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Kate Moss sunbathing topless
2009-05-03 17:45:00
Here's pictures of Kate Moss topless in Monaco for anyone who was born today and has yet to see her nipples. Congratulations, kid, you'll see these more often than your own mother's. That's math. NOTE: Pics link to NSFW... full story ...
Jaime Pressly In Fine Black Bikinis Sunbathing
2008-07-08 11:44:00
Jaime Pressly was spotted in fine black bikinis sunbathing at a resort in Las Vegas. Here's, enjoy Jaime Pressly in bikini pictures below.Jaime Pressly In Black Bikini Pictures
Amanda Holden Topless Sunbathing
2008-06-02 14:14:00
Amanda Holden Topless Sunbathing. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Paris hilton sunbathing in beverly hills 29-05-2008
2008-06-01 23:31:00
Mischa Barton Topless Sunbathing Photos
2008-05-05 21:17:00
Mischa Barton was spotted sunbathing topless, intentionally set up by her of course. I would post more photos from this set, but they all have little stars over her nipples. Would you like some peach slices to go with that cottage cheese? source: Mischa Barton Topless With Some Cheese [hollywood tuna] Share This
Jennifer Aniston - Bikini Candids, Sunbathing at Miami Beach Hotel
2008-05-05 14:18:00
Jennifer Aniston is soaking up the Miami sun!Jennifer Aniston spent the weekend relaxing poolside and soaking up the rays at the Mandarin Hotel in Miami, Florida on Sunday.She has been living the good life while filming her new movie, ?Marley & Me?.Jennifer Aniston - bikini candids - sunbathing at Miami Beach hotel
Denise Richards sunbathing in her bikinis at the Maui
2008-04-26 16:35:00
Denise Richards sunbathing in her bikinis at the Maui shoot of her TV show. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Britney Spears Nude Sunbathing Photo NSFW
2008-04-04 22:41:00
True story: Britney Spears catching some rays completely naked. Some guy gets a photo. Another guy posts on the Web. Click below for the NSFW results: Share This
Sunbathing lessons
2008-03-22 00:00:00
Bo sweetly shares his bed with 10 week old Lili. Very lovely photo Julie!
Ashley Olsen Caught Sunbathing in Awkward Poses
2008-03-19 21:25:00
Ashley Olsen was seen sunbathing in Mexico. The photos are quite awkward--the pap definitely caught her in all her unpleasant / awkward poses but which those dirty minds would drool on anyway. She was seen last week shopping at the Costume National store wearing grunge-style clothing and a huge smile on her face. Here are the photos of her in Mexico.
Rod Stewart?s Wife - Penny Lancaster Topless Sunbathing
2008-03-14 19:51:00
Paparazzi’s caught up with a vacationing rockstar Rod Stewart and his 36 year old topless wife Penny Lancaster sunbathing. She’s definitely no Rachel Hunter but she’s still pretty hot… See the photo’s after the jump
Hannah Joy Lewis and Thekla Roth topless sunbathing candids
2008-03-08 14:38:00
Hannah Joy Lewis and Thekla Roth topless sunbathing beach bikini candids. Gallery also include various topless shots of Hannah Joy Lewis famous British model. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Abi Titmuss Sunbathing
2008-02-14 06:46:00
British babe Abi Titmuss sunbathing topless in a public park. Let's hope she doesn't get arrested. Popular: 13 hours 12 minutes ago source: (
Liv Tyler - Bikini Candids on a Hawaiian Beach
2008-01-19 19:50:00
Liv Tyler isn’t as slender as you may remember…she’s resembling her sister who is a successful plus size model. I’m not saying she’s fat , just out of shape. I’m sure she’s be 100% in fit condition for any future role. It’s nice to see her getting some sun though, she definitely needs it. Thank ...
Liv Tyler in black bikinis sunbathing candids
2008-01-19 13:47:00
Liv Tyler in black bikinis sunbathing candids on a Hawaiian beach. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Sunbathing Babe
2007-12-29 17:23:00
Over 100 high-resolution photos of this sunbathing babe.
By: Attuworld
Mischa Barton sunbathing topless!
2007-12-23 06:02:00
These pictures seem new and they have not been posted before. So here are some photo's of Mischa Barton sunbathing topless. It appears that Brandon Davis is with her. Go to the host sight to see the full boob shot. Popular: 2 hours 46 minutes ago source: (
Kate Moss Topless Sunbathing in Mexico
2007-12-03 08:45:00
Kate Moss has had a very roller coaster of a year in 2008 from her drug problems to failed engagement with rocker Pete Doherty.  So I don’t think anyone is really going to fault her for some relaxing, topless sunbathing in Mexico. Makeshift bikini courtesy of Bikini Department Uncensored Version (NSFW)
Kate Moss Caught Sunbathing Topless With New Man
2007-12-02 20:00:00
Kate Moss appeared to be better off without her current boyfriend Jamie Hince as she was spotted enjoying a topless sunbath with a new male friend.
Kate Moss Caught Sunbathing Topless
2007-12-02 14:12:00
Those nipps are lethal weapons!Kate Moss Topless While on Vacation in Mexico More: continued here
Vanessa Hudgens Sunbathing in a Bikini
2007-10-22 20:02:00
High School Musical star Vanessa Anne Hudgens was spotted sunbathing in a black bikini over the weekend…Hotness. High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens
Pregnant Nicole Richie sunbathing in Hawaii
2007-09-22 20:54:00
Nicole Richie, 26, celebrated her 26th birthday with Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden, 28, on the beaches of Hawaii yesterday. Nicole and Joel expect their first child in January. 2007 by Splendidglow
Amanda Holden topless sunbathing
2007-09-13 20:04:00
Amanda Holden topless sunbathing beach bikini candids. She has nice, cute small boobs... Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Jade Goody ~ Sunbathing In Spain
2007-08-26 19:38:00
Jade Goody is obviously friends again with Danielle Lloyd, after the Big Brother fiasco that had 40,000 callers ringing in to complain about racism. Jade and Danielle soaked up the sun in Marbella lounging by the pool with Big Brother temper tantrum star Nikki Graham, pop star Michelle Heaton, and Calum Best. Newly single Jade was snapped sharing a sun lounger with a mystery man. Jade dumped her boyfriend Jack Tweed last week, saying it was a mututal decision. But she was furious when she heard he bragged to his mates and nicknamed her ‘cashpoint’ - because of the free handouts he received, what a classy guy! I think Jack was very immature, and Jade definitely needed a bit of time to herself to relax, I hope this holiday has worked wonders!
Jade Jagger nude sunbathing on Ibiza
2007-08-24 13:24:00
I once wrote that I loved jade Jagger, I am not sure why, because she's in her late 30's and that's not usually my style, I like younger fresher meat, but she's the daughter of Mick and Bianca Jagger and I guess she's normally hot and has a lot of money, just not so hot when naked on the beach.
By: Attuworld
Topless sunbathing also called European style sunbathing in Las Vegas - Our
2007-08-24 03:23:00
The San Francisco Chronicle at, reviewed the European style topless sunbathing pools in Las Vegas. It is interesting to see the reporter's view compared to our take on the topless sunbathing scene in Las Vegas. Of course it was a guy writing about his experiences. (Probably the first time he has ever seen bare breasts in ). As he writes "pool visitors regularly steal not-so-furtive glances of anything they can glimpse [meaning naked breasts]." And I bet he was one of those guys staring.The first thing you need to know is the whole purpose of those adult pools in Las Vegas is not to allow women to avoid tan lines on their naked chest. No it is is to try to get some women to take off their tops and to be the "entertainment" for guys which will spend a lot of money on drinks and entrance fees. Margaritas for instance are $12.50. Call brand cocktails are $15.00. Entrance fees for guys are $10 to $50/day. These pools need topless women to keep the guys drinking. We were told...
Victoria Beckham Sunbathing Candid In Santa Barbara
2007-08-22 19:00:00
Where the photographer was hiding? Victoria Beckham Sunbathing Candid In Santa Barbara ...
Victoria Beckham Sunbathing In Santa Barbara
2007-08-22 13:40:00
These very candid shots of Victoria Beckham basking in the warmth of the Santa Barbara sunshine, but the strange angle of the shots makes us wonder where the photographer was hiding.Victoria Beckham sunbathing in Santa Barbara Pictures source: SugarVlla
Victoria Beckham Sunbathing Candids
2007-08-22 04:52:00
We are happy to bring you these very candid shots of Victoria Beckham basking in the warmth of the Santa Barbara sunshine, but the strange angle of the shots makes us wonder where the photographer was hiding. Was he sitting in a tree for camoflauge?
By: Rehab818
Victoria Beckham sunbathing
2007-08-21 23:26:00
Photo Source: CelebtuopiaPlease Leave Comments
By: Juicy UK
Victoria Beckham - Swimsuit Sunbathing Candids at the Bacara Resort in Sant
2007-08-21 23:06:00
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Hayden Panettiere likes to nude sunbathe - NBC her nude sunbathing "squeak
2007-08-19 01:56:00
From NBC News San Francisco:"Hayden's naked truthThere are your run-of-the-mill Hollywood party girls. And then there's Hayden Panettiere...this 17-year-old "Heroes" hottie remains unscathed. Is she channeling her indestructible cheerleader's superpowers? Even the gossip dirt on Hayden is somehow squeaky clean. The National Enquirer's Mike Walker reported Hayden's recent run-in with the cops. It seems she was nude sunbathing at a gal pal's Malibu home when a police helicopter appeared on the scene, sending Hayden and friend running for cover. You wouldn't catch Britney displaying such modesty!"For the full story click hereFirst, for all those stories about how nudists are only old people. It looks like those reports aren't true. It also looks like what I have always said is true. People of ALL ages enjoy nude and topless sunbathing. Obviously, Hayden Panettiere who is 17 years old likes to nude sunbathe with friends.I like how NBC news considers nude sunbathing squeaky clean...
Sunbathing Again At Le Porge
2007-08-16 00:09:00
Last sunday, it was very warm here again and we went at Le Porge again. We love this place very much because it is less crowdy than Lacanu or Arcachon. But not bad place at all. I've been wanting to go in Bassin because I'd love to eat huitres again. Huitres there are really yummy and fresh. But as it is a little bit far, I said okay, Le Porge would be fine. We left home at around 4:30 in the afternoon and we were happy that it was easy for us to park our car. If we went there earlier, I am pretty sure that it would be difficult for us to find a parking area because it is really crowdy here at the beach when it's warm. To my surprise, I saw many women half naked. Sometimes, I used to ask myself if I'll have the guts to do it but NAHHH! Never! I am and will always be a filipina and never I will be doing something like that. After staying there for hours doing sunbathing, we decided to have dinner in one of the restos at Le Porge. The menus were not bad at all. Their famous moules...
Cindy Crawford spotted sunbathing aboard a yatch in St Tropez
2007-08-01 08:43:00
Cindy Crawford, the yesteryears supermodel still makes me go hard and this time she was spotted sun bathing (obviously topless) on a yatch at St Tropez. Though age is catching up but Cindy still can make heads turn. She was spotted sun bathing topless with her breasts exposed and paparazzi were quick to catch this once in a blue event in their cameras.
2007-07-09 06:04:00
A rather well-proportioned secretary, spent almost all of her vacation sunbathing on the roof of her hotel. She wore a bathing suit the first day, but on the second, she decided that no one could see her way up there, and she slipped out of it for an overall tan.She had hardly begun when she heard someone running up the stairs; she was lying on her stomach, so she just pulled a towel over her rear."Excuse me, miss," said the flustered little assistant manager of the hotel, out of breath from running up the stairs. "The Hilton doesn't mind you sunbathing on the roof, but we would very much appreciate you wearing a bathing suit as you did yesterday.""What difference does it make?" she asked rather calmly. "No one can see me up here, and besides, I'm covered with a towel.""Not exactly," said the embarrassed little man. "You're lying on the dining room skylight!"
Going Sunbathing At The Beach
2007-05-19 11:09:00
Well here's a quick fashionable look for you guys who like to dress comfortably but stylish to the beach! This set is apparently one of the most interesting for me to mix, since I became more familiar with beach wear as I explore ...
Ashley Olsen sunbathing in panties
2007-02-24 19:35:00
Here are some funny candid pictures of Ashley Olsen while she was spending some time in the sunshine wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of panties. Tags: Ashley Olsen, Olsen twins, skinny, thin, panties, panty, candid, paparazzi, pictures
[prendre du soleil] [sunbathing]
2006-12-20 04:08:02
• une photo prise il y a longtemps... • a picture taken a long time ago...
By: anthropy
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