of most important aspects. You might lose or you might win what really matters, is the fun you get while playing! In order to have fun, one must immerse into the environment of the game. Just try to imagine a horror film and its fullest part of suspense. Would you be able to feel that suspense in the absence of the background music? Probably not and the same goes for your favorite game. What good quality does is help you enjoy better the movie, the TV show, the game! One of ...Original article - Bose Companion 20 computer speakers: The Essential Gaming Sound
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NOOK Simple Touch eReader: The Cheap eBook Reader
2011-12-07 18:19:00
Books are, from ancient times, one of the best entertainers and carriers of knowledge. And that is the reason they still exist today and will continue existing for a long time! The technology advancements brought on the market the ebook reader, an advanced way to carry and read books. The advantages of such a machine are multiple, but here are some of them: being able to carry thousands of books in a device that fits into your pocket or to access the internet from wherever you are and more depending on the mark and the model of ebook readers. Such ...Original article - NOOK Simple Touch eReader : The Cheap eBook Reader
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Harman Kardon SoundSticks II: Looks Like It Came From The Future!
2011-12-06 23:46:00
A passionate gamer has got to know the importance of every single one of his gaming tools. Most of those gamers would agree that the good quality sound is a must, in order to get inside the game and immerse in its atmosphere. Although the game sounds nice in the headsets, having the entire space that surrounds you vibrating just like your favorite game, is better. This review is for those in search of a good gaming tool related to sound and, hopefully, it will help you decide whether the SciFi looking Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Speaker System matches your ...Original article - Harman Kardon SoundSticks II: Looks Like It Came From The Future !
More About: Multimedia , The Future
Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair: Wireless Audio and Comfort
2011-12-06 23:10:00
One of the most important aspects about every piece of gaming hardware is the ergonomics. If the mouse, the keyboard, the keypad are not comfortable, than the gaming session will end soon, which is enough reason for you to be dissatisfied. The same rule is, in fact, applicable for every object surrounding you, such as the chair and most of us will admit that the chair’s importance in gaming is huge. Could you win a battle after, let’s say two hour (plus or minus) of seating on an uncomfortable chair? No, if you would have to change positions more than ...Original article - Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair : Wireless Audio and Comfort
LG X-Note Z330 is a stylish pricey ultrabook
2011-12-05 21:35:00
With the ultrabook laptops starting to gain traction in sales it’s normal for big brands to jump into the train, the latest to do so being LG with the X-Note Z330, an ultrabook 13 inch notebook that looks a lot like the Apple MacBook Air from profile. And that’s not a bad thing, considering the MacBook Air is probably the best ultrabook out there, even if Apple doesn’t call it so. As size and weight we’re definitely into the ultrabook territory: 14.7mm (0.58-inches) in thickness, 1.21kg (2.67 pounds) weight. The design uses brushed aluminium everywhere and black on the screen bezel. ...Original article - LG X-Note Z330 is a stylish pricey ultrabook
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Logitech M305 Wireless Laptop Mouse: Comfort and Precision on the Go!
2011-12-05 18:16:00
The PC mouse has suffered lots of transformations just in the last few years and more types o mice have appeared on the market and developed under the consumer’s eyes. Depending on your needs you will purchase a gaming mouse [read our favourite list], a regular mouse or if you are one of those on the go PC users, you will prefer a small laptop mouse, and this is the main concern of this article. The mouse for laptop distinguishes from other types of mice by its increased portability, its capacity to glide smoothly on a wide range of surfaces ...Original article - Logitech M305 Wireless Laptop Mouse : Comfort and Precision on the Go!
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