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BUBBLETALK - Open thread to talk about the housing crash, mortgage meltdown
2009-06-04 19:29:00
Keep it clean, keep it short, use tinyurl and have at it...
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BUBBLETALK - Open thread to talk about the housing crash, mortgage meltdown
2009-05-27 06:48:00
Have at it..And vote early and vote often for HP at this REIC blog contest (current hilarious leaderboard here). You can vote once a day supposedly...Vote for this siteReal Estate Blog Contestpresented by the FHA Loan Center
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BUBBLETALK - open thread to talk about the housing crash and mortgage meltd
2009-01-03 21:14:00
Nah, home prices never go down.Post random thoughts, articles that I missed (use and hit the highlights only), and tell us what's on your mind
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BUBBLETALK - New thread to talk about the housing crash, mortgage meltdown
2008-12-09 15:36:00
Bubbles are for bathtubs. Not.Post random thoughts, articles that I missed (use and hit the highlights only), and tell us what's on your mind
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BUBBLETALK - Open thread to talk about the housing, credit, dollar and mort
2008-11-19 22:53:00
And the pressure builds...Post random thoughts, articles that I missed (use and hit the highlights only), and tell us what's on your mind
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And then, on the 5th of November 2008, three years and one historic worldwi
2008-11-05 13:35:00
Three years.Ten million views.6,000 posts.Trillions lost.A world economy in shambles.And housing prices almost back to where we started.HousingPANIC ends.It's been a journey HP'ers, and an honor. When I started this blog, I knew how it would end up, I just didn't know how we'd get there. And now we know.I saw HP as a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. It was a tragic story, a classic rags to riches to rags tale. And every good story, every good book or film, has a good time to end. For HousingPANIC, that time is today.The election of Barack Obama last night, as predicted here for years, is that good time to end. After eight long years under the worst president in US history, hope returns. Hope that the guilty will be punished. Hope that the laws will be reformed. Hope that we can dig ourselves out of this national nightmare. Hope that we can confront the challenges of our time.And so I end the blog on hope. After the anxiety, after denial, after fear, afte...
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Come join me at my new blog: "Soot and Ashes - Reinventing America After th
2008-11-05 13:05:00
It's now time to rebuild.It's now time to reinvent.It's time to reflect on how we got into this mess, and how we can get out of it.It's time for America to face its challenges head-on.And it's time to hope again.The housing crash, while devastating, should serve as a wake-up call, for America and for the world.We simple could not keep on keeping on. We need to alter course. And in many cases, if we're to rise out of the ashes, we need to radically change.I've started a new blog as of today, a work in progress, and I call it "Soot and Ashes ". It's at or Call it a think tank for the regular guy. We'll discuss all the good stuff. Or as I say today:"A centrist blog hitting on all the good stuff: Politics. Economics. Fiscal Policy. Foreign Policy. Moral Issues. Culture. Investments. Religion. Humor. Life."If you're a free thinking, optimistic, open-minded, solutions-oriented person, you may like it. If you're an ig...
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HousingPANIC congratulates President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama on his hist
2008-11-05 03:05:00
The good news for Obama ? The bar is set low. Really, really low.The bad news? George W. Bush, the GOP (and many of Obama's fellow Democrats in Congress) wrecked America, spent all the money and demoralized the nation.Thanks to Bush's incompetence and corruption, Obama's got his work cut out for him. But no matter your politics, I think you can be proud to be an American tonight. This was a race for the ages. And the better man, and better campaign, won.
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LIVEBLOGGING NOW.. Alright, I'm all settled in, caffeinated up, ready to se
2008-11-04 22:19:00
[LIVEBLOGGING NOW - GO TO COMMENTS AND REFRESH FOR LATEST]I wish you all could see how into the US election people over here are. EVERYONE wants to talk about it (and Bush and Obama) when they hear my yank accent.History is being made tonight HP'ers. I said years ago that the housing crash would be the #1 issue on people's minds and would change everything. And so it will be.Tell your election day stories here, get on record with any predictions, give us any scoop or insight, and I'll be liveblogging now hopefully through the acceptance and concession speeches (if I can stay up).MSNBC is streaming live right now as well. (FLASH: I've just been notified that Greg Swann, America's Most Discredited REALTOR(R), is predicting a John McCain blowout. Fill in your own punchline)
HousingPANIC and AmericaPANIC might end in a few hours. Our work here migh
2008-11-04 19:52:00
[BUMP]I saw HP as a story that needed to be told.It had a beginning, a middle, and an end. A struggle against the powerful. A voice for the common man. A fight of good vs. evil. And it wasn't just HP. It was HousingDoom. And BubbleTracker. And Calculated Risk. And And Bubble Meter. And Dr. Housing Bubble. And Mish. And Denninger. And Schiff. And Roubini. And oh so many more. We won, there's no doubt about that. The REIC, including realtors, builders, bankers, mortgage brokers and appraisers, has been discredited. George Bush is seen as the worst US president of all time. Swann, Retsinas, Norman, Todd, Atkins, De Groot and all the rest are embarrassed. Our Congress is wildly unpopular. Home prices have crashed. The stock of any company associated with real estate is in the tank (along with most others). And people who treated homes as lottery tickets got destroyed.But at the same time, in some ways, we lost. Taxpayer dollars have gone straight in...
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Special HousingPANIC Election 2008 Open Thread
2008-11-04 09:19:00
It's here.Finally.Have at it.Liveblogging at 7pm EST - join us
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This is brilliant. Warped, but brilliant.
2008-11-04 09:10:00
Watch it before they pull it...Thanks Ty
2008-11-04 08:52:00
Have your own Boston Tea Party.Have your own French Revolution.Write your own Declaration of Independence.And throw these bums out.Throw out the Democrats.Throw out the Republicans.Throw out the Representatives, and the Senators. Do it at the State level too.Throw every single incumbent out.And keep doing it and doing it until they get the message. They can re-apply for their jobs later, but first they must get the boot. The REIC bought our government, both parties, and it's time they paid the price.No more lobbyists. No more lifetime office holders. No more Friends of Angelo VIP. No more PACs. No more.Send a message.Vote 'em out.
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HousingPANIC Quote of the Day
2008-11-04 00:00:00
"There is no more money left to loan or borrow the big lies or to sell them. No more money left to pay off the debt, the wreckage in the wake. The orgy of excess has drained every bottle, smashed the furniture and left the cupboards bare. All that's left is derivative debts -- bets between liars and lies. Trillions of dollars. Turned capitalism into a Ponzi scheme for trading worthless paper. No real value anywhere. No matter how much money Ben Bernanke prints."- John Cusack, October 2008
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An anon posted this today: "I'm a Realtor. How did I cause any of this to
2008-11-03 16:05:00
I truly think this person doesn't realize the destruction caused by their profession.Please explain it to them. Maybe they'll listen.Or not.
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HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day
2008-11-03 07:50:00
The US government is soon going to need to raise trillions of dollars through bond sales to cover the various housing gambler bailouts and general government overspending. Who's gonna buy 'em? What happens if they don't?Hmmmm...
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Stock market investors lost $9.5 trillion last month. Remember when we sai
2008-11-02 20:02:00
$9,500,000,000,000 Ouch. Thank you realtors. Thank you mortgage brokers. Thank you bankers. You f*cked the world. This month's sell-off erased more than $9.5 trillion from the value of stocks worldwide, almost one-third of the total value erased this year, as credit-related losses and writedowns by financial firms approached $700 billion. The S&P 500 has slumped 34 percent in 2008. All but one of the 68 markets tracked by MSCI Inc. declined in October, with 37 losing at least 20 percent. Bulgaria, Peru and Argentina did the worst, plunging more than 36 percent.
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Here's an update on the criminal investigation (still) underway of Angelo M
2008-11-02 17:53:00
I think we'll have to wait for a new Attorney General and new SEC chief until we see the laws of the land being enforced again. Since under the Bush Administration, laws were meant to be broken, not enforced.But there's always hope that this day may come sooner rather than later. Picture the day HP'ers that Angelo Mozilo is frog-marched and put into an orange jumpsuit, along with his criminal "VIP" pals.
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HousingPANIC Quote of the Day
2008-11-02 16:49:00
"The Federal Reserve Board may have stimulated home-buying with its interest-rate cuts. But that doesn't mean any of us would ever want to live in a split-level ranch in some soulless gated community near Phoenix, where we'll obsess over golf and property values. Promise you'll shoot me if it ever comes to that." - Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as quoted in The Onion, April 2002(hat-tip JA)
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Special HP open thread to talk about the Obama landslide victory, and what
2008-11-01 23:02:00
Remember all the trolls for the past couple of years that doubted this day would come? Once again, should have listened. We told you what would happen, and then it happened.But oh, what a mess he'll have on his hands. Thank you Republicans. Thank you Democrats. You took the REIC's money, and f*cked America.
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So do you understand that the $700 billion 'bailout' was sold to us under f
2008-11-01 12:22:00
Man, how stupid can we be."We" being the mainstream media, the US congress, and the people of America.We got had. Again.Damn, these grifters are good.Folks, that $700 billion was given to Bush to supposedly stop the stock market from crashing, to get loans flowing again, and to buy up bad debt.0 for 3. The stock market crashed anyway. The loans aren't flowing. And the bad debt didn't get bought up.Instead, the money is being given away in the night to big banks, a point that WAS NOT EVEN DISCUSSED DURING THE DEBATE OR IN THE MEDIA. It's being given away on laughable terms, not even close to what the free market would pay, and the banks are using it to buy up smaller banks, and also giving their executives obscene bonuses, and paying their shareholders (who should have been wiped out and weren't) their juicy dividends.Let me put this as succinctly as possible.We got robbed. Or are getting robbed (present tense).Like never before.To the tune of $700,000,000,000 cash.Damn.The...
With banks lowering interest rates and modifying terms, plus all the govern
2008-11-01 08:55:00
This is the Mother of All Moral Hazard.It makes zero financial sense to pay your mortgage in America today.Wow.Seriously, it makes ZERO financial sense to pay your mortgage.But be careful homedebtors. You're likely even better off not paying, but then when they finally get around to foreclosing, just turn in the keys. Because their new terms may look better, but they're probably not. You'll still owe way more on your home than it's worth.Read the fine print this time. And the bank is not your friend. They just want you to keep paying on your debt bomb, some how, some way.JPMorgan will modify troubled WaMu home loansPeople falling behind on Washington Mutual mortgage payments won a three-month reprieve on Thursday, when WaMu owner JPMorgan Chase said it will modify terms on an estimated $70 billion in loans to 400,000 families over the next two years.People falling behind on Washington Mutual mortgage payments won a three-month reprieve Thursday, when WaMu owner JPMorgan Cha...
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Peter Schiff has a new book out - "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Ma
2008-11-01 01:05:00
Here's the book, and a note from Schiff. Invest wisely HP'ers, think two years ahead, and try to stay afloat, even when the dollar crashes.Dear Investor,As many of you know, many of the dire predictions that I made earlier in the decade, which at the time were considered wildly pessimistic by the mainstream, have come to pass in spectacular fashion.In my first book, Crash Proof, written in 2006, I forecasted:* The collapse of the mortgage market* The crash of the stock market* The demise of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac* The severe drop in real estate prices* The rise of inflation* The surge in gold and natural resource pricesMy second book, The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets, has just been released and is already a best seller. Read on - I want to tell you a bit about my new book, and update you on my take on current market conditions.The global financial tsunami has spared few markets. The dollar, in a totally unexpected rally, has soared by 25% against many currencies....
The REIC's Inman News just posted the "25 most influential bloggers in real
2008-10-31 22:10:00
1) David Lereah2) Lawrence Yun3) Mike Norman4) Blanche Evans5) Catherine Reagor6) Greg Swann-dive7) Tom Adkins8) Connie De Groot9) Kendra Todd10) Nicholas Retsinas11) Hank Paulson12) Angelo Mozilo13) Bob Toll14) Leslie Appleton-Young15) Dick Gaylord16) Charles McMillan17) David Asman18) Michael Perry19) Larry Kudlow20) Donald Luskin21) Kim Carpenter22) David Crisp23) Brian Brady24) Sonny Shrivastava25) SuzanneI know I had to have missed a few, so get 'em in now. And get your vote in for the big winner of The HousingPANIC Most Discredited Hack in Real Estate 2008!
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Hey, anyone want to "buy" a house (rent money from a bank)? Great! Becaus
2008-10-31 15:59:00
Gee, you wonder why home prices are plummeting and will keep plummeting.Not.Product Interest Rate APR Conforming1 Loans 40-Year Fixed 7.625% 7.844% 30-Year Fixed 6.625% 6.860% 20-Year Fixed 6.750% 7.060% 15-Year Fixed 6.250% 6.631% 5-Year ARM 6.500% 6.119% Jumbo Loans – Amounts that exceed conforming limits1 30-Year Fixed 9.875% 10.061% 15-Year Fixed 9...
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