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Stare at some Bikini's at this Women Swimsuit blog. Practical if you are a woman, and well...we know why men would look.
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Emma Watson in a bikini
2008-04-24 11:24:00
Picture of Emma Watson in a bikini, much more decent than how the paparazzi's caught her underpants stepping in and outside the car at her 18th birthday...But Emma Watson, playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga, lives a more fashionable lifestyle than the paparazzi's would like you to remember. Not so long ago Emma signed a contract with Storm. Yes, that's Kate Moss’ agency, and she is arranging a contract with the prestige Chanel.Beachwear for peaceEmma Watson is also supporting the OmniPeace T-shirts that look stunning for a stroll on the beach.OmniPeace for the BeachProceeds from the sales of OmniPeace T-shirts are contributed to Millennium Promise. This is a non-profit organization with the goal to end extreme poverty by 2025 one step at a time. Their mission is to work village by village in Africa to empower the poor with skills and tools to become self-sufficient. Even Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie wear them, so it's an excellent idea for your next wet T...
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No time for a vacation?
2008-04-16 04:49:00
Are you stiff bored and stuck at home with kids and housework? No time to socialize and have no real friends? Well you can now join 3gb community which is an online social community network where you can meet up with new people with similar interests or just get in touch with old ones. You can upload photos, chat with your member friends or have a chat with the groups blogs on various issues.
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Ana Karina Soto Video
2008-04-11 10:10:00
Stylish TankiniI was looking for a suitable Ana Karina Soto video in swimsuit or bikini at YouTube, when I ran into a bikini video of another Colombian model Laura Acuña and action actress Angelica Camacho and... Ricardo Perez.Now it makes you wonder why the girls are wearing the tiniest swimwear ever where the guy is wearing the longest shorts ever... Seems equality of the sexes still is a long way off when it comes to showing yourself in swimwear.Angelica Camacho and Laura Acuña in bikiniYou can read more about the Ana Karina Soto video here as well.Technorati Tags: Ana Karina Ana Karina Soto Ana Karina Soto Video Video de Ana Karina Soto Video Ana Karina Youtobe Ana Karina Youtube Ana Karina
Do you want to know who is Scarlet?
2008-04-09 08:49:00
Who is Scarlet?Scarlet is the latest hit TV series from David Nutter who is a renowned Hollywood Director. Natassia Malthe stars as the leading lady alongside with Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and other young and talented actresses. This new TV series has the whole of Hollywood buzzing about it.
Olsen Twins in their bikinis
2008-04-08 11:00:00
What is this: the Olsen twins smoking away in their bikinis...What I like about this season of America's next top model is that Tyra Banks decided to ban cigarettes!Not only that it's bad for your health, it's also bad for the persons next to you. Don't you hate it when on the beach breathing in the fresh sea breeze and than an idiot starts lighting a fire? Well, it's a good way to get me change spots on the beach...Being a role-model for the will always be hard, and the Olsen twins will get their share in being criticized...Mary Kate Olsen bikiniMary Kate Olsen bikini nail bitingAfter their launch of their new tweenie fashion lines: To Dye For and Boho Forever, Mary-Kate and Ashley are sunbathing in their bikinis on the balcony of their rented Penthouse, only a few steps away from famous Australian Palm Beach... And even on their balcony, the paparazzi peak through...Ashley Olsen BikiniAshley Olsen bikini : not only a smoking bikini but Ashley herself smoking away...Nail bitin...
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Going on a cruise in... Boston!
2008-04-08 08:35:00
My greatest spring vacation ever was when we visited Boston recently with our family and friends. We had planned on this big holiday for months and it was great fun traveling in a group and doing everything together! There were plenty of Things to do in Boston and we were never bored! In fact we are now planning another spring break next year believe it or not, and I am really looking forward to it. Planning is the easy part really as we used Trusted Tours & Attractions to make all the necessary ground arrangements and it was so easy and effortless in the end.We went on various sightseeing tours and also visited the various attractions and museums while we were in Boston . My top favorite tour was the Boston lunch cruise and I had a crazy time dancing and dining as it was just an amazing experience cruising down the harbor and taking in the amazing view when we cruised along the harbor. But there are a lot of other things to do in Boston. We also visited museums like Museum of F...
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Which swimwear to choose for short legs
2008-04-07 06:56:00
Eva Longoria in a bikiniIf you have short legs like me, then watching a swimwear fashion show is kind of a waist of time, as these bikini models are kind of twice my height :-)So I look for celebrities that are more my height and can be found on the beach. Yes, most Asian bikini examples don't usually strut their stuff on the beach as they do love fair skin and sunrays do cause skin cancer. My favorite bikini celebrity is Eva Longoria, not for her taste in bikinis but for her size :-)Talking about bad taste: look at the picture below and tell me what's wrong with her choice of bikini?Right: as if she is cutting her body in 2...Eva Longoria in a one-piece swimsuitLook at the difference with her next swimwear picture: ... aren't her legs much longer here! (or so it looks...)So if you feel comfortable with it, try high-cut legs on your bikini. Myself I prefer a one-piece swimsuit, as that makes me feel much more at ease having a high cut leg.See more swimsuit pictures of Eva Longori...
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Win an IPOD when going on holiday
2008-04-03 05:27:00
We were holidaying in Los Angeles recently and we visited Disneyland and Universal Studios and it was just fantastic. We booked the trip through Trusted Tours and Attractions and there are seemingly endless activities available for our family. We already had a positive experience using them when visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.And a similar experience we had visiting Los Angeles. We got great family vacation ideas from their website and the kids love the time we spent there tremendously with visit to the aquarium, downtown tour, Hollywood Behind-The-Scenes Tour, historic tour and of course the endless rides we went on in Disneyland . The craziest thing the whole family did was definitely the amount of time we spent in Disneyland and Universal Studios as the kids love it so much that we spent almost our entire time during the 7 day trip just going on rides after rides all day long! Our favourite ride would have to be the Indiana Jones Adventure and the entire fami...
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A picnic beach is no bikini beach
2008-03-31 05:21:00
Picnickers in Malaysia are more dirty than monkeys: monkeys do make a mess when they attack food, but they don't leave behind plastic bags, tin cans nor cigarette butts...Lately on the Malaysian radio's they started a campaign to keep Malaysian's beaches clean. The sad news means it confirms that people don't care about the beach nor about the next swimwear tourist behind them.The good news is that somebody starts educating people things need to change! Especially after I heard an overseas beach tourist saying: oh great Malaysia: you can just leave your dirt behind?Seems somebody cleans up after you,not like in our country,so we will adapt andleave our trash here as well... :-(Please help us to keep the beaches and the earth clean! You don't want to end up living on a planet where you can only enjoy a clean bikini tan on the top of your house...
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Kristin Davis in a bikini
2008-03-26 08:01:00
Kristin Davis , better known as Sex and the city girl Charlotte seems to be in a real sex scandal, not even wearing a swimsuit. needless to say that all this bikini-less hype has to do with promoting her latest movie Sex and the City. Sex and the City Swimwear(Kristin is wearing the white bikini on the left)Has Kristin Davis done nudity? Yes she has, but it's her yoga that keeps her at the age of 42 in a spot on beach shape!Kristin Davis yoga Kristin Davis doing yogaDid you know that Kristen Davis used to have a yoga business? Not to be mistaken by a massage business... prove are her abdomen that are to die for! Kristen Davis' abdomen thanks to yogaFor those who think yoga is just stretching and bending... next time you go on a beach vacation or indulge in a spa holiday, make sure you sign up for a yoga class (they normally are free...). After 1 hour of yoga, you will know that is builds muscles as well!Kristin Davis 2 times in a bikiniKristin Davis in a red bikiniKristin Davis in...
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Charisma Carpenter in a bikini
2008-03-24 04:41:00
Charisma Carpenter made fame playing Cordelia Chase in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She has been showing her body without even the skimpiest swimwear in the 2004 Playboy Gallery Magazine "to motivate herself to loose weight" after giving birth to her son 10 months before the photoshoot.By all means: no need to hide that you want to show off that your body is still as gorgeous as ever to be cast in new TV series...Below a picture of Charisma Carpenter in a bikini in a guest appearance of Bay-Watch: Charisma Carpenter in a bikini in Bay-WatchCharisma Carpenter picsMore bikini and other pics of Charisma Carpenter all collected in the below 1024 x 768 Charisma Carpenter wallpaper.Technorati Tags: Charisma Carpenter Charisma Carpenter in a bikini Charisma Carpenter pics Charisma Carpenter wallpaper
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New Orleans: alligators, ghosts, cruises and Cajun food!
2008-03-22 05:27:00
When it is a sunny day you go to the beach but when it is a rainy day, you can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When you plan a holiday with your family, it's always good to have some extra family vacation ideas ready as your choice of activities will at most part be dependant on the weather.The last holiday that we took as a family which we booked through Trusted Tours and Attractions was just amazing and totally unforgettable. I have always wanted to visit New Orleans , because there are just so many things to do in New Orleans. The highlight of my visit was the really spooky nighttime walking through the French Quarter. I am not going to spoil the fun by telling you exactly what happened, but rest assured: New Orleans really is the most haunted city in America!So are you already planning your next holiday and do you need some extra good ideas on what to do? Then sign up for the monthly Trusted Travels eNewsletter. Not only will you receive interesting stories, travel tips, a...
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Beijing Baby
2008-03-22 04:29:00
Bikini DareBeijing Baby aka Princess Melanie: fashion editorI just love flower designs on bathing suits, as they are sexy sweet, sweet and sexy, well: sweet!This months' Bikini Dare is won by Melanie from Beijing Baby aka Melanie: an aspiring 16 years and 36 months old fashion editor who was recently on exchange in Japan: fashion country number 1 in the world when it comes to dare and wear!I love Melanie's blog as almost every day she jumps in her closet, makes the cutest fashion choices, takes her picture and comments on all the clothes and fashion items. A real fashion editor!Join our Bikini DareJoin our Bikini Dare : On your site, link to Girls Swimsuits ; email me at mabelle_chan[at]yahoo[dot]com : subject "Bikini Linky Love" with your link to me, attached your bikini picture URL.What do you get out of it? You will be featured here + I will link back to you: 2 times more visitors for your site!How simple is that?Go and try: Join our Bikini DareTechnorati Tags: Body Sexy Bei...
What beach life and spa holidays can teach you about the Sedona Method?
2008-03-21 09:46:00
If you have gone on a beach vacation or a spa holiday, chances are you would have also taken a yoga course like what I did. Yoga taught me all about presence awareness.Now if you don't have the money to go on a spa vacation, you can still learn about presence awareness using the The Sedona Method .This method is actually a self-help technique. It was developed by Lester Levenson after he almost lost his life due to a serious heart attack. After using the Sedona Method Lester regained his health and life!If you have heard about "The Secret", then you will be happy to hear that one third of the Teachers in the Secret believe The Sedona Method is the key to mastering The Law of Attraction. In other words: you will finally learn to obtain all the things you ever desired in life.In short: The Sedona Method is a tool for becoming part of the peaceful revolution in consciousness and value that is sweeping our planet. How does it really work? I could explain into detail, but I can...
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Bikini Dare
2008-03-19 11:35:00
Do you dare to feature yourself in your bikini here?... Dale??? :-) ...Then leave a comment with:a link to your web-site (so you get more visitors!)where to find your favorite swimwear picture and/orwhere to contact youexplain why you chose to buy your swimwearGirls Swimsuits is looking for more tips on how you can choose your swimwear, and as the old saying goes: 2 know more than 1 (for sure if that 1 is me :-) And my friends share my interests and my shopping habits (a bit), so explain who you are and if somebody likes you, they maybe also like your swimwear choices!So join our Bikini Dare and feature yourself in your favorite swimwear + explain how you go shopping for bathing suits.Bikini Dare : AasteAaste Tiara Nies is the first in swimwear to share in our Bikini Dare!Since I forgot to ask (I told you: 2 know more than 1) how Aaste shops in Tokyo, Japan; I will explain why I feature Aaste in a tank: because I also love to wear a one-piece swimsuit. Why? 3 reasons why I am a one-...
Facts about Canada
2008-03-19 04:58:00
If you are planning a trip to Canada , you should enlist the help of a reliable and good travel company like Dialaflight. You can plan your trip all under one roof as they provide not only offer flights, they can assist you with hotel bookings and car hire. They can also give you travel ideas for any destination worldwide and you will save a lot of time and resources in the long run. For me, when I travel to Canada , which is a country that I have wanted to visit for a long time, the one place I must visit is Vancouver . I would like to visit Canada’s largest city park which is the Stanley Park which is filled with lush forests and lakes. One other attraction I must visit is their Chinatown and its weekly market. For Flights to Canada, I would definitely use Dialaflight to plan my entire trip.
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A new approach to the bikini diet
2008-03-12 09:41:00
Are you in despair as you are overweight and none of the diets that you have tried ever worked for you on a long term basis?Maybe you should consider a different approach and really find out why you tend to overeat. This is the approach adopted by Shrink Yourself, which is an online weight loss program that will help you ensure that the weight that you have lost will stay off once and for all. Their program will help you understand the psychological causes of your weight gain and which will ensure that you will be able to take control of your life once and for all.
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Sandra Dewi
2008-03-10 06:55:00
When it comes to Indonesian Celebrities, you will seldom see them in bikini pictures. Sometimes you will even see them wearing a veil like Sandra Dewi on the right.Anggun undress meA big exception on the do not show us in swimwear rule is Indonesian singer Anggun. Living now in the city of sin Paris, and having songs called like "Undress me", it's quite obvious that she gets kind of forced by the western media to pose topless in a bikini.Anggun Undress me song on the beachAlso in her video "stop the rain" you can see Anggun C Sasmi running around in a bikini, but again, she lives in Paris and has to please a western audience...Sandra DewiNo swimwear for Sandra Dewi either, although she posed in a magazine showing off an "aunties" lingerie. Below a much more fashionable picture from the same foto shoot!Sandra Dewi fashionable photo shootTechnorati Tags: sandra dewi, anggun undress me, anggun c sasmi, gadis, asian, anggun
Luciana Barroso in bikini
2008-03-10 06:19:00
Talking about being pregnant in our latest Best of Jessica Alba post...Actor Matt Damon and wife Luciana Bozán Barroso are expecting their second child within 6 months from now.Luciana Bozan Barroso and Matt Damon... and 2 children already?In case you are wondering who the child is standing at the left of Luciana on the beach: it's her daughter from her first marriage Alexia.Luciana Barroso with Matt's first child IsabellaWhenever you take your children to the beach: make sure they are extra well protected against the sun: hats are a necessity! And although bikini's look cute, I would advice a one piece swimsuit.Where is Luciana Barroso fromOriginally Luciana Barroso is from Argentina, yet she met Matt when she was a bartender in Miami serving drinks for Florida’s jet set. They tied the knot on December 9, 2005.Luciana Barroso at the beachTechnorati Tags: luciana barroso, luciana bozán barroso, where is luciana barroso from, luciana bozan barroso
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Best of Jessica Alba
2008-03-07 07:25:00
Jessica Alba PregnantAmerican actress and mom-to-be Jessica Alba is supposed to be expecting her first baby in May or the latest June 8. She is now touring Europe promoting her movie "The Eye" and gossip says she has developed a taste for French ham and cheese sandwiches...Jessica Alba Pregnant in ParisHer clothing taste still is spotless in this white dress which reminded me on a white monokini she showed of some time ago.Jessica Alba bikini galleryThe above picture reminded me on the white bikini below: Jessica Alba in bikiniTo be correct : it's a monokini that accentuates Jessica's waste even more...Maybe the bikini below was when Jessica started to be pregnant?Jessica Alba bikini with a little tummy?And for those who want to admire Jessica Alba's swimwear as wallpaper, you can download a 1024 x 786 desktop screensaver by clicking the picture below:Jessica Alba in a bikini wallpaperTechnorati Tags: best of jessica alba, free jessica alba wallpaper, hot jessica alba, jessica al...
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Serena Kozakura Bikini Dare
2008-03-06 07:46:00
If you are looking for Serena Kozakura in a bikini, you have to scroll down 2 posts down Womans' Swimwear.Meanwhile I want to revive our bikini dare: ... when looking for more beach pictures of Serena Kozakura, I came across deviant art, with this picture of a mermaid : Serena Kozakura from deviant artJoin our Bikini Dare and you can be featured here like Kozakura from deviant art!How your bikini picture can be seen hereYou and your website can be featured in our Girls Swimsuits blog. How? Join our Bikini DareOn your site, link to Girls SwimsuitsEmail me your bikini-beach-vacation picture at fashionfeatured[at]womansswimwear[dot]net :subject "My Bikini Dare Fashion Picture" withURL where you link to usattached your pictureYou will be featured here with a link back to you!Technorati Tags: serena kozakura, boobs, court case, japanese court, japanese fitness model, japanese model, logic, property destruction, serena kozakura pictures, serena kozakura picture, serena kozakura bikini
Pay Day Loans: What if you want to go shopping but you are short of cash?
2008-03-06 06:34:00
Sometimes our pay may not stretch right up to the next pay day due to some unexpected expenses or emergency so what do we do? We can of course try to borrow from friends and family members but sometimes we may not be successful with this. In such a situation, if you are in UK , you have an option to apply for a pay day loan. What are payday loans you may ask? These are just basically short term loans which is due in full on your next payday. You may borrow up till StPds750 and the application process is simple and fuss free. Loans are available at you have to do is to apply online and within a minute you will know if your application has been approved. Once approved, you submit your bank account and debit card details. Then you sign the online loan agreement and the funds will be transferred to your account on the same working day.Ok, let us say that you need to borrow money for a second month which is called a deferral. Charges will apply and the more you pay the...
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Serena Kozakura bikini model
2008-03-05 06:41:00
Serana Kozakura is an oversized Japanese bikini model...Thanks to her heavy top, she won a court-case in a very peculiar way: "Due to my heavy top,I could never have entered the accuser's housethrough the small hole in his door..." Serena Kozakura Japanese bikini modelYou can watch the entire Serena Kozakura video here, included how she tries her best getting her boobs through a small door-hole.Quite hilarious those Japanese :-)Technorati Tags: serena kozakura, boobs, court case, japanese court, japanese fitness model, japanese model, logic, property destruction
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Eva Longoria Bikini
2008-03-01 05:55:00
Eva Longoria is my favorite desperate housewife, not only because her size is similar like mine (height-wise that is...), but she also involves herself in cancer: she will be hosting a charity event for Padres Contra El Cáncer (parents against cancer).But on a swimwear page we are interested in her swimsuit as well :-)Eva Longoria just signed up to be the face and body of Bebe and Bebe Sport. Eva Longoria HotEva will show off her trim figure in a series of barely-there swimsuits and outfits: including cut out swimsuits like this one: Eva Longoria Bikini or Monokini to be preciseEva is wearing a Monokini : the most revealing swimwear style, resembling a bikini but the top and bottom parts are connected in the middle, showing off Eva's sides.
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Protect yourself!
2008-03-01 05:24:00
If you have been a victim of identity theft, you would know the anguish and sleepless nights that you have to go through because of that. As such, it is important that everyone should take concrete steps to protect their identity. For a minimal fee, you can enroll with lifelock and they will for one ensure that the credit bureaus set free fraud alerts on your behalf. One of these Credit bureaus is Experian and due to the increased fraud alerts it has to sent out, costs have gone up for them and this obviously have eaten into their profits.However, as an individual with family and kids, it is important that you ensure that whatever happens, you must protect yourself against identity fraud with Lifelock who offers more value than credit bureaus.
Sandra Oh in a bikini
2008-02-28 06:00:00
The only Sandra Oh bikini picture on the Internet right here at our girls swimsuits site! Because her famous sexy Sideway's pictures are not really with a bikini...Sandra Oh in a bikini in 2005Of course not on the set from Grey's Anatomy, but playing Lulu in the movie Cake.Sandra wears a scarf style triangle top with flowery triangle cups that offer half cup coverage and fasten behind the neck with halter straps. The triangle cups of this halter bikini are not sliding. This halter bikini has a stylish under bust band that ties behind. All in all a beautiful bikini yet still it doesn't suit Sandra Oh that well. Technorati Tags: is sandra oh a lesbian, sandra oh, sandra oh boyfriend, sandra oh does the splits, sandra oh ex husband, sandra oh in a bikini, sandra oh leg videos, sandra oh legs, sandra oh photo gallery, sandra oh pics, sandra oh sex scene sideways video, sandra oh sideways
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Maggie Q wallpapers
2008-02-12 09:52:00
Maggie Q naked?Maggie Q Naked Weapon DvDIs Maggie Q Naked in one of the dozen pictures circulating the Internet thanks to the Edison Chen Scandal? The rumours are there, and most likely these most wanted Maggie Q pictures will follow the same road as the Gillian Chung pictures.Maggie Q BioAlthough being a fashion model, Maggie Q started acting in 1998. Her breakthrough came after starring in Hong Kong action thrillers like Gen-Y Cops and Naked Weapen.In 2007 Maggie Q balls of fury is released, where she plays the niece of table tennis guru Master Wong (James Hong).Same year she plays one of the computer-hacking extortionists in the 2007 Bruce Willis action thriller, Live Free Or Die Hard. Recently, she starred in her biggest Hollywood role to date alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III. Maggie Q in bikiniA tropical island…sun-drenched beaches…8 Asian swimsuit modelsMaggie Q Chi-Ling and 8 of the most gorgeous girls in Asia…From the stunning backgrounds of Langkawi Isl...
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Alizee bikini
2008-01-31 05:26:00
Alizee is a famous French singer and in Spanish she is called a Goddess ("Alizee una diosa"). You know why when you see Alizee strolling over the beach...Alizee bikiniAlizee is wearing a blue bandeau bikini (that is a strapless style that ties or fastens in the back). Quite a smart choice of swimwear if you don't want un-tanned bikini lines, yet then Alizee needs to make sure that listening to her mp3 music player won't give her "un-tanned Alizee mp3 lines..."Technorati Tags: alizee, alizee a, alizee alizee, alizee beach, alizee bikini, alizee biography, alizee bonita, alizee bonita mp3, alizee dance, alizee ella, alizee ella elle la, alizee fed up, alizee french singer, alizee gallery, alizee gourmandise, alizee hot, alizee i'm fed up, alizee instrumental mp3, alizee j'ai pas vingt ans, alizee j'en ai marre, alizee jacotey, alizee l'alizé, alizee la isla bonita mp3, alizee lyrics, alizee mademoiselle, alizee mademoiselle juliette, alizee madmoiselle, alizee madmoiselle julie...
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Daniela Hantuchova
2008-01-24 08:33:00
Inspired by our previous beach post about tennis player Charlene Vanneste and her 2 glamour videos: Charlene Vanneste Video glamour 1Charlene Vanneste Video glamour 2We now add some swimwear from another not too famous tennis player: Daniela Hantuchova , who these strolls the beaches in Monte Carlo, Monaco.Daniela HantuchovaDaniela Hantuchova bioDaniela Hantuchova born April 23, 1983 in Poprad, SlovakiaActual residence: Monte Carlo, Monaco where beach life is expensive, full of celebrities and hot babes in bikinis (or so they think...)Height 5'11 1/4'' (1.81 m) Weight 123 lbs. (56 kg) Daniela Hantuchova thongDaniela Hantuchova thongDaniela Hantuchova is anorexic?Daniela Hantuchova is anorexic?Don't be fooled by these fashion pictures of Daniela Hantuchova: she is in tip top shape but having the longest legs in the entire Tennis history (1.20 meter, that's 4 feet!), one could get the illusion Daniela is way too skinny.Nevertheless she has the ideal body to show of this multicolor...
Charlene Vanneste
2008-01-23 09:50:00
France is producing some beautiful bikini pictures... Sometimes not willingly like in the French swimming master Laure Manaudou "special breast stroke pictures".Sometimes willingly like with Charlene Vanneste, who made a glamour video of which you can see part 2 at French Swear Words' Charlene Vanneste, and part one further below in our woman's swimwear site.Charlene Vanneste at the beachCharlene Vanneste at the beach:the more you protect your skin, the healthier your bikini experience...Especially when you want to swim in the tropics or just stroll around on the beach: clothes are better protection than swimsuits combined with sun tan!Charlene Vanneste VideoThis is take 1 of the Charlene Vanneste Video taken on some tropical island but I suppose nobody want's to know that bikini destination...Technorati Tags: blog, charlene vanneste, dynamic web, glamour, playing tennis, tennis player, vanneste, tennis, Charlène Vanneste,
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