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All you need to know about Aviator Sunglasses
2012-01-13 00:33:00
Do you know the Aviator shape of sunglasses is 70 years old? It might be surprising for some but it is certainly true that these sunglasses have been around for quite a while and have defied all fashion rules. These sunglasses were initially manufactured for US soldiers by flying Bausch & Lomb Company in the 1920s. But they became an instant hit amongst people when Ray Ban reinvented them as a fashion accessory in the 1950s. Once aviators came into the fashion industry they became an instant hit but only amongst men. Some of the big Hollywood stars were seen wearing the Ray Ban aviators which further made them really popular. Aviator sunglasses have been one of the iconic designs because it completely changes one’s personality. Men all around the world sported a pair of aviator sunglasses just because it gave them a sense of style and attitude. The demand of aviator sunglasses was always on the rise as some of the biggest musicians and Hollywood stars were also interested in t...
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Sunglasses a must with the changing atmosphere
2012-01-10 00:00:00
Sunglasses as the name suggests have been designed to shield from the harmful effects of the sun. A lot of people love spending time in the sun and in order to get the perfect tan but you must also understand that it poses a major threat to the eyes of a person. Most people try protecting their skin while spending time out in the sun by applying sunscreen but protecting the eyes remains a hidden issue which can lead to severe harm to your eyes. This is the reason why you should always wear UV protective sunglasses whenever you are out in the sun, especially when the atmospheric conditions are changing so drastically. The ozone layer in our atmosphere is depleting which allows harmful UV rays to penetrate through to the earth. UV rays have been proved to cause cataracts and it can even lead to total eyesight loss in some cases. The only things you need to protect your eyes are a pair of UV protective sunglasses. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind before buying ...
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Being safe wearing safety glasses to protect the eyes
2011-12-31 00:54:00
Safety glasses are made to protect your eyes from injury. These glasses are manufactured in a way to absorb even a harsh shock and not let anything come in direct contact with the eyes. The safety glasses are used world wide by professionals who are at a risk of eye injury. But it is advised that each and everyone should own a pair of safety sunglasses in order to protect the eyes in a bad situation. The safety glasses protect the eyes from flying debris be it glass, metal or dust. People working with instruments and tools are highly advised to wear safety sunglasses because they are at a high risk of sustaining an injury. One should also be careful from radiation and biological hazards which can lead to a serious eye injury. Different types of safety glasses are available that are specially built as per the ascertained hazard for example if you want safety from flying debris then you should opt for eye protection glasses that have side shield as they will provide a complete protect...
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Tips on how to buy wholesale replica sunglasses
2011-12-23 22:51:00
Buying from a wholesale replica sunglasses store can be a profitable deal but only if you know the quality of the product. There are a lot of wholesalers who sell cheap quality products which do not protect your eye from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But it doesn’t mean that all of them provide low quality products. There are many ways in which you can differentiate between the products while sitting at your computer: Tip 1 Make sure that the wholesale sunglasses dealer meets certain sets of standards. Always deal with the ones who provide a proven product which has been tried and tested and will not cause any harm to your eyes. You can easily check the certifications and standards on most websites but if not then you can confirm by calling to their customer helpline number. Tip 2 Sunglasses were built to protect the eye and you should always make sure that it provides UV protection. There is no point buying a fashionable pair which does not provide any resistance against the UV...
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Difference between Replica and Fake Sunglasses
2011-12-13 06:44:00
  The latest rage in the fashion industry is replica sunglasses which cater to a huge base of fashion styles from across the world. But you would come across a number of people who would speculate replica sunglasses as being a cheap rip off of the original product and would also call them illegal. But the truth is completely different. There are two types of sunglasses available in the market and can be differentiated as replica and fake sunglasses. You can easily find both the above mentioned type of sunglasses in the market today. But there are some huge differences and it is very important to understand them before creating a notion about these products. First and the foremost difference between fake and replica products is the raw material used. The fake sunglasses are made using cheap raw material just to bring down cost whereas replica sunglasses are manufactured keeping in mind international standards of quality. Secondly, fake sunglasses are an exact rip off of the orig...
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Authentic Brand Name Sunglasses Vs Replica Sunglasses
2011-12-05 06:21:00
How many times it happens that you have to sacrifice your fashion statement just because most of the fashion sunglasses are too pricey. Big fashion houses like Prada, Gucci, Armani, Bvlgari, etc. charge a hefty amount on a pair of trendy sunglasses which is sure to create a hole in your pocket. Most of us might have window shopped for these type of sunglasses but buying them seems like a waste of money. This is where replica sunglasses come handy as they are the best alternative at an affordable price. Most people have a notion that replica sunglasses are made using cheap raw material whereas these products are efficiently tested and checked for safety purposes before being sent to the end user. It is completely agreed that authentic brand name sunglasses are the statement of fashion but owning them is not everyone’s piece of cake. Replica sunglasses are built to provide the same level of comfort as the original counterparts. These are precisely designed taking care of every minut...
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Year Round Sunglasses
2011-08-27 22:25:00
With summer coming to a close and back to school upon us, many might think it will soon be time to stuff those flip flops back in the closet and tuck away the sunglasses until the sun returns next spring. But don't be so hasty. There are benefits to wearing those stylish shades all year round. In some climates, it can be obvious that sunglasses are needed all year round, especially in southern regions of the United States where it stays warm most of the year, but what about the northern half of the country? Do we need them too? The answer is yes, we do. Our earth is tilted on an axis as it makes its way around our sun and the resulting oblong orbit is what give us seasons. While during the cooler seasons, it seems there is less sun and less UVB rays there really are plenty. During the fall, winter and spring months, even when there is cloud cover, plenty of UVB rays still make it through. They can even be concentrated or reflected by the clouds intensifying the effect. Winter c...
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Do kids need sunglasses?
2011-08-20 02:39:00
I recently went on a trip to a state that had a climate much warmer than mine. Also, I live in a valley at only about 200 feet above sea level where our destination was over 4000 feet above sea level. It being the peak of summer, family warned me that my kids would need sunglasses, hats and other protective gear. I regret to say that I didn't take them seriously, either for my kids or myself. In my climate, a few hours of sun exposure warrants nothing more than SPF 30, if that. In this distant state, three hours in the shade earned me heat exhaustion and a severe sunburn to both my skin and eyes. My kids whom I lathered with good sunscreen suffered only mind sunburns and when that heat exhaustion took me, I was watching them play the pool so they escaped that as well. What was my error? Why didn't I listen and do things like sunglasses, sunscreen and hats really protect us from the sun's harmful rays? After this devastating event, as I can no longer tolerate warm temp...
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Clip-on Sunglasses
2011-08-11 08:30:00
I've been wearing glasses since I was nine. Being near-sighted and a kid, I only wore them when I had to– in class so I could see the board. When I was 14 or 15 my mom took me to get new glasses and on the way home I put them on and remember exclaiming that the trees had leaves, lots of them! This was the beginning of the end. At that young age, I realized, despite my teenage-girl vanity, that wearing glasses was worth seeing everything the world had to offer. My time on this beautiful planet is short and I didn't want to miss even one rainbow or line of ants marching down the sidewalk. I had to see as well as I possibly could. As an adult I've tried every kind of contact lens money can buy, but I have an astigmatism. The lens of my eye is oblong shaped so any contact lens for me must have a weight in it to keep it resting on my eye lens at the correct angle. When you wear these kinds of lenses, every time you blink, the lens rotates, rubbing against your eye. T...
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Generic vs. Name Brand Sunglasses
2011-08-05 06:17:00
Walk into any store in America and you are faced with many choices. The price difference between a well-known brand and the more generic or store brand evident with just a glance at the shelves. Many brands tout their trusted label in hopes of swaying a customer away from their cheaper competitors, but is there really that much of a difference? When it comes to sunglasses the price difference can be staggering, but generic sunglasses can offer just as much protection and guarantee as brands that are more expensive without burning a hole in your wallet. Sunglass makers know they need to keep up with current styles, protections and guarantees of quality in order to be competitive and your sunglass wholesaler passes that savings onto you by offering all the latest styles to your customers at a price both you and your customers can afford. A good sunglass wholesaler will also make finding the latest styles easy. New fashions come in every month and with only a click you should be able ...
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What’s in a Lens?
2011-08-02 17:18:00
More often then not, when shopping for sunglasses, we pay less attention to the lenses then we do the frames. It is the style of the sunglasses that make them stylish, but it is arguably the lens that is the most important part. They are the part that makes sunglasses most important, protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And while color plays a role in this protection, the type of lens is just as vital. There are many kinds of lenses, made to accomplish various jobs. Here are a few popular types of lenses: Mirror-Coated Lens es: favored for the popular aviator style (think classic state trooper), among others, mirrored lenses protect the eye by limiting the amount of light that can enter the eye. They accomplish this by reflecting the light away from the eye, which restricts the UV rays that can reach the eye. Gradient Lenses: Some of the best driving lenses you can find, gradient lenses are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is the darkest. They ...
Proper Ways To Store Your Sunglasses!
2011-08-01 23:17:00
We've all had that favorite pair ofsunglasses that seem to have just disappeared or that we've set down and they ended up broken.  These kinds of thing could have been avoided if they were properly stored.  Here at we have several great options for you to choose from. If you are in your car, one of the best places to store your sunglasses are on your visor.  We offer 2 different styles of wholesale visor clips.  There are one with flames on them like the ones pictured here or we also have plain ones for you to choose. Our variety of hard cases are great for just about any other place you like to store your sunglasses.  The rigid outside protects your shades from getting squished when you have your sunglasses in your purse, backpack, suitcase, car, or just about anywhere.  We have fashionable ones that even look like designer names. While at home you could store your sunglasses in a variety of microfiber bags that we have available. ...
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Everyone Needs a Little Sparkle In Their Life
2011-07-31 17:48:00
Every woman, it doesn't matter who she is likes a little bit of sparkle in her life every now and again.  There are some women that don't like frilly girlie things and who always wear pants and cringes when someone suggests they even try on something with sequins.  Every once in awhile even those women like something sparkly. We see celebrities and millionaires always wearing fancy jewelry.  Who wouldn't want to have those things as well?  Rhinestone sunglasses are a good way to get some of those things.  We all hate aging.  I think back and remember something from 10 years ago and realize I'm no spring chicken anymore.  With aging come arguments from the body.  Some people's eyes don't always work as good as they used to so they need reading glasses.  At least they don't have to wear the old looking reading glasses anymore.  There are great fashionable ones now.  The ones that we offer with the rhinestones are a great way to feel a litt...
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Aviators Have Always Been A Popular Design
2011-07-30 20:10:00
Wholesale aviator sunglasses have been popular even before Tom Cruise dawned a pair in the movie Top Gun.  They are so popular that they are even used by characters in kids animated movies.  The style of aviator sunglasses has been redesigned and made more fashionable.  It's hard to find a celebrity who doesn't own a pair. Aviators first got there name from the shape that resembled the tan line pilots would get from the type of goggles they would where.  The shape of the lens was very similar.  The first designs had G-20 tempered glass lenses.  The large lens design attempts to cover the entire eye area and prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye from any angle.  Aviators became well known when General Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach in the Philippines during World War II.  Photographers took several pictures of him wear them. Most of our aviator sunglasses have the traditional look to them.  We have redesigned some style to be more fashiona...
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Traveling Display Suitcases are Awesome!!
2011-07-29 18:14:00
Do you like to travel?  Do you like to sell things?  If so, then why not travel around selling wholesale sunglasses that practically sell themselves.  Our sunglass traveling suitcase comes with 9 folding display trays.  These are convenient for showing off the sunglasses as well as storing them between stops.  The suitcases are constructed very well.  The heavy-duty wheels allow for convenience and less strain on your arm while the retractable handle allows for easier mobility.  The zippered closure makes it easy to lock the suitcase so you don't have anything go missing.  There is a handy reclosable pocket on the front for keeping papers you might need.  The trays are lined with a satin material to help protect the sunglasses.  The outside is lined is a soft felt like material.  The lid of the tray folds back and becomes the support for the display. Since we are the manufacturer and direct importer we are able to offer these at a lower cost.  With the money you sav...
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The Right Display Makes All The Difference!
2011-07-28 21:00:00
Whether you are selling wholesale sunglasses on the weekends or if you have a more permanent location you are selling sunglasses, the right display can make all the difference.  If you are just selling wholesale sunglasses on the weekends then you might want to look into our traveling suitcase.  This comes with 9 folding display trays where you can store the sunglasses in-between selling times.  If you're selling polarized sunglasses then you could be interested in our polarized sign.  If you have a convenience store or a retail store, then you should think about either a counter top display or a floor model rotating display.  Our counter top displays come in a variety of different styles and hold anywhere from 3 pairs up to 48 pairs.  They also come in rotating and non-rotating.  We have great fashionable styles of displays to fit any decor.  Our floor model displays all rotate and come with the option to be locking or not. Our displays start at $9.00 for a basic desig...
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Fleur de Lis is it! New Styles w/The Popular Design.
2011-07-27 19:00:00
How many of us recognize this symbol? How many of us know it's called the Fleur de Lis? Did you know that this symbol has been around for centuries?  It can be seen in images dating back to the 10th and 12th century.  There is dispute about the origin of the fleur de lis but one thing is for sure, it's popular.  This symbol can be seen on things from crowns to the tops of fences.  It is a very common thing to see on a families' coat of arms.  Kings used it to represent royalty.  This has been linked to religious aspects as well.  Some say that it is suppose to represent the virgin Mary. Now a days celebrities are wearing this symbol to represent themselves.  It has gotten very popular in Hollywood.  You can find the symbol on all kinds of jewelry.  Now you can find them on sunglasses as well. We have 5 different styles of Fleur de Lis sunglasses.  3 of those styles have rhinestones.  My favorite style happens to be the least expensive ones.  They have ev...
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UV Protection in Sunglasses: A Must
2011-07-26 07:27:00
Sunglasses are a fashionable accessory. With changing styles and seasons, most people own a few pair and update their collection regularly, but sunglasses can also provide an important health benefit. Lenses with UVC, UVB, and UVA ray protection are necessary for anyone who spends time outside. Even on a cloudy day or in the shade your eyes are exposed to harmful rays that can cause serious damage to your eyes. Sun exposure has been linked to the formation of cataracts: the clouding of the eye lens, which can cause blindness and can only be repaired with surgery. It is also the leading cause of macular degeneration or the deposit of yellowish spots on the focusing part of the eye, causing blind spots that, often, can't be repaired.  UV exposure can also cause growths called pingueculae and pterygia to grow on the eye. Additionally, sunburn to the eyes called photokeratitis can cause temporary blindness. The skin around the eyes is also delicate and sensitive to UV rays. Not p...
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Get Quality at an Affordable Price with Wholesale Sunglasses
2011-07-26 07:05:00
In today’s world, quality and affordability are two things that have to go hand-in-hand as much as possible. You might think that with cheap products, the quality might not be as good. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Take for example wholesale sunglasses. If fashion and looking good is important to you, then you better read on. In today’s world, you have to be wise enough to choose quality wholesale sunglasses over something that might cost you more money. If you’re a retailer, then you’ve probably heard about wholesale sunglasses already. You might even be one of the many retailers availing of their many benefits. If you don’t know what these are, it’s not too late. Wholesale sunglasses are less expensive than those available in the retail market. Generally, this involves purchasing wholesale sunglasses in bulk, and these can be in different styles, brands or colors – all depending on you. To add to the perks, wholesale sunglasses are offered at discounted pri...
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Walking on Sunshine
2011-07-25 06:32:00
Pop star Jennifer Lopez, also affectionately known as J-Lo, has made a sensational comeback onto the music scene. Each week, as one of the music superstar judges of American Idol, viewers witness her various styles, from classical romantic to boldly sleek. As Ryan Seacrest so affectionately announced, People Magazine has named Jennifer as “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.” Who better to observe for sunglass fashion? As is so popular now-a-days, J-Lo favors big frames. She dominates her face with only the biggest name brands, most notably being Tom Ford. She spends anywhere between $300 to $525 on her fashionable shades. And while she looks fabulous wearing them, someone should really point her in our direction! Jennifer’s large lens, metal cutout frames from Roberto Cavalli may have only cost her $150, but she could have found colorful look-a-likes in our Diamond brand for $29.00 for a dozen. That means she could have a cut out style for every outfit, with our multiple ...
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Womens Sunglass styles change often
2011-07-17 00:05:00
Women’s sunglasses are constantly changing. This is mainly due to Hollywood and the actress’s that we all see in magazines. Let’s face it we all want to be fashion forward and be wearing the latest fashions and so do our customers. Every new trend that comes a long changes the look and style of women’s sunglasses. As a retailer this is something that you need to stay on top of. But, how can you stay on top of all the changing trends and new fads and run your business? The answer is you can’t. That is too much for anyone to do on their own. So as a smart retailer, you should be able to rely upon your wholesale sunglass supplier to provide you with the newest information on women’s sunglasses. Make sure that before you purchase from any company, that you feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are following the trends. Check their New Arrivals to see if the sunglasses listed there are ones that you have seen recently in magazines or photos of your favorite act...
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Magic’s in the Shades
2011-05-10 08:59:00
As a pop icon, Gwen Stefani has championed countless different fashion styles. She even designs and markets her own line of fashionable rocker clothing. Her original style, as well as her award winning band, has won her the spot on the May cover of Elle fashion magazine. And if it is one thing that Gwen is consistent on in her fashion, it is her sunglasses. She doesn’t have a favorite type, though as a star she favors the big named brands that cost her loads of cash. Her uniformity lies in the types of lenses she favors. Gwen is a go big or go home kind of girl. She has been seen in such world renowned brands as Valentino, Christian Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo. Each pair has bigger and bigger lenses and a touch of bling. Her vintage Marc Jacobs cost her a whopping $800, though Gwen seems to stay around the $250-$275 range when doing her sunglass shopping. So long as the lenses are big, she doesn’t seem to care about the frames. Some are gold, others silver. She even...
Wholesale Sunglasses: Looking Great while Staying within your Budget
2011-04-13 12:39:00
It’s not impossible to look good without spending too much. Usually, sellers offer discounts when you buy their products in bulk – thus, offering advantages both for you and the seller. The same goes for buying wholesale sunglasses – it’s like hitting two birds with one stone: the seller is able to profit and you leave, happily, with a lot of wholesale sunglasses. This is particularly useful especially if you’re the type of person who needs a pair of fashion sunglasses for every outfit – you have one for the beach, another for the mall, etc. Buying wholesale sunglasses gives you the chance to save yourself the time and effort of going to the mall to buy a new pair of fashion sunglasses each time. You end up saving a lot of money, too. We all know that fashion sunglasses don’t always come cheap. Not everyone can afford them and therefore, they have to give up protection for their eyes even during the hot summer days. But eye protection is a serious business – that’...
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Hold'em with poker sunglasses
2011-04-10 18:38:00
Poker games can be rather tricky- you’re either a master of the trade or simply a sore loser. It takes skill to learn the tricks of the trade, but there are also other ways of improving your chances of winning. Sometimes, you have to take fate into your own hands and decide whether or not you’ll win this game or not. It may sound like an absurd idea at first, but wearing poker sunglasses can actually increase your chances of winning. You might ask: what do these have to do with the game? Well, let’s start with the basics. Poker sunglasses are designed to keep the players’ eyes masked from the opponents. It’s common knowledge that a person’s eyes tell a lot about his intentions – they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Without poker sunglasses, how do you want to keep your intentions hidden from your opponents? Playing a game without a pair of poker sunglasses will work to your disadvantage, so it will help to give it a try. So how does it work its magic? Easy. P...
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Better Vision with Polarized Sunglasses and Sports Sunglasses
2011-03-11 15:10:00
Usually, a pair of specs is associated with trying to look good while at the beach or trying to look like a celebrity. Generally, it’s seen as something more of a fashion statement. So who would have thought that sports sunglasses would become popular? From golfers like Tiger Woods to people engaged in Extreme Sports – clearly, sports sunglasses must hold some kind of secret that entices sports personalities to buy them. Choosing the best pair of sports sunglasses is like choosing the best sports equipment – you won’t want one that’s defective because that will surely affect your performance. A dysfunctional pair of sports sunglasses can do more damage than you can think – it can lead to a ruined concentration which will inevitably lead you to lose the game. This shouldn’t be the case because sports sunglasses are here to help. Your only task now is to choose the best and most suitable pair of sports sunglasses. Because people are becoming more and more health consciou...
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Get a Hole in One with those Sports Sunglasses!
2011-03-08 14:09:00
Since more people are becoming more health conscious nowadays, most of them are availing sports sunglasses for their ultimate purpose – to protect the eyes from the penetrating rays of the sun. It’s not limited to one sport as well – be it biking, mountain climbing, hiking, skiing – there’s a pair of sports sunglasses suited for each sport. If you feel that you have no need for them, why not start a business selling sports sunglasses? Since they are used in many sports, you’re sure to have a lot of customers waiting to get their own pair. If you want to start a business in sports sunglasses, you have to know what your customers want. They usually have one pair for every sporting event, so make sure to stock up on a lot of sports sunglasses in different designs and styles. Of course you have to choose a good place to start your business – choose a location that will most likely be frequented by sports lovers. Another plus is if you start selling sports sunglasses in an ...
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Poker Sunglasses, They Look Funny But It Works Seriously
2011-01-17 23:11:00
Nowadays, sunglasses aren’t only used for its primary purpose, which is to protect our eyes from the raging light of the sun’s rays, or any other light source for that matter. Rain or shine, people have their trusty sunglasses with them. Why? Because the glasses in themselves are enough to make a fashion statement. So when it comes to poker sunglasses, you might think, what are these people playing at by wearing poker shades? Weren’t they only cool when John Lennon wore them? And why were poker shades named as such? Now, let’s backtrack a little and see where it all began. If you’re thinking that poker sunglasses are used for the card game of poker, then you’re most definitely right! Although poker sunglasses are the cause of much debate amongst poker players, they actually come very handy. So what’s the magic behind these poker shades? If you’ve played a game of poker, then you probably know that bluffing is an essential part of the game. With poker sunglasses, pla...
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Sunglass Business Can Be Profitable
2011-01-15 22:18:00
If you are planning to start your own business, it is recommended that you start your own sunglass business. There are a number of reasons why this business is recommended and why you should start this. Here are some reasons for you to start a sunglass business. •    Sales: You can start your sunglass business because you can make sales all through the year. This is one of those businesses which will never witness a lean phase. The business will boom and will last long since sunglasses are going to be in demand always. •    Experience: You do not need any expertise or experience to start any business of wholesale sunglasses. You just have to be fashion conscious and willing to know about the changes which are taking place in this fashion world. You have to know a little bit on the market trends, know what the sunglass buyers are looking for in their sunglasses and how you can benefit them. •    Market demand: Sunglass business is one such business which will help you ...
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Teashades A Come Back!
2010-12-25 17:14:00
Whose father did not ever own a pair of teashades, please stand up! You can all sit down now and stop kidding yourselves. They all did at one point in time have worn these popular sunglasses in the 60’s or 70’s. Who wouldn’t? They’re known as the John Lennon sunglasses. Whether you, young critics like it or not, these teashades are back in the scene. And now that these used to be popular sunglasses in the past squeezed it way back into the fashionable streets of the celebrity world, it is worn even by hot teen celebs like the Olsen princesses; even the hugely screamed at Justin Bieber is seen wearing these teashades while walking through the Hollywood streets. So how do you carry out a 70s popular sunglasses such as the teashades, one might ask. Well I tell you this much, my loyal minions, John Lennon fashion is all about the big messy hair, torn jeans and jacket. Wear them and pair it with these popular sunglasses that have circle metal frame and you are IN! What is even b...
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What's With Polarized Sunglasses?
2010-12-17 23:31:00
Whether you are living a more active lifestyle, spending too much time on waters or just too uncomfortable with too much sunlight and glare, the sunglasses you buy can still catch up with your sensitivity and athletic bustle. All sunglasses’ producers make their brands with built in polarized lenses. Science has proven the benefits of polarized sunglasses as vital protection against the horrible damage that ma be caused by UV rays. By using polarized sunglasses most of the visible and unseen harmful components of too much sun exposure can be blocked out. Polarized lenses have some sort of filter that is especially made to combat horizontal polarization. Polarized sunglasses have been used since the early 40s, but until now, even though they come with a more uncomfortable price, a lot of people still prefer them. However, the polarized sunglasses have already evolved from having only two options (the brown and gray lenses); they now come with more options of polarized lenses even ...
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