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3G iPhone Plans on AT&T Wireless
2008-06-10 11:01:00
So we now have all the information about the new 3G Apple iPhone, and for all those rumours that had been going around, it looks as though most of them were correct. So we know that the new handset will be a little thicker, there will now be GPS, but the biggest piece of news ...
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Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard: optimized for multi-core processors
2008-06-10 10:30:00
Ok so we know that WWDC 2008 keynote was a big deal yesterday and all the world was waiting to hear about the new 3G Apple iPhone, but there was also a few other important things being spoken about. One of the things that Mac users was wanting to learn about was details of the ...
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Hands-on with the Inno3D GeForce 9600GT iChill Hurricane graphics card
2008-06-10 09:26:00
This is the Inno3D GeForce 9600GT iChill Hurricane graphics card and it?s a good cooler with a nice package, excellent performance and just generally a great card. The Inno3D GeForce 9600GT ticks all the right boxes. Tweak Town have given this graphics card a full hands-on review and covered the results over 17 pages, in ...
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NISSAN Tiida in China Circuit Championship Round 3
2008-06-10 09:12:00
June 8, Beijing Golden Port Circuit Round 3 of the ?China Circuit Championship ? or ?CCC? took place at Beijing?s Golden Port Circuit (1 lap, 2.39kms), continuing the closely-fought battle from the last round in the series. The winner in the 1,600 class was a NISSAN Tiida, run by the DongFeng NISSAN Ghia Team, driver #4Lin ...
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Size Comparison: iPhone 3G vs HTC Touch Diamond & Pro, Sony Ericsson Xperia
2008-06-10 09:02:00
Today we have a size and weight comparison of the Apple iPhone 3G vs not only the first generation iPhone (EDGE) but also the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. This gives you a good look at how the new iPhone 3G compares in size and weight terms to some ...
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India to get Apple iPhone 3G with Bharti Airtel: India?s leading telecom op
2008-06-10 08:28:00
Yesterday we heard that over 22 countries will be getting the Apple iPhone 3G on July 11, we also heard that around another 40 countries will be getting the new iPhone after that date. This goes to show you the power of the iPhone and how it will rule not only the phone world but ...
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Steve Jobs keynote video and new iphone 3G advert
2008-06-10 07:40:00
The first phone to beat the iPhone and it surfs the web and downloads data at twice the speed, and it costs half the price. This is the new iPhone 3G. You can see some photos on this page of the new 3G Apple iPhone and you can watch a video below of the new ...
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Phanfare?s iPhone camera application lets you store photos in the cloud wit
2008-06-10 07:12:00
As you know, the iPhone 2.0 has just launched, and companies big and small are announcing unprecedented new mobile applications to coincide with it. Phanfare unveils an application today that will allow users to snap photos and share/distribute them widely on the internet simply by using their phone. This is an interesting example of some ...
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3G iPhone release date is July 11 for 22 biggest markets
2008-06-09 22:09:00
We can confirm that the 3G iPhone release date is July 11 for the 22 biggest markets and it?s US price will be $399 for the 32GB, $299 for the 16GB and $199 for the 8GB iPhone 3G. We would also guess that the UK will be in that list of markets, but we cannot ...
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Apple MobileMe at WWDC 2008: direct replacement for .Mac
2008-06-09 21:53:00
Today Apple Mobile Me was announced at WWDC 2008 , this will be a direct replacement for the .Mac service and after a slow start to this years conference, things started to really heat up with not only MobileMe but also the 3G iPhone left the rumor world and became fact. MobileMe will completely sync your iPhone and ...
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iPhone 3G on Apple Store: twice the speed, half the price
2008-06-09 21:17:00
Earlier we reported that all the Apple stores around the world went down and we all guessed that it was for new products that included the 3G Apple iPhone , we can now confirm, that the iPhone 3G is on the Apple Store right now. From the Apple Store ?Introducing iPhone 3G. With fast 3G wireless technology, ...
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Steve Jobs Confirms New iPhone 3G Release in keynote at WWDC 2008
2008-06-09 21:02:00
This is a quick post to confirm to you that the 3G iPhone (aka iPhone 2.0) is VERY real. At the WWDC 2008 just moments ago Steve Jobs has confirmed the existence of the new iPhone and its release. Details are still coming in, but what we know so far is not only that Al Gore ...
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iPhone App Store now in 62 countries: download over cell, WiFi or iTunes
2008-06-09 20:43:00
Having the latest graphics games and other applications releasing left, right and centre on the Apple iPhone is good, but what?s the point of having a mobile device if you cannot get the different software on the move, why wait to you get home? Well you do not have to if the Application is under 10MB, ...
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Apple iPhone 2.0 firmware available in early July, many improvements
2008-06-09 20:25:00
We are hearing direct from the WWDC that the Apple iPhone 2.0 firmware will be available in early July, and there are many improvements. It will be super easy to download docs and look at them on your iPhone. They have added bulk delete and move, that?s very handy. You will have the ability to save ...
More About: Mobile Phones , Iphone , Firmware , Early
The Apple iPhone has Nintendo DS Graphics at WWDC 08
2008-06-09 19:58:00
When you look at the Apple iPhone hardware it is pretty impressive and that?s even if you compare it to the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, at today?s WWDC we are seeing a few games being shown on stage to give an idea of what?s possible with gaming on the iPhone. To say we are ...
More About: Graphics , Gaming , Mobile Phones
SEGA?s Super Monkey Ball for Apple iPhone at WWDC 2008
2008-06-09 19:41:00
At today?s WWDC 2008, just a few minutes ago Ethan Einhorn from SEGA has been discussing how impressed he was when they set to coding Super Monkey Ball for the Apple iPhone and now the game is complete. SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball is back and will be on the Apple iPhone for $9.99 from the ...
More About: Gaming , Iphone , Sega
First Look at Steve Jobs keynote: the iPhone 2.0 platform
2008-06-09 19:22:00
This is a first Look at Steve Jobs keynote; he has started with the iPhone 2.0 platform and has said he will start this morning talking about the Apple iPhone. Steve Jobs said at the WWDC 2008 ?Let’s talk about iPhone, the place to start is our new software — the iPhone 2.0 platform, a giant ...
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Ashley Force?s Mustang Funny Car reaches semifinal at NHRA race
2008-06-09 18:21:00
Ashley Force , driver of the Castrol GTX Mustang , made it to the third round of the NHRA race in Joliet, Ill., before losing to Tony Pedregon. She remains second in the standings, now just 57 points behind leader Tim Wilkerson. Read the press release below. DEARBORN, Mich., June 8, 2008 ? Ashley Force’s Mustang Funny Car ...
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All Apple Store?s Down: 3G iPhone and other products maybe
2008-06-09 16:52:00
This has got to be some interesting news, right now all international Apple Store ?s have gone down and first we looked at the United States and UK Apple stores and they were fine. Then heading to Australia and other international stores showed them down with the standard ?back soon? image. Now while I am in the ...
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Kaiser Permanente and Microsoft Empower Consumers to Take Charge of Their H
2008-06-09 16:35:00
OAKLAND, Calif., and REDMOND, Wash. ? June 9, 2008 ? Kaiser Permanente and Microsoft Corp. today announced that the two companies will pilot health data transfers between Kaiser Permanente?s My Health Manager and the Microsoft HealthVault consumer health platform. Pairing two leaders in online health innovation, this pilot program is expected to unveil new strategies ...
More About: News , Charge , Consumers
Call of Duty: World at War (aka COD5): Sad for Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers
2008-06-09 16:30:00
COD4 has been an amazing game and thanks to being modern day combat it has become the most played game on both the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3, now today we are hearing that the next game, COD5, will be called ?Call of Duty: World at War? and the sad part is it will be ...
More About: Gaming , Xbox 360
Motorola?s New 3G WAN MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant
2008-06-09 16:12:00
When your job is around conditions that normally break most devices, you need something extra special and you will also need the features to make-work on the job easier. This is Motorola ?s MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant; it will give you all you need in a rugged handheld computer. Read the press release below for ...
More About: Computers
Will Steve Jobs reveal this 3G iPhone with WiMAX today?
2008-06-09 15:41:00
We have all heard the 3G iPhone rumored specs over and over, you know the possibility of GPS, obvious 3G, better camera etc. What we do not hear often is the new Apple iPhone to feature WiMAX, but the image above clearly shows just that. This photo was sent to French site GMP3 and although there ...
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Brand or Features? New Apple iPhone 2.0 or RIM BlackBerry
2008-06-09 15:17:00
The two biggest players in the cell phone world at the moment would be Apple and Research in Motion, the new Apple iPhone 2.0 that should be announced in around four hours might end up having all the bells and whistles of features and technology but it does stand next to many other high end ...
More About: Mobile Phones , Iphone , Blackberry , Features
Mac Fusion with Intel Core 2 Duo at WWDC 08
2008-06-09 13:30:00
The photo above shows Mac Fusion that is for new developers who are on a budget and want to port their existing programs to the Mac. Mac Fusion features an Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor that starts at 2.1GHz and has an 800MHz front-side with 3MB of shared L2 cache. This device looks similar ...
More About: Computers , Intel Core
Nissan to Showcase X-TRAIL Diesel Prototype at 2008 G8 Summit
2008-06-09 12:40:00
Clean diesel technology is something that we must have if we want to help the environment and its great to see auto brands embracing this technology, today we are hearing that Nissan is to Showcase the new X-TRAIL Diesel Prototype at 2008 G8 Summit and you can read the full details in the press release ...
More About: Autos
Product Reviews WWDC 2008 Keynote and 3G iPhone Coverage
2008-06-09 12:28:00
The WWDC 2008 Keynote will be today at 10AM Pacific Daylight Time and Product Reviews will be covering the lead up to this event in detail and also all the news that comes out of the Worldwide Developer Conference as it happens. We have created one area for all that is WWDC and that?s here. Steve ...
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Surfing Costs Business 10.6bn a Year
2008-06-09 12:02:00
The average office worker in the UK spends an hour and a half a week of work time surfing the web for personal use, according to research by the CBI. The findings showed that this is costing the economy 10.6bn a year and while many organisations are supportive of staff visiting non-work related websites, and view ...
More About: Business , Surfing , Year , Costs
BlackBerry Thunder: Could RIM be striking gold?
2008-06-09 11:52:00
Many phone buyers may have their eyes on the WWDC 2008 today, but before they go out and buy the 3G iPhone they should take a look at the BlackBerry Thunder live photo above as RIM could be striking gold with this phone. This is a real live shot of the forthcoming BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen phone ...
More About: Mobile Phones , Gold , Blackberry
Apple?s share price affected by worldwide developer conference (WWDC)
2008-06-09 11:28:00
The world of Apple could change in a lot of ways today, not only with the launch of new software and products around the Apple iPhone 2, but also with Apple’s share price. The WorldWide Developer Conference is known to bring us interesting news every year but the WWDC also brings change to the path of ...
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