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Fashion House of Maria Elena, Cebu
2012-05-22 18:10:00
Fashion House of Maria Elena, Cebu Cebu is also home of countless artists and fashion is no stranger to this southern haven. There?s Jun Escario, Harley Ruedas, Arcy Gayatin to mention a few. And then, there?s Maria Elena. A model herself in her younger years (casting in BENCH shows in Cebu as one of the ...
Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers will visit Cebu
2012-05-17 09:32:00
Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers will visit Cebu The American pop singer and member of the American pop rock band, Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas is coming to Cebu on May 27. Joseph Adam “Joe” Jonas is an American pop singer, musician, actor, and dancer and best known as a member of the Jonas Brothers, ...
Cebu Homes: Bayswater
2012-05-16 19:47:00
Cebu Homes: Bayswater Bayswater located in Agus Road, Marigondon, Lapu-lapu City in the beautiful island of Mactan, prides itself as more than a subdivision, even more than a home. It offers a way of life, a community of luxury that is first in Cebu as shown in each unit?s avant-garde designs plus amenities and facilities ...
San Remigio, Cebu?s Lapyahan Festival
2012-05-14 08:22:00
San Remigio, Cebu?s Lapyahan Festival To celebrate this far northern town?s fiesta, San Remegio holds Lapyahan Festival annually. For this year, it will be on May 16. Lapyahan means shoreline in the English language and its festival name is taken from the municipality?s title of having the longest shoreline in the province of Cebu. Not ...
Asia Premier Residences Condos, first residential in Cebu IT Park
2012-05-12 15:29:00
Asia Premier Residences Condos, first residential in Cebu IT Park Cebu IT Park (formerly Asiatown IT Park) is not just a business and IT hub anymore, now it is also a centre for residences and condominiums and Asia Premier Residences is its first. This 16-story high-rise building has 88 units with its 4 floors designated ...
Taylor Dayne and Edwin McCain Back2Back Ultimate Concert in Cebu
2012-05-09 10:16:00
Taylor Dayne and Edwin McCain Back2Back Ultimate Concert in Cebu Taylor Dayne and Edwin McCain sing for Cebu at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino on May 30. Tickets are sold at: VIP ? PhP3, 985; Gold ? PhP2, 750; Silver ? PhP1, 000; and Balcony ? PhP1, 680. Taylor Dayne is an American singer, songwriter, ...
Silogan ni Gian: Affordable breakfast all day in Cebu
2012-04-26 18:21:00
Silogan ni Gian is the place to go for food, especially to many students. Whether daytime or night time, it is ready to serve you with their fried garlic rice and egg paired with pork chops, bacon, Spanish sardines, beef tapa, tocino, and so so so many more. Yes, you definitely have lots of choices ...
Parkour Gathering to be held in Cebu
2012-04-24 15:29:00
Primal Movement, the first Philippine national parkour gathering, is to be held in Mandaue City, Cebu at The Enclave, Parkmall at 9:00am, April 28-29, 2012. The organizers, Parkour Sugbo, invited practitioner and international coach John Conway to lead the event. Registration fee is PhP1,500.00 which already includes a shirt, food, and certificate. Parkour Sugbo This ...
Whale Shark (Butanding) maltreatment in Boljoon and Oslob
2012-04-02 07:52:00
For the information of many avid readers of this travel blog, a viral photo of a girl standing on top of a whale shark, locally known as “Butanding” (Tagalog) and “Tuki” (Visayan), in Boljoon (NOT Oslob) in Cebu, has been the topic on social networking websites recently. Boljoon and Oslob are two different municipalities but are next to each other. It is highly possible that some Butanding, who used to dwell in the waters near Oslob, decided to move to ...
A ?Super Bridge? from Cebu to Bohol?
2012-01-29 09:37:00
Cebu and Bohol are apart from Boracay and Manila maybe the most valuable assets for the tourism industry in the Philippines. Cebu has the second biggest international airport in the country and is a great hub for island-hopping, entertainment options or simply coming back to Civilization after having successfully toured the surrounding islands or provinces. ...
who painted the murals of the magellan's cross kiosk in cebu city?
2012-01-08 15:33:00
I have long been curious as to the persons behind the already iconic murals of the Magellan's Cross kiosk in downtown Cebu City. The octagon ceiling portrays two important scenes that happened on April 21, 1521. Half of the dome shows the baptism of Rajah Humabon and his household by Fr. Pedro Valderrama and the other half shows the erection of a wooden cross on the shores of Cebu. These events marked the seeds of Christianity and the beginning of more than three centuries of Spanish colonization in the Philippines. It is said that the original cross was enclosed inside the existing cross which is made of Tindalo Wood. This was done since many people chipped away portions of the original cross for souvenir purposes or for the healing powers it was believed to possess. The authenticity of the historical relic is also doubted by many. On the other hand, the ceiling paintings done in 1970s, are genuine at the very least. My intial guess was the ceilings was painted by the same...
How Much of the Philippines Have I Visited?
2012-01-03 17:00:00
Not much, really. How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan! Created by Eugene Villar. Filed under: Ephemera, My Life Tagged: Cebu, Iloilo, Lakbayan, Panay, Philippines, Travel
various pasalubong from cebu city
2011-11-24 11:38:00
left then CW: Kwong Bee pork sausage, siomai sa Tisa and dried danggit During the past few months, I received some of my favorite food items from Cebu City: dried danggit (rabbit fish), siomai (pork dumplings) sa Tisa, a pack of Kwong Bee Pork Sausage, Zubuchon lechon flakes, and Choco-Oatmeal bars and a Dulce de Leche cupcake from Leona Cakes and Pastries. All these have brought back good memories of Cebu and have made my day in one way or the other. Except for the Kwong Bee sausage, everything was familiar to my tastebuds. I honestly did not know what to do with the sausages until last week. I discovered that each tasted like a deliciously cured ham slice. The chopped sausages were then added to my otherwise humble sauteed vegetables which elevated the dishes to whole new levels. I remember that there was a time where I only ate just one choco-oatmeal bar for dinner. I was then trying to lose weight back then. The danggit came as a delightful surprise from JP. He also in...
Cebu Real Estate for Balikbayans and Retirees
2011-11-21 17:45:00
  Cebu real estate has been a hot commodity among retirees and balikbayans. ?There is no place like home,?an old saying that still holds a lot of truth especially to those Filipinos working abroad. You might be one of those working on the foreign land. Working hard for your future, hoping one day that you ...
House and Lot for Sale in Cebu near Sacred Heart School-Jesuit
2011-11-20 08:58:00
Quick question, do you have kids studying in Sacred Heart School, Canduman, Mandaue City? If you have children studying in that school, chances are, you are looking for a house and lot for sale in that area. Wouldn?t it be amazing if you own a house only a few meters away from your children's school? ...
Socialized House and Lot for Sale in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
2011-11-18 16:16:00
  Are you looking for an affordable house and lot in Cebu? Read on, this might be the one you are looking for. A house and lot for sale in Mactan, Cebu Philippines would be just right for your budget. This house and lot is primarily designed for those who are Pag-ibig Fund members. After ...
Cebu Real Estate Inspired by a Famous Town in California
2011-11-14 17:21:00
    Cebu real estate is very dynamic. Cebuanos are known for their high standards, they do not settle for less. Marketers are constantly challenged by this fact. Cebu real estate developers are not spared by this challenge. Camella Homes Communities, one of the pioneer in Cebu real estate development, has been serving the Cebuano ...
House and lot for sale in Cebu For the Young Professionals and Newly Weds
2011-11-14 16:46:00
House and lot for sale in Cebu are targeting the needs of the emerging market of young professionals. Are you a young professional or a newly wed couple looking for a starter house and lot in Cebu? Are you the kind of person who values quality? Are you looking for a house that has luxurious ...
Condo For Sale in Cebu with Unbelievable Extended Amenity Feature
2011-11-11 16:35:00
This condo for sale in Cebu City grabbed my attention. The extended feature is impossible to ignore. As you read along you will understand why. The condo for sale I was talking about is City Loft Condo. A real estate developer in Cebu City has developed numerous hotels and resorts throughout the Philippines. A few ...
Amalfi Oasis: Residential Condo in Cebu South Road Properties
2011-11-10 15:05:00
The South Road Properties give rise to a new residential neighborhood with spectacular beauty. A cluster of mid-rise residential condominiums that is part of the forty hectares of master planned City-By-The-Sea, The Citta de Mare. Welcome to Amalfi Oasis. Amalfi Oasis revolutionize Cebuanos way of living. This residential condo is part of the forty hectares ...
Cebu Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE) needed in building constructi
2011-09-02 07:25:00
Recently, the Office of Building Officials (OBO) of Cebu City, other big cities and municipalities in Cebu, Philippines are requiring Electronics Permit duly signed by Professional Electronics Engineer or PECE as component of the building permit applications for the construction of buildings and residential houses. With this development, general contractors necessitate to tap the services of Professional Electronics Engineers in all building construction to primarily look into the telephones, CATV, fire detection and alarm systems, and other safety and security ...
Day 3 Cebu ? Bohol Trip: On to Bohol
2011-03-08 19:35:00
Tweet Day 3 marked our last morning in Cebu and our first day in Bohol. I went to pier early to buy our tickets, the tickets to the Super Cat ferry to Tagbilaran were already sold out so I had to go to Weesam Express – a company that doesn’t have a website that shows ...
By: Atheista
Day 2 of the Cebu ? Bohol Trip: Cebu Trivia Night
2011-03-07 18:04:00
Tweet The first day in Cebu was an absolute trip – there was great food all throughout the day and we closed out the night with an awesome set courtesy of Next Stage in VuDu. Day 2 meant that our small group of three was to expand to a merrier band of nine as the ...
By: Atheista
Cebu Lechon, AA?s Barbeque and that awesome band from Vudu (Next Stage)
2011-03-06 19:10:00
Tweet We were invited by Cebu Trivia Night for a Manila versus Cebu special last weekend (this will be tackled on a later entry) and for some reason, two of my friends and I decided to fly the day before of the event to give us a chance to see what the city had to ...
By: Atheista
Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa
2011-01-01 21:47:00
Location: Lapulapu City, Cebu I?ve never been in some of the most sophisticated and high-quality resorts in Cebu island part simply because most of these resorts are located with the neighboring island of Lapu-lapu City. And I find it great to have a feeling that this city will always be a part of the Cebu ...
trivia night at alejandro's
2010-10-12 18:12:00
Alejandro's Filipino Resto amazingly transforms into a buzzling geeky party during the middle of the week. After this unassuming restaurant launched an entertaining Trivia Night back in February, Wednesday evenings in Cebu City was never the same. Since then, the event has gained a growing patronage from the Mensa-grade intellectual elites, the everyday joes and the young professionals who want to indulge in a stress-free diversion while battling wits and common sense with everyone else. I must say that we belong to the latter crowd. It was then out of pure curiosity why my co-workers tried out the Trivia Night last month. We called ourselves "Jason's Bestfriends" which is a cheesy joke that is also fast becoming an urban legend in our group. We never reviewed any of our highschool lessons because the online reviews suggested that the questions are just about anything under the sun. True enough, no one could be really prepared for the random and sometimes quirky categories. Tha...
The Famous Cordova Reef Village Resort Cebu
2009-12-20 07:41:00
Taking a full advantage with your vacation is the main thing every tourists would love to have. To all the places in the world that houses the best beaches Philippines ranks on top of the list. Cebu City in particular is among the country?s best kept secrets when it comes to beaches. ... Related posts:Cebu Cordova Reef Village Resort For Privacy and Elegance Cebu Beach Resorts: Kasai Village Beach Resort Plantation Bay Resort & Spa; One Of Cebu?s Premiere Beach Resorts
Grand Mosque soon to rise in Cebu City
2009-10-16 05:38:00
An official from the Office of the Muslim Affairs (OMA) in Central Visayas bared that if the funding will immediately be sourced out and the schedules will be properly followed, this city will soon have its Grand Mosque at the South Road Properties (SRP). OMA 7 regional director Sakiran Hajan said that if the Grand Mosque ...
Resto reinvents itself, eyes more clients
2009-10-15 08:40:00
A Thai restaurant is reinventing itself to get a better share of the market with the expected opening of the Radisson Hotel in Cebu next year. ?After nine years of Krua Thai’s existence here in Cebu, we have decided to reinvent it. And part of it is the new name: Royal Krua Thai,? said Jim Hiranpruck, ...
PhilHealth Region 7 opens Mandaue office
2009-10-15 05:46:00
PhilHealth Region 7 launched its newest service office in Mandaue City last Monday, October 12, expanding its major service points to now cover eight strategic locations in the region. The new PhilHealth office-located at Wireless Plaza, Wireless, Mandaue City-provides full service to members and employers in the cities of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu and the towns of ...
Cebu continues to be strong BPO arena
2009-10-14 11:33:00
Cebu remains a strong and viable city for business process outsourcing (BPO) activities. ?We have balanced infrastructure development with many domestic and international transportation [options]. We are the second largest city and fastest growing economy in the country contributing to 10 percent of national export and 30 percent to tourism sales; and we have the best ...
Cebu Pacific 2009 Promo: P1M seats at P188 all-in domestic or P799 internat
2009-03-26 05:35:00
I just received an e-mail from Cebu Pacific Air, and it states that:Pick your own adventure - celebrate life at exotic Asian destinations like Coron and Donsol; rough it out on the highest mountain in Kota Kinabalu; or experience a unique culinary escapade in Bicol or Osaka because the country's leading carrier to South East Asia and largest domestic airline is offering more than one million seats on sale! One million seats just for you will be on sale starting now until March 31, 2009 and is valid for travel from June 1 to December 31, 2009.We are giving away P188 all inclusive one-way ?Go Lite? promo fare for services from Manila to Busuanga (Coron), Cauayan (Isabela), Cebu, Iloilo, Laoag, Legaspi, Naga, San Jose, Tuguegarao, and from Cebu to Dumaguete. All other domestic destinations are on sale for as low as P488 (e.g. Manila-Bacolod), P788 (e.g. Cebu-Siargao) and P1,388 (e.g. Manila-Davao).In addition, we are also offering a P799 one-way ?Go Lite? promo fare for services from ...
Cebu Tourist Attractions
2009-02-02 08:04:00
Cebu is the oldest city of the Philippines. Exploring Cebu City , one encounters a rich historic past. Cebuanos are extremely proud of their cultural and historical heritage, a legacy which has endured through the centuries from the time the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan first planted the cross on Cebu ’s shore. Standing as ...
Rediscovering Cebu Restaurant Cheaverz?s Specialty
2008-12-30 04:50:00
This is a food review of Cheaverz Filipino restaurant in Cebu Philippines. Cheaverz serves the Filipino food specialty ngohiong and pork belly. [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ] features Korean Restaurant in Cebu: Yu Hee Jeong
2008-12-25 07:41:00 reviews Korean restaurant in Cebu Yu Hee Jeong. [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
DigitalFilipino Club Networking Event in Cebu and the Cebu Bloggers
2008-10-24 08:19:00
Points of View: Let?s call it, a night! Yeah, still fresh from the digitalfilipino club networking event that I attended in Teatro Casino of the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City. The event was sponsored by the extravagant PAGCOR. Yippee! Thanks a lot especially for the freebies! More to expect? Looking forward to it, guys! ... [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
The ?kewlst? Cebu Blogger?s Logo & Design
2008-10-13 16:16:00
The ?kewlst? Cebu Blogger?s Logo & Design - well it?s our first and hopefully not the last so don?t spoil the fun. Anyway, Yay! damn the guys (Miong & Co.) behind this design really has the touch of class and elegance - but damn the design really rocks! Just they way I wanted it and ... [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines,xx,06011,PH,Price:$360000
2008-09-03 16:22:00
Residential > Single Family Homes > Resale Homes by Owner
Cebu City receives best LGU award
2008-06-07 03:36:00
The Cebu City government has been awarded by the Bureau of Local Government Finance as the Best Performing Local Government Unit among the 136 LGUs in Region 7. The other day, Mayor Tomas Osmena received a letter from Renee Empaces, officer-in-charge of the regional office of the BLGF, informing him that the city won the award. ?Our ...
500 thousand tourists visit Central Visayas in first quarter of 2008
2008-06-04 18:45:00
Domestic and foreign tourist arrivals in Central Visayas hit the half-million-mark in the first quarter of 2008, a 10.7 percent growth of tourists arrivals over the same period last year. Official data of the Department of Tourism (DOT) showed total tourist arrivals from January to March reached 535,396, a 10 percent growth from last year?s 485,993 ...
Blackpool dance festival Cebu bets rake in four golds
2008-06-04 05:13:00
Cebu City once again floated in the international map of dancesport after it garnered four golds in the Blackpool Dance Festival recently in Blackpool, England. Victoria Alix and Renante Saldua snatched two golds via the senior pre-championship and the four-dance battle, according to Team Cebu City-Dancesport publicist April Tudtud-Ramos. More…
Cebu Birds
2008-06-03 18:14:00
With Cebu’s growing population and subdivisions indiscriminately sprouting everywhere, even clearing the remaining pocket forests where several exotic animals thrive, one would never thought of finding some of Cebu’s elusive exotic birds. And I did right at my own backyard. The block next to our house is an empty lot with some thick ...
SM eyes more Savemore branches in Cebu
2008-06-03 04:35:00
The SM Supermarket will be investing millions of pesos in more Savemore supermarket branches in Cebu. SM Supermarket president Herbert Sy, first executive vice president of SM Investments Corp. and head of food retail division of the SM group, said they have been planning to open more Savemore branches but he would not say where yet. Sy ...
Thriller- Cebu Provincial Detention
2008-06-02 13:11:00
Today’s video is called: Thriller They are performed and produced by 1,500 plus Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines. (...)
Cebu to host Asian open source summit in October
2008-06-02 11:40:00
Public and private sector representatives from 21 countries will sign an open-source agreement at a regional summit in Cebu this October. Cebu will host the bi-annual Asian Open Source Software Conference, founded by Japan-based Center for International Computerization and Cooperation (CICC). Started in 1983, CICC assists developing countries in their computerization efforts under the auspices of Japan’s ...
First Lenovo Store in Cebu
2008-06-02 09:36:00
One of the famous computer brands in the world is now here in Cebu.The Lenovo Concept Store branch is now open at 2nd Level, CyberZoneNorthwing, SM City Cebu. Lenovo Store combines brand display, productexperience, information collection,consultation and sales.Shop today and avail its great prices plus you have the chance to Win a Brand New car ...
3 cities in Cebu among top 6 areas easiest to start business in: survey
2008-05-29 03:37:00
THREE cities in Cebu emerged among the top six cities where it is easiest to start a business in the Philippines, according to a survey commissioned by the International Finance Corp. and the World Bank. Lapu-Lapu City is the second easiest city to start a business in, next only to Taguig. Cebu City placed fourth, while ...
Israel eyes trade relations with Cebu
2008-05-28 03:56:00
The State of Israel aims to jumpstart strong trade relations with the Philippines seeing an opportunity to increase trade exchanges by capitalizing on each country?s expertise. Israel Ambassador to the Philippines Zvi Aviner Vapni said Cebu could maximize trade opportunities in Israel as it also has a huge potential in attracting Information Technology (IT) related investments. Cebu ...
Cebu Hotels: St. Moritz Hotel
2008-05-27 16:07:00
Cebu Hotels: St. Moritz Hotel Not all hotels in Cebu crave for a one-dimensional market. There are actually Cebu hotels that cater to one particular category. Be it by travelers, vacationers, locals or business-related, some of these hotels are strategically located in Cebu City where accessibility is convenient. Moreover, there are quite a few hotels ...
CHI to build new condo at Cebu Business Park
2008-05-26 04:55:00
CEBU’S economy is enjoying a boom cycle as a result of the continuing upsurge of the tourism and IT (information technology) industries. Real estate has especially benefited from this trend with the need for commercial lots, office spaces, new shopping and lifestyle concepts, and other related industries. Known for its ability to constantly innovate and address market ...
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