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Healthcare Recruitment Company Promises Large Salaries and Luxurious Lifest
2009-05-31 12:00:00
Since there is an overwhelming stigma that doctors are so devoted to their work to a degree that they forfeit all other aspects of life (whether true or not in every case), one medical recruitment company in New Zealand hopes to break the mould by placing doctors in high-paying jobs that still allow them to have active social and family lives. Sound too good to be true? Perhaps, but read on, because they claim that even when working in the healthcare industry, it's possible to have it all!
Video for the Recruitment Industry
2008-11-29 10:30:00
Recruitment is a fast paced and dynamic industry. To get the most out of your organization, you need facilities that complement this environment. VDO Tech is proud to be the first in Australasia to offer multimedia recruitment solutions. Our solutions are available to all Recruitment companies around the world. VDO Tech's Video Services: Video Interviewing Video Conferencing o 2-way, 4-way, 5-way and 6-way o Conferencing recording and play back o Conferencing with text messaging Video Job Ads Video CV's Video Interviewing not only cuts costs to recruiters but also speeds up the whole application process. All that is required for a video interview is a broadband internet connection and a webcam. Video Conferencing has been designed to allow face-to-face meetings between people, without the hassle of having to leave your own office. The video conferencing feature comes with a variety of options, including the number of people that are allowed to be involved in the conference to th...
AllanGray Graduate Recruitment: Tie.
2008-09-04 19:03:00
AllanGray Graduate Recruitment: Tie.'Get Ready. We're Recruiting. Every year AllanGray hosts a graduate recruitment campaign on campuses around South Africa. We handed out flyers which doubled as ties that students could wear. All the relevant information regarding the recruitment drive was printed on the reverse of the tie.' Interesting. Other Posts:Underwater Sculptures.Cool Magazine Illusions.Interesting License Plates.What would you do with your old PC!Amazing Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner.
Media Celebrates Successful U.S. Military Recruitment Stats? Not Really!
2008-07-13 18:44:00
-By Warner Todd Huston The Armed Forces Press Service issued a press release on Thursday morning, July 10, in celebration of the fact that the U.S. military has had 13 consecutive months of meeting and/or exceeding recruitment goals. Sadly, the media stayed sullenly quite all day, taking no notice of the success of our military on ...
ConocoPhillips Campus Recruitment 2008
2008-06-05 00:00:00
ConocoPhillips Campus Recruitment 2008 BUSINESS APPRENTICE The program is highly competitive and lasts around 12 months. The scope covers ConocoPhillips Upstream (Exploration, Production & Transportation) operations and focuses on how our business meets the requirements of all ...
ConocoPhillips Campus Recruitment 2008 (Business Apprentice, GRAD Program f
2008-06-04 04:19:00
ConocoPhillips Campus Recruitment 2008 BUSINESS APPRENTICE The program is highly competitive and lasts around 12 months. The scope covers ConocoPhillips Upstream (Exploration, Production & Transportation) operations and focuses on how our business meets the requirements of all Stakeholders (investors, employees, customers, vendors & local communities). In particular, the program provides the Business Apprentices the opportunity to demonstrate ...
Seven Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers
2008-06-03 05:27:00
By Linda MatiasIn the job search craze, there are those who land a job right away and those who struggle through the process of finding one for a long time. 'Luck' is usually the response one hears from disenfranchised job seekers when they find out that their neighbor down the street was offered a position after only a two-week search. With many job seekers vying for only a few open positions, the truth is that 'luck' rarely has anything to do with it.Realizing that their job search campaign doesn't have to be a never-ending struggle, successful job seekers approach the process with patience and persistence. If you want to be among the highly successful job seekers follow the seven steps outlined below. 1. Search with purpose Instead of trying to fit into a mold set by a hiring organization, target companies that match your goals and career values; doing this will allows you to focus your energy into searching for a position that is a natural fit.After all, you don't want to ...
By: HR Files
Recruiting for Starups
2008-05-30 18:30:00
A company by definition is a collection of people.This means that every company, no matter how big or small, will always be looking for people. This was the very idea that made one of the biggest web companies in India - when you think about it, there are so many sectors where an internet company could have made its mark, then how come the job sector became one the biggest successes in the Indian Internet History?The answer is easy. Looking for the right people, is hard. Earlier, there was no easy way to get them to come to you. You had to rely on your headhunters and friends to refer people. Jobs in the newspaper were not indexed. So if you missed a paper, you'll never see that job again. You had to wait for The Ascent every week, the other employment magazines and what not. changed that drastically. was the 'search' of the Indian Internet Industry. And they laughed (are still laughing) all the way to the bank.But if Naukri changed things so ...
Log out of fool’s paradise, focus on recruitment value creation with GoRe
2008-05-28 10:59:00
There is some bad news for the recruiting world: job creation rates are slowing down to 6% - 4%. There is some great news as well: As global markets consolidate, recruiters get the fantastic opportunity to revamp their head hunting machinery. In addition, this is a great time to focus on the long-term value creation and on quality of hires, as volumes go out of focus. Here are some important aspects of value creation powered by GoRecroot. Your business is focusing more on bottom line reality and less on top line activity. You need to do the same for your recruitment metrics: it is not the number of resumes, the number of phone calls or email, or even the number of interviews anymore. What matters is the number of positions filled and quality of hires. You created a job order over the weekend and have your mailbox flooded with responses. Are you thrilled? You should not be, in 2008 and moving forward. What would be of relevance is how many of these resumes map to your job order. Yo...
Cost Reporting
2008-05-24 21:41:00
To support our rapid business growth in Indonesia, we are inviting high caliber individuals to grow further our business as well as to build exciting & rewarding career together with us: Cost Reporting Reporting to Finance Controller, this position is accountable to perform inventory review and analysis to ensure assets are safeguarded and recorded according to correct accounting principles. ...
Liverpool: Reds kick off summer recruitment
2008-05-22 13:46:00
Rafael Benitez started his summer of change with the acquisition of defender Philipp Degen on Tuesday as new assistant boss Sammy Lee insisted Liverp2 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Website to be done - recruitment by tukituko
2008-05-18 23:57:00
We need a video recruitment website to be done. Like Looking for longterm relationship only, another websites are needed. (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: AJAX, Linux, PHP, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Video Services)
Government Jobs: U.S. Border Patrol Recruitment Day May 17th
2008-05-18 00:00:00
U.S. Border Patrol national recruiters are conducting an intensive recruiting event on Saturday, May 17 at the Chicago Marriott O?Hare, 8535 West Higgins Road, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The Border Patrol is searching for qualified men and women in the Edinburg area to join their ranks in U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the largest law enforcement agency in the country.
Recruitment demand hits four-year low for labour market
2008-05-14 10:00:00
Demand for staff has hit a four-year low, according to the latest quarterly Labour Market Outlook survey of UK employers by the C
Former Royal Mail HR chief to head up Recruitment and Employment Confederat
2008-05-13 16:30:00
Former Royal Mail HR director Kevin Green has been appointed chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). The REC is the trade body that represents the recruitment industry with a membership made u
Why Essex Recruitment Agencies Help People Move Up The Career Ladder
2008-05-13 07:00:00
Living in Essex for most of my life has made me realise that recruitment is a scarce and rare thing to come across, which can only mean relocation. It is unfair to think that at some point in your life you will need to make the sacrifices for your chosen career. For others this is ...
Recruitment goes 2.0?
2008-05-12 21:53:00
We've seen a lot of stuff go 2.0... media, business, videos, even politics. But now a company called Simplicant claims to have struck Recruitment 2.0! How? "By using powerful web 2.0 concepts like tags, ranking and collaboration to make the hiring process easier, smoother and more fun for small and medium sized companies (SMEs)" read more | digg story [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Success Story: Laid Off Worker Is Hired Leveraging His Personal Brand
2008-05-12 13:14:00
I’ve written 267 posts on personal branding in just over a year and today I have yet another reason not to stop (don’t worry this blog will last till I die). I’ve started to get more and more emails telling me how my advice has helped others succeed. Bob Tarne emailed me last ...
Recruitment Company With A Real Difference
2008-05-11 02:02:00
Recently I met Mark Wallis who has started a recruitment service called Peer Placement. Why is his service different and why does it deserve a plug on my blog? Firstly because Mark himself is a developer and he understands the unpleasant experience of dealing with so called IT recruiters who measure programming skills in years ...
Staff Selection Commission Results,Recruitment of S.I. In CPO
2008-05-10 12:45:00
Staff Selection Commission Results Staff Selection Commission Results Recruitment of S.I. In CPO,2007-Declaration of result of candidates,qualified in Paper-I(OMR) of written part, for PETAnnounced on 8-May-2008 For more Results click here Admissions Education in India Informations in India >>> Click HereIITs  IIMs   NITs  III-Ts  Universities -;  Distance Education
Recruitment in changing business scenarios
2008-05-09 14:19:00
Here are important pointers to cope in changing business - economic conditions. 1. Job positions that involve duplications of skill sets are prone to be cut down. 2. Focus on value additions - if you are delivering mass quantities of common place talent, immediately focus on value additions. Non value added transactional operators and job boards will be cut in size. 3. More active candidates in the talent pool directly translates to greater demand for passive candidates. Can you reach out to passive candidates effectively? Is your job order to resume mapping software intelligent enough? Is your passive candidate communication multi media enabled and interactive? 4. Tough economic conditions create significant demand for specializations - 9/11 created positions in defense, construction, legal. Sub prime is creating positions for specialty real estate professionals or analysts in banking. 5. Recruiter collaboration and networking is important. You need to network synergies with f...
The Theory of eBrand Attraction
2008-05-08 13:13:00
Out of everything I’ve learning on my personal branding journey, the Theory of eBrand Attraction is one of the most significant. I say this because the whole idea of eBranding is to expose exactly who you are, in a very authentic way, to the world. When this occurs, there are those that are ...
OS2i launches Internet Recruitment Training Program
2008-05-07 21:50:00
OS2i, an India based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company has recently launched Internet Recruitment Training Program to make online staffing process simpler and effective as well. With the advent of Internet and latest improvements of web technologies, the world is now webby than ever. Employers and recruiters have started using Internet and online resources when ...
Agencies face large falls in online recruitment spending
2008-05-07 18:24:00
Spending on recruitment agencies could fall by almost a third in the near future, according to an expert. James Saunders, managing director of online recruitment consultancy 4MAT, believes medium and large companies will sl
2008-05-06 15:52:00
Name and Address of Company: State bank of India CENTRAL RECRUITMENT & PROMOTION DEPARTMENT ADVERTISEMENT NO. CRPD/CR/2008-09/1 About Company: Central Recruitment & Promotion Department, State Bank of India, Corporate Centre, Mumbai invites on-line applications from Indian citizens for appointment in the Clerical Cadre posts in State Bank of India. Candidates are requested to apply online between 01.05.2008 and 31.05.2008through Bank?s ...
Build Credibility For Your Personal Brand With Endorsements
2008-05-06 13:17:00
Today I want to talk about endorsements. In my opinion, this is one of the more important posts on this blog because, at the end of the day, endorsements are currency. Most people don’t start off trusting your brand, but everyone has at least one person that they do trust. In order to ...
Top Ten Corporate HR Bloggers
2008-05-06 06:17:00
The following bloggers are familiar with the HR industry as it pertains to the corporate world. Beyond HR: On this blog, a professional HR talent researcher shares his secrets.Breakout Performance: Breakout Performance is a blog that shares its author?s innovative approach to analyzing human management and balancing social and business strategies in the workplace.Dr. John Sullivan & Associates: This corporate advisor publishes articles about everything related to HR: college recruiting, employee screening and assessment tests, training, and new hire orientation.Evil HR Lady: This humorous blog is all about one woman?s experiences as the ?Evil HR Lady? in a corporate office.HR and Strategies: This grad student combines human resources philosophies with hard news.HR Daily Advisor: This is a fantastic resource for any HR professional. Find entries about HR policy and ethics, as well as payroll and religious issues.HR Metrics: HR Metrics is an organization...
By: HR Files
Agency with a heart trains, deploys aviation workers
2008-05-04 00:45:00
Agency with a heart trains, deploys aviation workers VENUS International Placement Agency, Inc. is the only recruitment agency in the country that helped establish an aviation training school known as the Philippine International School of Aviation Sciences (PISAS). These two entities remain distinct from each other, though. Venus operates as a regular recruitment agency, while the ...
Mr Change visits online recruitment advertising and employer branding
2008-04-30 13:34:00
Online recruitment, e-recruitment, employer branding, internet employment posts, online branding solutions - many different names for recruiters using the internet to search and source talent. We call it ads & branding solutions for recruitment. Essentially you advertise as part of your talent or job search or you build a brand. A recruiter or staffing consultant builds a long term brand to source both job orders and talent. A hiring manager builds brand to attract quality traffic to his career site. Quality here is determined by how well his ad is targeted for, his keywords of choice. Or, it can be a job seeker showcasing his profile with a voice clip to solicit global positions. How this any different from traditional online advertising? In several ways: 1. Pay for impressions, pay for eye balls - are phrases that are severely admonished 2. Recruitment ads have quantified results - typically sourcing targets 3. Targeted - segmented advertising is essential for recruiting 4....
Balikbayan nabbed for illegal recruitment
2008-04-30 00:13:00
MANILA, Philippines - A convicted illegal recruiter who managed to slip out of the country was arrested Monday by elements of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) at the airport when she returned to the country, according to GMA’s 24 Oras Tuesday. During the media presentation at the NBI office Tuesday, illegal recruiter Coney Bernaldez come face ...
3-6 Months Temp Accounts Assistants
2008-04-29 18:49:00
3-6 Months Temp Accounts Assistants - New! Responsibilities -Handle partial/full sets of accounts including AP and AR -Assist in the reconciliation between the accounts. -Prepare intercompany reconciliation -Prepare accounting schedules and management reports -Perform any other general accounting duties. Requirements -A level / Dip and above. -Some accounting experience is an added advantage. -Meticulous and possess positive working attitude. -Able to start work immediately or on ...
Financial Controller
2008-04-29 18:33:00
Financial Controller-Shanghai Our client is a private fund management entity, wholly owned by one of the largest real estate companies in Asia. They are actively looking for a dynamic Financial Controller to join a small dynamic team (40+) that provides a fun work environment in the vibrant city of Shanghai. Reporting to: ...
Collection Manager
2008-04-29 18:20:00
Collection Manager Qualification : -Male/Female, age 38-40 years old above. -Bachelor Degree’s or Higher in Accounting, Finance, or related filed. -Minimum 8-10 years work experience in collection function from Car or Motorcycle Dealer more preferable and able to manage teams and branches including plan strategies to achieve mission. -Able to setting up new working procedure, company policy as well ...
Credit Control Manager
2008-04-29 18:18:00
Credit Control Manager Qualification : -Male/Female, age 38-40 years old above. -Bachelor Degree’s or Higher in Accounting, Finance or related filed. -Minimum 8-10 years work experience in credit control from Leasing, Car or Motorcycle Dealer, more preferable or personal. loan credit card, housing loan or related product. -Able to setting up new working procedure, company policy as well as required ...
Job recruitment Software Engineer / Team Lead (Java/J2ee) - Choice Softw
2008-04-29 08:03:00
Job Vacancies: Choice Software is a leading IT Consulting and Services company. We employ over 300 dedicated and highly skilled professionals across offices in Singapore, India, USA and UK. We specialize in I.T temporary staffing, contract assignments, outsourcing projects etc. CHOICE finds the... ASIAN JOBS Job Vacancy Information in s'pore, malaysia, india, and more country in asia. This Site collecting many job information opportunities, wherever they came from and Its contents covered : Tips & Tricks, Education Field, Oil and Mines Job, Engineering Works, Hotels and Restaurants, Health and Hospital, Internet and computer, bank & Finance, Automotive, Government,Chemicals, Law, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources Development, Secretary, travel and aviation, etc.
Hiring slowdown? Tech firms delaying campus recruitment
2008-04-29 00:00:00
India currently produces around 495,000 technical graduates2 Vote(s)
Senior Accounts Exec / Assistant Accountant
2008-04-27 20:44:00
Senior Accounts Exec / Assistant Accountant ($2.5 - $4K) Job Description: -Responsible for Full Sets of accounts. -Prepare accurate monthly management reports as part of the month end closing process, including timely and accurate. submission of monthly P&L reports, AR/AP closing and accruals. -Prepare audit schedules, reports and statistical information to statutory government bodies and management. -Review existing processes, workflow ...
Senior Financial Analyst
2008-04-27 20:38:00
Senior Financial Analyst ($5K - $6K) Job Scope -Oversees, plan and consolidate monthly forecast and quarterly outlook for Revenue, Cash Flow and Operational Expenses. -Responsible for compiling the overall company P&L and regional P&L analysis for management review. -Provide monthly and yearly financial close and variance analysis. -Provide costs and benefits analysis for management to make informed business decisions. -Identify risks ...
10 Established Recruitment Agencies in KL
2008-04-27 12:32:00
1. Kelly Services An American-origin company, Kelly Services provides temporary staffing, outsourcing, payroll, vendor-on-site and permanent (full time) placement services. Kelly operates in more than 30 countries worldwide, listed in NASDAQ, and became one of the earliest foreign recruiters to have entered Malaysia. The recruitment agency provides employment to more than 700,00 people worldwide annually. Address: 17/02, ...
How To Find The Perfect Relationship and Your Dream Job
2008-04-25 17:03:00
Now that’s a headline to get excited about. Although I cannot provide all the answers in a single post, Shawn Graham’s new book “Courting Your Career” may help you. The same dating game that we all go through is similar to our job search. For you to stay at a company for over ...
Online recruitment is right fit for Boots
2008-04-25 10:30:00
High street health and beauty retailer Boots will und
Linda Woods talks affiliate recruitment with Revenue
2008-04-24 19:17:00
A new article about affiliate recruitment in Revenue magazine features an interview with PartnerCentric President Linda Woods. The article, with the headline "Looking for a few good affiliates," explores recruitment from a number of angles. The article asks the experts: - Which affiliates are the best fit for my program? - Is it wise to rely on the networks for new affiliates? - Where do I find the best performing affiliates? - Should I focus on super affiliates alone? - What tools can I use for recruitment? - Should I meet affiliates face to face? Linda Woods says it is essential to meet new affiliates face to face by attending events that affiliates attend such as Affiliate Summit. "If you sell lawn chairs, you need to go and meet the top home and garden sites," Woods says. To read the full article, visit the Revenue magazine site.
Villar wants stiffer penalties vs illegal recruiters, human traffickers
2008-04-24 15:17:00
MANILA, Philippines - After helping in the repatriation of 15 distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from the Middle East, Senate President Manny Villar is now seeking heavier penalties against syndicates involved in human trafficking and illegal recruitment. Villar on Thursday filed Senate Resolution No. 366 which urges the Senate to conduct a comprehensive review of ...
Gov?t exposes scam to hire Pinoy workers over internet
2008-04-24 03:43:00
Gov’t exposes scam to hire Pinoy workers over internet The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) today exposed a spurious hotel, ostensibly operating in the United Kingdom (UK), for its scam to recruit overseas Filipino workers for non-existent hotel jobs such as receptionists, cashiers, waiters, and waitresses in London. “We strongly forewarn unwary OFWs and would-be OFWs, ...
College Students Fail When They Ask For Jobs Instead Of Relationships
2008-04-23 15:13:00
Within 24 hours, I’ve been given the impression that college students ask for jobs from alumni, without trying to start a relationship or at least network. I just got through speaking with one of my friends who is a freshman in college and we have a networking event today for our fraternity and ...
Recruitment group pushes for no placement fee policy in Guam
2008-04-22 14:26:00
MANILA, Philippines - An association of recruitment agencies in the Philippines will ask the government to implement a ‘No Placement Fee Policy’ for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) bound for Guam starting next year. In a statement on Tuesday, Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI) president Victor Fernandez said they will recommend the said policy to ...
Special Recruitment drive for SCs/STs/PHs and OBCs IIT Kanpur
2008-04-22 06:06:00
    Name and Address of Company: INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KANPUR About Company:  IIT Kanpur, an Institute of national importance, invites applications from Indian nationals for the following posts : 1. Librarian : 01 post (UR) (Pay Scale : Rs.16400-22400/-) 2. Executive Engineer (Electrical) : 01 post (UR) (Pay Scale : Rs.10000-15200/-) 3. Senior Library Information Assistant : 01 post (OBC-1) (Pay ...
Finance Manager
2008-04-20 11:50:00
Finance Manager Our client is a leading property group with broad skills across the property value chain. Their three core businesses are project management and construction, property investment management and property development. Due to growth, they are now looking for a Finance Manager based in Singapore. The job duties include but are not limited to: -Management reporting and monthly ...
Production Superintendent
2008-04-19 14:21:00
Production Superintendent (Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Selatan) Responsibilities: -Salary is negotiable. -Attractive packages are available for top candidates. -Role is FIFO Requirements: -Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mining) or equivalent. -Required skill(s): mechanical, operations -At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. -Applicants must be willing to work in South Kalimantan. -Applicants should ...
Mechanical Engineer
2008-04-19 14:13:00
Mechanical Engineer (Kalimantan Selatan - South Kalimantan) Responsibilities: Benefits : -Salary is negotiable. -Attractive packages are available for top candidates. -Role is FIFO. Requirements: -Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical) or equivalent. -Required skill(s): mechanical, design. -A minimum 5 years experience in the power generation and piping industry gained through either design or technical project management roles. -Applicants must be willing ...
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