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A Revolutionary Change: Dalits (untouchables) defy Hindu Ban, Enter temple
2008-12-25 15:04:00
A Revolutionary Change: Dalits (untouchables) defy Hindu Ban, Enter temple From Times of India: MADURAI: After a decade-long struggle, Dalits at Panthapuli village in Tirunelveli district entered the Kannanallur Mariamman temple with help of district officials defying a ban imposed by caste Hindus. Dalits, led by district collector G.Prakash and Superintendent of Police Asra Garg, entered ...
Inter-caste marriage
2008-11-22 14:49:00
There's a discussion about inter-caste marriage in The Washington Post today. It features a Brahmin and Dalit couple who help other mixed couples elope. There are now government incentives to promote mixed marriages, but Prem Chowdhry, author of Contentious Marriages, Eloping Couples, thinks that soap opera plots, Bollywood actors and cricket stars could help dismantle the caste system by starting a dialogue on the subject and its attendant scourge, honor killings.
Jiah Khan to caste opposite Shahid Kapur in Ken Ghosh's next
2008-02-12 11:59:00
Jiah Khan, the hot bombshell who made her debut opposite none other than Big B in RGV's Nishabd has... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tom Brady's Caste Gone!
2008-01-23 09:43:00
Gisele Bundchen leaves her New York home, for an outing with New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady not pictured. Was the caste all an act Tom Brady?Tom Brady is still walking around in enemy territory. The New York Giants will play Tom's New England Patriots this sunday. The Giants fans are really routing for Eli manning and the giants to win. Tom was seen earlier this week with a caste on, a day later the cast is gone, but was he just toying with the New York Giants fans in New York. Shouldn't tom be in training getting physically and mentally ready for the game, or does Gisele has something more sweeter than the game? Tom I think you are great together with Gisele, but I have to say I am a New York Giants Fans.(photo via wire image)
Role of Caste in Indian Cricket
2008-01-06 09:15:00
Ah! Finally an Australian reporter writes how caste could play in who represents India in cricket. On reading the news - 'A Class Act? Opinions Differ', I was shell-shocked. Who would have thought this situation exist in Indian Cricket Team, the one love of all Indians?Only Fools believe that caste plays a role in the selection of Indian cricket team. But as the article points out that there is a huge number of people from a single caste(7 in the playing 11), disproportionate to their percentage of Indian population. It means something is wrong somewhere. May be there is a caste discrimination at the lower level... May be the elitist sports is played only by the elite caste of India. But whatever may be the reason, it has to be identified soon and corrected. Or else it could become a tailor made situation for politicians to exploit for their personal benefits. BCCI! Please Wake Up!
BBC: Indian caste discrimination
2007-12-29 09:00:00
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Balinese Caste Structure
2007-10-30 08:56:00
Bali is truly unique, in that it is the only Hindu island in Indonesia, a country dominated by Islam. Hinduism is a religion that developed out of the way of life of the people living on the banks of the Indus river in India and Hinduism came to Indonesia many centuries ago. The earliest written records in Bali, metal inscriptions called prasasti (Prasasti Blanjong is an example), speak of Buddhist and Hindu influences and date back to the 9th century AD. The caves, statues and bronzes of Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi indicate this too.As far as Bali is concerned the 3 big events that pushed Hinduism to the fore were the marriage of the Balinese king Udayana to Princess Mahendra from East Java, at the end of the 10th century thus bringing the 2 areas together. This was followed in 1343 by the conquest of Bali by the Majapahit empire of Gajah Mada, prime minister of that kingdom in East Java. Finally in 1515 the Majapahit empire in Java fell to the increasingly powerful Muslim Mataram em...
A Little Note on Balinese Caste System
2007-09-26 02:52:00
Yesterday I went tour to Kintamani to see the volcano with eleven Indian tourists. They are very nice and they talk English with Indian accent. Apparently, they are in Bali at the moment for a PATA conference (Pacific Asia Travel Association Mart) on 25 to 28 September at Westin Hotel Nusa Dua. (Later I knew that they were the Minister of Tourism of Andra Pradesh India and other directors and staffs of tourism department of Andra Pradesh).Most of them are Hindu, so we can discuss about the Balinese Hindu and the Indian Hindu. Although this is not an in-depth discussion but it does gives me an interesting view."Do you have caste system in Bali?" one of them asked me.I explained briefly about the four castes we have in Bali, the Brahmana, Ksatria, Weisya, and Sudra. They ask me again, to confirm, if we only have those four castes. I said yes."So, you don't have sub caste, for example, that inside Brahmana caste there is not any sub caste?"When I replied that we did not really have su...
A Little Note on Balinese Caste System
2007-09-26 02:52:00
Yesterday I went tour to Kintamani to see the volcano with eleven Indian tourists. They are very nice and they talk English with Indian accent. Apparently, they are in Bali at the moment for a PATA conference (Pacific Asia Travel Association Mart) on 25 to 28 September at Westin Hotel Nusa Dua. (Later I knew that they were the Minister of Tourism of Andra Pradesh India and other directors and staffs of tourism department of Andra Pradesh).Most of them are Hindu, so we can discuss about the Balinese Hindu and the Indian Hindu. Although this is not an in-depth discussion but it does gives me an interesting view."Do you have caste system in Bali?" one of them asked me.I explained briefly about the four castes we have in Bali, the Brahmana, Ksatria, Weisya, and Sudra. They ask me again, to confirm, if we only have those four castes. I said yes."So, you don't have sub caste, for example, that inside Brahmana caste there is not any sub caste?"When I replied that we did not really have su...
News & Current Events :: Low Caste Party in India Takes Control of State
2007-09-18 05:24:00
Author: Eric Subject: Low Caste Party in India Takes Control of StatePosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:24 pm (GMT -4) Low Caste Party in India Takes Control of State India (MNN) ― Gospel For Asia reports that a low-caste political party in India won state assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. That's good news for the large percentage of Dalits and low castes who reside there. Already, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has directed officials to initiate strict action against all those who disrupt law and order and destroy public properties. According to GFA, over the next five years, the Bahujan Samaj Party's (BSP) leader, Mayawati Naina Kumari, is promising to increase education for Dalits, maintain religious freedom, and uphold their justice. Their example brings hope to many beleaguered Christians because Uttar Pradesh is also one of the most influential states in Indian politics, boasting several of India's Prime Ministers. Shortly after the BSP took an...
2007-08-20 23:47:00
El cortometraje "La Marea" se ha alzado con el 1º Premio al mejor cortometraje en la sección video del VI Festival de Cortometrajes "Playa de Moncofa", en Castellón.Los cortometrajes "Elena quiere" de Lino Escalera y "Mensajes de voz" de Fernando Fra...
San Marco di Castellabate
2007-07-13 13:00:00
We’re heading to San Marco di Castellabate today, which is a couple hours south of us here in Naples. We’re taking the fancy camera, so you can expect some image-laden posts when we return. Angelo’s mom clarified a couple of things regarding the corno in the previous post. First off, the red thing at the ...
Castelo do Drácula à venda
2007-07-13 00:00:00
Invertia - Castelo do Drácula está à venda por US$ 135 milhões Construído sobre uma pedra de 60 m de altura, o castelo tem 57 quartos, um pátio e diversas passagens subterrâneas. O mito é que o príncipe Vlad, que inspirou o personagem Drácula, do autor Bram Stoker, teria morado no castelo por uma única noite, ...
El castellano hijo de puta
2007-07-12 02:10:00
Desde que empecé a leer blogs, hace como 2 años, me he ido acostumbrando poco a poco al léxico usado por los españoles, al grado de quererlos.. Entre “te lío a ostias”, “el culebrón de las 7″, “Me cago en la puta madre que te parió”, “hijo de la gran putísima”, “gilipollas” y demás tacos, he convivido todos los días.. Al grado de que “hijo de puta”, “coño” y “joder” se han incluido en mi vocabulario diario, compartiendo espacios con sus respectivos equivalentes mexicanos: “hijo de la chingada”, “verga” y “chingado”. Y me he estado cagando de risa (me parto de risa) con este vídeo que encontré hoy: Me mató el: maratón de polvos. [Vía: Manu Montilla]
Deficit less than forecasted
2007-07-11 20:06:00
Deficit Falls to $205 Billion The nation's budget deficit will drop to $205 billion in the fiscal year that ends in September, less than half of what it was at its peak in 2004, according to new White House estimates. Keep in mind that the 205 billion dollar deficit is only a slight percentage of the 13-14 trillion dollars in GDP. In fact the percentage of our deficit and our total debt vs GDP is fairly low based on historical numbers. Btw... don't expect to see this story out there plastering the front pages of any news sites or any papers tomorrow.
Castelo do Drácula está à venda por US$ 135 milhões
2007-07-11 04:04:00
O lendário Bran Castle, também conhecido como castelo do conde Drácula, na Transilvânia, foi colocado à venda pelos seus atuais donos - uma família real romena. A expectativa é conseguir arrecadar o valor de US$ 135 milhões pelo imóvel.Construído sobre uma pedra de 60 m de altura, o castelo tem 57 quartos, um pátio e ...
Lo sapevate che i castelli di sabbia sono più pericolosi degli squali
2007-07-11 00:00:00
Sembra incredibile ma e' cosi': muoiono più persone a causa dei castelli di sabbia che per gli attacchi di squalo. Lo afferma uno studio riportato dal quotidiano inglese The Guardian: dal 1990 ad oggi negli Stati Uniti d?America i castelli di sabbia, o meglio le relative buche lasciate per prelevare la ...
2007-07-09 21:35:00
By: ProWebART
Castello di Compiano ? Vacation at a Medieval Castle near Parma
2007-07-09 19:09:00
In the hills surrounding Parma there are numerous castles. Many of these properties have been transformed into hotels while maintaining their aura of mystery. Parma is famous for its prosciutto and Parmesan cheese. These products alone are a great reason to spend a few days in the area. Parma is also a land of scenic views and Medieval towns. Castello di Compiano is the anchor of the town of Compiano, recently recognized as one of the Borghi piu? Belli del Italia, the most beautiful towns of Italy.The town of Compiano develops inside the walls of the castle making this a perfect destination for a 3 or 4 day stay. Local shops, restaurants and products are all within walking distance of primary unit of the castle. Only a few areas have been dedicated to lodging. The major portion of the castle is a museum. Most of the rooms are on the upper floor or in the towers creating a suggestive atmosphere and beautiful views of the surrounding area. Rock walls and original fishbone wood floors ...
Nelly Furtado is engaged to Demo Castellon. Wait, who?
2007-07-09 02:13:00
That’s right folks, promiscuous girl Nelly Furtado is engaged to sound engineer Demo Castellon - who produced the aptly-titled “Loose” album last year: Grammy winner Nelly Furtado is engaged to sound engineer Demacio “Demo” Castellon, who worked on her hit 2006 album Loose, PEOPLE confirms. Their close friend, music producer Timbaland, gave a one-word reply when asked ...
Fox Sports Broadcaster and Former NFL Player Arrested for drug possession a
2007-07-08 15:05:00
Former NFL player and Fox Sports broadcaster Bill Maas was charged with drug possession and weapons charges following a roadside safety check. The 45-year-old Maas and a passenger in his Hummer, Sarah J. Murphy, 27, were arrested late Friday by Illinois State Police. During the stop, police indicated Maas seemed nervous, and he agreed to a search of his vehicle. Police found a .22-caliber revolver, 5 grams of suspected marijuana, 6 grams of suspected cocaine and 28 pills of Ecstasy. Maas and Murphy were charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. Maas was also booked on a charge of unlawful use of a weapon. Source
NFL broadcaster arrested on gun, drug charges
2007-07-08 01:49:00
Former NFL player and Fox Sports broadcaster Bill Maas was charged with drug possession and weapons charges following a roadside safety check. Read More: Associated Press
Forecasters see no relief from West heat
2007-07-07 18:52:00
relief Next Article in HELENA, Montana (AP) -- An oppressive heat wave eased a bit in some parts of the West, but forecasters predicted little relief in the days ahead for a region where many cities have baked in triple-digit temperatures.
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Feste a Castello
2007-07-07 17:17:00
Ieri prima serata per quel che concerne i fesct di Cavri di Castel S.Pietro, organizzate dalla locale associazione calcistica.Presenti i soliti Ceppi e Riga, quest'ultimo reduce dai festeggiamenti per i cent'anni del Como Calcio. Eccolo qua esibire fiero l'autografo di Davide Bernasconi (non Bjarne di Riva ma il più noto Van de Sfroos): Presenti nella comitiva anche Emilio e Matteo, visibilmente sorpresi dalla mia paparazzata.
Reds Owner Robert Castellini Will Play Italian Card
2007-07-07 00:30:00
What's all this talk about Reds owner Robert Castellini hiring Cardinals field manager Tony La Russa to replace interim manager Pete Mackanin? Sure, it's in the cards, but does Castellini already have La Russa up his sleeve?Even if he wanted, Castellini could not admit he already has talked to La Russa. That would be tampering, as La Russa remains under contract with the Cardinals through this year.But Castellini and La Russa are more than just friends. They go way back, Castellini having hired La Russa to manage the Cardinals in 1996 when Castellini was part owner of that team.Castellini's decision paid big dividends in St. Louis, as La Russa not only was named manager of the year for the seventh time in his career, but won the World Series in 2006, a division in 2005, a pennant in 2004, a division in 2002, playoff berth in 2001, and divisions in 2000 and 1996.But the key here is that Castellini and La Russa are like kinfolk, nominal blood relations, figurative godbrothers -- a ...
Audiolibros de poetas en castellano. Escucha poemas en español gratis. Sone
2007-07-07 00:00:00 es una web especializada en audiolibros y audiocuentos. Literatura para leer escuchando. Principalmente en inglés aunque también hay en español. Si te gusta la poesía podras escuchar una gran selección de poemas en castellano, textos de poetas hispanos y sonetos seleccionados. Colección de poesía en español (castellano) en formato audiolibro (audio) Librivox, poesía, poemas, poetas, sonetos, audiolibros, ...
By: teimagino
¿Quién Gana? entre los 100 mejores blogs en castellano
2007-07-06 13:22:00
En este mundo en el que vivimos puede pasar de todo, desde que tu novia Gwen muera arrojada desde un puente por un duende verde, que tu Seat Ibiza de repente se transforme en un robot gigante y te diga que es un "Autobot", que construyas un condensador de fluzo y puedas viajar al pasado para saber los resultados de las futuras quinielas, que este mundo sea en realidad un programa de ordenador funcionando en un 486 y controlado por el abuelo Kentucky. En este mundo pueden pasar estas cosas y otras más raras, como por ejemplo, que este blog sea incluido entre los 100 mejores Blogs en castellano según la revista Personal Computer.¡¡Sí, es cierto!!. Alguien ha tenido el detallazo de incluirnos en esa lista entre los dioses, los titanes y demás deidades de la blogesfera.Solo queremos dar las gracias a quienes realmente hacen que este blog tenga sentido. Y esos sois todos los que nos visitáis y depositáis vuestras divagaciones y teorías para decidir quien es el vencedor en los combates aq...
Nelly Furtado comprometida con "Demo" Castellón
2007-07-06 09:49:00
Nelly Furtado feliz y enamorada desde hace 8 mesesLa cantante canadiense y ganadora del Grammy, Nelly Furtado es oficialmente la novia del ingeniero de sonido, Demacio "Demo" Castellón, así lo ha confirmado la revista People, en una exclusiva de cantante sólo afirmaba que tenía un "novio secreto" desde hace ocho meses, cuando se le preguntaba si tenia novio. "Realmente prefiero no hablar de eso, no es alguien que sea conocido o famoso", decía la cantante.Pero fue el amigo íntimo de la cantante, el productor musical Timbaland quien confirmara el rumor. Cuando se le preguntó si Furtado era la novia de "Demo" Castellón; este solo sonrió y dijo: Sí.De esta forma queda confirmado el rumor del romance entre Nelly Furtado y "Demo" Castellón, secreto que se lo tenian muy bien guardado... Felicidades a los dos!nelly furtado nelly furtado nelly furtado nelly furtado timbaland timbaland timbaland timbaland Promiscuous Promiscuous Promiscuous Promiscuous demo castellon demo ...
Entrevista a Castellano (Pacto E.C.)
2007-07-05 18:46:00
«Mi manera de escribir era mi motor, mi fuerza» Tercera entrevista de la web (tras Dobleache y El ese) y tercera entrevista a un veterano de la escena. Quizás muchos aficionados jóvenes no conozcan a este MC por sí sólo, pero seguro que a muchos más les sonará el nombre de Pacto entre castellanos. Este grupo ...
For Kids Under 12: Want to Be An Orioles' Broadcaster: Here's How...
2007-07-03 21:09:00
From our Friends at Formula PR:ESPN Zone and the Baltimore Orioles have teamed up to host the Junior Broadcaster competition, a search for the next generation of sports announcers. Children 12 and under will compete for the opportunity to work in the broadcast booth during an upcoming Orioles game at historic Camden Yards. On July 16 and 17, entrants are invited to ESPN Zone, located at 601 E. Pratt Street on Baltimore?s Inner Harbor, where each will have the opportunity to showcase their sports-announcing chops. Two Junior Broadcasters will be selected each day. ?Announcing at an Orioles game is something these young Orioles fans will remember all their lives, and it?s great to be able to offer that to them,? said Christine Baum, ESPN Zone?s manager, marketing and communications. ?We expect to get entrants from all over the area and even outside the state, so we?re excited to see what kind of talent emerges as a result of this contest. Judging will not be an easy task.? The comp...
Violante e le caste
2007-07-02 08:58:00
Roma, 1 lug. - (Adnkronos) - “Lascio il Parlamento, non la politica. Non sono deluso, tutt’altro. Ma sono in Parlamento da quasi 30 anni”. Lo ha dichiarato il presidente della commissione Affari costituzionali della Camera Luciano Violante in un’intervista a “Libero“. “L’ho deciso due anni fa - ha precisato Violante - sono un parlamentarista convinto, ...
By: DestraLab
Senators introduce ?Broadcaster Freedom Act?
2007-06-29 22:49:00
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has teamed up with our favorite Democrat-minority-leader-over-t-hrower John Thune (R-S.D.) and our favorite New Englander-turned-Mid-Westerner- Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) to introduce what looks to be a good piece of legislation aimed at preserving some key First Amendment freedoms. The “Broadcaster Freedom Act” seeks to bar the Federal Communications Commission from reinstating ...
XM Sportscaster Radio $4.99 OTD. Make $15.01 after MIR for new subscribers.
2007-06-29 09:06:00
Rating: 1 Posted By: snowie Views: 113 Replies: 0 My local Circuit City has the AGT Sportscaster XM radio for only $4.99. It also qualifies for a $20 rebate for new subscribers.The package comes with:- The radio- remote- magnetic car antenna- SureConnect adapter for car's FM antenna- cassette tape adapter- Car mount with suction cups- Car power adapterI am a current subscriber, and I already have a Sportscaster sharing between 2 cars.I bought it for the extra remote (for the 2nd car) and the antenna (in case my current one dies). I'll keep the radio in case I need to change out my current radio for some reason.I like this radio because it hides inside my car's front ashtray and matches my BMW's dash lighting. I routed the wiring in there and even though it lacks the preset buttons and TuneSelect on the Roady series, it is the smallest XM radio out there. The remote and antenna also works on the Roady/Roady 2/Roady XT. I have no experience on other XM units, but I suspect they ...
Jesus Christ SuperStar 1973. Ver pelicula (doblada al castellano). Video
2007-06-29 00:03:00
Jesucristo Superstar es una película estadounidense dirigida por Norman Jewison. Basado en el musical de Broadway. Rodada en Israel. La banda sonora compuesta por Tim Rice y Andrew Lloyd Weber vendió millones de discos por todo el mundo. La película, dirigida en 1973 por Norman Jewison y filmada en Israel y otras localizaciones de Oriente Próximo, no ...
By: teimagino
Castelo de Almourol é primeiro...
2007-06-28 12:51:00
Pode ser visitado na ilha ?Portucalis?, um pedaço de terreno do Second Life adquirido por um grupo de portugueses que pretende usar a plataforma virtual para promover a imagem do nosso país na Internet.O Castelo está agora acessível para visita no SL porque a Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova da Barquinha ? localidade onde se situa o monumento ? adquiriu na mesma ilha um espaço destinado à sua promoção. A ilha ?Portucalis? dispõe ainda de uma zona residencial, uma galeria de exposições, um anfiteatro ao ar livre e uma zona de restauração e lazer. O projecto será oficialmente apresentado no próximo sábado, dia 30 de Junho e poderá ser acedido directamente no Second Life a partir do endereço
Skoda?s ?07 Forecasted Fabia Sales Increases
2007-06-27 06:53:00
As demand for the new Fabia small car and Roomster all-purpose vehicle booms, Skoda Auto AS, Volkswagen AG’s Czech unit, increased its full-year sales forecast. Chief Executive Officer Detlef Wittig said in an interview at Skoda’s Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, headquarters in June 25 that Skoda estimates deliveries will increase almost 13 percent with 620,000 ...
Shoah - Claude Lanzmann (1986) Con Subtitulos en Castellano (Español)
2007-06-26 16:28:00
Shoah (del hebreo ????, “catástrofe”) es una película documental del realizador francés Claude Lanzmann, estrenada en 1985, y de aproximadamente nueve horas de duración. El filme de Claude Lanzmann es un documental de historia oral, filmado a lo largo de cerca de diez años en diferentes continentes. Reúne testimonios, en primera persona, de víctimas, testigos ...
By: teimagino
2007-06-26 03:53:00
Angela Bassett will face-off with the all-mighty Madea in "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns," an upcoming feature film adaptation of his popular stage play. The actress will play the role of Brenda, a single mother who travels with her family from their home in inner-city Chicago to Georgia for the funeral of her father, whom she never met. There, she is introduced to her crazy relatives, the Browns, and also manages to find romance along the way. Perry will again suit up as the characters of Madea and Uncle Joe in the film, which is due in theaters early next year via Lionsgate. He has played big screen versions of the characters in the films ?Diary of a Mad Black Woman? and ?Madea?s Family Reunion.?SOURCE: EURWEB.COMAight now, I loved "Meet The Browns" the stage play. That thing had me hollering.
Newscaster Plays The Skin Flute
2007-06-25 00:00:00
Very few have ever had the talent and the motivation to master the skin flute. Even fewer have had the ability to call someone out while broadcasting the evening news. Well played.
Im now a Podcaster:)
2007-06-24 23:23:00
Ive joined the podcast bandwagon! These first podcasts were with my friend Eric Standlee( Thanks Eric for getting me started with this!Check it out!Click on the Play button on the sidebar under "My Podcast" to listen!
2007-06-24 15:12:00
La receta de este domingo es una tapa del bar La Fragua de Cádiz, y está tan sabrosa que casi no he cambiado nada (bueno, algún toquecito personal sí que le he dado, pero poquita cosa).INGREDIENTESFiletes de ternera finosQueso en lonchas (1 loncha por filete)Jamón cocido (yo le he puesto pechuga de pavo, que era lo que tenía en casa)Pimiento asadoZumo de limónPan ralladoHuevosCoñac, perejil, sal y pimientaPara la salsa:1 cebolla1 diente de ajo1 zanahoria1 latita de champiñones laminados1 loncha de jamón serrano poco curado1 vasito pequeño de vino fino o blanco1 hojita de laurelSal y pimienta1 cucharadita de café de maizenaLo primero es salpimentar los filetes y sumergirlos en zumo de limón para que cojan saborcito. Yo los he dejado una hora en el limón.Los sacamos del limón y ponemos sobre cada filete queso, jamón y pimiento asado.Enrollamos con cuidado de que el queso quede dentro. Como véis yo los he hecho de dos formas, más grandotes, apretando menos, y más finitos, apretando bie...
Broadcasters in web TV talks
2007-06-17 10:01:00
Broadcasters in web TV talks Advanced Television - The BBC, Channel 4 and ITV are in talks about a joint venture to develop a video download service that will “do for Access Systems (CAS) specialist Latens Systems FCAS solution, has been deployed by Houston-based IPTV and IP News Blog: Posts by ...
Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster While in Town for Their Wedding in Santa Ma
2007-06-17 02:24:00
Oh My Gosh! She is a foot taller than him and more than 25 years younger than him!
Rod Stewart Marries Penny Lancaster in Italy
2007-06-16 11:06:00
The singer exchanges vows with model Penny Lancaster outside Portofino More: continued here
The Hottest Female Podcasters of 2007
2007-06-15 09:17:00
It?s been rumored before that many of the podcasters you hear on a day-to-day basis are extremely hot and attractive women. That?s why Podcast Fresh embarked on a journey to find the 5 hottest female podcasters of 2007. We don?t recommend you browse through this post while at work; you might find yourself in an incredibly awkward situation if you do. At any rate, we are pleased to welcome you what we think are the Hottest Female Podcasters of 2007!
By: Attuworld
Vicious lizard attacks broadcaster
2007-06-13 12:59:00
While presenting a snake along with its owner, a "vicious" lizard jumps on the broadcaster, causing him a panic attack. It's hilarious! Enjoy!
Women Plus : Sweet Charming - Maet,Matt Peennee Kongthai [Halfcaste Thailan
2007-06-10 18:20:00
Women Plus : Sweet Charming - Maet,Matt Peennee Kongthai adsense, Charming, Halfcaste, Kongthai, maet, model, modeling, modelings, models, Norway, Peennee, Plus, Sweet, Thai, thailand, Women
Communist era spy scandals still haunt U.S. government broadcasters
2007-06-08 08:01:00
by Ted Lipien Journalists? links with communist secret police and intelligence services raise doubts about their independence Free Media Online, San Francisco, June 8, 2007 — Communist spy services efforts to recruit journalists in Poland and abroad had been so vigorous and massive that a number of secret police and intelligence informants, both active and inactive, ...
Grigliata a Castello
2007-06-08 01:34:00
Quest'oggi, dopo aver partecipato alla solenne processione del Corpus Domini in veste di portatore del baldacchino, mi sono recato col fido Güstina in quel di Castel S. Pietro, dove era in programma una grigliata della locale sezione PPD.Inizialmente prevista in un grotto all'aperto, il pranzo ha dovuto essere spostato nella sala multiuso delle scuole elementari a causa del brutto tempo.Ecco qua il neo-presidente di Generazione Giovani tra due indigene castellane: Laura e Laura. Consumato il lauto ed ottimo pasto, sono stati chiamati per una foto di gruppo i già candidati alle scorse elezioni cantonali (eletti e non) presenti in sala.Chi è l'intrusa?Non solo, eletti e non eletti sono poi stati chiamati ad una sfida all'ultimo sangue all'hula hop, ossia il cerchio da far girare intorno alla vita.Ecco l'esperto Gigio mostrare a Pagani come far roteare l'attrezzo attorno all'epa prominente. Alex pare il leone che si vede ogni tanto prima dell'inizio di alcuni film. Per la cron...
Faber Castell Grip 2011
2007-06-08 00:00:00
 Küçükken o kadar çok kalem kaybederdim ki. ?lkokuldayken haftada bir kalem ald???m? hat?rl?yorum. Hele o silgiler... Annem art?k ba? edemeyip, iple boynuma asmaya ba?lam??t?. Yanl?? yazd???m zaman kolye gibi koynumdan ç?kar?p siliyordum. Hey gidi günler...  Lise 1 'de bir arkada??mda bir faber castell 'in ye?il renkli, üzerinde kocaman bir silgisi olan uçlu kalemini görünce hemen gidip alm??t?m. O kadar konforlu bir kalemdi ki yazmak insana zevk veriyordu. Not almad???m derslerde bile not tutmaya ba?lad?m. Neyse uzatmayal?m, sonra bu Faber Castell yukar?da görmü? oldu?unuz modeli ç?kard?. K?rtasiyede gördü?üm an a??k oldum kaleme. Özel ambalaj?nda oldu?u için bir kere bile elime al?p deneyemedim. Fiyat? da çok pahal?yd?. ?ki hafta boyunca harçl?klar?mda 50 YKR falan artt?rd?m hep. Sonunda gittim ald?m kalemi. ?ki senedir ilgilendi?im kalem dünyas?nda bu kadar güzel bir kalem daha görmedim ( tabi fiyat? binlerce dolarlarla ifade edilen özel kalemlerin d???nda). Faber ...
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