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Cheap Phone Calls and Offers

Cheap Phone Calls and Offers
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Get Wireless For Less
2008-01-30 20:44:00
> All phones> All plans> All carriers> All the timeVeriuni is proud to bring you the most access to comprehensive wireless solutions available today. With Veriuni's wireless solution, you have the most plans with the most carriers available to the most people. Whether you?re looking for the perfect plan with your favorite carrier, a specialized phone, the best value, or even trying to overcome a credit problem, Veriuni has the wireless solution for you.The Freedom of ChoiceWhy stay with your current carrier if they do not offer you everything you want? Veriuni?s wireless solution provides you the freedom to choose the plan and phone that?s best for you. With multiple brand name wireless carriers, dozens of coverage plans and a variety of phones, we have the perfect wireless package for you. Not sure what you need? Our easy-to-use rate plan wizard will guide you to the best plan for your individual needs.Phone Rebates, Discounts and Accessories AvailableVeriuni?s wireless solution g...
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UK Mobile Phones Offers
2007-11-08 15:48:00 is one of the UK?s top mobile phone retailers and has been leading the way with the best customer offers since 1997. Mobileshop have a fantastic dedication to customer service and a well-designed site that is customer friendly.Why choose Mobileshop?If there?s one thing we absolutely, positively believe in it?s the customer getting the best deal they can get. That?s why we offer not just our own deals but also a massive selection of the top deals from other leading online retailers. So, you don?t have to go running round trying to find the best deal, no, no, no? compares them for you, so you can get the best deal without running yourself ragged trying to find it! All networks and a fantastic selection of handsets.
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Cognigen provides cheaper international landline calls
2007-11-06 16:38:00
Cognigen is a world leader at providing cheaper phone calls from landlines, no matter where you are in the world.Just click this link to see how much you can save on your landline phone bill or here if calling from a US landline.
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Cheap Phone Unlock
2007-10-28 17:11:00
Ever tried to unlock a mobile phone to use it on a different provider? First, it is difficult to find someone who can offer the service and usually involves walking around a town asking around then finding a man on the market. This "man on the market" typically cost 10 each time.So I was delighted to find a website where I can do this quickly, in the warmth at home and for only 2.99. I tried it on my old Spanish Nokia 3100 which is now superfluous as I bought a new phone to use in Spain with my Vodafone points. I filled in a few details on the website, checked my inbox for an instructions email and just keyed in what they told me.It worked first time so now I am delighted.If you want to unlock a LG, Nokia or Samsung mobile, go to Cheap Phone Unlock.
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