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Singapore Hot Sensation Blogger Dawn Yang
2008-03-23 15:57:00
Dawn Yang is Singapore's hot celebrity blogger who made a name for her beautiful and flawless look and dazzling features which makes men fall under her spell of lust. She is an alumna of elite schools Singapore Chinese Girls' School and Raffles Junior College, as well as a scholarship holder to Marymount Community College and University of Southern California in the United States. She is most famous for her good looks and popular blog, as well as a controversy over whether said looks were enhanced by plastic surgery.Did she really under went surgery to get her good looks as compared to her JC days? This i will not want to speculate but indeed this scandal have pushed her to the number one search lady in Singapore and technorati.You can check out her blog and read on her daily rants and view her old archive xanga account blog. Let's look at her photos.
Singapore Model Feliza Ong
2008-01-11 18:31:00
Feliza OngShe has already modelled for various companies, acted inSingapore drama and modelled for car show.
Singapore Star Idol Jacqueline Sue
2008-01-07 10:59:00
Jacqueline SueAn Ex-Star Idol turned modelling girl, Young and cute looking.Pictures are taken with kongo and fine model pictures shown
Singapore Teen Girl Nana
2007-12-31 18:07:00
NaNaA young Singaporean Teen, but profile is unknown but look pretty to be posted here,don't you guys agree?
Singapore Local Mandy Chen
2007-11-22 10:56:00
Mandy ChenA young beautiful 20 year old Singaporean girl currently studying at Nanyang Polytechnic, I dont want to see myself as a stalker of her, but i will be posting more of Local Features soon in this blog so she just happens to be the first one.=)
Singapore Sweet Amanda
2007-09-21 19:28:00
AmandaSo what have you got to say for miss sweet amanda from Singapore? She can offer you a ride on her RX -8 that she bought. Did i say she was lesbian as well,sorry guys, you can try again if you want.
Singapore Home Girl Jansline
2007-09-19 17:22:00
JanslineJansline is another home grown girl, beautiful and young at the age of 19 years old, she is currently a student and likes to go to the beach.
Singaporean Miss World Shenise
2007-09-14 17:09:00
SheniseShenise is Ms Singapore World 2005, she was the favorite to win this contest then and since she is activity involve with many environmental activities held all around the world.
Singaporean Cutie Anita
2007-09-12 17:02:00
AnitaAnita is another Sunshine singapore girl who lives in this small island they call home, and she is cute and loving that we will fall in love with her anytime, it was very rare for you to find a picture of her and when you find it, you just got to take a look at how cute anita was. Random PostJeon Ji HyunHyori LeeYuko OguraFelicia ChinEvonne HsuKyoko FukadaAngeleneKinoshita AyumiAngelika Dela CruzSong Hye KyoYuka Kosaka
Singapore Cutie Xiao Tong
2007-09-03 19:41:00
Xiao TongA young gal named Xiao Tong, still studying and live in singapore, who lives up to her cutie look!Random PostJeon Ji HyunRainie YangYuko OguraFelicia ChinHarumi Nemotokitagawa keikoKinoshita AyumiJang NaraBOA KwonMandy ChenNicole Chen
Singapore Sexy Model Clarie
2007-08-29 09:21:00
ClarieClaire is 24 yeas old,born in UK and in Singapore as a model,biker girl, skates and breakdance.Random PostHyori LeeYoko KumadaItoh MisakiEvonne HsuNanaNicole ChenItoh MisakiMandy ChenAdy An Yi XuanReon Kadena
Singapore Model Angelene
2007-08-26 21:06:00
AngeleneAngelene is 24 yeas old, she was in sg miss world pageant 2005and also modelled for maxim and streets (weather girl).
Singapore Girl: One of the Amazing Brand Icons of our Time
2007-08-25 06:48:00
Wallpaper Magazine has done a nice write up on the history of the Singapore Girl and her fashionable Sarong Kebaya uniforms. “She” really encompasses every aspect of the Singapore Airlines brand, in fact, I would go as far as to say that “She” IS the brand. In 1968, the former Malaysian Singapore Airlines called ...
Singapore Model Qiqi
2007-08-22 20:52:00
QiQiNicole Chen is 22 years old, a beautiful lady who is born in singapore and has modelling and was one of the finalist for Miss Singapore 2006.
Singapore Model Nicole Chen
2007-08-22 06:59:00
Nicole ChenNicole Chen is Singapore born Chinese at the age of 21 years old now, she does modelling, acting and dancing since 4 years old. You can see her as a clubbing queen where she hangs out with her friends and does her modelling events.[Video]
Singapore Model Michelle Saram
2007-08-17 09:28:00
Michelle SaramMichelle Saram's first big break came in 1997 when Aaron Kwok picked her to be in his music video. She then went on to star in the series "Threshold of An Era" with Luis Koo, and had major roles in the movies "Bullets Over Summer" (1999) and "Skyline Cruisers" (2000), where she had to dye her hair orange.
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