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The Song of the Stone Wall
2008-04-25 20:55:00
By Helen KellerCome walk with me, and I will tellWhat I have read in this scroll of stone;I will spell out this writing on hill and meadow.It is a chronicle wrought by praying workmen,The forefathers of our nation--Leagues upon leagues of sealed history awaiting an interpreter.This is New England's tapestry of stoneAlive with memories that throb and quiverAt the core of the agesAs the prophecies of old at the heart of God's Word.The walls have many things to tell me,And the days are long. I come and listen:My hand is upon the stones, and the tale I fain would hearIs of the men who built the walls,And of the God who made the stones and the workers.With searching feet I walk beside the wall;I plunge and stumble over the fallen stones;I follow the windings of the wallOver the heaving hill, down by the meadow-brook,Beyond the scented fields, by the marsh where rushes grow.On I trudge through pine woods fragrant and coolAnd emerge amid clustered pools and by rolling acres of rye.The wa...
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The Amazing Story of Helen Keller
2008-04-25 12:17:00
Helen Keller was born in Alabama, U.S. on June 27, 1880. An illness diagnosed as 'brain fever' at the time left her deaf and blind when she was only nineteen months of age. She spent the first years of her life in isolation, cut off from the world and having little understanding of what was going on around her. However, in March, 1887, when she was less than seven years old, she met the person who was going to change her life. Anne Mansfield Sullivan, a 20-year-old graduate of the Perkins School for the Blind, came to their house and undertook the difficult task of teaching Helen. Soon the little girl grew attached of her teacher and the two became inseparable. The bond between them became stronger and stronger as time went by and it could only be broken by Anne's death in 1936.The amazing methods Anne used to help the little blind and deaf girl overcome her disability and become aware of the world around her are described by Helen in her autobiography entitled The Story of My Li...
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Crossword Puzzles
2008-04-21 18:54:00
To introduce your word in the puzzle, click OK. To find out the correct word, click Solve. To verify yourself click Check Puzzle.Choose a puzzle...Unique Animals | Bible Characters | Internet-Related
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A Prayer for Friends
2008-04-18 10:32:00
Lord God, as somebody so beautifully put it, 'friends are the family we choose for ourselves'. In a world where everything seems so unstable and brother turns against brother, there is nothing more comforting than the thought of having faithful friends who are always ready to offer us their help and support.You taught us, Lord, to love one another as you had loved us and that there is no greater love for a man than to give his life for his friends. Through your life and personal example you gave us a lesson on what true friendship means. Help us follow you and be good friends to our friends. Fill us with your Holy Spirit, so that we can find the right words to pray for them and to thank you for bringing them in our lives.And as we pray, from the depth of our heart and mind, we say to you: Lord God, watch over my friends. Protect them from all evil and harm and never leave them when they are in need as they have never left me when I was in need. Be their helper and comforter as the...
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Teach Us How To Pray
2008-04-18 10:25:00
Lord God, my mind is too small to understand the miracle of prayer. All I know is that it's the best way of communicating with you we've got so far and I thank you for it with all my heart and my soul. Teach us how to pray in an efficient way. Teach us how to pray so that our prayer is heard and answered. Work in our hearts, make our lives worthy of you, so that when we pray, we do it in such a way that is pleasant in your eyes.So many times we ask for irrelevant things, thinking that we know what's best for us. Help us understand that you know better, because to you nothing is hidden and you know all the things we don't know. Teach us to surrender to your will and pray like Jesus in the Lord's Pray er: 'Thy will be done'. Give us inner peace and comfort as we come to the realization that everything works out for our good and that, as long as we stick with you, nothing wrong can happen to us.Fill our whole hearts and minds with faith, hope and love and let the spring of everla...
How To Be A Prayer Warrior, by Michael Heindel
2008-03-31 19:22:00
A prayer warrior is an individual who is willing to prayer for others out of the goodness of their heart and with no expectations of reward or payment. Prayer warriors may not personally know the individuals they are praying for but they pray for them as if they were a beloved family member or friend. The prayer of a prayer warrior is specific to the needs of the individual in need of prayer, filled with love and compassion for the individual in need of prayer and made with complete faith that God will answer the prayer according to His divine plan.Being a prayer warrior is not always easy but it is something that everyone has the capabilities to achieve. The requirements of a prayer warrior include understanding the importance of prayer, believing that all prayers are answered, desiring to open your heart to all of God's people and most importantly being available to pray for others each and every day. The need for prayer never ceases and prayer warriors should be willing to offer...
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Prayer for Our Loved Ones
2008-03-28 21:52:00
My Lord Jesus, you taught us that faith can move mountains. You also taught us that we should only ask and we will be given. While you were here on Earth, you cured ailments and diseases the doctors had given up on and you raised people from the dead. You taught us the power of prayer and belief and that we should pray with confidence, as if we've already received the thing we are asking for.To you, Master, I turn today, with my heart full of hope and confidence, knowing that no prayer will return from you unanswered and no request unresolved. Also knowing that all things work for our good and that you always choose what is right for us. In your name I pray to the Father of all, Creator of the Universe, and cry in the middle of the night: Father, watch over the ones I love! You know the depth of each one of them and you love them all with a love as fresh as roses and as unchanged as eternity. Never walk away from them. Never leave them struggle alone. Be their friend and comforter ...
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Mother Teresa Quotes
2008-03-26 09:36:00
Words that touch the heart and enlighten the mind. Words that speak of a life dedicated to loving and caring beyond any human boundaries. Words of wisdom and of a faith that defies reason.Rather than reading these quotes as separate statements, read them as a whole, as the creed of a lifetime, the testament of a beautiful soul for the generations to come.''Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.''Mother Teresa''God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.''Mother Teresa ''We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.''Mother Teresa''Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start. ''Mother Teresa''Jesus said love one another. He didn't say love the whole world.''Mother Teresa''If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.''Mother Teresa''Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.''Mother Tere...
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Prayer for Peace and Wisdom
2008-03-25 14:55:00
 Dear God , our Friend, our Father. Fulfill the work you've started in our lives. Work in our church. Heal old wounds and remove old adversities. Bring us closer together and make us realize that you are one and that we're all one in your name. Help us overcome our earthly nature that longs for power and recognition. Make us never forget that our important work here on earth is to be messengers of your goodness and to reflect your love in everything we say and do.So many times we act like children, letting our feelings and desires overcome our reason. So many times we let minor issues blind our faith and darken our perspective. Help our spirit grow and make our faith stronger, so that we can fulfill the work you've entrusted us. There are so many people around us who need our love and support; so many lives that have no direction; so many souls that are like sheep without a shepherd. Help us bring the breeze of hope and comfort into each and every one of them. Make us wake up...
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Happy Easter
2008-03-23 17:15:00
May God bless you all who celebrate Easter today and bring His holy light into your lives and souls.
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Quotes by Harry Emerson Fosdick
2008-03-17 09:50:00
 "For religion is something more than all the creeds that have endeavoured to express its thought. Religion is something more than all the organizations that have tried to incarnate its purposes. Religion is the human spirit, by the grace of God, seeking and finding an interpretation of experience that puts sense and worth, dignity, elevation, joy, and hope into life.""To exist is one thing; to live is another. Existence is comprised of the bare facts of life alone--the universe in which we live, our heritage and birth, our desires and their satisfactions, growth, age and death. All the facts that science can display before us comprise existence. But life is something more. Life is existence clothed in spiritual meanings; existence seen with a worthy purpose at the heart of it and hope ahead, existence informed by the spirit's insights and understandings, transfigured and glorified by the spirit's faiths and hopes. It follows, therefore, that while existence is given us to st...
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What Christ has done for us
2008-03-17 09:38:00
 Jesus Christ : he has given us the most glorious interpretation of life's meaning that the sons of men have ever had. The fatherhood of God, the friendship of the Spirit, the sovereignty of righteousness, the law of love, the glory of service, the coming of the Kingdom, the eternal hope--there never was an interpretation of life to compare with that. If life often looks as though his interpretation were too good to be true, we need not be surprised. Few things in the universe are as superficially they look. The earth looks flat and, as long as we gaze on it, it never will look any other way, but it is spherical for all that. The earth looks stationary and if we live to be as old as Methuselah we never will see it move, but it is moving--seventy-five times faster than a cannon ball! The sun looks as though it rose in the east and set in the west, and we never can make it look any other way, but it does not rise nor set at all. So far as this earth is concerned, the sun is standing s...
Prayer for Spiritual Healing
2008-03-13 15:12:00
My Lord, there are so many unsaid prayers in my heart. But you can hear beyond words and understand beyond phrases. You can read our most intimate thoughts and see our deepest fears and desires. Let us not be overwhelmed by them. Let us not be tormented by the things we cannot put into words. Look beyond the surface and heal our hidden wounds. For you alone have unconstrained access to those places. You understand the cause and the effect and the source of all our problems and concerns. Clear the dark corners of our being and bring sunshine into each and every one of them.AMEN
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Prayer for Comfort and Guidance
2008-03-13 15:06:00
My Lord, look at me from your divine sky and search my heart. See if there is any wrong in me and cure me. My soul longs for you and my being is thirsty for your living water. Bring comfort and hope into my life. Teach me your holy will, light the path in front of me, so that i know which way to go. There are so many times I stumble on this road, catch me and don't let me fall. Hold me in your arms like a loving father. Let the warmth of your love keep me warm in the cold winter nights like a cosy fluffy coat. When I feel lonely and scared, comfort me with loving words like a mother comforts her child. Pour into me the courage and the strength to go on through this life and make the best of it in spite of all the hardships and the adversities. Let me live my life in accordance with your will, so that I have no regrets at the end.AMEN
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A Prospect of Heaven
2008-03-11 13:09:00
By C. M. WattsThere is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign; Eternal day excludes the night, And pleasures banish pain.There everlasting spring abides, And never-withering flowers: Death, like a narrow sea, divides This heavenly land from ours.Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood Stand dressed in living green: So to the Jews old Canaan stood, And Jordan rolled between.O could we make our doubts remove,-- Those gloomy doubts that rise,-- And see the Canaan that we love With unbeclouded eyes.Could we but climb where Moses stood, And view the landscape o'er,-- Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood, Should fright us from the shore.Taken from Hymns for Christian Devotion, by J.G. Adams and E.H. Chapin
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Prayers for Children (and not only)
2008-03-11 12:40:00
Jesus, help my eyes to seeAll the good Thou sendest me.Jesus, help my ears to hearCalls for help from far and near.Jesus, help my feet to goIn the way that Thou wilt show.Jesus, help my hands to doAll things loving, kind, and true.Jesus, may I helpful be,Growing every day like Thee. Amen.Now I awake and see the light;Lord, Thou hast kept me through the night.To Thee I lift my voice and prayThat Thou wilt keep me through the day.If I should die before 'tis done,O God, accept me through Thy Son! Amen.At the close of every day,Lord, to Thee I kneel and pray.Look upon Thy little child,Look in love and mercy mild.O forgive and wash awayAll my naughtiness this day,And both when I sleep and wakeBless me for my Savior's sake. Amen.O Thou, from whom all blessings flow,I lift my heart to Thee;In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,Dear Lord, remember me. Amen.Lord, gracious God, I cry to Thee,Still bless me with Thy favor,Forgive my sins, and let me live,Thy child remain forever.Thou hast redee...
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Teach Me How to Live
2008-03-10 20:55:00
My Lord, teach me how to live. Teach me to be less self-centered and to do more for others. Never let me forget your kindness to me. Never abandon me, never let go of me, never let my sins drive you away. You have lit the path in front of me, keep my candle burning. Help me do the right thing and say the right words in every circumstance. When I'm scared, hold my hand. When I'm weak, fill me with strength. When I'm down, come near me and lift me up. When i feel hope is gone, remind me of your kindness that has never left me. Remind me that everything works for my good and that the results will show in the end.The end of the storywill reveal your glory,for the end is only a beginning.AMEN
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Prayer for Strength, Hope and Faith
2008-03-10 20:41:00
Lord, teach me to pray again. I have drifted away from you. Bring me back like the good shepherd brings his lost sheep. Teach me to trust in you completely and to surrender my life to you. Never let me worry about anything, for you are the answer to all my worries and my refuge in times of trouble.You brought me where I am in spite of my many weaknesses and mistakes, you gave my life a meaning and you set my steps on this path of love and devotion. Help me be strong and face whatever challenges the future might bring. When I'm too tired, give me strength to carry on. When hope is gone, bring it back with your power. Keep the candle burning for me, so that I may never get lost on the way.For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever.AMEN
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Prayer of Thanks
2008-03-10 20:35:00
My Lord, I come before you tonight to thank you for all the wonderful things you've done in my life, for all the miracles you made and all the joy you gave me. My heart is overwhelmed and my spirit full of happiness, for you have brought me out of darkness and lit the path in front of me. You kept my candle burning in times of trouble and torment and saw me towards a peaceful shore. When i stumbled and I was about to fall, you caught me in your arms and kept me on my way. You never let me lose myself or be swallowed by the angry waves of the world. Blessed be your name for your infinite wisdom and your never-ending kindness.AMEN
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Helen Keller Quotes
2008-02-22 21:40:00
You might have heard her extraordinary story. The story of an amazing woman who overcame the challenge of being deaf and blind and found the strength within herself to be a guide and an inspiration to many. Here are a few of her reflections. Helen Keller Quotes - The Quotations Page
Lover of Mankind
2008-02-19 12:04:00
Once upon a time there was a young prince who fell in love with a fallen woman. She had been a prostitute during her younger years and now she was torn by a merciless venereal disease. She had marks and wounds all over her body and her presence was accompanied by a foul smell. The inside and the outside were equally rotten, making her look like a living corpse, a dead among the living, a creature both scary and repulsive. More...
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Prayer Boxes
2008-02-08 09:36:00
Prayer boxes can be a comfort in difficult times, a way to get rid of the daily stress and a way to get closer to God. Both spiritual and practical, they offer you an opportunity to write letters to the One who can really help you, to the One who is never going to abandon you. Friends sometimes betray us, our own mind can be treacherous at times. But God is always there. No matter what we do, what course our life takes, He will never fail us.More About Prayer Boxes
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2008-01-29 20:50:00
My Lord, why am I so frightened? Why is my spirit so weak? Where is the faith that can move mountains? Where is the strength that can overcome death? I know I am strong if you make me strong, and my weakness becomes strength in your presence. Touch my heart with a love beyond my understanding, and I will turn to you like the sun flower turns towards the sun. We feel small because we keep looking in the ground. We feel weak because we drift away from your life-giving force. Teach us to turn our eyes towards the sky, and find our strength and comfort beyond the clouds that darken the horizon. Let us drink from your spring of living water, let us reach further than our dreams can reach. AMEN
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Prayer for every day
2008-01-29 17:54:00
My Lord God,Help me cope with one day at a time and make the best of every moment you give me. Rather than try to achieve a million things at once and abandon them half way through, help me do one thing properly and finish it successfully.Give me wisdom and understanding to accept the things that drive me crazy and turn them into a source of blessing and a way to achieve spiritual progress.Help me stay calm when people hurt me, and get the best out of negative experiences. Show me that everything happens for a reason and that, no matter what we're going through at the moment, we are not abandoned.Give me strength to be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings and never give up the good fight.AMEN
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Prayer for a Good End
2008-01-27 16:13:00
O Lord, My God, Will you hold my hand when this journey is over? Will you see me through the darkness and guide my steps towards the light? The animal inside is so frightened at the thought of death, but my spirit longs for freedom, and my freedom is in You. No night is too dark, no abyss too deep and no mountains too high when you are there. Help me cross the point of no return. Give me courage to keep on hoping, loving, and praying when all my world seems to crumble to dust. Give me strength to silence the screams inside my tormented heart. To go further, to dive deeper, to fly higher, with no fear of failure. To reach out to the untouchable star, to listen to the ungraspable whispers beyond the wall of silence. And be with me all the way through.AMEN
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Words About Prayer
2008-01-26 20:20:00
Prayer is a bridge to an invisible world. It can take us further and further, beyond the limitations of our body and of the world we live in. It can take us into deep spiritual realms, where the soul feels as free as a bird and there?s nothing to stop its flight.In prayer we are strong, in spite of our weaknesses, because we establish a relationship with the source of all power, the spring of life and the creator of the universe.Praying is an activity about which we don?t have to wonder: ?Is it in accordance with God?s will?? When you want to do what God wants you to do, but you are not sure about His will or His plan, you can never go wrong with praying.An honest prayer is worth hundreds of books.
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Mother Teresa Quotes
2008-01-21 15:56:00
Words that touch the heart and enlighten the mind. Words that speak of a lifetime dedicated to loving and caring beyond any human boundaries. Words of wisdom and of a faith that defies reason.Mother Teresa Quotes
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Prayer to Be Part of God's Plan
2008-01-19 19:12:00
My Lord,Help me understand that I need you every day, that my life is a mess without your guidance and your love. So many times I have gone astray, so many times I have been on the point of falling, so many times I have been driven away from you by my vain ambitions and desires. You saved me every time, you rescued me in the last moment, when I thought hope was gone. You were there for me even when I didn't deserve it. Words are too pale and too weak to express my gratitude.  Look inside my heart to my unspoken thanks, to the silent song of praise inside my soul.This world is sometimes a huge and scary place. But it is not so for your children. The orphans of this world find comfort in your fatherly arms, the sick and the vulnerable find strength beyond any human law, the lonely and the depressed find a new meaning in their life.You give us all comfort and shelter.  Even when our life seems in ruin, you make us bear fruit and bring  your light into the world. Sometimes we  don't quit...
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Prayer for a blessed year
2008-01-07 21:47:00
My Lord, here we are, in front of you once more, at the beginning of this brand new year. You?ve helped us so far. Help us again and again. Don?t give up on your children, don?t turn your back on them, not even when they turn their back on you, for it is in your arms they will seek comfort in cold, lonely nights. Help us overcome our weaknesses, our fears, our worries, and become stronger in faith, hope and love.Teach us to be humble and never to forget the good things you?ve done in our lives. Help us become better persons, and show us how to bring your light into this tormented world. Keep us on the right path and guide our steps in accordance with your will.You know the depth, the length and the width of our souls. You know the peaks and the abysses, the echoes and the tones of our being. You know how far we can go, how much we can achieve, how much we can bear. Help us make the best of what you?ve given us. Help us reach the fullest of our potential for the glory of your Name an...
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Quo Vadis, Domine?
2007-12-28 15:25:00
Where are you going, Lord,To which enchanted shore,To which unspoken worldBeyond the secret door?Where are you going, Lord,To which lost paradise,To which sweet lands of oldBeyond our mortal eyes?Where are you going, Lord,To which ocean of light,To which mountains of goldBeyond our lonely night?Where are you going, Lord,To which brand new todayForgotten by time's swordBeyond the Milky Way?Where are you going, Lord,To which new rising suns,Away from all the cold, Away from te ars and guns?Wherever you may go,O, Lord God from above,Can you make room for us,The children of your love?
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