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2012-05-17 23:10:00
PARTNERS According to the Official CBS Description: From multiple Emmy® winners David Kohan and Max Mutchnick comes this personal story of Joe and Louis, lifelong friends and business partners whose bond has lasted longer than any of their romantic relationships. But now that Joe plans to get married, the friends wonder how a spouse may change their dynamic. This funny and endearing comedy explores friendship, marriage and whether three’s really a crowd. Why We’re Excited: After spending the better part of his post-UGLY BETTY career traipsing the boards on the Great White Way, the incomparable Michael Urie finally returns to living rooms on a regular basis. A return made all the more exciting thanks to a bevy of co-stars including Sophia Bush, David Krumholtz and the creative team behind WILL & GRACE. Why We Probably Shouldn’t Let Our Excitement Get the Better of Us: If this past season taught us anything, it’s that one should never underestimate CBS’ abil...
Man to be buried in coffin made from tree he fought to protect
2012-05-15 21:12:00
Frank Knight was a professional logger but earned his true legacy spending decades protecting New England's tallest elm tree. But as all things must, the 217-year-old tree nicknamed "Herbie" eventually succumbed to Dutch elm disease. And over the weekend, 103-year-old Knight died as well. But as a final tribute to this unique relationship between man ...
DIY Auto Restoration Made Easier: Expanded TechShop Workspaces
2012-05-15 16:00:00
Whether it's true or not, we Americans love to think we can do anything we put our minds to and make anything we put our hands to. Sometimes, it's just a matter of having the right tools, we tend to tell ourselves, and that project would get finished lickety-split. With the advent of TechShop
2012-05-14 18:15:00
The following is a black-and-white short on the assembly line process of building bicycles in 1945 (Yep, post WWII). The film, How A Bicycle Is Made (courtesy of the British Council), showcases how Raleigh's popular cruiser was born from drawing table inception to customer use--back when bicycles were intended to provide relaxation, health and happiness--now we've got iGadgets and cumbersome technology for that, no? Yea, right...
Paintings Made with Iridescent Nanopaints Change Color on the Spot
2012-05-14 15:32:00
From Scientific American: Some of the most brilliant colors found on butterflies, birds and squid are produced by nanostructures on wings, feathers and skin that reflect light. The effects can become even more varied when these "structural" colors are combined with filters made from ligh
Jay-Z & Kanye West ? Made In America (Video Teaser)
2012-05-12 04:48:00
New iOS 6 Apple-made Maps With 3D Support Confirmed by Another Source [Goog
2012-05-12 03:04:00
Earlier today we picked up a new report claiming that Apple is finally going to ditch Google Maps in favor of an in-house mapping solution built by the mapping companies purchased by Apple in recent years including Placebase, Poly9 and C3 Technologies. And it looks like the initial report published ...
Ignazio Di Salvo: special thumb pick made for 8 finger tapping and finger-h
2012-05-11 22:36:00
Ignazio Di Salvo Hi Everybody!!! This is my signature pick, called 'Gnazz Tap pick !It's a very special thumb pick made for 8 finger tapping and finger-hybrid picking. To all people interested, you can buy it by paypall transfer to . I can send you one everywhere you are!?10 + expedition fees .For information email me to
Ticket-minute, une application made in pour des billets mo
2012-05-10 15:32:00
Saluons l’arrive de cette excellente application ralise par : Ticket-Minute va nous permettre via notre iPhone, notre iPod ou notre iPad d’accder directement aux ventes de dernires minutes des prix dfiants toute concurrence pour des places de thtre, concert, spectacle ou mme parc d’attraction. Bien entendu, vous devez en premier lieu tre membre? Lire cet article »
Change Being Made For WWE RAW Taping Schedule
2012-05-09 00:19:00
WWE is changing the start time of their Monday night tapings. Beginning July 2nd, many of the Monday tapings will start 90 minutes before the live Raw broadcast. Currently, the tapings begin 30 or 45 minutes before Raw. No word yet on why WWE is extending the Monday tapings.
By: KLQ Blog
jayaprakash replied to agylaniki's discussion 'free fabrics made
2012-05-08 14:59:00
jayaprakash replied to agylaniki's discussion 'free fabrics made in italy or france'
Mobile shopping made easier with payD
2012-05-08 09:45:00
Mobile services company Oltio, a joint venture between Standard Bank and mobile operator MTN, is looking to change the way South Africans use their mobile phones by turning their handsets into personal point of sale devices.
Super Capacitors Made By DVD
2012-05-08 08:03:00
This links to a very interesting new technique to produce graphene using a DVD writer.It also discusses making capacitors by layering these graphene films, however,I cannot find the type of electrolyte used,whether phosphoric acid or ion permeable plastic membrane.I would also like to know how to at
South Korea seizes capsules made with dead babies
2012-05-07 21:03:00
The South Korean government revealed Monday that it recently seized thousands of capsules filled with the powdered flesh of dead babies. Reportedly, some people believe the powder has medicinal purposes and was created in northeastern China. South Korea has reportedly been reluctant to criticize China directly over the incident, out of fears of creating diplomatic ...
5 Reasons Why TBS Picking Up COUGAR TOWN is a Match Made in Comedy Heaven
2012-05-07 17:01:00
After a season worth of disappointments and delays, COUGAR TOWN fans finally got some much deserved good news over the weekend. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that TBS is in talks with ABC Studios to pick-up the low rated fan favorite for two 15 episode seasons should ABC [the Network] opt to kick it to the curb. A move which in a nutshell, is a match made in Comedy heaven. See for yourself, after the jump. Name Brand Star Outside of Tyler Perry, can you name a single big name star associated with a TBS sitcom? Didn’t think so. Which is precisely why, among the plethora of positives to come from the Cul-De-Sac Crew’s possible move from ABC to TBS, Courteney Cox is first and foremost among them. Not only does the former Friend give TBS some good old-fashioned — not to mention much needed — star power, it sends a loud and clear message to Hollywood’s creative community that TBS is open for business and should not be a last resort when it comes to pitching half-...
A Kremlin Made of Sand ? By Leon Aron | Foreign Policy
2012-05-06 18:52:00
Instead, what we may be seeing is a Russian version of a familiar post-authoritarian democratization that swept through Greece, Portugal, and Spain in the 1970s, South Korea and Taiwan in the 1980s, and Mexico in the 1990s. Having reached unprecedented …Read more »
Made in China: Is America Losing its Grand Strategic Mojo? | Atlantic Counc
2012-05-05 09:43:00
So, for all this week’s rhetoric America is beating a strategic retreat. If that political retreat leads to a new global balance of power that is not ‘made in America’ Asia and much of the world beyond will come to …Read more »
Arrest made in deadly 2011 Yale tailgating crash
2012-05-05 02:21:00
The 21-year-old driver of a U-Haul truck that struck and killed a woman in a tailgating area at the Yale-Harvard football game in 2011 was arrested Friday, charged with negligent homicide with a motor vehicle and reckless driving.
Dubai plans underwater hotel made of submerged discs
2012-05-05 00:44:00
To say that thecity of Dubai ? located in the United Arab Emirates ? is a playground for thewealthy would be a gross understatement. The urban wonderland is home to some of the most extravagant displays of affluence on Earth, ? Continue reading ?
Never would have made the news if.......
2012-05-03 05:22:00
I get it.  I know the story is supposedly about a school nurse that turned in a Mom to the police over a little girl with a tiny sunburn and the little girl said she went tanning with her Mommy but.....  The little girl is pasty white with red hair, obviously will burn easily and quickly and I believe the parents when they say she got a little sunburn while in the garden that afternoon.  For pete's sake it's already faded and the little girl is fine and no color to her snow white skin any more... BUT we all seem to know WHY this story won't leave the headlines.We just can't get past this Mom's face!  OMG.  A comment on Yahoo nailed it.  Said it looked like she was wearing a catcher's mitt on her face. You know darn well this story would have been a non-story and never made heavy duty media had it not been for this freaky looking Mom....  it's drawing attention to her and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE LITTLE GIRL.  It's all about her...
1Gbps Wireless Network Made with Red and Green Laser Pointers
2012-05-02 22:38:00
From ExtremeTech: Back in the olden days, when WiFi and Bluetooth were just a glimmer in the eye of IEEE, another short-range wireless communications technology ruled supreme: Infrared Data Association, or IrDA for short. IrDA was awful; early versions were only capable of kilobit-per-se
Just do it (direct action)! - Activist documentary made free for May Day
2012-05-01 18:01:00
A fantastic activist documentary about direct action climate change activists in the UK is free online today for May Day!
Fog-Free Self-Cleaning Glass Made with Nanotechnology
2012-04-29 01:03:00
From Neatorama: Images: Kyoo-Chul Park and Hyungryul Choi Wiping or blowing away the fog on your car's windshield will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to researchers at MIT: they've developed a fog-free, glare-free, and self-cleaning glass by using nanotechnology. Throug
Sharing Content From PC To Mobile Now Made Simpler By TextMe, An Indian Web
2012-04-26 13:44:00
‘Sharing’ is the pillar on which many services and apps are based. Every service is being engineered to make the process of sharing content easy and smooth. There is one area where this has been a problem with no ready solution at hand – Sharing from your PC to someone’s phone via SMS! Now, with TextMe, an Indian web app, you can do just that! This simple and clean app helps you send any kind of data on the web to someone’s phone via SMS. Check this video and see how the app does it. TextMe has been developed by EpicWhale, a Mumbai based App development firm. TextMe is available for almost every major browser from Chrome to Opera and the service is fairly painless and makes sharing content with someone, a piece of cake. We used Chrome to test the app out. The app is very light (just an extension) and makes sharing a simple 2 step process. The best part about TextMe is the fact that everything that you want to share is conveniently packaged in a short link. You ...
By: WATblog
I Made My First (Red Velvet) Wedding Cake
2012-04-26 03:19:00
When my cousin Jerry and his (then) fiance Mary asked if I would make their wedding cake, I was kind of in deep shock. I love them and was elated to have the opportunity to be part of their wedding in a special way. Still, the thought that kept whirling around my brain was, “Why ...
Carnevale Sterling Silver Blue Flower Made with Swarovski Elements Pendant
2012-04-23 09:00:00
List Price: $99.00Deal Price: $32.99You Save: $66.01 (67%)Price valid through 5/6/2012.Expires May 7, 2012
Carnevale Sterling Silver Faded Purple Tear Drop Made with Swarovski Elemen
2012-04-23 09:00:00
List Price: $149.00Deal Price: $80.99You Save: $68.01 (46%)Price valid through 5/6/2012.Expires May 7, 2012
Carnevale Sterling Silver Faded Purple Flower Made with Swarovski Elements
2012-04-23 09:00:00
List Price: $249.00Deal Price: $84.99You Save: $164.01 (66%)Price valid through 5/6/2012.Expires May 7, 2012
Romney's task: Learn from errors made in primaries
2012-04-21 17:38:00
Mitt Romney's urgent assignment now is to learn the lessons of a Republican primary season where missteps cost time and money while reinforcing doubts about his presidential candidacy.
Experts say Zimmerman attorney made smart move
2012-04-21 11:22:00
By questioning a state investigator on the witness stand during a routine bail hearing, George Zimmerman's defense attorney showed some of the weaknesses in prosecutors' claims that the neighborhood watch volunteer committed second-degree murder, legal experts say.
Web Design Made Easy as 1,2,3
2012-04-21 00:33:00
Designing a website may not seem like the easiest of tasks, but with the help of some new web building conveniences that have entered the market in the past few years it is possible to create a professional website for your business with only a small investment of your time and money. In fact, with ...
Pilot Pens Made from Recycled Water Bottles
2012-04-19 09:00:00
Made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, these pens are worth talking about.Expires Apr 29, 2012
Zach Tomaselli Made Up Bernie Fine Sex Abuse Claim
2012-04-13 20:34:00
Zach Tomaselli, one of the men who accused now former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of child sexual abuse, now says he was lying and “made the entire thing up. I’ve never met Bernie Fine in my life.” He told “Bobby Davis told me what to tell detectives and it pretty much took (Read More...)
Zach Tomaselli Made Up Bernie Fine Sex Abuse Claim
2012-04-13 20:34:00
Zach Tomaselli, one of the men who accused now former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of child sexual abuse, now says he was lying and “made the entire thing up. I’ve never met Bernie Fine in my life.” He told “Bobby Davis told me what to tell detectives and it pretty much took (Read More...)
China NNN Agreements. Watching The Sausage Get Made.
2012-04-06 16:47:00
Probably more than any other agreement, there is a conception out there that it is just fine to use an off the shelf NDA Agreement when dealing with China. Wrong…. At least as much as with any other sort of agreement, it is critical to tailor your NNN Agreement (we call our NDA Agreements NNN Agreements because they include non-use and non-compete provisions, in addition to non-disclosure provisions) to your specific situation. I thought of that this morning as I watched a number of emails fly back and forth between a couple of my firm’s China lawyers regarding a couple of NNN Agreements we are in the process of drafting. Together, these two emails do a great job of showing how you need more than just an “off the shelf NDA” and of exactly what typically goes into drafting an NNN Agreement that will be effective for each individual company. The first email was sent to client A at the commencement of work on its NNN Agreement: I will be drafting your NNN agree...
Hermit Crab Takes On Shell Made Of Legos
2012-04-06 16:02:00
From DVICE: Hermit crab housing has just taken on an interesting new turn. Harry, the local resident at the rock pool in Legoland in the U.K. has crawled into a specially crafted shell made of the local building material - Legos. So, adorable hermit crabs enjoy plastic blocks as much as
The greatest movie ever made. Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead.
2012-04-06 04:05:00
NSFWNSFWHere's my completely legit and totally not made up review of this masterpiece.I cannot express how much this film has changed my life and the life of my family. Allow me to explain.A year ago, my cousin was diagnosed with PTSD after coming home from Iraq. He eventually stopped speaking to his friends and family. We tried to get him to come out of his shell, but it was no use. He wouldn't talk, he would hardly eat and was really depressed. After trying everything, I pretty much gave up. I figured he would either come around on his own, or not. There wasn't anything else I could do.During a visit, I came back into the room and found him on my laptop. He was looking at the trailer for Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead. I saw something in his eyes that I hadn't seen in years... joy? Hope? I wasn't sure, but I knew he had to see this movie.I got a copy of the movie and after watching it about fifteen times all of a sudden he started speaking again. It was amazing. All he could ...
Director approved fan-made poster for Carrie
2012-04-04 00:39:00
If you haven’t heard, Chloe Moretz is the new Carrie White, in the second remake of Stephen King’s best selling novel. The director of the reboot, Kimberly Pierce (Boys Don’t Cry), has given here stamp of approval on this fan-made poster, and I must say, it’s killer! Source: Facebook
Dani Pedrosa Issues Public Apology After Arrest: "I Made a Mistake"
2012-04-02 23:02:00
Dani Pedrosa has issued a formal apology to his fans over his arrest for attempting to cheat during an exam for his yachtmaster certification. In a written statement from his lawyers and disseminated to the Spanish media, Pedrosa stated that he had "taken some bad advice and made a mistake." Source: read more
An Old Simple Gadget Made New By Biomimicry
2012-03-31 21:31:00
The thumbtack, or 'drawing pin' as it was first named by the British, was invented more than a century ago. It is so simply designed, it's hard to think of how it could be improved... unless you happen to stick a few fingers into a box of these pins to try to pick one out just one from the pack. Ouch! 
Arise, Awake and Stop Not until Indian E Banking is made Safe
2012-03-31 06:05:00
Today is the end of a financial year for Indian Banks. It is time for them to draw their annual reports and submit it to both RBI and its shareholders. One essential information missing from Bank reports it the extent of loss in E Banking frauds. RSA recently stated that the losses suffered by Indian ...
Home-made Chocolate Ice Cream???????
2012-03-16 14:50:00
Last week, I made and shared my Home-made Mango Ice Cream and it created a Mango Ice Cream making fever in my Facebook community. I have friends in Facebook who have made, Oreo Cookies, Strawberry, Peach, Coconut Flavours too. Raisins and Rum are also in consideration! However, none of those are my daughter's favourite. She only likes Chocolate flavour. So I made a small tub of Chocolate Ice Cream just for her. This recipe is slightly different from the Home-made Mango Ice Cream. It will required some cooking but it's worth the trouble. The quality of chocolate ice cream depends very much on the chocolate chips used. I'm using the chocolate shown below. It is slightly bitter and the result was the ice-cream tasting very chocolatey and very similar to the store-bought Sticky-Chewy Chocolate Ice-cream. :) My daughter love it and since this portion makes only about 4-5 scoops, noone else is sharing this with her. (my son had the whole tub of Mango Iceream to himself too) ...
Comments on: Zikula – Made Your Way more Easy
2012-03-15 12:17:00
Comments on: Zikula – Made Your Way more Easy
Mitt Romney: ?I Made A Lot Of Money? But Appeal To All Income Levels (VIDEO
2012-03-15 02:42:00
The Huffington Post Elise Foley Posted: 03/14/2012 3:59 pm Mitt Romney became testy on Wednesday when discussing his appeal to lower-income voters, quibbling with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly after she said he is struggling with voters who make less than $100,000 per year. “No, no, no, no — we don’t win a million more votes ...
By: Suzie-Q
how are gasket sheet made
2012-03-13 18:51:00
how can i make simple gasket sheets and with what materials...
The Best Mistake You've Ever Made
2012-03-13 15:00:00
Picture this: a relatively inexperienced engineer working for a large manufacturing company makes an error in his process control duties, disrupting the product line in a big way that costs the company an estimated $500,000 in product damage. The manager invites the young engineer into his offic
Specifically What Is Made By The Unexplainable Store?
2012-03-10 19:28:00
Naming something unexplainable doesn't really give you a lot of clues as to it's contents. But in this case it's necessary, because you literally cannot describe this store. It's just like nothing... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Education versus war - Friday Film Pick: War Made Easy
2012-03-09 23:11:00
A doc about war, as governments put emphasis on raising tuition, and supporting industries of war.
Home Made Mango Ice Cream ??????
2012-03-09 12:16:00
I had an old recipe that I posted sometime back on my home-made ice-cream which required more steps and more ingredients. This time I tested it with just using whipping cream (cos I happened to have one) and it works well too! You will be surprised to know how easy and simple it can be. :) Mangoes are somehow in season now (didn't remember they were in season during this part of the year) and are always on offer. I can't resist it and bought 5 there other day and kept two for this recipe.  You can use other fruits instead but Mango is always a favourite. You just can't go wrong with Mango. I'm sharing this recipe first as I have a high number of requests for it after I post it in my Facebook. If you are waiting for my other outstanding recipes, I will post them as soon as I have time to do it. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this recipe. Ingredients: 2 ripe Mangoes 200ml Whipping Cream 5 tablespoon Icing Sugar or to taste How to do: Stone and skin mangoes. Puree 350...
DIY Affordable Wheelchairs Made From Reused Plastic Chairs in Rwanda
2012-03-08 17:38:00
From Latest Items from TreeHugger: This is how you can make affordable wheelchairs reusing plastic chairs. The user is there during the making of it to make sure he knows how to repair his or her chairs. Read the whole article
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