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Jayadevan with Reshma
2008-07-07 01:11:00
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2008-06-21 21:13:00
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Mallu girl Reshma milking
2008-04-07 03:41:00
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Mallu actress Reshma Nipple Slip
2008-04-02 16:47:00
Mallu actress Reshma Nipple Slipped from bathroom towel.
2008-03-29 20:31:00
"Reshma ki jawani" used to be a hindi porn flick in early times.Dont know about this slutty desi babe but he cleavage is enough to give your heart a skip.
Hot Mallu Actress Reshma
2008-02-16 14:54:00
Name: ReshmaIndustry: malayalamReshma is one among the most saleble hot girl in mallu industry. All her films were super hits. People will be waiting for her new movies like any other superstars movies.Reshma is one of the malayalam film actress.She is one of the competitors of shakeela to be the most famous star of malayalam.She has got many competitors like maria sindhu, navya kavya and shakeela.Reshma is next to shakeela in malayalam industry right now.Shakeela reshma pair against any actor will be a sure hit.Reshma is facing very tough competetion from Shakeela, Maria, Sindhu, Prathiba, Sheela, Navya and others.Shakeela, Reshma, Sindhu and Jyothishree acted together in the hot mallu movies "Chilkamma" which needless to say was a superhit. Even one among them was enough to make a film hit and just imgine it if all of them join together...!!!Reshma shakeela sindhu and jyoti shri has acted in chilakamma, a movie with hot actresses together.A masala movie which gave reshma more cred...
Reshma.While you were sleeping.Hot
2008-02-06 01:01:00
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Freshman KY Lawmaker?s Debate Shut Down by Union Flaks
2008-02-02 00:00:00
-By Warner Todd Huston First term Kentucky House member Tim Moore (R, Elizabethtown) tried to start a debate on the efficacy of Kentucky's prevailing-wage laws last week, but union flacks on the floor of the Commonwealth's House would have none of it. He was quickly shut down when he tried to ...
Freshman KY Lawmaker?s Debate Shut Down by Union Flaks
2008-02-01 14:01:00
First term Kentucky House member Tim Moore (R, Elizabethtown) tried to start a debate on the efficacy of Kentucky’s prevailing-wage laws last week, but union flacks on the floor of the Commonwealth’s House would have none of it. He was quickly shut down when he tried to re-visit the idea of whether or not contractors ...
UCLA?s CIRP Freshman Survey: Academic Quality And Affordability Top Priorit
2008-01-30 02:57:00
According to the Freshman Survey Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Academic quality and college affordability are the top priorities in choosing a college. According to John Pryor co-author and director of CIRP: “College accountability and affordability have been key issues in ...
UCLA Cooperative Institutional Research Program: ?Freshman Show a Dependenc
2008-01-29 16:49:00
According to the UCLA newsroom portal: the CIRP Freshman Survey, part of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) and administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, report “suggests freshmen show a dependency on parents when making college-related decisions.” * 84 percent of freshman charcterized their ...
Reshma and Son: The Voice of the Desert
2008-01-06 16:06:00
Adil Najam I have always been mesmerized by Rashma’s voice. It is a voice unlike any other I know. Truly it is the voice of the desert - unending in its breadth and unrelenting in its depth. A voice that comes from the heart and a one that always touches the heart. Although she is probably best ...
Freshman Forward Herb Pope Arrested for DUI
2007-12-30 22:48:00
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - December 28, 2007. The Aggies of New Mexico State suspended Herb Pope indefinitely. Pope is a freshman forward for the Aggies’ basketball team. Pope was home on Friday night when police came across his vehicle. Apparently, Pope was unconscious while his vehicle remained running and in a northbound lane on a highway. When ...
Music and Discernment: The Freshman
2007-12-30 15:10:00
I didn't get to add an entry for last week's song, and adding this now seems after the fact. I knew well over a week ago this was the song I wanted to post, but now that I'm in a different state of mind it gives the feeling that I like to dwell on my mistakes.Please don't think me a constant downer, as I do love to be inspirational and helpful. Just this evening, I spoke with a young man who still had issues with his mother being Protestant as he began RCIA. I like to think about myself in a positive light; there are just times when I need to not only remind myself of my sins, but to find that one song that embodies my feelings.Maybe it's my unique form of closure: using music to contain my feelings. It's like a picture of a summer on the beach; each time you pick up the frame and stare at the image, you're taken back to that place. You can almost feel the sand under your feet, can faintly hear the cry of gulls flying overhead. If you think real hard, you'll remember the son...
2007-12-29 12:17:00
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Reshma getting seduced by seeing her sister
2007-12-20 19:52:00
By: Desi Web
Hot mallu girl Reshma
2007-12-17 12:17:00
Hot mallu girl Reshma showing her sexy boobs over white bra.
Parallels between Beck's freshman year & rookie year
2007-12-13 21:47:00
Here's a great e-mail I received from a BYU fan named Justin.  He talks about the similarities between John Beck's first year in Provo at BYU and his first year here in Miami for the Dolphins.  Here's what he says: It's interesting to see how similar Beck's Freshman year was to this year as a rookie.  Here are some observations:        -Both BYU and Miami have proud traditions and high expectations, particularly at the quarterback position. (Steve Young, Jim McMahon, Ty Detmer, Dan Marino)        -Both teams were down, which make the expectations that much heavier.       - In both situations, Beck was forced into playing time because of injuries.  And in both situations, Beck struggled.        Both teams were pretty bad.  The running games were non-extistant (BYU as a team averaged under 100 yards rushing per game) and the O-line did not offer much protection (I can't find the n...
Repaso NCAA: Ogilvy, otro freshman que asombra
2007-12-10 20:23:00
Nuevo repaso semanal de la NCAA de la mano de Agus Romero. Esta semana, Andrew Ogilvy nombrado jugador de la semana, Stephen Curry repite entre los destacados ypartidazo entre Memphis y USC. Foto: aussiebasketball.comJugador de la semanaAndrew Ogilvy. VanderbiltExcelente la semana del pívot australiano que sigue en la línea de los freshmen de esta temporada. Principal referencia ofensiva de los Commodores junto a Shan Foster tras la marcha de Derrick Byars en el pasado draft.En el primer partido de la semana que les enfrentó a los Deamon Deacons de Wake Forest, Ogilvy se fue a 23 puntos, 5 rebotes, 2 tapones, 7-10 en tiros de campo ( incluidos dos buenos mates ) y 9-10 en tiros libres ( incluido un 4-4 en el último minuto que sirvieron para asegurar el partido ) para la victoria de Vanderbilt.En el segundo partido de la semana frente a Lipscomb, Ogilvy hizo 26 puntos, 10 rebotes ( 3 ofensivos ), 9-12 en tiros de campo y 8-12 en tiros libres en solo 22 minutos de juego para que los C...
UConn Freshman LB?s Garner All-American Honors
2007-12-08 02:27:00
Two of the UConn Huskies freshman linebackers, Scott Lutrus and Lawrence Wilson, were named to the Sporting News Freshman All-American team on Friday. Lutrus was named to the All-Freshman First Team while Wilson was on the All-Freshman Second Team. Lutrus started all 12 games for the Huskies making 98 tackles while intercepting 4 passes. He returned 2 ... SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "UConn Freshman LB’s Garner All-American Honors", url: "" });
El año de los freshman: Una tremenda generación apunta a la NBA
2007-11-24 19:50:00
Lo dice Jim Boeheim, entrenador de la Universidad de Syracuse con 32 temporadas de experiencia en los banquillos. ?Es la mejor generación de freshmen que he visto nunca?. Boeheim, que vio a Carmelo Anthony deslumbrar en su única temporada en los Orangemen, define así a un grupo de jugadores que ha irrumpido con fuerza este año en una NCAA... (Foto: Luisja de Benito)Seguir Leyendo... que buscaba herederos para Greg Oden y Kevin Durant. Jugadores como Michael Beasley, OJ Mayo, Derrick Rose, Eric Gordon, Kosta Koufos, Kyle Singler, Kevin Love o Austin Daye conforman un impresionante grupo de jugadores universitarios de primer año que están sacudiendo por completo la competición. Beasley ha comenzado el año batiendo records en los Wildcats de Kansas State con 30 puntos y 20 rebotes de promedio en los 3 primeros partidos, postulándose así hacia el número 1 del próximo Draft. Luchando por ese cotizado puesto estarán también OJ Mayo (más de 25 puntos de media por encuentro) o Derrick Rose,...
Maya Moore Wins Big East Freshman of the Week Honors
2007-11-20 00:44:00
UConn’s freshman sensation Maya Moore may have to get a bigger dorm room by the end of this year. On Monday afternoon, the Big East Conference announced it’s first weekly women’s basketball awards and Moore took home the Freshman of the Week award. All Moore did was average 26 points, 7.5 rebounds, 4 steals and 2.5 blocks ... SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Maya Moore Wins Big East Freshman of the Week Honors", url: "" });
Reshma Bombaywala
2007-10-22 11:47:00
Basically a Page 3 girl more than anything else, reshma does have a few pop song videos & a sizzling item number - marhaba in garv pride & honour.
Laptop Security As Part of Freshman Orientation?
2007-10-18 23:50:00
A new school year has started in the United States, and already there seems to be a deluge of laptop theft stories in the media.  A small number of them are covered in the national media, such as the laptop theft in Arizona that affected students in Iowa:  a former teaching assistant in Iowa had stored Social Security numbers on his laptop, and moved out-of-state.  Then there is the case of the professor?s office that was broken into at Carnegie Mellon University, and two of his five computers were stolen (I?d like to point out that?s a lot of computers in an office).  Students? Social Security numbers were present in the stolen computers and, as far as I can tell, these were not encrypted.    Then there are the locally covered stories (read: school papers) where student laptops are stolen from classrooms, dorm rooms, student centers, etc.  Normally, I tend to skip the local stories when looking for blogging material.  After all, computer the...
Chinese Universities: No PCs for freshman
2007-10-12 21:18:00
College freshmen tend to lack self control when it comes to a variety of impulses: drinking themselves sick, skipping class, eating entire bags of Doritos for dinner, etc. Some of them, after having left the comforts of home and the nagging voice of Mom telling them to go to bed, also go crazy playing EverQuest all night, every night. Those kids usually learn their lessons one way or the other, sometimes by flunking a few classes. But if you're a university student in China, you may not even get the opportunity to fall into the trap of late-night gaming sessions... at least not until your sophomore year. While American universities are pushing freshmen to bring computers in order to stay connected to university and home life, universities in China are discouraging it. Three popular universities in the country—Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University—have all instituted new rules this term that forbid freshmen from bringing computers with them....
Freshman Year in College: For Some a Short, Unhappy Journey into the Unkno
2007-10-02 01:23:00
It happens every year about this time. The migratory routes between colleges and the homes across... Please continue reading Paul's Blog at
Mallu actress Reshma hot movie clip
2007-09-19 12:50:00
Mallu actress reshma hot movie clip, mallu servant hor romance.
Freshman sensation signs...
2007-09-15 20:05:00
Oklahoma redshirt freshman running back DeMarco Murray signed one of two index cards I sent him care of the OU athletic department in just 7 days. The Nevada native has stepped in this fall to help replace departed star Adrian Peterson after being rated the #1 running back in the nation coming out of high school by services such as In the Sooners' first two games, he has run for over 150 yards and scored five touchdowns.You can view the address used to contact Murray by checking out our Success Database. Please take time to add your successes as well!2007 STATS - COLLEGE FOOTBALL--------------------------------------------RECEIVED: 36SENT: 173% RECEIVED: 20.8%AVG # OF DAYS: 24.4PRICE PER SUCCESS: $5.00
Gilpin Freshman Awards go to nine ACM (Japanese embroidery) students
2007-09-15 19:09:00
comFabrics and japanese embroidery Fun at Fiber Fest - Santa Monica MirrorSanta Monica MirrorFabrics and japanese embroidery Fun at Fiber FestSanta Monica Mirror, CA - Aug 23, 2007This ancient Japanese art literally means hand-wrapped … ……
The Cape?s Top Freshman
2007-09-06 21:24:00
In conversations with coaches in the Cape Cod League, you learn one thing quickly: they factor in age immediately upon evaluating players. All of them know the freshman from the sophomores, and with that, the teenagers get slack for any flaw. Where a sophomore is punished for “giving away at-bats against southpaws,” a freshman with the same mistakes “will probably figure it out eventually.” In writing my previous rankings of the Cape Cod League, I decided to focus only on players eligible for the 2008 draft. These players entered the Cape under the bigger microscope, faced bigger demands, and will be bigger names all of next spring. In my opinion, I thought BP readers might find it more valuable to read about a guy like Beemer Weems, a mid-round shortstop who could enter the first round if he shows enough offensive potential in the spring, rather than a freshman 22 months from the first round. However, I recognize some of you are still interested in the playe...
2007-09-04 21:24:00
Latest In College Football: Notre Dame freshman, Jimmy Clausen, is set to start as quarterback Saturday in a game against Penn State. Notre Dame is looking to make a resurgence after their tremedous 33-3 loss at home to Georgia Tech. "I think he gives us the best chance of winning," coach Charlie Weis said Tuesday. Clausen has been recovering from the removal of a bone spur in his throwing elbow and has not to this point been utilized by the Irish. Weis, however, said Clausen was the top quarterback after spring practices. "I'm not going to play a quarterback who can't do everything, so I didn't," Weis said. Weis is confident that Clausen manages the offense well, and feels that he has the best arm. "I think he's ready to run the offense," Weis said. "He was always ready mentally, but his arm wasn't full go until last week." Demetrius Jones started the game against Georgia Tech but was only able to pass for 4 yards, fumbling the ...
Clemson freshman swimmer dies
2007-08-29 05:10:00
Clemson press release: Clemson University freshman swimmer Amy Marie Moxie, 18, of Simpsonville, S.C., collapsed on campus Tuesday afternoon while jogging and was transported to Oconee Memorial Hospital, where she later died. Moxie was a pre-business major who had just completed her first week as a Clemson student.   She was on the roster for the 2007-08 Clemson swimming ...
Hot mallu actress reshma in bedroom scene
2007-08-25 09:46:00
Mallu actress Rehma enjoying with husband in bedroom. very hot mallu movie clip.
Advice For Incoming Freshman
2007-08-24 18:21:00
Right now all across this beautiful country of ours, college freshman are arriving at colleges, universities and tech schools that advertise on TV. They are leaving the high schools where they thought they were important and entering a world where they are not. They are nervous, scared and in some cases just ...
Impressive yearling filly by freshman FL stallion
2007-08-22 18:33:00
 Gorgeous yearling filly by freshman FL G3 placed sire Gimmeawink out of a big Dr. Caton mare with a winner at the track already. This filly has good bone and a lot of substance (full-bodied, nice conformation and a beautiful mover) as well as a confident attitude that points towards gameness at the track. This filly does everything right and is sensible and forward. Here's your chance to have a nice tough race mare from an up and coming regional sire. The filly does have a flaw in one eye from an old ulcer, but her vision is not affected. All serious offers considered.
The Freshman.. Uhhh.. College 15
2007-08-22 03:02:00
I read an article yesterday which claimed to provide advice in avoiding the "Freshman 15." The "Freshman 15" refers to the 15 pounds a freshman in college will gain when he/she goes to college. This got me to thinking about my situation and several conversation with friends around me -- I have been in school for 7 years. Based on the Freshman 15 theory, I should have gained 105 lbs. Fortunately, I did not gain 105 lbs over the 7 years. I have gained weight though. When I left the Marine Corps in 2000, I weighed in at 175. I weigh in at 210 lbs today. YIKES. A good friend of mine had a Marine Corps wedding just last year. A year ago January, I spoke with the groom and he encouraged me to get in shape so that I could wear my Blues to the wedding. On the wedding day, I tried on my Blues and decided it would be best I wear a suit. That was the first warning shot. I lost about weight prior to graduation (I was at 198); however, Bar Study took its toll. I can prove I sat in ...
The Reasons why my Freshman Roommate was Insane. . .
2007-08-08 17:56:00
Ah yes, my freshman roommate. She was such a lovely person; such a wonderful rich snob. Yes, there are rich snobs everywhere but they become more pronounced in their college years. Many people would say I grew up with snobs and sometimes put off a snobbish air. However, when you meet someone like my first freshman roommate you begin to think that Donald Trump isn?t as much of an over privileged ass, with hideous, hair as you originally thought. 1. She was a wonderful individual who thought all black people stole and wanted to have anal sex with her. This meant that (a) our other roommate stole (b) all of our other roommates friends were planning on having anal with her and (c) that one day they would all ban together, kill her, and steal all her Ralph Lauren cloths. 2. She had found the love of her life and so she now felt the need to give everyone she met relationship advice. Even though she had only known th...
Freshman of 07'
2007-07-19 05:39:00
With a fabulous class of freshmen coming into the 2007 College Football season, I will now give you a few of my freshman to keep an eye on.Everson Griffin, DE- USCGriffin is one of the top recruits coming into the 2007 season and the best Defensive linemen. Even with USC's experience coming back on the defensive front, expect him to get a lot of playing time and maybe even compete for the 4th spot on the line.Joe McKnight, ATH- USCThe highly touted McKnight should see the field right away even with an already deep rushing attack at USC. He is a superb back and can make a dazzling play at any point. His style of play is often compared to NFL star, Heisman Trophy winner, and USC Alum Reggie Bush.Jimmy Clausen, QB- Notre DameOne of the top QB recruits in recent years is in a three way battle for the ND starting job between junior Evan Sharpley and sophomore Demetrius Jones. Don't expect Clausen to start the season opener on September 1 vs. Georgia Tech because of surgery on his right...
Freshman Year Sensitivity Training
2007-07-11 00:19:00
Related PostsU-Va.’s One-Year WonderI wouldn't trade the four years and one summer school session that I spent at WSU for anyt...Who Wants a Jet Pack?Who didnâ??t want a jet pack when they were a little kid? Now for only 155K â?? ...100 Year Old Beat Down Kung-Fu StyleThis a pretty funny article about a 100 ...
Every June since my freshman year of high school I...
2007-07-08 16:14:00
Every June since my freshman year of high school I?ve run the Tacoma Sound to Narrows. It?s a 12-kilometer road race through Tacoma?s Ruston neighborhood and Point Defiance Park and this would have been my seventh year in a row. Along with Thanksgiving and my little brother?s high school graduation, the Sound to Narrows was one of the things I was pretty bummed about missing this year, so I decided to find myself a replacement on this side of the pond.Searching through websites like Active Europe and Courir en France, I was able to find a race in Paris scheduled for the same weekend as the Sound to Narrows back home. La Francilienne was only 10 kilometers long, but with a course that wound through the hills of Montmartre, I had a feeling this race would be able to challenge the S2N?s reputation as having one of the hilliest courses around. I paid and registered through Active Europe and excitedly circled June 10th on my calendar, but on June 9th I began to realize that if this r...
Reshma Bombaywala
2007-06-28 14:41:00
Reshma's Mantra is "I LIVE life one week at a time and live it king size". She did her part gladrags, music videos , miss india, modelling , random movie item songs but most of all , we see her in every page 3 party that there is.She says "I love to eat. I don't believe in diets. I feel the body needs all the nutrients and if one deprives one of something the craving increases." however that body belies all that for sure. For More Pics Visit
Freshman phenom responds...
2007-06-03 06:45:00
North Carolina true freshman Dustin Ackley, currently hitting .429 on the year with 7 homeruns and 64 RBI, returned both index cards signed as well as the questionnaire in just sixteen days care of the UNC athletic department. You can view the questionnaire by visiting the message board.2007 STATS - COLLEGE BASEBALL--------------------------------------------RECEIVED: 37SENT: 76% RECEIVED: 48.7%AVG # OF DAYS: 20.7PRICE PER SUCCESS: $2.08
How The Freshman Voted
2007-05-25 04:39:00
Here's how the 30 Freshman Democrats who took GOP seats in 2006 voted for today's bill;AYE:Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pennsylvania)Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-Kansas)Rep. Chris Carney (D-Pennsylvania)Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana)Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-Indiana)Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona)Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York)Rep. Baron Hill (D-Indiana)Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wisconsin)Rep. Nick Lampson (D-Texas)Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-Florida)Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-Arizona)Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-Texas)Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pennsylvania)Rep, Heath Shuler (D-North Carolina)Rep. Zack Space (D-Ohio)Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minnesota)NAYS:Rep. Mike Arcuri (D-New York)Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa)Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Connecticut)Rep. John Hall (D-New York)Rep. Paul Hodes (D-New Hampshire)Rep. Ron Klein (D-Florida)Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa)Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-California)Rep. Christopher Murphy (D-Connecticut)Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pennsylvania)Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colorado)Rep. Carol Shea Porter (D-New Hampshire)...
Legislative Correspondent - Northeast Freshman Democrat
2007-05-23 23:55:00
Northeast freshman Democrat seeks organized and highly motivated Legislative Correspondent for intense mail operation. Responsibilities include writing constituent letters and managing the mail/constituent database. LC is also partly responsible for supervising interns. Excellent writing skills and hill experience required. Familiarity with IQ preferred. Salary is commensurate with experience ? ...
By: DemWork
Love of landscaping leads CSC freshman to Disney
2007-04-23 20:48:00
WARNER — Connors State College freshman Katy Blankenship says she thought she was through with plants when she enrolled in college.But Disney gave her other ideas. Blankenship, 19, has been accepted for a summer horticulture internship at Walt Disney W...
Oden to Leave Ohio State After Freshman Year
2007-04-21 00:27:00
-Greg Oden is through with school. The 7-foot freshman said on Friday that he will leave Ohio State ... Click here for full story or visit for the best in college sports. Read More...
Oden to leave Ohio State after freshman year< (AP)
2007-04-20 10:24:00
Greg Oden is through with school. The 7-foot freshman center said Friday he will leave Ohio State to enter the NBA draft, where he figures to be one of the top two picks along with Texas freshman forward Kevin Durant. Freshman teammates Mike Conley Jr. and Daequan Cook also said they will make themselves available for the draft.Read More...
Freshman Fifteen Reality or Myth?
2007-04-18 15:36:00
It's a fairly universally accepted 'fact' among college age women that they will gain weight their first year away from home in fact this a phenomenon that is common through out the western world. Which occurs when young women freshman (strange they aren't freshwomen in this politically correct world we live in) often leaving home for the first time are left to fend for themselves. Nearly anyone will know immediately what you mean when you refer to the 'Freshman 15' especially if they have been to college or have a daughter or son at college at the moment. But I have found out that the media god bless em have maybe not quite got things right?
Reshma rape scene
2007-03-08 13:20:01
An awesome Reshma rape video featuring bondage where she is tied up and raped in front of her boyfriend. Stunning stuff. File size: WMV - 2.72 MB, Playing time: 3:10 mins Rapidshare:- WMV Format Related Link: Kashmira Shah Ab Bas Mallika Sherawat Mallika Sherawat-2 Roshni with Raj Kiran in Tera Karam Mera Dharam Udita Goswami, John Abraham from Paap Bipasha Basu, John ...
By: Desi Blog
UVa.?s Wright named top freshman
2007-02-28 23:47:07
Virginia freshman Monica Wright was unanimously selected as the Atlantic Coast Conference rookie of the year, the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA) announced on Tuesday. Wright was also an unanimous selection to the ACC all-freshman team. Wright is the fifth Cavalier in school history to earn the honor. She joins former UVa. standouts Dawn Staley (1989), Tora Suber (1994), Schuye LaRue (2000), and Brandi Teamer (2002). (more…)
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