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240-V Heaters vs. 110-V Heaters
2009-09-12 09:25:00
Hi! Why 440 volt over 110 volt? I have to have electrical instaled for some new heaters anyhow and notice that 240 volt heaters are just about as common as the 110 volt ones. The difference in cost to install one over the other isn't signifigant so I am wondering what, if anything I gain by
Ceramic heaters
2009-09-01 15:17:00
We require compact ceramic heaters for our satellite applications. Spec. Able to generate minimum 800 deg C (Celcius) Size : 40 x 40 mm (preferable) [ Should be compact ] Thanks
Residential Hot Water Heaters
2009-07-28 07:11:00
Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes a 52 gal.??? residential hot water heater with a refrigerant coil in it.
Solar Water Heaters
2009-06-30 12:17:00
Hello Moderator , I am wondering what happened to the traed on solar water heater. A member from China posted that tread and was inviting interested buyers, re sellers and others. I subscribed to that tread and to the best of my knowledge that was the only comment as at 29/06/2
How Infrared Heaters work
2009-05-09 06:21:00
Hi everybody.... will be more than greatfull if somebody advice me about links, drawings, books, schematics, etc. to understand how exactlly one Infrared Heater work. Thank for advance
Electrical Heaters vs. Natural Gas Burners
2009-03-23 07:47:00
Dear all Guru, I hv an electrical heated oven which divide in to 4 heating zones (2.2m x width 3m x height 0.8m ,each zone) with total lenght of 8.8m, each zone is run by 170kw heater and connected to 3ph 415v + Nuetral power supply.(heater control by ON/OFF contactor only) The s
breakdown of tubular heaters
2009-03-18 07:10:00
I recently occured with a problem in tubular heater, where in my bank of 50 heaters when idle show meggar( insulation) at infinity, but when the heater bank is switched on after 8 - 10 mins the entire bank shuts down, again when the meggar ( insulation) is checked it shows at infinity. Does a
Bank of Tubular Heaters Shuts Down
2009-03-18 07:10:00
I recently occured with a problem in tubular heater, where in my bank of 50 heaters when idle show meggar( insulation) at infinity, but when the heater bank is switched on after 8 - 10 mins the entire bank shuts down, again when the meggar ( insulation) is checked it shows at infinity. Do
Fire heaters : piping
2009-03-16 11:05:00
Why do we prefer the equal flow at the inlet & outlet of Heater??
Fired heaters
2009-03-16 10:45:00
In fired heater piping : we avoid the short radius elbows as well as dead ends. what is the reason behind this?
Fired Heaters and Pipe Designs
2009-03-16 10:45:00
In fired heater piping : we avoid the short radius elbows as well as dead ends. what is the reason behind this?
Process Fired Heaters : Chemical Cleaning of Radiation and Convection Room
2009-02-05 18:47:00
Dear all, my thread concerns chemical cleaning of tubes in radiation and convection rooms - external surface would you please share your own experience: what kind of chemical that fit better with this service? what is the procedure to performe cost effective cleaning? what a
Land Rover Heaters
2009-01-22 08:13:00
if ther is eny one out there who has a landrover .of eny type who think the heaters are rubbish. wich they are i have a high cap td2 defender truck cab. i love it i like to be warm not frozen. well hears what you do . take off the heater box. split it apart that will take most of the day its so
Space Heaters and Transformers
2009-01-22 04:27:00
dear all, if i want to use oil type transformer, 4500 kVA, 13.8kV/ 4.16kV. which the primary is 13.8 kV, comes from distribution pole and the secondary is 4.16 kV to supply MCC. is it required to use space heater while the site temperature is 80 degree fahreinheit. 1. ins
Deaerator, Superheaters, LP and HP Heaters
2009-01-21 07:14:00
In a power plant we improve the overall efficiency of the plant by superheaters, LP and HP Heaters, and the Deaerator. We use waste heat from reverb to produce steam. Our plant doesn't have an Economiser, so I want to know where do superheaters, LP and HP Heaters and the Deaerator get the heat energ
Driveway Heaters
2009-01-20 17:10:00
Is there any product available that can be installed under an existing driveway?
Furnace Forced Heat Systems and Gas Hot Water Heaters
2008-12-22 21:29:00
CR4 members and guests in light of winter I was wondering - do you feel there are energy savings to be obtained by: 1. closing or opening various dampers in a forced air system to balance or provide heat to most used rooms or adjusting to provide heat (or a/c in summer) to rooms subject to
Quartz Infrared Heaters
2008-10-06 04:05:00
Are Quartz Infrared heaters worth buying to help reduce energy costs. Example: A 1000 square foot home using a 1000 or 1500 Watt heater costing $420.00. I have not been able to find any facts on these heaters.
Electrical Heaters
2008-09-22 00:40:00
Dear colleagues I wanted to ask about an electrical duct heater 2.5 KW capacity, installed on a HVAC duct, controlled by a humidistat, can you explain to me how to do this where can I find electrical diagrams or more info on the subject'? regards
Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters
2008-09-12 10:00:00
I did a bit of whining last week while at the low-point for our home remodel. We were missing walls, had lost our heating, all our goods were piled in the living room covered with dusty plastic and then to top it off our hot water heater burst--all with a three day weekend to endure.Now maybe I was the last person on the planet to realize this but apparently hot water heaters don't last that long--ours came with our house which we bought seven years ago so I'm not even sure how old the tank actually is (though I've now learned that when you see water pouring out of the bottom that's a sign that things have probably gone past the expiration date).So it threw things into a bit of a mess here while we scrambled to clean up while finding a new tank and in the course of my complaining and whining to a neighbor they mentioned that if their tank should ever need replacing they'd be sure to get a tankless heater.Well that was something that needed some Googling ("Google Knows All" is ...
By: Scribbit
Fired Heaters Insulation
2008-08-15 16:59:00
My name is Rafael Teraoka The company I work for offers a number of fired heaters and we have clients throughout Brazil. I was wondering if you could help me on two problems that we are trying to handle right now: 1) How to determine the insulation thickness required for different par
Tube filling machines for manufacturing tube heaters
2008-07-21 08:14:00
Friends, What is the modern manufacturing process for tube heaters. Who are suppliers for the tube filling machines manufactured preferably in Germany / Europe US or any part of world.and the best method of tempering the tube , spot welding the element and machines recommended. If any of o
Baseboard Heaters: 110 V and 220 V
2008-06-10 17:39:00
if 110 and 220 pull the same amount of power to run them than what would be the purpose for me to run 220 wires back to the power j box? why not just connect into an existing 110 outlet ? is it fire safe?
Hawaii Law Requires All New Homes Install Solar Hot Water Heaters
2008-06-01 17:27:00
All new homes built in Hawaii will be required to install solar hot water heaters beginning in 2010, cutting energy costs by 30%.  The state of Hawaii has a goal of at least 70 percent renewable...
Electric Heaters
2008-05-27 18:25:00
54% Sulphuric acid resistant & excellent Heat transfer Single phase 240V Electric heaters
RV Water Heaters - Convenience While Traveling The Countryside
2008-05-10 11:47:00
The popularity of outdoor travel has increased greatly over recent years, particularly among retirees and travelers. It is a much less expensive as well as more convenient method of travel, removing the difficulty of having to locate rental cars, using public transportation and locating hotels. Recreational vehicles are being setup to be a home away from home on wheels and they have come to incorporate a comfortable as well as modern bathroom, with a toilet and kitchen facilities. Accompanying this is the RV water heater which allows for the additional convenience of having hot water on demand. This removes the challenge of needing to rely on camp sites or other types of amenities in terms of bathing and washing. Rather the recreational vehicle is completely self sufficient device which provides travel that is comfortable in any condition. There are numerous kinds of RV water heaters on the market that will be dependent on your assortment of needs and circumstances.Different Types o...
Surface Heaters for DC Motors
2008-05-06 09:35:00
I would like to know at what temperature the use of suface heaters for a 310KW DC motor becomes necessary? At what temperature we can run the motor after the heaters are ON? What will be the consequences if the heaters are not used when the motor is cold enough? In the cold season is it necessary to
Reducing the Electricity Consumption of Water Heaters
2008-05-04 00:00:00
Reducing the Electricity Consumption of Water Heaters
Low Impact Living: The Low Down on Tankless Hot Water Heaters
2008-04-30 19:59:00
Editor’s note: As part of our new content partnership with Low Impact Living, we’ll be bringing you tips and tricks from their massive and growing archive of products and projects that...
Quality Gas Heaters from
2008-04-24 06:11:00
Have you had your old gas heater since forever? Maybe it’s not working as well as it should be, and is actually costing you more money on its inefficiency and for repairs. You should consider replacing it! And you should also consider shopping at for electic heaters! brings you a wide variety quality heaters to ...
'Invest in solar water heaters'
2008-04-18 09:45:00
Switching from conventional geysers to solar water heaters is not only a response to the current energy crisis affecting South Africa, but also a sustainable long-term investment for residents, says Minerals and Energy Minister Buyelwa Sonjica.
Water Heaters - One Of The Most Underappreciated Household Appliances
2008-04-12 07:05:00
Every home owner has a water heater in their house, yet not everyone knows the location of this important appliance. What they do know is that when they go in to take a shower they have comforting hot water if their water heater is running, and they also know that when this appliance is not running their in for a cold surprise. Quite often appliances are hidden in the basement, closet or garage. The individual in your house that is in charge of the household appliances likely knows where it is. and they are certain to know if it is not functioning as the complaints will be fast and furious. Numerous Benefits A well functioning water heater supplies hot water for both laundry as well as the showers. The family members enjoy the benefits of these appliances practically everyday regardless of that they do not know where the appliances are or how they function. This particular appliance helps to keep the warm as well as clean, unquestionably some very important tasks. Even though everyb...
The Heart Of Your Hot Time: Sauna Heaters and Stones
2008-04-12 00:00:00
The heart of any sauna is its heater. There are several types of heaters available, but the most common are electric heaters. Wood-burning heaters are popular in rural areas, and oil and gas heaters are also sometimes used.
The Heart Of Your Hot Time: Sauna Heaters and Stones
2008-04-11 07:00:00
The heart of any sauna is its heater. Sauna heaters must be specially designed to be able to produce a consistently high temperature. There are several types of heaters available, but the most common are electric heaters. Wood-burning heaters are popular in rural areas, and oil and gas heaters are also sometimes used. The ...
Water Heaters get Energy Star status and Reduce Bills, Emissions
2008-04-07 03:42:00
Like this post? Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up to date. They’re not sexy, but the Department of Energy estimates 13% of your home energy consumption goes into big tank of hot water....
Patio Heaters and Patio Furniture
2008-04-06 17:45:00
If you are looking for some different collections of outdoor patio furniture to create your perfect outdoor setting, be sure you check out LA Patio ( LA Patio is an online retailer of high quality patio furniture, patio heaters, and accessories including great outdoor furniture covers, cast aluminum mailboxes, and much more. They have some ...
Portable Electric Heaters Recalled by Aloha Housewares Due to Fire Hazard
2008-04-04 15:48:00
On February 20, 2008, Aloha Housewares Inc., of Arlington, Texas recalled approximately 152,000 portable electric heaters. The heaters were recalled because they can overheat and melt plastic parts, posing a fire hazard. Aloha Housewares has received 29 reports of the heaters melting, smoking or catching fire, including 18 reports of property damage. One consumer reported ...
Pool Heaters Features And Advantages
2008-04-04 07:00:00
Pool heaters have turn out to be a normal characteristic on a group of pool in colder area of the state. Pool heaters and astral pool cover that are well matched to the swimming pool make bigger swimming time by two months in together instructions. There are 3 most important types of warmer, classify by ...
Tankless Water Heaters
2008-03-23 07:16:00
When I first renovated my house, it was difficult for my family financially. Everything cost money and it is not cheap. I wished I knew about tankless water heaters. It is the most cost efficient way of providing water heating system for the whole house. Every bathroom will have water heater without installing a tank ...
2008-03-14 11:23:00
I think tankless water heaters are great. They were originally designed to be used in situations where a tank is undesirable or inefficient, such as a building with very minimal hot water demand. They are more commonly used overseas than in the US, probably because we are not as attuned to the economy and space saving attributes of these water heaters.
IOL: Subsidised solar-water heaters on the boom
2008-03-12 13:40:00
IOL: Subsidised solar-water heaters on the boom: "Companies supplying solar-water heaters have been run off their feet since Eskom started subsidising the devices several weeks ago.Eskom has embarked on a process of registering companies to provide the subsidised solar-water heaters after the firms comply with stringent criteria. In early January, when the first subsidies were granted, there was only one registered supplier."Link
Why buy a gas heater from Gas Heaters Online?
2008-03-10 18:21:00
Well, why would you get a gas heater in the first place? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First of all it is very efficient. A gas heater will warm up the surroundings a lot better than an electrical one. Second of all, it is a very economical way to heat any necessary space. ...
New Gas Heaters
2008-03-10 16:40:00
My family had just bought a new house in Vancouver. Mum said that this winter we will spend our Christmas there! I asked mum, “Have you already buy heaters???? I don’t want to spend a ‘cool’ Christmas^_^!” “Don’t worry sweetie, there have gas heaters already!” mum said with a smile. “Gas heater was mass produced ...
Gas Heaters
2008-03-07 19:06:00
If you have ever endured a cold winter then you now the value of reliable heat.  There is no heat more reliable than gas heat.  Gas heaters will not go out and leave you bitterly cold at the worst moments like electrical heat can.  That is why we use propane heaters at my workplace.  We ...
Start Your Engines (And Heaters)
2008-02-28 15:17:00
With the wind chill in Toronto today, the temperature feels like -25 degrees Celsius. The outside of my house this morning has all the convivial appeal of a meat locker with the frozen bloody corpses of anyone I ever cared about dangling from meat hooks.Oh, and the Toronto Blue Jays begin their exhibition schedule this afternoon against the Detroit Tigers. Obviously, this couldn't come at a better time. Even our distaste for cold weather has been frozen over as temperatures continue to drop faster than Scott Spezio's fantasy value.Jesse Litsch will start the game for the Jays in Lakeland against Detroit left hander and goggle wearer Nate Robertson.According to the Globe and Mail's Robert MacLeod, the rest of the lucky travel squad includes:Pitchers: Josh Banks, Shaun Camp, Lance Carter, Gustavo Chacin, Mike Gosling, Jean Machi, David Purcey and James Vermilyea.Catcher: Rod Barajas, Curtis Thigpen, John Schneider.Infielders: Russ Adams, Chip Cannon, Joe Inglett, Pedro Lopez, Jo...
Portable Kerosene Heaters for Sale
2008-02-21 21:29:00
Portable kerosene heaters are great for indoor use to quickly warm up a room. Their great for camping, you won't have to feed the fire all night to stay warm, plus you can use it inside your tent. I w... more from kinghavoc...
The Options Available in Sauna Heaters
2008-02-18 15:49:00
An important decision you will have to make regarding your sauna will be the type of heater you want. This can affect how the sauna will work for you. There are four main types of heaters used for saunas. These consist of electric, infrared, wood burning, and gas/propane. These can be made of steel, aluminum, or ceramic.The electric sauna heaters of today heat quickly but remain cool to the touch. They are available in many colors and are a very convenient way of heating your sauna, but due to rising energy costs, many people do not like to use an electric sauna heater. An infrared sauna heater operates at a lower temperature than an electric sauna heater. Infrared heaters convert light directly to heat. This heat warms nearby objects but does not raise the air temperature. Infrared saunas will cause you to perspire more. The heat caused by an infrared heated sauna penetrates deeper into the body tissues than the traditional sauna can. This deep tissue warmth is very helpful for pe...
Heaters that don?t use electricity
2008-02-17 00:45:00
Recently many of my neighbors learned how important it is to have a source of heat in your home other than one that uses electricity. The power went off for three days straight and the night time temperatures dropped down below 25 degrees for two nights in a row.My family ...
Radiant Gas Heaters
2008-02-15 20:07:00
If you live in the cold regions of the U.S like I do, then there is no way you will stay warm outside no matter how many layers of clothes you pack on. I like to be outdoors a lot, especially to sit out with my dog, but it’s uncomfortable with the cold months. ...
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