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A San Francisco native's point of view on Real Estate and ecletic subjects that makes the Bay Area a very unique place to live.
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Entrepreneurs & Job Seekers? Tip #1: Utilize Linkedin Application
2009-02-18 18:03:00 published this deansguide article 2-18-09 The focus of every entrepreneur and job seeker should begin and end with the concept that in today’s world you must become a go-to source of information for your target audience. If you provide valuable information, provide it continuously, and provide that information without asking for anything in return you ...
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National Association of Realtors? Twitter Strategy
2009-02-17 03:50:00
The National Association of Realtors is one of the most, if not the most, powerful associations in the real estate industry.The people at NAR are often helpful, very pleasant, and professional in their approach. They take their jobs seriously; and that is why I am puzzled. The NAR’s mission is to support Realtors, educate the masses, ...
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Networking The Right Way Part 2: #1 Method to Networking Success
2008-08-16 02:28:00
In our last adventure our fragile business networker was accosted by the unseamly hardsell tactics of Superman during a networking event. Superman was the epitome of the hardsell, offer nothing, talking to much, and in general acting like the blowhard we all try to avoid. Don’t Be A Joker! Courtesy Jack Nicholson Wiki #1 Method To Networking Success “Give ...
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Former Ed Okun Interviewee Speaks Out: Most Outrageous Okun Story Yet?
2008-06-06 21:44:00
The list of stories about Ed Okun just increased by one with the following candid and eye opening comment left on deansguide. The comment by, Alden Chevlan, a man who was being wooed by Okun’s organization for a position in their legal department is all too familiar. Tons of money thrown around, no business sense, ...
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Independent Brokers Network Meeting: SEM vs SEO-Do You Have Money Or Time?
2008-06-05 19:28:00
The IBNMarin, Independent Brokers Network meeting held Tuesday June 3, hosted guest speaker Steven Schneiderman the Online Sales Manager for the San Francisco Chronicle’s website MC. for IBN, the indispensable Frank Sunshine, Sunshine Realty and Marketing, did another stellar job of bringing a speaker and topic of importance to attendees. Steven’s speech was compelling as ...
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Understanding Clues From Your Everday Life: Louise Hay Of Hayhouse?Inspirat
2008-06-03 02:03:00
Reproduced with permission of Susan Hanshaw, inner architect media, the following is Susan’s experiences at the biggest Book Conference in America: Book Expo America. Susan’s honest insight provides a refreshingly forthright look into the building of a life started anew. Susan Hanshaw I have just returned from BookExpo America (BEA), the book industry?s annual event held this ...
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Road Rage, Freeway Shooting, Drive-Bys: 19 Year Old California Man Arrested
2008-06-01 19:42:00 published this deansguide article June 1, 2008 California has long had the reputation as a driving mecca where the culture demands and honors the automobile. No place on earth was this more true than Los Angeles where citizen take their driving and love of cars to a new level. But then in the 1980’s a new ...
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Newsflash: 20 Year Old California Woman Arrested In Hells Angels Murder
2008-05-31 19:27:00 news agency published this deansguide article May 31, 2008 In a very surprising development, and one that has many angles, a 20 year old Marin county woman was arrested for the murder of Hells Angel William Mclean in a drive-by shooting on bustling 101 Freeway this past week. Law enforcement officials arrested the woman, “under tight ...
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There Will Be Hell To Pay: Victim of Drive-By Shooting Related To Hells Ang
2008-05-31 19:09:00
New details about the hit on a Hell s Angel member have been released. The victim was William Crompton Maclean, the brother-in-law of Sonoma County chapter president, Raymond Foakes. Maclean, 25 years old, was shot and killed on Highway 101 north in Marin County. Foakes was one of the participants in the now infamous Laughlin, Nevada ...
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Newsflash-Deadline To Dispute Ed Okun 1031 Tax Group Recovery ?Fee Applicat
2008-05-28 20:13:00
One of the most difficult realities in the Ed Okun rip off and scandal of the 1031 Tax Group, beyond how this guy could get away with it for so long, is the amount of money (debtor recovery funds) victims will pay for the privilege of attempting to recover their own monies. If you are a ...
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May 27, 1937 A Day In San Francisco History: The Golden Gate Bridge Is Open
2008-05-28 02:54:00
Courtesy of One of the most recognizable, visited, and beautiful landmarks the world over, the Golden Gate Bridge was officially open for business this day May 27, 1937. Although the Bridge is not Golden in color, the official color is International Orange, it is golden in the hearts and minds of native San Franciscans. It ...
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Realtor Marketing Meetings: The Most Important Networking Event You Can Att
2008-05-27 20:13:00
One of the most effective methods to market listings, meet like minded professionals, search for affiliates, hear industry news-updates, and build last relationships is the Realtor Marketing Meeting. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, most counties have at least one weekly meeting; with many counties having 2 or 3 participating associations that hold separate ...
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Details Trickle In On Hell?s Angel Execution In Northern California
2008-05-26 21:07:00
The latest news about the recent drive-by shooting death of a Hell ’s Angel member, on crowded Highway 101 north, has begun to slowly come out. Here is what we know so far according to media sources. Details So Far 1. The victim was shot while riding in a white Chevy truck; approximate time 8:15pm Saturday night 2. The ...
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Update: California Hell?s Angel Shot On 101?Could This Signal A Biker War?
2008-05-25 21:53:00
As first reported, new details have emerged about the drive-by shooting of a Hell’s Angel last night which resulted in the death of the victim. Originally thought to be riding a Harley in a pack of Angels heading north on Highway 101, the victim was actually riding in a white Chevrolet pickup truck that was ...
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Newsflash: California Hell?s Angel Executed In Nighttime Drive-By
2008-05-25 10:09:00
Dateline Saturday May 31, 2008 10:00pm The details to this point are sketchy but local television news stations are reporting tonight that a member of the Hell ’s Angel s was shot and killed along a stretch of heavily traveled 101 freeway in Marin County. According to CHP spokesman, the biker was traveling north through Corte Madera when ...
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A ?Preacher? With An Uncommon Mission: Spreading The Word On The Street
2008-05-25 03:03:00
Photo courtesy of Imagine you are a history scholar, young father and newly wed in your 30’s, pushing hard for your doctorate from one of the leading universities in the world–and then it happens. You read an old version of the bible and you are blown away. The experience is life changing and the transformation you ...
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Realty Times: Excellent Source But Where Does Blogging Fit In?
2008-05-24 22:15:00
Realty Times is a premiere source of real estate industry news, information on different real estate instruments, and top advice for the real estate professional. They have market condition information, consumer advice, agent and industry news, as well as a rich library of valuable content to anyone interested in nearly any aspect of real estate. The ...
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Okun Criminal Trial Date Set October 20, 2008: Is This The Final Act?
2008-05-23 02:21:00
Please Read My Story and Follow The Links. . . Over the course of the past two years the 1031 Exchange industry has been hit with two devastating and perception crushing scandals: Donald McGhan’s Southwest Exchange and Ed Okun’s 1031 Tax Group (see my 40+ articles on this disaster at deansguide). I have followed ...
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Judge Lauck?s ?Specific Findings of Fact that Okun was a Flight Risk?: If T
2008-05-22 02:19:00
Norman’s Cay Cocaine Kingpin Carlos Lehder’s hideout courtesy…/10/05/1191605832 _7450.jpg After rereading the US Trustee’s Newsletter #6 a phrase struck me even though I read it a number of times. At the end of the newsletter in the last paragraph from Gerald McHale US Trustee for the Ed Okun case “Trustee Newsletter #6″: “Edward Okun?s bail hearing was ...
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SEO ?Keywords 2? Module #3: Go After Competitive Keywords Set Your Benchmar
2008-05-21 17:46:00
SEO Design Solution’s Jeffrey Smith has written a clear concise uber-valuable article: “For Competitive Keywords Think Like a Big Fish.” This is simply one of the best articles on how to target your keywords and why. As Jefferey states in his intro: “. . . thinking like a big fish is vital for ...
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SEO ?Keyword Research? Module #2: Realtor?s Guide to Understanding Your Tar
2008-05-20 22:53:00
Published on Active Rain for the Real Estate Community Keywords, keyword phrases, and keyword research are the next step to understanding how to attract traffic to your blog. In our first Module “SEO Basics” we provided links to SEO information to begin your education into this very important step in your marketing campaign. writer Ruud ...
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?SEO Basics? Module #1: Realtor?s ?How To? Library For Search Engine Optimi
2008-05-19 16:33:00
One of the best blogs for SEO is written by a Canadian company called Search Engine People. Consequently when I opened my subscription feed to today, I was surprised and very please with their gigantic SEO article “One Week of Sphinn SEO Lessons” by writer Ruud Hein. This article is so vast and expansive I ...
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Bay To Breakers San Francisco?s Eclectic ?Race? A Realtor?s Marketing Fanta
2008-05-18 23:43:00
Thinking outside the box never got more fun than “think tank” brainstorming. One of the most under utilized ideas is turning San Francisco’s Bay to Breaker’s race into your marketing bonanza. One example is Autodesk, a successful Bay Area software company. Autodesk has entered a team of runners dressed as the Autodesk centipede. Although this ...
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Newsflash: California Supreme Court Grants Rights To Gay Marriage
2008-05-16 02:26:00
In a controversial and long standing fight, gay rights activists are rejoicing as the California Supreme court today overturned the gay marriage ban. In what could be a historic ruling, the California Supreme Court ruled: “. . . that a ban on gay marriage was unlawful Thursday, effectively leaving same-sex couples in America’s most populous state ...
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Newsflash: Monster 7.8 Earthquake Kills 9,000?Many More Feared Dead In Chin
2008-05-12 20:37:00
A monster 7.8 earthquake rocked central China killing an estimated 9,000 people, leaving 900 students trapped inside a school, and wreaking havoc. The quake centered in the hilly Sichuan region of China, was felt as far away as Thailand . In Beijing, according to Associated Press writer Christopher Bodeen, “80 percent of the ...
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Happy Mother?s Day: Ideas For Your Mom
2008-05-11 18:55:00
Even a famous newsman like Anderson Cooper, with an equally famous mom Gloria Vanderbilt, needs ideas on what to get his mom for Mother ’s Day. Vanderbilt, made famous by her embroidered designer jeans worn on more fannies than any other designer jean at one time in history, gives solid advice to her son on what ...
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Newsflash: Ed Okun Denied Bond, Remains Incarcerated
2008-05-10 00:17:00
This just in courtesy of the “mystery caller”: Ed Okun’s attempt to secure bail and his freedom was denied today at his bond hearing in Richmond, Virginia. The hearing, which ran from 2pm to 5pm EST, was previously postponed so that Okun could build a case for gaining bail. Okun charged with multiple counts in ...
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?Next Generation? Realtor?s Marketing Tool: Social Networks Viral
2008-05-09 21:16:00
“Nothing endures but change” Heraclitus Greek philosopher Social networking sites like linkedin, myspace, facebook, and plaxo utilize viral loop or viral networking in order to grow traffic to your site. The problem for Realtors and affiliates is that these sites are either targeted to the wrong audience,, or they are flat with limited features bloggers ...
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Newsflash: San Francisco Left Wing Liberal Talk Show Host Bernie Ward Chang
2008-05-07 07:26:00
Disgraced and fired Former San Francisco Talk Show host, liberal left wing proponent, Bernie Ward, charged in December 2007 with distributing and receiving child pornography via the internet, plans to change his innocent plea Thursday according to federal court records. In breaking news tonight via San Francisco Chronicle writer Henry Lee, Ward a former Catholic ...
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NIN?s Trent Reznor?s Direct Marketing Approach: How Realtor?s Can Understan
2008-05-06 03:50:00
Trent Reznor is a hard core rock n roll singer who looks the part and acts the part. He is the centerpiece of a very successful band: Nine Inch Nails. What can Realtor s learn from a screaming rock God? Marketing direct to the consumer is all about giving away what your target audience values, continuously giving ...
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