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IP network camera blog from network webcams for IP security cameras, home security, remote monitoring and webcams. Also providing IP camera news, product reviews and ip camera support and advice.
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GO MEGAPIXEL - 10% Off All Megapixel IP Cameras
2008-06-05 12:28:00
During June and July, Network Webcams will be offering all Megapixel IP cameras with a Mega 10% off in the UK and Europe. With prices now starting at just 258 / ?338 + vat, it’s never been a better time to take advantage of the benefits Megapixel IP cameras have to offer. So, why Megapixel? Megapixel cameras ...
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Sony expands its 360 Dome SNC-RX Series
2008-06-04 12:37:00
Sony have recently announced two new cameras for their 360 IP dome camera SNC-RX series. Joining the original Sony SNC-RX550 is the new SNC-RX530 and SNC-RX570. These will offer the same key features as all cameras in the SNC-RX series: Highly sensitive 1/4 type Exwave HAD CCD imaging sensor DEPA Intelligent video analytics providing intelligent motion and ...
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IP Camera Finder Tool Launches
2008-06-02 16:11:00
Network Webcams today launched its new Camera Finder Tool which makes it easier than ever to locate and choose the most appropriate camera depending on your needs. The IP Camera Finder, available now both in the UK and Europe, and in the United States, makes choosing an IP camera as simple as a few mouse clicks. Our ...
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Network Webcams Becomes Sony Professional Solutions Europe Specialist Deale
2008-04-18 11:45:00
Network Webcams ’ status as The IP Camera Specialists has been further underpinned by our recent appointment by Sony as a Sony Professional Solutions Europe Specialist Dealer, a status only held by a small number of companies in the UK. Under the agreement Network Webcams has committed to offer the full range of Sony IPELA cameras, ...
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Top 5 IP Network Cameras for Home Security
2008-04-11 11:00:00
Coming up with the top 5 IP cameras was a no-brainer. These units are all top performers, are easily set up and require very little technical knowledge to get working. They make idea starter cameras for the larger home security project or may be ideal for simple tasks like alerting you by email with ...
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Next Generation Y-cam Black
2008-04-07 13:57:00
Y-cam have just launched an upgrade to their Y-cam Black model. Still known as the Y-cam Black, this next generation model provides a host of positive upgrades to the camera, including: Motion JPEG (MJPEG) Support With support for MJPEG streaming the camera will now provide live images across multiple platforms and browser types. We have ...
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Axis Camera Station 3.0 Released
2008-04-07 09:49:00
Axis have released the latest version of their IP camera recording software Axis Camera Station with a raft of improvements and new features. AXIS Camera Station 3.0 features an improved user interface and support for H.264 video compression standard. The new offering is part of ...
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Network Webcams Adds JVC IP Cameras For Sale Online
2008-04-02 20:37:00
Network Webcams today releases JVC IP cameras for sale on its UK and European IP camera store. The JVC range is a suite of advanced professional IP network security cameras within its JVCPro business design for CCTV, security and surveillance applications. Prices start at 439 + vat for the JVC VN-V25U IP camera for Day and Night ...
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Streaming Video Camera in Barbershop Goes Live
2008-03-21 14:49:00
Network Webcams latest StreamdaysTRUESTREAM camera went live last night in the Glasgow Barber Shop of Paul Evangelista. Evangelista’s is famous the world over for men’s barbering and now for pioneering online barbering. View the live stream from Evangelista’s in Glasgow.
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Network Webcams Expands into the USA
2008-03-14 02:34:00
US Expansion Network Webcams is moving into the US! Following our success in Europe and the UK, we have opened an office in the Big Apple and launched an IP camera store dedicated to the North American market. The new site,, went live on 14th March 2008 and will be offering a wide range ...
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Network Webcams wins Axis Growth Award 2007
2008-01-30 18:12:00
Network Webcams has won the Best Growth Award from Axis , the global market leader in network video. The award was announced at the Axis UK & Ireland Partner Conference in January 2008. Frank Crouwel, managing director, Network Webcams, commented on the award: ?Axis cameras have generated 90 per cent sales growth last year as compared with ...
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Axis 209FD-R - Outdoor Capability?
2008-01-28 14:02:00
Whilst speaking to a customer on the phone recently I was asked whether the Axis 209FD-R is suitable for outdoor use. Axis describes the camera as being able to “withstand vibrations, humidity, dust and temperature fluctuations”. The camera is also IP66 approved. It may come as a surprise then that neither Axis, nor we at Network Webcams, ...
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Y-cam MultiLive Multi-Camera Viewing Software Now Available and FREE!
2008-01-09 16:49:00
Y-cam Multi Live We are happy to announce that the people at Y-cam have just launched a free software application which allows you to view live images from up to nine Y-cams simulataneously! Free Software Download Y-cam MultiLive is a security monitoring application which you can download for free directly from us here at Network Webcams. The ...
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Streamdays Customer In World?s Top 25 Webcams (again)
2008-01-04 19:19:00
Once again, a Streamdays Webcam Hosting customer has made it into Earthcam’s global Top 25 webcams for the year. A regular fixture in the world of webcams this award is judged by celebrities and other luminaries of the webcam industry. Judges this time included Michael Bay (Director of movie Transformers) and Lisa Hungness (WildCam Program, ...
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Y-cam Black - New Year Promotion
2008-01-02 18:08:00
Happy New Year for 2008. We’re celebrating the start of 2008 by slashing the price of one of our popular IP cameras, the Y-cam Black . The Y-cam Black is a compact IP Network Camera allowing you to access live video from your local network or even across the Internet. Specifically designed for small business or home ...
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Happy Christmas and New Year From Network Webcams
2007-12-22 22:18:00
2007 has been a breakthrough year for us and we’d like to thank all of our customers for your continuing support. You’ll know that this year has seen us launch new Streamdays Webcam Hosting services including a true video streaming system we concisely call StreamdaysTRUESTREAM. We launched a portal website for our Streamdays customers at ...
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HOWTO: Factory Reset your Panasonic BL-C1/20
2007-12-12 10:51:00
This is a small HOWTO: guide which will help you reset your Panasonic BL-C1 or BL-C20 IP camera should you forget the password and find yourself unable to connect. This guide will be suitable for the following cameras: Panasonic BL-C1 Panasonic BL-C20 To perform a factory reset, do the following: Step 1 Power the camera. Step 2 Using a paper-clip or suitably pointed ...
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HOWTO: Factory Reset Axis 206/7 IP Cameras
2007-12-12 10:21:00
This is a small HOWTO: guide which will help you reset your Axis 206/7 IP camera should you forget the password and find yourself unable to connect. This guide will be suitable for the following cameras: Axis 206 Axis 207 Axis 207W Axis 207MW To perform a factory reset, do the following: Step 1 Power down the camera. Leave for ...
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New Streamdays Webcam Hosting Packages Launched
2007-11-30 20:04:00
Network Webcam s Limited are proud to announce the launch of four new Streamdays Webcam Hosting products. Each Streamdays variant fulfils different requirements in a webcam system, but all offer hassle free, off-the-shelf webcam hosting. These variants are as follows: StreamdaysDIRECT - Simple and reliable business-class webcam hosting. StreamdaysRELAY - High capacity webcam hosting for busy and popular websites. StreamdaysTRUESTREAM ...
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Golden Compass Film Premiere Webcam
2007-11-27 17:29:00
The long-awaited first film in the His Dark Materials saga premieres tonight at the Odeon Cinema Leicester Square. Our Streamdays customer Radisson Hotels have a webcam perfectly located to allow you to follow the red carpet action as it happens. Check out the Leicester Square Film Premiere webcam here >>
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Axis 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
2007-11-22 17:22:00
3 Year Warranty Did you know that almost all of the Axis cameras and network video products we sell through our online store come with a three year warranty? This covers all Axis network video products with the exception of their entry-level models, the Axis 206 and Axis 207(W/MW). These come with a one ...
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HOWTO: Register your Panasonic IP Camera with Dynamic DNS Se
2007-11-21 11:06:00
Whenever a router is connected to the Internet it receives what is known as a public IP address. This is your identifier on the internet and is unique all over the world. However, internet service providers (ISPs) only have a set number of IP addresses which they can give to their customers. Because of this ...
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HOWTO: Install and Configure IQrecorder in your IQeye IP Camera
2007-11-20 12:23:00
There is additional software which can be added to all IQeye cameras which provides an embedded recording solution without the need to install further client software on your PC. The software is called IQrecorder and we will show you how simple it is to install and configure. In this HOWTO guide we will show you ...
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New Website Launched to Promote the RemoteManager Construction Webcam Servi
2007-11-16 17:08:00
Today sees the launch of a dedicated website for the RemoteManager product from Network Webcam s Ltd. RemoteManager is a turnkey webcam system for construction projects offering, primarily, progress monitoring, image archiving and time-lapse movies and project promotion. The RemoteManager system is a combination of high quality cameras and communications hardware installed on a site plus a ...
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IQeye Sentinel Series - For a Single Cable Outdoor Installation
2007-11-13 10:34:00
We have recently launched the new IQeye Sentinel Serie s of IP cameras. This series provides an integrated camera and housing solution which is all-weather, IP66 rated and suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. They are packed with features and range from 1.3 to 5.0 megapixel resolution but the best feature lies with its ...
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On Test: Panasonic BL-C131
2007-10-30 17:08:00
Exciting New Features We’ve been using the Panasonic BL-C131 for a while now and we have not been disappointed with Panasonic’s upgrade to their hugely popular BL-C30 model. It holds the same key features as its predecessor, i.e. it’s a wireless, pan/tilt network camera with a built-in web server meaning that you can view it ...
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HOWTO: Set up your Panasonic Camera to Work on your Wireless Network
2007-10-22 12:41:00
Having a wireless IP camera is great. It allows you to place it practically anywhere in your home where there is a spare power supply. This is great for home security when you want to keep the camera as discreet as possible. But, if you are having trouble setting up your camera to work ...
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HOWTO: Port-Forwarding 101
2007-10-22 10:13:00
One of the many benefits of IP cameras is their ability to act independently of a PC. Being a standalone device you simply plug it into a broadband enabled router and you can access your camera’s images from anywhere in the world. It is not uncommon for people to use cameras to keep ...
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On Test: Axis 211W Outdoor Bundle
2007-10-16 17:19:00
Look, No Wires! Recently launched by Axis , the new variant of their Axis 211 model fills a gaping hole in the IP camera market by offering true native wireless connectivity both indoors and outdoors. The Axis 211W when bought as an outdoor bundle includes both an indoor wireless antenna and a large outdoor wireless antenna to ...
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HOWTO: Set Up External Access to Your Camera Using a Netgear DG834 Router
2007-10-15 14:11:00
Setting up remote access to your IP Camera from anywhere on the Internet is one of the many benefits of IP Cameras, but sometimes this doesn’t go smoothly when you have to start fiddling with routing, firewalls and port numbers. Luckily, we are on hand to provide information about how this is done on the majority ...
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