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Mike Campese: chord tone fluency
2009-07-31 07:36:00
Mike Campese: In this lesson I will be showing you a great way to learn your arpeggios and triads all over the neck. This exercise will not only help you master chords and arpeggios, but it will also help you develop melodic solos. The key is to memorize formulas and the notes for each arpeggio, scale and chord. This lesson we will be focusing on 3 note triad type arpeggios and we will start with... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Glenn Proudfoot: cool chord coverage
2009-06-24 18:45:00
Guitar Chords using the thumb in front of the neck and over the top. Creates more piano style chords for guitar. Guitar Chords - Glenn Proudfoot - Prazsky Vyber This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Alex Hunter: an uncommon chord
2009-05-19 21:32:00
News: 19-05-2009: Alex Hunter says: Me playing the intro of one of my favorite Holdsworth songs. I play all the way up to the part where you start improvising. I stopped because it probably wouldn't sound too good improvising over silence. (No Backing) Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
?Hard Day?s Night? Mystery chord solved using math
2008-11-08 22:37:00
Chaaaaaang!?? ?It?s been a hard day?s night And I?ve been working like a dog? This first chord that starts A Hard Day?s Night is one of the most recognizable and famous opening chords in rock & roll. It?s played by George Harrison on his 12 string Rickenbacker. The other reason that it?s famous is because for 40 years nobody ...
Inner chord stress
2008-09-01 08:33:00
Hi I am calculating the stress on the inner chord of frame.but I do not know what are the loads acting on frame and skin. Could anyone let me know about this? thanks
2008-05-30 19:40:00
Em preet ki lat mohe aisi laagi C Em ho gayi main matwaari D bal-bal jau apne piya ko... C Em hey main jau wari-wari D
Free Acoustic Guitar Chord Chart - Basic Chords for the Beginner
2008-05-29 22:32:00
Here is a basic acoustic guitar chord chart that I put together to help the beginner guitarist quickly learn chords. I also included a list of video demonstrations on how to play the guitar chords. Play each chord slowly making certain that you have a clean sound when you play each note individually. If you don’t ...
Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks Hit The Right Chord With No Air
2008-05-29 21:06:00
We were kinda mad at Chris Brown last year for his wasting of perfectly good underwear - but okay, we're over it, the guy does his share of charity, so it's all good. And we're not the only ones who are in love with his latest single, a duet with Jordin Sparks called No Air. The song peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and is now at #5; it's been on the Hot 100 for 21 weeks, y'all!
The Three Chord Trick
2008-05-23 11:10:00
Did you know that learning three chords will let you play practically any song you like? They have nifty Roman numeral labels - I, IV and V7 and are called the primary chords. The reason they are called primary chords is that they are chords that you need to know. If you know the primary chords in the key of C for example, you have the basic knowledge for learning any song in that key. The first chord is the tonic chord. The next is the dominant chord, and the third chord is the subdominant. Details on the three primary guitar chords are found at Three Chord - Trick Technorati Tags: primary chords
Lirik dan chord : Sungguh Nyata (True Worshipper)
2008-05-14 17:41:00
SUNGGUH NYATAMusic & Lyrics : Andre HermantoMusic Arrangement : Daniel SigarlakiE= do; 4/4 ; Tempo : +/- 150Intro : E . . . / E . . . / A . . . / A . . . / C#m . . . / A . . . / A . . . /E______________ASEINDAHNYA PELANGIC#m______________ASETERA-NGNYA MENTARIF#m________________ANAMU-N KAU YANG TERINDAHF#m_________________AHA-NYA KAU YANG TERMEGAHE__________________AWAL-AU BADAI MENGHADANGC#m_________________A-DAN BUMI PUN BERGONCANGF#m_____________ANAMU-N KAU KAN SETIAF#m_____________AMENJAGAKU- S?LAMANYAREFF:_________E_______-____A/F#SUNGGUH NYATA KASIH-MU______A DI SEPANJANG HIDUPKU_______C#mDENGAN DARAH-MU____B_________AKAU TEBUS DOSAKU_________E___________A/F#-SUNGGUH NYATA KASIH-MU_____A___________BDI SEPANJANG HIDUPKU_______C#mSEG?NAP HATIKU____B___________A . . . / A . . . /HANYALAH UNTUK-MU
Lirik dan chord : Serukan Nama Nya (True Worshipper)
2008-05-13 17:09:00
Serukan namaNyaBy True WorshipperC_________________G/B-__________________AmTuhan ku maha besar Tuhan ku maha kuasa________________FRaja segala rajaC____________________G/B___-_________________AmDia takkan tergoyahkan Dia takkan terkalahkan____________________-_FDia hidup dan berkuasa_______C_______________-Em/BSerukan Nama Nya Yesus Tuhan raja________Am____________G____-________Fsegala kuasa tunduk dalam nama Nya_______C____________Em/BDia- luarbiasa perkasa mulia______Am___________G______-___CYesus nama di atas sgala nama
Free Downloads From Three Chord Wonder
2008-05-10 22:00:00
Music today from a band I recent discovered. A band I think you'll like. A band called Three Cord Wonder.Basically, Three Chord Wonder is a unashamedly Christian punk-rock-alternative band from Denver Colorado. Though they may not the greatest musically, they bring back fond memories of the golden age of punk, only with better lyrics.You can get five different songs from the band's Purevolume profile, ranging from "In Jesus' Name" to "The Jesus Rock Show". It's good stuff! Sadly, the group dissolved awhile back. :(-Three Cord Wonder on Purevolume- Bonus Downloads: Alli Rogers - Closer to the Moon Flyleaf - I'm So Sick Aaron Sprinkle - Really Something
Lirik dan chord : Ku Hidup Bagi MU (Sari Simorangkir Feat Sidney Mohede)
2008-05-04 14:08:00
Intro : Gm C11 F______Bb___________C_____F____-____C/E___Dm7Yesus Kau kebenaran yang menyelamatkanku_______Bb_______-______C________Dm7Kau membrikan ku hidup dan pengharapan____Bb_____________C-______F____C/E_____Dm7Ku ikut kehendak Mu ku perlu anugrah Mu_____Bb___________C_________B-b___Ckunyatakan janjiku kepada Mu___________F___________Bbkala-u ku hidup kuhidup bagi Mu_________F____________Bbhatik-u tetap tetap menyembah Mu____________Gm___________C11_-__________F___CDunia tak bisa menjauhkanku dari kasih Mu___________F___________Bbslam-a ku hidup kuhidup bagi Mu__________F___________Bbmata- ku tetap tetap memandang Mu____________Gm___________C11_-__________FDunia tak bisa menjauhkanku dari kasih Mu
Obama Strikes Chord Urging Parents to Be More Responsible
2008-05-01 23:15:00
Sen. Barack Obama has cast himself as a "truth-talker" on the campaign trail, with the refrain that government can't solve people's problems and that one of the biggest problems facing the country is "parents who don't parent." The appeal to personal responsibility echoes the "straight talk" theme of Sen. John McCain, the likely Republican nominee, and may connect with Republican and independent voters wary of big government. But ahead of next week's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, Sen. Obama delivers the line most often in front of African-American audiences. At a stop in Hickory, N.C., after promising to spend $18 billion on education, Sen. Obama said: "This money is not going to make a difference if parents don't parent." Whoa, whoa, whoa, careful Barack, you're starting to sound like a Republican.  We can't have that now can we?   Travis
Lirik and Chord : MENGEJAR HADIR-MU (GMB)
2008-04-26 17:51:00
Music: Giving My Best / Words: Sidney Mohode G_________D/F#_________CDEKAT PADA-MU ITU RINDUKUG_________D/F#__________-_____CSETIAP KATAKU KAU PUN MENUNGGU Am7_________________G/BTAK KUSANGKA KUTEMUKAN Am7_________D_____GSATU KASIH YANG ABADIC_____________Am7_______Ds-us____DKINI KU DATANG DAN KUBAWA HIDUPKU REFF:_____C__________DMEMANDANG- WAJAH-MU___Bm7_________Em7MENGI-KUTI KEBAIKAN-MU_____C_________DMENG-EJAR HADIR-MU GDALAM HIDUPKU______C________D/CMEMBAW-A SEMBAHKU Bm7______________Em7MENYATAKAN- KEBESARAN-MU______C_______DMENG-EJAR HADIR-MU GDALAM HIDUPKU
Strike a Deep Chord: Blues Guitars for the Homeless (Audio CD)
2008-04-24 06:04:00
Strike a Deep Chord: Blues Guitars for the Homeless (Audio CD)By Various Artists Buy new: $12.9833 utilised and new from $1.49 Customer Rating: First tagged “blues” by David C. Stephens Customer tags: ...
Jordin Sparks Vocal Chord Hemorrhage
2008-04-22 06:32:00
Singer Jordin Sparks will befine. The “American Idol” winner had to cancel concerts over the weekend after it was determined she suffered from an acute vocal chord hemorrhage condition. OUCH! Sometimesthe conditioncan be career threatening, with permanent vocal damage. But reports indicate that if Sparks keeps it quiet under doctor’s supervision, she will recoup fully. Do you luv Jordin ...
Lirik dan Chord : Kaulah Harapan (Sari Simorangkir)
2008-04-20 16:57:00
C____________________Em______F_-_____________________GBukan dengan ke-kuat - an-ku kudapat ja - lan-i hi - dupkuC_____________________Em__-____F_____________________GTanp-a Tuhan yg disam - pingku kutak mampu sendi -riDm________________G__Dm_____-__________G Engkau-lah kuat - ku yg me - nopangku kupandang wajahC___Em/B________Am Am7/G______F_________Em_______D-m___G Mu dan berse-ru pertolongan - ku datang da-ri-Mu peganglah tanganC______Em/B________Am Am7/G_______F___G___________C ku jangan lepaskan Kaulah harapan dalam hidupku
Lirik dan Chord : SEMUANYA DARIMU (True Worshipper)
2008-04-18 12:26:00
Do = A, 4/4? =135-138Intro : A Em F Dm E 2xA________EmBerjalanlah di depanku____F_______Dm_____EDan- tuntunku di setiap langkahku___A________EmKu ?kan selalu berharap pada-Mu__F_____Dm_______ESahaba-tku, Bapa, dan Rajaku____E____F#mT?rimalah semua_____A___________DHormat dan pujian yang kuberi____E___F#mDan kubawakan syukur_A___________DBagi kasih yang sejati__A_______F#mSemuanya dari-Mu__E________DSemuanya untuk-Mu__A____F#mPujian syukurku Tuhan___E Kus?rahkan pada-Mu
Free guitar chord builder
2008-04-17 02:20:00
Here is a little tool for guitar players who enjoy building their own chords. I have been fooling around with a nifty gadget called Virtual Guitar. If you start at the desktop you can click on links where you can see the notes of scales on the guitar’s neck. You can play the scales ...
What Are Guitar Chord Inversions - Tips for Playing Rhythm Guitar
2008-04-09 12:18:00
Chord inversions use diatonic chords and are important for playing lead guitar. There are several aspects of playing the rhythm guitar well and the mastery of using chord inversions is one of them.
Piano Lesson: The C-major Chord - How To Use The Right Scale
2008-04-04 07:00:00
When you improvise you need to know the relationship between chords and scales. You can of course use your ear when you improvise over chord changes but you will benefit from the freedom of knowing what you are doing when you press down the keys to create music. Let us start with the C-major chord. In ...
Love not the secret chord
2008-03-25 00:46:00
The best you can ever do is to love what you do- but one cannot survive on love alone- one needs a little house for that love to live in This is story, or more specifically, your story telling. To be a writer, you must love your storytelling, and your stories. When you sit at the page, you sit beside a bright campfire, with marshmallows sizzling, and an audience that will never leave you- the page. Your story may take thousands of hours to tell; the page will always be attentive to you, and remember every thing you say. If you love story telling, this is a moment you can make last a lifetime, filled with a thousand different stories, each of which you can polish to be the story you have dreamed.
Rumors of a secret chord.
2008-03-12 01:43:00
Click on the image to the right to see the full size page. The line between poetry, prose and lyric is a fine one indeed. Song writing is the art of telling a story (conveying an emotional chain of events) in a short period of time, using aural methods. I am not a musician; I couldn’t play an instrument (except for the harmonica) to save my soul. Nor can Leonard Cohen, who had his first book of poetry published in 1958, his first novel in 1963 and his first album, in 1967. Ironically he is known as a songwriter.You might know him best for the song Hallelujah, covered by some of the best names in the music business; Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, John Cale, k.d. lang and literally thousands of others. His lyricism is determined only by the fact that he adds a chorus, and puts music to his words. Hallelujah is a great case in point, it’s a shout at a lover leaving, a lament wept in the night, “I heard there was a secret chord, that David played to please The Lord, but you d...
Music of ?One Two Three? fails to strike chord
2008-03-10 06:30:00
Film: “One Two Three”; Music Composer: Raghav Sachar; Lyricist: Aditya Dhar; Singers: Raghav Sachar, Kunal Ganjawala, Shilpa Rao, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kailash Kher, Ninad Kamat, Kaptaan Laadi; Rating: **
Free Guitar Chord Charts Online
2008-03-02 22:25:00
This article will show you how to make the best use of free guitar chord charts that you can find online. As the internet changes, sites go down and new ones come up, so I won’t risk this resource going out of date by discussing where to find your free guitar chord charts, just ...
Steve Khan--Contemporary Chord Khancepts
2008-02-27 12:31:00
In this book, Steve Khan shares his approach to chord construction on guitar, an area in which he has become famous. He has taken a complex subject and broken it down into simple building blocks and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my blog for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Lachelle Plucks A Nice Chord
2008-01-28 22:13:00
Lachelle Marie looks amazing in this hot outdoor set. Her beauty really comes out in this exciting set. Lachelle’s sexy pink striptease is really seductive and she moves like a cat. This hottie beauty is proud to show off her sexy body and really wants you to check out her breasts. Check outs her other ...
The Many Benefits of Learning Piano Chord Theory
2008-01-28 20:01:00
Chances are if you’ve ever taken piano lessons, you probably spent at least a little bit of time on piano chords. But learning the names of a few basic chords and actually understanding chords are two different things. More: continued here If you like this post, buy an ad and drive visitors to ...
The Many Benefits of Learning Piano Chord Theory
2008-01-27 00:00:00
Chances are if you've ever taken piano lessons you probably spent at least a little bit of time on piano chords But learning the names of a few basic chords and actually understanding chords are two different things
Lirik Lagu Terbaru plus Kord (Chord)
2008-01-25 11:23:00
Lirik Lagu Terbaru plus Kord (Chord)Memes — Mutiara Hatiku (Upload Terbaru) D O T — Belahan Jiwa Maia (Duo) — Emang Gue Pikirin (EGP) Pilot Band — Sepanjang Hidupku L'arc ~ En ~ Ciel — My Heart Draws A Dream Padi — Sang Penghibur Maia — Ingat Kamu Yovie & Nuno — Menjaga Hati Mulan "Kwok" Jameela — Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy Antique — Bisikkanlah
Acoustic Rock: Guitar Chord Songbook (6 inch. x 9 inch.) (Paperback)
2008-01-13 03:01:00
Acoustic Rock: Guitar Chord Songbook (6 inch. x 9 inch.) (Paperback)By Hal author Corp. Buy new: $16.9518 utilised and new from $11.17 First tagged “guitar” by Heather Lyman Customer tags: guitar book, ...
Schoolhouse Rock: Teachers Make Music With the Suzuki Q-Chord!
2008-01-12 05:09:00
Music therapists in the school setting usually spend one or two times per week working with a client who has disabilities. Many teachers continue to use music strategies with their students throughout the week when the music therapist is not there. The majority of teachers that I work with are very creative and dedicated professionals and do their best using audio recordings and a cappella singing to assist them in music activities in the classroom. These teachers often lament their singing ability and wish for the live guitar accompaniment I am able to provide for the music therapy sessions.I have had much success in introducing teachers to using the Q-chord to help them enhance their classroom music activities. The teachers I have worked with agree that audio recordings are often too fast in tempo or do not allow enough time for children with special needs to make appropriate responses. The Q-chord changes this dynamic by allowing the teacher to set the tempo and even pause...
Artists to Watch in 2008 (Part 3 of 5): Buzzworthy
2008-01-09 19:41:00
We’re halfway home, kids! So far this week we’ve looked at mostly familiar faces–a handful of veterans trying to maneuver their way through the obstacles of the industry and make an impact in ‘08. But today is when things start to get exciting. Over the next three days I’ll be introducing you to a number ...
Toby Keith w/ Jack Ingram Plus Carter's Chord, Mica Roberts and Trailor Cho
2008-01-08 03:25:00
Toby Keith w/ Jack Ingram Plus Carter's Chord, Mica Roberts and Trailor ChoirSaturday, February 16, 2008 at 7:30pmTickets: $59.75, $49.75Find TicketsBuy Presale Tickets at Ticketmaster.comPick Your Seats & Tickets at StubHub!
Guitar Chord Charts Posted By : Magwitch
2008-01-02 06:01:00
Learn to use chord charts to learn chords quickly. More: continued here
TOBY KEITH with Jack Ingram & special guests Carter's Chord, Mica Roberts &
2007-12-23 12:43:00
TOBY KEITH with Jack Ingram & special guests Carter's Chord, Mica Roberts & Trailer ChoirFriday, February 15 at 7:30 PMIZOD CENTERTicket Prices: $68, $35, $27Don't miss Toby Keith's "Big Dog Daddy Tour." Toby is one of the most accomplished entertainers in country music and will put on a show you're not going to want to miss.Tickets are on sale now.CLICK HERE FOR TICKETSBuy Presale Tickets at Ticketmaster.comPick Your Seats & Tickets at StubHub!
Carter?s Chord - ?Young Love?
2007-12-20 23:39:00
One of the best parts about having a job which requires reading through an endless series of agonizingly long artist bios is that every once in a while you’re bound to unearth a choice nugget that hilariously “exaggerates” an artist’s qualities. And let me tell you, I’ve come across my share of exaggerations. But ...
House Of The Rising Sun Tabs And Chords
2007-12-14 11:30:00
In our never-ending search for interesting ways to approach learning to play the guitar, we’ve found an old song that every guitarist, electric or acoustic, drunk or sober, should know how to play. It’s featured in “Easy Songs For Beginners” on Guitar Noise . . . “For those of you who have always thought ...
Diminshed 7th Chords
2007-12-11 08:42:00
These mongrel chords are the Crewe Junction of the harmonic world. You can come from many places to them and depart from them to many more. But they worry me insofar as I suspect they could be used to cover up a multitude of sins. They strike me as potentially lazy solutions to musical problems. ...
TOBY KEITH with Jack Ingram & special guests Carter's Chord, Mica Roberts &
2007-12-02 13:31:00
TOBY KEITH with Jack Ingram & special guests Carter's Chord, Mica Roberts & Trailer ChoirFriday, February 15 at 7:30 PMIZOD CENTERTicket Prices: $68, $35, $27Tickets for this event go on sale Saturday, December 1 at 10 AM. There is no Meadowlands All AccessSM presale for this event.CLICK HERE FOR TICKETSPick Your Seats & Tickets Here!
Ukulele Chords: Jingle Bells
2007-12-01 00:00:00
Jingle Bells is one of the most popular secular Christmas songs in the world. You will learn the chords to the song and also to play the melody in this ukulele lesson! I will show you how to play the song by using ukulele tablature. Tablature is a music notational system that shows you where to ...
Flight of the Conchords Ep 4 If You?re Into It
2007-11-30 16:11:00
If you want me toI could hang ’round with youIf I only knewThat’s what you’re into.You and himHim and youIf that’s whatYou’re intoHim hanging ’roundAround youYou’re hanging ’roundYeah, you’re there too.And if you want me toI will take off all my clothes for youI will take off all my clothes for youIf that’s what you’re ...
Casio CTK700 Keyboard with Power Supply, Stand and Akai Digital Chord Finde
2007-11-28 00:11:00
Casio CTK700 Keyboard with Power Supply, Stand and Akai Digital Chord Finder (Electronics)By Casio Click for more info First tagged “casio” by Satia Renee Testman “satia” Customer tags: teaching keyboard, portable keyboards, ...
2nd chord - E minor
2007-11-27 19:09:00
this one is pretty easy to learnThe fingering for E Minor is shown below
Chord voicings and ?broken? chords
2007-11-26 16:38:00
For a couple of months, I will mostly be learning and figuring out chord voicings. It strikes me as dumb and lazy to imprison myself with the root-at-the-bottom cliches that seem to be the foundation of the vast majority of my songs. Certainly, when I have used alternaltive voicing in the past it has been ...
Best Music Freeware: JAM Chord Player
2007-11-23 17:44:00
Music Educator?s Freeware Toolkit (Currently- filling our toolbox) Title: JAM Category: Freeware Chord Player Description: A freeware title that allows you to enter chords by simple text and hear them back in midi song format. Screen SnapShot: Tested On Which System (before posting): VISTA Teaching Ideas: This is a great little program that can easily be translated into the classroom.  It is very easy to learn and will allow you and your students to explore chord progressions, transpositions and chord variations.  You can even cut and paste from a word processor into this program (using their text format).  Great for teaching common chord progressions like the Blues or I, vi, V, vi -etc.  This also could be used as a stripped down version of band in a box to allow student to practice jazz/music changes.  Please note it only plays back the chords, not an arrangement of them.  Nonetheless, it is very useful! Home Page: Down...
strings named and numbered and my first chord
2007-11-22 23:14:00
The 1st string produces an e note. This is the thinnest string on the guitar. Sometimes called the high e. The name of the string is usually shown in lowercase to distinguish it from the low E.The 2nd string produces a B note.The 3rd string produces a G note.The 4th string produces a D note.The 5th string produces an A note.The 6th string produces an E note. This is the thickest string on the guitar. Sometimes this string is called the low E since it produces the lowest noteBelow is the G major chord. You have to play all six strings and make sure that all the notes are ringing out.You place your second finger on the 6th string / 3rd fret. Then place your first finger on the 5th string / second fret and your third finger on the first string / 3rd fret.When it says the 6th string, that refers to the one on the top, closest to your head when your holding the guitar, the strngs are numbered 1 through 6 starting with the bottom string (high E) and going up to the top thickest string (lo...
Hughes & Kettner Guitar Chord Finder 1.02
2007-11-22 06:21:00
Find music guitar chords by using this program.Your mobile phone must be Java-enabled, and the MIDP 2.0 version of Java must be installed on it. Download Hughes & Kettner Guitar Chord Finder
What is the Ultimate Guitar Chord?
2007-11-18 18:14:00
ATOMIC fans, I've decided to go into ?supply and demand mode? today and provide information on what guitarists are looking for on the web. Roughly 16,650 per month want to know what the ultimate guitar chord is. As dumb as it sounds, I want to try and give insight. Ultimate Chords for Rock Guitarists The ultimate guitar chord for Rock/Alternative/Metal guitarists is the perfect 5th diad, or ?Power Chord?. Power Chords consist of the root note and 5th degree on the major scale. They're by far, although simple two note chords, my favorite. Metal guitarists will tune down to drop D (DADGBE) and barre the 6th, 5th, and 4th strings using their index finger in order to play that perfect 5th. In standard tuning, you can invert Power Chords, which is also done a lot in Metal. Check out this video by Rock House on how to play Power 9 Chords and Inverted Power Chords. Ultimate Chords for Singer/Songwriters There's not one chord that is played most commonly by acoustic singer/song...
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