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There is no biological law that says the body must wear out, that we must age, that we must die. Hypothetically, it should be easy enough to live forever as the energy expenditure for maintaining the present structure pales in comparison to the expen
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Improve Your Decision-Making
2008-05-19 02:03:00
Evolution has gifted us the most complicated entity yet found on Earth: our minds. But in many ways the mind is also a clumsy, cobbled together contraption with many predictable flaws. In his new book Professor Gary Marcus of New York University likens the mind to a ''kluge'' - an engineering term meaning a clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.To combat the ''klugey'' nature of our minds, Professor Marcus provides 13 quick techniques based on psychological research to help us combat its inherent flaws in decision-making. 1. Whenever possible, consider .........
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Bright Lights
2008-05-17 04:18:00
"The 20th anniversary of the publication of [Roger] Ebert''s Two Weeks in the Midday Sun: A Cannes Notebook - perhaps the best book ever written about experiencing the Cannes Film Festival - gives us an excellent occasion to revisit this classic and consider just how the Cannes of today has changed, or failed to change, since the 1980s," writes Kenneth T Rivers in a timely piece for the new issue of Bright Lights Film Journal (in which editor Gary Morris suggests that something big and, above all, bright is in the works, details of which are to be divulged .........
What's Your Break Up Style
2008-04-07 02:36:00
What's your break up .........
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Water - H2O = Life
2008-03-31 00:53:00
Water is a common chemical substance that is essential to all known forms of life. In typical usage, water refers only to its liquid form or state, but the substance also has a solid state, ice, and a gaseous state, water vapor. About 1,460 teratonnes of water covers 71% of the Earth''s surface, mostly in oceans and other large water bodies.Employed by cultures around the world in rituals and ceremonies, water bathes us from birth to death. Water is essential to life as we know .........
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Why Psychology is Not
2008-03-10 01:52:00
, and work on from there. These types of findings are the best evidence for how much more psychology is than just common sense. Ultimately what really sets psychology apart from common sense is the scientific method.Ultimately what really sets psychology apart from common sense is the scientific method. Psychology tests common sense ideas about people (along with some nonsensical ideas) to try and find out the truth. Sometimes common sense is proved right, other times not. But, again, let''s not be too down on common sense. While psychologists are usually sensitive and .........
2008-03-02 14:55:00
When I came across this near the pines, I was stumped. The tree that this once was grew near my northwest corner in some deep, good, completely un-Ozark type soil. It is close to but not right on the fence, and there are plenty of other trees of its same size growing nearby. It’s not apparent why this particular tree was taken while so many around it were .........
Cool Place: Vanuatu
2008-02-13 02:49:00
Sparkling beaches may just be every island vacation dream, but Vanuatu has a little something special. This group of 83 islands offers mountainous spaces of volcanic origin and plenty of space for the adventurous types to poke around in the wilderness. Take a guide, boat between islands, and consider camping in a village retreat overnight for a truly mind-blowing .........
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2008-01-24 02:29:00
Do you have .........
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Cool Pick: Bold Scarves
2008-01-09 05:12:00
Looking for a quick way to get celeb style and not spend a fortune? Bold scarves are the way to go. Whether you find one at for a discounted rate or at eLuxury for a pretty penny, you can channel the right look, and fast. .........
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Is Happier Always Better?
2007-12-20 06:05:00
People around the world value happiness - that is, feeling good - above intelligence, success and even material wealth (Diener & Oishi, 2006). This makes sense because happiness is associated with so many positive outcomes: satisfaction with personal relationships, better jobs, better performance in those jobs and a higher income. But happiness is much more complex than this. For example dissatisfaction with our current job probably helps motivate us to get a better one. A person who is happy with their job is less likely to strive for a change. In our relationships, though, less .........
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Buying Christmas Gifts for Her
2007-12-16 15:17:00
It's that time of year. You need to buy Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. And there's a name on that list that you're just not sure about. Maybe you've only gone on one or two dates with her but you're planning on seeing her again. You think that a gift is in order but you haven't been seeing each other long enough to be sure. You want her to know she's starting to be special to you but you don't want a gift that says you're more interested than you .........
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Future scanner
2007-12-11 03:59:00
Want to take a look into the future to plan your future strategy? That's anyone's guess. But now offers the Future Scanner , a vaguely Digg-tool that gives some hints of future directions. From cell phones with mini-projectors hitting the market next year to GM introducing an electronic car in 2010.Not the best designed site, which means it won't appeal to everyone, but it's worth a peek.As for predicting the future, it's still fraught because unexpected stuff will always keep happening. Think of 9/11, think of the rise of Google. I explore .........
The best season
2007-11-20 02:44:00
I believe I have mentioned here once or twice that fall is my favorite season. It always makes me reflective. For some reason I begin to think about all of the things I meant to do, and I plot and plan how I might get them done sooner or later or not at .........
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Brick Lane
2007-11-20 01:54:00
"Sarah Gavron''s feature version of Monica Ali''s novel represents a modest slimming down of the original''s dimensions; what emerges could almost be described as a chamber-piece, set in one cramped east London flat," writes Peter Bradshaw. "Perhaps venturing out into the real Brick Lane would have been impolitic, considering the unedifying row that surrounded its filming, and some might argue that there is a sense of withdrawal or retreat in the movie as a whole." The Guardian also offers an accompanying "quick world tour" of major cities as they''ve been depicted on .........
Different Versions Of The Mona Lisa
2007-11-02 02:06:00
Different versions of the Mona Lisa .With Marilyn Manson, Barbie, Paris Hilton, and yes, even Osama Bin Laden.(via constant ravings)
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The Great Fall sweater/coat debate
2007-10-22 03:13:00
I don't know about you but I LOVE fall. I love the warm coats, the soft sweaters, the feeling of being all bundled up and don't forget the hot chocolate, yummy! Ok, I am getting a little ahead of myself here with all the hot chocolate talk, let's get back to the clothes. One dilemma I often face is sweater alone or sweater with jacket during these cool fall days, most times I opt for sweater alone, but often I pick a heavier sweater. Here are two of my favorites.They may be famous for their bras and underwear but their sweaters are simply divine. This one is long enough .........
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A Cheap Way To Whiten Your Teeth
2007-10-19 04:04:00
The best way yet to get whiter teeth using cheap house hold items. The preparation and time to do this is less than 5 minutes. Amazing results!
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Shorts, 10 -16
2007-10-19 03:55:00
"The movies made during the studio era - what the cineastes have dubbed 'the classical Hollywood cinema' - are, along with jazz, America's best creative work from the late 1920s to about 1950." And yet, "ny Hollywood history illuminates the dichotomy between those movies that the system most highly prized and those we love now, raising some doubts about the much-vaunted 'genius of the system.'" The Atlantic Monthly's Benjamin Schwarz reviews Dark Victory: The Life of Bette Davis, What Happens Next: A History of American Screenwriting and The Star .........
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My Kid Could Paint That.
2007-10-09 05:15:00
"Amir Bar-Lev's [My Kid Could Paint That] may take its title from the ultimate philistine lament, but its beef is as much with the people who fork over millions for abstract smears as it is with the folks who cloud the line one interviewee draws between 'prodigy' and 'freak' when it comes to its controversial four-year-old subject," writes Fernando F Croce at .........
Tricholomopsis rutilans
2007-10-09 01:01:00
Monika F (aka monika & manfred@Flickr) is the contributor of today's photograph (original via BPotD Flickr Pool). Thank .........
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Sad Vacation.
2007-10-03 13:25:00
"Director Shinji Aoyama made the brilliant 2000 feature Eureka, and this narrative both refers to the earlier film and builds upon it," writes J Robert Parks, offering a first impression of Sad Vacation . "I found the unwieldy story compelling, and the themes of parents and children, revenge and forgiveness are explored with verve, if not .........
Trailer Safety Tips From Lucille Ball
2007-10-03 04:20:00
Via Youtube - Via Youtube - This is clip from the movie, "The Long Long trailer"  Lucy gets herself into some trouble in the back of a .........
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Coach Bleecker Duffle Sac Purse
2007-10-03 04:10:00
The original Coach Duffle Sac, produced in the early 70's, has been brought back from the dead and reinterpreted for today to be featured in Coach's latest Bleecker Collection. Available in a couple sizes (price range $328 to $448) and in a bunch of dark natural colors - Bottle green, British tan, Cora black, Ink blue, Rust, Wine and Brass Putty. I'm not a huge fan of the earth-tone colors. Well the blue-ish ink color is kinda cool, but nothing for me to go crazy about. So if you are like me and are looking for a bleecker bag with a little bit more lively color, then mark your calendars, .........
Fierce People.
2007-09-13 05:00:00
Nick Schager at Slant on Fierce People : "Director Griffin Dunne's ability to elicit fine performances from [Diane] Lane and [Donald] Sutherland, who share a mature, authentic chemistry, initially overshadows the easy-target critique supplied by Dirk Wittenborn's script (from his own novel). Yet after many soft jabs at its spoiled affluent cretins, Fierce People takes a thoroughly ill-advised wrong turn into male-rape .........
2007-09-05 05:05:00
I was sitting here, chewing my pencil, conscious that I'd not added anything to this list for a while, wondering what I should add. Then it struck me - pencils. They're good. They're ordinary. They're probably even interesting, I remember being interested by the pencil museum in Keswick. And by Henry Petroski's book, which I've got somewhere. And I also remember reading about the discontinuation of the Blackwing, apparently the best pencil ever, only now available on ebay. Maybe I could order one from there and write about how good it felt to write with it. But when I googled 'best pencil in .........
The Nines.
2007-09-01 14:58:00
The Nines is "an intriguing, episodic film that starts out genuinely creepy and funny and ends up like an overblown Twilight Zone episode," writes Andrew O'Hehir at Salon. "Hell, at least it's a good Twilight Zone episode. [John] August's directing debut - he's a veteran screenwriter who's penned several films for Tim Burton, including Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride - occasioned a certain amount of yammer at Sundance last winter, but I honestly can't see much here to discuss. By all means see the film; it's an ingenious, interlocking construction worthy of .........
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Great Racing at the 2007 Monterey Historics
2007-08-26 13:50:00
I may as well be blowing in the wind with this thought but when I attended the Mont erey Classics Week last year I found myself wishing the accompanying vintage races at Laguna Seca could be held at a different time of year. Yes, the Monterey Historics are a natural tie-in to Pebble Beach but with three days of competition it became a matter of Laguna vs. the Concours. I couldn't afford to miss the latter yet wanted to see all three days of historic racing, for this is one of the best vintage race weekends in America. I settled for just one day, which I didn't enjoy as much as I .........
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Want to Snag a Bite Off Another's Plate?
2007-08-26 11:09:00
There is always that one thing on someone's plate that you are dying to try: the potatoes, that shrimp, that chocolate mousse- even a few fries! Typically you either have to wait to the other personn looks away and move super fast and hope you don't get caught OR you have to ask them and then juggle forks, plates etc - or risk them saying no. .........
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Helianthus annuus hybrid
2007-08-26 02:42:00
This is the backlit leaf of a giant sunflower growing in the Food Garden here at UBC Botanical Garden. Despite the general cloudiness of this past summer, a few of these plants have easily exceeded 3.5m (~12ft) in .........
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Competitive Advantage Means?
2007-08-23 00:21:00
More and more industry are indulging themselves with outsourcing as they realize that outsourcing would be a great tool for a competitive advantage over other .........
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