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Threadless Sale!
2008-09-02 15:16:00
Threadless is having "2 cool 4 school sale". All tees are just $9 and $12. They've got everything. The best of the best. T-shirts that are just so beautifully ironic it makes you think and laugh. Check it out.
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Series 7
2008-08-09 06:26:00
These really awesome tees have been restocked at FullBleed. Be sure to stock up while they are still available.
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Make Your Own T-Shirt: Design Tips
2008-07-31 11:41:00
There are many reasons to design your own t-shirt. From bragging rights to business. Whether you own your own t-shirt company, or are making your first shirt, here are some important things to remember:Keep It SimpleA simple design will translate to the shirt with more grace than a more intricate one. Keep your ideas simple but effective.Color Is More ExpensiveNothing beats a cool white on black tshirt (in my opinion.) However some of you less monotone designers may require a little color. Be careful, color can triple your printing costs. By keeping your designs one color you'll save time and money.The Bigger The BetterKeep your design file large. It's easier for the printer to make a large graphic smaller than the other way around.However a better idea is:Download Printer TemplatesMost printers provide templates your t-shirt design should be placed on. This template can provide you some easy sizing guidelines.Making your own custom tshirts can be fun and profitable. Desi...
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Cool Shirt from Jp33 "A Windy Day"
2008-07-18 10:13:00
Are you looking for the perfect for your next park day or political protest?Here's a cool new design from Jp33. A very hip Dallas, TX design studio, that has a knack for good tee shirts. The shirt comes in a old school off-white color and features a slightly worn distressed vibe. The print itself rocks the subtle earthy tones that will bring out the environmentalist in anyone.Jp33 uses a water based, ecologically friendly ink with a relaxed texture. So you can rest easy. You won't be a carbon bigfoot.Show the world how green you can be and look good doing it.
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Polar Gardening T Shirt
2008-02-20 08:42:00
Polar Gardening by Jean-sébastien Deheeger $15 at Threadless
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Harley Davidson Shirts
2008-02-19 00:31:00
Image Credit: Kim1219Aside from being the top vendor of heavyweight motorcycles in the United States, Harley Davidson also has a clothing line. The Harley Davidson clothing line sells a variety of items, including t-shirts, jackets, pants, boots and other accessories with the Harley Davidson logo.These items were originally made for Harley Davidson bikers, to complement the company?s motorcycle. Nowadays, you don?t have to be a biker to be able to wear their clothing, most especially their t-shirts.There are a number of Harley Davidson t-shirts sold in the market. These t-shirts are available in different prints and designs, such as the popular ?Put your ass on some class? design. Every Harley Davidson dealership has a logo of its own. You can usually find the name of the Harley Davidson dealership on top of the Harley Davidson logo.In the past, Harley Davidson t-shirts were targeted for the male population. However, in recent years, there has been a gradual increase in the number o...
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Treasured T-Shirt
2008-01-01 07:59:00
Treasured by Chow Hon Lam only $15 at Threadless.
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Retro T Shirts
2007-12-13 06:13:00
Image Credit: Gemma JonesCan?t think of anything to give to a friend who?s stuck in the 70?s? Want to give your parents something they will surely enjoy and that will make them reminisce? Give them a retro t-shirt!Retro t-shirts, sometimes used interchangeably with the term vintage t-shirts, are t-shirts that were popular in the past decades. Designs of retro t-shirts typically include a famous slogan popularized during that decade. Examples of slogans are ?It?s OK, I?m with the Band?, ?Make Love, Not War?, ?Groovy!? and ?Do Your Own Thing?, to name a few. Retro t-shirt may also be designed with logos of famous 60?s, 70?s or 80?s bands.However, in recent years, there has been a surge in the number of vendors selling reproductions of retro t-shirts. If you want to buy a real, honest-to-goodness retro t-shirt that fits, here are some tips you should consider: Check if there is a photograph of the item. Search for close-ups, and inspect it carefully, taking into account pixels, colors ...
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Gothic Clothing
2007-12-09 15:26:00
Image Credit: gothicGothic fashion represents an alternative, occasionally eccentric, fashion style. Gothic clothing is characterized by dark pieces worn from head to toe. Some consider the style to be morbid or vampire-like. Some pieces are inspired by designs in the Victorian and Elizabethan era.Gothic clothing is typically composed of black clothes, usually combined with bold accents in red, deep purple or silver. Designs of gothic clothing include crosses, Wiccan symbols and Egyptian ankhs, to name a few. On certain occasions, instead of the typical all-black ensemble, Goths also tend to wear all-white clothing.Typical clothing for female Goths includes elaborate dark-colored corsets and detailed gowns. Fitted jeans and boots are also favorite pieces worn by female Goths. To add more drama to the outfit, girls also wear fishnet stockings, veils and black boots.On the other hand, typical clothing for male Goths includes rugged or tight pants combined with a dark suit. They also t...
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T-Shirt Screen Printing
2007-11-29 00:31:00
Screen printing is a popular method for transferring customized designs on fabric. Here are the basic steps involved in the t-shirt screen printing process.STEP 1: CHOOSING THE SCREENThere are several kinds of screens available for screen printing. Screens with an aluminum frame are more expensive than those with wooden frames, but typically last longer. Screens also differ on their mesh count. Screens with higher mesh counts allow for finer printing, and are typically used when printing on paper. When printing on fabric, a mesh count of about 110 or 160 is generally used.STEP 2: BURNING THE DESIGN ONTO THE SCREENNext, you have to burn your design onto the screen. This is called a stencil. Every color used in the design requires a different stencil. Once you have the design you want, separate the image based on the different colors used. You can use a number of computer software programs to do this task for you. Next, change the images into black-and-white and print it onto a transp...
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T-Shirt Bags
2007-11-25 14:50:00
Image Credit: fujiwara worksIs there a t-shirt in your closet that you?ve outgrown but still want to use? Do you have a t-shirt that you never wear but can?t seem to throw away? Try making it into a t-shirt bag!A t-shirt bag is a reusable, fashionable craft that you can easily create at home. Since it is made out of fabric, it can be easily folded to fit snugly in your closet. Here are the basic steps in making your t-shirts into functional bags:First, flip the t-shirt inside out, making sure that the seams are aligned. Cut the sleeves at the point where they meet the rest of the t-shirt. Then, sew the bottom of the t-shirt in order to close it.Next, decide on whether you want the opening of the bag to be round or square. For round openings, get a bowl and trace a half-circle around the neck of the t-shirt; for square openings, use a ruler. Using your tracing as a guide, cut through both the front and the back of the t-shirt. You now have the basic outline of your t-shirt bag.Fold a...
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A Threadless Carol!
2007-11-20 15:01:00
Ho Ho Holy crap! It's that time of the year again! Time for the yearly Threadless Holiday Sale with tees starting at $10! This year, Threadless is planning on impressing the dickens out of you with A Threadless Carol featuring designs from their past (resurrected classic designs from the days of old), their present (reprinted favorites), and the future (the brand spanking new soon-to-be classics of tomorrow)! Expect a new batch each of the following three Mondays!Ive just recently bought these t-shirts and almost every person in the office notices it everytime I wear these super cool t shirts.Cowboys and Indians by Glenn JonesTragedy Struck by Jack MooreThree Plus...One by Giulia CucijaThe Ravens Cry by Andrew John Mohacsy
You Gotta Believe... In this Awesome Tee!
2007-10-02 09:29:00
Runnin' Rhino by Allan Faustino
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Simon Game
2007-10-01 00:34:00
from [Myspace Game s]"Simon 's a computer, Simon has a brain, you either do what Simon says or else go down the drain."The Simon Says slogan from the mid '80s which had kids all around the world playing Simon Says. To play the Simon Game, you must follow the pattern of lights and sounds and press the buttons in the same sequence. The game gives you a sequence of colors to repeat and each time you successfully complete the sequence, it adds another randomly chosen button to the end. Simon Game is fun, free, and really addicting. Beat your own high score.
Hotel Chevalier
2007-09-27 22:48:00
Wes Anderson?s latest film The Darjeeling Limited would be accompanied by a 12-minute short film called Hotel Chevalier which stars Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman. The story took place in one room of a French hotel - The Hotel Chevalier and is ?a short epilogue of one heartbreaking history of love and the prologue of the travel told in The Darjeeling Limited."Fox Searchlight has announced that it would not be screening Wes Anderson's Hotel Chevalier in front of The Darjeeling Limited but Anderson had promised that he would somehow find a way to get the Hotel Chevalier available for the public and as promised, it will be available for free on Itunes today.[IMG FROM]
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Soulja Boy Superman Dance
2007-09-26 17:18:00
Crank the Soulja Boy Superman Dance Video"The song is great, and with the dance it's perfect, but I don't want to be labeled as 'the dancing dude,". My song is part of what's going on right now. It's just for teens and kids because we want to have fun." - Soulja BoySoulja Boy, real name DeAndre Way is the 16 year old southern rapper who brought you that dang Superman Dance! Its his signature move called the soulja boy superman dance first seen from his music video called Crank Dat which already have 10mil views on youtube. For sure after listening to the song, you'll be up and trying to learn the dance yourself. It's infectious, and there are all these people on Youtube doing their own versions of the superman dance.How to Crank That Instructional Video
Eddie Vedder Into The Wild Soundtrack
2007-09-26 14:00:00
Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam has composed an original soundtrack for the movie "Into the Wild ." One of the songs, Hard Sun is a true feel good song. Eddie Vetter's voice is so relaxing.Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun VideoTrack listing from the Original Soundtrack of Into the Wild:1. "Setting Forth" ? 1:372. "No Ceiling" ? 1:343. "Far Behind" ? 2:154. "Rise" ? 2:365. "Long Nights" ? 2:316. "Tuolumne" ? 1:007. "Hard Sun" (Indio) ? 5:228. "Society" (Jerry Hannan) ? 3:569. "The Wolf" ? 1:3210. "End of the Road" ? 3:1911. "Guaranteed" ? 7:22"Into the Wild," is based on the bestselling book by Jon Krakauer's of the same title. It chronicles the travails of Thomas Young. Stars include Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener and William Hurt.This movie is a must see.
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Eddie Vetter Into The Wild Soundtrack
2007-09-24 15:30:00
Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam has composed an original soundtrack for the movie "Into the Wild ." One of the songs, Hard Sun is a true feel good song. Eddie Vette r's voice is so relaxing.Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun VideoTrack listing from the Original Soundtrack of Into the Wild:1. "Setting Forth" ? 1:37 2. "No Ceiling" ? 1:34 3. "Far Behind" ? 2:15 4. "Rise" ? 2:36 5. "Long Nights" ? 2:31 6. "Tuolumne" ? 1:00 7. "Hard Sun" (Indio) ? 5:22 8. "Society" (Jerry Hannan) ? 3:56 9. "The Wolf" ? 1:3210. "End of the Road" ? 3:1911. "Guaranteed" ? 7:22"Into the Wild," is based on the bestselling book by Jon Krakauer's of the same title. It chronicles the travails of Thomas Young. Stars include Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener and William Hurt.This movie is a must see.
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Screw Vintage. This Shirt Is From The Future
2007-09-24 04:25:00
Another awesome shirt from Threadless!
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Ipod Nano Commercial Song
2007-09-18 16:36:00
Anyone knows what the name of that song in the new ipod nano commercial and who sings it?Its Feist a cute chanteuse singing a very simple tune. She is a Canadian singer-songwriter who merges elements of folk, bossa nova, jazz-pop, and indie rock. The title of the song is 1234.Feist 1234 lyricsone, two, three, four,tell me that you love me more.sleepless, long nights.sighs, what my youth was for.oh, teenage hopesare alive at your doorleft you with nothing,but they want some moreoh, oh, oh,you're changing your heart.oh, oh, oh,you know who you, two, three, four.
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Introducing the Ipod Touch
2007-09-05 21:03:00
Apple unveiled the new generation of iPods. The Ipod Touch looks just like the iPhone. They just took out the camera and the phone. You can browse the internet with it. Definitely thinner than the iPhone. The capacity is only 16gb and you cant buy it yet. Its not listed on the apple store as of the moment. And oh! the metallic black has returned!
Cheap, chic and socially responsible.
2007-09-04 20:58:00
Lately, people have been wearing different colored silicone bracelets. Does this have any meaning?The trend started with Lance Armstrongs LiveStrong bracelets. It was a fundraising idea were they sold yellow bracelets to raise money. By purchasing one, you supported the fight against cancer. Since then, other custom silicone rubber bracelets have come out supporting different causes, each represented by a different color.Rubber wristands are not just a fad or a fashion statement. They are relatively low in price but they make a big difference.
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Girbaud Jeans
2007-08-23 10:19:00
America no doubt loves to wear jeans. Jeans are the best loved item of the clothing industry. If you've got the curves, you should choose jeans that stretch so you will feel comfortable. Marithe + Francois Girbaud jeans would be a good option. Girbaud jeans has been proven to offer a unique style that blends form and function to create something that is comfortable and cool to wear. If you don't have a bootylicious body, avoid jeans that stretch because they flatten the bottom but don't be discourage cause there is always a pair of jeans that will make you feel bootylicious! Remember, the perfect pair of jeans will make your booty look fierce and work wonders for a person?s aesthetic appeal.
Functional Fashion is in Style this Season
2007-08-13 16:42:00
(NewsUSA) - Selecting the perfect outfit can be a daily challenge, especially during the fall months when the weather becomes as unpredictable as the fall foliage. If you've vetoed everything in your closet and need advice, remember these simple tips for the chilly days of autumn through the cold winter months.Layers eliminate the guesswork: With the ever-changing fall weather patterns underway, the best way to ensure you stay fashionably warm is with the use of layers. Look for clothing that allows for quick adjustments and can be worn alone, paired with a lightweight layer or under a winter coat. Moisture-wicking pieces, such as the Rapid Descent Zip Hoodie by Columbia Sportswear, work best as base layers by keeping you dry.Stick with neutral colors and patterns: Earth tones, such as rich berry, moss, cobalt and chocolate, are all the craze this season, but your entire closet doesn't have to be revamped.Make the most of your fall clothing by adding fashionable pieces in colors t...
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The gPhone does exists
2007-08-11 17:51:00
So after all the rumors, the gphone actually exist. The Wall Street Journal has published reports that Google has been planning a phone product. Apple just released their iphone and Google thinks its one of the hottest markets today and will probably soon release the gPhone.GPhone Specs and features:Cameras for photo and videoWi-Fi 3GGPSsource:
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2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP
2007-07-23 14:52:00
This vehicle is the epitome of sex appeal, performance, and complete and utter uselessness, all rolled into one well priced package. The Pontiac Solstice GXP is a vehicle that every man, woman, and child wants to own.The base Solstice (and its twin, the Saturn Sky) can be had in the upper 20?s, meaning that you walk out of the dealer with a very attractive car, equipped with a 170 horsepower engine, with cash still left in your bank account. The Solstice GXP (and its twin, the Saturn Sky Redline) is a bit more expensive (around $8,000 more), and massive demand has shot the MSRP price up.However, that extra change nets you an entirely different vehicle. Allow me to digress.The VehicleThe Pontiac Solstice GXP looks similar to the regular Solstice, with very few styling cues setting it apart. The wheels are a bit larger, and there is one more exhaust pipe adorning the read end of the car, but otherwise there is little that separates the two.The real difference, you see, lies underneath...
2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS
2007-07-23 14:49:00
A black silhouette of a vehicle is brought before me, its massive 18? wheels filling the pronounced wheel arches nicely. The style is sleek, pushed back, and very attractive. This may be the first sport compact that Chevrolet has released in a long time that has caught my attention.Before I get into the vehicle I spend a few moments admiring the aggressive flairs which separate this vehicle, the Cobalt SS Supercharged, from the regular Cobalt. Larger wheels, a lower stance, and of course, the massive rear wing all highlight the gem under the hood- a 2.0L 4 cylinder that, with the assistance of a supercharger, puts out just over 200 horsepower to the front wheels.This particular vehicle was slightly different than most, and the larger exhaust was an indication of that. Owners of the Cobalt SS Supercharged (Cobalt SS-S?) have the option of purchasing performance upgrades from the dealer, adding up to 36 horsepower and 30 pound feet of torque and retaining the comfort of a factory warr...
Classic Airgyle T-Shirt Design
2007-07-10 14:25:00
This airgyle t-shirt pays homage to classic argyle design pattern with a great graphic of three planes crossing the design. Over-lapped argyle design is claimed to be the oldest known three dimensional spacing in history. This t-shirt is printed on a jade 50/50 tee to prevent itching, different from normal wool argyle.
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Apple iPhone Nano
2007-07-10 05:44:00
Who wants an iPhone the size of a nano? There has been some speculations that Apple is planning an iphone nano to be launch in the fourth quarter. It is expected to be priced at $300 or lower. "Apple did not respond to requests for comment."
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How to fold a shirt in 5 seconds.
2007-07-08 15:59:00
How to fold a shirt without using the t-shirt folding machine. Do it manually. Try folding shirts in a new way! How to Fold a Shirt shows you the trick on how to fold t-shirts, sweaters, dress shirts, tees and more in a very fast, simple way.
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