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Excel Question
2012-05-11 05:18:00
Ok.. I have tried to solve this problem all day and now I am asking for help What I Have: I have a cell in excel where I input a value (A1). Lets say I put a value of 101. Next to it in cell B1, I have a drop down list that shows the units of A1. Now it is Pa. What I want: After I put in 101 | Pa,
Excel Chart Showing Data from Multiple Sheets
2012-04-22 21:47:00
From our computer, we daily download specific control system settings. The download creates a new excel spreadsheet each time it is done, always in the same format. If I copy each spreadsheet onto separate sheets in an excel file, can I plot data from the separate sheets on a chart? As an example,
Excel Number Generator
2012-04-22 13:40:00
Hi, All I need for my project, i have a number in a row 1 to 20, i need randomly select six number for the row 1 to 20 with no repeats, 10 times.
Excel Generate Random Number
2012-04-22 07:41:00
Hi All Need your help I Have number(1~16) in excel from A1 to O1, i need to generate 5 conbination number. Any help please. Regard
Break Excel File Password Protection
2012-04-05 04:02:00
Waiting for recovering excel password or breaking excel password protection? Then do focus on PDS break excel file password protection tool to break XLS password protection. Excel unlocker tool can recover excel sheet password from such excel as 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010. Now you can do forgot excel password recovery by using break excel file password protection program based on 2 methods such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack.
By: Shareware
D: Winkelstufen Berechnung für Gartentreppe (Schweiz)
2012-04-03 08:36:00
#leftcontainerBox { float:left; position: fixed; top: 60%; left: 70px; } #leftcontainerBox .buttons { float:left; clear:both; margin:4px 4px 4px 4px; padding-bottom:2px; } #bottomcontainerBox { width: 50%; padding-top: 1px; } #bottomcontainerBox .buttons { float: left; margin: 4px 4px 4px 4px; } Am einfachsten gehts mit Excel. Die Winkelstufen in Höhe und Länge aufzeichen. In meinem Beispiel habe ich so gesehen dass die oberste (rot dargestellte) Stufe in der Höhe noch benötigt würde, jedoch in der Länge da über?s Ziel hinausschiesst. 3.5 Meter Länge zu 1.70 Meter Höhe 13x40.- = CHF 520 Plus Beton usw.   Winkelstufen ...
Excel Passwords
2012-03-12 13:06:00
Hi Folks I put a password onto a excel spreadsheet and can't remember it.. yes I know duh!! Any ideas how you can recall, remove, discover the password or unlock the sheet? Thanks in advance.
Updating Access 2003 Tables from 2 Excel Sheets
2012-02-28 22:56:00
Hi Folks, I have two excel spreadsheets, Archive.xls and Current.xls. They are identical format - the difference being that the Archive.xls contains dates from before Jan 1 and the Current.xls contains only the records from Jan 1 forward. {I needed to separate them since I run reports only on curre
Microsoft Word/Excel
2012-02-22 13:35:00
Hi All, any idea were to buy software that create word/excel that expire & connect be printed. Regard Ron
MS Word and Excel Password Protected Files
2012-02-20 05:10:00
Hi all I want to buy, if any software that create password expiration for ms word / excel. Or is their a way to put password expiration on ms word and excel. That means after the date expire the file cannot be open please help thanks regard
Excel Hints for PPC
2012-02-16 14:05:00
Excel is one of the best tools for PPC. Downloading your data into Excel gives much more scope for analysis and complex change than using a browser interface or AdWords ...© SEOptimise - Download our free business guide to blogging whitepaper and sign-up for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter. Excel Hints for PPC Related posts: Facebook Power Editor: Still a Work in Progress? SEOptimise’s 58 most awesome blog posts of 2011 SEO Metrics Everybody Can Use
Creating an auto MS Excel log sheet in RS View32
2012-01-28 11:08:00
Hi friends; I have designed an HMI in RS view 32 for logging of shift wise production and downtime of Corrugator machine. I want to log the shift wise production, downtime, and average speed etc data in an Excel file by using RS View 32 but need some guide line how to do. RS View can do it as i
Excel - Text to Columns Issue
2012-01-11 17:30:00
Hello everyone. I am using the text to columns function in excel, and for some reason it will not separate everything in the cell. For example the cell has "5555 Westmore St. South Bend, IN" Using text to Columns -> Deliminated -> I choose Comma -> then the destination and what I come up w
Unlock Excel Spreadsheet Password
2012-01-07 09:50:00
Perfect Data Solutions Systems provides most excellent Excel Spreadsheet Password Recovery software assists you with advanced and finest technology features which helps to recover excel file password and remove excel database password. Unlock Excel Sheet Password Recovery utility to crack excel sheet and recover lost excel spreadsheet password and unlock excel spreadsheet password from Microsoft excel 97, 2003, 2002.
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How to send Word or Excel document as plain text to OneNote
2011-12-26 21:33:00
It is only always a great feature if when we can data that we gather in one application to be transported to other piece of application seamlessly. Microsoft has visioned this feature and has realized it in its popular and …
Tank API 650 (Excel Sheet)
2011-12-14 12:04:00
Need tank verification sheet (in excel format) as per latest API 650 edition including wind and seismic analysis.thanks in advance.
Convert Password Protected Portable Document (PDF) To Word ,Excel,Text file
2011-08-20 03:09:00
How to Convert Password Protected Portable Document Files (PDF) To Microsoft Word(DOC) , Excel(xls),Text document (rtf)online?You may find many free  online services to convert Portable Document files to microsoft word.But many of them cannot  convert password protected pdf files to word.You get error message saying that the document is protected with a password.However if you want to convert Pdf documents to word online for free you can try this useful web service Convert pdf to word ,excel or text file freepdfconvert converts your password protected pdf files to micosoft word ,excel or text documents online.Just enter the url or file path and then password.freepdf converts and gives you converted word,excel or text document.You can zip the file before uploading.This feature helps you upload large files easily You can enter the url or show path Extract images from pdf files to jpg or png formats You can receive converted documents to your inbox or else you get it there i...
Escaping The Asterisk (*) in Excel
2010-10-15 01:02:00
I had a formula the other day that needed to see if an asterisk - * was present in a cell. So the formula included a comparison for "*" in the syntax. Anyhow, turns out some formulas (not all) will treat the * as a wildcard and match it to any number of letters or numbers. If you are a programmer, like myself, then you are used to escaping letters with a backslash (). However, Excel does not use this and the proper escape is a tilde (~). I was a bit surprised how difficult searching the internet for this solution was, so I'm posting it here too. Hopefully I have good enough keywords and explanation that it will be easier for others like me to find. So my formula that was giving me issues was a SUMIF. It looked like this: =SUMIF(A1:A500,"=*",B1:B500) My intention was to add up all the B column values that had a * in the A column, however it was adding up all the B column fields regardless. Once I changed it to the formula below, it worked just fine. =SUMIF(A1:A500,"=...
Download SPT Tahunan 2009 versi excel
2010-02-27 09:10:00
Download SPT Tahunan 2009 versi excel : 1770, 1770 S. 1770 SS, 1771, PPh Orang Pribadi, PPh Badanklik disini : Download SPT Tahunan 2009 versi excel
Classic Toolbar and Menu for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007
2010-01-18 18:30:00
Developments in computer technologies, in the few past decades, have had their impact on human life in more than one way. The interaction between human beings and computers is increasing every day....
Help with Excel
2009-12-21 07:22:00
Hi to all, I have a very odd problem in Excel that is making me crazy … no matter how I try to solve it, I can't seem to find the answer. I will try to describe it in detail … Here is an example of a section of the spreadsheet … for reference, let's label the columns D,
Retratos realizados con Excel
2009-09-15 16:13:00
El Excel es una excelente aplicación con la que podemos crear tablas, calcular y analizar datos e incluso realizar retratos. Sí, habéis leído bien: retratos. Es cierto que hace falta cierto talento y mucha paciencia, pero poderse se puede. Mirad sino estas imágenes: A saber la cantidad de horas que habrá tenido que dedicar el autor o autores de estas obras para completar con éxito los...
Data collection in Excel sheet
2009-08-13 13:49:00
Newland based company looking for service provider for our online data collection requirement. We want a service provider to search in all search engine site and collect the details in the field of new innovations of science and Technology.Data should be updated in excel sheet. We will provide the details for the work to the requisition. Our approximate budget for the data collection requirement is up to 50 USD and will be paid after completion of the project.We will check the file before payments. If we find any repetition or blank field, we will deduct your amount as 1 USD - 10 repetitions or blank field. Must have knowledge in Internet and searching through Search enginesGetting the correct detailsKnowledge in MS-OfficeInterested service provider bid these projects.
Macros in Microsoft Excel
2009-08-13 06:42:00
Hi, Can anyone suggest a resource to help me learn to use macros in MS Excel? Hari
Excel 2007 vs Excel 2003
2009-08-12 11:53:00
Hi to all, I have a dilemma and I hope there is some simple solution. I often create macros in Excel ... nothing too deep, just some aides for data entry, error trapping, and reporting. I know little about VBA, but I have been able to go in now and then and make some changes and correction
Excel Specialist Required by Defect
2009-08-10 14:38:00
We are looking for someone who can create a system in either excel or other that can create a set of reports from a csv file. The csv file is a mobile phone bill showing a number of mobile phone users... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Excel)
How to Print Logical or Mathematical Errors of MS-Excel Cells
2009-08-09 09:20:00
Sometimes cells contain logical or mathematical errors that need to be printed. How do you enable printing these errors on paper as proof? If you want the cell errors to be displayed in your printed Excel spreadsheets, you can choose to blank out all error values, or you can convert all cells with errors to ... Related posts:How to Print a Draft Copy in MS-Excel [ Save Time, Money, Ink ]How to Display Negative Time Values in MS-ExcelPrevent Gross Computing Errors in MS-Excel using Hot Fix PackageUse A Combo Box to Create Drop Down Lists In ExcelHow to Count Blank And Non-Blank Cells in MS-ExcelHow to Convert Numbers To Text in MS-Excel [ Change Format ]
Microsoft Excel Power in MS-Access
2009-08-07 10:29:00
There are times that Microsoft Access Application Users ask for Report Data exported into Excel so that they can work on it and do their own customized analysis. In this case we can create a Macro with the Macro Command OutputTo or Visual Basic Docmd to export the Data from a Table or Query and open the Data in Excel automatically.The sample Macro Command and Parameter setting will look like the image given below:The same action in Visual Basic Code is given below:Function xPort2XL() DoCmd.OutputTo acTable, "Products", "MicrosoftExcelBiff8(*.xls-)", "C:My DocumentsProducts.xls", True, "", 0End FunctionBoth can be run from a Command Button Click from the Main Switch Board. But, if the User is able to do whatever he/she does in Microsoft Excel, like writing expressions for Calculations, Formatting, Chart Preparations, Printing and so on from within Microsoft Access itself that will be a different experience altogether, right?. They can eve...
How to Print a Draft Copy in MS-Excel [ Save Time, Money, Ink ]
2009-08-03 06:20:00
If you find yourself repeatedly printing the same Excel spreadsheet for proofing purposes, here is how you can save plenty of time and money using draft mode.  In this mode by printing a draft copy of excel document, although your graphics might not look as nice and the letters and numbers not as sharp as ... Related posts:How to Save and Apply Filter Settings Faster in ExcelHow To Copy or Save Photos from Locked Albums in OrkutHow to Print Address on Envelopes using MS-WordHow to Clear or Remove Dead Recent Files in Microsoft ExcelUse A Combo Box to Create Drop Down Lists In ExcelBrowse and Share your Money Saving Tips on Various Topics using Tip JAR
Excel Assistance Please
2009-07-31 08:23:00
Hi. I need help in designing an excel spreadsheet. I'm not a uni student...I am trying to implement this at work. Here goes; I have a list of 8 digit serial numbers in one column. In another column i have a list of assigned product names (which happen to be numbers). I need to assign
How to Generate Random Numbers in MS-Excel
2009-07-31 01:10:00
If you want to generate random numbers for use in your Excel spreadsheet, the RAND function helps to generate numbers without any specifications. But what if you need to generate random numbers only within a given range?  Just follow these simple steps to learn how. Click on the cell where you would like to begin ... Related posts:How to Convert Numbers To Text in MS-Excel [ Change Format ]Prevent Gross Computing Errors in MS-Excel using Hot Fix PackageHow to Display Negative Time Values in MS-ExcelUse A Combo Box to Create Drop Down Lists In ExcelHow to Count Blank And Non-Blank Cells in MS-ExcelImport Calculations from old versions of Excel without a Problem
Import Calculations from old versions of Excel without a Problem
2009-07-14 09:24:00
While upgrading to Excel 2007, you imported calculations from older Excel documents. However, the import wasn?t 100 percent successful and you get the error message ?#NAME?? in some cells. The problem occurs if you have used analysis functions such as ?CONVERT?, ?CALENDAR WEEK? or ?MROUND? in the calculation, which you had to activate earlier as ... Related posts:How to Convert Numbers To Text in MS-Excel [ Change Format ]Prevent Gross Computing Errors in MS-Excel using Hot Fix PackageHow to Count Blank And Non-Blank Cells in MS-ExcelHow to Display Negative Time Values in MS-ExcelHow to Open An HTML Page In MS-ExcelCheck / Test Working Condition of Installed Firefox Plug-ins or Add-Ons
Prevent Gross Computing Errors in MS-Excel using Hot Fix Package
2009-07-08 12:50:00
Microsoft Excel 2007 program commits a faux pas while calculating a particular number range. Excel 2007 is weak in certain number ranges; here, the calculation program gives an output of completely wrong values. This includes results between 65534.99999999995 and 65535 as well as between 65535.99999999995 and 65536. Instead of these numbers, the table calculation shows ... Related posts:How to Convert Numbers To Text in MS-Excel [ Change Format ]Use A Combo Box to Create Drop Down Lists In ExcelHow to Display Negative Time Values in MS-ExcelConvert PDF Documents To Excel Files Online Accurately with PDFtoExcelOnlineHow to Create An Add-In From MS-Excel WorkbooksHow to Open An HTML Page In MS-Excel
Excel Macro for Renaming Tabs
2009-06-30 19:03:00
Hi all, I have an excel workbook which has 30 sheets - one title sheet at the beginning and one admin sheet at the end. In between I have 28 sheets that are named by dates (mm.dd.yy). What im looking for is a macro code that can rename those 28 sheets with the corresponding date that a
How to Convert Numbers To Text in MS-Excel [ Change Format ]
2009-06-27 14:06:00
In Microsoft Excel, If you have a column of numbers and you need to convert them all to text, you would select the column, then go to Format > Cells, and on the ?Number? tab, change the formatting to ?Text?. That doesn?t quite do it though, the formatted cells will still work as numbers, which ... Related posts:How to Count Blank And Non-Blank Cells in MS-ExcelHow to Display Negative Time Values in MS-ExcelChange the Font Style and Size of the Page Numbers in MS-WordConvert Text documents to MP3 files.Convert Text to MP3 onlineUse A Combo Box to Create Drop Down Lists In Excel
How to Count Blank And Non-Blank Cells in MS-Excel
2009-06-21 09:00:00
Figuring out the number of non-blank cells in a range is not entirely straightforward. The COUNTBLANK function returns the number of blank cells in a range, but what if you want to count the number of non-blank cells in the same range? One way is to use the COUNTA function:=COUNTA(B1:B13). The problem with this formula ... Related posts:How to Display Negative Time Values in MS-ExcelCount Words in PDF, Text, HTML, XML & CSV Files Online for FreeHow to Clear or Remove Dead Recent Files in Microsoft ExcelHow to Create An Add-In From MS-Excel WorkbooksUse A Combo Box to Create Drop Down Lists In ExcelMake your Excel Spreadsheets interactive with CX Now
Create script from Excel Spreadsheet calculation page by ajmoss201
2009-06-21 05:48:00
I have an Excel spreadsheet that does some basic calculations on figuring costs. I would like to create a script where a person can go to a web page thats restricted (can't be copied) and use the calculations in a form and drop down selection format... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Excel, Javascript, Script Installation)
Excel an Innovative Tool
2009-06-20 20:54:00
I have managed to combine i combonation of Excel commands ( vlookups etc) and developed a useful tool that can locate component metal part from a large list. The plan is to select these parts into a material grouping and then out put these on a specific order to create a work pack.This work pack is
C Language programming of Excel Spreadsheets for a Standalone Apllication b
2009-06-14 02:44:00
I have designed some spreadsheets that I would like to be converted into a standalone program that will let the user enter compatible data into forms and it will compute the correct results as well as provide charts from this data... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: C/C++, Excel, Windows)
Spreadtweet, actualiza twitter desde Excel
2009-06-07 22:35:00
Si no puedes dejar de twittear ni cuando estás en el trabajo, y aún así quieres evitarte problemas con tu jefe o supervisor, pues Spreadtweet es perfecta para ti. Spreadtweet es una aplicación basada en Adobe Air que permite hacer un seguimiento de los mensajes en Twitter, además de actualizar tu estado, desde una peculiar ...Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Spreadtweet, actualiza twitter desde Excel
DATA Collection and entry into Excel or Access
2009-05-20 07:44:00
We Dataapt need a valid directory of Money exchange and Money transfer companies around the world. This information must not be duplicated and it must be an active information. Before doing an entry into the database you haveto check the website is active or not. If the web site is active then you can collect this information and store it into the database.If the company don't have a website then check when they entered the company information to the directory you are collecting from. We mainly focus all the countries BUT first we would target the countries below:1.singapore2.malaysia3.Un-ited kingdom4.Canada5.USA6.Hongkong7-.Dubai The data entry people has to provide us the valid entry daily with the below details 1.Company name2.Service type (Money transfer / Money Exchange / Credit Brokers / Money brokers ...) can be one to many service type for a company3.Website (if they have)4.Email id (TRY the max)5.Address (MUST)6.Phone (MUST)7.Company info (as much as possible) This is an ...
Microsfot Excel Workbooks
2009-05-20 06:53:00
How can i connect one sheet colum or data with other sheet. i mean i dont want to show some reading on sheet one how i want to connect cells from sheet 2. please help me.
Microsoft Excel Workbooks
2009-05-20 06:53:00
How can i connect one sheet colum or data with other sheet. i mean i dont want to show some reading on sheet one how i want to connect cells from sheet 2. please help me.
Microsoft Excel Formulas
2009-05-19 16:25:00
I want to sum automatically the contents of one column ( Suppose column A and row 3 ) depending upon the condition of other column ( Suppose column B and row 3 ) of Microsoft Office Ex cel .The numbers column are not fixed. The data impoted to Ex cel from other software ( Dewe soft 6.6 ). I want to
How To Open/ Unlock / Edit Password Protected Excel Spreadsheet or Workbook
2009-04-24 12:48:00
Forgot or lost Microsoft excel workbook (XLS & XLSX formats) password ? Do you want to open/edit / unlock excel files for free? Here are few useful free web services to help you out...Sometimes ms excel file creators restrict their files using excel file protection features from copying,editing , printing or viewing the contents.If you forgot the password or receive a password protected Ms Excel workbook from others, you can simply bypass those restictions using these free online utilities.1.Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility:This utility removes copying,editting or printing restrictions of  .xls files only. (If you want to remove restrictions of .xlsx files try next method written here.)The file should not be more than 5MB.The cracked / unlocked version of your excel file will be displayed in a new tab /window if ms excel or its alteratives installed on your computer . Otherwise you can download the unlocked excel file to your pc. Goto...
Microsoft Black Tuesday: Microsoft finally fixes Excel zero day, plus more
2009-04-22 14:57:00
Many of these bulletins fix vulnerabilities that could allow remote attackers to take over your computers, so you should apply the updates post haste. I would recommend starting with the Excel patch, which finally fixes a zero day vulnerability reported over a month ago. Attackers have actively exploited this flaw in the wild, so you’ll ...
Excel Formulas for Auto Populate
2009-04-08 16:59:00
Hello All I am using Excell 2003 to log service hours from a vendor. The service report has an FSR# that is unique. In my spread sheet I have 3 columns, FSR#, Badge # and Rep amongst others. The format of the FSR # is H#####-ABCD-ABC123 (ex h87654-sjey-7m666f). The first set of num
Replacing the name of the worksheet in excel workbook
2009-04-02 09:28:00
Hi All, At the bottom of the each worksheet in the excel document window is a small tab that indicates the name of the worksheets. In my workbook, sheet names are named like sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, sheet4 and upto sheet25. I want to rename the sheet1, sheet2..... to Proposal1, Proposal2, Pr
Renaming Worksheet Tabs in an Excel Workbook
2009-04-02 09:28:00
Hi All, At the bottom of the each worksheet in the excel document window is a small tab that indicates the name of the worksheets. In my workbook, sheet names are named like sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, sheet4 and upto sheet25. I want to rename the sheet1, sheet2..... to Proposal1, Proposal2
Excel Subtotal Data from multiple worksheets
2009-03-03 16:17:00
I have an excel workbook with multiple worksheets. Similar equipment is on each worksheet. What is easiest way to get subtotal of all similar equipment on one sheet
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