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2012-05-29 18:44:00
Who would've thought? As taboo as Planned Parenthood (a resource for sexual and reproductive health information) can be, they sure do know how to rock an awesome Tumblr page that balances facts and quirks. Serious info in a not-so-serious fashion, we can dig it!
Taboo ? Restore Closed Tabs and Saved Sessions of Firefox
2009-06-18 07:45:00
Closing the Firefox browser window closes the tabs, and they do not re-open the next time you start Firefox. So do you find yourself bookmarking pages only so you can browse to them again the next day? If you do, you need Taboo. This Firefox extension restores the browser to exactly where you last left ... Related posts:Improve Start Up Times of Over Loaded Firefox Browser with Firefox PreloaderAsterisk Revealer – Java Script to Reveal and Recover Your Saved PasswordsMake Firefox FasterShortcuts for FirefoxStop Security Checks to Speed Up Downloads in FirefoxGoogle CHROME vs Mozilla Firefox – Which one is the Best Browser
Naughty Monkey Women?s Taboo Pump Wedding Shoes
2008-06-07 00:03:00
Naughty Monkey Women’s Taboo PumpNothing’s off limits in the Naughty Monkey Taboo mary jane pump. Smooth leather combines with cheerful plaid print fabric in a dress mary jane pump style, with a softly pointed toe, menswear inspired stitching and perforation accents, faux lace up front with instep bow detail, and scalloped collar edge trim. ...
Black Eyed Peas' Taboo Plans To Kick Some Life Back Into 'Street Fighter' F
2008-06-05 14:00:00
Black Eyed Peas rapper/dancer Taboo plans to kick some life back into the "Street Fighter" franchise with "The Legend of Chun-Li."
The Last Taboo
2008-05-31 21:02:00
Pat Buchanan has authored a book that indicates a knowledge of history that is exceedingly rare among the bloviators who dominate our public discourse. As something of an amateur historian myself, it is extremely gratifying to know that somebody out there understands the real import of the World Wars and is not afraid to confront that ultimate taboo: Hitler was rational, and war was unnecessary.Our paradigm of the "good war", the "greatest generation" and so forth is part of a pattern of historical ignorance that, if anything, greatly increases the chances that America will impale itself on the same swords of folly that claimed the European empires.What Hitler was after, and what so few people are capable of acknowledging, were rather rational and limited prizes. He sought simply to reclaim historically German lands that had been ripped from the Reich as part of the punishment meted out after World War I. Hitler was a son of a bitch, a racist, and a Jew-hater, yes, but when one ...
Taboo $20 + shipping
2008-05-23 13:00:00 has the Taboo for + shipping. The Taboo features: It’s the game of unspeakable fun! Two teams compete to complete as many word cards as they can in 60 seconds without using the “taboo” words. Source: Cheap Stingy Bargains
Study Says Debt Still Taboo Among Britons
2008-05-21 00:00:00
According to a report published by advisory service provider Saga, debt levels are one of the least commonly discussed areas of personal finance among Britons. In newly-released statistics, it was shown that just 14 per cent of people openly discuss their personal level of debt - the same proportion who readily talk about stocks and shares ...
Taboo : Neat way to keep read later sites bookmarked
2008-05-19 14:17:00
Technospot.Net – Taboo is an excellent firefox extension which allows you to bookmark sites which you probably want to read later. There is already a read later plugin available but in my opinion it’s lot better and here are the reasons ... read more
Saving your tabs for later with Taboo Firefox extension
2008-04-20 09:58:00
The Taboo Firefox extension will help cure your “tabitis” (their term, not ours, so don’t hate on it) and minimize the glut of tabs on your tab bar. As sometimes you are tired of having multiple tabs open at one time because you have numerous items that you want to read or research. ...
2008-04-08 19:20:00
vassals of the quest for truth flee to abandoned caves fire light on ashen faces as the skin grows weak muscles atrophy except for the ones which place the ivory helmet of contemplation on their crowns pale hermitage strives for a revelation of mysteries ritual and obsession over cleaning gourds which hold the burgundy wine of isolated vagabonds drinking fervently like a ...
Security stepped up as German theatre breaks taboo by staging Satanic Verse
2008-03-29 01:48:00
A German theatre is to stage the world premiere of the controversial Salman Rushdie novel The Satanic Verses, breaking a long taboo and prompting fears of a backlash by local Muslims.
By: Get rich
Viagra sales high but sex talk still taboo in India
2008-03-28 07:35:00
The launch of Viagra has brought Indian sexuality into the open but not much.1 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Filipino Taboo on Premarital Relationships
2008-03-18 00:00:00
Filipino Taboos on Premarital Relationship In the Philippines free love and pre-marital sexual relationship is not recognized and accepted. Society imposes strong pressures against premarital... read the rest on
Nordic Game Jam's Taboo Games Feature Cannibalism, Farting - SendMeRSS
2008-03-14 07:47:00
Nordic Game Jam's Taboo Games Feature Cannibalism, Farting Last month, 134 developers gathered at IT University in Copenhagen for the Nordic Game Jam '08, during which they came up with 19 game demos in just under two days. The theme of the Game Jam was "Taboo," to ensure that participants' concepts would be more artistic and less commercial in nature. There were few rules, other than that the game had to have a game loop, be winnable, playable with a controller instead of just a mouse and keyboard, and it had to be multiplayer. Participants pitched games with themes covering everything from torture (yeesh) to pedophilia (bigger yeesh) to truly scary things like PMS (don't even go there). Forty hours and nearly 300 beers later, the 19 different teams had 15 minutes each to present their products of their labors to the crowd.The winner, as chosen by a jury populated by members of both the gaming industry and academia, was Love Child, a game in which you and yo...
Breaking The Marc Jacobs Taboo
2008-03-03 16:52:00
After seeing all three collections designed by Marc Jacobs this season I' m ready to make my verdict. Marc Jacobs is a gifted designer, unique person, charming man that simply HATES WOMAN' S BODY . Here you go, I said my true opinion, without covering it with fancy terms the fashion world likes to use when describing unflattering Marc' s creations. Using the style.... [Original Post on]
Breaking the Drug Taboo: Group of Traumatized Veterans Get Experimental Ecs
2008-02-11 15:54:00
By Scott Thill AlterNet ….Enter the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and its currently funded trials using 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methamphet-amine — otherwise known as MDMA, or ecstasy — to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although the U.S. Army had carried out lethal dose studies of MDMA back in the 1950s, work which was not classified until the close ...
Da Vinci's Relationship Rant- Office Romance: Taboo or To-Do?
2008-01-28 06:00:00
Office Romance: Taboo or To-Do?What you need to know before attending your holiday office partyBy Andrea Syrtash, ONDatingSpecial to Yahoo! PersonalsAndrea Syrtash interviews two office romance veterans with decidedly different points of view. See what they say about workplace affairs.I remember being one of the first to arrive in math class in seventh grade because I wanted to snag a seat close to my crush, Jonathan. Jonathan was about 5 inches shorter than I was and much better at integers. Learning was more fun with him around.Fast forward a decade to my first job out of college. I dressed up in my finest sweater set to impress a new employee a few cubicles over. After a few weeks of our eyeing each other in meetings and dining in the horrible cafeteria downstairs, he asked me out and we began a covert office romance that lasted a year. While the relationship started in the office, it did not end because of the office.As far as I know, our office mates had no idea about the relat...
Taboo in twilight
2008-01-24 19:58:00
Temporary light arrangement is one of the key elements of an aquascape. It creates the right ambiance. Pictures taken in actual lightings are usually flat, Though, they are good for technical documentation, but they often fail to create the right impact. When I take photographs of my aquascapes, I switch off the tank lights, room lights and all other sources of lights in the room and then set up the temporary light arrangement.
Charity hopes to end taboo around cancer
2008-01-21 09:46:00
By Angela Reed Chief reporter DURING our lifetimes, one in every three of us will be diagnosed with cancer.  It's becoming so common, yet many of us still do not know how to talk about it.Macmillan Cancer Support hopes to change all that with Cancertalk Week.It has been billed as the perfect opportunity to do some straight talking about cancer and related issues. Young people in particular are the target of the campaign. They could be cancer sufferers themselves, or know someone who is.Erin Richardson, fundraising manager for Macmillan in South Tyneside, said: "Cancer has always been a taboo word, and people try to avoid talking about it at the best of times, let alone around children. "It is something we feel we should highlight to young people, not to frighten them but to make them more aware of cancer and inform them, so they are not in the dark about it."We see information as really important when it comes to cancer. "When someone gets a diagnosis,...
Tattoo taboo
2008-01-16 00:05:00
Ik heb er geen enkel probleem mee dat mensen op de slachtbank gaan liggen bij hun plaatselijke Fredje Tattoo. En ik kan het ook wel hebben dat diezelfde wezens gefascineerd zijn door een piercing op... "The weblog with the bleeding heart"
Racism, Sexism: Which is More Taboo?
2008-01-15 18:01:00
Expressions of sexism and racism emerging from the contest between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have been blatant, subtle and perhaps sometimes imagined, and they are renewing the national debate over what is and isn't acceptable to say in public. Clinton's camp has perceived sexism in comments about her appearance and emotions. Supporters of Obama have complained about racial overtones in remarks about his Muslim-sounding middle name, Hussein, and his acknowledged drug use as a young man. Beyond the back-and-forth between a white woman and a black man seeking the Democratic presidential nominaton, the situation has created a snapshot of the nation's sensitivity - or lack thereof - to certain kinds of comments. Is it more acceptable, for instance, to make a sexist remark than a racist remark? "It's always been easier," says Marie Wilson, president of the White House Project, which encourages women's advancement in politics. "With women, you can get away with it. ...
Why is it so taboo to talk about salary and compensation?
2008-01-15 10:13:00
Photo by: takashy How is it that when we can readily see public sector and professional athletes salaries on the web and not bat an eye at it. I’m sure they discuss these things over caviar all the time and it isn’t that big of a deal; but why does middle class America think ...
WGA and SAG Make Golden Globes Taboo - SendMeRSS
2008-01-03 23:24:00
WGA and SAG Make Golden Globes Taboo Bad news for the folks behind the Golden Globes and the network that airs the ceremony. The Writers Guild of America has replied to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's pleas for a waiver, and they have laid down a firm "no." The official statement by the WGA said (according to MSNBC):The WGA has great respect and admiration for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but we are engaged in a crucial struggle that will protect our income and intellectual property rights for generations to come. We will continue to do everything in our power to bring industry negotiations to a fair conclusion. But there is even worse news for the HFPA. Comingsoon brought to our attention that Alan Rosenberg, president of the Screen Actors Guild, issued a statement saying that SAG supports the WGA fully, and that their members should not cross the picket lines. In other words, don't expect too many presenters or nominees to attend the cerem...
By: El Cine
Love letter samples taboo sex selection forum
2008-01-02 09:01:00
japanese celebs nude teens cartoon sex chatroom porn free boy nude celebrities gothic lolita bbs info adult sex stellungen contacts pregnant phone sex advice anime sex verhalen samples teen privat sex games animal print passionata … ……
Penelope Cruz Breaks The Incest Taboo With Her Sister
2007-12-28 19:29:00
Hey, any of the three straight dudes who secretly read this blog, pay attention. I have a question. I know a lot of you LOVE when chicks make out and get freaky with each other. Granted, it's usually two Victoria's Secret models you're thinking of and not Ann and Tiny who work for UPS and share a condo along with their bulldog Maneater. But what about sisters? Is it gross? Or hot? Penelope Cruz is hoping you think it's hot. She just collaborated on a music video with her sister Monica for their brother Eduardo's single "Cosas que contar". Everyone's keeping it in the family on this one, a little too literally. The video has Penelope and Monica dubbing dialouge for a lesbian porn film and getting so turned on that they make out. You know, like in real life. Eduardo is hoping this shocking video catapults his career to the stratosphere! I think it's just going to get some wank action from Javier Bardem and McConaughey and some unspoken jealousy from Salma Hayek. Check out t...
In Many Workplaces, Tattoos Still Taboo
2007-12-26 17:20:00
Thirty-six percent of Americans between the ages 25 to 29 have at least one tattoo. And 16 percent of all U.S. adults have at least one. Yet some say they've felt stigmatized for displaying tattoos or body piercings in the workplace even if their employers don't have policies that specifically prohibit them, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.One local tattoo artist, Jeff Eden, told the Times-Dispatch that customers frequently ask for tattoos on parts of their bodies hidden from the critical eyes of employers and co-workers."There's still a big stigma attached in a professional, conservative environment," Eden said, adding that tattoos are "still looked at as trashy by older people."Still, that hasn't stopped people in a variety of professions--including doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and ministers--from getting inked by Eden.Their reasons for getting tattooed are also various, said Max Wetzel, who works in the same shop as Eden. Some want to commemorate a place, even...
Underground Wrestling; Elite Ultimate Wrestling Intro 2008
2007-12-25 21:00:00 is one of the premier underground wrestling organizations in the country. UFC has nothing on this elite fighting! chuck liddel wanderlei silva ufc pride mma kick punck ko ...
Muslims break taboo to allow guide dog into mosque
2007-12-25 11:25:00
The mosque took its decision after advice from imams and scholars at the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), who carried out a full review of Islamic teaching on dogs.
Tattoos TABOO in the Workplace
2007-12-21 00:09:00
(Orlando Sentinel, The (FL) (KRT) - Russell Parrish would like a better job. He manages his father-in-law's small restaurant, but other prospective employers won't even give him applications, let alone interviews. By his count, he's been turned down for more than two dozen jobs in the last couple of months, and he's pretty sure he knows why."It comes down to skin color," said Parrish, 29, who has dozens of tattoos that cover his arms, hands, torso and neck. "I want a career; I want same the shot as everybody else."Parrish, who lives with his wife, Victoria, in Lake Wales, feels strongly enough about his plight and that of other heavily tattooed people that he has started an advocacy group to fight for their employment rights. "I'm not doing this for anybody but the people who want careers and are unable to get them," he said.He reports receiving literally hundreds of supporting calls from the tattoo community, though he acknowledges having little luck in getting legislators...
TV, Taboo & Tattoos
2007-12-18 08:23:00
I'm really excited about the Rate This Ink post tomorrow. I've been trying my best to showcase the best and most unique tattoos around. You know what? I found a really cool tattoo. In fact, it blew me away! This tattoo won an award at a competition not too long ago. With this said, look out for it tomorrow!!If there is one TV personality that never fails to make me laugh, it's Ian Wright. Ian is one the hosts of Discovery Travel & Living Globe Trekker. Ian is a natural in front of the camera. He is hilarious, witty and at most times, plain silly. He never fails to make a country look good. Outstandingly good I might add. He has traveled all over the world and he brings out the best each country has to offer.Here are some interesting facts about Ian Wright!Born in Sukkolf, England, Ian is 42 years old.Globe Trekker was formely known as Lonely Planet. This is his 7th year hosting Globe Trekker and he has hosted over 50 episodes.He hosted a short-lived program 'Ian Wright Live...
Pornography Less Taboo for College Women
2007-12-14 21:25:00
NEW YORK, Dec 14 (Reuters Life!) - A few decades ago it would have made their mothers or grandmothers blush but pornography is now more acceptable for college women, researchers said. They found that...
United Future Organization-No Sound Is Too Taboo (1995)
2007-12-04 20:03:00
Pioneers of the Japanese acid-jazz sound, the United Future Organization comprised Tokyo club DJs Tadashi Yabe, Toshio Matsuura and French expatriate Raphael Sebbag. Joining forces in 1990, the trio quickly emerged as a leading force on the Tokyo underground club scene, making their recorded debut the next year with the 12-inch "I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Jazz); " "Loud Minority/Moon Dance" followed in mid-1992, becoming a cult favorite on club circuits ranging from London to Hamburg to New York City. UFO's debut LP Jazzin' 91-93 appeared that September, the same month the trio made their triumphant British debut at London's Fridge club; an American record deal was not forthcoming until 1994, however, with a self-titled collection appearing on Verve Forecast. No Sound Is Too Taboo followed in 1995, with United Future Organization resurfacing in 1997 with 3rd Perspective. In 2000 the trio returned with the album, Bon Voyage on Instinct.1. United Future Airlines 2. Magic Wand Of...
By: Tuchinsky
Death: The Last Taboo
2007-12-02 13:03:00
I'll be publishing my interview with Thomas Armstrong Ph.D. soon.  He's the author of The Human Odyssey: Navigating the 12 Stages of Life, new out on bookshelves.  A fascinating and well written book, Dr. Armstrong explains what these periods of our life are, just as Odysseus navigated the seas--avoiding and facing dangers with each leg of his journey.   Life is a journey--mutually supported by friends, family, and others you know who actually care.  It's been almost two months since my dad passed on, and I've been fortunate to have been lifted up when down by my husband, my children, and a few others.  My mom has become a rather young widow, who has had to learn to navigate offices of oncologists, funeral directors, and the cemetary.  She has had to fight with General Motors for her benefits--they still haven't arrived.  Mom's making many decisions that simply aren't easy to make.   -&nb...
Taboo words in real estate listings
2007-11-28 09:00:00
What do “vampire,” “Guatemala,” “druidism,” “cyberhomes,” “orgy,” “Gandhi,” “agnostic,” “tenant” and “wee wee” have in common? They all fall into the vast category of verboten vocabulary that prohibits in its listings. Elaborating on those lovely Guatemalan woodcarvings? Gushing over a cutting-edge cyberhome? Mentioning that the apartment already has long-term tenants? (more…)
Bill Greider On the Taboo Of Big Money, Trade & House Democrats
2007-11-10 16:19:00
[From Campaign for America’s Future] Submitted by David Sirota Bill Greider’s post-mortem of the House vote today on expanding the NAFTA trade model into Peru is a must-read. He excerpts a snippet from the New York Times story that is surprisingly accurate from a newspaper that has made an ...
Yvonne Vera The Fearless Taboo Queen
2007-11-07 05:44:00
"I am against silence, the books I write try to undo the silent posture African women have endured over so many decades...” -Yvonne Vera. Yvonne was born in 1964 and raised in Zimbabwe’s second largest city Bulawayo during British colonial and then Rhodesian minority oppression. Though Yvonne was somewhat graced by her families prominent status, her father was prosperous well connected
Dating, love affairs?and even pre-marital sex is no longer taboo
2007-10-27 21:10:00
  Dating, love affairs?and even pre-marital sex is no longer taboo amongst today?s teenagers. Not even in conservative cities. True, one may not see many boys and girls openly holding hands on the main roads or kissing in parked cars but many affairs are conducted on the sly?without the knowledge of parents. Parental disapproval and society?s ...
Again the foreign Press is speaking about it and here it is a taboo...
2007-10-22 00:45:00
The American World Tribune is speaking about the health of Mubarak and here no body wants to speak about it again after what happened to Ibrahim Eissa Seriously speaking I do not buy the world Tribune claims easily as the man was alive and kicking from two days ago attending that silly boring ceremony that did not fit with the greatness of the occasion which is the 6th of October , I mean the man survived those 3 hours fine ,I could not stay more than 5 minutes !!! He is surely fine !!!! Look we all know that it is matter of weeks or even months and the Gamal Mubarak will be the next president at least that is what the ruling class wishes for and works so hardly to make this wish come true You know just today I heard somebody saying that Egypt would have been in Chaos if Mubarak had died from three years ago , we would have had civil wars on all levels !! Muslims Vs. Christians , Muslim Brotherhood Vs. other Muslims , Army Vs. People ,Alien Vs.Predator !!!! But now everything is ...
Taboo @ Dragonfly ? Saturday 29th September 2007
2007-09-29 15:35:00
About Dragonfly Location ? No. 1 Earl Place Potts Point Website ? Bars - On the left of entry door is a inner room with a bar, and on the right is another bigger bar to service the loungers. You didn?t have to wait long at all for a drink. Service wise was good on the packed ...
RU Sirius - Top 20 Taboo Topics for Presidential Candidates
2007-09-22 02:07:00
Here’s a hilarious article on the ridiculous limits placed on anyone seeking high office: They call it retail politics. It…has to appeal to an awful lot of people, but it doesn’t have to appeal to them all that much. The successful presidential candidate wants to establish just enough passion for their political stances that voters will waddle down to the polling ...
The taboo of interracial relationships-yes, dating!
2007-09-21 16:05:00
Anastasia A. MeltonEarlier this week, I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite shows, Tyra. I love everything about Tyra Banks. I think she is a great role model for young girls and women. She is not afraid to speak up for things she strongly believes in. She is not afraid to get controversial. She is trying to make a difference and open our eyes to the world around us. Well, I was inspired to talk about a topic that many people are afraid to address.That topic is interracial relationships. Insert horror film music here. You're probably asking yourself, "Did she really just go there?" You better believe it. I did just go there. I personally see nothing wrong with it, considering my own personal multi-faceted racial background.There are many sides to this topic. It is not just one-race feels one-way and the other race feels another. Instead, some people from each race feel opposed to it, while other people from each race have no problem with it.The question I want to ask is...
World Series of Taboo
2007-09-21 02:31:00
To put it quite simply, I am a Taboo genius. For anyone unfamiliar with Taboo, it's an incredibly fun and addictive party game where one person tries to get his/her teammates to guess a word or phrase while NOT using certain helpful words. I've played this game a lot, and I'm a really good clue giver and also a really good guesser.And after today, I feel like there should be some venue for me to win large amounts of cash and fabulous prizes with my great guessing ability.While reading the chapter about the water cycle with my afternoon class, we started discussing one of the vocabulary words -- precipitation. Precipitation is water that falls from the sky in the form of rain, snow, hail, or sleet. The kids didn't know what hail was, so I explained it to them.Later, while the kids were busy making a little water cycle representation, one of the girls called me over to ask me about something."What's that big circle in the sky?" was her leadoff."Um, the sun??" I ventured."No...
National Geographic - Taboo - Nudity - Witches Going Skyclad
2007-09-08 02:31:00
Hubby and I recently watched an episode of the National Geographic series “Taboo” that we had saved on our DVR.  It was about Nudity, specifically being nude in a religious context.  One of the segments dealt with a coven of Australian Wiccans. I cringed at the sexual undertones in coven members undressing one another.  My first ...
The Raiders Aren't Taboo this Season
2007-09-06 22:08:00
That's just for one simple reason, their value is so low. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to figure out their quarterback mess, but look at some of the other options.Lamont JordanAccording to Lamont Jordan's average draft position is after players like Carnell Williams and Tatum Bell. If you are in a deeper league where running backs are slim, you could definitely go ahead and draft him in the 6th round. Some leagues are showing that he isn't being drafted until rounds 7-10. By drafting him so late, taking a flier on him might not be a bad choice.Ronald CurryI've selected Curry as one of my sleepers. He should be available to you in the last rounds of your draft. I took him as my last pick in one league. If he doesn't perform I won't have a problem dropping him.Jerry PorterHe has quietly become a higher pick than Curry. I wouldn't take him for that reason. Some people are however higher on him than I am. He's an excellent receiver but hasn't been...
Insightful Taboo
2007-08-26 01:06:00
During a round of Taboo at a friend's birthday BBQ in Morningside Park this afternoon, Bettina was attempting to describe a word without saying any of the listed taboo words on the card:"Sometimes when I don't want to have sex, I say that I have a ...""Headache!" all of the girls on her team shouted in unison. An awkward silence and confused wait-a-minute looks circulated among the guys of the opposing team.The answer was, indeed, headache.
VistaBootPro 3.1 multi boot with Vista
2007-08-17 09:05:00
The operating system Vista does not use traditional Boot.ini of the former versions for the dualboot (or the multiboot). Indeed, Microsoft set up a utility in line of order to modify these parameters; all these parameters of starting of Vista are preserved in a register called “Windows Vista Boot Configuration Dated (BCD)”. You will always have the possibility of doing it manually, for that to modify these parameters in this BCD, you must use the tool of the name of “bcdedit.exe” integrated into Vista and which functions in line of orders, not always obvious to realize. This is why the software “VistaBootPro 3.1” will be to you of a great help and with its interface the possibility will give you of carrying out these changes of BCD simply. Installation of VistaBootPRO Currently the version of “VistaBootPRO” is that Ci: “VistaBootPRO 3.1 Beta”. Once you went on the official site, after having downloaded the software and having launched achievable “th...
The last taboo falls
2007-08-15 12:33:00
So far above all skillful taboo crushers made like the reproduction physician Severino Antinori with stories over clones of humans on itself attentive. The science meanwhile approaches only slowly serious successes of therapeutic cloning. With therapeutic clones are in the difference to reproduktiven clones not largetightening genetically identical embryos but around the withdrawal from main cells. Because the embryos are killed thereby, the procedure is ethicalally disputed and in many countries forbade - among other things in Germany, in addition, in Great Britain and the USA. Source: Mirror
Taboo Island - More images
2007-08-15 00:40:00
Few more images of another planted nano set up of mine - the "Taboo Island"!
Single Parent Dating: It's No Longer a Taboo
2007-08-13 08:22:00
With the advent if the Internet and the increasing number of dating sites it has no longer become a stigma for single parents to date. There are dating sites that cater to just that specialty. So any second thoughts you have about dating because you may be single, well just shove them under the rug. If you've had a relationship or marriage and it didn't work out like you hoped or planned, take heart in the fact that your situation is an all too familiar one. Now you're a single parent with the responsibility of a child or children. Are you reluctant to date because you are a single parent and unsure if someone can understand your lifestyle? In the past many used the Parents without Partners organization but now one can browse personal sites to find many people with kids at home. You can even do a search for partners with children at some dating sites. Many single people without children are happy to meet someone raising kids. This shows to them responsibility, care, sensitivity ...
2007-08-06 16:38:00
B-Probe von Russin Lysenko am 14. August - Nach Dopingverdacht gegen Russin Lysenko: B-Probe am 14. August - Uckermärkische Musikwochen vom 11. August bis zum 2. September - Sina Schielke sagt WM-Start ab - Klagenfurter Stadion bis 7. Septe ...
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