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Parenting Today's Teens
Tips for parents of teen who are struggling with life and peer issues.
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Teen Girls and Sexual Identity
2008-10-25 01:41:00
Today’s teens are influenced by a culture that, in many ways, fosters great confusion about sexual identity. Kids are encouraged by their idols and classmates to act on their feelings, and”anything goes.” Teens doing whatever they want, along with a newfound acceptance and outright promotion of homosexual lifestyles, culminates in a confusion for even well-schooled ...
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Boys to Men
2008-10-15 04:31:00
Life for a 15-year-old boy can be a tough time, and even more difficult when parents begin making greater demands that force him to begin taking more and more responsibility for himself.
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Ten Steps to Maturity For Teenage Boys
2008-09-19 23:01:00
Fifteen is the age when a boy moves into manhood while still holding on to the boyish ways of childhood. It is a time when parents need to be extra vigilant to help him make it through the transition smoothly, and therefore not get stuck at this stage for several years.
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Failed First Flights
2008-09-09 00:28:00
Wanna Know WhatYouCan Do to Guarantee thatYour Children Won’t Fall Prey to Drugs, Sex and Peer Pressure in the Teen Years? By Mark Gregston ( I often talk to people who believe that teaaching good values, taking their kids to church every time the doors are open, putting them in a religious school and promoting family togetherness ...
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Teen Spin Control
2008-09-02 03:11:00
Are you dealing with a struggling teen in your home? Are emotions running high and hope running low? I’d like to offer you some advice to help you find peace in the midst of this struggle. There is nothing worse than living with a struggling teenwho is spinning out of control, and no worse feeling than ...
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The Dream Teen
2008-08-15 20:44:00
When we first hold our newborns, their whole life, all the possibilities, flash through our minds. Will she be a dancer? Will he be a jock? I want her to do this. He needs to be like this. As our children grow, we are able to live out those dreams for our children with them for ...
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What If Your Teenager is Pregnant?
2008-08-11 23:59:00
If you ever getthe news that yourunmarried teenage daughter is pregnant, let me assure you of something…you will get through it, and God will honor His word to cause all things to work together for good. I’ve seen what many would think be the worst of situations turned into the most wonderful of opportunities. Even though ...
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Your Teen?s Selfishness
2008-08-08 00:49:00
What have you done today to help your teenager grow in maturity? Some parents feed their teen’s selfishness into adult years by continuing to rotate their life around them. I tell parents that at age 15 it istime for them tobegin aggressively helping their teen get over a selfish mindset. Instead ofalways wanting to be “served” ...
Ten Ways to Rebuild a Relationship With a Teen
2008-08-05 07:49:00
Relationships thrive in settings where everyone agreesthat nobody is perfect. Unconditional love isfundamental forbuildinghealthy relationships with teenage children who will test their parents and their rules in every possible way. When they do, a busy, stressed-out parent can often react in ways that don’t always convey unconditional love. If that sounds like you, maybe you need to ...
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The Shut-Up Challenge
2008-07-18 20:59:00
There is nothing more destructive to your relationship with your adolescent child than constant lecturing, moralizing, and warning. There is nothing so demeaning as assuming your child can’t think for himself. There is nothing so disrespectful as throwing your child’s mistakes back in his face and condemning him. Keep in mind that I am referring to ...
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Teens Who Demand and Parents Who Don?t
2008-07-15 17:44:00
Teens today seemmuch moredemanding than recent generations. That’s relatively new, but what’s not new is that teens arealso less mature today. Add the two together and what you get is kids whoexpect their parents tobe a walking, breathing ATM machine. Parents who continually meet the financial demands of a teen fail to realizethatthey are unwittingly postponing ...
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Independence Day Getting Later for Today?s Teens
2008-07-02 22:19:00
The definition of “independence” isdifferentfor the 18-year-olds of today. Fact is, fewer work or go on to college right out of high school. More remain dependent on Mom and Dad, whohouse and support them for longerthan parents have done so in the past. Independence day for these kids seems to be coming later and laterin ...
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Connecting With Your Teen
2008-06-23 21:14:00
When was the last time your teenage son or daughter asked your opinion? Does your child listen to you and discuss life’s significant issues and difficulties?In other words, do you have meaningful, two-way dialogues, or does most of your communication tend to be one way? I’ve found that the best way to build better communiction with ...
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When Adult Children Return to Live At Home
2008-06-02 17:07:00
When a parent allows a son or daughter tobecome dependent on them well into adulthood, they aren’t doing themselves or that child any favors. I recently received thismessage by e-mail from a father who is struggling with his stepson who is still living at home, though he is 25 years old. Here’s what he wrote: “I ...
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Could You Be the Prodigal?
2008-05-17 01:03:00
In a world where parentsindulge their kids witheverything they want,it would seem that these kids would be especially grateful. Instead, a generation has becomeselfish, self-centered, and unprepared for real life. Adictionary definition ofa “prodigal”is “one who spends or gives lavishly and foolishly.” You may think your teenager is acting like a prodigal these days, but have ...
The Hidden Culprit of Teen Troubles
2008-05-08 21:13:00
Whether or not you think it can happen in your Christian home, your teenager is most likely experimenting with drugs or alcohol. I say that because you probably wouldn’t be reading this article unless you were already having problems with your teen. It’s always surprising to me when parents ask for my help, and then list ...
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When An Adult Child Makes Bad Decisions
2008-04-18 17:48:00
When a child becomes an adult and is old enough to make his own decisions, or is living on his own, it is no longer within our power to control much in their life. It is, however, within our power to manage our relationship with that child.
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Parenting 201
2008-04-08 17:55:00
Have your ever left for work in the morning, leisurely driving along while merrily sipping your coffee, confident in the fact that you’ll arrive a few minutes early, only to turn into the parking lot and suddenly realize that you forgot something back at home that you absolutely needed that day? Then it becomes a mad ...
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Know Pain Know Gain
2008-04-06 08:13:00
If pain were knocking on your door, you wouldn’t welcome him, invite him in, or help him in any way. You would send him to the next neighborhood, reassuring him that he was at the wrong address. Parents in trouble with their teen call me when they are in pain and need help, but I’ve learned ...
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No Quick Fixes for Teen Behavior Problems
2008-03-27 04:18:00
I see as many problems surface from the unrealistic expectations of parents of struggling teenagers as I do with teenagers themselves. In some ways parental issues are tougher to address than a teen’s. Parents often think that their teen’s problems can be fixed with the right formula, medication, or educational bandage, just like the cut ...
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Teen Modesty in a Culture of Seduction
2008-03-15 18:03:00
Remember the crazy fads in the late 60’s and 70’s?  The tie-dyed shirts, the beads, headbands, and the peace symbols? When I was in high school my dad hated my bushy sideburns and long hair, my purple bell bottoms and boots that came up over my knees.  It was a fad to look like the rock idols of the day and that look was in.  My dress made no sense to my parents, but it made a lot of sense to me at the time.  I bet there are things your parents didn’t like about the way you dressed as a teenager. Chances are, you don’t still dress that way, and when you look at those old pictures you may giggle, as I do, about how foolish you looked back then. Today, I mostly hear from concerned parents of teenage girls who want to dress too seductively. They wonder how to deal with the issue of seduction when it has become so pervasive in our culture. Teens today live in a world of sexual innuendo, where outward packaging and presentation is all important. The...
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Teens Can Be Cooler Online
2008-03-03 06:56:00
Online networking sites offerteens a place to post videos, music, images, comments, thoughts, and wallpaper in any form they want. They can express whatever they want to whomever they want. They can invite people into their “home,” and limit who enters their “home.” They present themselves as they want to be presented. They form groups, ...
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Your Teen and the Internet
2008-02-27 19:06:00
Do you remember the old Star Trek television shows and those futuristic gadgets they used to communicate with each other? It seemed so far-fetched at the time, but today it is mostly a reality and deeply ingrained in our culture, especially among teenagers. My concern is that whileteenshave more ways to communicate than ever before,theyare ...
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Troubled Teen Triggers
2008-02-22 06:55:00
Do your parents know everything that happened every minute ofyour childhood? Probably not. Neither do youknow everything that has happened in your teenager’s life. Events in our childhoodcan impact the way we relate and act in our teenage years and sometimes for the rest of our lives. Past happenings may lead us to feel that we ...
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Teens and Self-Control
2008-02-16 20:55:00
Parenting teens is not just about caring for their physical and educational needs. It’s also about training your teen to handle what life will later dish out, withbody and soul intact. It’s about teaching self-control. After all, your child will spend 80% of his lifetime away from you. So, you need to ask yourself this question: ...
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Rulemaking Versus Ruling Your Home
2008-02-01 06:49:00
Some parents mix the idea of rulemaking with ruling their home. Reasonable rulemaking and proper boundaries will help a teenager mature into a confident adult, while living under a “ruler” can lead to frustration, rebellionand eroded self-esteem. Which kind of home is yours? One that has rules or one that is ruled? Rules for your home ...
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A Fitting Response to a Teen?s Need to Fit In
2008-01-27 07:05:00
Do you recall some stupid things you did as a teenager? I do, and I’m sure you do, too. I guess that’s why many of us parents work overtime to help our teenagers avoid such embarrassment. But unfortunately, these life lessons cannot be learned any other way. Experiencing and becoming embarrassed by our own immaturity ...
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Connecting with Your Teen
2008-01-15 17:17:00
One would think it is becoming easier to connect with our teenagers todaywith all of the newer, faster, and easierways to communicate. We have chat,e-mail, VOIP, SKYPE, instant messaging, cell phones, text messagingand voicemail. Butare they really doing anything toimproveyour parental communications? Lately I was in a conversation where plenty of information was transferred, lips were ...
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Try a Different Approach
2008-01-03 23:06:00
Have you ever had a child balk at your ideas or run from your suggestions, even when you know life could be better if they followed your advice? Do you have a teen that would rather do it “their way” and not “your way?” Let me offer someadvice from a lesson I learned when our ...
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Parenting Lessons from Knox and Nash
2008-01-03 23:06:00
Have you ever had a child balk at your ideas or run from your suggestions, even when you know life could be better if they followed your advice? Do you have a teen that would rather do it “their way” and not “your way?” Let me offer someadvice from a lesson I learned when our ...
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