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U Bolt Thread Failure
2012-05-26 09:04:00
Could I know the reason for U bolt thread wash. The material is Boron steel. It is hardened and tempered to 32 to 36 hrc. The threads are getting washed out on torquing to 480.
Crossroads GPS ad spotlights failure of President Obama?s policies Airs in
2012-05-23 00:54:00
Crossroads GPS ad spotlights failure of President Obama?s policies Airs in ten states for three weeks starting Wednesday 05/22/12 VIDEO New ad spotlights failure of President Obama?s policies to turn economy around; focuses on young people moving in with parents for lack of work. Airs in ten states for three weeks starting Wednesday. WASHINGTON ? Today, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) announced a new $9.7 million issue ad that will run for three weeks on TV to frame the national debate on jobs, the economy, taxes and government debt. The new ad, ?Basketball,? details the Obama Administration?s poor results on fixing the troubled economy, cutting the debt, keeping taxes low and other key issues. The initial television buy includes network affiliates in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The new spot will start airing Wednesday, May 23 and run for three weeks with a rotation of :60 an...
John Deer Tractor Steering Failure
2012-05-21 21:10:00
I have a JD4600 4wd tractor and the steering stopped working when I had a heavy load in the bucket. I tried loosening the base side hose and started the engine with the wheels off of the ground and the cylinder does not move. Fluid does come out of course. Any ideas?
Ron Johnson Weekly Republican GOP Address On Dems' Failure To Offer A Budge
2012-05-20 19:47:00
Ron Johnson Weekly Republican GOP Address On Dems' Failure To Offer A Budget 05/20/12 TEXT VIDEO In the Weekly Republican Address, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson discusses Senate Democrats' refusal to pass a budget. Sen. Johnson says: "It has been over 3 years since the Senate passed a budget. Think about that. Even though families and most businesses produce budgets to help control their finances, the largest financial entity in the world is operating without one. Why? Because Democrats in the Senate refuse to be held accountable. They either don't have a plan, or they simply do not want their fingerprints on one." He adds: "For his part, President Obama has done nothing to encourage the Senate to pass a budget. Just this week in the Senate, the President's budget lost by a vote of 0 - 99. Last month, it failed in the House by a vote of 0 -- 414. And last year, his budget lost 0 - 97 in the Senate. This is a stunning repudiation of his leadership." He concludes: "We can do b...
Oil Spill ? Engineering Failure or Necessary Evil?
2012-05-16 17:00:00
Most of the developed world today has built the use of oil into its economy in some way, with over twenty countries consuming over one million barrels per day according to 2010 estimates. The infrastructure that has been built around this consumption is massive, and with it comes the inevitabi
BOLTON: Dangerous fallout from China?s Chen affair ? Washington Times
2012-05-08 14:26:00
U.S. signals weakness to the world’s growing ranks of predators … That is why Washington’s confused handling of the Chen affair is so disturbing. At a time of potentially enormous upheaval within China, America’s current foreign-policy leaders had no strategy …Read more »
Did Grenell?s failure to mince words earn him social conservatives? enmity?
2012-05-02 09:58:00
One of the great gifts of blogging is the civil feedback and criticism I receive in e-mails from our readers. On numerous occasions, they have alerted me to flaws in my arguments or pointed out a wrinkle in an issue I cover in a post. Such was the case yesterday when a gay reader somewhat ...
Obama?s failure to engage with the major challenges of the day
2012-04-30 00:54:00
Finding “a growing air of incompetence around Mr. Obama?s White House“, Athene took it to the incumbent again in his column on Friday. Teasing out the essence of her column, Allahpundit offers: As for her point that ?a lot of what he says could have been said by a president 12 or 20 years ago,? ...
Ignoring failure of Senate Democrats to pass a budget,liberal political sci
2012-04-29 08:34:00
Yesterday, thanks to a left-of-center Facebook friend, caught a Washington Post piece wheretwo left-of-center political scientists blamed Republicans for Washington gridlock. Unfortunately, they didn’t mention the failure of the Democratic Senate to pass a budget for the past three years. Nor did they consider that Republicans in the current Congress thought that they owed it ...
Recipe of Failure in Indian Education
2012-04-29 07:47:00
Part Iof this article dealt more with primary education whereas this part deals more with higher education ? People familiar with Operations Management or even some of the best practices in management would be familiar with Toyota Production System that defines value and waste. In our education policies, we have 90% or more waste (and this ...
Tenant Screening Failure: How to Avoid a Similar Fate
2012-04-26 18:45:00
As landlords we know that one of the most critical jobs we have is screening and selecting tenants. We know that if we get this part correct that our relationship with our selected tenants will be a profitable one. So, imagine that you have done your tenant screening job well. You collected references (landlords and ...This Article is Copyright © 2004-2011 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tenant Screening Failure: How to Avoid a Similar Fate
Failure of 11KV Line Lightening Arrester
2012-04-24 13:05:00
What are all the technical reasons for failure of 11KV lightening arresters fitted in 11KV overhead line.Could you please list out
Ariel Compressor Failure
2012-04-22 15:01:00
Dear all v hve here 02 no's ariel compressors installed coupled with waukesha engines. it has been observed that since couple of days v been having major break downs like gudgeon pin failure, connecting rod small end bushes failure etc. (Model JGH-4). 3 stages r of compressors. Kindly advice the ca
Pipe Failure Theory
2012-04-21 23:12:00
dear sir/s, If the internal pressure is the only load that the pipe faces, and the pipe of thickness "t" calculation is satisfied by Von Mises' theory.Then it is obvious that any pipe of thickness less than "t" will be considered as unsafe. But in such a case of a pipe with thickness < t, can yo
Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure: coroner
2012-04-21 14:28:00
Conservative blogger and commentator Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure stemming from coronary artery disease, Los Angeles County coroner's office officials said. The 43-year-old collapsed as he was walking his dog near his Brentwood home and died on March 1. Breitbart had a negligible...
Mitt Romney?s Tax Plan Is Still a Mathematical Failure
2012-04-17 20:46:00
Apr 16 2012, 6:42 PM ET The Atlantic Matthew O’Brien The last time we checked in on Mitt Romney’s tax plan, the numbers didn’t add up. Actually, there weren’t any numbers to add up. Instead, there was a not very plausible promise to make the numbers add up at a later date. At stake was ...
By: Suzie-Q
Obama?s North Korea policy ?absolutely not? a failure
2012-04-13 22:10:00
The White House denied Friday that North Korea's rocket launch showed that President Barack Obama's efforts to engage the isolated country's secretive Stalinist regime had been a failure. "Absolutely not," Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications,told reporters aboard Air Force One as Obama headed from Washington to Florida, on his way ...
Failure to Launch The Movie starring Kim Jong Eun
2012-04-13 09:10:00
via Posted via email from poobumwee's posterous
Programmed Failure?
2012-04-07 00:47:00
I have this sneaking suspicion (and that is all it is at the moment), that at least one manufacturer, <brand name here>, may be programming their products to 'fail' at some point. Sounds paranoid, I know. But how do you explain six, well-cared-for-and-gently-used- wireless optical mice (no mo
Why Santorum?s failure resembles Huntsman?s
2012-04-05 02:06:00
In a post earlier today, I took issue with Hugh Hewitt, holding that Mitt Romney did not lock up the nomination with his Sunshine State victory and contended that Rick Santorum had, in “the wake of his February hat trick, winning Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri all on the same day, . . . a read ...
Computer Failure ? Top Warning Signs Your PC is dying
2012-03-25 06:08:00
Computers are like humans in that in some ways they can tell you when they are sick or they don?t feel good. But computers are also like pets who may not be able to speak, but if you are paying attention, they begin to behave in ways that alert you to problems. There are numerous ...
On the failure of the legacy media to investigate Palin?s gubernatorial rec
2012-03-16 17:18:00
If, back in 2008, our legacy media had taken the time to look into Sarah Palin’s actual record in Alaska politics, three names of corrupt politicians would forever be associated with her, Frank Murkowski, Greg Renkes and Randy Ruedrich. And the reason we would associate their names with hers was not because she turned a ...
Gold Dust Lounge Sued by Handlery Hotels for Failure to Honor Lease
2012-03-13 10:22:00
The final days for the Gold Dust. Here’s the Handlery Hotel’s announcement: Attorneys for Handlery Hotels, Inc., owners of the property where the Gold Dust Lounge is located, today filed an unlawful detainer action against Bovis, Inc., the corporation that operates the bar, for failing to leave the Union Square space as promised under their (Read More...)
CAT 32 DVR Failure
2012-02-28 15:22:00
Hello there, i work for a clay factory and we have two CAT Generators 1000kVA and 500kVA. When the 500kVA is overloaded, the voltage drops to 41V Line Voltage. Usually, i turn off the generator then restart it and the voltage gets back to 415V line. The 1000kVA was overloaded once and the voltage dr
Dry Type Transformer Failure
2012-02-28 14:53:00
I have a 50kVA dry type transformer which had failed, with rating: 1. Input (LV, primary winding): 400V, 72.17A 2. Output (HV, secondary winding): 21.5kV, 1.34A 3. Average Output usage (single phase, DC): 24kV, 1.35A The failed area was found to be the HV winding, where arcing and sign of
Risk and Its Part In Engineering Failure
2012-02-21 15:00:00
Ever played the board game RISK? Even if you haven't, you've most likely heard of it. The game is aptly named because, regardless of the strategy implemented, winning the game involves some level of risk-taking (or else just some really stupid ignorant opponents). [$10 on green. Source: Boardg
Failure of the Therac-25 Medical Linear Accelerator
2012-02-07 15:00:00
I assume that most people (like myself) have at least a healthy fear of the doctor, dentist, surgeon, etc. But it's unlikely that our biggest concern is the reliability of the tools they use. More often we fear the mistakes that could result from what we perceive to be "human error," (or we just
Mean Time Between Failure
2012-02-03 12:37:00
We have several machines which are identical to each other for drying the pharmaceutical drugs. What is the simple formula to calculate MTBF for any machine?
Russia blames radiation for space probe failure
2012-01-31 14:27:00
From Yahoo! News: Science News: The head of Russia's space agency said Tuesday that cosmic radiation was the most likely cause of the failure of a Mars moon probe that crashed to Earth this month, and suggested that a low-quality imported component may have been vulnerable to the radiati
Actor James Farentino dies of heart failure at 73 (AP)
2012-01-25 05:18:00
AP - Actor James Farentino, who appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, died Tuesday in a Los Angeles hospital, according to a family spokesman. He was 73.
Actor James Farentino dies of heart failure at 73 (AP)
2012-01-25 02:51:00
AP - A family spokesman says actor James Farentino, who appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, has died in a Los Angeles hospital. He was 73.
Coupling Failure
2012-01-16 16:06:00
We had a failure of Coupling fixed to a pump,Motor rating is 2.2 kw 1500 rpm,and pump capacity is 75 lpm.we are using rotex 24 Coupling. What would be the possible reasons for the coupling failure. what parameters should be checked . How torque on coupling can be calculated
American failure in Afghanistan – the origin
2012-01-10 08:18:00
The American involvement in Afghanistan had little to do with fighting terrorists. Al Qaeda had no responsibility for 9/11: always eager to appropriate other terrorists’ laurels, Osama has only announced that he knew about the attack a few days in advance. It is unimaginable that Obama risked his dream of a caliphate and that the Taliban risked their state by attacking America. Even stretching the facts to allow for Al Qaeda’s involvement would justify a punishing raid, but not occupation. Not because the occupation is unjust—who cares about justice to others—but because it is impossible. As Machiavelli noted, nations which do not learn to live under state control are inherently ungovernable. An occupier can exterminate them but not rule over them. The Taliban were sensible enough to enforce their order in major cities but leave the rural areas alone. They did not try to defeat other groups, but merely pushed them out of sight. The Russians, and later the Americans, w...
Auto Mains Failure Circuit Diagram
2012-01-07 21:39:00
If any one has complete diagram of a AMF circuit Pl send or tell how the AMF will build?
Voltage Transformer Blast/Failure
2012-01-07 02:40:00
Hi All, In our site, we have a 200kV Switchyard. When we charged the switchyard and included the bus PT(220kV/110V), within 5 hours the R-phase PT was blasted with the top cover thrown away. We replaced the failed PT with new one. Before installing the new PT, we completed the tan(delta) test for
Nick Cannon Suffers Acute Kidney Failure - Wife Mariah Carey Asks For Praye
2012-01-05 18:44:00
Nick Cannon, host of America’s Got Talent, and husband to the legendary singer Mariah Carey, has what has been reported as “mild” kidney failure. In truth there’s no such thing as “mild” kidney failure, so what he has is “acute kidney failure.” What that means is he could pass away without treatment, and that he (Read More...)
A Short History of the Middle East
2012-01-03 09:22:00
From a purely American point of view, we have only one ally, Israel, in the Middle East and the Obama administration has treated it like an enemy. Israel has understandably concluded it cannot depend on the U.S. for support. In the midst of the turmoil, Israel is particularly vulnerable and will be until the current ...
Sudden Bearing Failure
2012-01-01 23:31:00
Hello guys, I need your opinion on one of our catastrophic bearing failure. We had tapered roller bearing installed on one of the vertical agitator. Condition Monitoring didn't report any issue when conducted survey 10 days ago however, this morning, it seized up suddenly. We found strong grease bu
In Kim?s Death, an Extensive Intelligence Failure
2011-12-20 21:49:00
In Kim?s Death, an Extensive Intelligence Failure WASHINGTON ? Kim Jong-il, the enigmatic North Korean leader, died on a train at 8:30 a.m. Saturday in his country. Forty-eight hours later, officials in South Korea still did not know anything about … Continue reading →
Single Core Armoured Cables Underground Cables' Failure
2011-12-13 06:13:00
The generator is 1MW and is driven by an expander ( it is an induction generator) its excitation is from the network. To control the frequency the generator output is fed to the network through a VSCF drive( variable speed constant frquency). The power output from the generator is through single cor
Raymond® Vertical Mills Motor Bearing Failure
2011-11-28 09:25:00
I am experiencing frequent bearing failure in Raymond® Vertical Mills motor: Motor: Vertical Flnge Application : Motor TO Mill Rated Power : 215 HP Rated Speed : 3600 RPM COUPLING: DISC - O - Flexible Has any one come across this problem? Kindly let me know any suggestions!!
100Kva Gen Set Failure
2011-11-23 13:04:00
Hi Could somebody assist me to get solution to this my 100Kva perkins engine,When started working it works well but when loaded for a while the turbo charger becomes red.what might have gone wrong Thanks
No Surprises in US Super Committee Failure
2011-11-22 08:11:00
Source: ForexYard No Surprises in US Super Committee Failure The congressional super committee that was assigned to solve the roadblock the government faced over the summer did not help to improve market sentiment. However, according to US bond yields and the recent performance of the USD the pressure is off the US right now as investors remain focused on events in Europe. Economic News USD – USD Remains Supported Despite Super Committee Failure The USD and US government bonds continue to be supported despite the most recent government failure to address the bloated US deficit. A lack of an agreement to increase taxes or decrease government entitlements such as social security and Medicare continue to elude Congress. . . . → Read More: No Surprises in US Super Committee Failure
Occupy Movement Exemplifies Sathya Sai Baba?s Failure As Social Reformer
2011-11-10 02:53:00
In the next days, I shall look at aspects of the Occupy movements, many of whose manifestations show how profoundly Sathya Sai Baba and his international organization have failed. Sathya Sai Baba and his cult always failed to face political and corporate power. They themselves are part of the corrupt system. His successors now fight out power struggles among themselves. The international Sathya Sai Organization ?good works? philosophy plays perfectly into the hands of the power elites, who have nothing against charity. We all like to feel good. Big-name donors to the Sathya Sai cult are legion, especially in India, and from among the Indian diaspora worldwide. Amid untold golden glitter, the late Sathya Sai Baba said that, in his own lifetime, he would save and rule India and then the world Those in the Occupy movements are better educated than ever before, and thus able to use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc., to great advantage. Sathya Sai Baba and his ...
Mercedes ML350 Code Failure P0715
2011-11-09 20:52:00
my Mercedes is driving in same gear all the time my tiptronic does not working sould I replace just sensor or what is the problem
South Park: #OWS projecting Obama?s failure onto Cartman
2011-11-03 23:09:00
A reader alerted me to the latest episode of South Park which takes on #OWS, linking this post where Christian Toto offers a summary of the episode, including this line from Cartman, “Don?t you get it, Mom? People voted for Obama, and now that everything sucks they have to blame me!” Shouldn’t these folks be ...
Failure Metal High Halide Lamp
2011-10-31 10:49:00
i have big problem in metal high halide lamp , what is the reasons for failure and burn the lamps although it did not complete the life time and i observed that the inner glass of lamp is black ( burn and charred)
Bullpen failure costs Rangers in Series (AP)
2011-10-29 06:29:00
Scott Feldman’s pitch just caught the outside corner of the plate, so close that Yadier Molina thought it was ball four and started toward first base. The next pitch, another inch outside, really was ball four. Molina’s walk with the bases loaded in the fifth inning Friday night brought in Allen Craig and gave the ...
Standard LT Motor Failure-VFD Driven
2011-10-26 12:16:00
I come across a sudden failure of 3-phase 415V AC 75 kw induction motor which was vfd driven. Motor was in use for 8 month since commissioning. Motor failed due to inturn short. Motor supplier shown the reason of non inverter duty class of motor. Understood that inverter duty class motor is recomme
Despite 18% Contract Failure Rate, Home Resales Stay Strong
2011-10-21 14:45:00
According to data from the National Association of REALTORS, on a seasonally-adjusted, annualized basis, September's Existing Home Sales eased by 150,000 units, falling to 4.91 million units nationwide.
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