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Olbermann: Dog-gate vastly raises 'absurdity' of campaign
2012-04-22 19:03:00
After a week of dog-eat-dog politicking between President Obama and Mitt Romney?s respective campaigns, Keith Olbermann said today that the ?dog-gate? controversies have gotten out of hand. Politicos, pundits and the presidential-campaign watching public spent the past week pondering which is worse, a presidential candidate...
WHO DO THEY THINK I AM, Dept: Keith Olbermann files suit against Current TV
2012-04-09 13:52:00
Via Dylan Byers @ POLITICO: When Current TV terminated Keith Olbermann’s contract last week, the outgoing host announced his intention to file suit against the company. He has apparently followed through on his word: According to an “exclusive” report from TMZ, Olbermann filed suit this afternoon in Los Angeles County’s Superior Court, claiming Current TV ...
Keith Olbermann, David Letterman: War Of The Poseurs
2012-04-04 14:12:00
Fired Current TV terror Keith Olbermann to David Letterman Tuesday: ?If you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should have a house to put it in. Just walking around with a $10 million chandelier isn?t going to do anybody a lot of good, and it?s not going to do any good to the chandelier. And then it turned out we didn?t have a lot to put the house in to put the chandelier in, and we didn?t have a building permit.?TIME magazine's James Poniewozik:  "Olbermann set himself up with that analogy, because where it naturally leads is: if you have millions of dollars to spend, spend it on building a great house, because when it comes down to it, the house is way, way more important than any chandelier. I?m not sure if Olbermann would want to extend the metaphor that far."Mediaite:  " . . . leaves out the fact that the chandelier also had a stake in the house, and could have gone easy on the Swarovski for the greater good, Olbermann pretty much lets on that he never intended to put...
Actor Jeff Daniels Stars As The Republican Keith Olbermann
2012-04-02 17:45:00
HBO sends out the trailer for liberal Aaron Sorkin's HBO series "The Newsroom" debuting June 24th.  Jeff Daniels (who reminds me of Tom Brokaw) plays a "registered Republican" cable news anchor going off the deep end like Howard Beale.TIME mag TV critic James Poniewozik's observations on Sorkin's new venture.
Current TV licenzia Keith Olbermann!
2012-03-31 19:32:00
La scommessa Keith Olbermann non ha funzionato, e Current TV lo licenzia. Guerra su Twitter: comunicato stampa di Al Gore e Joel Hyatt e repliche di Keith Olbermann. Continue reading →
Current TV ousts talk show host Keith Olbermann
2012-03-31 02:28:00
Current TV ousts talk show host Keith Olbermann NEW YORK (AP) – Current TV has dismissed Keith Olbermann from its talk-show lineup after less than a year. The left-leaning cable network announced late Friday afternoon that “Countdown,” the show Olbermann … Continue reading →
Current TV: Olbermann Fired, Spitzer Hired
2012-03-31 01:26:00
Update: Olbermann bitched about car service drivers who "smelled and talked to him." Mediaite (H/t Johnny Dollar)Current TV founders Al Gore and Joel Hyatt pulled the plug on Keith Olbermann Friday for breaching his contract by deliberate absences and replaced him with Eliot Spitzer. Read the press release. Olbermann immediately took to Twitter with a vengeance.Lisa de Moraes Wash Post:  "Back in February 2011 when Current TV announced it was getting into bed with Olbermann, Hyatt hailed the hire as 'the best investment that Current has ever made.'?  Rebecca Dana The Daily Beast:  "After luring Olbermann with praise and the promise of riches and autonomy early last year, Gore and Hyatt quickly found out that the big star they thought they bought actually owned them."  Now Olbermann's bellowing about suing.  Brian Stelter NYT Media DecoderFox's Shepard Smith feigned shock Friday night teasing the story:  "Keith Olbermann.  Fired again." Re...
Is High Voltage Keith Olbermann Short-Circuiting at Al Gore's Current TV?
2011-12-30 16:34:00
Huff PostThe rumors were first reported by NYT's Brian Stelter:Brian Stelter NYTOlbermann left MSNBC a year ago and was hired by Al Gore and ambulance-chasing lawyer Joel Hyatt in February at a rumored salary of $10 mil a year and a large footprint.  Mission Impossible: to turn the obscure cable network into a liberal political instrument. His MSNBC Countdown retread debuted in June.Stelter on Olbermann's latest weirdness after "technical difficulties" cut the lights in Olbermann's Current TV studio: "In early December, Mr. Olbermann suddenly started to broadcast from a darkened studio, with nothing but a black backdrop behind him." The issue was resolved but: "Mr. Olbermann apparently decided to stay in the dark for the remainder of the month."
NYT Slams Keith Olbermann, Al Sharpton
2011-12-29 14:41:00
Among the New York Times'  75 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2011:  27. Anderson Cooper?s disappointing talk show. Sigh. He should have waited for Regis to retire. 35. The Murdoch phone-hacking scandal. Has there ever been a better example of schadenfreude? 41. Brian Williams: the next Walter Cronkite or the next Johnny Carson? 55. Andy Rooney signs off for the last time
Keith Olbermann Blasts Red Sox Ownership and Boston Globe Article
2011-10-15 04:00:00
I know, I know - what does Keith Olbermann have to do with the Red Sox, he's not exactly the "go to" source for my baseball needs. I do think he raises some excellent points here though - which others...
MSNBC?s Keith Olbermann Fires Himself From His ?Countdown? Gig, Effective I
2011-01-22 08:22:00
Where Can We Expect To See Him Next… Fox News? Monday Night Football? HBO? WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY? Politically Incorrect Talking Head Unemployed… For NOW. Wow… who’da seen THIS one coming? MSNBC, a cable news network struggling to keep up with the [cough, COUGH]... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Snark of the Day: Keith Olbermann
2009-12-17 23:06:00
Ok Keith Olbermann is an arrogant ass, but even an ass can have his day.¬†¬† Olbermann goes off against Harry Reid health care mandate, albeit for the wrong reasons: Olbermann is right that the a health care mandate is illegal. He no intention of buying government mandated insurance. Bravo. Hat tip: Ed Morrissey, Hot Air. BitsBlog Tags: Harry Reid, Keith Olbermann, intention, health care, snark Related posts The Democrats: Lying Their Way to More Power? (3) Talk About Working Both Sides of the Street (Updated… More Threats Against Michelle Malkin) (2) Snark of the Day: Don Surber (0) Obama’s State of the Union Address, with Commentary (1) Nightly Ramble:The Meeting; Unions And the Bailout; Who Will Obama Appoint; More (7)
By: BitsBlog
2009-10-09 17:26:00
It amazes us that our politicians will go to any extent to "protect" its citizens from "external" threats via the waging of war. Yet when it comes to extending something as basic as the right to affordable health care to "protect" these same constituents, some representatives fight it tooth and nail. Why? Check out Keith Olbermann's own personal experience with this very important subject.
Olbermann, one of many Obama Groupies Who ?Cannot Grasp Nuances of Sarcasm?
2009-09-01 02:18:00
As per my last post, seems the hatred coming from the left is so close to the mainstream that it oozes from the website of the leader of the Democratic Party. †Now, someone blogging there is calling us “heirs of bin Laden” for opposing the President’s health care plan. Jim Hoft links to a screed there, ...
Taylor Yans Olbermann
2009-06-05 16:42:00
Keith Olbermann attempted to smear Stuart Taylor.¬†¬†¬† Alas poor Keith.¬†¬†¬† It is not wise for dull minded person of little wit to¬†pick a fight with their intellectual¬†betters¬†¬† Taylor gives Olbermann the Martin Yan treatment, slices and dices, here: Olbermann concocted his “hypocrisy” and “fraud” charges by juxtaposing his misrepresentation of what I wrote about Sotomayor with his misrepresentation of what I wrote about Alito. Dishonest. My approach to analyzing both nominees has been the same: Old letters and memos are of some relevance but should not be distorted, and actions as a judge are much more relevant. I quote¬†only Taylor’s conclusion. BitsBlog Tags: alito, martin yan, relevance, fraud charges, Stuart Taylor Related posts It is Hard to a Liberal (3) Nightly Ramble:The Deluxe Cheeseburger Edition (0) Chavez Previews Clinton Adminstration Redux? (0) Nightly Ramble: Day Two (0) Nightly Ramble: The “Yet Another TruckStop&...
By: BitsBlog
Why Olbermann Is A Douchbag
2009-06-03 01:32:00
So, if FNC and Bill O’Reilly have a role to play in the death of Dr. Tiller then doesn’t MSNBC and Olbermann have a role to play in the shooting of two soldiers in Arkansas, leading to one of them dying, because of his anti-war rants? Or what about John Murtha and his convicting ...
Waterboarding is illegal: Keith Olbermann
2009-04-24 14:05:00
OK, week long news on torture here in the USA. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Waterboarding+is+illegal%3A+Ke-ith+Olbermann'; addthis_pub = '';
Olbermann?s O?Reilly Obsession
2009-03-31 08:09:00
Every time, it seems, I’m in the gym and they play Olbermann, that angry leftist devotes at least one segment of his show to bashing Bill O’Reilly. Now, I wonder if that FoxNews host, with an audience twice that of his MSNBC counterpart, ever devotes any attention to the obsessed leftist.† While I do watch O’Reilly ...
Each FoxNews Prime Time Show Beats Olbermann
2009-03-17 04:32:00
And Olbermann beats everyone else on MSNBC.
Keith Olbermann with a federal subsidy
2009-02-22 20:27:00
While reading more and more on Moyers, I scribbled a note on one of the articles I printed out calling that sanctimonious self-proclaimed journalist, “Keith Olbermann with a federal subsidy.” A few seconds later, I chanced on the transcript of his December 14, 2007 program where that angry anchor was the Democrat’s guest.† Then, Olbermann opined: Dissent ...
Olbermann: Cheney doing the work of terrorists
2009-02-19 17:42:00
.msnbcLinks {font-size:11px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #999; margin-top: 5px; background: transparent; text-align: center; width: 425px;} .msnbcLinks a {text-decoration:none !important; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999 !important; font-weight:normal !important; height: 13px;} .msnbcLinks a:link, .msnbcLinks a:visited {color: #5799db !important;} .msnbcLinks a:hover, .msnbcLinks a:active {color:#CC0000 !important;} Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy addthis_url ...
Obsessive Olbermann calls Republicans Obstructionist
2009-01-23 02:07:00
Yes, Bush-hatred is mostly psychological, quite possibly pathological, but only partially political.† Last night, the first full day of the Obama Administration, when George W. Bush was in Texas far from reins of power in Washington, D.C., Keith Olbermann devoted a significant portion of his show to bashing the former president.† You’d think the guy ...
CaptainMando wrote a new blog post: Keith Olbermann - Bush: 8 years in 8 mi
2009-01-20 05:24:00
CaptainMando wrote a new blog post: Keith Olbermann - Bush: 8 years in 8 minutes Another test... more about "Keith Olbermann - Bush: 8 years in 8 ...", posted with vodpod
Scott McClellan Makes His Last Stand On Olbermann?s Show
2009-01-17 03:18:00
Last night, while doing my cardio, I was “treated” to forty-five minutes (the length of my workout) of insight into the Bush-hating mindset. One of the television monitors featured MSNBC. Neither Chris Matthews nor Keith Olbermann could offer any insight into Bush’s Farewell Address. Instead, they offered insight into their own obsession ...
Olbermann Gets Pwned On Air
2008-12-13 17:20:00
We all know Keith Olbermann’s intolerant obsession with Bill O’Reilly. He needs O’Reilly to generate the paltry ratings his show gets. I don’t think he can go a night without mentioning Bill O. Well, on Wednesday’s episode it kind of backfired on him. On Tuesday’s episode of the FNC show “Red ...
Keith Olbermann on Prop 8
2008-11-11 05:08:00
MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann used his “Special Comment” this evening to weigh in on the Prop 8 vote in California.† If you have no idea what I’m talking about, first shame on you.† Second, read about it here.† Bottom line… the people of Kah-lee-forn-yah voted 52.3% to 48.8% to outlaw gay marriage.† Olbermann’s remarks are stellar ...
By: TubaPants
Affleck (!?) Nails Olbermann
2008-11-02 22:19:00
Brian Williams: McCain/Palin Shunning Him Because of Olbermann/Matthews
2008-10-08 05:49:00
-By Warner Todd Huston In the Actions have consequences department, Brian Williams recently told David Letterman that the McCain camp is punishing him by not allowing him to interview Sarah Palin because the McCain camp is mad at MSNBC’s extreme leftism as evinced by Chris "Thrill up my leg" Matthews and Keith Olbermann. Is Brian crying? ...
MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors
2008-09-08 16:18:00
MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors MSNBC is removing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as the anchors of live political events, bowing to growing criticism that they are too opinionated to be seen as neutral in the heat of the presidential campaign. David Gregory, the NBC newsman and White House correspondent who also hosts a ...
Lefty WaPo Columnist Quits Olbermann?s ?Countdown? Over Dispute With Host
2008-08-06 21:27:00
-By Warner Todd Huston It appears that Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has dumped his appearances on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Host Olbermann issued a DailyKos diary explaining the dust up on Monday, August 4. According to Olbermann, the problem came in when Milbank violated Keith Olbermann’s well-known journalistic standards. Of course, I jest about ...
Matthews & Olbermann: Weapons Of Mass Obstruction
2008-06-10 15:58:00
You got Fox to the right of you, MSNBC to the left, and CNN stuck in the middle with you winning the cable Tee Vee political ratings race."Get the facts from the only news channel to give you all sides. No spin. No affiliation. No agenda."On cloaking political agenda-driven blowhards Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann as Serious Journalists, CNN honcho Jon Klein snipes: "a slippery slope."On MSNBC's musical chairs format changes: "I don't spend a lot of time thinking about or analyzing their decisions. They've tried a lot of different things over the years. They'll probably try something different next year."MSNBC newsczar Phil Griffin: "That's an outrageous statement, but it fits CNN, which is living in the past. The last two years, MSNBC has been focused and has figured out who and what it is. . . . For the first time, this is a three-way race. If he's not scared now, he better start getting scared." Matea Gold LA TimesWith Fox #1 CNN and MSNBC are engaged in a competitive e...
Keith Olbermann: Dim Gnat
2008-06-10 14:49:00
Common Complaints About Keith Olbermann: 1) Aggressive political nakedness 2) Prick up artist 3) Failing to mop up debt 4) Leaving hate lying around 5) Hogging the camera 6) Kissing his own hustle 6) Pooping in the press pool 7) Pissing on powers 8) Sex in the [Trump] Towers"Infested & Crude By Rude Gym Rats" NYP "The Post's efforts to slam Keith Olbermann are getting increasingly desperate." GawkerAs a veteran gym rat and self-styled enforcer, I'd be homicidal if I had to endure Keith Olbermann's cacophony while concentrating on my bicep curls.
Keith Olbermann: King Leer
2008-06-09 14:12:00
It seems like a couple of centuries since His Holiness Pope Walter reigned as God's deputy on the airwaves. Even longer if you think about leave-'em-laughing funnyman Keith Olbermann. The leer, the smug histrionics, the relentless needling, the shameless self-puffery, the accusatory rants excoriating Bushies and other Republicans as well as cable competitor Fox and its temperamental bully, Bill O'Reilly. And, of course, the comedy. "Is Olbermann's snide act on MSNBC the future of TV news?" Howard Rosenberg LA Times Olbermann and Matthews co-anchored MSNBC's coverage of this year's party caucuses and primaries, and when Obama clinched the Democratic nomination this week, calming down these guys would have required a defibrillator. But the low point was New Hampshire, when they spent probably 15 minutes giggling at and making fun of the speech McCain gave after topping that primary's GOP field... few viewers would be shocked if Olbermann slapped on Groucho brows to get a guffaw...
Keith Olbermann: Three Faces Of Peeve
2008-06-06 14:08:00
Keith Olbermann has as many personalities and accents as Hillary Clinton. And just as tortured. Here he is last night imitating Rupert Murdoch's Australian lilt. Gawker vid :44 in
Keith Olbermann: Stop His World! He Wants To Get Off.
2008-06-05 19:30:00
Web of Deception's Joseph Culligan has unearthed everything you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Keith Olbermann's tax liens. But wait, there's more! The tax liens on Keith's live-in baby love Katy Tur's parents...
Brokaw Busts Gasbag Olbermann
2008-06-04 23:55:00
Did you see the Tom Brokaw smackdown of Keith Olbermann during MSNBC's political blab-a-thon last night? If you blinked you would've missed it. Olbermann blurted something negative about Hillary and Real Newsman Brokaw - visibly irritated - jumped down the fire-ready-aim blowhard. But NewsBusters was on the ball: Shortly before 8:00 p.m., after Brokaw finished describing what he called the "very strong credentials" and "remarkable stories" of Barack Obama and John McCain, Olbermann chimed in: "And a third one trying to shoe-horn her way into those, the coverage of the first two." After flashing for a moment a disapproving frown, Brokaw chided Olbermann for disrepecting Clinton: "Well, I think that's unfair, Keith. I don't think she shoe-horned her way in." Brokaw then went on to recount her electoral accomplishments, contending that she "will have some real bargaining power" on behalf of blue-collar workers and women.
Keith Olbermann: Why Is He Still Single?
2008-06-04 20:32:00
"I like to watch the body language." Fox News Alisyn Cammerota on the tension between Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. Johnny Dollar's Place"Tim Russert's taking orders from Keith Olbermann... He is essentially Keith Olbermann's poodle." Steve Doocy. Steve, I doubt that. Gretchen Carlson: "The other night he called me stupid... I'd like to know why he's still single." Gretchen went to Stanford. Why is he single at 48? Olbermann's still 16. Emotionally. Stunted big time. Puerile South Park behavior for all to marvel at on "Countdown." Why else is his live-in love only 24? MNSBC's in-house organ, TV Newser, posted an answer this a.m. to Gretchen's question hyping Olbermann's stellar education at Cornell after graduating from high school at 16. Doocy feigned stalking off the set after his rant claiming he's got to "calm down."
Keith Olbermann: Poetry In Motion
2008-06-02 13:21:00
Howard Kurtz Wash Post on TV talking heads' Scott McClellan Bush bash spin: [Keith] Olbermann hailed the book, "What Happened," as "a primary document of American history" that contained "poetry." Talk about role reversal: It was Olbermann who said in 2005 that "whenever I hear Scott McClellan talking about 'media credibility,' I strain to remember who it was who admitted Jeff Gannon to the White House press room and called on him all those times." (Gannon, a conservative blogger with an X-rated past [a gay hooker], now says, "Scott McClellan's credibility is zero.")So is the credibility of the Big Three TV networks. Katie Couric admitted last week she was under pressure to positively spin the Iraq war. Anderson Cooper's CNN reporterbabe Jessica Yellin pointed the same finger at MSNBC brass.Kurtz: MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines calls Yellin a "disgruntled . . . news reader" who worked there for one year and who had "little to no contact with editorial decision-makers." Yellin sa...
Keith Olbermann: The Empire Strikes Back
2008-06-02 12:16:00
This on top of what Olbermann owes in California. Total: 100 grand. Olbermann WatchProfessional angry person Keith Olbermann favors tax-and-spend liberals, but he didn't pay his own taxes. reports that New York state has issued a tax warrant or judgment against the MSNBC host for $2,269.50 in back taxes owed by his personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc. Asked about the delinquency the other night by journalist Evan Gahr, the otherwise loquacious Olbermann uttered nary a word as he scurried into Trump Palace, where he bought condo apartment 40B last year, according to public records. "This was a bookkeeping disagreement between Keith's accountants and the state which was resolved months ago," an MSNBC spokesman told Page Six. Gahr was surprised to see Olbermann on foot. "Is the belt-tightening so severe at NBC that the peacock network can't afford a car to take Olbermann home?" he wondered. "If so, there's a bright side for Olbermann: Nobody c...
Air America Attacks Olbermann
2008-05-31 22:23:00
I never thought I would say it, but Air America is finally right about something! addthis_url = 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thehotjoints.-com%2F2008%2F05%2F31%2Fair-amer-ica-attacks-olbermann%2F'; addthis_title = 'Air+America+Attacks+Olbermann'-; addthis_pub = ''; Related PostsOlbermann Doesn’t Pay His TaxesVideo: Fox’s Doocy Responds To Olbermann’s Attack On His SonVideo: Olbermann Attacks Fox New Anchor’s Son On ...
Err America unloads on Keith Olbermann
2008-05-30 22:08:00
How bad has Keith Olbermann gotten? Well Olbermann plays to the left and even the left is getting fed up with him. I confess I have no clue who Lionel is However anybody who hosts for Err America must be pretty leftarded. Related posts Nightly Ramble: Who else said “Pimped”? Where’d HillBilly get the Money? More (1) Breakfast Scramble (0) Yo Olbermann, It’s called a keffiyeh (0) The Worst Person in the World is a ratings flop in prime time (0) The racism card, part two (Why Obama won’t win the general election) (2) The left and corporate America; a small example (0) The issue isn’t race, it’s culture, (part 172) (1) The Friends of Jimmy Carter (1) Pot, Kettle, Obama (1) Morning Scramble w/ Ham (1)
By: BitsBlog
Olbermann Talks With McClellan On Countdown 5-29-08
2008-05-30 05:30:00
By- Suzie-Q @ 8:30 PM MST Scott McClellan On Countdown: Talks To Keith Olbermann About His New Book (Video) | May 29, ...
By: Suzie-Q
Olbermann Doesn?t Pay His Taxes
2008-05-30 01:39:00
This via Olbermann Watch: New York State has issued a tax warrant against Keith Olbermann for failure to pay taxes on his humbly named personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc. Olbermann is listed in legal records as the President of Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc. addthis_url = 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thehotjoints.-com%2F2008%2F05%2F29%2Folberman-n-doesnt-pay-his-taxes%2F'; addthis_title = 'Olbermann+Doesn%26%238217%3Bt+-Pay+His+Taxes'; ...
Yo Olbermann, It’s called a keffiyeh
2008-05-30 01:15:00
Does MSNBC provide Keith Olbermann with a research staff and if so is Olbermann smart enough to use it? Evidently not. On Saturday I blogged about whether Rachel Ray was wearing a keffiyeh, Based on Rusty Shackleford’s, Jawa Report, post, I believe she was not. Yet while I believe Ray was not wearing a keffiyeh, I know such scarfs do exist. They have a name and are worn by supporters of terrorism. Apparenty such knowledge has yet to seep into the halls of MSNBC. Is Olbermann even allowed access to the Internet? Olbermann scoffed at the notions that anybody should be concerned if Ray was wearing a symbol of terrorism He was painfully unaware that such a scarf even existed, or that it even had a name. Allahpundit, Hot Air, links to the the Olbermann video. For a person who is endlessy comparing consevatives to terrorists, Olbermann does not know much about real terrorists. Maybe that is why Olbermann thinks Michelle Malkin is a terrorist? Hat tip photo: ...
By: BitsBlog
Scott McClellan To Appear On MSNBC With Keith Olbermann
2008-05-29 20:43:00
Yesterday we reported that we'll be reading Scott McClellan's new book, entitled What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception. It's being officially released next week. McClellan has chosen NBC on which to be interviewed about the memoir, and he will be appearing on the Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC tonight at 8 PM ET.
Olbermann: Anti-Jihadists are equivalent to Terrorists
2008-05-29 19:33:00
I have no words to describe the most disgraceful man in the history of American Media other than “astonishing, moronic, pathetic, ignorant, disgusting moral equivalence” Well I guess those were a couple, but I’ll leave it at that.† Just watch… If you can’t see the video at work, here’s what he said: They pulled the ad? Because of ...
Olbermann is Mentally Ill
2008-05-29 03:55:00
When Time Magazine are calling you unbalanced, you know you may have a problem. I am continuously amazed that MSNBC allow this type of incoherent gibberish to go on and on and on. The man just yaps and yaps with the emotional maturity of seven year old, and the intellectual depth of six year old. It’s ...
Sportscaster Olbermann Unhinged. . .Again. . .
2008-05-27 17:59:00
This guy is out of control: Some ?other and wiser country?? What country could that be Keith? Cuba,Venezuela,Iran? Keith is clearly very upset. Did he go so ballistic when a movie about Bush's assassination was made? Did he shoot his mouth off at the makers of that film? Click the Headline Link to Visit Copious Dissent and Read the Full Story.
Olbermann Trickle Up Effect
2008-05-26 15:25:00
Is loudmouth liberal wacko Keith Olbermann tarnishing the reputation, as it were, of the Big Network NBC? Olbermann's success has had a spillover effect on the network, said Eric Burns, an ex-NBC News correspondent and former host of "Fox News Watch" on Fox News Channel. "He has made, just in terms of general image, MSNBC and by implication NBC (appear) much more liberal than it really is." David Bauder AP NYP
2008-05-25 21:22:00
Hillary Clinton made a comment during an interview that she was staying in the presidential race because Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June. Some political pundits are calling her assassination...
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