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An Intimate Evening with Santana: Greatest Hits Live At Mandalay Bay
2012-04-11 05:50:00
The legendary Carlos Santana will perform An Intimate Evening with Santana: Greatest Hits Live ? Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow at the House of Blues Las Vegas starting May 2, 2012. A special series of headlining shows by one of the greatest guitarists in rock history who will perform in an interactive intimate venue allowing ...
Whitney Houston?s Greatest Hits: R.I.P
2012-02-13 02:11:00
These are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them too! R.I.P Whitney.  
News: Aussie Floyd Show announces 2011 UK Greatest Hits Tour
2011-01-18 23:40:00
The Aussie Floyd Show announces 2011 UK Greatest Hits Tour Live Nation and SJM are proud to announce that The Australian Pink Floyd Show is set to return with a series of headline shows across the UK in March 2011. Tickets are now on sale and can be booked through or 0844 576 5483 (24 hours). The Australian Pink Floyd Show is a live touring sensation which has sold over three million tickets worldwide, and they have created their most ambitious and spectacular show ever for the 2011 European Tour. This theatre tour will see the debut of the new quadraphonic sound system and represents the first time ever that a live music production has used 3D stereographic technology. Tickets are selling fast and two shows are already sold out with limited availability on some of the remaining venues! Emerging back in 1988, the original and credible Floyd act TAPFS has been getting bigger and better ever since. The band were described by Floyd drummer Nick Mason on BBC 5 Li...
Rick Emmett : Triumph super greatest hits and movie appearance
2010-06-24 23:20:00
TRIUMPH, with the all-killer/no-filler "Greatest Hits Remixed". "Greatest Hits Remixed" includes CD: 01. Allied Forces 02. Lay it on the Line 03. Follow Your Heart 04. Magic Power 05. I Live For the Weekend 06. Hold On 07. Just One Night 08. Fight the Good Fight 09. Spellbound 10. Never Surrender 11. Lights Go Down 12. Somebody's Out There 13. Rock and Roll Machine 14. Love Hurts DVD: 01. Follow Your Heart 02. Lay It On the Line 03. Spellbound 04. Magic Power 05. Lights Go Down 06. Hold On 07. Just One Night 08. Somebody's Out There 09. Allied Forces 10. Never Surrender 11. Never Say Never Bonus Video: 01. Child of the City (with Phil X on guitar) 02. Blinding Light Show (bootleg: filmed on fan cam) 03. Love Hurts DVD Specs: Mix 2.0/5.1 Screen 16:9 Format NTSC Region Free Adam Sandler has always had a knack for including standout classic rock tunes in his movies. His latest flick, "Grown Ups", is no different, as TRIUMPH's hard-rocking "Lay It On The Line" is incl...
Walmart Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on Sony Playstation 3 Greatest Hits Titles $59.92
2010-04-04 23:00:00
Walmart Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on Sony Playstation 3 Greatest Hits Titles $59.92 at Walmart Published by at 4:00 PM - Sun, Apr 4 View details Compare it
Singer Frankie Avalon Performs Greatest Hits In Las Vegas Sept 11-13
2009-08-10 12:01:00
Singer Frankie Avalon performs greatest hits in Las Vegas on September 11-13 at the Suncoast Showroom. The former teen idol brings his songs and boyish charm that defined days of decades ago back to Vegas. The one-time teenage idol is best known for the dizzying effect he had on high school girls in the 1950s ...
Paul Gilbert: mr big greatest hits new cd
2009-03-12 22:29:00
News: 01-03-2009: Greatest hits album release from MR.BIG includes tunes selected by fans and the members. Limited edition includes bonus DVD (details subject to change). *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles. Best Of Mr.big (Title subject to change) [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Bit’s Greatest Hits; The Source of Corruption: Power
2009-01-17 20:58:00
Editor notes: Originally posted 01/09/06 One of the biggest problems I have in my garden is keeping the squirrels out of my bird feeder. The tehnological war between us and the squirells has gone to insane levels. But, nothing we do keeps them out; eventually, they figure a way around the security systems in place to get at the food. Eventually, I just took down the bird feeder. Darned rodents, anyway. Even in the human world, security experts will tell you that there is no security system on the face of this planet, that cannot be broken down and bypassed by a determined criminal, no matter how high a wall you put up, no matter how many safeguards you put in place. If somebody’s determined to get by them, they will. Systemic answers to security simply do not work, in the end. Well, just now, there’s a lot of chatter going around that suggests that the problems in American government that involve corruption can be solved by systemic changes. If we change the system to make it h...
By: BitsBlog
2009-01-17 18:17:00
NEW CD/DVD PACKAGE OF 'RUMOURS' TO BE RELEASED SIMULTANEOUSLYincluding Never Before Seen Footage and Previously Unreleased Tracks Los Angeles, California (December 3, 2008) Legendary supergroup Fleetwood Mac will be embarking on their first concert tour in five years on March 1st at Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena and will include all the Macs’ many greatest hits from over the course of one of rock's most enduring and influential bands of our time. "We love our band and think the title of the tour "UNLEASHED" perfectly describes how we all feel when we get on stage together - especially in 2009. We’re so happy to get back out on the road, perform everyone's favorite songs and see our fans,” said the band in a joint statement. Tickets for the Live Nation produced tour go on sale to the public on December 15th at and American Express Cardmembers will have early access to tickets beginning December 8th at 10am local time through December 14th a...
Bit’s Greatest Hits: A Bithead’s Christmas
2008-12-24 08:50:00
Edtor’s note: Once again as in years past, I’ve found my inbox filled with messages from longtime readers who wonder if I’m going to be re-posting “A Bithead’s Christmas”,  and begging me to do so.   As I believe I’ve told you in previous years, I get more email about this one single post, these 2900 or so words, then I have about anything else written here. And it happens every single year. Either this one post is particularly good, or the rest of it is comparatively bad. You’ll forgive me if in my vanity, I believe the former. I take that they’re using Email, instead of simply leaving comments, to mean that I’ve struck a very personal and private nerve.  Touching people in that fashion is a very rare thing, and one I take very seriously, so  the answer to the question is “Yes, of course I’ll run it again”. Understand going in, it may not be politically correct.  I seek no absolution, no forgiveness, for it&rs...
By: BitsBlog
Bit’s Greatest Hits: Christmas At Arlington
2008-12-21 09:44:00
I wanted to pass along a couple of pictures that were passed along to me by readers last year. I never got the chance to use them last season because I didn’t see them until well after new year’s. But now seems as good a time as any to post them. in case you don’t recognize it, I will tell you up front that these are pictures from Arlington National Cemetery. They do this, every year. Every headstone in the place, gets a wreath. Every person buried at Arlington, is remembered with honor, and perhaps there is no time they are honored more than during the holiday season. The Arlington Wreath project was started on the order of fifteen years ago by the president of the Worcester wreath company in Maine, who apparently decided to send holiday wreaths to Arlington is a way to honor the country’s fallen soldiers . Each and every year without fail since then 5000 or so evergreen wreaths are made up in the state of Maine, and then decorated , then loaded on a truck bound for Arlingt...
By: BitsBlog
DVD Review: War ? Greatest Hits Live
2008-10-21 16:54:00
This DVD comes from a sold out concert in Anaheim, California sometime in late December 2007. It has been many years since I first discovered them in the very early 70’s, at the time they were ‘Eric Burden And War’. I believe the first song I heard by them was on a sampler album the name ...
2008-10-16 12:49:00
Garbage - Absolute Garbage Greatest Hits.01-Vow02-Queer03-Only Happy When It Rains04-Stupid Girl05-Milk06-#1 Crush07-Push It08-I Think I m Paranoid09-Special10-When I Grow Up11-You Look So Fine12-The World is Not Enough13-Cherry Lips(Go Baby Go)14-Shut Your Mouth15-Why Do You Love Me16-Bleed Like Me17-Tell Me Where It Hurts18-It's All Over But The Crying (Remix)..Ao 2007RockDescarga - 66.1mb
Bit’s Greatest Hits: 02-19-01-Bill Clinton’s Real Legacy
2008-10-05 20:53:00
The supposedly peace loving liberals among us must feel blind sided as regards the middle east these days, as they are a great many things. Because of Bill Clinton’s bumbling in the middle east, we’re now closer to war than we have been in years. Ah, yes… middle east peace. Never have so many westerners given so much for so little. So great is the need to  believe that  sacrifice and bloodshed will not be necessary; and that peace and prosperity are the universal goals of mankind, that they were willing to accept the help of a known liar toward their goal of, as Nevile Chamberlin put it; “Never to go to war with one another again”. Thing is, facts refute liberalism. The middle east is no different than any other armed conflict in the history of man.  Others learned the lessons, painful as they tended to be. Chaimberlin’s England, for example,  along with  the remainder of the free world, learned about appeasement of a mortal enemy the hard ...
By: BitsBlog
2008-10-04 17:36:00
Queen - Greatest Hits.01-Bohemian Rhapsody02-Another One Bites The Dust03-Killer Queen04-Fat Bottomed Girls05-Bicycle Race06-You're My Best Friend07-Don't Stop Me Now08-Save Me09-Crazy Little Thing Called Love10-Somebody To Love11-Now I'm Here12-Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy13-Play The Game14-Flash15-Seven Seas Of Rhye16-We Will Rock You17-We Are The Champions..Ao 2000RockDescarga - 82.4mb
?Natalie Cole - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1? (Audio CD)
2008-06-07 06:06:00
“Natalie Cole - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1″ (Audio CD)By Cole, Natalie Buy new: $14.9959 utilised and new from $5.61 Customer Rating: First tagged “pop” by JOHN M RANKIN Customer tags: traditional communicatory ...
Starship?s Greatest Hits (Ten Years and Change 1979-1991) (Audio CD)
2008-06-07 05:06:00
Starship’s Greatest Hits (Ten Years and Change 1979-1991) (Audio CD)By Jefferson Starship 38 utilised and new from $1.19 Customer Rating: First tagged “rock” by Anna Marissa “music fan” Customer tags: cd album(3), ...
Mircoles Musical (XXIX): Robin Sparkles? Greatest Hits
2008-06-04 16:53:00
Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) es una de las protagonistas de la comedia How I Met Your Mother (Cmo conoc a vuestra madre). Robin guarda un oscuro secreto, en su adolescencia, en Canad, fue cantante de xito bajo el nombre de Robin Sparkles Estos son sus dos megahits: Sandcastles in the Sand: Y el mejor: Let’s Go to ...
Greatest Hits: The Art of Entry
2008-05-29 02:34:00
In many ways, trading is an art. There is a beauty in identifying, planning and executing a trade. That being said, I am going to teach you how I became a Van Gogh of the stock market. In my opinion, a good entry takes away a lot of the stress that trading will encounter. For example, how to manage a loss, where to set a stop, and how to start off the trade with gains for a much better experience. Do you know how much easier life is when your trade makes money right out the gate? For me, decisions are much easier to make when I have a profitable cushion provided by the market, or I have insured an easy to manage loss that I am comfortable with. These things are all possible with a good entry.A few days ago, I taught you how I trade breakouts. The strategy I am going to discuss is different; this is how I trade trending stocks. There are a few simple rules I like to follow, and these are the rules I have taught day in and day out since I started trading, and since I started this...
Greatest Hits: Pattern Failure
2008-05-29 02:32:00
Well, Friday is finally here and I will be taking in one more day of sandy beaches before I make my way home Saturday. This "Greatest Hit" I am re-publishing was a group trade that most readers of the site had been involved with. It was a trade that had ups and downs, but those who were able to stick to the plan that was outlined had wound up reaching the target price that had been established upon taking the trade. This particular post discusses price pattern failure. Enjoy. Too many e-mails rolled in to me today telling me how CTSH failed it's ascending triangle pattern. I beg to differ.In order to correctly identify entry and exits while trading patterns, you must be able to draw a line in the sand that states when a pattern has failed. Think of pattern failure as a way for a trader to determine the likelihood that the stock will still make a reasonable attempt to achieve it's target price. If it moves beyond a certain point in the pattern, this substantially reduces ...
Greatest Hits: Risk Management
2008-05-29 02:26:00
Plenty of questions have been passed around recently about position sizing and money management. If you ever hear me use the words "play defensively" this is what I am referring to. Properly sizing your bets and how you manage your money is the key ingredient to being a successful trader. Allow me to elaborate.Successful trading is not always winning or losing. It is how you distribute your capital, withstand emotional decision making (psychology), and staying disciplined to your rules and financial goals. Money management is a defensive concept and keeps you alive to trade another day. Lets go over a few of the specifics in order to effectively plan your betting (position) size. Keep in mind if your ideas here are to be told exactly what YOU should do, close this window now. As usual, I try to promote original thought, and the reasons behind concepts, but since you and I are different people, what works well for one of us, might not be in the best interest of another (dis...
Greatest Hits: Taking a Trade Start to Finish
2008-05-28 16:53:00
Last time we looked at this chart it was in my January archives. In fact if you click on Jan 2007, it is the first one to pop up. This was a trade I took back at $80 and been playing it ever since.Anyhow, I want to use this as a case study. If you decide to take this trade repeat after me..."I am a lunatic for taking anything Jeff says seriously. US Steel is my trade, and I assume the responsibility of adopting my analysis and my trading rules to this idea. "Oh yeah, don't forget..."I am an Option Addict."The art of taking a trade...Step 1: Identify the prospect.This should be part of your daily task is to check your watchlist and or run searches to find stocks to trade. The selection process should look for the cream of the crop, and never settle for things that look "ok." Never settle.I love the trend, I love the stock. I am moving to the next step.Step 2: TimingTiming will be a little different from one trader to the next. In an uptrending stock I l...
Greatest Hits: Exit Ideas
2008-05-28 16:42:00
My internet connection is ridiculously slow. Therefore I am going to post one of my "Greatest Hits" for the next few days while I am on vacation. The market hasn't provided enough volatility to daytrade, so I am keeping stops on the few positions I have and going to go swim with the dolphins today. See you on Monday.Trading is unlike any other profession in the world. You wake up every morning to trade against the best of the best. In what other profession are you going up against individuals that in all honesty, are at a totally different skill set than you are?Jack Schwager said it best..."Trading provides one of the last great frontiers of opportunity in our economy. It is one of the very few ways in which an individual can start with a relatively small bankroll and actually become a multimillionaire.""Of- course, only a handful of individuals succeed in turning this feat, but at least the opportunity exists."Face it, we are amateurs at this sport. I...
Jerry Lee Lewis - Greatest Hits (2004)
2008-05-26 05:15:00
Jerry Lee Lewis - Greatest Hits (2004)1. Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin On 2. Great Balls Of Fire 3. Breathless 4. What I Say 5. Drinking Wine Spo-Dee O' Dee 6. Big Jambalaya 7. Wild One 8. When The Saints Go Marchin' In 9. High School Confidential 10. Lewis Boogie
Greatest Hits: Walking To New Orleans (Audio CD)
2008-05-26 05:05:00
Greatest Hits: Walking To New metropolis (Audio CD)By Fats Domino Buy new: $12.9732 utilised and new from $8.84 Customer Rating: First tagged “piano” by G. Moore Customer tags: fats domino(5), classic r, classic rock, fatman, the best, piano (more…) Technorati Tags: fats domino, classic r, classic rock, fatman, the best, piano
RIAA Certifications - Journey's Greatest Hits Goes to 15 Million
2008-05-20 08:00:00
Here are the latest singles, albums and videos by veteran artists that have been given gold and platinum certification by the RIAA.Multi-Platinum Albums (each platinum certification indicates one million units sold)Greatest Hits - Journey - 15 times platinumPlatinum Albums (1,000,000 units sold)NoneGold Albums (500,000 units sold)20th Century Masters: The Best Of - WhitesnakeOne Man Band - James TaylorThe Complete Greatest Hits - Gordon LightfootTroubadour - George StraitJose Feliciano Y Amigos - Jose FelicianoPlatinum Singles (1,000,000 sold)Eye of the Tiger - Survivor Into the Night - Santana Gold Singles (500,000 sold)You Want to Make a Memory - Bon JoviAnother Brick in the Wall (Part II) - Pink FloydMulti-Platinum Long Form Videos (200,000+ units sold)R30 - RushPlatinum Long Form Videos (100,000 units sold)Lost Highway: The Concert - Bon JoviSongs From the Seventies - Barry ManilowGold Long Form Videos (50,000 units sold)Farewell Concert - Statler Brothers
Devin The Dude - Greatest Hits [ Retail Download Leak ]
2008-05-14 00:56:00
01 04:27 Do What U Wanna Do02 05:08 Too Cute Ft.Erica Marion03 05:41 Anythang04 04:21 Fa Sho Ft.Odd Squad05 03:48 It's A Shame Ft.Pooh Bear06 05:18 Lacville '7907 05:34 Right Now08 05:03 See What I Can Pull09 04:29 Boo Boo'n10 03:18 Georgy Ft.Kuirshan11 03:11 Sticky Green12 04:15 R & B13 05:33 What A Job Ft.Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000Download it here.Rap Release.
Defending Terrorists: The ACLU?s Greatest Hits
2008-05-07 22:22:00
John Stephenson over at Pajamas Media wrote a good piece that looking at the most dangerous organization in America, better known as the ACLU. A small sampling of the ACLU greatest hits: Want to put New York City commuters and tourists at risk by suing to halt perfectly constitutional, common sense policies? The ACLU does. Want to cripple ...
The Cure - Greatest Hits Bonus Disc
2008-05-06 01:09:00
The Cure - Greatest Hits (Disc2)Complementando el aportazo de Lily (tenas toda la razn, ya haca falta algo de mr. Smith), les dejo el disco 2 de The Cure - Greatest Hits, que contiene versiones las acsticas de las mismas canciones en sus versiones originales del disco 1. Enjoy!
By: Musiteka
The Cure - Greatest Hits
2008-05-05 20:26:00
The Cure - Greatest HitsAhhh como me costo subir este disco XD, me marcaba puro error el rapidshare, pero es que la Musiteka requiere algo de Robert Smith, les dejo los Exitos de The Cure, disfruten ;D
By: Musiteka
Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits
2008-05-04 21:20:00
Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits (1974)Antes de que la banda cambiara lanzaron este recopilatorio que resultara basico para los que no esten muy familiarizados con esta onda del llamado 'heavy metal' de los 70, asi que con este disco se daran una idea de como era el grupo. Alice Cooper, el cuate de las guillotinas y serpientes en el escenario, algo rudo y medio loco...
By: Musiteka
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Greatest Hits
2008-05-04 05:27:00
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Greatest Hits"Greatest Hits" jajajajaj mam XD
By: Musiteka
Devil May Cry 2: Greatest Hits (Video Game)
2008-05-03 03:05:00
Devil May Cry 2: Greatest Hits (Video Game)By Capcom USA Buy new: $14.99$14.9945 used and new from $4.99 Customer Rating: First tagged “game” by Karen Sue Derossett “mootiy” Customer tags: devil may ...
ricky nelson - greatest hits
2008-04-30 19:16:00
Ricky Nelson - Greatest HitsLo conoc por el soundtrack de Pulp Fiction, es bueno para escuchar en el carro (o en mi caso en el carro de alguien porque yo no tengo carro jajaja) OLDIES BUT GOODIES
By: Musiteka
Pimp C?s Greatest Hits Cover
2008-04-28 15:56:00
Thoughts? :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
CD Review: The Smithereens Are Still the Bomb! New Live Album 5/27/2008
2008-04-26 22:29:00
Hey all… I had the good fortune of being sent an early copy of the Smithereens‘ new live album — Live At The Court ? Greatest Hits and More — just last week. And all I can say is WOW… What an awesome album! First of all I’m a huge Smithereens fan. As someone who went to ...
Greatest Hits [Explicit] (Music Download)
2008-04-15 05:04:00
Greatest Hits [Explicit] (Music Download)By Red Hot Chili Peppers Buy new: $8.99 Customer Rating: First tagged “rock” by Daryl Gubler “Barbarian Geek” Customer tags: rock, music, red blistering chile peppers Technorati ...
Sophie Ellis Bextor Making 4th Studio Album Before Greatest Hits
2008-04-13 00:00:00
A Q&A with Sophie Ellis Bextor has been posted at the singer's MySpace page on Friday (April 21), where Soph said, "There's lots of exciting things going on, but I'm afraid I cannot tell you too much about any of them." Asked why not, she responded,
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Vol.1: The 20 Greatest Hits
2008-04-10 09:38:00
In the country where I live in (Iran), among the minority that listens to rock music, there’s only a defined limited range of band names that people listen to. When people are talking about 60s and 70s rock, they are mostly talking about Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Eloy (a German band) and some few others. Names such as Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Lynyrd Skynyrd and even The Who are seldom referred to or heard. I have just recently come upon this Chronicle album of Creedence Clearwater Revival after experiencing Grateful Dead for a couple of months and I realized how cool 60s rock ‘n roll era has been. And I was blown away by the number of hit songs they have in their career. I had previously seen their album mentioned in many lists such as Amazon and RollingStone but I had never given them a single chance, because I was too involved with indie music in my head (and I still am). But I guess I will spend some time in the near future on some classic ro...
Roy Orbison - The All-Time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison (1989)
2008-04-09 05:00:00
Roy Orbison - The All-Time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison (1989)1 Only The Lonely (2:30) Written-By - Melson* , Orbison* 2 Leah (2:42) Written-By - Orbison* 3 In Dreams (2:51) Written-By - Orbison* 4 Uptown (2:09) Written-By - Melson* , Orbison* 5 It's Over (2:50) Written-By - Orbison* , Dees* 6 Crying (2:48) Written-By - Melson* , Orbison* 7 Dream Baby (2:35) Written-By - Cindy Walker 8 Blue Angel (2:53) Written-By - Melson* , Orbison* 9 Working For The Man (2:29) Written-By - Orbison* 10 Candy Man (2:47) Written-By - Ross* , Neil* 11 Running Scared (2:15) Written-By - Melson* , Orbison* 12 Falling (2:25) Written-By - Orbison* 13 Love Hurts (2:30) Written-By - B. Bryant* 14 Shahadaroba (2:43) Written-By - C. Walker* 15 I'm Hurtin' (2:46) Written-By - Melson* , Orbison* 16 Mean Woman Blues (2:28) Written-By - C. DeMetrius* 17 Pretty Paper (2:48) Written-By - W. Nelson* 18 The Crowd (2:25) Writ...
2008-04-06 09:28:00
1. Intro-dj brad 2. Throwbacks-t.i.p. 3. Do yah thing-p.$.c. feat t.i. 4. I got money-t.i.p. 5. Be easy-t.i.p. 6. 06asap 7. Bankhead-t.i.p. 8. Rydin-t.i.p. feat plies 9. Where they at-t.i.p. 10. Do... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
George W. Bush Greatest Hits; Blooper Video
2008-04-05 16:39:00
Video compilation of funny moments in the career of George W. Bush. He certainly has a sense of humor. How many days left in his administration?
By: SodBlog
Today?s Greatest Hits
2008-04-03 14:03:00
How does the current economic crisis compare to the Great Depression? Should Congress do anything to help homeowners and the states? Members of the Joint Economic Committee were looking to Ben Bernanke for guidance today.As Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., Md.) told the Fed chairman: ?You?re the expert. You?re the one that we depend [?]read more | digg story
311 - Greatest Hits '93 - '03 (2004)
2008-03-31 06:40:00
311 - Greatest Hits '93 - '03 (2004)1 Down (2:52)2 Flowing (3:12)3 All Mixed Up (3:02)4 Amber (3:30)5 Come Original (3:42)6 Beautiful Disaster (4:01)7 Creatures (For A While) (4:26)8 Do You Right (4:20) Mixed By - Eddie Offord* 9 I'll Be Here Awhile (3:29)10 You Wouldn't Believe (3:41)11 Transistor (3:03)12 Don't Stay Home (2:44)13 Homebrew (3:06) Mixed By - Chad Sexton , Joe Gastwirt 14 Beyond The Gray Sky (4:18)15 Love Song (3:29) Mixed By - Jack Joseph Puig 16 How Do You Feel? (3:05)17 First Straw (2:57)!!!
Boston - Greatest Hits (1997)
2008-03-27 04:40:00
Boston - Greatest Hits (1997)1 Tell Me (4:05)2 Higher Power (5:07)3 More Than A Feeling (4:46)4 Peace Of Mind (5:04)5 Don't Look Back (6:00)6 Cool The Engines (4:38)7 Livin' For You (4:55)8 Feelin' Satisfied (4:10)9 Party (4:07)10 Foreplay/Long Time (7:50)11 Amanda (4:16)12 Rock & Roll Band (3:00)13 Smokin' (4:20)14 A Man I'll Never Be (6:41)15 The Star Spangled Banner/4th Of July Reprise (2:44) Music By - John Stafford Smith 16 Higher Power (Kalodner Edit) (3:53)DESCARGA
John Petrucci: dream theater greatest hits release
2008-03-22 13:42:00
News: 22-03-2008: Dream Theater first-ever best-of collection, "Greatest Hit (?& 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)", will be available from Rhino on April 1 at all physical retail outlets and for a suggested retail price of $19.98 and at all digital retail outlets for a suggested retail price of $12.99. The collection contains three newly remixed versions of tracks from DREAM THEATER's... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
2008-03-20 13:09:00
Billy Idol - Greatest Hits.01-Dancing With Myself02-Mony Mony03-Hot In The City04-White Wedding (Part 1)05-Rebel Yell06-Eyes Without A Face07-Flesh For Fantasy08-Catch My Fall09-To Be A Lover10-Don't Need A Gun (Single Edit)11-Sweet Sixteen12-Cradle Of Love13-L.A. Woman (Single14-Shock To The System15-Rebel Yell (Live And Acoustic)16-Don't You (Forget About Me) ..Descarga - 73mb
2008-03-17 22:13:00
      From the illustrious recording  and parodic studios of K-Smell Records (Roger Thornhill’s basement) comes the following late-night TV ad for Jeremiah Wright’s Greatest Hits.  Enjoy. NOTE: Michelle Malkin has a good spoof on Obama’s Hits here..   Al Czervic   Technorati tags: WRIGHT, JEREMIAH WRIGHT, BARAK OBAMA, CHICAGO CHURCH, K SMELL RECORDS, RECORD AD, RECORDS, GOSPEL ...
Greatest Hits: Broadway (Audio CD)
2008-03-14 05:03:00
Greatest Hits: street (Audio CD)By Irving Berlin Buy new: $6.9729 utilised and new from $4.45 Customer Rating: First tagged “soundtrack” by VAN NEVEL Customer tags: irving berlin(2), chestnut monument company, andrea mcardle, ...
Preview Iron Maidens Greatest Hits FOR FREE!
2008-03-12 17:55:00
Heavy Metal band, Iron Maiden are allowing their fans to preview their greatest hits album for free on their website. The band will be releasing Somewhere Back In Time on May 12, but fans can download a full preview for free at on May 12, but fans can download a full preview for free at ...
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