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Buy Final Fantasy XIII-2, Get Final Fantasy XIII
2012-03-18 08:00:00
Buy "Final Fantasy XIII-2" and get "Final Fantasy XIII" at no charge.Expires Mar 25, 2012
Save $20 on Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition
2012-03-18 08:00:00
Save $20 on "Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition" for PS3 and Xbox 360Expires Mar 25, 2012
Masato Itoh: Final Fantasy "Prelude" 9 - cool two handed tapping
2012-02-26 03:15:00 I played this song using the DigiTech Whammy pedal for the arpeggiate/melody, and overdubbed the harmony parts with the E-Bow for (0:48~). I played with 9 finger style (4 with left hand and 5 with right) on the arpeggiate part. The way Reb Beach moves to the other strings while he is tapping gave me a hint to develop this technique. If that music had not required that technique, I would have never used it. It was very enjoyable to play, I really like this prelude. Hope you guys like my version as much as I like playing it.Final Fantasy "Prelude" 9 Finger Style Masato Itoh Guitar Cover
Eric Calderone: Final Fantasy Meets Metal
2012-02-25 01:49:00
Final Fantasy Meets Metal
Final Fantasy Tactics for iPad Released
2012-02-24 05:04:00
An iPad version of strategy RPG classic Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is out now on the App Store, developer Square Enix has announced. It will set you back a princely £12.99/$17.99 – a couple of quid more than the iPhone version that launched last August. If you?re unfamiliar with the ...
Final Fantasy XIII-2
2011-11-25 17:55:00
Después de las críticas mixtas que recibió el Final Fantasy XIII, Square-Enix nos trae nuevas noticias, el 3 de febrero llegara la continuación de este juego, el cual para recuperar la confianza de los fanáticos trae muchos cambios y novedades. Es muy bien sabido que el Final Fantasy XIII, a pesar de ser el juego ...
Final Fantasy XIII-2 First Trailer
2011-05-01 20:41:00
After succeed with Final Fantasy XIII, Square-Enix decided to create it's sequel. Named Final Fantasy XIII-2. The gameplay and storyline not yet known. But I think it will be years until the game released. Remember what happen with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII : Versus?Maybe this game will released for the next-Gen console... PS4??????Here are some it's wallpaperHere are the trailers
Final Fantasy XIII Versus Latest Trailer
2011-05-01 20:32:00
Here are the latest or maybe the last trailer of Final Fantasy XIII : VersusWell, Enjoy and lets wait for the game :)
Final Fantasy XIII - Agito known as Final Fantasy Type-0
2011-05-01 20:21:00
There are some new Trailer and picture about Final Fantasy XIII - Agito, or now called as Final Fantasy Type-O. As we know Final Fantasy Type-0 is a Final Fantasy card game. Final Fantasy XIII - Agito is a part of Fabula Nova Crystallist Final Fantasy XIII. There some of new character images and also a video gameplay trailer.Here are some picture and screenshot from Final Fantasy Type-0 In
Inophis: The Last War (Final Fantasy)
2011-02-09 00:13:00
I made this video using some scene of Final Fantasy. It's a Metal Symphonic Instrumental tune. The Last War (Final Fantasy)
Download Final Fantasy Games on Java Mobile Phones
2010-10-25 15:23:00
Download Final Fantasy X Fantasy War Multiscreen game of Java multiscreen games to your cell / mobile phone or PC for free. To work it better, go on “settings” and active “scale to fit” and “keep proportions”. Don’t forget to show the framerate. Game type : Multi-player – Java Dimension : 320×240 games File size : 659k Download ...
2010-09-23 14:14:00
No se cuantas veces he visto esta pelicula, y siempre me ha parecido algo espectacular, ahora os paso este making off de las capturas de movimiento, una pelicula que tardó 5 años en llevarse a la pantalla, y con los medios de entonces, os puedo asegurar que fue un autentico reto tecnologico....
By: Magic VFX
Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (2006) (VG)
2010-06-07 05:00:00
Movie: Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (2006) (VG) “Before Crisis is set six years before the bombing of Mako Reactor One in Final Fantasy VII. ShinRa, ...
Final Fantasy XIII [PS3] $56.99 -
2010-04-04 22:58:00
Final Fantasy XIII [PS3] $56.99 Published by at 3:58 PM - Sun, Apr 4 View details Compare it
Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 $50 at Newegg -
2010-04-04 22:38:00
Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 $50 at Newegg Published by at 3:38 PM - Sun, Apr 4 View details Compare it
Final Fantasy XIII trailer E3 2009
2009-09-10 14:07:00
Trailer de Final Fantasy 13 E3 2009Esta nueva entrega de la saga JRPG de Square Enix que tiene fecha de salida el 15 de abril del 2010, Square Enix promete que en este titulo va a exprimir las cualidades gráficas de almacenamiento que ofrecen las consolas de la nueva generación.
By: Magic VFX
Zonder woorden: Final Fantasy
2009-08-20 16:30:00
(Final Fantasy, 14 augustus, Haldern-Pop, Hoofdpodium, Haldern. Foto: Dennis)
Vivi - Final Fantasy Papercraft
2008-12-30 09:20:00
Chamoo's Vivi papercraft has received an augmentation, this time Vivi's got two hands up with one holding a staff and the other with a fireball (interchangeable). Visit here to gran this paper model.
Final Fantasy Papercraft - Sephiroth
2008-12-25 06:37:00
Sephiroth is the main antagonist and one of the most well known character in the Final Fantasy VII video game. Grab at here.
Final Fantasy Papercraft - Garnet
2008-12-25 06:36:00
From the Final Fantasy IX video game, Garnet is the main heroine of the game and Princess of Alexandria. She's a white mage that doubles as a summoner (Eidolons). Grab at here.
Final Fantasy Papercraft - Zaiden
2008-12-25 06:33:00
Based on the Final Fantasy IX video game, Zidane (aka Zidane Tribal) is one of the protagonists and is the lead character / monkey boy in this 9th installment of the FF series. Grab at here.
2008-12-18 07:41:00
Gunblade model from the game Final Fantasy 8. Grab this paper model here.
Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer
2008-12-14 22:22:00
C'est impressionnant de constater à quel point certaines prod's peuvent s'affranchir de tous les formats !!!
Yuna From Final Fantasy X2
2008-09-08 07:32:00
Yuna papercraft is based on the Final Fantasy X-2 version of the game, she's sporting a gun instead of the usual staff. Grab the parts here and instructions here.
New Final Fantasy 13 real-time high-res Images
2008-08-28 23:50:00
See high res here. These images of from Final Fantasy 13 recently sprung up on the internet.  You can check out more these shots from a HD feed of the trailer in real time below.  Click on each... Hi, want more? Visit for more StarCraft 2 news, rumors, videos, contests & more!
2008-08-28 09:56:00
This Hardy Daytona in Final Fantasy VII. Grab at here.
Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife
2008-08-28 09:48:00
This Cloud Strife papercraft was made by Deutsch designer Sascha and comes with its own paper stand and his famous Buster Sword. Grab the paper model pattern here.
Final Fantasy IX - Vivi Papercraft
2008-08-20 04:45:00
Vivi Orunitia is one of the most popular character from Final Fantasy IX, he is a Black Mage who gets entangled in Tantalus' plan to kidnap Princess Garnet when he travels to Alexandria. Download paper model here.
Final Fantasy - Bahamut Papercraft
2008-08-20 04:36:00
Here's a paper model of Bahamut, Final Fantasy summon of all. I don't have an assembly instruction for this one. Grab this papermodel here.
Final Fantasy Summon and Monster Mythology
2008-06-02 05:23:00
EvreetEvreet or Ifrit was known as a mythology from Saudi Arabia which is the second genie from five Genies that have a very powerful power. He also have a high intelligence...[Read More]LeviathanThis creature is famous because known in some of Mythology. Leviathan known as the God of the Sea by Japanese. Leviathan (or Lotan ) also mentioned in Canaanite myth...[Read More]BehemothOne of monster that often appear in Final Fantasy Series is Behemoth. Behemoth appear like a bull that have purple colored of all it's skin, have a great horn and...[Read More]TitanTitan mentioned in Greek myth. Titan (or Titaness = female) is a Giant creature that been one of 12 primeval. All of them is sons of Uranus and Gaea. There are twelve of them which...[Read More]IxionIn Greek Mythology, mentioned that Ixion is son from God of War, Ares. In every myth stories he appear as a bad person with his various bad attitude...[Read More]ChaosChaos same like Titan also appear in Greek Mythology. Long time be...
Final Fantasy IX Character
2008-06-02 04:59:00
This is the list of Main Character in Final Fantasy IXSelect the one you wish to knowZidane TribalGarnet Til AlexandrosVivi OrunitiaAldebert SteinerFreya CrescentQuina QueenEiko CarolAmarant CoralKujaGarlandNecronThe TantalusOther character will coming soon
Final Fantasy Character
2008-06-02 04:55:00
Please Select Which Final Fantasy Character Series Below you want to know.Final Fantasy VII and it's compilationFinal Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy IXFinal Fantasy X and X-2Other series character still in progress
Final Fantasy X and X-2 Character
2008-06-02 04:52:00
This is the list of Final Fantasy X and X-2 CharacterSelect the one you wish to knowTidusAuronYunaLuluRikkuKima-hriWakkaPaineJechtLord BraskaOther character will coming soon
Final Fantasy VIII Character
2008-06-02 04:40:00
This is the list of Final Fantasy VIII CharacterSelect the one you wish to knowSquall LeonheartRinoa HeartillyZell DincthQuistis TreepeIrvine KinneasSelphie TilmittSeiferFuujinRaijinLaguna-KirosWardNORGEdeaCidEloneRaineJ-uliaAdelGrieverUltimecia
Final Fantasy VII Character
2008-06-02 04:36:00
Here is the list of Final Fantasy VII CharacterSelect the one you want to know.Cloud StrifeVincent ValentineTifa LockheartBarret WallaceAerith GainsboroughCid HighwindRed XIIIYuffie KisaragiCait SithrSephirothZack FairKadaj,Yazoo,and LozThe TsvietsMarlene and DenzelGenesis RhapsodosShalua Rui and Reeve TuestiRufus Shinra and TurksLucrecia Crescent
Classes on Final Fantasy XI
2008-06-02 04:11:00
At Final Fantasy XI you freely to choose your own class. And unlike the other MMORPG game you able to change your class anytime during the game. But every class has it's own level, it's mean you need to train every class if you want to experience all the class on the game, and that's mean you didn't need to create lot's of character to play different class.Every race have the same ability to choose all class available. And there is no overpowering class so basically every class have it's own specialty and advantages during the hunting and leveling.Basic Classes (Basic Classes are the Jobs that available when you start the game).Warrior (A basic fighter. Most people like its ability to taunt and tank the enemy.)Monk (Withhigh HP it makes a good class. but their armor weaker than other class.)Black Mage (Have various powerfull spells, but low HP and weak armour.)White Mage (The healer, with it's healing skill always needed in every party member.)Red Mage (The most average clas...
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII discounted to $26 (PSP)
2008-05-29 23:11:00 Video Games Deal of the Day is the PSP-exclusive RPG “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” from Square Enix. Keep in mind that quantities on these deals are usually limited, so the price is only available while supplies last. Crisis Core’s storyline takes the player from the war with the Wutai to the events at Nibelheim, ...
Six reasons not to worship Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
2008-05-26 08:14:00
So you’ve finished Crisis Core and maybe even managed to defeat Minerva with the Materia Fusion Guide. Was it all worth it? Is Crisis Core worth the purchase? To most Final Fantasy die hards, collecting this UMD is a must (probably even getting the Japanese AND the English version is on every ...
Final Fantasy Tactics definió fecha para Nintendo DS
2008-05-26 06:19:00
La consola portátil de Nintendo ya tiene nuevo título que estrenar, nada menos que el juego de la saga Final Fantasy ya tiene fecha; el próximo 27 de junio se pondrá a la venta en Europa el Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Desde la gente de Square Enix, estudio desarrollador, el juego básicamente ...
??????Final Fantasy???????TOP10
2008-05-24 16:25:00
??????Final Fantasy???????TOP10 ?TOP10???IGN???????????????????-????FF???????????IGN???????????-????????????????????????FF VII????Cloud? 10. Rydia/????(Final Fantasy IV) ?????????FF???????????????????R-ydia???????????????????????????-????????16?????????????????????-???????????????????????????????-???????Rydia???????????????????-????????????8?????FF III????????????Rydia???????????-???????????? 9. Laguna Loire/?????????(Final Fantasy VIII) ?????????????????FF VIII????????????????????????Squ-all Leonhart???????????????????????-?????"??"??????????????????????-???????????????????????????????-????????????????????????????Lag-una????????"??"????????????????-?? 8. Kefka Palazzo/????????? (Final Fantasy VI) ???????????????????????????????-???????????????????????????????-?????FF VI?Kefka???????????????????????-???????????????????????????????-??????????BOSS?????????????????-???????????????????????????????-?????????????? 7. Wakka/??? (Final Fantasy X) ????RPG????????????????????????-????????????????????????...
Groundhog Day, Starring My Final Fantasy Party
2008-05-22 20:08:00
The Moon Palace?s Basement is such a sprawling place, and filled with such an amazing collection of bosses and enemies. Detailing each one of the boss fights would get fairly repetitive, but as we... This full article can be read at
Different Race in Final Fantasy XI
2008-05-21 21:18:00
Before you playing Final Fantasy XI, maybe not wrong if you see the available race below to choose what the best race to choose before you start the game. There are five race in Final Fantasy XI, that you will need to choose at the game. All with it's own unique appearance and different status and ability. The five race are that mentioned below : Hume RaceThis is the human race. Completely average in every way and status. If you want to look like yourself and your real appearance at the game, then this should be your choice. Since they are mediocre in every way, they are not the best race. Their status without Job are :HP=28MP=18STR=6DEX=6VIT=6AGI=6-INT=6MND=6CHR=6ElvannThis is the elf race of Final Fantasy XI. They are not really elf as you can see in other game platform or movies, though. The elvann have high attack power and high mind. They can attack doing massive damage, and can heal really well. They are not like the elf appear at other game which have high dexterity and usual...
On the PAL Wii Shop today: WiiWare debuts with Dr. Mario And Germ Buster, F
2008-05-20 20:47:00
WiiWare software is available for download from today, only in the Wii Shop Channel (where you get your Virtual Console games) in Europe and Australia. Kicking off WiiWare?s launch in style, WiiWare features six titles from developers around the world. Put your puzzle skills to the test in Dr. Mario & Germ Buster, build a ...
The most awaited Games you?ll never play. Ever
2008-05-18 06:47:00
A long history of successes in the games industry usually means a HUGE fanbase for the franchise. This means more people to buy games, more raves and positive (or negative) reviews and more requests(complaints) to add content, story and usually a new title under the franchise. To sate the fanbase mob, it’s common ...
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII releases in Europe 20th June 2008 for PSP
2008-05-15 13:45:00
Good news for all you Final Fantasy lovers, the Crisis Core game Fantasy VII releases 20th June 2008 across PAL territories, oh yes it will be available for all you eager fans of this game. This announcement came from Square Enix Ltd today who is the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and ...
Final Fantasy Free Wordpress Template
2008-05-10 10:47:00
3 columns, grey, black and blue colors, widgets ready, left and right sidebars, free Wordpress template for blog about Final Fantasy game, movie         Download: WP Final (215 KB) Tags: 3+columns+Wordpress+themes, Free+Wordpress+templates, Movies+Wordpress+theme, Games+Wordpress+theme Read it at the source ShareThis
Final Fantasy VI Advance (J)
2008-05-09 21:52:00
Well…If you playing Final Fantasy following the previous series FF, proceeded on the GBA and the best (according to many) SNESovskaya RPG. Changes in the game is, so that those who played it in 16 bits, certainly not without fun and play in the “pocket” version. And Japanese language is unlikely to inhibit here:) ...
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 US Boxart
2008-05-06 17:17:00
This is the US Boxart of the Nintendo DS game Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Tags: Nintendo, DS, Final Fantasy Tactics A2Final Fantasy Tactics A2 US BoxartMore Nintendo DS News
GAME REVIEW: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
2008-05-06 00:00:00
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII along with Before Crisis, Dirge of Cirberus and Advent Children. Crisis Core provides a good amount of fan service and decent enough gameplay to actually entertain its main audience: die hard Final Fantasy VII fanbo
[GUIA] Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core
2008-05-03 20:18:00
  - Guia SHINRA Nada mas empezar seremos atacados por soldados se shinra… Consejo Las magias son fuego, rayo, hielo y tecnica especial, recordad cuadrado rotar o esquivar ataques y triangulo cubrirse tambien recordad que consume AP [ Barra Amarilla ] Una vez termiando el combate saldremos corriendo y veremos una multitud huyendo, nos acercaremos al origen del caos, HORA DE ...
By: pspmax
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