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The Hurt Locker (2008)
2009-09-18 01:12:00
What doesn't kill you (2008)
2009-09-14 01:11:00
A Comparison Between the 2008 Red Sox and the 2009 Red Sox - Conclusion: So
2009-09-12 13:19:00
Victor Martinez and his clutch quotient is rising with each passing day. (AP Photo) I've emerged from the sadness that Labor Day Weekend always seems to present in a calm state of mind after taking a few days of Sawxblog...
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008)
2009-09-12 01:38:00
Coisas boas, previsíveis e adolescentes com miúdos desses que têm sempre tiradas muito giras - 7/10
A Saturn/Neptune quincunx and Financial Crisis 2008
2009-09-12 00:38:00
In July 2009 I made an attempt to relate the cycle of Saturn and Neptune to the 2007-2008 financial crisis, and to my own general misgivings about the original and current forms of our US government.And Saturn's 'cold water' end-of-August conjunction with US natal Neptune @ 22Virgo25, the 'grim reality' transit, has added to the general feelings of gloom in the collective. Reality is having to be faced, and it had better be! If only we could get all our Washington politicians to come clean so we could deal, right?Well, the quincunx (inconjunct), an aspect of 150 degrees, is difficult to deal with at the best of times, which financially we may say these are not. Saturn is form, Neptune is formlessness, and their inconjunct adds to the diffulties as the irreconcilable must be reconciled. Yet fulfilling social obligations and/or doing social work for the common good are two of the aspect's most positive manifestations, so with today being the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, ...
Notification of ITA 2008 needs to be expedited
2009-09-02 05:56:00
 According to a statement by the union IT secretary, the amendments to ITA 2000 may be notified within a month.  The Act was passed in the Parliament in December 2008, Presidential assent was given in February 5, and still the date of effectiveness has not been notified. The history of the amendments indicates that there must ...
Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008
2009-08-29 23:32:00
dayana-mendoza-miss-venezuela,- originally uploaded by valy_popa.
Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008
2009-08-29 23:31:00
VENEZUELA MISS VENEZUELA, originally uploaded by Nadeeeeeea.
Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008
2009-08-29 23:29:00
venezuelan_babe_dayana_mend, originally uploaded by whoozz.
Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008
2009-08-29 23:29:00
DAYANA MENDOZA – VENEZUELA, originally uploaded by sasukenji.
Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008
2009-08-29 23:28:00
Dayana Mendoza 0001, originally uploaded by ????SIØ?.
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza
2009-08-29 23:26:00
Dayana Mendoza bikini, originally uploaded by
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza
2009-08-29 23:24:00
Dayana Mendoza bikini 6, originally uploaded by
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza
2009-08-29 23:24:00
Dayana Mendoza bikini 5, originally uploaded by
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza
2009-08-29 23:23:00
Dayana Mendoza bikini 3, originally uploaded by
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza
2009-08-29 23:23:00
Dayana Mendoza bikini 2, originally uploaded by
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza
2009-08-29 23:22:00
Dayana Mendoza bikini 1, originally uploaded by
Eddie Van Halen: eruption 2008
2009-08-22 22:00:00
Van Halen - Eruption - Live in Baltimore 2008 This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Report: Memphis Tigers to Vacate 2008 Final Four
2009-08-20 09:08:00
Several outlets are reporting that the 2008 University of Memphis Tigers basketball team will be forced by the NCAA to forfeit their 2008 Final Four appearance and record 38 victories. The infractions center around former Tiger, and current Chicago Bulls star, Derrick Rose. Memphis received a notice of allegations from the NCAA in January alleging major ...
Video: Steve Nash's Top Plays From 2008-09
2009-08-19 05:28:00
Steve Nash is still a great point guard. Even though he's at the latter end of his career, he's still very exciting and entertaining. A great player and a great guy, he'll likely never win a title (as the Suns are currently looking). The world can be a cruel place.Anyway, here's the video:Embedded video from NBA Video
Top Social Media Sites 2008
2009-08-18 00:17:00
Top Social Media Sites (ranked by unique worldwide visitors November, 2008; comScore)Blogger (222 million) ***Facebook (200 million)MySpace (126 million)Wordpress (114 million) ***Windows Live Spaces (87 million)Yahoo Geocities (69 million)Flickr (64 million) ***hi5 (58 million)Orkut (46 million)Six Apart (46 million)Baidu Space (40 million)Friendster (31 million) *** (29 million) (24 million)Bebo (24 million)Scribd (23 million) ***Lycos Tripod (23 million)Tagged (22 million)imeem (22 million)Netlog (21 million)Source: TechCrunchRemark: This is 2008 Stats from comscore. Some services shown with *** are banned in Myanmar. Who care! there are lot of platforms still available.Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works. (Virginia Woolf)
Wire and Bead Rings - Crafts Beautiful January 2008: Jewelry
2009-08-11 12:47:00
Create a gorgeous selection of sparkly accessories with buttons, beads and jewellery wire. The simple technique gives stunning results, you’ll be able to make a funky ring to match every outfit.Baseball Cufflinks
Video: Top 10 Blocks From 2008-2009
2009-08-05 21:32:00
Another nice top 10 list from last seasons action. Check it out:Embedded video from NBA Video
President's Weekly Video Address: 8.1.09 + the Eclipses of Aug 2008
2009-08-01 16:20:00
August 1, 2009: President Obama's Weekly Radio Address, 'This Economic Storm Will Pass' is posted here in memory of the August 2008 Solar and Lunar Eclipses which brought to light the financial collapse (manufactured or Oops-We-Did-It-Again though it may be) which all but crashed western markets and those who depend upon them.It's also posted here for you to listen to if you haven't, so spend 5
Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Service Pack 2 Delivers Top Fixes and New Mic
2009-07-24 08:27:00
A majority of Office for Mac users recommend the suite – compatibility is a top reason. Microsoft Corp.’s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) released Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Service Pack 2 (SP2) — a midcycle free update that is designed to improve the Office 2008 experience where it matters most to customers: speed, stability and compatibility. ...
Fernando Miyata: the uncrowned guitar idol 2008?
2009-07-23 22:15:00
OK Fernando Miyata reached his 400th rating! That's in excess of 110,000 views. About 90% of the comments opining Fernando Miyata's rightful air to the guitar idol 2008 crown. Fans feel robbed and judgung by the video views and votes this videos continues to receive, may be they are right? Fernando Miyata: guitar idol 2008 The statistics Total Views: 110,105Comments: 573Favourites:... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Remove Antivirus XP 2008, 2009 Viruses Completely from your Computer [ How
2009-07-19 19:08:00
Windows Update is automatically downloading and installing an antivirus named ?Antivirus XP 2008 or 2009?. Programs named ‘XP Antivirus 2009′, ?XP Virus 2008?, ?’Vista Antivirus 2009′, or ‘Antivirus XP 2009′ are malicious programs disguised as antispyware utilities that are spreading through the Internet. ‘XP Antivirus 2008′ usually comes up after you install a video codec ... Related posts:Download Free AVG 8 Antivirus Working License Serial KeyFree Revo Uninstaller – Remove Software Programs or Applications Completely from your ComputerHow to Remove The Orkut is Banned Virus completelyFree Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security 2009 License Key for 6 MonthsDownload Free BitDefender Antivirus V10 and BitDefender Mobile Security V2How to Remove Vista And Its Boot Loader Completely
Home (2008)
2009-07-16 01:37:00
Despite 2008 Election, Americans Still Moving Right
2009-07-06 20:44:00
As hundreds of thousands of Americans (including my co-blogger) rallied across the country in Tea Parties, protesting larger, more intrusive government and higher taxes, it seems that a growing number of their fellow citizens share their sentiments. Michellelinked a new Gallup survey confirming something which polling data over the past few months has been making manifest, ...
Elegy (2008)
2009-07-05 02:56:00
Paul Gilbert: mr big 1996 and namm 2008
2009-07-03 00:54:00
Paul Gilbert: namm 2008 Paul Gilbert: mr big 1996 This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza
2009-06-24 04:45:00
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza Photo google_ad_client = "pub-3116788360662237";/* 728x90, created 4/18/09 */google_ad_slot = "3467135431";google_ad_width = 728;google_ad_height = 90;//-->src="">
Gustavo Di Padua: 2008 guitar idol 2009 - Yagooor
2009-06-21 10:31:00
Thanks again to Yagooor! This is one of the tracks from Gustavo Di Paduas solo album THE STAIRS. It mixes a lot of Gustavos influences such as hard-rockin riffs, great melodies, vocal lines and of course some serious SHREDDING! =) Gustavo Di Padua - 2008 ((Live Guitar Idol Show 2009, London) HD This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Gustavo Di Padua: 2008 guitar idol 2009
2009-06-19 01:11:00
Gustavo Di Padua: 2008 guitar idol 2009 This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Life Updates SMS and X10 Aug 15 2008
2009-06-11 20:44:00
2008We all get a stomach fluIts a TuesdayWe get some landscaping work doneI talk about X10 lights and SMS email to phonehttpwwwbwebcentralcomemail-fwdphpRead More...
Selecção Bola na Trave ? 2008/09
2009-06-09 13:06:00
Beto ? Leixões João Pereira ? Sp. BragaBruno Alves ? Porto Rolando - Porto Cissocko ? Porto Fernanco ? Porto Raúl Meireles ? Porto Rodriguez ? Porto Ismailov ? Sporting Liedson ? Sporting Nene ? Nacional Manuel Machado ? NacionalRevelação:Hulk ? PortoFernando ? PortoCissocko ? PortoMelhor:Bruno Alves ? PortoLiedson ? SportingNene ? Nacional e Hulk ? PortoDesilusão:Carlos Martins ? BenficaAimar ? BenficaSuazo e Reyes ? BenficaPior:Benitez ? PortoBalboa ? BenficaJorge Ribeiro e Carlos Martins ? Benfica; Pelé - Porto
Gustavo Guerra, Oziel Zinho: guitar idol finalists 2008 and 2009 spotted in
2009-06-09 00:00:00
This video is full of top Brazilian guitar players including Gustavo Guerra, Oziel Zinho the finalists from 2008 and 2009, respectively. Gustavo Guerra Sydnei Carvalho Alex Martinho Ricky Furlani e Ozielzinho em 2006 This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Nominate for MCPA Excellence Award 2008
2009-06-06 14:27:00
????????????? ???????????????? ??????? ?????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????? ????????? ??????????? ??????????????? ??????????? ??????????? Product ? Solution (????) Project ???????? ???????????????? MCPA Excellence Award ????????????????????? ??????????????? ???????????????????????????? ?????????? ????????(??)??? ????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????? ????????? ?????????? ?????? [Nomination Form]????????????? ????????? ???????????????? ???????? [About MCPA Award]Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works. (Virginia Woolf)
BENFICA ? Época 2008/09
2009-05-28 18:51:00
44 jogos, 23 vitórias, 12 empates, 9 derrotas, 72 golos marcados, 47 golos sofridos, 107 cartões amarelos, 6 cartões vermelhos, 8 grandes penalidades a favor, 5 grande penalidades contra Jogador mais utilizado: Maxi, 41 jogos, 3595 minutos Melhor marcador: Cardozo, 17 golos (todos na Liga Sagres) POSITIVO Maxi. De longe o melhor jogador dos encarnados. Nunca vira a cara à luta e dá sempre o máximo em campo. Rúben Amorim. Veio do Belenenses directamente para o 11 titular. Não foi totalmente aproveitado pois jogou grande parte da época a médio direito. Para o ano só pode fazer melhor. Cardozo. Outro que poderia ter sido melhor aproveitado, ainda assim marcou 17 golos no campeonato, mais 4 do que na época passada. Quique. Tem uma forma muito diferente de estar no futebol comparando com os outros treinadores. Portugal não está habituado à forma de estar do Espanhol NEGATIVO Quique. Indifinição táctica e posicional de alguns jogadores, levaram à perda de pontos e à não exploraçã...
Joop Wolters: live in nyc 2008
2009-05-25 12:57:00
News: 23-05-2009: Cheryl Pyle says: the beautiful into and hijaked -song by joop wolters from the first gig in nyc july 2008. i was honored to play on 4 of joop wolter's compositions, and really nice to rehearse with him and work on arranging some flute sections to play. intro + hijaked - joop wolters and cheryl pyle -fat babys - july 24 , 2008 nyc This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Diesel Roskilde Festival Jeans: Hottest Summer Festival Fashion From 2008
2009-05-25 12:00:00
  Last summer, Diesel eans and the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, partnered to create a unique pair of denim jeans that would help concert-goers survive the elements of the summer festival, allowing them to leave still looking fashionable, with clothing in tact. As another season of outdoor concerts, festivals and events approaches, it might be time to break out your Roskilde jeans once again, or if you're not a proud owner of these limited edition fashion items, you might just have to wait to see what innovative fashion will carry you through the festival season this year.
2009-05-25 07:09:00
Entrega del Premio Luz 2008. De izquierda a derecha: Pau Recha (A l’altra banda), Edgar Viladevall (Maximums Ventures), Antoni Mas i Bou, Dámaris Galán (Esencia de Vida), Josep Coll (Sin Papeles), Juan Carlos Juárez (Esencia de Vida) i Carles Reig (O...
Billy Sheehan,Guthrie Govan: lims 2008
2009-05-17 12:02:00
News: 16-05-2009: Billy Sheehan LIMS 2008 Led Boots Performance Pro Shot Billy Sheehan LIMS 2008 Cause We've Ended As Lovers Performance Pro Shot Billy Sheehan LIMS 2008 Interview This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Reducción de módulos para el año 2008
2009-05-14 03:38:00
El pasado 1 de mayo se publicó en el BOE la Orden EHA/1039/2009, de 28 de abril, por la que se reducen para el período impositivo 2008 los índices de rendimiento neto aplicables en el método de estimación objetiva del Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas para las actividades agrícolas y ganaderas afectadas por diversas circunstancias excepcionales y se modifican la magnitud específica y los módulos aprobados para la actividad económica de transporte de mensajería y recadería por la Orden EHA/3413/2008, de 26 de noviembre, por la que se desarrollan para el año 2009 el método de estimación objetiva del Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas y el régimen especial simplificado del Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido.En ContaFiscaMódulos para el año 2.008Más informaciónProcedimientos TelemáticosFotografíaunida.astu-ries
Tripp Ranks Among the Top Baby Names of 2008
2009-05-12 21:11:00
I just noticed that Tripp ranked among the top 1,000 baby boy names in the nation for the first time ever in 2008. (Specifically, it was 926th.) Sarah Palin's grandson Tripp wasn't born until the 27th of December, so news of his birth couldn't have had too much influence on the ...
Bellagio - Cafe Bellagio 2008
2009-05-12 08:29:00
Slow service as always, entrees suck, as always, but desserts are delicious as always.CLICK HERE for pics from 2007CLICK HERE for pics from 2006Grilled Tiger Shrimp Salad $17They split the salad for us.Bellagio Spa Omelet (comes with toast) $13Egg whites, grilled asparagus, lettuce, tomatoesWolfgang's Wiener Schnitzel $28Lightly breaded veal cutlet, sauteed crisp fingerling potatoes and glazed carrotsDon't order this.Tropical Mango Smoothie $7 eachShrimp Cocktail $14I thought shrimp cocktail should be served in cocktail glassGrilled Oriental Chicken Salad $14.25Water chestnuts, almonds, bean sprouts, bell peppers, napa cabbage, sesame emulsion10 oz. Boneless Rib Eye Steak $31Fingerling potatoes, market vegetables, black peppercorn sauceCaramelized Ham Steak $13Yogurt Parfait $8.50Fudge Cake $8Banana Split $8Creme Brulee Trio $8menu 2008Rating (food): 3 / 5Rating (service): 2 / 5Repeat: Yes for free
Most Popular Baby Names of 2008
2009-05-09 21:53:00 they are! Top Boy Names Top Girl Names Jacob (no change) Michael (always #2!) Ethan (no change) Joshua (no change) Daniel (no change) Alexander (was #11) Anthony (was #7) William (no change) Christopher (was #6) Matthew (was #9) Emma (was #2 in 2007) Isabella (no change) Emily (was #1) Madison (was #5) Ava (was #4) Olivia (was #7) Sophia (was #6) Abigail (was #8) Elizabeth (was #10) Chloe (was #16) The first ...
Bellagio - Noodles 2008
2009-05-09 08:56:00
This was back in 2008, when we got our food comped. This place is open late, that's a good thing. Usually they serve food pretty fast. We hated this place back in 2006, it was awful, but in 2007 and 2008, it was much better. I wonder if the chef has been changed.CLICK HERE for pics from 2007CLICK HERE for pics from 2006Thai Iced Tea $5 eachMiso Soup $4Agedashi $6.50 ($7 now)crispy bean curd served with light soy sauceWe liked it.Calamari $10.50 ($11 now)I liked it. I mean, I always like calamari.Hainanese Chicken Rice $20.50 ($21 now)fragrant rice and broth with home-made chili sauceI hate boiled or steamed or roasted chicken, so there's no way I'm eating this. But my husband loved it. I think if you like Hainanese chicken, you'll like it.Salt and Pepper Maine Live Lobster $48.50 (market price)It can't be bad. It's $49. It was good. Congee $9I liked it. All these toppings make the taste better.Potstickers $8pork and vegetable dumplingsMalaysian-style Roti Prata $8pan-fried thi...
2008 Most Popular Baby Names – Top 10 Baby Names
2009-05-09 01:14:00
The U.S. Social Security Administration has released its annual list of the top baby names for 2008. The most popular baby name for boys is Jacob for the 10th consecutive year, while Emma tops the girls’ name list. Check out the Top Ten Baby Names Boys/Girls Below Top 10 Baby Boys’ Names: 1. Jacob 2. Michael 3. Ethan 4. Joshua 5. Daniel 6. Alexander 7. Anthony 8. William 9. Christopher 10. Matthew Top 10 Baby Girls’ Names: 1. Emma 2. Isabella 3. Emily 4. Madison 5. Ava 6. Olivia 7. Sophia 8. Abigail 9. Elizabeth 10. Chloe
Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition) (2008)
2009-05-05 12:39:00
Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) doesn?t expect much when she moves to the small town of Forks, Washington, until she meets the mysterious and handsome Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)?a boy who?s hiding a dark secret: he?s a vampire. As their worlds and hearts collide, Edward must battle the bloodlust raging inside him as well as a coterie of undead that would make Bella their prey. Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling sensation by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight adds a dangerous twist to the classic story of star-crossed lovers.DVD features: * Presented in widescreen format only * Audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson * Muse music video: "Super Massive Black Hole" * Paramore music video: "Decode" * Linkin Park music video: "Leave Out All the Rest" * Five extended scenes with director introductions * Five deleted scenes with director introductions * Seven-part documentary: "The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen" * Comic-Con "fan...
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