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Sleek Audio SA6 Customizable Earphone Begins The Headphone Revolution
2008-06-03 00:48:00
Sleek Audio SA6 - The headphone revolution has just begun! For the first time it?s possible to tune an In Ear Monitor (IEM) style headphone to enhance the listening experience. The new Sleek Audio SA6 Headphone s are the first fully customizable headphone that can be tuned to alter the frequency response of the earphone within the ear ...
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Grado Headphones - Full range in stock now!
2008-05-26 23:34:00
The HiFi Headphones store now stock the full range of Grado headphones and related accessories. Our first listening tests with a sample from the range of Grado open back headphones has left us wondering why we didn’t take a listen before. During some initial listening tests we’ve been very impressed by the sounds coming out of these ...
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Sleek Audio SA6 Customizable Earphone Begins The Headphone Revolution
2008-04-16 00:48:00
Sleek Audio SA6 - The headphone revolution has just begun! For the first time it?s possible to tune an In Ear Monitor (IEM) style headphone to enhance the listening experience. The new Sleek Audio SA6 In Ear Monitor Headphone is the first fully customizable headphone that can be tuned to alter the frequency response of the earphone ...
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Graham Slee Headphone Amplifier - give your iPod a boost
2008-04-10 13:41:00
Graham Slee Voyager - Give your iPod a high quality audio kick The incredible sounding Graham Slee Voyager iPod headphone amplifier is now available from the HiFi Headphone s store. If you appreciate high quality audio and feel that listening to your iPod is a bit of compromise, then the Graham Slee Voyager is an ideal solution. ...
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Are in-ear headphones (ear canal headphones) safe?
2008-03-06 08:56:00
We often get asked about earphone and headphone safety here at the HiFi Headphones store. The question is, are in-ear headphones safe, and do they cause hearing loss or damage. In-ear sound isolating earphones (also known as ear canal earphones or in-ear monitors - IEMs) create a seal within the ear canal that blocks out ...
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DJ Headphones - Choosing the best DJ headphones
2008-03-02 13:52:00
Choosing the best DJ headphones can be difficult - it’s a big decision.  If you’re a DJ then you will no doubt be very careful about the headphones you choose for monitoring.  While it’s possible to DJ with a pair of ordinary Hi-Fi headphones, you will likely not be very happy with the result. DJ monitoring ...
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Review: Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 Quietpoint Noise Cancelling Headphones
2008-02-25 20:14:00
If you travel often by aeroplane or long distance train and you have a passion for music it?s likely you?ve considered (or maybe already own) a pair of active noise cancelling headphones. The clever electronics in these headphones does an excellent job of removing the low frequency boom of aircraft engines, train air conditioning and ...
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Headphone Buying Tips from the experts at HiFi Headphones
2008-02-09 16:02:00
The headphone buying advice area of the HiFi Headphone s online store has been expanded to include a whole load more information, which we hope will help when you are trying to choose a new pair of headphones. The aim of this part of the website is to inform and educate visitors through easy to ...
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Review: Shure SE in-ear headphones - SE110, SE210, SE310, SE420 & SE530
2008-01-31 08:27:00
If you’ve decided you like the in-ear sound isolating variety of earphone it’s quite likely that you have come across the Shure SE range. This round-up is a brief review summary of Shure’s range of ear canal headphones. Shure have a long heritage of designing microphones and earphones for the professional audio industry. Shure’s ...
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New ?Headphone Buyer?s Guide? by the experts at HiFi Headphones
2008-01-21 22:13:00
STOP PRESS! We’re proud to announce that the HiFi Headphone s Store now has a brand new Headphone Buyer ’s Guide with lots of expert advice from the experts at HiFi Headphones. This area of the website currently holds a headphone selection guide with a subsection for each of the main types of headphone and earphone. ...
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Headphone Buying Tips
2008-01-15 02:07:00
We get to try out more headphones than most, so this article is where we at the HiFi Headphone s Store share some of that experience with you. In a simple World you could buy a set of ?known brand? headphones at a certain price point and expect to receive a product that you can be happy ...
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High end audio without breaking the bank
2007-11-22 23:54:00
Have you every looked through a HiFi magazine wondering how on earth anyone can afford to pursue an interest in high fidelity audio equipment? The cost of audiophile quality gear can be astronomic. A quick glance through What Hifi magazine and you will soon find a pair of speakers that cost three grand. ...
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Sennheiser Headphones - UK market leader?
2007-11-09 22:30:00
We are a big fan of Sennheiser here at Hifi Headphone s . Sennheiser are the without doubt the headphone & earphone company with the largest market share. Their range covers everything from humble ear buds that replace the standard issue Apple earphones, to sports headphones for jogging and cycling, right through to ...
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Audio-Technica Headphones in the UK
2007-11-09 13:16:00
At Hifi Headphone s we appreciate products that sound as good as they look. All too often good looks are not backed up by solid audio engineering. Audio Technic a seem to have got it just right with their newest range of consumer and semi-pro headphones. If you follow the world of professional audio ...
Why should I upgrade my standard iPod headphones?
2007-11-08 18:17:00
So what’s wrong with the standard issue iPod ear bud headphones? They’re good enough for mobile listening, aren’t they? Well, at Hifi Headphone s we’ve heard this said more than a few times! We’d normally be pretty quick to offer a different opinion If like many iPod owners you’ve imagined that your ...
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Sennheiser Headphones
2007-10-28 20:07:00
Sennheiser headphones invariably offer excellent audio quality, good looks and are generally designed to last. Sennheiser are one of the biggest and well known headphone manufacturers with a massive range covering all categories, including wireless headphones, noise cancelling headphones, full size headphones and ever popular in ear sound isolating headphones. Sennheiser have a long history in the ...
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Welcome to the Hifi Headphones Blog
2007-10-23 18:01:00
Welcome to our news and update blog for the Hifi Headphone s Online Store. Check back here often for the latest news and insights into the world of headphone and earphone technology. Alternatively subscribe to our RSS or Atom feeds to receive our blog entries automatically. We love to get feedback from visitors and customers, ...
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