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Rajshri Media Launches Sites In Tamil, Telegu, Bengali & Marathi - Also
2009-06-19 10:32:00
We had reported recently that Rajshri Media is looking to launch and also predicted that more languages might be in the pipeline. Well Rajshri Media has launched 4 regional content video websites in languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi. This as we had analysed is their foray into regional/vernacular video content. They have also launched a youtube channel each for these regional sites. On the youtube front Rajshri became the number one most viewed YouTube channel in India with more than 100 million viewers. Rajshri Media part of 60 year old Rajshri group which is one of the oldest and largest entertainment group has leveraged its offline content repository and even made tie ups to scale its online presence. Rajshri Media has a huge collection of movies,archived TV content,original content on its website It also hosts content of various other languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi which makes it N0 1 media channel with a huge audience bas...
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o mor bondhu dhon roshia | bengali folk song by dohar
2008-12-22 01:24:00
1.o mor bondhu dhon roshia dekha dao mok ekbar aashia.appear!o my treasured friend of joy,show your effulgence faceto me once, o only once!ashibar chaiya ashilen naa moner aagun mor nibhailen promised to come, yet you didn't,and in your absencemy heart is on fire ever since.boroni dhaner bhajilam khoishonar bondhu mor ashilen koi!i have prepared a feast for my belovedwhere is he, o where is he!aaisho bondhu dhon jolpan khaan shonan bondhu tor dotorar taan.come o golden friend, break bread with me,let my heart hearmusic of your sweet-string being.- translation from Dohar's rendition of a sweet Bengali folk song "O Mor Bondhu Dhon Roshia" (O My Treasured Friend). Dohar is a Kolkata based music band that promote and sings songs of soil of Bengal. Many of their songs adopt lyrics and tune from ancient bauls (mystics of Bengal) and often the metaphors are deeply rooted in sufi mysticism. In this song also metaphorically "Bodhu dhon roshia" is what Rumi would refer as Intimate ...
bipasha basu bengali actress red hot
2008-10-16 19:32:00
bipasha in rocky show. tags music pictures photos videos television celebrity humor funny tv hot actress movie beach california tollywood namitha indian actress trisha asin mallu shriya nayantara ileana roma bhavana meena meera mamta gopika parvathi
Nisha kothari the hot bengali amazing show
2008-10-06 04:16:00
Nisha Kothari (Hindi: ???? ??????), born Priyanka Kothari (Hindi: ???????? ?????? ), also known as Amoha, is an Indian Bollywood actress and model. She was born on November 30th 1983. Sagittarian Kothari was born in Kolkata, and grew up speaking English, Bengali, Rajasthani, and Hindi. She moved to New Delhi while in 10th standard and got ...
Bipasha Basu In A Bengali Film- Shob Charitro Kalponik
2008-07-12 16:35:00
After enjoying success with Race, Bipasha Basu might be waiting for box office gossips about her... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Review of ?The Namesake? (2006) PG-13 122min
2008-05-08 07:08:00
Another wonderful movie based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri directed and produced by Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding (2001), Vanity Fair (2004)) starring Irfan Khan and Kal Penn. The plot: In the late 60s-early 70s Ashoke Ganguli (Irfan Khan) was traveling on the train to his grandfather in Calcutta and reading a book by Nicholai Gogol. ...
Govinda plays a Bengali babu in Aditya Datt's Chai Garam
2008-05-07 14:16:00
After having played numerous characters in his illustrious career, actor Govinda is all set to play a Bengali baabu in Aditya Datt's romantic comedy 1 Vote(s)
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Cory Walia on His Favorite Bengali Beauties
2008-04-14 16:27:00
"Naturally, there's an adorable, charming princess and a fierce, energetic tigress hidden inside every Bengali girl!" says make-up guru Cory Walia. Cory talks animatedly about the Bengali beauties he enjoys working on that include: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen, and Konkona Sen Sharma. "Their creamy skin, thick, dark hair, almond eyes weave magic around you," he says.Kajol Her looks: Her sensitive eyes and broad smile are the best parts of her face. Her eyes light up her face and make it look beautiful, whether she wears make-up or not. Her prominent nose and high cheek-bones need some special attention. Her skin is dusky, but clear. Clear skin is always easy to work with.Make-up mantra: Less is more for Kajol. Light, matte shades and neutral looks suits her dusky skin.Tips: If you have dusky skin, make sure you always use a foundation in the same shade as your skin tone, don't go light. Lip colors in earthy tones look better. Use sparkly or light eye liners ca...
Rasgulla - Traditional Bengali Sweet
2008-04-14 16:20:00
Gujaratis are famous for a sweet tooth, and though I grew up in a house that had racks of jars loaded with homemade sweets, I had an extra affinity for Bengali sweets like Rasgulla, Rasmalai and Sandesh, just because they have a juicy and rich texture made of ricotta cheese and khoya, and combined with "ras", made with either sugar syrup or milk, these delicious indian sweets never fail to impress! "Rasogullas", as they are called in West bengal, are favorites with not just the locals, people... Please Click the Title for the Full Post
A bengali bombshell.. hot clip
2008-03-22 05:12:00
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Riya Sen a hot cleavage show in Bengali Movie..
2008-03-22 04:44:00
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Bengali babe June Maliah Too hot babe lick scene
2008-03-10 17:54:00
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Bengali Bombshell Rupa Ganguly in swim suit
2008-03-10 05:31:00
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Paanch Mishuli - Bengali Vegetable Medley
2008-02-20 06:25:00
Rosogolla ... rasmalai ... sandesh ... mishti doi ... malpoa ... cham cham ... *drool* ... bengali sweets rock! I love making them, love eating them, love writing about them ... Wait! This blog doesn't have a bengali dessert post yet! That sucks! Note to self: Make some yummy rasmalai this week just so I can write about it!Ok, so this post isn't about bengali sweets. Sorry! But it comes close. It does involve bengali spices and a multitude of vegetables, all goodness. I haven't cooked much bong food, so it was fun to pick up one of those simple postcard cookbooks - this time Bangla Ranna was my choice. It has a slew of bengali recipes - reasonably well written out. I particularly like the fact that the author Satarupa Banerjee dedicated this book to the countless housewives in Bengal who keep the tradition of Bengali cuisine alive. Got to love that :) As I flipped the pages, page 75 caught my eye - Paanch Mishuli - a vegetable medley that uses a choice of vegetables that are ...
Director Roy looking to release an Hindi version of a Bengali film
2008-01-17 05:54:00
Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury is looking to release an Hindi version of his debut Bengali film “Anuranan” this Friday. Roy told IANS that“Although ‘Anuranan’ is a culture-specific film, the theme is universal. And why should anyone have any objection to a Bengali film getting a national market? I think the only other Bengali film to have made this transition is Rituparno Ghosh’s ‘Chokher Bali’,” . Rahul Bose and Rituparna Sengupta play a couple that moves back to Kolkata after living in London for a few years. Here they meet Rajat Kapoor and Raima Sen and they become friends. It is the lives of these four friends that create a resonance, a chord that echoes through their present and future. “Yes it was,” admits the director. “But the theatrical and DVD releases were only in Bengali. The dubbing into Hindi was done with my active participation. In fact, linguistically I had say the Hindi version is more authentic than Bengali. “In Bengali, Rajat Kapo...
This is Bengali
2008-01-15 12:49:00
Hi friends, This is Bengali :) My nick name :P I have just joined to Golpo. Hope I'll enjoy here. Also hope to get support & have some friends from this community. Bengali
A Bengali and a Punjabi In ICU
2008-01-08 12:40:00
A man was brought in to the hospital intensive care ward, put in a bed, tubes coming out everywhere. A week later, another man was admitted, in a similar condition. Both lay there, machines pinging, tubes poking etc. a couple more weeks before one of them had the strength to raise his hand and point to himself and say, "Bengali." The other patient signaled he had heard, raised his own hand, and said, "Punjabi." This act tired them out so badly it was a week before the first summoned up the strength to say, "Calcutta." Other replied in a weedy frail voice, "Ludhiana." Once more, the strain was too much for them both and they passed out. Days passed before the first patient managed to again point to himself and say, "Asit." Replied the other, "Santa." A few hours later, Asit managed to point to himself again and rasp out weakly, "Cancer." Santa responded, "Sagittarius."
June malia bengali actress hottest video !!
2007-12-25 07:23:00
Find more videos like this on Filmi Masala
Bengali Translation, Bengali Translations, Bengali, Translation
2007-12-12 08:34:00
Bengali Translation - Bengali Translations by Translation India
Another Bengali Beauty - Bipasha Basu
2007-11-24 11:04:00
Bong BombshellBipasha Basu I never liked bipasha basu, till recently .. she is looking really hot in goal & upcomming abbas mastan movie "Race". And to top it up she is also no a bad actress for major part. Life on the personal front too seems great for her, while other couples are splitting left right center, bipasha & john are very much together & not just that they are doing quite a few movies together as well.'); } exo(''); -->
Bengali Sweetdish of the day 1 Nandana Sen
2007-11-24 06:06:00
Bong BeautyNandana Sen Next to rani mukherjee , nandana is my favorite bengali actress on the scene. Gotta love her, completely dedicated to her 'craft' , with her recent statement ?I have no qualms about doing bold scenes,? Nandana Sen has got into good books of every guy. Strangely one person who is not is jimmy shergill who refused to kiss nandana sen in the movie strangers that has to be the height of gayness. Btw im liking this movie, sonali kulkarni too has done some bold scenes apparently , atta girl. Hadnt seen her doing anything like this after being naughty with Nirmal Pandey in "Jahan tum le chalo" that mustve left some serious mental scars on the poor girl , err then again she also had a scene with nana patekar in Taxi No 9211.'); } exo(''); -->
Bengali Sweetdish of the day 2 Rituparna Sengupta
2007-11-24 05:56:00
Bengali Actress Rituparna SenguptaRituparna Sengupta has extensively worked in bengali cinema with a few bollywood movies here there, success in bollywood seems to elude her, probably she has been a little too later in bollywood. But a fine actress & quite a looker, its amazing how bengal throws up so many beautiful & talented actresses.Official Website of Rituparna Sengupta'); } exo(''); -->
Anuradha from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Bengali
2007-11-14 10:45:00
Anuradha from Bengali Saregamapa Anuradha from Bengali SaregamapaAneek Dhar had gained entry into the hindi version of saregamapa as he had won the bengali edition of it back on zee bangla. The show is hosted by Debojit , the winner of last years saregamapa competition. Unfortunately there is not much information floating on the internet about the singers on the zee bangla version of saregamapa. Anuradha here has a very sweet voice, no clue about her full name.. anyone?More anuradha from saregamapa bengali'); } exo(''); -->
Sudipta Chakraborty - Bengali Actress
2007-11-06 08:41:00
Sudipta Chakraborty Bengali Actress Sudipta Chakraborty, the well-known TV, film and theatre actress in Bengal. She hosts a few shows here there on bengali channels, i tell you boys, the most beautiful & sensual women on tv are on the bengali tv channels. Sudipta is easily one of my favourites, she is well known for her gorgeous sarees & a even more gorgeous smile. Guys do let me know of more bengali tv actresses & channels if you can , as of now is dont really see any websites with any info or pictures of them.For more Sudipta pics click here'); } exo(''); -->
Kamalinee Mukherjee - Bengali Actress Down South
2007-10-18 20:36:00
Another Mukherjee girl, Kamalinee has acted with Kamal Hassan himself !! '); } exo(''); -->
Multicutural initiative in York wins plaudits from Bengali community
2007-10-16 15:30:00
Once regarded as a predominently white, conservative northern city, York has become center-stage forexperiments in encouraging peace and tolerance through multi-cultural programmes. Fresh off the back of hosting the Indian International Film Awards in June, the City Council of York has undertaken another unique initiative. This year, it will host the month long celebrations of ...
Bengali Joke
2007-10-06 18:43:00
An angry Bengali letter? Chitti-chitti Bong! BongA talkative Bengali? Bulbul ChatterjeeAn outlawed Bengali? Kanoon BanerjeeAn enlightened Bengali? Jyoti BasuA stupid Bengali girl? Balika BuddhuA Bengali marriage? BeddingA Bengali voyeur? KeyholloA mad Bengali? In Sen (insane)A dark Bengali who lives in a cave? Kalidas GuhaA perfumed Bengali? Chandan DassA Bengali goldsmith? Shonar BonglaWhat's bigger than the Bay of Bengal? The Bengali EgoWhen does a Bengali sound like a dog? When he says Bow (wow)Also when he bharks! (works).
Konkona Sen Sharma : A Bengali Beauty Who Is League Apart
2007-10-05 11:26:00
Daughter of a science journalist Mukul Sharma, graduated in English from St. Stephen's College, Delhi in 2001. She was a student of Modern High School for Girls, Calcutta as well as the Calcutta International School.Her stepfather, Kalyan Ray, is an author.Konkona's maternal grandfather Chidananda Dasgupta is a film critic, scholar, professor, writer and one of the co-founders of 'Calcutta Film Society' with Satyajit Ray and Harisadhan Dasgupta.Seductive yet simple, gorgeous yet plain . A rare combination of beauty and intelligence. This Bengali beauty is a league apart. With her line of great movies , Konkona stands apart from the rest. Her unique line up of movies has made one love her more.She made her debut as a child artist in the film Indira. She became a known face when she starred in the film Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, directed by her mother. She played the role of a boy who was Aparna Sen's son. The film though not a box office success, was a favourite with the critics. Konkon...
Pure Bengali Chicken Rezala Recipe
2007-10-01 14:57:00
Yesterday was Sunday and I had a great time-pass ? I cooked one of my favorite dishes ?Pure Bengali Chicken Rezala?. was delicious. I felt really happy when my friends appreciated the taste.... Potpourri -A blog on various hot trends over the internet such as art, science, business ideas, make money online, fashion, entertainment, movies, music, fun, comics,travel, health, technology, news, sports, cute babies, career, earn from home,education,love & internet marketing.
By: Potpourri
Tanisha Mukherjee - The Bengali Babe
2007-09-30 15:45:00
Hailing from an illustrious family of actresses with the legendary Shobhna Samarth as her maternal grandmom and Nutan as her aunt , with Tanuja as he mom who was not a bad actress herself & elder sister kajol who has been known for her stellar performances, few know that on her paternal side , her grandmom was the sister of the ganguly brothers (ashok kumar, kishore kumar & anoop kumar)The weight on Tanisha's shoulder must've been heavy (and so was she when she started out) After neal n nikki which bombed at the box office , tanisha's sexy new look did turn a lot of eyeballs but roles seem far & few , we will see her though reprising her role of avantika the young don's lady in ram gopal verma's sarkar raj.'); } exo(''); -->
Bengali Classic Literature and Bollywood Films
2007-09-29 03:49:00
Influence of Bengali Classic Literature in Bollywood filmsBengal in the eighteenth and nineteenth century had produced intellectuals of different dimensions in different fields including academics, politics, music, literature, social science, etc. Social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Vidhyasagar brought social awakening through the prohibition of evil practices like Sati and bringing modern legislations with the help of the British Government in the colonial era like Widow Remarriage Act. In the field of religion Swami Vivekananda redefined Hinduism in his Chicago Conference in USA and provided the deliberations of Sri Ramakrisha in condemning materialist philosophy. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was one of the most dynamic personalities of the freedom struggle movement of India. Literature is a field where the immortal works of the Bengali Legendary thinkers have influenced the silver screen the most which even has significance after around 50 years of creation of the classic ...
For Rani ?Laaga Chunri Mein Daag? is like a Bengali film
2007-09-28 16:07:00
Mumbai, Sep 28 (IANS) Rani Mukerji, who is currently shooting with Pradeep Sarkar for “Laaga Chunri Mein Daag”, which is about a woman who stumbles into prostitution for her family’s sake, feels like she’s doing a Bengali film.
Rani almost did a Bengali film
2007-09-28 07:48:00
Rani who's currently shooting with Pradeep Sarkar for Laga Chunri Mein Daag feels as though she's doing a Bengali film."We're all Bongs here….from Pradeep-da and his wife to Jayaji and Konkona. All you'll hear on the sets is a loud babble of Bengali voices. We're constantly jabbering in Bengali and cracking up at our own jokes. If you enter the shoot you'll feel it's a Bengali film."In fact the one outsider is Konkona's co-star Kunal Kapoor whom the two girls Rani and Konkona constantly torment by talking in Bengali.Rani cracks up. " It's so cute, really. Pradeep-da and his unit treat me like a family member. The entire day we're laughing and cracking up at our own jokes. Shooting is always fun. But this time it's something else."Isn't the bonding over a few schedules too little time to be treated as family members?"No no. It's not as though I got to know Pradeep-da only in this film. I've done many ads with him. It's my good fortune th...
Identical Bengali Twins - Models Tapur & Tupur chatterjee
2007-09-27 12:18:00
Easily the hottest sisters on the modelling circuit. Tupur chatterjee seems the naughtier one out of the two, while tapur seems to be the more quiter one.These sexy bengali twins are favourites of the top designers. Despite being from a film family (grand daughters of famous director hrishikesh mukherjee) tapur & tupur havent quite stepped in bollywood. Here's a look at their modelling & other pursuits. Tapur will soon be seen wearing her dancing shoes in the sony tv dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. We had also seen her in a sexy remix video titled "Mann Kyun Behka Ri Behka" '); } exo(''); -->
Aishwarya Rai in the Bengali Film "Bali".
2007-09-20 07:20:00
Aishwarya Rai has acted in a bengali film Bali as an young widow who is unable to control her sexual urge. The doesn't wear blouse in the entire film. She just wears a white saree for the full film. Even The censor board seem to have stunned to see the exposure of Aish.Aishwarya Rai acted as a young widow who is unable to control her sexual urge. She as given life to the character with her acting and exposure. She had even appeared topless in one of the seans.Aishwarya Rai Exposing Her Back Fully in the Bengali Film "Bali".Aishwarya Rai Acts as a young Widow in the film Bali. The young widow is unable to bear the onlnyless and has sex with her friends husband. The flim has lot of topless and semi-nude acts from the beauty queen Aishwarya Rai.
Bengali Beauty In Hot Bikini
2007-09-17 06:49:00
This is Bengali beauty Koena Mitra who is getting several calls from south Indian films to do item numbers. But this girl says that she wants to play only heroine but not item numbers. She also said that she decided not to do any item number after her number in 'Road'. If that is her decision, then why is she posing in bikinis like this?
orkut scrap in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu .etc.
2007-09-16 17:15:00
Though orkut is now available in 5 new languages:- Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu; it is just the skin translation, because you cannot scrap in those languages yet.But, with FireFox and Indic IME or Indic Input Extension add-on, it is possible to write scrap in Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Malayalam, Nepali, Kannada and Hindi languages.So, what are you waiting for?Download FireFox / Indic IME / Indic Input Extension now!Related:- Blogger Widget to comment in Hindikeep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
This is bengali peach
2007-09-15 00:46:00
Hi friends, This is bengali peach :) My nick name :P I have just joined to Golpo. Hope I'll enjoy here. Also hope to get support & have some friends from this community. bengali peach
Cabbage curry with Bengali spices
2007-09-11 17:55:00
Inspirations come in different ways. The inspiration to cook Bengali vegetarian food came after my visit to Oh! Calcutta - one of the more authentic Bengali cuisine restaurants in Bombay. S and I actually wrote down all that we had ordered in detail so that one of us could blog about it. We even fought over who'd write about it first. And then like how it happens sometimes, the paper got pushed
Orkut Now available in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu
2007-09-05 17:00:00
In quest to make orkut universally accessible, Orkut is now available in 5 new languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Indians have always been a vibrant part of the orkut community, and we continue to see more Indians joining orkut every day.Since there are many different nuances to these languages, orkut wants to hear your feedback. To help them improve the translation or tell us what language you'd like to see orkut in, you can visit this community on orkut: Indian Language Translations. They chose these languages initially because together they cover 80% of India. They do recognize India has more than 400 different spoken languages, but think these 5 are a good start, and hope that introducing orkut in these regional tongues brings orkut closer to many more of you to bridge the gap between language and technology. Viewing the orkut site in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil or Telugu (or any one of our other 12 languages) is easy. Click the settings button under...
Hottest Bengali Actress !!
2007-09-01 08:38:00
Well yes besides rani mukherjee, for me it has to be Nandana Sen. Nandana has that old world sensuality in a distinct bengali manner , will speak with a slight bong accent which drives most men crazy. IMDB lists her as 40 years old , not sure if its correct though. Nandana sen is a certifed hottie. more pics of nandana senIts a real pity we dont see much of nandana on screen'); } exo(''); -->
Bengali Sweet Dish - Rituparna Sengupta
2007-09-01 08:21:00
Rituparna Sengupta has basically worked just in the bengali film industry with every now & then trying her hand in bollywood in mosty B movies with the exception of main meri patni aur woh with rajpal yadav (which was is very underrated & is actually a good movie ) More pics of rituparna senguptaVery graceful lady , i hope we can see more of of this bengali rituparna in bollywood.'); } exo(''); -->
Bengali Beauty Raima Sen
2007-08-29 17:51:00
Out of all the sen babes, raima is one who has been neglected much by the bollywood fraternity in terms of roles offered to her. Raima fits more into the classical bengali beauty mode than either of the sen's. Infact she reminds me much of her grandma yesteryear actress Suchitra Sen, mainly because of her alluring mysterious eyes & she looked the hottest even as a plain jane in a saree in Honeymoon Travels. Raima Sen Pics'); } exo(''); -->
Sameera reddy at press meet of Bengali Film
2007-08-25 09:03:00
A press conference of B.A.G. Films & Media Ltd.'s Bengali Film, 'Ami Yasin Arr Amar Madhubala (The Voyeurs)', which is all set to showcase in Toronto, London, and Athens Film Festival in September/October was held at the Grand Hyatt. The film's main lead was present along with the director at the occasion.
Watch Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali movies onilne f
2007-08-16 16:49:00
Copyright Feed Content - OnlineTechTips - Aseem Kishore 18254532AKMK Because of popular demand, I’m writing a post on some of the best places on the net where you can find and watch Hindi, Tamil, etc movies online and for free! In a previous post, I wrote about two places where you could watch free ...
Bengali Jokes
2007-07-18 13:10:00
Q : How does the Bong learn the alphabet?A : A for Orange, B for Bhegetable.... :Q : How does a Bong relax in the evening?A : He goes to the Howrah Breez to get some Brij. :Q : What does the Bong do first in the morning?A : After baking up from hees slip, he removes the bed-shit. :Q: What did a Bengali voyeur say to another?A: Keyhollo?Q: What do u call a firebrand Bong?A: Gun-goli.
Oxford apologises for Bangalore-Bengali goof-up
2007-05-19 13:46:00
Bangalore, May 19 (IANS) The venerable Oxford University Press (OUP) has apologised for the blunders it had committed on the origin and name of Bangalore and Bengalis in its 2005 edition dictionary and has frozen the sale of the copies. “OUP is deeply sorry about the errors that have been brought to our attention…We have frozen ...
Austin marks Bengali New Year Celebration day
2007-04-15 19:49:00
New York, April 15 : Bengalis and South Asians in Austin, Texas, celebrated their traditional New Year with mouth-watering delicacies, ethnic clothes, music and dance, with even the mayor giving recognition to the celebrations.
Bengali beauty Nepal's new vox populi
2007-03-26 09:51:00
By Sudeshna Sarkar, Kathmandu, March 26: Bengalis in India and Bangladesh have a special reason to rejoice the success of Mampi Ghosh, the new voice of the masses in Nepal.
One Bengali stands against Eleven
2007-03-17 17:22:00
Much awaited Indian debut to the world cup ‘07 is underway and Indians are certainly looking rusty in their inaugural contest. The Indians did everything right till the first ball was bowled. ie choosing the right side to test their bench, winning the toss and electing to bat to race away to a quick fiery ...
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