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Syria?s Failed Ramadan Crackdown
2011-08-22 08:22:00
Via – Coveting Freedom Babak Dehghanpisheh reports on the military crackdown by Assad?s regime and the protests that followed.Show original Tags: military crackdown <BR/>
Initiation into Ramadan: a Western Wayfarer’s experience of Fasting for t
2010-09-03 06:54:00
1. In the end a person tires of everything except heart’s desiring and soul’s journeying. ~ Rumi la ilaha illa Allah I am done with everything except Thee, O Thee! ~ a dervish interpretation of the kalima Sometimes in my life things happen that have a small and insignificant effect on the way I lead my life, and then suddenly, without any warning, and without any explanation or logical
Ramadan Mubarak
2010-08-12 06:47:00
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Nella Striscia di Gaza, dove il Ramadan dura 365 giorni all'anno
2009-09-16 06:08:00
Il mio articolo per Il Manifesto di domenica:     Il mio paffuto vicino di casa, Abu Ghalium, si è compiace di aver già perso 4 chili dopo circa 20 giorni di Ramadan. Beato lui, mi sono detto, che potrà recuperarli facilmente dopo il mese di digiuno, facendo parte di quella elite di privilegiati palestinesi che non soffrono più di tanto l'occupazione, ma anzi si rimpinguano le tasche offrendo appartamenti in affitto e servizi alla cooperazione internazionale. In realtà, qui a Gaza nulla è più snervante, avvilente e smagrente dell'assedio israeliano. E perdendosi nell'arnia appiccicosa di umanità nei pidocchiosi vicoli dei campi profughi, dove passi appena se sei sovrappeso, dove il sole batte impietoso facendo evaporare ogni miraggio di oasi di pace, e le mosche battono in ritirata stanche di poggiarsi sopra tanta misera; nelle tendopoli su a nord, ad Abed Rabbo, dove interi nuclei famigliari sono ...
Ramadan, Price Hike and People
2009-08-30 10:36:00
Despite different announcements by the government the prices of commodities keep rising all the time. Unchecked price hike is particularly visible at three occasions; before and during Ramadan, before and after annual budget and in between whenever prices of Petrol go up.All nation and economies around the world respect their national and religious festive celebrations and reduce prices, announce clearance sales and help every one to make purchases. Pre Christmas sale is one of the best examples. Contrary to this spirit, we face unchecked price increase before and during Ramadan and before sacred occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. ?The present situation indicates that rulers are not consumer friendly as they are backing hoarders, investors, capitalists besides working on the agenda of IMF and WB,? says PRM President Dr Aasim Sajjad, ?sugar crisis was witnessed widely and the government pledged to deal with hoarders with iron hands but now situation was out of control? he added. Market scout...
Ramadan Kareem
2009-08-28 01:52:00
So, I’m sitting at my desk eating lunch. My office door is closed, and there’s a knock. I thought I heard the voice of the other Chris in the office, so I opened it, figuring he was either coming to share gossip or ask me for something. I open the door in mid-chew. Instead of Chris, I ...
Ramadan Begins
2009-08-23 13:32:00
During the month of Ramadan, Allah revealed the first verses of the Quran (divine book that has and will remain intact for all the times) on His last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) (around C.E. 610).Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar calendar, during which Muslims fast from before sunrise to after sunset. Nothing is consumed during daylight hours in this period. Islam follows a lunar calendar which means that the months of the year are measured according to the revolutions of the moon around the earth (each month begins with the sighting of the new moon). The Muslim lunar calendar begins at the point of migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Makka to Madina over 1400 years ago.For Muslims around the world the month of Ramadan is a "month of blessing" marked by prayer, fasting, and charity. Ramadan has special significance since it is the month in which Muslims show more empathy towards the poor and downtrodden. After the sun sets, the fast is broken with a meal known as iftar. ...
Ramadan 2009 in Palestina
2009-08-22 14:04:00
Il sole che ambra la pelle e arroventa le notti è lo stesso, ma l'ingiustizia di due estati a confronto è palpabile anche per una mente superficiale. Restiamo Umani. L'ESTATE ISRAELIANA: L’ingiustizia dell’occupazione non costa nulla agli Israeliani Francamente, non è superfluo tutto ciò? Che il presidente degli Stati Uniti consacri buona parte del suo tempo prezioso e della sua buona volontà per tentar di convincere della necessità di por fine al conflitto arabo-israeliano. Che gli europei si tengano pronti ad entrare in azione e che metà del pianeta sia in attesa. Ma siamo sinceri: perché tutta questa agitazione attorno a noi? I coloni potrebbero lanciare grida e bloccare le strade. Le Forze di Difesa Israeliane potrebbero perdere d’importanza e le informazioni potrebbero anche diventare noiose. Il vigneto nelle alture del Golan potrebbe chiudere, come la boutique dei vini nella colonia di Ofra. Il f...
Makkah Gears Up for Ramadan
2009-08-06 01:56:00
MAKKAH: The Makkah municipality will largely focus on street cleaning, environmental safety and guaranteeing supply of hygienic food at restaurants during the month of Ramadan. Makkah Mayor Osama Al-Bar said on Sunday, ??The municipality has made preparations for the large number of pilgrims and visitors gathering in Makkah in the holy month of Ramadan and ...
Ramadan departs | Eid Mubarak
2008-09-30 00:32:00
The month of fasting, Ramadan, is often greeted by the Sufis as a good friend, and as a welcome and honoured guest. They love to see this guest come, but also to see him go.The implication of the first is clear, but perhaps not of the second. The end of the month of fasting is followed by a feast. In ordinary terms it means that you can eat and drink.In Sufi terms the feast implies the meeting with the Beloved. The Beloved is then the cupbearer Who pours out the wine of gnosis and love.Jami writes (ghazal #1-178 p. 201):Helal-e 'id jostan kaar-e 'aam astHelal-e 'id-e khaasaan daur-e jaam ast.The search of the crescent of the feastis the work of the common people.For the elite, the circling movement of the gobletis the crescent of the feast.That is why a Chishti pir often said: "May every day be a day of festival to you!"As the moon of Ramadan come to an end and the new moon appear on the horizon, it marks the islamic festival, Eid ul Fitr. Depending on geographic location, muslim...
Ramadan Sonnets | Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
2008-09-21 10:01:00
JEALOUS LOVERThe fast is also likebeing so wracked with loveyou can't eat. Tossed andwrenched and high and dry withsingle-minded devotion and expectation that no singlebite or sip can pass our lips, oureyes are parched, throat dry,head gone elsewhere almost entirely, andonly with extreme concentration can weperform our usual tasks with anythinglike normality.It sweeps us off our feet. It'sbigger than we are. It goesoff with all our thoughts.It's a jealous lover.HIS GENEROUS PLEASURE... Passion is a giftwe return to the Giverin full enjoymentof His generouspleasure.1."Ramadan Sonnets" is one of the most cited work of poetry of contemporary American poet and essayist Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore (born 1940), who is also referred as "American Islam's poet laureate."About the HISTORY AND BACKDROPS of the Ramadan Sonnets, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore mentions: "At the beginning of Ramadan 1406 (May, 1986), living in California by the Pacific Ocean, having experienced about sixteen Ramadans up ...
Ramadan Dinner @ Columbia University
2008-09-17 06:50:00
Once again, the Osmanli Naksibendi Tarikat is hosting an iftar/supper at Columbia University during Ramadan. Last year it was a SMASH-HIT! People, Muslim and non-Muslim alike were talking about it long after Ramadan had passed. For some it was a moment to break their fast with more than the 3 other Muslims they know on campus. ...
By: Wa Salaam
Ramadan Dinner @ Columbia University
2008-09-17 06:50:00
Once again, the Osmanli Naksibendi Tarikat is hosting an iftar/supper at Columbia University during Ramadan. Last year it was a SMASH-HIT! People, Muslim and non-Muslim alike were talking about it long after Ramadan had passed. For some it was a moment to break their fast with more than the 3 other Muslims they know on campus. ...
By: Wa Salaam
Ramadan Mubarak | Blessed Ramadan to all
2008-09-01 07:21:00
The most eagerly awaited month in Islamic calendar is Ramadan and this year, 2008 this will be Ramadan of 1429 Hijri Year. Exactly 1441 years ago (12 year prior of the Hijra), during his annual retreat and seclusion in the small cave called Hira on Jabal al-Nur (the Mountain of Light), Holy Prophet Muhammad, blessed be his soul, received the first divine revelation of the Quran.This year Ramadan begins in most part of the world on 1st of September. According to my teacher, Sidi Said al-Jamal, may God be pleased with him, the Head of the Sufi Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land and teacher at the Masjid al-Aqsa (the Dome of the Rock); and also according to the Moon Sighting site: "The holy fasting month of Ramadan will start Monday, September 1, in most Arab and Gulf countries as well as North America and European countries.August 31, will be the last day of the month of Sha'ban and Ramadan will fall on Monday, September 1, added the council. Based on calculations, more than 35 c...
Etude : O serez-vous pour le Ramadan cette anne 2008 ?
2008-08-31 22:43:00
Donnez votre opinion et faire part de votre projet pour le Ramadan 2008
Preparation for Ramadan | the quintessential month of fasting
2008-08-27 08:00:00
Ramadan (also pronounced as Ramzan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, the blessed month in which the Quranic revelation started. This month is the hallmark of special blessing and a quintessential month of fasting (sawm). The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, and months begin when the first crescent of a new moon is sighted. This year 2008 the start of Ramadan is expected to begin on 1st of September.During this month it's recommended in Quranic principle to fast from all food and drink from sunrise till sunset for the whole lunar month uninterrupted. It is not just an Islamic practice but a universal spiritual practice that was recommended to all other communities in the past including the earlier Prophets and Apostles. The Final Testament testifies: "O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint." - The Quran 2:183Fasting is very much a spiritual reality in the Judeo-Christian tradition su...
Boicottiamo Tariq Ramadan e Valerio Evangelisti, e non La Fiera del Libro
2008-05-06 09:37:00
Boicottiamo Tariq Ramadan e Valerio Evangelisti, e non La Fiera del Libro     di Giuseppe Iannozzi       A pochi giorni dall’inaugurazione della Fiera del Libro di Torino c’è ancora chi polemizza, a volte con argomenti a dir poco fallaci e privi di qualsivoglia buonsenso, altre ancora in modo del tutto pecoreccio. Tra i contestatori non troppo eccellenti anche Valerio Evangelisti, sulle colonne di Carmilla on line: “[…] Attualmente, oltre a strangolare Gaza e Cisgiordania, il governo di Israele ha cominciato a infierire anche sui palestinesi che hanno la sua cittadinanza. Creato il nemico, spintolo all'integralismo islamico, riaffiorano i propositi di cancellarlo per sempre, proprio come etnia. Persino alcuni ministri israeliani ne parlano senza riserve. E questo lo Stato cui il Salone del Libro di Torino intende rendere onore, celebrandone la nascita: una specie di apologia del colonialismo moderno. E ora veniamo al ...
The Wacky World of Tariq Ramadan
2008-03-02 19:10:00
Tariq Ramadan is an enigma. The grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna and the son of the late top Brotherhood leader in Europe, the Swiss academic is the probably the most celebrated Muslim public "intellectual" on the planet today. He is no longer welcome in France or Egypt, and his appointment to the faculty of Notre Dame is very much in doubt, based on the Department of Homeland Security's denial of his U.S. visa. The denial is premised on his financial support to Hamas, which...(read more)
La fatwa di Tariq Ramadan invita a boicottare la Fiera del Libro
2008-02-07 14:15:00
La fatwa di Tariq Ramadan invita a boicottare la Fiera del Libro di Giuseppe Iannozzi Questa triste storia di chi vorrebbe boicottare la Fiera del Libro è l'allarmante sintomo di un estremismo politico a solo danno della cultura tout court.   Tariq Ramadan ha invitato "tutti coloro che hanno una coscienza viva" a boicottare la Fiera del Libro di Torino. Da evidenziare che Rifondazione Comunista gioca per il boicottaggio. Fausto Bertinotti si disgiunge dalle idee del suo partito, almeno in questa occasione. Di fatto la Sinistra - se una Sinistra in Italia ancora c'è - è più che mai frammentata, e lo dimostra ancora una volta oggi. Piero Fassino invita a respingere il boicottaggio: "Chiunque abbia una coscienza democratica deve respingere nel modo più netto ed esplicito il boicottaggio". Dario Fo invece auspica Israele e Palestina ospiti d'onore a Torino. E Moni Ovadia, amico di Fo, dice anche lui la sua - con u...
Men & Women
2008-01-16 22:52:00
This is a way long relationship since the age of our father Adem and our mother Hawa (Adam & Eve).But how come people does not master this relationship yet?Why still there are women ignoring men and men looking forward easy women...?Why is everything in the other way wrong?In my point of view, I relate this matter of course to religious bases; there are two cases:Muslims who look for our prophet PBUH teaching find a hardship to fulfill they tasks the way it should be but end up in peace and true Love.Muslim who does not care or know how to follow our prophet's teaching they miss a lot from both sides and cannot taste Love since they spend they time looking for reality.The rest of the world, people how follow they own thoughts and feelings, those people in general live in peace and happiness since the devil is putting a spell on them and letting them see every thing blooming...From which side are you located? Do you have any idea about the other sides???I personally don't know ...
2008-01-10 15:16:00
PurDil Khan had been under a lot of pressure lately. Even before the month of fasting had started his wife was nagging him on a number of issues. She wanted his help to stock essentials like sugar, rice, flour and ghee before the prices would shoot up for the holidays. She also wanted him to ...
Satuday Video Roundup: It?s a war on Christmas (and every other @#*%!&$ hol
2007-12-22 06:00:00
Ho Ho Humbug, boys and girls, and welcome back for that most specialist SVR of the year. If you’ve got Jack Retailer nipping at your wallet, brew yourself up a toddy and settle back as SRTV presents our inaugural War on the Holidays Spectacular! Up first, Weird Al shows us that the apocalypse doesn’t have to be a downer! Too futuristic for you? Well, here’s something a little more traditional - imagine with us, if you will, the smell of chipmunks roasting on an open fire. Do you hate that damned repetitive “12 Days of Christmas” as much as we do? Not bloody likely, but let’s say you do, for the sake of argument. Here are some guys who’ve actually figured out how to make it fun. And I don’t mean “fun” in the way that betting on how many eggnogs it will take before Aunt Gladys passes out in Little Jimmy’s lap this year is fun, eit...
Amen to Ramadan, but forget about Christmas
2007-12-14 02:06:00
Only weeks after voting for a resolution that “recognizes the Islamic faith as one of the great religions of the world,” nine Democrats in the U.S. House refused to vote for a Christmas resolution that condemns the worldwide persecution of Christians. U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., was on the list of those who endorsed the ...
Congressional Dems Vote Yes on Ramadan, No on Christmas
2007-12-13 19:10:00
Found via Moonbattery Not all Democrats in Congress bother to be subtle about their hostility toward our culture, and their eagerness to pander to those who share that hostility.A few weeks ago Congress passed a resolution recognizing the brutal terrorist cult Islam as “one of the great religions of the world” and honoring Ramadan. It passed ...
Ramadan - Eid-al-Adha
2007-12-11 09:56:00
This year December 20 is Eid-al-Adha. The Ohio Public Libray Information Network has links to more info about Ramadan. That is one complicated winter holiday to figure out timing for. The OPLIN site has a link to s more winter holiday info including Ramadan from the Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio, Inc. Thank goodness I saw the WOSU article about all the winter holidays and what the symbols mean to the cultures celebrating... "Signs of the seasons: Hanukkah, Eid al-Adha, Christmas and Kwanzaa all have traditional holiday symbols" Copyright 2007 Discover Columbus and Maureen McCabe
Hajj 08 at Second Life
2007-11-05 20:53:00
It was such a great idea to celebrate Ramadan 2007 at 2nd Life, when the IOL?s team were working on a project through 2nd Life to prepare Ramadan Tent, where Muslims and non-Muslims can go through the Tent shows and enjoy the stay specially after having breakfast and they ...
Sept trade data expected to show impact of Ramadan, commodity prices
2007-10-31 08:34:00
Indonesia September trade data due out Thursday is expected to show the negative impact from the Muslim Ramadan fasting month although some economists are hoping that strong commodity prices will boost exports. Seven economists surveyed by Thomson Financial said they expect September exports to come in a range of 9.39-9.75 billion US dollars against 9.61 billion US dollars in August. Imports are expected to range from 6.26-7.03 billion US dollars against 6.85 billion dollars in August. Economists are expecting the September trade surplus to come in between 2.58-3.46 billion US dollars compared with 2.76 billion dollars in August, and 3.20 billion US dollars a year ago.Indonesia News Blog:
Bombing Celebrates the end of Ramadan
2007-10-15 19:44:00
Indian police said on Monday that an explosion that killed six people and injured 32 in a packed cinema hall in northern India was a “terrorist” bombing. Hundreds of people — mainly poor migrant workers — were crammed into the theatre in the industrial city of Ludhiana in Punjab state to watch Sunday’s late-night screening of ...
Ramadan In Thailand Offers Moments Of Peace
2007-10-15 15:54:00
Thailand’s three southern provinces are the only areas in which Muslims constitute a majority of the population. After a month of fasting for Ramadan, Thai Muslims celebrated Idul Fitri, day to mark the end of the holiday, with renewed hope the violence which has wracked the provinces will soon end. A Muslim led insurgency which began in January, 2004 has led to the deaths of over 3,400 people. Thai Muslims charge the dominant Buddhist government refuses to acknowledge the rights of minorities. In response, the Thai army has been heavily engaged in military actions in the area. Mohammad Rahman, as he left his mosque said: “Today at least, we are not afraid of shootings or murder. I hope the momentum for less violence will continue.” Unfortunately, his area witnessed ten deaths within a week. The Muslim led insurgency in southern Thailand is another example of what happens when governments fail to take a proactive stance in ensuring minorities enjoy equal rights. A...
The End of Ramadan
2007-10-15 13:31:00
The End of RamadanRabat, MoroccoOctober 13, 2007Homepage: winding alleys of Sale.The coast of Rabat.The sweets of Ramadan.The streets are full of people and the people are full of food; for it is the end of Ramadan, and Rabat is full of festivity. Every corridor and ally of the city is crammed with food carts, ice creameries, and orange juice shops on wheels. Smiles adorn the faces of every little child and grizzled old man. Another Ramadan is has passed and a new dawn rises on the Muslim world.Now that all sins are purged, another long year of sin making can commence. The children seem to have engaged upon this venture with added vigilance. Huge packs of little boys were running wild all over the city, throwing stones, climbing up walls, and bothering the tourist. One particularly aggressive gang of ten year olds were throwing their stones a little too close for Mira’s comfort.“Can I spit on them?” she asked.“Yeah, go for it,”...
Ramadan in Space
2007-10-14 16:04:00
The first Muslim Astronaut who is due in space during Ramadan has been given special dispensation.Interesting because I was having a discussion with Mark Wadsworth about how you could keep Ramadan in the Arctic or the Antarctic.
Ramadan bombs rock Afghanistan
2007-10-13 18:10:00
Ramadan bombs rock Afghanistan
Eid Mubarak
2007-10-13 09:57:00
May you celebrate the most beautiful eid dayThenmay life shower on you abundant joy and happinessVery good nasheed by The Whisper of Peace on the occasion of Eid day:A nice video by Suleiman Salem:Another great video (must watch) by Sumaya:Eid Song by Sami Yusuf (The Day of Eid):Eid celebration nasheed. In Arabic (Ahmad Bukhatir - Ya Eid):
Happy Ramadan
2007-10-12 12:24:00
Ramadan is an Islamic religious observance during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when the Qur'an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad."Ramadan" means intense heat, scorched ground, and shortness of rations. Prayers, fasting, charity, and self-accountability are given priority during Ramdan. Ramadan is divided into three 'ten-days' parts. They are Rahmah, mercy of God, Maghfirah, forgiveness of God , and Najah, salvation. During the month following Ramadan, called Shawaal, Muslims are encouraged to fast for a further six days. The most prominent event of Ramadan month is the daytime fasting, practised by most observant Muslims. Every day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world get up before dawn to eat and perform their fajr prayer and start fasting.The ill people and travellers will perform their Ramadan obligations during some other days. Children and the elderly/ pregnant women are exempted from the fasting.Muslims put more effort into the...
Zakat - The third pillar of Islam
2007-10-12 08:28:00
What is Zakat ?Zakat is an obligatory act ordained by Allah (The Glorified and Exalted) to be performed by every adult and able bodied Muslim. It is an important pillar among the five pillars of Islam. Zakat is a part of the wealth and property that Muslims must pay annually, to help the poor of their community. One of the main purposes of Zakat is to keep those who are wealthy clean, monetarily, from sin. It is a form of Sadaqah (charity) which is obligatory on Muslims.Read more FAQ for Zakat:Why should I pay Zakat?Who is required to pay Zakat?Who is entitled to receive Zakat?Who cannot be given Zakat?How should I Calculate Zakat?How is Zakat to be distributed?Other important:Zakat CalculatorDownload Zakat Excel SheetSource
Empire State Building Going ?Hamas Green? for Ramadan
2007-10-11 18:12:00
Brilliant is the only word that can describe making the Empire State Building green to signify the end of Ramadan. I’m sure New Yorker’s will beam with pride as the official color of Hamas glows brightly over the city with the largest Jewish population. It makes sense to recognize Christian and Jewish holidays, because that represents ...
Muslim girls in an ancient mosque: Photos of Ramadan and Eid preparation
2007-10-09 21:25:00
Here Palestinian Muslim girls are seen reading Holy Quran at the ancient Sheikh Nasrallah Mosque on the West Bank village of Salem near Nablus.The other is the scene from Damascus Gate on Lailatul Qadr. People in a mood of celebration in Jerusalem.The photo below is also from the same region. Here the Muslims are seen praying at an Israeli checkpost while trying to reach Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem for Lailatul Qadr. A unique photo is from Malaysia where women are seen buying flowers ahead of Eid to decorate their houses. That's new for me. Really cool, isn't it!Urdu Muslim India Islam Poetry Religion Hindu Shairi Ghalib Literature Ada Lucknow Meer Faiz Indian Muslim Blog Cricket Ghazal Blogger Islamic Hindi Kavita Shayar Sahitya
A Ramadan visit to the two Holy Masjids
2007-10-09 20:22:00
One of the great advantages of staying in Saudi Arabia is that you get to visit these blessed places often. Alhamdulillah, Sameer and I visited Madinah & Makkah in the Holy month of Ramadan and enjoyed the hospitality of Muslims who inhabit this lovely place. Wednesday 2100 hours We took a budget flight to Madinah after office ...
UCLA Muslim students observe Ramadan together with Non-Muslims | Fast-a-tho
2007-10-09 18:39:00
News excerpts from contribution by Helen Yim, Daily Bruin contributor. On Tuesday (today, Oct 9), the Muslim Student Association (MSA) of UCLA will host Fast-a-thon, an event that invites non-Muslim students to experience a day of fasting. At 6:30 p.m., the MSA will invite the students that have fasted to break their fast together at a dinner on Bruin Plaza as student speakers discuss their experiences with fasting.While fasting during Ramadan helps Muslim students to reflect on their souls and grow closer to God, the increased religious commitments also challenge them to implement time management skills and provide opportunities to commune with each other.Naqib Shifa, a third-year geography and environmental studies student and president of MSA, said the goal of the Fast-a-thon is to give to charity while educating students about the importance of fasting to Muslims.Shifa said MSA plans to donate all the money raised in the Fast-a-thon to Islamic Relief, an organization that helps ...
No ?God? in Congressional Flag Certificates; House Passes Historic Ramadan
2007-10-09 15:49:00
Americans love the American flag. Most do, anyway. If you wanted, you could get a flag that was flown over the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Congress sends out these certificates with each flag, saying “Hey, this flag really was flown over the Capitol. No kidding.” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist ...
US Congress passes Ramadan Bill to demonstrate solidarity with Muslims in A
2007-10-08 19:28:00
?? Muslim Americans like to say, (America has) the most diverse group of Muslims anywhere except in Mecca during the annual pilgrimage or hajj. ... Infact, Muslim Americans represent the most affluent, integrated, politically engaged Muslim community in the Western world? ? Newsweek / special report, Islam in America. July 30, 2007 issue. In terms of diverse groups of Muslims, America is only second to Mecca during the annual pilgrimage or Hajj, when virtually Muslims from every corner of the globe gather in. One can find people of all race, color and nations there united as one humanity. After Mecca it is America which has the most diverse group of Muslims, people of faith who believe in One God, who believe in Prophet Muhammad as the last Divine messenger and also who believe in all the Biblical Prophets including Jesus Christ (and his second coming).:: The U.S. Congress passed the Ramadan resolution unanimously 376-0 on October 2,2007. This is HISTORIC for American- Muslims an...
Kongres Amerika Setujui UU Ramadan Bulan Suci
2007-10-07 19:13:00
[batak news; voa; ap; afp; puji syukur, alhamdulillah] Presiden Bush akhirnya berkata, teroris dan ekstremis tidak mewakili Islam.
Indonesians to celebrate end of Ramadan, start cramming bus and train stati
2007-10-07 15:31:00
Indonesia began its annual mass exodus Sunday when millions of people pour out of the major cities to return to their home villages to celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.Thousands have started crowding bus and train stations in the capital, Jakarta six days before Eid al-Fitr to beat the mass exodus later in the week when buses, cars and motorcycles create massive traffic jams on roads across the world's most populous Muslim nation.Transport officials estimate that nearly 15 million people will head to their home villages ? up 6 percent from last year ? for the two day celebration next weekend."The exodus through land transportation is expected to reach its peak three days before the Eid al-Fitr," said senior transportation ministry official Iskandar Abubakar.Indonesia News Blog:
COTU Companions of True Unity song Lord of Ramadan Islamic Rock Music Rap
2007-10-07 14:21:00
Who is COTU ? The Companions of True Unity This is a new song titled Lord of Ramadan Ramadan is the holy month of Fasting for all Muslims. Fasting ( Siyam ) is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Where Muslims fast from all food or drink from sunrise to sunset. I believe this is a group based out of Turkey. Here in the west we always talk about Turkey being part of an over all change in the East West relations. Turkey has always been attempting to become part of Europe and integrated into western society. They have not bee admitted to the UN for some many years. Recently the new Pope went to visit Turkey after there was tension, when he suggested in a speech that Islam was a barbaric religion with no value. In an attempt to build bridges and mend relations with the Muslim world, Pope Benedict XVI went to Turkey. This group which may also be German, is an interesting phenomenon. It has a mix of different languages and styles while still being very entertaining and spiritua...
Al Qaeda Ramadan offensive?
2007-10-06 14:57:00
The biggest deal of the feared Al Qaeda offensive so far has been a terrorist attack on a bakery (**prayer for the victims**). Behold the victims of the people we're fighting: => Read more!
Kongres AS Loloskan UU Ramadan
2007-10-05 12:10:00
Washington, DC - Di bulan Ramadan ini, umat Islam di AS mendapat kabar baik. Untuk pertama kalinya dalam sejarah, Kongres AS meloloskan RUU untuk memperingati dan mengakui bulan Ramadan sebagai bulan suci Islam. Dalam resolusi yang disponsori oleh Keith Ellison, satu-satunya muslim anggota Kongres AS asal Minessota ini, antara lain berisi dukungan terhadap Islam. “Untuk menunjukkan solidaritas ...
Into the last ten days of Ramadan | looking back at the purpose of Ramadan
2007-10-05 03:34:00
The blessed month of Ramadan, the month of fasting is winding to a close while we enter the final ten days of the holy month. As its about to finish, lets look back at the whole purpose of this practice of month long fasting. Its a good time to ponder on the very divine revelations concerning Ramadan. Perhaps God willing whatever time left we can be mindful and work towards its purpose.Since the Quran prescribed fasting specifically in the month of Ramadan, it is important to know the significance of this special time. A special feature of the Quran is that whenever it gives a command for action, it also provides the wisdom behind it. It tells what the final result of that action will be in this world, if it is successfully carried out. In this way the Quran provides a pragmatic test for people to see whether or not they are moving toward that desired result. (credit)Regarding fasting, the Quran says: "O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those befo...
Outside the Butcher?s Shop
2007-10-05 02:10:00
She walks in front of me, her thin black hair lying dead straight on her shoulders. A gust of wind picks up from time to time during this October evening in Cairo. It picks up plastic bags lying here and there, it twirls through a cat’s fur; yet it fails to blow through even a ...
The Breaking of the Fast: A View of Ramadan from the Inside
2007-10-04 16:15:00
The Breaking of the Fast: A View of Ramadan from the InsideMeknes, MoroccoOctober 3, 2007Homepage:“Mr. Wade, would you like to wash your feet?” Abdel asked me, as I was sitting upon his couch leafing through an old Moroccan English teacher’s manual.“No, Abdel, I think my feet are fine. Thank you though for asking,” I replied slightly puzzled.Abdel then suddenly sat down upon the couch opposite mine and immediately began prodding me with questions about my religious beliefs in rapid fire succession. The man of knowledge moves quickly, and Abdel wasted little time in trying to get me to divulge the grit of American culture and values. I was a guest in Abdel’s home that evening for a Ramadan repast, and he was sure to find out where my spiritual leanings lay.The evening meal during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is to be highly revered, cherished, and, ideally, shared in a family setting. The meal is a celebration in all senses, ...
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