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Emotion Pets ? Toffee the Pony
2010-12-16 15:15:00
Emotion Pets Toffee Your ‘real’ pet pony! So real, so loveable! Love Toffee? your ‘real’ pony! The secret to looking after Toffee is always different; you never know what he?s going to do next. Click Here for Product Page
Michael Jackson Collectable Figures
2010-12-02 11:07:00
Just arrived in store are the two Michael Jackson Collectable figures. Available are 10 inch figures of Michael Jackson from his music videos Billie Jean and Thriller.
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Tinga Tinga Tales Now Available
2010-10-28 14:36:00
We now have availble to buy a range of Tinga Tinga Tales products.
New Ranges Available!
2010-10-28 14:19:00
We now stock Scalextric and Airfix ranges in store and online.
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
2010-10-28 14:14:00
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Range now available online and in our retail store.
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Lego Harry Potter Coming Soon
2010-09-30 12:50:00
Coming Soon  
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Halo Reach Figures Out Now
2010-09-21 12:44:00
We have Halo Reach Figures now in stock.
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LEGO Minifigures Series 2 Out Now
2010-09-21 12:42:00
LEGO Minifigures Series 2 are now in stock.
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Lego Mini Figures Series 2 Coming Soon
2010-08-27 14:38:00
Minifigures Series 2 is out very soon View the collection
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Silly Bandz Coming Soon!
2010-07-16 15:02:00
The Hottest new fashion accessory! Silly Bandz / Animal Rubber Bands Kids everywhere are going wild over Silly Bandz!! These colorful  Animal Rubber Bands (Silly Bandz) are made of silicone and die molded in many different fun shapes. These rubber bands return to their original shape when youtake them off the item they’re holding (or off of your wrist). Pick ...
Kung Zhu Coming Soon
2010-07-15 11:15:00
New Sonic the Hedgehog Figures Now Available!
2010-07-15 11:00:00
New Sonic figures now in stock, Sonic, Miles “Tails” Prower, Werehog and Silver the Hedgehog.  
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A-Team Figures Now in Stock
2010-07-15 10:52:00
To celebrate the relase of the 2010 A-Team film, we now have in stock the range of figures from the movie. Recreate your favourate scenes with B.A, Hannibal, Face and Murdoch. Include the A-Team van which is sized correctly to hold the figures inside.
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Get ready for Indiana Jones LEGO!
2008-05-03 15:27:00
With the highly anticipated release of the fourth Indiana Jones film Kindom of the Crystal Skull, we are very excited to have good stock of the classic Indiana LEGO range for 2008. These are set to be classic playsets and more importantly highly collectable much like the success of the Star Wars LEGO range!   ?
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Meccano is back!
2008-05-03 14:40:00
We are happy to see that Meccano is back in real toy shops! Ther range is now looking very stong for younger and older children. Soon to come in the second half of 2008 is the very exciting SpyKee. This product has been reviewed as 5 stars on TV by The Gadget show! To see more information on ...
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Review of 2006
2007-01-22 16:58:02
2006 has been a very exciting year for Millions of Toys!  We have become the top independent internet retailer with LEGO  We successfully became a finalist for the Central Telecom and Burton Mail business awards, in the category best new start-up company  And we will be opening our first retail shop in February 2007 after much hard work in 2006    Sales of toys in 2006 were exceptional. We sold out of our budgeted toys by October 2006. We had to beg for more! Unprofessional we know but business is business!    We have found it hard to understand all the negative comments and articles from the retail giants suggesting that 2006 trade was very poor? Not so for us. We can only suggest that these larger companies stop selling toys so cheap. In fact just stop selling toys! A message from TMG; you are ruining the toy trade with your stupid cheap prices! 
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Shop Events For 2007
2007-01-22 16:58:02
We are planning to open our first retail shop in February 2007! To mark this we will be staging several events. These will include a Me to You event day, Sylvanian Family day, Bubble Magicians from Gazzilians of Bubbles! A magic day is also planned in conjunction with Marvins Magic. Plus for our big opening event we will have Touch FM provide us a live radio day! All dates will be posted during the first week of February 2007!
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Web Site News
2007-01-22 16:58:02
To add to the growing success of the Millions of Toys website, we shall be adding some new features for 2007. A games and activities site is planned to be ready for February 2007. We shall be offering some great online games for kids of all ages, as-well as colouring, puzzles and competitions! There will also be frequently updated links to other great activities sites. We plan to introduce DiGG to the site. This will allow you to share our site and your comments with a wider internet community. There are also plans for to be added for your convenience. This is to allow you to save many pages from our site to your online favourites! A birthday reminder service will be ready for February, allowing you for free to add all your friends and families birth dates and receive an email to remind you not to forget! Not to mention of course that we aim to add hundreds of new toys and collectables to the site during 2007!
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About the Millions Group
2006-12-04 16:24:02
TMG (The Million s Group) are a growing UK company specialising in Collectables and Toys. We believe that toys are not just for playing with, they are an investment. By constantly expanding our ranges, we strive to provide great diversity to suit many modern collectors, as well as offering many other great product ranges from trusted to very obscure brand names! Using very skilful research we are continuously adding new and exciting items for your enjoyment and collections. We don?t believe in buy two get one free, we promote the idea of buy two, save one for the future! This way you will find that in time your collectibles and toys may be worth more than you savings policy! Our moto is this - Millions of ideas, Millions of opportunities…
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News Update
2006-12-04 16:24:02
We shall be releasing a specialised mail order catalogue later in 2006. This will incorporated particular new and pending items both for collectables and toy. Helping customers to be aware of our items and be able to buy and pre-order. Helpful for customer with limited or no internet access. Private shopping ? enjoy the opportunity to browse a huge selection of collectables and toys at your leisure. No crowds, no queues! Refreshments area in luxury surroundings. With more variety of hard to find items than most high street toy shops! TMG will be advertising this opportunity ready for Christmas 2006. Any enquiries please contact us directly now to book your appointment. New retail shop ? we shall be launching our brand High Street retail shop in the 4th quarter 2006. Further details will follow in our newsletter.
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Nurse Barbie
2006-12-04 16:24:02
Great news if you are a Barbie Collector The Millions Group have just acquire good stocks of this very hard to find doll! We took delivery of the Nurse Barbie in rather a large quantity! In fact we have more Nurses than the local hospital, and they are considerable better looking! We are fully aware of the scarceness of this doll in the US, and as a specialist retailer we can ensure that we can and do dispatch this item World wide Further good news! Hard work and discussions with Mattel UK, we have achieved a click through from the Barbie Collector pages UK as an official internet retailer of Barbie Collector! This is a great achievement, and we promise to supply the UK and rest of the world Barbie Collector Dolls The link will be available on the UK Barbie site with in 2 weeks. If you want a sneak preview then follow the link… TMG on Mattel UK More posts on Barbie to follow. Look forward to any comments or enquiries. JIM
TMX Tickle Me Elmo
2006-12-04 16:24:02
WOW, we got TMX ? Tick le Me Elmo it’s been a strange old day. One delivery after another, toys, toys toys… and then ELMO What a strange toy. I heard that in the USA some-one was held to gun point for a TMX? I thought people want to steal jewellery, cash? But toys? WOW! I have put our stash of TMX into the vault in the cellar. We are prepared to sell him, of course, but would prefer it if you paid with Sterling rather than bullets! We would say that with out doubt this is the toy of the year! I haven?t read anything about people holding up shops for Evil Knievel?

2006-12-04 16:24:02
We had some great news today! We have take some orders for Collector Barbie Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie Doll due to a real great piece of PR from REAL Magazine  Thank you for this PR. It is nice to know that people are recognising The Millions Group as the best UK supplier of Collector Barbie!  It is always nice to have some great news when you are faced with packing 200 parcels every day!  On the down side we took some bogus hits from sad EBAY buyers leaving us totally uncalled for negative feed back.  When you have work real hard to get 15000 neutral and negative free rating for your hard work and commitment to customer service, and then BANG 2 negative hits for no reason? Especially when you call your EBAY account manager and there is nothing they can do! Why bother trading we asked ourselves?  Trading EBAY has started to become real hard work. It appears that no matter how hard you work at your customer service, you cannot stop idiots leaving bad and uncalled for feed back.  ...
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