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Homeboy blogs skiing tips and tricks, road-trip stories, movie and book reviews, technical information, competition watch, resorts, news and photo sessions.
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How about Windsurfing this time!
2008-06-04 22:40:00
Nop, we are not all gone..Here I am again to write about alternative sports for the summer season, for those of you that sadly are packing your ski equipment and left to wait patiently for next season! In my previous article I wrote about mountain biking in Rhodos Island (Greece). And I mentioned that I ...
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Spring/Summertime Deals: How-To Find Cheap Ski Equipment and Discount Ski E
2008-05-28 22:11:00
This time I post an older draft - I already wrote this article in February but somehow left it unfinished. However, the content might interest you…as I am going to reveal a real good hint (for Europeans at least) for a possibility to buy very cheap ski equipment. … Ok, time to speak a little about spring time ...
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Additions to Our Blogroll
2008-05-26 21:26:00
Some time ago I posted links to nice ski blogs and communities. While on the subject I kept searching for more… I found out that there are quite alot of ski blogs around. It wasn’t too easy to decide who’s blog to add on the list. So, I decided on criteria (in no particular order): 1) Page ...
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Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, Riksgränsen, Sweden
2008-05-24 22:10:00
Traditional Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships were held on the 12th - 14th of May in Rigsgränsen, Sweden . This year’s competition was already the 17th! No wonder you can see lots of Swedish (and Norwegian) freeskiers in the major ski films every year - they have a long tradition of freeskiing, since the days of early Free Radicals  (and probably even way earlier ...
Northern Norway - Winter Isn?t Over Yet (+ links to some interesting ski &
2008-05-22 21:24:00
This photo was taken on the 21th of May (yesterday!) in Tamokdalen, Norway . (Source: , Photo: Aadne Olsrud) In my latest post I was kind lamenting the summer skiing in Norway, or actually Europe in general. I didn’t express myself clearly…as the border of winter/spring/summer is sometimes quite shady. People ski e.g. in Chamonix all the steepest ...
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Skiing In Chile; Resort Review - Termas de Chillan
2008-05-20 21:54:00
Couple of days ago Marko wrote about summer ski possibilities in Norway. Sure there are some. But in general, if you want summer skiing in Europe you must head to the glaciers and stick to the relatively limited skiing they offer (not to say that it is bad necessarily, it just doesn’t compare to the real winter ...
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Summer Skiing in the Wonderful Stryn of Norway
2008-05-19 01:32:00
It is late May. What are you planning to do on summer? Going to ride your bike? Sailing or paddling? How about summer skiing in Norway ? Oh yes, they haven’t closed all the ski resorts yet. Few nice ski resorts are still open offering summer skiing. Probably the best ski resort of Nordic countries is Stryn ...
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Short Skis Suck, Long Skis Truck?
2008-05-14 21:00:00
Well, at least for these guys… The Kirkwood, California, locals had a nice ending day for their season - the longboard day! The rule: 210cm or over. What a concept…I wish I could organise something similar around here. We’ve been talking about bringing our (tiny) old 200’s to the local park someday and busting some sweet old ...
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City Sights in New York
2008-05-12 07:46:00
We have discussed about a holiday trip to New York . We haven’t been to New York before and it definitely would be a nice trip. I don’t know much about the city, except the well-known sights such as Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Manhattan. As always, I am interested to see the daily ...
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Some nice ski blogs and ski forums/communities
2008-05-11 22:12:00
This blogging thing is pretty weird business. I mean…you write about your passion, hobbies, life in general etc. and totally strange people around the world will look your texts and photographs and comment then. Sometimes you really begin to wonder what’s the whole point of this all?(and I am pretty sure I am not the ...
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Ski Review: K2 Silencer 179cm
2008-05-08 21:58:00
As I posted some pictures from Chamonix few days ago, I also noticed some old notes lying around on my desk. Damn, I completely forgot that I tested a friend’s brand new pair of park skis, 179cm K2 Silencer, already in February. (Image source: Gear testing is something  we like to do. I guess demoing skis ...
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Chamonix Spring Pictures
2008-05-06 22:14:00
Ski season 08/09 is now officially over for us. I was planning to ski a few days still on the first of May (Labour Day) holiday but ended up canceling that trip - driving three-four hours only to ski on a small pile of slush didn’t temp that much. The summer-like temperatures made the decision also easier: it is time to ...
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Very Interesting Handmade Skis I Want So Bad - Kingswood Handmade Skis from
2008-05-06 01:49:00
Man, I am into handmade skis and want these Kingswood handmade skis so bad.. Some time ago Janne wrote his article on making your own skis. I read that stuff and got interested in handmade skis. For sure Volkl or Atomic skis are damn good guns, but the point with handmade skis is that they ...
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April Poll Results - Has This Been Your Best Ski Season Ever?
2008-05-03 01:32:00
In April 2008 we asked our readers to say if this was the best ski season ever, and the results are now here. As the ski season is over now, we did not receive much answers this time. According to the poll results, for most of the people this was the best ski season ever ...
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DC Mountain Lab and Subaru WRX - check this video out!
2008-04-30 14:28:00
Summer seems to be here. For many people cars , and especially cool cars, are something that belong to summer for sure. Marko wrote some time ago how he is not a so called car man. So, I’m not either…that much. For me a car is mostly a vehicle that gets you (and you family, gear ...
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Reminder - April Giveaway Campaign Soon Over!
2008-04-28 22:19:00
Hey there, this is a reminder. Our April free giveaway campaign is soon going to be over. In April we are giving away a book called “Inner Skiing”. Would you like to win that book for yourself? Would you like to win something else next month? HomeboySki.Com gives away valuable stuff every month. Subscribe to ...
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Bobby Root Riding Wheelie Makes Me Feel Like Riding My Bike
2008-04-26 23:13:00
It is easy to see that summer is coming here on northern hemisphere, because the traffic to our humble ski blog is decreasing. Skiers are looking forward to do summer activities, such as mountain biking. Just like many other skiers, we also go riding bikes, surfing, trekking, paddling and doing many other summer sports. ...
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Fixedgearworld - a cool new blog about fixed gear and single speed bikes
2008-04-24 21:51:00
Couple of days ago I wrote that we’re going to post some mountain biking related stuff quite alot in the upcoming monts. I already did a short article about the season opener and my new bike. I rode a single speed mountain bike for about two seasons (now trying gears again, at least for a while ...
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Völkl 2008-2009 freeride line-up - brief overview, part I
2008-04-22 22:36:00
Last spring I was lucky to review some this season’s Völkl skis. I really liked all the skis in the test (except some reservation for the Tigershark model) and thus I was planning a similar test for this spring too. But it looks bad at the moment, time is running out (too much other dutys in ...
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80?s Skiing Video From Antarctica
2008-04-20 08:07:00
Oh boy! I came a cross with this video this weekend and I must say it brings me some good memories from the 80’s. Typical clothing of 80’s and jumping style in skiing.. combined with Van Halen’s Jump that one of the cornerstones of 80’s music. Sounds good! Check out the video below. Although skiing in ...
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Mountain Biking Season Opener
2008-04-18 22:19:00
Our skiing season 2007/2008 is getting close to its end. I have planned one more ski trip for the first of may though - but that is quite unsure at the moment. I’d like to do some (08/09) gear testing, and I have a few negotiations going on about the issue (retailers and some other contacts). I was supposed to do ...
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Ski resort review: Pallastunturi, Finland
2008-04-16 23:26:00
Couple of our last posts were all about world class, high risk freeskiing - something that is very interesting to follow and exiting to watch but actually have quite a little to do with most people’s everyday skiing, after all. So, this time we offer something really different from the adrenalin filled world of top notch ski athletes: mellow (but not boring ...
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Simon Dumont sets the new world record height in quarter pipe at Sunday Riv
2008-04-14 21:15:00
It is now official: skiers go bigger than snowboarders… Well, all joking aside: at least for now and in quater pipe especially. (Genarally the skiers vs. boarders debate is pretty useless and very 90’s, in my opinion) No-one can disagree that Simon did the record with style and difficulty though: a 35 feet high cork 900 tail grab. That’s about ...
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John Nicoletta Died - Extreme Skier John Nicoletta Dies in Jump Off Rock Wa
2008-04-13 01:49:00
27-year-old Freeskier John Nicoletta has died Friday due to injuries sustained during a fall. John Nicoletta was competing on the first day of the Freeskiing World Championships at Alyeska Resort, Alaska. Nicoletta was 47th skier of the day. Local ski patrol reached Nicoletta quickly and evaluated his injuries before transporting to Alyeska Aid Room. John Nicoletta ...
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March 2008 Poll Results - Best After-Ski in Austria
2008-04-10 10:15:00
Sorry for this blogging hiatus. It has been really busy at work lately. Anyhow, here we go again.. In March 2008 we asked “where is the best after-ski?”, and the results are now here. We received 25 votes in total and most of the choices were voted. According to this poll, the best after-ski is in ...
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Five Cool Ski Resorts for Late Spring Skiing
2008-04-07 01:40:00
While Janne went testing 2009 ski models in northern Finland, I keep on writing articles here in Helsinki. Winter is already gone and summer is coming. Skiing in Helsinki in these days is merely a joke. Anyhow, I still feel like skiing. I would like to feel the cold mountain air and get some faceshots ...
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Feels like Mountain Biking season is getting closer! - Mountain Biking in R
2008-04-04 18:06:00
Andreas Kavalieros is our fellow blogger from Greece who writes sports, movies and various news for Greek people. Andreas is a die-hard windsurfer and mountain biker, and we are very happy to have him on board! As I mentioned in HomeboySki weekly newsletter, we are going to write about summer sports as well because the ...
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Telemark gear review: K2 Hippy Stinx, Scarpa T-1 Thermo, Rottefella Cobra R
2008-04-03 09:00:00
“Piss off your old alpine race coach… lean back, lean in, rotate your upper body and smoke lots of weed.” -”cuseo” on TGR forum First off, I’m a newbie telemarker. Secondly, I don’t smoke alot of weed. Thirdly, I wonder if that statement was about powder riding with teles? Because in the groomed slope it seems ...
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Alpine Skier Kalle Palander Was Jailed Due to Drinking & Driving
2008-04-02 13:22:00
Finnish alpine skier Kalle Palander, who won the world championship in slalom in 1999, released his biography yesterday in Helsinki, Finland. Kalle Palander’s book opens up many surprising episodes from his private life. According to the book, Kalle Palander was jailed due to drinking and driving in Monaco 2002. Kalle Palander had been dining with his ...
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New unofficial, unintented world record cliff drop by Swedish skier Fred Sy
2008-03-31 23:20:00
Miracles do happen. A while ago Marko wrote how this season has seen couple of really sad events for skiing - the death of freeskier Billy Poole and the horrible crash of Matthias Lanzinger. Downhiller Scott Macartney had another scary fall in Kitzbühel but was very lucky to survive with minor injuries. But this time one ...
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