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The blog deals with all the Tech Stuff for Computer Geeks , it even has info about all the latest gadgets released , a few discussions or meetings or the currentlly happening events of almost all of the Giant companies are present in this blog incllu
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Toyota fuel cell Car
2008-06-08 10:02:00
Toyota Motors has said it finally has developed a new zero-emission fuel-cell vehicle that has a longer cruising distance than previous models and can operate in freezing temperatures.Many companies have been working to create a viable zero-emission car running on fuel cells, which produce electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, leaving water as the only by-product.Toyota engineers managed to control the amount of water produced inside the fuel-cell system, which previously interfered with electrical generation at low temperatures.Honda's Eco-Friendly Vehicle >>>The International Energy Agency estimated Friday that nearly a billion electric or fuel-cell vehicles may need to be put on the road as part of an "energy technology revolution" to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.Hope these vehicles gain much popularity and reduce the Green House Effect
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Space Travel for free !!!
2008-05-30 15:18:00
Every one of us would have dreamt of becoming an astronaut and traveling in Space when we were kids but do u really wanna become an astronaut even now!!!If yes is your answer you just have to have a passion for space and the ability to effectively communicate that excitement to others to become an astronaut.This space flight is made possible through a donation from Virgin Galactic .U just need to fill an application form in the web-site and test your luck . The full details on the selection process would be announced by the end of the year. The program is open to all, anyone in the world can apply.More about Virgin Galactic>>
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Yahoo Files Lawsuit Against Lottery Scammers.
2008-05-27 19:57:00
Have you received an e-mail stating that you have a lottery conducted by Yahoo (Truth is Yahoo never conducted any Lottery ). Though most of the people have neglected that mail correctly judging it as a scam there were a few others who were trapped and cheated in the name of Yahoo.These e-mails included a link to a Web site bearing Yahoo's logos that asked victims to fill in their personal information, a scam known as Phishing . Some other e-mails requested the customers to send money for security and delivery fees before receiving their prize.Finally Yahoo suing is a group of unidentified companies and individuals loosely called the Yahoo Lottery Spammers for running e-mail scams that sought victim's personal information and extorted money from purported winners.Yahoo filed the lawsuit against 25 unidentified companies and 25 unnamed individuals. So people Beware of frauds!!!!
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Samsung's new HDD for Laptops
2008-05-26 15:28:00
Samsung the world's largest computer chip maker has developed a new solid-state drive which is expected to replace hard disk drives in laptop computers.Samsung's 256-gigabyte Solid State Drive (SSD) for data storage is 2.4 times faster than traditional hard drives.Samsung described the new SSD, 2.5 inches long and 9.5 millimeters thick, as the world's smallest of its kind. It can read up to 200 megabytes of data per second.This new step indicates a bold step in notebooks with significantly improved performance and larger storage capacities.Source : Agence France-Presse(AFP)
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An OS that resides in web
2008-05-19 11:28:00
eyeOS is a new kind of Operating System, where everything resides on a web browser. With eyeOS, you will have your desktop, applications and files always with you, from your home, your college, your office or your neightbour's house. Just open a web browser, connect to your eyeOS System and access your personal desktop and all your stuff just like you left it last time.As it is Open Source the developers can bring in their own changes and implement it in the applications .Future is quite unpredictable when it comes to Operating Systems isn't it !!!Link :
Robot conducted orchestra in Detroit
2008-05-16 09:09:00
High tech met high art late Tuesday when a robot(ASIMO) conducted the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.It was the first time ever that an orchestra was handed over completely to a robot and the machine got rave reviews.Both the audience and performers burst into applause after Honda's ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) robot led the symphony in a performance of "The Impossible Dream" ahead of a sold-out concert."It's exciting to see. The technology is mind boggling," said bass trombone player Randall Hawes, who has played with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for 22 years. The symphony extended the invitation to ASIMO earlier this year after Honda donated one million dollars to establish The Power of Dreams Music Education Fund, which will support music education to underserved children around Detroit. Honda has 25 ASIMO-type robots serving as ambassadors around the world and hopes to one day use the robots to help people confined to wheelchairs.Hondaaaaaaaaaa !!!
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Windows now to run on OLPC
2008-05-16 09:00:00
Microsoft has agreed make its Windows operating system software available for the One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) Foundation's XO Laptop.Microsoft previously was not a part of the project started by Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Nicholas Negroponte to develop an inexpensive laptop computer for elementary school children in developing countries.Microsoft said it plans to start trials of Windows on the low-cost laptop in key emerging markets as early as June.Way to Go Microsoft ....
How to block web-sites in windows XP ..
2008-05-14 15:45:00
Let me share a very simple tip in Win XP using which we can block a particular website from opening in our system.Procedure :-> Click the Start button and select Run. Type the following: c:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts ->Windows might ask you which program should be used to open this application. Click on Wordpad. ->It will open up a new window on your screen showing some text information. At the end of the last line of the file, press the Enter key. Type and the name of the website you want to block. For example: ->Finally save this file. The websites that you have put in this list will not open up on your system. *NOTE* In case you want to open them, go back to the text file using the same commands and remove the names you have typed. Save the file.
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MySpace wins $230 million in anti-spam judgment !!
2008-05-14 10:44:00
In what is to believed as one of the largest anti-spam judgment ever social networking site MySpace has won a $230 million in damages from Sanford Wallace(Sanford Wallace is also called as "Spam King " or "Spamford") and Walter Rines.MySpace said the pair sent more than 730,000 messages to MySpace members, many made to look like they were coming from trusted friends, giving them an air of legitimacy.Though service provider MySpace wuold be having tough time collecting this award, it hopes the judgment would deters other spammers.MySpace's Chief Security Officer said "Anybody who's been thinking about engaging in spam are going to say, `Wow, I better not go there' ".
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HBO selling shows on Apple iTunes..
2008-05-13 12:46:00
On Apple 's If the rumors are to be believed HBO cable network will now be selling its shows on Apple Inc's digital entertainment service with variable pricing.The costs for the shows would be -- $2.99 for Episodes of Rome, The Sopranos pop and Deadwood. While The Wire and Sex and the City , Flight of the Conchords go with the iTunes "standard" pricing of $1.99.The deal would be announced pretty soon.
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Microsoft releases worldwide Telescope ..
2008-05-13 11:47:00
Microsoft Corp. has launched its much awaited project Worldwide Telescope which was under research for many years.WorldWide Telescope knits together images from the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-ray, Observatory Centre, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and few more.Computer users can browse through the galaxy on their own or take guided tours of different outer-space destinations developed by astronomers and academics. The site lets users choose from a number of different telescopes and switch between different light wavelengths.Microsoft's Chairman Bill Gates said "The WorldWide Telescope is a powerful tool for science and education that makes it possible for everyone to explore the universe,"Link :
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Social Networking sites now allow to share space..
2008-05-10 14:30:00
Social Networking sites MySpace and Facebook which have been highly protective for its users till now have loosened their gripThese sites have made it easier for people to share their personal information (favorite pictures, information and other applications) with other web-sites on the Internet.Both Facebook and MySpace say several weeks remain before their users' data becomes portable. The transition poses a risk for Facebook and MySpace because they are effectively tearing down the barriers that sequestered the personal profiles on their sites.Myspace has also become so liberal that it is even ready to exchange information with its arch-rival Facebook. Experts believe that this move by Myspace gives more oppurtunity for the people to join.
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Top 10 Paying Technology Majors
2008-04-25 09:01:00
#1 Information Technology Management Average Annual Salary - $107,830 IT managers supervise information technology departments and ensure that all systems run smoothly. People who are with information technology management earn a significant salary, earnings are often dependent on employer and experience level, but in general, IT professionals with an MBA earn 46 percent more than IT pros with a bachelor's degree.So IT professionals need to think about MBA seriously.#2 Database Administration Average Annual Salary - $85,092 Due to the increase in the number of internet users , web-sites maintaining user information database administration has become one of the most important work now-a-days . With database systems one needs to ensure that everything is secure, organized and working properly. Most database administrators work for search portals, Internet service providers, government agencies and data processing firms. Earnings can vary by...
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A solution to remove Muhaha virus
2008-04-18 08:28:00
God i was stuck with this virus called Muhaha a few days ago which didn't allow me to browse Orkut .One of the best solution for this problem is ----Press alt+ctrl+del and goto processes tab*There you will see a list of processes under the different username, arrange the processes according to your username and search for the process svchost.exe*Right click and end process or end process tree. Make sure you end the imagename or process which are under your username and not that which are under LOCAL SERVICE OR NETWORK SERVICE.► This gives you instant access to orkut..
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IBM's Race Track
2008-04-17 18:38:00
It was four years ago that one of IBM's Researcher, Stuart Parkin planned to develop a new type of of memory . According to his calculations this device can offer faster, cheaper and higher storage capacity than RAM or Hard Disk. Race trackIn racetrack memory, the bits - 1s and 0s - of data are stored in the tiny magnetic domains of a very thin U-shaped wire. They apply a magnetic field for writing data to the domains. Later, the pulsing current is passed through the wire, which pushes those domains along the track, along sensors that can read off the data.IBM says this technology could enable handheld devices such as an mp3 player to store around 500,000 songs or around 3,500 movies - 100 times more than is possible today.Well well what do we have to say about it !!
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Hyderabad Heros win ICL 20-20
2008-04-06 19:31:00
***Champions Of ICL ***Hyderabad Heros win even the second final of the ICL (Indian Cricket League) 20-20 match against Lahore Badshahs by Bowl Out to win the ICL 20-20 cup and become the champions of ICL for the year 2008 ..The match was a pretty low scoring match when compared to the previous matches in the series first Lahore Badshahs put on a score of 130 which was chased by Hyderabad Heros till the very last moment untill the whole Hyderabad team fell.It was second time Bowl Out was witnessed after India vs Pakistan clash in 20-20 world cup ,3 out of 4 bowlers from Hyderabad Heros hit the wickets whereas none of the 3 bowlers from Lahore Badshahs hit the wickets.Seems like the Inzy Team still needs to find luck with Bowl Out situations..
INTEL's Nettop by this year end ..
2008-03-30 06:18:00
ChipMaker Intel is hoping to release its low-cost computer called 'nettops' by this year end.Nettops will be powered by Intel's Nano-chips called Atom , these desktop computers would be fanless with only some of the bare essentials which be required to carry out some of the basic tasks such as surfing the internet or watching standard DVD's .The deisgn seems to be quite impressive !!Nettops would be capable of running on Windows XP and Linux .These Atom chips which are used in 'nettops' are specially designed for low-cost desktop computers and laptops which would carry out only basic operations and it will not undertake intensive computing tasks.It even cannot support High-Definiton DVDs .. The cost of the nettops is expected to be somewhere around $200 ..Lables : Atom processor ,Intels nettops , nettop , Intel launching a low-cost computer , Atom chips
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BCCI to fund for 5 Olympic disciplines
2008-03-16 07:47:00
One of the world's Richest Sporting Body BCCI ( Board Of Control for Cricket in India ) which had a net revenue of $1.5 billion in 2006 has announced on Saturday (15th march) that it would be funding five disciplines of the Olympic sports for Indian Team by the end of March and would restrict its help to only individual sports to start with.The board has tied-up with the Sports Ministry to sponsor the development of sports persons in the areas of archery, boxing, judo, swimming and weightlifting. The board and the ministry has also set aside Rs 25 crore for each of these sports for identifying talents and medal hopefuls for the Commonwealth Games to be held in New Delhi in 2010 and also for the next Olympics 2012 in London.Labels : BCCI to fund five Olympic Disciplines , BCCI to fund for individual sporting events , World's Richest Sporting Body BCCI
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Where is INDIA wrt Patents ??
2008-03-14 07:52:00
Though India ns have made their way to the Top 10 Richest of the world listed by Forbes , India is still lagging with respect to Research and Development (R&D) though most people disagree this, it is a fact !!!Last year about 8000 papers were submitted for Patents from India of which only 2000 were approved but our neighbouring country China has applied for 1,80,000 patents which 90,000 were approved.On an average companies like Intel and Microsoft alone apply for some 2000 patents an year !!!Why is India lagging behind....we simply can't say that India does'nt have brainsWhom should we blame for this ??Is it like Research is going on but still people aren't applying for patents ..What ever but India needs to get out of this situation as soon as possibleLabels: India wrt Patents , Number of patents india applied , India and Patents
Is this fair for the media !!!
2008-03-10 18:05:00
MS. Dhoni ......................................... .Gautam Gambhirwhat's wrong in riding his bikehe does'nt need much attention..After winning Common Wealth Bank series in Australia , Indian cricket team received a very grand welcome and even a party was hosted for the team in Delhi..Young Cricketers like Ishant sharma and praveen kumar became Celebs overnight and they grabbed the unwanted attention of the media !!The most important thing is the media has enchroached the personal life of the cricketers and made their life difficult...Take for instance Irfan pathan there was a 1 hour show specially dedicated for him in a news channel which aired some news that pathan has found his Dream Girl in Australia so he is staying back in Aus even after the team returned. Wat's wrong with u guys ( MEDIA) ..Its not confirmed that he is love and even if he is what do we have to do with it , it is his LIFE man !!!And gautam gambh...
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4 Indians on forbes top ten richest 2008
2008-03-06 13:51:00
Forbes released the list of top ten richest for the year 2008 which was dominated by Indians for the first time.Steel maker Arcelor's LN Mittal was leading the Indians in the list 4th position followed by Mukesh Ambani of Relaince Industries Limited at 5th position and his brother Anil ambani of Anil Dhirubhai Group.The person who came from no where into the top 10 was kushal pal singh of DLF group.After 13 long years in the top place as the Richest in the world Microsoft's Bill Gates drops to 3rd position where the 1st position was occupied by Warren Buffett of Berkshire HathawayThe list of Top 10 include -1) Warren Buffet ( Berkshire Hathaway) -- $62 billion2) Carlos Slim Helú (Mexican telecom ) -- $60 billion3) Bill Gates ( Microsoft ) -- $58 billion4) LN Mittal ( Arcelor ) -- 45 billion5) Mukesh Ambani ( Reliance Industries ) -- $ 43 billion6) Anil Ambani ( Anil Dhirubhai Group) -- $42 billion7) Ingvar Kamprad ( Ikea ) -- $31 billion8) Kushal Pal Singh ( DLF ) -- $30 ...
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US Navy Shot down the rouge Satellite ...
2008-02-21 05:43:00
Standard Missile III during its launch on boardFinally U.S. Navy claims that they have successfully shot down the rouge Satellite which posed a threat to human life by its re-entry.The Satellite lost its base control some time ago, then came out of its orbit falling towards earth .It posed threat to earth as it contained approximately 1000 pounds of rocket fuel.A navy Standard Missile III was soared 130 miles above the Pacific smashing the dead and potentially deadly U.S. spy satellite.But still the U.S Navy needs to confirm whether it has completely destroyed the Satellite with its fuel or not !! Hope they have done it ..Well done U.S. Navy !!!!Labels :U.S Spy satellite may fall down to earth , U.S Navy Shoots downs the rouge satellite ,U.S spy satellite being shot down by U.S Navy , Standard Missile III
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Character what do u have to say about it ??
2008-02-19 18:00:00
I give you two people to vote for whom will you choose.I will describe their character and you vote the person whom you feel to be the appropriate leader.......One was a drunkard, infamous for being a womanizer (he himself had no idea of the number of women he "met" in his life) and has said democracy is a sucking idea of devils, for devils, by devils. He danced naked in public and was very closely associated with many gangsters.Well completely on the other sideThe other guy was better known as a teetotaler..He had only one relationship in his life,he was well known for his speeches on liberty and fraternity...He was always well dressed in public and had a penchant for morality..WHOM WOULD YOU VOTE FOR?ANS: IF YOU CHOSE THE LATTER YOU WOULD HAVE VOTED INTO POWER "ADOLF HITLER" AND IF THE FORMER "FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT"Now think for yourself who do you think was a better leader for this world !!!Labels : Hitler , Roosevelt , Hitler vs Roosevelt
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10 ways to make ur blog popular !!
2008-02-16 07:45:00
There are over a 100 million blogs in internet , but what makes your blog special and is it so popular that makes people bookmark your site ??Dont worry by just following just a few simple tricks you can make your blog popular !!........10 ways to make your blog popular 1) Before going to start your blog choose a good , short URL .(Though it is pretty difficult to find a good ,unique URL look for the best you will surely find one)2) Choose the best Template.(Dont choose very dark and dull Templates it easily makes the viewers skip your site , 3-column Templates are the best)3) Update your Blog regularly.(This way you can ensure the visitors do visit your blog regularly to look for interesting and latest stuff : Keep the Bounce Rate High)4) Donot have much animations and ads on your page.(Providing more Animations makes the page to load slowly and usually people dont have the patience to wait till the page loads they may simply skip the page )5) Submit your blog to various Search En...
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Yahoo rejects Microsofts deal !!
2008-02-11 20:33:00
In a very tragic incident kindaa thing Yahoo Inc rejected Microsofts deal terming it as a too low unsolicited offer.In a statement,Yahoo said its board unanimously concluded the proposal was not in the best interests of its shareholders.The company said the offer "substantially undervalues" its "global brand, large worldwide audience, significant recent investments in advertising platforms and future growth prospects, free cash flow and earnings potential, as well as our substantial unconsolidated investments."If it was successful a merger of Microsoft and Yahoo would be the world's largest of two computer technology companies and would create a formidable rival to Internet search and advertising leader Google..Sources : ReutersLabels : Yahoo rejects Microsofts deal , Microsofts bids $46 billion to take over Yahoo , Yahoo and Microsoft vs Google
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Android to be showcased on monday !!
2008-02-09 15:00:00
Android -->An Open Handset Alliance ProjectAndriod is basically an open source mobile operating system (or a mobile platform) which is to be used in Google's mobile phone.A prototype of Android mobile phone platform would be demonstrated next week at the world's biggest wireless fair.Google plans to deploy phones and services using the Android platform commercially in the second half of this year.Google established an alliance of more than 30 carriers, handset makers, Software firms and chipmakers in November to develop Android, which is based on open-source software and designed to make the Internet work better on mobile phones.The Android Developer Challenge will award $10 million to developers who build great apps for Android.Research firm Strategy Analytics has estimated that Android will be in 2 percent of smartphones this year.Hope Android makes it well in the market ...Sources: Google , ReutersLabels : Android , Android Developer Challenge , Google's Android ope...
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Facebook now in Spanish !!!
2008-02-08 15:48:00 which is the considered to be the most popular online social networking site has launched a spanish version of its site..The site also is planning to launch German and French versions pretty soon.Facebook users can choose to view the site in Spanish by changing their account settings.As an act of globalization, the translated versions of the site will be available to Facebook fans on both computers and mobile phones.Facebook is trying to compete with MySpace which offers versions of its site in Spanish, French, German and Italian, including a site for U.S. Spanish speakers and another for French Canadians.Hola says Facebook.Sources: ReutersLabels: Facebook introducing spanish version , Facebook trying to compete with Myspace
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Microsoft Bids $44B to buy Yahoo !!!!!!
2008-02-02 03:03:00
........................VS............... ........In what seems to be like a really bold approach Microsoft bidded $44B to buy Yahoo inorder to tie up the two biggest internet Giants and compete against the Ruler Google.In what would be the biggest Internet deal since the ill-fated Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer sent a letter to Yahoo's board on Thursday night to offer $31 per share in cash and stock. Microsoft's audacious attempt to buy Yahoo spelled out in an unsolicited offer shows just how much Google threatens the world's largest software maker's grip on how people interact with computers. For Yahoo, the bid represents another painful reminder of how missed opportunities and mismanagement combined to open the door for Google to supplant it as the Internet's main gateway, decimating its stock price in the process.Although Microsoft remains the world's most valuable technology company, its position will become more precarious unless it can cultivate a more loyal Intern...
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A U.S. spy satellite could crash to Earth
2008-01-27 08:54:00
A disabled American spy satellite is rapidly descending and is likely to plunge to Earth by late February or early March, posing a potential danger from its debris..The satellite, which no longer can be controlled, could contain hazardous materials, and it is unknown where on the planet it might come down.Specialists who follow spy satellite operations suspect it is an experimental imagery satellite built by Lockheed Martin and launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in December 2006 aboard a Delta II rocket. Shortly after the satellite reached orbit, ground controllers lost the ability to control it and were never able to regain communication.Satellite contains Hydrazine, a colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor, is a toxic chemical and can cause harm to anyone who contacts it.NASA officials say that "Numerous satellites over the years have come out of orbit and fallen harmlessly"Hope even this one doesnt harm Earth .Anyways beware !! Look at the sky n walk :)Labe...
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Mysterious Woman on MARS !!!!!
2008-01-25 15:04:00
The concept of LIFE ON MARS has been prevailing since ages but this theory has got a dubious boost from recently released photos of the surface of Mars (Taken by NASA's robot SPIRIT).These photos shows a woman like structure parched on rock with her arms outstretched . This news has created a buzz over internet n several sites have zoomed onto the image and suggested the figure could be alive.But astronomers say it is just a rock and it's hard enough to accurately recognize figures and faces across the room. Mars, depending on when you measure it, is about 35 million miles away. The best telescopes aren't of much help in determining surface features, and that's why NASA sent robots with cameras to Mars. The reason many people see a figure on mars is the same reason that people see faces in clouds, Rorschach blots, and coffee stains. This phenomenon, called pareidolia, is well known in psychology, and it is the cause of many supposedly mysterious and miraculous events ...
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