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A current Affairs blog with affinity for Cricket. A self proclaimed Smart Alec watches events happening around him, specially cricket and that tooIndian Cricket, which happens to be his passion, and makes his expert coment on those. When you try hard
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Wealth of poverty
2009-09-21 07:54:00
India has a wealth of poverty. Indeed, where poverty is concerned, it has an embarrassment of riches. Many agree with that old tag that India is a rich country with a lot of poor people in ...
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The Series that may be | India Vs Pakistan 2009
2008-12-06 11:57:00
  India in Pakistan 2008-09 Following is the schedule of India’s tour of Pakistan, which has already under some extremely dark clouds after the Mumbai Terror attacks. It’s never desirable that the decision of carrying out a tour ...
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The Madness Called Media
2008-12-05 21:05:00
  Irresponsible is no longer enough to describe the way media handled the Mumbai mayhem. But hold on the madness is not over yet. What I am shocked at is the fact that exactly what is ...
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Watching the Mumbai Carnage, Silently
2008-12-01 09:12:00
I was ecstatic, overjoyed with fifth consecutive Indian triumph over England. Go for the kill, one step closer to the whitewash were the resounding sentiments in my mind. I was unaware of the terror ...
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India Vs England 2008 | Live Straming Cricket Links | Plz Dont Spam
2008-11-26 13:15:00
I am keeping the comment section open for you views and to exchange links. Although a little late, but I just saw that the most popular section of this blog has been left vacant this time ...
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I want Symonds Banned for Life
2008-11-24 15:37:00
  I hate his Guts!! There. I’ve said it. And don’t go pretending that you don’t want it, because if you do, I’ll open my stats package, correlate the time of your visit with the IP addresses ...
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News You Wont Beleive
2008-11-24 14:23:00
One of the tabloids this morning, had most of its first page blank; boxed in the middle in small font was the grim and distressing news that ‘Today’s news is being withheld as India is under ...
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After Gavaskar and India Ponting Lashes at Google Inc
2008-11-24 11:34:00
Captain Ricky Ponting has hit back at Google Inc for generating numerous articles and opinion pieces portraying him as a sore loser through its search engine Google and also lashed out at former cricketer Gavin Robertson ...
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Symonds in deep Sh** – Again
2008-11-24 10:49:00
Well, there certainly about Symonds. I beleive he was not cut out for this gentleman’s game. He defenitely will be more comfortable in his life along the street and picking up frequent bar-room / pub ...
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India Vs England 2008 | England Beaten – Hammers, Rain and Stupidty
2008-11-24 10:04:00
    Ishant's smiles have brightened up after the haircut     England bowed out of this one-day series as they began, outplayed, outwitted, and out of ideas. They have a batting lineup that defies Gravity and any other laws ...
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ICC World Twenty20, 2009 – England | Schedule
2008-11-24 08:34:00
The 2007 twenty20 world cup which was held in South Africa provided too much entertainment and excitement for the spectators. India came as surprise winner in the inaugural twenty20. They not only manage to win ...
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India Shining. Yuvraj – The Brightest Star
2008-11-16 00:19:00
Dont lose the belt - EVER Well so much for the closely contested battle, this match was one-way traffic from beginning till the end. An emphatic win by India taking off from where they left in ...
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BCCI moots new ?Twenty-Fifty? format for cricket.
2007-11-23 18:14:00
In a moment of rare innovation, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has proposed a radical new format of the game that they claim will boost cricket’s popularity to unprecedented levels. Under the rules of the new format, christened ‘Twenty -Fifty’, or T50 cricket, The Indian team would get to bat fifty overs, and the ...
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Jo Darr Gaya Samjho Marr Gaya
2007-11-01 23:59:00
Bring out the pacemakers. Or go buy a new one as the Twenty20 final probably wore the old one out. THE series in world cricket is here again. Ashes can lay claim to being the oldest rivalry in cricket but in the fierceness and hostility stakes, the India -Pakistan rivalry leaves the Ashes in its wake. On ...
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India Vs Pakistan the number game
2007-11-01 23:56:00
In a few days from now, arch rivals India and Pakistan will face off each other in a 5 match ODI series and despite the surfeit of ODIs over the past few months, there is buzz and anticipation in the air. Both teams have endured a less than impressive year in ODI cricket and will ...
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We Love the Rivalry .. And the hostility
2007-11-01 23:53:00
Most Western experts argue that the greatest over ever bowled in Test cricket was that by Michael Holding to Geoff Boycott at Bridgetown 1981. However many Pakistan i and India n fans shall have issues with it. According to them the greatest over ever bowled in Test cricket must be the one bowled by Wasim Akram to ...
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India Vs Pakistan Schedule
2007-11-01 23:45:00
Another exciting India vs Pakistan series is coming ahead. Pakistan?s tour to India 2007 will start from 5 November 2007. It is always something special when it comes to India vs Pakistan cricket match. No doubt, it is one of the most exciting cricket series in the world. The two arch rivals in the cricket ...
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Pakistan looking to settle scores
2007-11-01 23:41:00
The Pakistan cricket team, led by Shoaib Malik, arrived in Delhi on Thursday evening to a rousing reception at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Addressing a press conference later, the newly-appointed captain and Australian coach Geoff Lawson declared that the team wants to settle a few scores in India . “Our defeat in the Twenty20 World Cup final ...
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Improvement is the order of the day
2007-11-01 23:16:00
While Indian team is regrouping before the mighty tussle against pakistan improvements are the order of the day. Talking of improvement, Anglian offer a broad range of quality products to help improve your home. More people choose Anglian than any other home improvement company, and more people recommend Anglian to their friends and family. The ...
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Twenty-Twenty World Cup: Facts ?n? Records
2007-09-03 21:43:00
Twenty20 format is designed for adrenaline rush and unexpected dramatic finishes. Here are a few shocking and a few expected records for this format. India is the only team with a 100% win record in the twenty20 format with a victory in their maiden appearance. Kenya and Scotland are the yet to play any Twenty20 Internationals. Here ...
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Rahul Dravid is a Rock Star
2007-08-15 04:26:00
The guy who said “Cricket is a religion in India ” obviously knew what he was talking about. Indeed , the passions and emotions that cricket manages to arouse can only be compared to religious fanaticism. And when such extreme levels of passion is involved , it is no wonder that we are so fickle minded. ...
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The Death Of Myths
2007-08-15 03:51:00
A week before the current series started, I was watching a programme called “Cricket Writers on TV” on you tube. The program was broadcasted in UK. That weekend, there was a distinct smugness on the face of the discussants, comprising Paul Allott, the respected Mike Selvey of The Guardian, and a couple of lesser lights. England ...
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Are you sure this is the Indian Cricket Team?
2007-08-11 10:41:00
By the close of play on Day 2 of the final test match, the series is virtually over and no possible positive scenario seems to be emerging for England . India have stamped their authority on the series and the two choices are 1-0 or 2-0, latter being more likely. On the close of play ?day ...
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A tip for the Englishmen
2007-08-07 20:08:00
* This is a sponsored post With the English batting line-up falling like a crumbling building, a trip to Anglian Home Improvements would not be a bad idea. Incidentally, Anglian are more than thirty six years well renowned and most recommended company for Home Improvement requirements like Double glazing replacement Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Timber Windows and ...
Twenty 20 Squad : To Sree or Not to Sree?
2007-08-07 15:52:00
Finally the India n team for twenty twenty world cup was announced today along with the team for LOI to be played in England and Ireland. Here are the teams: Twenty 20 squad: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (capt), Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Ajit Agarkar, Dinesh Karthik, Gautam Gambhir, Robin Uthappa, Joginder Sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Piyush Chawla, Sreesanth, ...
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Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year!
2007-08-06 12:27:00
Its festive season already for Indian cricket fans as the Indian team brings more than a few cheers for the fans after a superlative performance at Tent Bridge. The real holiday season is also just around the corner and is here to take care of all the worries for you. Make a wish list ...
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Indian Fans celebrate by building houses and Printing posters
2007-08-02 16:20:00
digg_url = ' n_Fans _celebrate_by_building_houses_and_Printin g_posters';Reacting to India’s surprisingly good performance against England in the second test match at Tent Bridge, delighted and retarded fans all over the country showed their appreciation by building houses for their favourite cricketers, printing out their posters, and dressing up in ugly clothes. ?When the players do badly, we show our anger by ...
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Indians enjoying the English summer
2007-07-28 14:53:00
It took a shade over 10 overs for pumped up Zaheer Khan and a wily Anil Kumble to wrap up the first innings. Tremlett looks a bit highly placed for his no. 8 spot and Sidebottom was the only one to display some resolve at staying at the crease, although in an exaggerated manner when ...
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India Vs England 2007 | 2nd Test - Day 1 | Bowlers have a sharp memory
2007-07-28 11:36:00
Indians finally had a good day at office. On all five days of the Lords? Test honours were either shard or England were in drivers seat, but on the rain marred firsrt day of the second test, India managed to grab the initiative and were right on top of their game throughout the day (save ...
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Harry Potter, Sachin Tendulkar and a Drawn Test Match
2007-07-25 17:27:00
What does Harry Potter do when he is not saving facing the Deathly hallows and practicing wizardry? He queues up to take autograph of the batting Wizard Sachin Tendulkar. Well it has become customary to make a Harry Potter post for every blogger , why would I be any different, however personally I?d rather have ...
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