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Transfers and targets of Southampton before the 4th season in Football Mana
2008-05-29 21:38:00
Hello, my dear readers! The old season is over but the new one is coming up. Understanding the strength of other team I decided to risk a little bit. I reaffirmed board that top half position can be achieved by the football club. Therefore they expect a respectable league position in Premier Division: Sure, it's hard to gain such result without buying some players better than I have at the moment. I made player research for covering and strengthening the most weak positions in my team: DC, AMR, MC, DL. What's interesting - the most of the players were signed as free agents (under Bosman rule): Edson Braafheid is left back with very high mental abilities. Souleymane Diamoutene is strong DRC whom I'm planning to use as central defender instead of Isaac Okoronkwo. Theo Jansen is well-known creative MLC who should be really useful for my team. And there is also another forward Niculae from Romania in the club! But his name is Daniel not Marius. So I have now 2 Niculaes in a...
Pretty season ending by Southampton - we are 13th!
2008-05-25 20:46:00
After the change of tactical approach the results of my team highly improved. And the last 6 matches in Premier League were not an exclusion.  Among them I would single out the last three matches. The game with Arsenal was kind of loss on a class. All four goals were scored by Robin Van Persie. And I felt how much their players are better personally than Southampton ones. What's interesting the match with Liverpool was very different one. That's because Liverpool is not so strong in my game in the current season. I mean the quality of players and also organization of their playing team style taking into comparison Gunners. Therefore we managed to win the game! And the last match with Man City was some kind of small festival. The victory in this game provided the 13th position for my Southampton! You see from Premier League standing that Arsenal has wonderful result of 96 points. And they are really cool team now still having leaders of attack: Fabregas, Adebayor, Va...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Strong / Target Man Forwards (FC,
2008-05-21 21:49:00
So this is the last part of my Position Guide. This one will help you to find other type of forwards in Football Manager 2008 - strong target men. Most important attributes Strength – influences on likehood of won headers and ability to hold up the ball. Jumping – important attribute that influences much likehood of winning headers. Heading – determines how good your striker can score using his head. Finishing – vital for every forward. If your forward can’t shoot the ball and score, he is bad one. First Touch – passing and shooting making just one touch is very good and leads to quick and one-touch goals. Off The Ball – making good runs into space, taking the best attacking position. Less important attributes Height – together with high Strength it will lead to domination in air. Composure – important when forward is in front of goal. Decisions – taking correct and creative decisions will lead to dangerous...
Best Players for Lower Leagues in Football Manager 2008
2008-05-18 20:38:00
I was asked by one of you, my dear readers, to make exploration about cheap player who can be bought to lower league teams. For instance, Coca-Cola Championship and League 1 players. It had taken several days to do that. And I want to represent you its results below: Fabien Barthez 36 years. Famous eccentric French goalkeeper. Available from free transfer! Must be signed if you do not have good keeper at the start. But be aware of from other clubs being concurrent to sign this legendary goalkeeper. Marius Niculae 26 yeas. Inverness CT. $425K. Brilliant Romanian striker. I praised him in my blog many times. Marius is the certain leader of my Southampton in Premier League! Benoit Leroy 24 years. Chamois Niortas. $120K. AMLC/FC.  Rather versatile player who can perform as attacking midfielder and forward. I use him also in my Southampton. And Leroy is one of the best and reliable players in the team. Stelvio 18 years. Braga. Very young and cheap guy from...
Download of my defensive 4-1-4-1 tactics for Football Manager 2008
2008-05-15 21:47:00
In the previous post I described my new rather fluent tactical approach that helps to gain success in Premier League if you manage weak club (like Southampton, Wigan, Derby, etc.). The main part of this approach is usage of defensive 4-1-4-1 tactics. You can download it from here: Download tactics   And now some description of this tactics. Its formation looks in the following way: Team instructions Individual instructions They are the same as in 4-3-3 tactics. Actually this 4-1-4-1 tactics is created from this attacking 4-3-3. I just moved MLC and MRC from 4-3-3 tactics into positions of clear attacking wingers: ML and MR. And my 2 forwards (FLC, FRC) were moved  into MLC and MRC positions.   Some tips and hints during match - if your opponent plays more aggressive, has more possession of the ball, set Closing Down to maximal value; - if your opponent is very strong and you play away, turn on Counter Attack - For away game Mentality can be set more...
Southampton. Fluent tactical approach matters!
2008-05-11 08:28:00
Today I have some good news about my Southampton. As it was decided in previous story message - my team should operate more defensively if we want to avoid relegation from Premier League. And, of course, I had real motivation for creation of defensive tactics because my team was on the last position when 24 matches had already been played. Actually, I hadn't created new tactics from the very beginning. I just changed formation of my current attacking one. You can compare both formations: 4-3-3 Attacking       &-#160;    &#-160;    -60;    -0;     -; 4-1-4-1 Defensive       So I just moved MLC and MRC from 4-3-3 tactics into positions of clear attacking wingers: ML and MR. And my 2 forwards (FLC, FRC) were moved  into MLC and MRC positions.  For 4-1-4-1 tactics I have been using Normal mentality without Counter Attacks. Though ...
Young talents and wonderkids in Football Manager 2008: Forwards (FC)
2008-05-07 23:55:00
It's very important to have dangerous forwards in your team. And it's always cool when your dangerous forwards are young and talented. Due to youngness and prospect they can progress much and be developed during trainings into real world stars. These guys are called wonderkid forwards. I decided to make deep search of them in FM 2008.   Wonderkids  Sergio Aguero The greatest Argentinian wonderkid from Atletico Madrid for this position! But he costs very much ($26.5M) and can be bought only by grand clubs. Brilliant technique, dribbling, speed, stamina and mental abilities. Very well-known attacker among football manager gamers. There are also some other very high priced wonderkids: Pato from Milan, Wayne Rooney from Manchester United, Ryan Babel from Liverpool. I will not say about them much because the guys are worldwide known (actually as Aguerro :) ) and cost a lot of money.  Karim Benzema New young star striker of Lyon. Technical gifted, cool finis...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Quick Forwards (FC, SC)
2008-05-05 23:37:00
The last two parts of my Position Guide is about different types of forwards in a team. The first type is so called "quick forwards". It demands the following attributes to have high values: Most important attributes Pace & Acceleration – very important attributes if you need a quick striker. With high values of them he will be able to move faster than opponent’s defenders getting often into the box and having one-on-ones. Finishing – vital for every striker. If your forward can’t shoot the ball and score, he is bad one. First Touch – passing and shooting making just one touch is very good and leads to quick and one-touch goals. Dribbling – ability to get the ball past the opponent using technical tricks on speed. Off The Ball – making good runs into space, taking the best attacking position. Technique – high technique of forward is important for better control of the ball. Less important attributes Agility ...
The half of Premier League season is passed. Still at the bottom :)
2008-05-02 12:33:00
The first season in the Premier League of my  Southampton story  is still very hard for me. The results are very different but mostly sad. Though we still create rather many moments in every match due to usage of 4-3-3 attacking tactics. Here I have brilliant 4:1 away victory over Derby, fantastic 5:3 with Liverpool, good 2:1 with Aston VIlla and very important, hard 2:1 win over rival Tottenham Hotspurs in FA Cup. On the other hand there were really disappointing losses like 1:6 to Chelsea and 1:4 to Newcastle. It was also very pity to loose the game with Manchester City with the hockey score 4:5 when my Southampton was leading all the match through. By the way, look at the results of December: 2:4, 5:3, 4:5, 1:6 .... Seems like I manage some kind of hockey team!!!! :))) After all the league table look in the following way: You see Southampton scores a lot goals (being on 8th place on scored goals) and misses a lot too... This is the result of aforementioned 4-3...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Attacking Midfielders (AMC)
2008-04-30 06:29:00
Effective attacks with goals demand often having very good attacking midfielder in the center who can perform as playmaker. So no the next part of my Position Guide describing how to find such guy using his attribute values. Attacking Midfielders (AMC) Most important attributes Passing & Creativity – these are vital attribute for attacking midfielder. He should create chances making not trivial passes to forwards Dribbling – ability to get the ball past the opponent using technical tricks on speed. Off The Ball – making good runs into space, taking the best attacking position. Technique – high technique of AMC is important for better control of the ball. Less important attributes Pace & Acceleration – If AMC can use his technical abilities with high pace and acceleration, he will be even more difficult to stop and force the opposition to foul. Agility – How agile the player is. Most likely accompanied with high acceleration ...
At the bottom of Premier League. Lady Luck is against us
2008-04-26 19:51:00
Hi everyone! Today I'm going to continue my Southampton story telling you about the awaited start in Premier League. After making several transfers, we played the first 12 matches plus 3 games in English League Cup. And unfortunately we cannot boast with our results. Just look at them:   The first matches were hopeful. I was thinking in that way after victories over Newcastle and Nottingham Forest (in penalty series). But then we had row of rather bright losses. The common scenario of the most of those matches was: - One of my forwards scores and we lead in a game (1:0) - Opponents scores (1:1) - Opponents scores (1:2) .... and so on... and score against us in the end. That's why many Premier League teams had strong-willed victory against my Southampton. Especially, Liverpool - they were loosing 1:4 in second half. And I was thinking that victory is in my pocket completely! But suddenly guys from Mercyside managed to score 4 times and win the game - 5:4! As a result we...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Defensive Midfielders
2008-04-23 22:00:00
Today I'm sharing another part of my Position Guide that can give you some help in decision of buying and selling defensive central midfielders or halfbacks. Defensive Midfielders (DMC) Most important attributes Tackling – the most important attribute for any DMC. Positioning – taking right position is vital for ball interceptions. Stamina – high value of this attribute allows your DMC to do a lot of work destroying attacks of opponent’s team. Work Rate – DMC with low Work Rate will perform under your expectations. Less important attributes Anticipation – ability of defensive midfielder to predict where the ball will be in the next moment. Bravery – important for challenges with brave opponent’s players. Having excellent Bravery together with excellent Aggression, Determination, Work Rate makes your DMC the second Gennaro Gattuso. Concentration – important for avoiding last minute mistakes or mistakes in hard ...
Southampton: Before start in Premier League. Making transfers
2008-04-18 20:53:00
Dramatic promotion of my Southampton to Premier League obliges to fight for higher achievements in the upcoming season. So I decided to choose "Avoid relegation" season expectations instead of "Attempt to avoid relegation" option. The club board gave almost 31.5 million of bucks to spend on transfers for that. And I was happy with that sum of money because my current squad had been the most weak comparing with other Premier League teams definitely. Therefore I spent much time exploring and scouting football clubs and national teams... I decided to buy very different types of players in all lines expect goalkeepers. What's interesting I bought some of the players using your advices, my dear readers, in the comments of this post and this one. Among them young Niklas Barkroth, Georginio Wijnaldum, Lauri Dalla Valle, Miralem Pjanic. All the transfers has taken almost all my transfer money: The most important purchase is Aaron Mokoena whom I set to become a ne...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Wingers
2008-04-17 09:50:00
Now there is another next part of my Position guide. And this time it's about right and left side midfielders or wingers.Wingers (MRL/AMRL)Most important attributesPassing & Crossing ? these are very important attributes for every creative winger.Creativity ? winger should be able to create dangerous situation passing or dribbling to the opponent?s box.Dribbling ? ability to get the ball past the opponent using technical tricks on speed.Off The Ball ? making good runs into space, taking the best attacking position.Pace & Acceleration ? I don?t believe in slow wingers!Less important attributesAgility ? How agile the player is. Most likely accompanied with high acceleration and pace.Decisions ? taking correct decisions will lead to dangerous attacks.Composure ? important when winger is in front of goal.Flair ? ability to perform unexpected flamboyant attacking actions. This gives some diversity during attacks and simply beautiful football moments ?Technique ? high technique of winger...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Central Defenders
2008-04-13 22:06:00
Today I'm going to share again with you the next part of my Position guide. Central Defenders (DC)  Most important attributes Tackling – the most important attribute for any defender. Low tackling – bad defender. Jumping – the major attribute that influences much likehood of winning headers. Positioning – very important attribute for central defender. Low positioning will lead to problems in the centre of your defense. Marking – low marking will result in goal situations cause by loss of opponent’s player during their attack or set piece. Strength – influences on likehood of won headers. Less important attributes Anticipation – ability of defender to predict where the ball will be in the next moment. Bravery – important for challenges with brave opponent’s players. Low braved defender can be frightened in a challenge with aggressive, brave and strong striker and make a mistake. Concentration – impo...
Football Manager (2008) Pc download rapidshare
2008-04-12 09:04:00
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Unbelievable and dramatic season ending. Back in Premier League!
2008-04-09 22:18:00
Ye, my Southampton has returned to Premier League! Yahoo!!!! :) The tactics lived up my expectations and give so much awaited result! But, but, but.... Take a look at the results of the last season matches: We have lost 4 important games in Coca-Cola Championship and taken 3rd place finally. Not the second one as I expected!   And if you take a closer look at the League Table, you will see that Sheff Utd and my Southampton have equal amount of points - 86. But they have goal difference higher than ours on just 1 goal!!! And the most unbelievable thing happened during the last fixture when Sheffield United guys were loosing 1:0 and we were winning over Stoke 4:0 on the 75th minute! This means I had a chance to leave behind the team having advantage over my team before the last fixture on: 3 points and 6 goals in G.D!  But my Southampton haven't coped (though almost coped) with this task during last 20 minutes of the match with Stoke. If we score one goal more, it...
Demo de Football Manager 2008 para USA
2008-04-07 07:24:00
Sucede que el Football Manager 2008 salío a la venta para Xbox 360 el pasado 28 de marzo en Europa pero en Estados Unido no tuvieron noticias aún. Como aún no hay una fecha de salida la gente de Sports Interactive, compañía desarrolladora del juego, ha decidido lanzar una demo del juego que estará disponible para ...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Left/Right Defenders
2008-04-06 23:05:00
This is the second part of my Position Guide. And this time I will tell you how to choose left and right backs for your team analysing player attributes.   Full Backs (DRL WRL) Most important attributes Tackling – the most important attribute for any defender. Low tackling – bad defender. Positioning – the second most important attribute for any defender. Low positioning will lead to problems coming from the flanks. Anticipation – ability of defender to predict where the ball will be in the next moment. Less important attributes Concentration – important for avoiding last minute mistakes or mistakes in hard games (during big occasions). Decisions – taking wrong decisions may cause dangerous situation near the box. Pace & Acceleration– Competing fast opponent’s wingers demands to be fast. Passing – Low passing of fullback may cause dangerous interceptions. Teamwork – Both full backs should work as a ...
Position Guide for Football Manager 2008: Goalkeepers
2008-04-04 10:15:00
I'm starting new guide that presents you my vision of choosing players on concrete positions. Hope it will give some help for you, my dear readers!Goalkeepers (GK) Most important attributesHandling ? The most important attribute for keeper, I believe. Low handling means that goalkeeper can miss or loose the ball flying near his hands. Reflexes ? The second important attribute showing how GK can react to make a save. Keeper with Reflexes= 20 is be able to do fantastic saves.Jumping ? Guy with low Jumping will be not so good in coping with long shots or crosses from flanks.Less important attributesAgility ? It?s always better to have more agile goalkeeper.Aerial Ability ? How easily your GK can do his job when he is in the air, for instance, claiming crosses in the box.Communication & Command of Area ? I do not see big diversity between these two. But both attributes are important and about communication with defenders. The second one is more used during set pieces.Concentration ? i...
Southampton. Few transfers, January and February matches in the Coca-Cola C
2008-04-01 07:03:00
Starting the second half of the season I decided to make few actions on the transfer market and get some useful player for the club:   Martin Jakubko is towering striker from Slovakia. Bought him just for winning headers in the centre of attack and scoring goals. Douglas Rinaldi. MC. Italian/Brazilian of rather old 30 years age. He has all attribute values of decent level and high Passing and Creativity - 17. Yazid Mansouri. MRC. Rather versatile player from Algeria. He is 30 years old too. His high mental abilities, good physics and Passing with Tackling can be seen on the picture below: So all these signings were targeted at not only strengthening the team but also giving some flexibility in tactical variants of the first squad. That's, for instance, when you can set as MC more defensive footballer with high tackling and stamina or more attacking one with creative passing (like I described in the previous post about Individual Instructions). The resulting row of Ja...
My Southampton attacking tactics - 4-3-3 TFM Quick. The best I created in F
2008-03-30 11:33:00
My Southampton story looks successful having the club on the way to Premier League. And actually I am very happy with the tactics I created for my team. I think it is the most good of all I created before in FM 2008. So it would be harsh if I didn't share it with you, my dear readers: Download Tactics  And now, for sure, I'm going to describe it and maybe give some instructions how it should be used. Positionally the tactics is classic 4-3-3 scheme with forward and side arrows for left and right halfbacks: Team instructions are: You see that it's of attacking mentality with full closing down and rather quick style of playing. There is also Tight Marking set up just because of need to make close pressing and leave space of opponent's attacking players. Individual instructions Left/Right and Central Defenders have very common individual instructions which are almost the same as standard presets in Football Manager 2008. MLC and MRC players have some Creative Free...
Youngsters and their development in Football Manager 2008. Part 3 - Midfiel
2008-03-25 12:51:00
This post is written by Vincent Van Hak. He asked me to share his investigation about development of young talents and wonderkids with all of you, my dear readers.Next up: MidfieldersGonzalo HiguainNot likely to move from R. Madrid to any other club, if you do want to get him you will have to get with an offer noone can decline!Jeremy MenezVery good youngster, if you want to get him get him in the first season, after that he gets a lot of other offers from other clubs that want to sign him.SunnyProbably one of the better youngstars in the midfield zone! If your playing with an somewhat more defensive midfield Sunny is a musthave, be ready to pay a lot of money from him though!Giovanie Dos SantosAnother well known youngstar, Barcelona owns him and he is not willing to move at any price or does not get the approval to move, atleast in my safegame, if you can, get him.Georgino WijnaldumTakes a few seasons for him to get to an stage where you can actually use him, so if your not plannin...
Southampton. The 1st half of 2nd season, before transfer window.
2008-03-23 12:54:00
Here the results of the first half of the season I'm playing now:   Plus match with Ipswich: - it didn't fit to the previous screen shot :) You see that October results were very poor for football club intending to promote to Premier League. Those results were caused by poor teamwork (common known problem of the totally renewed first squad) and the injuries of key players. But in November and December my Southampton got to the lossless row of matches! During these matches I felt that my current tactics is the most competitive of all I created in Football Manager 2008. And at last all new players of the team began to play and coordinate as Team almost perfectly! I think my new 4-3-3 tactical scheme is ready to be presented to all of you, my dear readers, because it looks and feels very effective in my current Coca-Cola Championship experience. I will do this in one of the following blog posts. What was really cool is the victory over Wolves with the score 6:0. They are o...
Good season start by Southampton with Marius Niculae as leading striker.
2008-03-19 19:44:00
I would not dream about better start because of usage of new tactics and the almost full change of the first squad comparing with the previous season. Among all these matches I would single out the one with Ipswich where my guys scored 6 goals, and no one player of the opponent team was sent off. The one with Watford finished as away victory 2:1. We were lucky about that because Watford consists of highly professional footballers who will definitely fight for promotion to the Barclays Premier League. It's a pity but there were some matches in which my team suddenly lost concentration missing goals and loosing victory or even draw. I discarded these results on poor teamwork because all players of our first squad are new each to other. Currently my Southampton is taking the 6th position after 12 fixtures in the Championship:   There are some player stats after all those matches: You see who is the best player in this list? Marius Niculae! He is very consistent and det...
Transfers of Southampton - squad revolution before the 2nd season!
2008-03-16 16:01:00
Taking control over Southampton I was thinking that it has strong squad comparing with other Coca-Cola Championship teams. But during the finish of the season I understood that most of players are rather weak. Or at least, they did not fit my tactics. That is the reason why I decided to do the action which I perform very rarely playing FM/CM series - total renewal of the squad! It is very risky one because you buy the first team players that do not know each other. So they have to have some time (10-20 matches) to become perfectly coordinate as Team. I called it "Squad Revolution". You can see it on the screen shot below: Among the sold players I would single out Marek Saganowski who had been awarded as the Fans Player of The Year. It was brave transfer because some fans and players reacted negatively on it. But Saganowski was not so good as I had expected before. Moreover he wanted very high salary. And he found it in Middlesbrough (that relegated from Premier League)...
Youngsters and their development in Football Manager 2008. Part 2 - Striker
2008-03-13 12:08:00
This post is written by Vincent Van Hak. He asked me to share his investigation about development of young talents and wonderkids with all of you, my dear readers.Next up: StrikersAnother important position in the field, a scorer also known as striker. Without any you will probably not get much goals and with you should be guaranteed with goals, or not, if he misses form! I Found about 10 strikers ranging from 16 in the first season to 20 in the first season, starting with the two best know ones and then randomly giving the rest. James VaughanEverton Striker and already very good at the age of 19, if you can get him off Everton in the first season that would rock! BojanProbably the best striker of his age and one of the most talented players in the game, already playing at barcelona will probably make it hard to contract him, since he doesn't want to trade Barcelona for just any club. Gaël KakutaBeing only 16 in the first season it might be a bit to early to contract him right away...
Youngsters and their development in Football Manager 2008. Part 1 - Goalkee
2008-03-10 10:32:00
This post is written by Vincent Van Hak. He asked me to share his investigation about development of young talents and wonderkids with all of you, my dear readers.Since I started playing FM 2008, I've come across a few problems. The first one was tactics, I didnt understand anything of Fm yet since 2008 was and is the first version I bought and played. Once this problem was solved I got to the second problem, Youngsters, I like to call them Youngsters instead of Youngstars because I like looking for young players who, in my eyes, have the potential to grow big. Of course I didn't do this all by myself, I've consulted some websites which gave names of young player whom the writers believed were good or had the potential to become good. I started looking for these players and even come across a few players I found myself (like Joris Delle and Rhys Murphy). As being one of the must in-patient players alive I coudn't wait for them to grow and to see if they were really the players o...
Finishing the season with Southampton
2008-03-05 07:43:00
Unfortunately the finish of the season was not successful as I had expected.  My Southampton took only 12th place and I got again under fire of fans and board. But that was a great luck not being sacked this time! Board decided to give me one more chance with the club. Poor 12th place (8 points away from promotion playoff zone) was caused by two factors: Weak players, especially forwards Ineffective tactical approach with standard 4-4-2 scheme Therefore we get the following results in the last matches of the season: I decided to forgot these experience with standard 4-4-2 and try to create totally new attacking tactics with 3 forwards. Another my task for the new season is creating of the team buying a lot of new players and selling many old ones. So its human resources revolution is coming to Southampton! :) And, for sure, I could not set season expectations lower than promotion to Premier League. Any other result will be considered as total failure! Th...
Young talents and wonderkids in Football Manager 2008: Left Defenders (DL)
2008-02-29 08:05:00
Having reviewed potential stars for positions of Goalkeeper (GK), Central Defender (DC) and Central Attacking Midfielder (AMC) I decided to investigate situation about young left backs. As a result I found out that there are not so many young player who can become future stars: Wonderkid defenders Marcelo   Certain wonderkid who can play for any club in the world and be very successful. Has brilliant fitness and technical attributes. He is able to beat any opponent on a flank by means of his fast and agile technics.  Possesses vey high values of Flair, Anticipation, Off The Ball and First Touch for player of left back role. The only disadvantage is that Marcelo belongs to Real Madrid and costs $9.75M. So buying him is really hard! Gareth Bale Well-known wonderkid from Wales playing for Tottenham (sorry for wrong photo in the profile - this is made by some of numerous FM facepacks installed at my laptop). He is more balanced than Marcelo, better performs as tea...
Welcome to Southampton
2008-02-27 08:49:00
Hey, all my readers! I have a good news! Southampton became the new club that I will be managing. They accepted my suggestion and I was glad to be invited to such well-known club. I never managed it before in the previous versions of Football or Championship Manager. It will be rather tough challenge for me because Southampton board has Premier League promotion ambitions:   And the current situation in the Coca-Cola Championship is: You see my new club is on the 9th place (and this was enough for sacking the previous manager of Southampton). The rules of this league say that two top teams win promotion to Premier Division. And teams placed 3rd-6th qualify for Playoff rounds having very difficult and nervous battle for only one last promotion place. My Southampton is far from the 2nd placed Sheffield United on 12 points and just 4 points from the 6th place. So I think it will be a very interesting challenge because now I do not have time to tune the tactics. I should ...
How I was sacked in Football Manager 2008 at first
2008-02-26 09:52:00
In the end of the previous post I informed you that there is possibility to be sacked if my new tactics will not give necessary results. Actually it didn't give, and : I have been playing Championship Manager/Football Manager series for more than 12 years. It's a pity to be sacked because last this happened in even CM 2003/2004... But there was no chance after many unsuccessful matches in which Wigan needed one more goal very often: So the Premier League standing after my last match with Manchester City was really sad. Sad for me, sad for board... And their patience ran out totally. So now I'm seeking for a new club to manage because I do not want to restart the game. By the way, there is new FM 2008 screen for job seeking manager without club: You see I applied for Reading, but they rejected. It seems Premier League clubs doesn't want me due to average reputation (National)...  The True Football Manager
Football Manager 2008 Oyun Hileleri
2008-02-22 23:14:00
PC - TrainerBuradan trainer'? indirebilirsiniz.
Analysis of Football Manager 2008 Patch 8.0.1
2008-01-24 16:36:00
I have been playing almost all the first season in Football Manager 2008 without installed patch 8.0.1. I just wanted to feel enough the initial version of FM 2008, see some bugs and then compare my feelings with changelist in the patch. So I installed Patch 8.0.1 and figured out such most important fixes and enhancements from it:General· Team-mates will no longer dislike each other for seemingly no reason.· Reduced incidents of players having "Worried by lack of discipline" unhappiness.Crashes· Fixed crash if user retires whilst on the Jobs screen.· Fixed possible crash when user accepted job offers from other teams.User Interface· Fixed bug where coming out of tactics sometimes wasn't returning the user back to full match highlight mode properly. Contracts· Boosted the squad status expectations and wage requests of players involved in big money transfers.Transfers· Increased the threshold before chairman will accept bids over the head of the manager in charge.Europe· Champions Cu...
AMC: Wonderkids and young stars in Football Manager 2008
2008-01-23 20:31:00
Today I would like to share with you my research about young talents for position of central attacking midfielders. Wonderkids Sergio Aguerro The greatest wonderkid from Atletico Madrid for this position! But he costs very much and can be bought only by grand clubs. Brilliant technique, dribbling, speed, stamina and mental abilities.   Samir Nasri Very good wonderkid-playmaker from Marseille who can develop many chances and dictate tempo. Young hope of nation team of France.   Anderson Flamboyant Mancherster United's newcomer. Tricky and fast guy with good Stamina. Costs much as well as Nasri.   Matias Fernandez Wonderful wonderkid from Villarreal!!! Just look at his attributes - many of them are 17-19! Costs $18M at the current moment in my game.   Giovani dos Santos New Barcelona's mega-talent who is very-very young (only 18 years old) and can become superstar!   Juan Mata Another wonderkid from Spanish League. He pl...
Football Manager 2008 coming to xbox 360
2008-01-12 14:48:00
Football Manager 2008 is coming to Xbox 360 on March 28th 2008, Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive Ltd. said:“Football Manager 2008 on Xbox 360 gives console gamers the chance to dive into the wonderful world of football management, With the same feature set to the PC version and various online modes, we hope that there is something for every Xbox 360 owner to get stuck into.”Xbox 360 Football Manager 2008 trailer:New features for Football Manager 2008: The largest change to match-day in a Sports Interactive game since the introduction of the second match engine. Match flow brings more atmosphere to match-days with match previews, team talks, opposition player instructions, the match itself, half time and post match. These now seamlessly follow on from one another, with no more pausing to make tactical changes, and a mini-radar pitch whilst ...
Graphics for Football Manager 2008: Facepacks, Kit Packs, Logos, Skins
2008-01-02 10:42:00
Hello, my dear readers! Happy New Year! :-)I decided to do some internet research trying to find kit packs, facepacks, logos and skins for Football Manager 2008. The target of this research is grouping of useful links on the site with free FM Graphics content. It will allow you to download some desired facepack or skin without waste of time on its search in the Internet.As a result I found the following - Football Manager FansiteFootball Manager 2008 Portal - Download FM2008 GraphicsUnderground FC Forums -> Download Manager -> (in Russian)CMFrenzy.Com - FM 2008 GraphicsFootball Manager ClubFMFormation.Net
Young talents and wonderkids in Football Manager 2008: Central Defenders (D
2007-12-30 14:50:00
The next my research for young talents and wonderkids is linked with the idea of having youngsters to replace William Gallas in the future. Of course, I have already some candidates in my team. The first one is Phillipe Senderos. He is really good and tough central defender, though not so fast. The second one is Johan Djourou who is on the loan in Birmingham. But anyway I was going to seek for some very young (age Wonderkid central defendersMicah Richards - the best one as for me. This guy from Manchester City is still 19 years old. Very tough, fast defender and tight marker who can play as right back and defensive midfielder. My scout considers him to be so good as Kolo Toure. But he costs $14M and Man City bosses don't want to sell him at the moment.Micah Richards from Manchester City" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5149763154-435052754" />Ezequiel Garay - Argentinian 21 years old defender from Racing. He costs $13.75M, has the most of attributes the same as Micah Richards. Richards has ...
Young talents and wonderkids in Football Manager 2008: Goalkeepers
2007-12-18 20:13:00
I'm playing Arsenal now and trying to perform better in the search of young talented players. Using and training young stars and wonderkids is one the main personal targets of my current game. Just want to become the second Arsene Wenger ;)Ok, the first position which can be strengthened by some young guy - goalkeeper. I need a replace for Jens Lehmann in the closest future (though he peforms very well during the current season). The research given the following results:Wonderkid keepersOscar Ustari - very fast and agile handler. My scout considers that he has potential to become as good as Jens Lemann. I think him to be the best under-21 keeper in the world.Igor Akinfeev - stable goalkeeper from CSKA Moscow who was wonderkid in the former versions of FM. In the FM 2008 he is not so cool (and this corresponds to the reality). Though anyway I consider him very good and prospective variant. The only bad thing is his low teamwork value (4).Prospective young keepersKasper Schmeichel - ...
Descargar: [RPC] Football Manager 2008 Full [Español]
2007-12-04 22:46:00
Windows XP 1.2GHz processor 256MB RAM Windows XP / Vista AMD or Intel Dual Core 2.2GHz 1GB RAM DirectX 8.1 compat Sound Card 4x CD ROM drive 1024×768 32Bit display 750MB HD Space MS compat mouse & Keyboard
Trainings in Football Manager 2008
2007-12-04 07:28:00
Considering trainings in FM 2008, I would mention two different approaches which are most often used by FM gamers. The first is very simple and standard. Some of the gamers do not spend their time on trainings setup and leave them without any change. This is not bad. I mean, there?s no any bad influence of standard trainings on players of your team. Fitness, mental and technical player abilities are supported equally and enough for getting big wins. Anyway there is the second approach which could give you much more benefit. It consists in setting up trainings by your own hands. Usually an advanced FM gamer creates several trainings for different pitch positions: goalkeepers, centre defenders, wing backs, defensive midfielders, attacking midfielders, wingers, forwards. Normally, for goalkeepers the following skills are trained: Goalkeeping on Intensive level, Tactics, Ball Control, Strength, Aerobic on Medium level.Centre defenders are effectively trained with High setting of Streng...
Football Manager 2008 - Arsenal Tactics
2007-11-23 18:40:00
I would like to present you the file with my FM 2008 tactics for Arsenal.Arsenal TacticsThe tactics is oriented on a quick playing style, flexible and creative players (young talents are always welcomed). It is also very effective to turn on counter attacks for this tactics if your team will play on an away stadium.I promise I will try to improve the tactics in what follows.
Football Manager 2008 - 8.0.1 Beta Ç?kt?
2007-11-21 15:23:00
FM 2008 8.0.1 Beta Ç?kt?FM 2008´in ç?kmas? ile beraberinde bir çok hata gelmi?ti. Tüm oyuncular yeni ç?kacak yamay? beklemeye ba?lam??ken, Sigames ilk sürüm beta 8.0.1´i yay?nlad?. Football Manager 2008 8.0.1 Beta ?ndir
By: oyunBlog
The first season matches of my Arsenal
2007-11-20 21:17:00
Now there is the time to describe my first matches with Arsenal. PRM Arsenal ? Reading 2:0 (Van Persie ? 2)CL FC Kobenhavn ? Arsenal 0:4 (Eduardo -2, Van Persie, Hleb)PRM Arsenal ? Newcastle 2:3 (Adebayor, Eduardo)PRM Everton ? Arsenal 0:1 (Van Persie)CL Arsenal ? FC Kobenhavn 1:2 (Eduardo)PRM Arsenal ? Fulham 2:0 (Eduardo, Fabregas)We have been playing a bit unstable. The loss to Newcastle was really unexpected. They used counter attacks successfully against my Arsenal. Obafemi Martins was the man of the match due to his cool realization of moment and very high pace with acceleration. Toure and Gallas were not so fast unfortunately.Totally, my team plays quick but often not so great as Arsenal in real life :) Though I think, we need some time for determination of the best squad and tuning our attacking tactics.Some words about player of the gunners. You might see that Van Persie and Eduardo started the season efficiently scoring both almost every ...
Dealing with new features of Football Manager 2008
2007-11-10 09:41:00
New version of FM has a lot of rather small but cool features. One of them is a flexibility of season expectations choice. You can increase or decrease expectations from board! If you are sure to perform better than board expects, you choose more hard season targets and board give you more money for their achievement. I did this with Arsenal claiming that my aim is fighting for Premier Championship title!I decided to use non-trivial strategy of team squad management. Actually, it is one of Arsene Wenger: search for young talents and growing them to real stars. Well, it is known that Arsenal?s squad is young at the start, but I decided to buy more players for U17-team. Part of new FM screen with bought players: Teaudors, Pele, Wright ? younsters for U17 who are able to grow into very good football players. Young and perspective Urby Emanuelson was bought for increasing of concurrency between left flank players. Ismael Aissati is a wonderkid attacking midfielder who is ready to play...
Football Manager 2008 Handheld Is Finished
2007-11-08 13:17:00
SEGA Europe and Sports Interactive have confirmed the Gold status for Football Manager 2008 Handheld, the latest iteration in the handheld football management game series for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. Having gone gold, the game is now undergoing the manufacturing process, being scheduled for a 30th of November release in Europe. According to SEGA Europe, ...
Pitch sizes in FM 2008
2007-10-24 19:25:00
One of the innovations in the FM 2008 - editable pitch sizes of your home stadium. Reasonable question: why must we suddenly deal with this issue? Suppose that reading this article to the end and then received a letter from an employee of your stadium, you will understand why and for what. In reality, pitch of Highbury, for example, is known as very small, and Arsenal always tried his best to "stretch" it. When Arsenal moved to The Emirates Stadium, the main requirement was to box its size-it should have been a long and wide. This allowed to stretch defense of an opponent, and not slowed to impact on the success of Arsenal. So you believe that all means good for a win? Then the sizes of your pitch can be a serious advantage. If you know how to use it correctly. Before deciding on the sizes of the pitch, assess your own team. If your team is clearly not among powerful, and you have to play mainly in defensive football. Therefore you need to have a narrow pitch, which would deprive of...
Football Manager 2008 Release
2007-10-12 12:23:00
Time of exciting FM 2008 release is coming. On the 19th of October many thousands will become really happy guys :)The release will contain bunch of tasty features: In-depth Awards - more history, more awards, better selection of award winner, Best ElevenImproverd Match Engine - it's promissed that macth will look like in a real football Changing dimensions of your fieldMore news and media interactionBetter and more convinient user interfaceFaceGen technology for regenerated playersArranging Fan Days - can boost attendanceSaving and loading of the game is promised to be faster than in FM 2007New International ManagementNew Transfer CenterI did not play in Football Manager 2008 Demo purposly because the release is so soon! Can't wait, looking forward to the end of the week!
Football Manager 2008 Release Date Confirmed
2007-10-06 14:05:00
Sega has confirmed that the eagerly awaited next instalment of Sports Interactive?s successful Football Manager game will be on shelves from October 19. Football Manager 2008 will include over 100 new features following the feedback given from fans of the previous release. It will offer players over 5,000 playable teams from over 50 countries. Sports Interactive unveiled ...
Football Manager 2008 Demo Ç?kt? !
2007-10-02 21:08:00
FM 2008 DEMO ÇIKTI!!! SI Games aç?klad??? gibi FM 2008 DEMO´yu 2 versiyon olarak söyledi?i tarihte yay?nlad?. DEMOYU ?ND?RMEK ?Ç?N gerekli olan bilgi ve linkler Football Manager Diller: Ingilizce, Danimarkaca, Isvecce, Fransizca, Italyanca, Flemenkce, Norvecce, Portekizce, Ispanyolca. Quickstartlar: Ingiltere, Iskocya, Portekiz, Ispanya, Italya, Fransa, Brezilya and Isvec, Norvec, Finlandiya ve Danimarka Strawberry Demo Direk Link PC Strawberry Demo Direk Link MAC Bu Yaz?y? ...
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