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Indian Govt Launches OCR System For Hindi, Punjabi: Significant Step Toward
2011-09-26 10:35:00
In a welcome move, Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology has launched a web based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system for two Indian local languages: Hindi and Punjabi.  Along with this, he also launched a CD that contains Text-To-Speech software for 6 Indian Languages: Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Claiming that this initiative is a significant step towards digital inclusion of differently-able people from different linguistic background, Sachin Pilot effectively opened the door for millions of visually impaired Indians to access local content. For those unfamiliar with the term, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the mechanical or electronic- translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert books and documents into electronic files, to computerize a record-keeping system in an office. It was also blogged that in ...
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Punjabi Girl
2010-10-29 11:47:00
Eman, play group, in a Garrison Academy school project as Punjabi Girl.
Picture of Punjabi Nargis
2009-07-13 19:13:00
Sexy Lollywood actress aunty Nargis Punjabi Pictures
Jassi - ETC Punjabi
2009-06-05 08:39:00
Came across a very cute looking girl hosting a show titled "Superstar of the week" on ETC Punjabi "Dil apna punjabi" channel. Dont recall seeing "jassi" anywhere else.
''SINGH IS KINNG has a full on Punjabi flavor'' - Pritam - News
2008-06-25 02:00:00
Promotion of SINGH IS KINNG has begun and though one waits with a bated breath to hear and see how the Snoop Dogg song eventually turns out to be (rumoredly it is going to cost Rs. 7 crores for the makers)...... Read Original story
Amrinder Gill - Ishq (Punjabi Video in 3GP)
2008-05-24 11:09:00
. Click here to download
2008-05-13 15:25:00
Long established Bollywood giants from Punjab- Raj, Shammi, Shashi, Randhir and Rishi, Karishma and Kareena. Balraj Sahni, Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna the original filmy HE-MAN Dharmendra, Raj Babbar, Ranjeeta, Neetu Singh. Not to forget Dara Singh. Also the bad guys Amrish Purl, Pran, Premnath, Shakti Kapoor. Kalbhushan Kharbanda, Ajay Devgan, Preity Zinta, Om Puri, Achala Sachdev and many others. The list is going on and on. They, however, deserve credit for making a path to Bollywood and inspiring many from Punjab to catch the train to Mumbai. We have many of them already there making their way to the stardom gradually. Topping the chart is Sonu Sood. This Moga boy is riding high on the success of JODHAA AKBAR, where he played brother of Aishwarya. He started his career with Tamil & Telegu movies. With Shaeed- E-Azam Bhagat Singh (he played the lead role) he was not only recognized but was also nominated for many awards. In Anurag Kashyap?s DEV D, oppo...
Punjabi Translation: Nursery Rhymes
2008-04-25 18:30:00
I - Original: ‘Pussy cat Pussy cat, where have you been?’‘I have been to London to see the Queen’‘Pussy cat Pussy cat what did you there?’‘I frightened a little mouse under the chair!’   Punjabi Translation: ‘Mano Billi, Mano Billi, kithe gai si?’‘Rani Ji nu milan main vilayat gai si’‘Ki chan chareya tu othe ja ...
Punjabi Film Music: Nothing Paindu About It
2008-04-17 06:01:00
Fawad Having grown up in Lahore in the 70’s and 80’s, the strains of lilting Punjabi melodies were always a warm and familiar presence. Even though in middle class upwardly mobile urban families Punjabi had sadly come to be associated with rural backwardness, Punjabi music with its deep cultural roots continued to exert an influence. Even in ...
Law soon on implementing Punjabi in offices, schools
2008-04-12 18:14:00
Chandigarh: The Punjab government has decided to enact a new legislation to implement the use of Punjabi language as compulsory subject up to class X in all schools in the state. Separately, the Punjab Languages Act (PLA) would be amended to make Punjabi as official language at all administrative levels, including subordinate courts in Punjab. This ...
writeKA Punjabi News Gadget
2008-04-05 21:53:00
if(showGadget){document.write("-[inline]");}[/inline]Google Gadget Description:The latest Punjabi news from multiple news sources on the Internet.Author:Vineeth KaimalAdd to iGoogle | Add to your webpage | View Source | About Author
Punjabi Kadhi How-to Video
2008-03-31 06:46:00
Many regions in India have their own style of cooking Kadhi, a yogurt based curry (or soup). Punjabi Kadhi is easily recognizable because it has Pakodas, fried dumplings made of chickpea flour. Punjabi Kadhi can be enjoyed with plain white rice or chapati. Try this tangy and delicious recipe for Punjabi Kadhi.
Punjabi Kadhi
2008-03-31 06:46:00
Many regions in India have their own style of cooking Kadhi, a yogurt based curry (or soup). Punjabi Kadhi is easily recognizable because it has Pakodas, fried dumplings made of chickpea flour. Punjabi Kadhi can be enjoyed with plain white rice or chapati. Try this tangy and delicious recipe for Punjabi Kadhi.
Beautiful Young Punjabi Girl.. in a local movie
2008-03-19 03:45:00
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Beautiful Young Punjabi Girl.. in a local movie", url: "" });
Beautiful Young Punjabi Girl.. in a local movie
2008-03-19 03:44:00
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Beautiful Young Punjabi Girl.. in a local movie", url: "" });
SMS Collection: Urdu, Punjabi, Love, Islamic, Funny...
2008-03-13 13:49:00
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Punjabi Pinoys
2008-03-08 03:21:00
The International Students' Night was celebrated in AIM last March 6, 2007. The event was huge as distinguished guests and the AIM Board of Governors and Board of Trustees were in attendance. It was also a venue for a lot of student walkabout projects, such as the Cultural Fashion Show (from Arpita Maity and Renu Kerketta), Guitar Duo performance (from Ravi Shekhar and Preetam Chandra), the Filipiniana Cultural show (from Rosie Avila), to mention a few.My personal highlight of the day was the walkabout project by my classmate Kanishka Bhargava. He choreographed and produced the Indian Bollywood-style dance numbers on the show. The first one was the "Mauja" and the second one was the "Punjabi Pinoys". If you ask me, the Punjabi Pinoys was the number that brought the house down; here' the video:I have to admit my bias here: I'm the guy wearing the gold vest on the left side of the stage. :P The other members of the Punjabi Pinoys are Bok Lamayan, Gino Romero, Neil Risos, and Paolo ...
2008-03-04 23:25:00
Why she is so desperate to show cleavage can't understand !!
Kushal Punjabi is not suitable for a homosexual in ?Fashion?
2008-02-29 12:23:00
Mumbai, (IANS) Actor Kushal Punjabi is not complaining. Madhur Bhandarkar had a long meeting with the actor but the director didn’t find him suitable enough to play a homosexual in ?Fashion?.The actor, who was seen as John Abraham’s friend in ?Kaal? and ?Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal?, told IANS: ?I really got along well with Madhur. He’s my kind of director. But I really didn’t see myself in that role at all. I’d like to work with directors like Madhur who look at actors as actors and not as stars.?The role went to Samir Soni. Apart from him, Harsh Chhaya will also be seen as a gay designer in ?Fashion?.Kushal has had some bitter experience in the past dealing with roles that turned out to be far less important than he was led to believe.Apparently, nearly half of his role in Vivek Agnihotri’s ?Goal? was chopped off, but he refuses to dwell on that one.?I wouldn’t like to say anything on this. But, yes, the big opportunities still elude me. I may be...
2008-02-27 21:00:00
Promote Punjabi, Badal to intellectuals
2008-02-13 17:22:00
Chandigarh: Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today called upon intellectuals and educationists to suggest ways to promote the Punjabi language.
Punjab State Language Act to ensure the use of Punjabi language
2008-01-14 15:57:00
Sangrur: The state government is seriously considering making amendments in the Punjab State Language Act to ensure the use of Punjabi language in the government offices at all levels. It will also initiate harsh steps against non-users of Punjabi language in office work.
A Bengali and a Punjabi In ICU
2008-01-08 12:40:00
A man was brought in to the hospital intensive care ward, put in a bed, tubes coming out everywhere. A week later, another man was admitted, in a similar condition. Both lay there, machines pinging, tubes poking etc. a couple more weeks before one of them had the strength to raise his hand and point to himself and say, "Bengali." The other patient signaled he had heard, raised his own hand, and said, "Punjabi." This act tired them out so badly it was a week before the first summoned up the strength to say, "Calcutta." Other replied in a weedy frail voice, "Ludhiana." Once more, the strain was too much for them both and they passed out. Days passed before the first patient managed to again point to himself and say, "Asit." Replied the other, "Santa." A few hours later, Asit managed to point to himself again and rasp out weakly, "Cancer." Santa responded, "Sagittarius."
2007-12-25 17:59:00
Ingredients: 250gms Aloo (potato)2 Onions, sliced2 tsp Ginger-garlic paste1/2 tsp AjwainSalt To taste1/2 cup Besan1 tsp Corainder Powder1 tsp Red chilli powder1/2 tsp Garam masala1/2 tsp Annardana PowderOil For fryingHandful Corainder leavesPreparation: * Cut aloo into long pieces. * Make a thin batter of besan, salt, ginger-garlic paste, ajwain seeds adding little water. Add 1 tsp of oil
Microwave Recipe: Sweet Rice - A Punjabi Sweet Dish
2007-12-25 14:32:00
Here is the favourite Punjabi Dish Sweet Rice. Very delicious one...INGREDIENTS:One Cup Basmati Rice,2 Cups of water,3/4 cup sugar,One tbsp ghee,One tbsp Kishmish (Raisins),One tbsp blanched almonds (badaam),Two pcs of elaichi ( cardamoms),A pinch of Kesar (saffron),A pinch of yellow colour,Method:Clean the rice wash in the water and soak it for 15-20 minutes.In a microwave safe bowl, add soaked rice, 2 cups of water, sugar, ghee, cardamom and yellow colour. Microwave it covered at 100% power for 10-11 minutes. Stir it in between.Add saffron, almonds and raisins. Microwave covered at 60% power for 9-10 minutes. Stir in between.Allow standing time of 5 minutes.Garnish with fresh fruits and dry fruits of your choice. Serve hot.Enjoy and comment how it tastes...View more recipes
Punjabi Translation, Punjabi Translations, Punjabi, Translation
2007-12-12 08:34:00
Punjabi Translation - Punjabi Translations by Translation India
Music Of The Day - Arminder Gill - Ishq 2007 - Listen online - Punjabi Bhan
2007-11-18 04:55:00
10 Tracks. Review : A Nice Punjabi Albums with three Superb Songs and rest Average. Listen online and then Decide yourself. 01. Amrinder Gill (Ishq) - Ishq 02. Amrinder Gill (Ishq) - Gere 03. Amrinder Gill (Ishq) - Daru 04. Amrinder Gill (Ishq) - Baddal 05. Amrinder Gill (Ishq) - Dil Tutda 06. Amrinder Gill (Ishq) - Afwh 07. Amrinder Gill (Ishq) - Jogi 08. ...
If You're Punjabi...
2007-11-16 20:32:00
This is yet another deviation from the theme of my blog! I am a Punjabi by origin. My roots are Afghan (Afghanistan), Pakistani-Punjabi and Indian Punjabi. If you are familiar with Punjabi culture, you might find this video interesting.
By: Life-1
Punjabi Wadi Curry
2007-11-04 14:29:00
A couple of weeks ago, Saju of Chachi´s Kitchen published a recipe for Punjabi Wadi Curry, that was the very first time I heard of those thingies. I complimented on them and wondered where I could get a pack. That was when Saju wrote me an e-mail asking for my address. A week later, I was sitting on the train to Copenhagen opening a small white parcel wondering what was inside. "Enjoy, Saju" said a little note next to a half bag of Punjabi Wadi.I couldn't wait to get home to try them. The day after, guess what we had for lunch ;-)PUNJABI WADI CURRY:prep time: 1 hourserves: 3 servings2 tbsp oil4 Punjabi Wadis1 cup veggies (I used sunroot (topinambur) and broccoli)2 tomatoes1 onion3 cloves garlic1 yellow chili1" ginger1/2 tsp chili powder1 tbsp coriander powder1/2 tsp garam masala1/2 tbsp dried fenugreek leavessalt to tastetadkaBreak the wadis into small pieces and shallow fry them in heated oil. Set aside. Meantime, chop the onion, garlic and chili and grate the ginger.Heat another...
Punjabi Kudis Rampage in Tollywood
2007-10-27 22:44:00
They dont speak the language nor understand a single word of it, but still they rule the south indian film industry, if not in name then alteast in numbers, there are a lot of punjabi kudis in the south indian film industy, the kaur girls - poonam & navneet are no longer identified as anything other than a tollywood actress.
I'm a punjabi girl I'll marry soon!!!-Sonam kapoor
2007-10-24 17:08:00
If "Om Shanti Om" has Shah Rukh Khan, "Saawariya" has Sanjay Leela Bhansali as its USP, say debutants Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor who bring with them not just their lineage but also the confidence that comes from being the children of successful stars.Rishi and Neetu Kapoor's son and Anil Kapoor's daughter were in the capital Tuesday to drum up publicity for their film, the latest blockbuster from "Black" director Bhansali.They admitted to pre-release anxieties - the film releases the same day as the much-awaited "Om Shanti Om" by Farah Khan - but put all their faith in "godfather" Bhansali."Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the USP of 'Saawariya'... If it ('Om Shanti Om') has the biggest star of the country, 'Saawariya' has the biggest director of the country," Ranbir said at a packed press conference."I don't know what to say about Sanjay Leela Bhansali. When you see the film, you will realise what a passionate filmmaker he is. He gives everything to his film. I don't have wor...
Punjabi Kadhi with Pakodas
2007-10-22 18:56:00
Gujarati kadhi has always been a speciality, but when I was exposed to the Punjabi Kadhi, I was amazed at how tasty it was, and also how it put a brilliant twist on a traditional kadhi recipe to make a thick, delicious curry that can be savoured with rice or parathas! I first had this in a Gurudwara, and I was totally taken over by the taste and concept. It was a welcome surprise to try this recipe, and I was very happy with how it came out. Punjabi Kadhi is essentially same as a gravy with yoghurt and chickpea flour, with the addition of pakodas, which gives the nice crispy feeling when you pour it over your rice. It's healthy, savoury, and does not take much time to prepare. So enjoy this delicious recipe with your family, just as I did!IngredientsFor Pakora:1 cup Besan (gram flour)Pinch of cumin seeds2 tspn onions - chopped finely1 green chillies - chopped1/2th tspn grated gingerpinch of turmeric powder1/4th tspn garam masalared chillie powder (to taste)1/2 tspn ajwain (optional...
Punjabi Music
2007-10-09 14:23:00
From the local state of Punjab, in the north of India, music that has been a part of the region like every other has catapulted and spread like fire. So strong has been the influence of Punjabi music that it has shadowed other origins of music in the country to spiral as one of the best in India.Punjabis believe in enjoying every minute of their life and living it to the optimum. This ideology is expressed in their music and songs where you are made to forget all your worries and just immerse yourself in the music.The dramatic influence the music has had is seen in foreign lands where the dhol and balle balle are enjoyed to the optimum. This is because of the energetic beats the songs comprise of. Even though one does not understand the language one can still love the music. High energy signing along with high powered beats and dancing invigorates a sense of exhilaration and participation in the music becomes so forceful, that you will leave your work and put on your dancing shoes. ...
Punjabi Kudi Gul Panag Six Feet Under
2007-09-28 09:42:00
Punjabi Kudi Gul Panag is a native of Chandigarh has done her MA in Political Science through correspondence. She has been crowned Miss India in the year 1999 and also bagged 6th place in Miss Universe in the same year. Gul Panag started her filmi career in the lead role from Nagesh Kukunoor's Dor.Now, the former Miss India is back with her new film, Manorama Six Feet Under. Costarring Abhay Deol, Raima Sen, Sarika and Vinay Pathak. Gul?s role in the film looks promising.
Ay BAY Bay
2007-09-23 16:21:00 Ay BAY BAY - remix by DJ AJ. Share This
2007-09-04 22:50:00
U wil find such funny lines in this hippo video "Teri bhen di dhui marran" "Teri bhen di fuda" "Teri maa de dhue che lann pavvan" "Anpi ma nu suttayaan vekh ke muth marran valla" ENJOY !!!!!!! LOOk for dialogue "changi jai kudi hove jeda changa ja dhua hova te bal(hair) na hoveen nahi te kamm lamba pai jana hain" HIPPO FARTING PUNJABI/HINDI/ENGLIGH SONGS ENJOY !!!! MUNDAYAAN TO
UK seeks Punjabi investors
2007-08-29 06:13:00
Punjabi entrepreneurs have been in great demand, both in the UK and Punjab.While leader of the opposition Rajinder Kaur Bhattal made a fervent appeal in Birmingham yesterday to UK-based Punjabi NRIs to make their motherland their destination for investments, a team of the UK Trade & Investment will be holding seminars, both in Chandigarh and Ludhiana, this week to invite entrepreneurial
UK seeks Punjabi investors
2007-08-29 06:13:00
Punjabi entrepreneurs have been in great demand, both in the UK and Punjab.While leader of the opposition Rajinder Kaur Bhattal made a fervent appeal in Birmingham yesterday to UK-based Punjabi NRIs to make their motherland their destination for investments, a team of the UK Trade & Investment will be holding seminars, both in Chandigarh and Ludhiana, this week to invite entrepreneurial
2007-07-23 21:45:00
I found this interesting recipe(on bawarchi website) which was in my bookmark folder for quite sometime now. Few days back when I had zero veggies at home except for potatoes this recipe seemed perfect. This is my contribution to Richa of As dear as salt who is hosting this month's 'Regional cuisine of India'-Punjab.INGREDIENTS:3 potatoes -pealed , cut into small cubes and cooked nicely1 tsp Red Chilli Powder1/2 tsp Coriander Powder1/4 tsp. Turmeric Powder1/4 tsp. Garam Masala1/2 tsp. each Ginger- Garlic paste1 tsp Cumin Seeds1 tsp Mustard seeds2 green chillies slitPinch of asafoetidaCurry Leavescoriander leaves finel chopped1 cup curd/yogurt beaten1 1/4 cup water1/4 tsp. wheat flour1 tbsp. oilSalt as per tasteMETHOD:Heat oil. Add cumin and mustard and when they splutter, add ginger-garlic, chili and curry leaves.Mix all the dry masala ingredients in about 1/4 cup water and add it to the above and fry for few 2 more mins.Add beaten curd and fry for 5 minutes or till the curd lo...
2007-07-10 01:40:00
Punjabi boys wheelie'shere are some videos enjoi.....!!
2007-07-06 00:50:00
here are some of the scenes from shanghai nights (in punjabi)
2007-07-04 00:35:00
2007-07-02 16:31:00
Punjabi exploting Baloch
2007-07-01 11:04:00
Former Balochistan corps commander , Abdul Qadir Baloch said Baloch should unite to snatch their rights from the centralized federation. He added that Punjabi dominates establishment and military were exploiting the Baloch, He called Bugti the martyr of the Baloch nation and the icon of resistance. He said he intended to carry on the message ...
Punjabi love songs are the Best!
2007-06-22 15:54:00
  I am in this mood today??lovely heart touching song. And now whole day I will listen to similar kind of songs.
Rice with mushrooms Punjabi style
2007-06-21 12:01:00
Ingredients:1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil20 pearl onions; peeled and ends removed1/2 clove garlic; peeled, minced1 cup basmati rice1/2 tablespoon paprika (powdered)1/4 cup dry white wine3 cup vegetable stock, hot1/2 salt and ground black pepper to tas; te1 cup mushrooms, wild or domestic, sliced1 cup broccoli florets, blanched1/4 cup chives (or scallions), diced1/8 cup parmesan cheese, gratedMethod:In a large non-stick saucepan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the onions; cook until tender and browned on both sides (about 7 minutes).Add the garlic; cook until it begins to brown, about 2 minutes. Add the rice; heat until it is toasted and hot. Add the paprika and mix well. Add the white wine and cook until all the liquid is gone, about 3 minutes. Add the hot vegetable stock. Season well with salt and pepper. Cover with a tight-fitting lid and lower heat to a simmer. Cook until just about tender, about 15-25 minutes, depending upon your choice of rice.Meanwhile,...
Hillary is Punjabi
2007-06-17 00:25:00
The Obama campaign listed Hillary Clinton as (D-Punjab) in one of their documents to imply that she was selling out to Indians. That’s not funny. I do not appreciate this. Punjabi girls are way hotter, and less butch. Popularity: unranked [?] Read more at eteraz
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