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2008-03-12 09:57:00
You maybe remember the picture modifier site....IT sold out and was stuck with the domain. So guess what... it's a blog now.. an interesting one too... You guessed it, with pictures .. lolcheck it out ... but comment here :))
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Cheap low budget laptops of 2008
2008-02-17 22:46:00
The low budget laptops of this year that almost anyone can afford and use:EEE PC:OLPC:Cloudbook:NEW ONES are being created more and more... competition is strong and they are getting cheaper and cheaper... UK is getting the next one out and it's 100 pounds...We are the happy people that buy them and run from one competitor to another and back until they can't make it any smaller and cheaper.
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Porn, Sex, Nude and.... Programming
2008-02-17 19:00:00
Today, the internet is the number one source of pornography in the world. Anyone can have it, and, guess what: FOR FREE?!?!But what does this mean? Everyone? grandma? Kids? even my wife? Yep! You forgot to mention YOU!!! but we understand... We've all been there:But what about programming. What's one thing got to do with the other? Well, what happens when you are a web developer, and your client says: I want you to build me a Porn Site :). What do you say to that?"No! I'm religious""Hell yeah!!!""What is that?""When?""are you sure?""OK but don't tell my wife/mom""only if you don't give my name when someone asks for it"etcAnd the inevitable happens when yous tart building it and adding content, pictures, movies:It gets you! Muhahahaha hahaa ...I just want to ask you developers out there:1.Do you want to work as a web developer only for porn sites?2.If not, how do you avoid it.3.If you avoid it, Why do you avoid it?and for non developers:How many of you want to become developers ...
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Extract Thumbnails from Youtube,Metacafe, Vimeo Scripts
2008-02-14 17:46:00
Here is a class that will help anyone get youtube, metacafe and vimeo Thumbnails links location. All you need to do is use the embed code in the functions.Example:You need a link from youtube?$picturePath = thumbnailYoutube EmbedPharse("here goes the embed code");$picturePath will now have the link location to the thumbnail.Enjoy.Here is the class:class xPharseStrings{ /** * Get list of URL GET parameters, excluding the added one. * * @param unknown_type $getVal * @return unknown */ function getList($getVal){ $i=0; foreach ($_GET as $getx => $name) { //echo $getx."=".$name."<br>"; if($getx!=$getVal) { $varName[$i]=$getx; $varValue[$i]=$name; $i++; } }$i=1; if($varName[0]){ $gx ="?".$varName[0]."=".$varValue[0]; while($varName[$i]) { $gx = $gx."&".$varName[$i]."=".$varValue[$i ]...
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Best HTTP server
2008-02-14 16:48:00
Just search on Google for HTTP server. You'll find Apache, KeyFocus, Small, Technologica, IBM.... but this time, you did not find what you are looking for.These are all great HTTP servers. But the best HTTP server is made in Russia, and it has a communist First Page that makes you think you hit the wrong place.This baby is fast and specializes in cache controll.... in terms of super fast stuff.Neck in neck with this server, also not found by google using the 2 magic words is LightHTTP, for all you great big huge enormous sites out there...
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Web Development on a MAC
2008-02-14 16:33:00
Xampp, Lampp or for advanced developers, manual apache, mysql, php and filezilla configuration is a Bible and a Treasure at the same time...... On a PC.But what about on a MAC?What can you do on a MAC in this case? Still the best development applications are on a PC, because even if adobe made DW and PS work on mac's too.... that's not enough! I know there are other programs for development on a mac. But... are they good enough?I want autocomplete on CSS, HTML, CGI, PHP(supporting unlimited included functions, classes, variables), Javascript etc + debugging on all of them + database automatic code creation sing complex and flexible query's and scripts, on a program that runs very fast and uses very little memory and CPU.Some programs have a few of these options, others have the rest.But a good coder works in notepad. (lol)The problem is, you download xampp and install it and voila..... you have everything you need (including a unsecure server that needs configuring).But what abo...
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Free Yahoo on Outlook
2008-02-14 16:00:00
If you want to have yahoo messenger on your outlook/thunderbird (whatever) mail server you can do 2 things:1. pay 20$/ year for a valid POP3/SMTP account on yahoo for your email addres (if you have 10 email addresses that you need, you will need 200$.... a thing google on Gmail gives for free)2. Use it for free , using Yahoo Pops(a little program that loads in your tray, you configure it once along with your mail server...and voila.... free YAHOO POP3/SMTP access).The site has all the required info for download / install / configuration.Cheers,Cy21
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Best recovery software of all time!!!
2008-02-14 09:39:00
Hi,I recently lost a partition where i had all of my work, php classes, movies, music, documents, backups... u get the ideea.... everything to cry for 5 months about. A story for the grand-kids.HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?Well, it's not entirely my fault, i had a linux partition that i wanted removed so i booted and formated it with a program that i don't want to advertise right now (Because it was his fault!) I know it will be better for you to know what not to use, but i guess if you are reading this post then you are already in deep shit and all you want is the name of the magic recovery program that's going to get your life back. (IT SAVED ME 3 WEEKS OF WORK).So i had some PHP classes that my life was circling around and i lost them. Going with all kinds of software recovery tools i found online... I knew i had 500k files on that partition. All I could get with the recovery tools was 27k.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIs everything lost? All my work? I must start over?You are in t...
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PHP Coding Windows vs Linux
2008-02-13 01:13:00
For all you PHP programmers out there, when you first started this never ending game, there must have been (somewhere between that time and now) a question that you put into mind: What should i choose if i want to do PHP coding: Windows , with Dreamweaver and easy program installing and design mode in html editing and css-dropdown-auto-complete code and no php auto-complete but everything what i said above and more things like database insert, update, delete and view dynamic code creation for idiots (or people who have very little time to build a shitty site or admin panel). Or Zend who is the complete oposite of Dreamweaver, but has some cool stuff in there too.....But these are not free open source programs . NO! this is Windows! the anti open source Operating system. Yep! $$$$ and more $$$ . from you to them.....Now, there's also linux, with Bluefish and other editors that are not so good as Dreamweaver and Zend but ...........they are FREE.But wait!!! You can install dreamweaver...
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How to restart apache on a dedicated server on linux
2008-02-13 00:46:00
So, let's say you have a website on a dedicated server and you need to restart apache because you just added a new domain, or made some important php.ini modifications that will crash your apache server and make you loose more money on customer service help because you don't know how to fix the problem.But before you can get there, you need to restart your apache is the command line:****TAM TAM TAM******apachectl restartand voila! you have restarted the server! congratulations!Now, if you did not do any modifications, your server will be thankful for this restart, he is happy now that you freed some memory. He also likes you to reboot using the reboot command, so you "wash" him/ her (what ever you think your server is).if you did some modifications, then you are 90% screwed because if you are reading this that means you have no idea what you are doing and you obviously made a mistake somewhere and this restart is going to take 2 days of your life.Good night.
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Yahoo Messenger For VISTA (ON XP)
2008-02-12 23:23:00
I found a forum where someone (i don't know how they did it and don't have the time to figure it out) but i guess it was not that hard..... Gives an archive with yahoo messenger for vista, allready installed. If you have the framework 3.0 installed, then you just run it. and it works :)see the forum post here. it just does not have the main shadow created by default on vista. Everything else is the same.Even sending files works.Again, Enjoy.Cy21
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Validate your CSS online for FREE
2008-02-12 23:09:00
Here is a GREAT site I found that help's webmasters to validate their "creations". You just add the path to the site and it will give you detailed information on any errors that you might have in your CSS context.Enjoy.
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Online Encode / Decode HTML Entities
2008-02-12 23:02:00
I found an online encoder/ decoder of HTML entities. You can find it HERE.So if you need a quick code change, this is a perfect , fast, online tool.There are also other very usefull tools on the site like:FaveletsASCII-hex converterWrap textWord/character counterChange caseReverse stringPreview Regular ExpressionsAnyone for better sites like this?
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innerHTML problem in IE
2008-02-12 22:36:00
I recently discovered a huge problem that is kind of stupid if you think a little, but it seems IE does not support all types of tags if using innerHTML.For example, i have 2 DIV's. And I want to get all the content from one DIV to the other.if you use document.getElementById('idOfFirstDiv').i nnerHTML = document.getElementById('idOfSecondDiv'). innerHTML;, it's not going to work if (in my case) you use a FORM.IE gives an error... i understand there are other tags that it does not support.But of course there is an answer to this problem.You get the form code out and assign a new variable like this:var VarName = '<form action="file.php" method="post">';and first you assign the first div to the other... then you add the varname to the div.That's it! it will work.A little lazy today with the code. If someone really needs more clarification, post a message and I will Update with more code.Cheers,Cy21
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Modify your pictures online for free Free
2007-12-21 18:37:00
The site uses GD libraryes..... www.pic2res.comthe page for modifying pictures is:
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2007-12-20 18:12:00
The newly acquired domain seems to be attracting people more and more..Originated from Romania, the owners are a small group of individuals that came up with this great new Web 2.0 application that will hopefully be next to the top names. It seems that they started with this idea: “No matter the price or the failure, we will never stop and we will never sell”.The site is a Gamma version site (continuous construction and development), but it is a working version it it's evolution process...I understand the “2” in pic2res is from it's 2 capabilities: hosting and editing pictures. You can filter and edit your pictures adding all kinds of stuff over your pictures, hearts, balloons, animals.....all kinds of transparent pictures that (here comes the best part), can even be your own pictures. You can upload your own pictures and create multiple pictures picture, with effects and transparent overlays, and if you have your own transparent pictures or you are a designer and you lik...
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Modify your pictures online Free
2007-12-18 15:19:00
How to modify your pictures online for free, fast and easy....Again, my site: Pic2res.comhere's the tutorial:
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I lounched my site today :
2007-11-16 10:38:00
It's fresh and it's my site... www.pic2res.comYou can upload and share pictures and get 9 versions of your pictures...modified with efects...check it out ;)in the future more efects will come, custom animations, and more.....www.pic2res.comTell me what you think
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How to Open Yahoo Mail in Firefox From Yahoo Messenger in Vista
2007-10-31 18:20:00
The default is set to Internet explorer so even if you make your browser default to Firefox , when you hit mail on yahoo messenger, or any link .... it will open Internet Explorer 7.This is only in Vista .If you want this problem and want it fixed here's the solution:# Click the Start menu# Click Default Programs# Click “Set program access and computer deaults”# Select Custom then click on the drop arrow# Look for “Choose a default web browser” and select Mozilla FirefoxEnjoy
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How to install Leopard on a PC
2007-10-31 08:53:00
I saw a link from the yahoo site, about a certain BrazilMAC that posted detailed step by step instructions on how to install the new operating system from Apple (OSX Leopard ) on a pc.Figured it will come in handy for some people....Click here to see the article that i'm talking about (it's a forum article)..cy21
Download Yahoo Messenger for Vista now!! (beta version)
2007-10-30 17:47:00
The new Yahoo messenger for windows Vista ( Yahoo messenger 9) beta version is here. Download it and test it now.Here is the link: Enjoy, and please leave feedback,Cy21Update:Upon further consideration, I realized that yahoo may be making 2 new versions of yahoo messenger. One for XP and one for Vista. Not sure what's going on but I think this might be it.....This version is the XP version from What i can tell....
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Why I love Windows Vista.....
2007-10-28 02:14:00
I switched from XP to Vista and i am never going back there again....Vista has a great dynamic look and feel and a lot of new stuff which require a good computer. Xp may be faster if you are running Vista on a slow PC with the visual's at their full capacity..... BUT!Here are my reasons:- I attached on windows sidebar a RSS reader that's just awesome and it refreshes exactly how i want it to: every 1 minute.- Yahoo Messenger For Vista is.....for VISTA :) and you don't need to install Framework or anything to get it running.... it looks great on vista and it's like....right out of the box.- I see the future operating system foundation in it.... I mean..WPF is the future right now...all new and upgraded applications will use it because...they need to...-all programs work on Windows vista is just a perfect add-on...still has minor glitches and incompatibilities but i don't care..... SP1 coming soon and i can't wait...ok, that's about it.... those are my reasons...if u have...
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Yahoo messenger 9 (for Vista) - how to make it work on XP
2007-10-27 23:26:00
Hi there,Yahoo Messenger 9 is the last Version so far. It's here, it's fresh! download it to see the brand new WPF power of vista :).But wait!?!It just came out and there is a problem???People using Windows XP get an error.... It seems it's for Vista and Vista only. And you must upgrade to Vista in order to have it and make it work.Well, NO! you can make it work on Xp too...You need Framework 3.0 which can be downloaded hereand voila! it works!Enjoy,Cy21UPDATE: here is what everyone needs
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Video on your desktop in windows vista...
2007-10-23 22:55:00
It's called DreamScene and it's a windows Vista update that help's you add videos on your desktop:fish in water waterfalls...u know...anything....ok...short....get vista.... update! and u will have dreamscene....Cy21
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How to sort by integer+string at the same time using mysql...
2007-10-23 22:44:00
I just came across a huge problem: How can I sort directly in the mysql sintax values that are made of numbers and strings...usually normal sorting goes something like this:if u try to sort: 1,3,4,5,10,20,30,31,302,600normally it goes like this:1,10,20,30,3,31,302,4,5,600ok... let's say we can solve that problem but what happens if i have:1a, 2b, c10as, as, bb1, bb2, bb2ac, 10aas, asd22, etc....well all i found on the net on this problem was: "get it out in an array and sort it there!"NO! I wanted mysql and i wouldn't rest until i found something... here's what i got:"ORDER BY HEX(field) + 0"that's the magic sorting impossible algorithm.... once it's hex all numbers and letters have integer values.... so it will sort properly no matter what. The + 0 is also a trick for sorting integers like this... once you combine these 2 in your mysql syntax the sorting will take place.just don't forget where u got this script from and leave a link please.Cy21
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Fear Of Commitment
2007-06-23 10:15:00
One of a growing number of reasons frustrated singles turn to the help of a dating coach is to help them overcome fear of commitment or help them deal with a lover?s fear of commitment. If you?ve been reading my articles, by now you know that for many years I was a commitment phobic. In one ...
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Helpful Interracial Dating Tips
2007-06-23 10:08:00
There is no fixed set of rules for Interracial Dating , however, there are some suggested guidelines to make your experience more pleasurable. For many races, rather than seeking dates from the general population, they desire to date within the interracial community. On-line interracial Dating web sites are especially helpful, as you can reach people with common ...
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Dating Mistakes Guys Make
2007-06-18 03:07:00
Interracial Dati ng mistakes can instantly kill a blossom relationship, therefore it is extremely important to know what they are and do not make the same mistakes.1. Do not lie. Trust is the basic foundation of a solid interracial relationship. Once you lie once, you will have to come out with a second lie to cover your ...
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Power Of I Love You
2007-06-18 02:59:00
I bet if I told you “these 3 small words” began with “I” and ended with “you”, you’d probably think you knew which phrase I was referring to. Suppose I further revealed that the middle word begins with “L” and ends with “E”. I can hear your screaming, “I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat!”. ...
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Interracial Dating Women Tips
2007-06-18 02:50:00
Meeting an interracial woman once and then not getting in touch with her later isn’t going to cut any ice. In order to seduce her, you must call her every so often that she gets attracted to you and wants to meet you desperately. In this article, I will tell you how to snatch ...
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