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FOUND: Katie Holmes's Navy Maxi Dress
2009-03-03 20:50:00
photo: people.comAdorable Katie Holmes is the talk of the town this week thanks to a recent, sweetly honest interview with Glamour magazine and accompanying amazing photo shoot. No longer gawky Joey Potter, the now 30-something Katie just keeps getting more chic and more lovely. Is it really any wonder that we can't turn away when she chooses to speak?Beyond her general star appeal, I simply
My Homemade Maxi Dress...
2008-10-16 19:58:00
You'll have to excuse the camera phone shots of my maxi dress, these pics really don't do it justice and I'm really quite proud of it!  I finished it last week in time to wear for my birthday. I used a pattern that was for a shorter dress, so I  lengthened it considerably. Pockets are also a hugely out of control mild obsession of mine, so of course I added a pair of hidden seam pockets on each side about 3.5 inches down from the empire waist.  The weather here is still amenable to wearing something that may seem more suited to spring/summer, especially if paired with a scarf.  I kept it basic with a pair of flat red thong sandals and hoop earrings.  It was fun to wear!
By: Hip Candy
Gwen Stefani Ups the Maxi
2008-06-08 08:28:00
Expectant yummy mummy Gwen Stefani throws on a mesmerizing maxi dress as she drops off son Kingston, 2, at her parents’ house in Orange Country, Calif. on Saturday. Her parents babysat Kingston for a little bit while Gwen attended a party in Bel Air. Kingston sucked on his pacifier while being pushed around in a stroller...
Color Block Halter Maxi Dress
2008-06-08 01:00:00
A must have for UNDER $100 Color Block Halter Maxi Dress Our maxi dress is a MUST HAVE - we love it! Lovely sky blue, purple and brown colors in a color block pattern. Padded bust. Ties at the neck with wood bead detail. Elastic hem around the midsection. Slip on. Measures 46″ down the side seam. Buy ...
2008-06-06 21:45:00
This trick deserves the "Ho of the Year Award" after being named a "Certified Skank". Maxi Mounds who we like to call "Maxi Boobs" was just accepted by the Guiness...
Maxi Mounds? 36MMM Breasts Win Guinness World Record
2008-06-06 17:10:00
Speaking of breasts, Maxi Mounds has made a huge name for herself ? by having the largest breast implants in the world. Her 36MMM bust ? each weighing 9kg (20lbs) ? finally made it into the record books years after she learned there was a category for natural breasts. ‘I contacted Guinness World Records and asked if ...
Tutto nuovo lo Sportcity Cube Aprilia rilancia il maxi scooter
2008-06-06 00:00:00
Restyling accurato per tutta la gamma e new entry per ...
Maxi Mounds has the World?s Largest Boobs
2008-06-05 18:00:00
Maxi Mounds is an exotic dancer who holds the Guinness World Record for largest artificial boobs in the world. You can see her biography, video and photos of the world’s largest boobs below. Maxi Mounds has the World’s Largest Boobs Maxi Mounds Biography Maxi Mounds was born on October 25, but she’s not revealing the year. ...
Maxi Dress in Plus Sizes
2008-06-05 15:42:00
This summer has seen the popularity of the maxi dress continue, and why not? Who doesn't feel fabulously feminine in a long flowing summer dress. It's not always the easiest style to find in plus sizes as the free falling cut of the maxi dress can have a very unflattering tent effect on the fuller figure if not handled well. That's not to say there aren't any acceptions...I particularly love the maui dress which has an empire waist and fuller straps so is sure to flatter rather than drown. Another great style is the eyelet halter dress which just shouts femininity. The silk sash is very luxurious. Both styles are by American designer Igigi, but are available in the UK at
Organic Maxi Love!
2008-06-04 18:24:00
The only way any maxi dress could get better is if it was made from organic cotton - and here it is! Gypsy05 has been a celebrity favorite for a while now, and honestly, I've been wanting to try one out for a while. The look is simple, and the price is reasonable - if you see yourself wearing maxi dresses all summer (I do!!). Check out the full line at Gypsy05's website, but get it in blue or white for 15% off at Wink NYC with code GRECHEN:
Maxi Love!
2008-06-04 18:22:00
During the warmer months, a maxi dress and cardigan is my uniform. They're so easy to wear, look best with flats (yay!), and are the ultimate in effortless-chic. Every year, I buy one or two long dresses and wear them all the time (washing in between of course). So far this year, I've played it safe with solid color James Perse Maxi Dresses, but I'm thinking about branching out a bit and trying a pattern (gasp!). Here's one that caught my eye: It's by MeMe and available at Eleven Boutique - at $180, it's a little more expensive than solid cotton styles, but it's a lovely dress, and versatile for any occasion (weddings, weekends, work?). Oh, and save 11% with code GRECHEN.
Addio maxi Suv La Gm ci ripensa
2008-06-04 00:00:00
Il colosso americano dell?auto General Motors chiuderà quattro fabbriche nel ...
The Roots-2004-Don't say nuthin [Maxi Cd]
2008-06-02 14:27:00
The Roots, a.k.a. The Legendary Roots Crew, are an influential Grammy Award-winning American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are famed for a having a jazzy, eclectic approach to hip-hop which includes live instrumentation. Their debut album was released in 1993 and they have collaborated with a wide range of artists from different genres, including Roy Ayers and Cody Chesnutt. Maxi cd "Don't say nuthin" taken from album "Tipping Point" with radio edit and instrimental.01-Don't say nuthin (Radio Edit)02-Don't say nuthin (Instrumental)Don't say nuthin just click here!!!!Bitrate 320Size 16.3Cd Rip
Fatboy Slim-1998-Praise you [Maxi Cd]
2008-05-31 18:32:00
The Fatboy Slim album Better Living Through Chemistry marked Cook's emergence into the big time. Filled with retro samples and funk-laden grooves, the album was among the first in the then-new big beat sound. It also spawned one Top 40 UK hit, "Everybody Needs a 303". After Cook's remix of Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha" topped the charts, such musical heavy hitters as Madonna and U2 asked him to produce for them. Fatboy Slim's next work was the single "The Rockafeller Skank," released prior to the album You've Come a Long Way, Baby, both of which were released in 1998 to rave reviews. This album also produced the single "Praise You", which also became a major dance hit, giving Cook his first UK solo number one. Maxi cd "Praise you" including Mulder's Urban Takeover Remix of "The rockfeller skank".01-Praise you02-Sho nuff03-The rockfeller skank (Mulder's Urban Takeover Remix)Click here to praise you!!!!Bitrate 320Size 36.9Cd Rip
Incognito-1993-Still a friend of mine [Maxi Cd]
2008-05-29 01:43:00
Incognito are a British band, widely regarded as one of the key members of the English acid jazz movement. Their debut album, Jazz Funk, was released in 1981, with twelve more albums following, the last of which, Tales From The Beach, was released in 2008. Throughout the band's history, it has been led and driven by composer, record producer, guitarist and singer, Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick. Other notable band members have included the singers Tony Momrelle, Jocelyn Brown, Carleen Anderson, Imaani, Maysa Leak and Kelli Sae. Here is maxi cd "Still a friend of mine" taken from the album "Positivity".01-Still a friend of mine (Edit)02-Smiling faces03-Still a friend of mine04-Still a friend of mine (Singing Loud Mix)Click here to get Incognito!!!Bitrate 320Size 49.1Cd Rip
Wolfgang Petry - Alles Maxi - Seine größten Erfolge
2008-05-29 00:00:00
 Nach 1984 sah es in der bis dahin so Erfolg versprechend verlaufenden Karriere des sprichwörtlichen “Kölschen Jong” WOLFGANG PETRY ganz und gar nicht gut aus. Trotz knackig-krosser Hitparadenstürmer a la “Sommer in der Stadt” (1976), “Ganz oder gar nicht” (1980), “Jessica”, “Tu?s doch” (1981), “Der Himmel brennt” (1982) oder “Wahnsinn” (1983), war dem 1951 unter ...
Mercato in arrivo maxi crisi Ecco le previsioni dell?Unrae
2008-05-29 00:00:00
?Il settore continua a manifestare crescenti segnali di difficoltà e ...
[Fotos] El matrimonio de Wanda Nara y Maxi López
2008-05-28 22:49:00
La modelo argentina Wanda Nara se casó el pasado 23 de mayo con el jugador de fútbol Maxi López. Después de casi un año como novios, la pareja contrajo nupcias en el Registro Civil del barrio de Belgrano, en la capital argentina.En la ceremonia, Wanda se mostró muy feliz. Ella fue vestida por el modisto argentino Claudio Cosano y peinada según algunas versiones por Miguel Romano o bien por Olga Benítez.Para la ocasión, Wanda lució un vestido y una flor en la cabeza, mientras que el futbolista eligió un imponente traje oscuro comprado en Madrid.La boda religiosa se realizará el próximo sábado 31 de mayo en la basílica Santa Elena del barrio de Palermo.Estas son las fotos de la boda civil publicadas por la revista Gente Online y Caras. Clic en ellas para ampliar.Fuente
Mary J. Blige-2000-Give me you [Maxi Cd]
2008-05-23 22:43:00
Mary is the fourth studio album by soul/hip-hop soul singer Mary J. Blige, released August 17, 1999. The album charted #2 on the Pop albums chart and #1 Billboard R&B Albums chart for 3 weeks. This album showcases a much more mature sound as compared to previous releases from Blige. Highlighted by sleek and polished production reminiscent of 70's soul, Mary came as a surprise to many of her fans and critics. Similar to Blige's previous release, Share my World, the singer served as executive producer and worked with various artists on the album, including. Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Jadakiss, Eric Clapton, Elton John, K-Ci, and with George Michael on the import release of "Mary," "All That I Can Say," "Deep Inside," "Your Child," and "Give Me You" were the albums commercial singles in the US. Maxi Cd part 1 "Give me you" is here today with four excellent mixes.01-Give me you (Nino Radio Mix)02-Give me you (Extended Nino Mix)03-Give me you (Club Path Boris Dlugosch)04-Give me...
Today's Outfit: MAXI!!
2008-05-22 16:30:00
Rachel Pally Maxi Dress LnA Top underneath Chloe Paddington Camera Bag Matt Bernson Love Sandals
Parola d?ordine Sicurezza A Roma maxi convegno
2008-05-22 00:00:00
Nella capitale una giornata a dedicata al tema del momento, ...
Season?s Hottest Item: Curvy Maxi Dress
2008-05-21 10:27:00
What good is a fashion trend if it doesn?t come in your size? This season?s hottest fashion craze is the maxi dress. Thanks to contemporary plus size designer Monif C. curvy women have options when it comes to dressing on trend this summer. With the click of a mouse, plus size shoppers worldwide can find the ...
Macy Gray-1999-I try [Maxi Cd]
2008-05-20 13:14:00
"I Try" is the second single from Macy Gray's debut album On How Life Is, released in 1999 internationally, but not becoming a hit in the United States until 2000. It was Gray's biggest hit to date. It peaked at number six in the United Kingdom, number five in the United States, and number one in both Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. At the 2000 Grammy Awards, "I Try" won "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance", and was also nominated for "Record of the Year" and "Song of the Year". "I Try" was released in the UK on two CD singles including remixes and the B-side "Don't Come Around".01-I try02-I try (Full Crew Mix)03-Don't come aroundTry to click here and get Macy Gray!!!!Bitrate 320Size 30.5Cd Rip
Goldie feat. Krs One-1997-Digital [Maxi Cd White]
2008-05-15 15:16:00
Clifford Joseph Price, better known as Goldie is an English electronic music artist, disc jockey, and actor. As a musician he works mainly within the jungle and drum and bass genres, and has helped to promote these styles globally. Here is Maxi Cd "Digital" featuring Krs One taken from album "Saturnz Return ".01-Digital (Radio Edit)02-Digital (Original Mix)03-Digital (V.I.P. Mix)Click here to get digital!!!Bitrate 320Size 37.6Cd Rip
Il maxi blitz stana i clandestini, 400 arresti e decine di espulsioni
2008-05-15 11:31:00
- foto d'archivio - Il maxi blitz stana i clandestini 400 arresti e decine di espulsioni in collaborazione con la polizia rumena Nelle prime ore di stamane è stata portata a termine una vasta operazione anticrimine avviata lo scorso 7 maggio della Polizia di Stato, in collaborazione con la polizia rumena, finalizzata al contrasto dello spaccio di sostanze stupefacenti, dei reati predatori, dell’immigrazione clandestina e dello sfruttamento della prostituzione. Il maxi blitz della polizia ha portato all'arresto di quasi 400 persone e ad alcune decine di espulsione dal territorio nazionale. L'operazione, coordinata dal Servizio Centrale Operativo della Direzione Centrale Anticrimine, ha interessato 9 Regioni (Lombardia, Veneto, Lazio, Liguria, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Marche e Campania ) ed ha consentito di arrestare circa 400 persone ed eseguire decine di espulsioni. Nell'ultima settimana sono 383 le persone, perlopiù tutti con preced...
Così la Dr debutta a Roma Maxi festa e concorso
2008-05-15 00:00:00
Il 18 maggio in Piazza della Madonna di Loreto a ...
Maxi insists on Aguirre stay
2008-05-13 23:47:00
Javier Aguirre should stay on as Atletico Madrid coach next season, the Spanish club's captain Maxi Rodriguez said Tuesday.
By: sports
Yamal presenta ?Proyecto YB?
2008-05-13 21:11:00
Parece ser que renacer de sus “Cenizas” le vino que ni pintado para tomar fuerzas. Con todavía ese trabajo relativamente fresco, vuelve Yamal con “Proyecto YB“, un maxi de 6 temas más un remix distribuido exclusivamente por Internet. Se trata de un proyecto más asentado y calmado que el anterior, con muchas más reflexiones y ...
Shinoflow - Maxi, Maqueta y video
2008-05-13 19:47:00
HHdirecto recibe el hospedaje del Maxi de Shinoflow El misterioso ciclo de tu pestañeo. Publicado a finales del 2006, antes de la salida del disco “El presidente de los Estados de Ánimo” y de descarga gratuita desde esta web. 3 Canciones producidas por Gray y Dj Zil con la colaboración de Teko. También hemos subido a ...
Shaggy-2000-It wasn't me [Maxi Cd Promo]
2008-05-10 01:43:00
"Hot Shot" is the fifth studio album released by Shaggy in 2000. It sold six million copies in the US alone and has been certified 6x Platinum. "It Wasn't Me" is a 2000 number one hit song, featuring Ricardo "Rikrok" Ducent. The song was Shaggy's first number-one hit in the U.S., and the follow-up, "Angel," also reached number one. The single also reached number one in the UK Singles Chart on 4 March 2001, making the song a transatlantic chart topper, reached number one in Australia on April 1, 2001 and the 4th biggest selling single of the 21st century in the United Kingdom.01-It wasn't me (Radio Edit)Click here to get it!!!Bitrate 320Size 8.69Cd Rip
Book Review - Madison Avenue Maxi
2008-05-09 13:23:00
Having a dog is no easy task. They require a lot of work and personal interaction — talking, walking, bathing, grooming, and just plain old loving — dogs need their people as much as people need their dogs. I always considered myself a cat person. I grew up with Mittens, our family tabby who died at the old age of 12, and since then have adopted several cats that I watched get old and finally leave the mortal coil. When we moved to Turks & Caicos I brought three cats with me from the states.So when my husband, who moved a few months before me, started talking about this stray potcake who kept following him home smiling all the way, my first response was, "Please just don't feed it!" We had a disastrous dog adoption experience once and I did not want to repeat that ever again. Long story short, suffice it to say that Smiley's picture graces my Blackberry, we keep a supply of treats on the kitchen counter, and I now understand the "dog thing".Elke & Ben Gazzara happened into t...
Trekstor 88350 DataStation maxi m.u 500GB Portable External Hard Drive for
2008-05-08 07:53:00
Portable / 3.5"/ 7200RPM 16MB Cache / Nero BackItUp 2 Essentials / USB 2.0 / Aluminum Housing / PC, Mac & Linux compatible / Vista Ready .
Praxiz presentan: ?Rómpelo! - Nuevo maxi ya a la venta en vinilo 12 ’
2008-05-06 20:25:00
Praxiz, grupo de hip hop formado por Droi y Joanarman (Finalista Batalla de los Gallos Espa?a). Estos debutan en el difícil mercado discográfico con "?Rómpelo!", un maxi editado en vinilo de 12', en el cual se incluye el tema "Ser Uno Mismo" con "The Percussions". De la distribución se encarga "Kankana Records" y lo podéis encontrar solo en tiendas especializadas (Ama Records etc). Cara A: 1. ?Rómpelo!, 2. Ser Uno Mismo (con The Procussions), 3. ?Rómpelo! Remix. Cara B: 00. Instrumentales. Escucha desde noticiashiphop...
Higher Ground-1991-Somebody [Maxi Cd]
2008-05-02 15:19:00
Higher Ground Maxi Cd "Somebody" produced and mixed by Mike Percy & Tim Lever including excellent Higher Ground Mix.01-Somebody (7'' Edit)02-Somebody (Cheatin' Mix)03-Somebody (Higher Ground Mix)Click here to get Higher Ground!!!!!Bitrate 320Size 40Cd Rip
Tena Maxi Overnight
2008-05-01 09:57:00
I told that the design of the tapping area of the new Tena Maxi Overnight is bad. The new tapping area is not obviously shown. Last night, I taped outside of the tapping area and damaged the plastic outer cover when I want to refasten the tapes :(It made a hole on the outer plastic cover; therefore, the diaper cannot be used !This is a foolish design and an unacceptable fault for a professional diaper manufacturer.Talk to the user or us --- diaper lovers before launching new product is a good way to reduce these stupid fault !
Vespa che passione In Sicilia il maxi raduno
2008-04-27 00:00:00
Cefalù e Palermo prese d?assalto da scooter provenienti da mezzo ...
2008-04-25 10:01:00
According to English press reports & today on Sp.daily "Mundo Deportivo", LIVERPOOL FC Manager Rafael Benitezwishes to incorporate into the team for next season Argentine International &... Read all the news, results, details & comments in English on Spanish Football & Sports
Sicurezza agli incroci: e se in futuro il semaforo rosso diventasse un maxi
2008-04-25 00:00:00
I pedoni agli incroci, altro tasto dolente della sicurezza degli utenti della strada. Con la proposta di Hanyoung Lee, però, molte cose potrebbero cambiare. Sarebbe impossibile non vedere i raggi laser del suo Virtual Wall concept. Purtroppo però ad oggi è solo un progetto virtuale. Ma le vie della tecnologia sono ...
Blockbuster Maxi-Kiosco - WTF?
2008-04-24 21:16:00
Eso mismo pensé cuando ví esta noticia. Parece ser que Blockbuster no sabe como hacerle frente a la plaga de la piratería, y a causa de esto cerró sus puertas en países como Perú, Ecuador y España. En nuestro país si bien no han sido tan drásticos… parece que van a hacer una movida distinta. Concentrados en ...
By: unblogged
Richie Stephens-1993-Body slam [Maxi Cd Promo]
2008-04-24 09:00:00
Richard Stephenson, better known as Richie Stephens, born December 5, 1966 in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmorelan, Jamaica, is a R&B, dancehall and reggae singer and producer. In the early 90s Stephens was a part of the 2-time Grammy winning act Soul II Soul and had recorded at Motown, besides producing reggae records on VP and establishing his own label, Pot of Gold. Later that decade he published famed dancehall singles like "Winner", "Bus the Place" and the mock operatic "Slop Dem". Here is promo maxi cd "Body slam" produced by Clifton "Specialist" Dillon and Danny Browne, taken from album "Pot of gold".01-Body slam (Straight Edit)02-Body slam (Album Version)Click here to get body slam!!!!Bitrate 320Size 16Cd Rip
Cypress Hill-1994-Lick a shot [Maxi Cd]
2008-04-21 09:06:00
Cypress Hill on rare maxi cd "Lick a shot", with "Scooby Doo" previosly unreleased and two mixes of "I wanna get high" taken from the second album "Black Sunday" released on July 20, 1993. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, recording the highest Soundscan for a rap group at the time. The album went double Platinum in the U.S.01-Lick a shot (Baka Boys Radio Version)02-I wanna get high (Radio Edit)03-Scooby Doo04-I wanna get high (Instrumental)Click here to get shot!!!Bitrate 320Size 28.7Cd Rip
2008 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Van First Steer
2008-04-20 17:01:00
2008 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Van First Steer & Review - By David J Twomey With the Australian car market more crowded than almost anywhere in the world, the latest game for car makers seems to be re-inventing market segments, the latest to do so is Volkswagen with the Caddy Maxi, which apparently re-invents the small van segment. Read ...
Arte Mc: Fe de Vida - Nuevo Maxi adelanto del Lp "Besos de Plomo"
2008-04-20 14:04:00
Después de 7 meses de retrasos el día 6 de Mayo saldrá a la venta nuevo maxi de Arte Mc bajo el título de "Fe de vida". Después de 3 a?os desde la salida de su último LP "Nada es común", Arte Mc vuelve con este maxi adelanto de lo que será "Besos de Plomo" su próximo trabajo. A las producciones encontraremos a "STMK", asi como en todos los scratches. De la mano de Bulletproofmusic y Urban Empire que se encargará de su distrubución. Puedes escuchar un casi todos los temas en el propio myspace del artista...
Atletico Madrid: Maxi going nowhere
2008-04-17 12:46:00
Maxi Rodriguez has re-iterated his commitment to Atletico Madrid by insisting he wants to see out the rest of his career at the Vicente Calderon.1 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Maxi class action contro Ford In California una vera crociata
2008-04-17 00:00:00
Un giudice californiano ha approvato la causa di 800.000 proprietari ...
Coupè Mercedes che passione Small o maxi: ecco le novità
2008-04-15 00:00:00
Si rinnova la gamma delle vetture sportive della casa di ...
Tena Maxi Overnight
2008-04-14 10:47:00
I have just changed my soaked Tena Maxi Overnight at the toilet. I felt my jeans were wet because of the pee came out from the ventilation holes of the diaper when I sat down - this is still the problem of Tena :(You need to change the diaper before the pants soak the pee ! I peed on the diaper several times and more than 2/3 of the absorbent is soaked.I am in a dry Tena Maxi Overnight now.I will wet it again and put it off when back to home!I did not feel any different between the new Tena Maxi Overnight and the old one but the smell of pee is less for the new Tena Maxi Overnight, this may be due to the Anti-Bacterial Core.Tena Maxi Overnight does not leak, but the breathable outer plastic cover needs improvement !
Tena Maxi Overnight New Packing
2008-04-14 05:03:00
New Price, New Packing, New Pattern and New material !Left: Standing Right: SittingYou can see the outer plastic cover is changed. The tapping area is not obvious, you can only feel the tapping area which the very bad design is :The above photo shows the stand-up Leg Gathers.The new pattern of the outer plastic cover which indicates the size in English, Chinese and Korean. This pattern with the Wetness Indicator covers from the front to the back of the diaper; therefore, people would know what you are wearing if you squat down and show the diaper.Moreover, Tena claims that there are the new Aloe Vera Top Sheet (top sheet separates the absorbent and our skin) and Anti-Bacterial Core which can prevent bad odor.I just peed on the New Tena Maxi Overnight, I will write the review as soon as possible :P
Bassheads-1992-Back to the old school [Maxi Cd]
2008-04-12 09:03:00
Bassheads maxi cd "Back to the old school" with three mixes + "Just the feeling" produced by Bassheads.01-Back to the old school (Edit)02-Back to the old school (Original Mix)03-Back to the old school (In Your Area Mix)04-Just the feelingClick here and get back to old school!!!! Bitrate 320Size 55.8Cd Rip
Gypsy 05 Organic Maxi Long Dress
2008-04-11 09:00:00
Gypsy 05 Organic Maxi Long Dresses are on FIRE! What had just arrived at Boutique To You sold out in one weekend and now the store is offering preorders for the next delivery.Featured in Life & Style magazine and seen on Lauren Conrad, Christina Aguilera, Hayden Panetierre, and Denise Richards, the Gypsy 05 Long Maxi Dress is fabulously eco-friendly. Made in a solar-powered factory of organic fabric and natural dyes, this floor length dress features v-neck and twisted straps. The Gypsy 05 Long Maxi Dress is available in lipstick red, plum, burgundy, cantaloupe, crystal blue, white, and black. Order today and save 15% off your total purchase with coupon code "castyle15" at Boutique To You.
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