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3VOOR12 Overijssel viert 10-jarig bestaan in Hedon
2008-05-14 13:38:00
3VOOR12 is een netwerk van vrijwilligers in Nederland dat is opgezet door de VPRO. In het hele land zijn regionale afdelingen van 3VOOR12. Doel is om nieuwe muziek snel op te pikken en ervoor te zorgen dat talentvolle artiesten in Nederland de mogelijkheid hebben zichzelf te laten zien en een kans krijgen op festivals. Morgen bestaat 3VOOR12 tien jaar. Dat wordt door alle regio's op eigen manier gevierd. 3VOOR12 Overijssel doet het met een feestavond in popcentrum Hedon in Zwolle met regionale artiesten. Tijdens Het Overijssels Hart belde ik met coördinator Iris Offringa van 3VOOR12 Overijssel. Dat interview is hieronder terug te luisteren. Get the Flash Player to see this player. var FO = { movie:"",width:"300"-,height:"20",majorversion:"7",b-uild:"0",bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", flashvars:"file=" }; UFO.create(FO,"player9"); Dit is een link naar de website van 3VOOR12 Overijs...
Syukuran Khas Teknik Komputer
2008-04-22 11:02:00
Teman memang selalu menghadirkan kenangan. Jika ada kesulitan, merekalah tempat paling dekat untuk meminta pertolongan. Apalagi, jika sedang ada kegembiraan, mereka juga yang memberikan senyum paling special untuk merayakannya. Di samping itu, teman merupakan orang yang paling mengerti apa saja yang terjadi di dalam diri kita. Di tengah kesibukan kampus, rasanya tidak berkesan jika ...
PSMS Masuk Final (uber alles!) [posting tidak berkualitas]
2008-02-07 14:19:00
Ini adalah hari bersejarah bagi kami sekeluarga: PSMS masuk final euy! walapun dengan skor 4-5. walaupun melalui babak pinlti tapi yang penting meunang euy. Maaf ya, bagi semua teman2 ku pendukung persib+persija+persipura ps: ganjar! paeh maneh! ahhaha akhir na tahun iye jadi tahun terburuk bagi mneh :-D. engeus urus we penjualan AMD sa-bandung karena selama persib ...
The Junkyard Ninjas!
2008-01-17 11:15:00
Nevermind the title! Terdengar seperti film low budget tahun 90an yang dibintangi Pat Morita (also famous as O’Hara) . Adalah sebuah hobby baru saya; mengunjungi pasar loak se-Bandung Raya. Menjadi hobby karena ada absurdity expenditure yang saya siapkan saat melihat barang2 “ajaib” yang saya temui disana. Kenapa absurd karena sifat barangnya yang miskin fungsi dan tidak pula sampai ...
uwiuw favorite quote
2007-12-19 17:45:00
tuisan ini terinspirasi dari SINI kutipan sy itu “for a dream no one can see but you” dari film “one milion dollar baby”. film itu bercerita ttg seorang cewek kulit putih yang memujudkan mimpinya sekalipun orang lain menganggap dia terlalu tua untuk itu. dia itu seorang white trash, sebutan rasis bagi orang bule miskin.  white trash, sebagaimana ...
Lounge di Embassy Bandung
2007-11-24 21:31:00
Setelah vakum hampir 6 bulan di dunia germerlap (dugem), saya mencari hiburan di tempat yang satu ini. Karena ada sepupu saya dari Jakarta, saya diminta menemani mereka ke sana. Hanya untuk bersenang-senang saja. Setelah 2 jam di dalam, saya merasa lelah. Yah, saya anggap sebagai olahraga malam saja. Kali ini, acara yang digelar adalah ...
Gaul Hemat di Mal Pondok Indah
2007-09-15 10:46:00
Sebenarnya cerita ini sudah lama ingin saya tulis. Bagaimana tidak, cerita ini terjadi saat saya melakukan kerja praktik (KP) di Jakarta dulu. Akan tetapi, saya baru ingat sekarang bahwa cerita ini mungkin bermanfaat untuk anda yang ingin bergaul dengan cara yang hemat. Bergaul dengan cara hemat, mungkinkah hal itu bisa dilakukan? Bergaul atau “nongkrong”, apalagi ...
Hedon Cries - Affliction's Fiction
2007-08-22 06:53:00
Hedon Cries - Affliction's Fiction (2007)
Hedon Cries - Affliction's Fiction
2007-08-15 23:27:00
Info Official MySpace Tracklist 1. Hedon Cries - Darkness for a Theatre (5:22) 2. Hedon Cries - A New Realm Approaching (6:54) 3. Hedon Cries - The Last Guiltiness (4:40) 4. Hedon Cries - Memories (5:42) 5. Hedon Cries - Another Pleasure of a Dying Revival (5:57) 6. Hedon Cries - Naked Eyes (4:00) 7. Hedon Cries - Reflections of a Stellar Planet (4:10) 8. Hedon Cries - Reincarnation (5:15)
Username: hedonisticsuzy
2007-07-08 00:00:00
Gender: Woman Age: 29 Located in: Prahran, NA, Australia Title: Sexy suzy looking for sexy sam..are you him?
Jalan-jalan Di Jakarta (Part 2)
2007-06-30 09:32:00
Sudah lama saya tidak bercerita tentang “indahnya” kota Jakarta. :p Ini karena akhir-akhir ini akses ke sana sangat terbatas. Mengapa terbatas ? Ini karena teman saya yang punya “akses” ke sana sedang ujian. Wah, untuk masalah ini saya tidak bisa memaksakan diri. Nah, untungnya weekend kali dia bisa diajak jalan-jalan ke luar. Hmm, ...
President urges teachers to safeguard youths from hedonism, limitless freed
2007-06-03 05:49:00
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on the people, particularly teachers to help safeguard younger generation from adverse impact of globalization such as hedonism, limitless freedom and attitude of taking short-cuts to gain something. "Let`s liberate our younger generation from such an attitude so that they would not be hedonistic, embrace freedom without limits and take short-cuts for attaining something," the president told teachers attending a grand reunion of teachers` training attendants organized by the state-owned telecommunications company, PT Telkom, and the Republika daily newspaper here on Saturday.Yudhoyono said that there were dangerous developments taking place in society as a result of globalization, which brought in besides virtues also less good values such as hedonism culture, or the desire to obtain material happiness only, the desire to enjoy unlimited freedom and use of short-cut ways to achieve objectives.The president said that the culture of hedonism ...
Buffy - Whedon: 'i'm Not Directing Fourth X-men Movie.
2007-04-25 08:24:00
Contest for most active coming soon, will only include new posters and people who add videos from today.Whedon, who had talks with Marvel Studios over the third movie X3 - was set to film the big screen version of Wonder Woman instead, but left the project over creative differences.
2007-04-21 01:30:00
Unlike most other nude beaches, Hedonism II promotes a freewheeling and indulgent naturist experience for playful singles and couples. Located in Negril, Jamaica's famous seven-mile white sand beach, the all-inclusive resort is divided into "nude" and "prude" sections, with separate facilities for swimming, sunbathing, volleyball and more. Clothing is optional, however, throughout the entire complex. Visitors can expect to find vast spreads of food and drink, a thumping party scene and, quoting the resort, a "lush garden of playful passion." Not surprisingly, Hedonism offers many discounts for young singles. It must have been something in the water. Because from the moment Hedonism II's gates opened twenty-five years ago, it's been the most widely recognized, and notorious, resort in the world. Words really can't quite describe the thrill of actually being here. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure, only without the guilt. A real life Garden of Eden. Situated on the tip of legen...
Priyanka Chopra In Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman
2007-04-03 08:49:00
Since I grew up on Buffy  and love Joss Whedon, this one made me extremely excited! According to the rumor mills, none other than our Priyanka Chopra has been short-listed for the role of Wonder Woman! The former model, whose previous hits include Dhoom and Krrish, told the Times Of India: "Till something happens, I don't want to talk about it. I'm not confirming the news or denying it right now."When speaking about the role, Whedon said: "Wonder Woman is the most iconic female heroine of our time, but in a way, no one has met her yet."Initially there were reports that Lost Star Evangeline Lilly (another one of my favs) was also considered but in the end it just didn’t work out! Keep watching this space for more updates!
PUMA x Schedoni
2007-03-24 00:22:00
PUMA is entering the luxury sector with the introduction of a line of bespoke leather sneakers by Schedoni, the Italian leather manufacturer that also makes custom-made luggage for Ferrari. The range includes sneakers and bags. PUMA will introduce leather work stations, similar to traveling trunks that will pop-up in 50 stores worldwide and will be ...
Username: hedonicdoll
2007-03-07 08:38:02
Gender: Woman Age: 18 Located in: Belgrade, NA, United States Title: wild, spontaneous
2007-03-02 15:50:00
Ronchedone is a red wine we discovered at Latium restaurant in London. We fell in love with it the first time we tried it. Now that we are in Trento, just 20 miles from the northern tip of Garda lake, it is only an additional pleasant drive along the Eastern side of Garda to reach the producer Ca' dei Frati nearby the other end of the Lake. Being in the production area for Lugana, they specialise on white wines (excellent their 'Brolettino'), but they also manage to turn out this marvel of a red.It suprises for its power, considering it is made in good proportion out of Marzemino - which on its own produces delicate wines in the area south of Trento. This strength is explained by the other main partner grape, Sangiovese, and by a maximum 10% of Cabernet. The nose is complex (red fruits, berries and some spice), and it is neat and punchy on the palate. It is best drunk after a few years in the bottle (up to seven years will be fine), but we could not resist opening a bottle right...
The Graduate - Anhedonia
2007-02-26 04:39:01
The Graduate - Anhedonia (2007)
Whedon dumps Wonder Woman!
2007-02-08 09:23:02
 By Honey Gillard ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s’ creator Joss Whedon has pulled himself out of directing the long-awaited feature film ‘Wonder Woman’. Whedon claims he’s reason for pulling out was that he had a take on the film that nobody liked, saying that he and the film’s producer Joel Silver “just say different movies.”  The writer and director added ...
Joss Whedon Now Free To Do SAILOR MOON Live Action Movie
2007-02-07 04:48:01
Hey everyone, Ryan here with a scoop coming from ‘Stuart’ regarding Joss Whedon and a live-action SAILOR MOON film. Here is what ‘Stuart’ has to say: Access Hollywood got the chance to talk with a Fox Studios worker in Century City, who revealed that one of the major movie studios is looking to quickly sign Joss ...
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