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Israel and the world are the focus of this blog. Zionism, patriotism, history, media and even showbiz, almost everything and anything of the sort is discussed here.
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Voting percentage was higher than reported
2009-02-12 16:11:00
According to this news clip, 72 percent of eligible voters took part in Israel's election. Yes, that's definitely higher than 3 years ago.
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UK government bans Geert Wilders from coming to screen Fitna in House of Co
2009-02-12 15:47:00
First, they invite him, then they withdraw the invitation. Then they restore it, but the government, if anyone in that madhouse, decides to ban Wilders from entering the country, and deems him - not the Islamofascists who go around inciting racial hatred - a threat to safety. Are the MPs going to protest this? The International Free Press Society has issued a letter to the British government
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Close race, but right-wing bloc is majority
2009-02-11 12:51:00
I'm going to add more to this topic later, but for now, the result is: while Kadima has one seat more than Likud (28-27), the right-wing bloc itself has more than the left-wing bloc (65-55). More on this later. Update: okay, now I'm ready to say more. As Alison Kaplan Sommer tells here, any celebrating that Tzipi Livni and company may be doing at their HQ could be short-lived. Because as told
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Leicestershire police incorporate hijab into uniforms
2009-02-10 12:39:00
All part of the increasing Islamization of the police, what else. From This is Leicestershire (via Dhimmi Watch): Police have opened the door to female Muslim recruits by incorporating the hijab into the uniform. The force has become the latest to approve a design for a headscarf suitable for officers on patrol. Senior officers believe the lack of the option has deterred applications from the
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Did the UK Muslim population increase?
2009-02-10 12:12:00
According to a reporter for the Australian writing in the London Times (via Daniel Pipes), yes, it did in the past 4 years: The Muslim population in Britain has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in just four years, according to official research collated for The Times. The population multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of society, the research by the Office for National Statistics
I voted early today
2009-02-10 09:33:00
Here we are on election day in Israel, and I went to my local polling station to vote, casting my ballot for the Likud. And I sure hope that more people are learning their lesson this year, and besides going to vote, that they're doing so responsibly, though I have a feeling that there will be those who don't, which is a shame. Now, let us see what the results will be tonight.
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Massive fire in Australia costs lives
2009-02-09 21:07:00
A horrifying fire erupted in Victoria, Australia , taking more than 100 lives. Here is a report about it: WHITTLESEA, Australia (AFP) – Huddled under a dampened blanket as Australia's deadly bushfires roared over her head "like a jet engine," Sonja Parkinson was convinced she and infant son Sam would die. Instead, the flimsy shelter saved them from an inferno that claimed at least 32 lives in
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Anti-Semitism in Britain reaches serious level
2009-02-09 20:51:00
The Observer reports that anti-Semitism has reached new levels of horror: Police patrols have been stepped up in Jewish neighbourhoods following the most intense period of antisemitic incidents to have been recorded in Britain in decades. Safety fears are so acute that reports have emerged of members of Britain's Jewish community fleeing the UK with antisemitic incidents running at around seven
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MSM and UN lied about Israeli attack on palestinian school
2009-02-09 20:13:00
The American Thinker (via Molten Thought) points to an article in Haaretz that reveals the real picture. No surprise at all, and hasn't been in an eternity.
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A fateful election
2009-02-09 07:04:00
Caroline Glick writes about the latest Israeli election, surely the most fateful the country has ever had, and about the latest discoveries of Iran's technological activities: Monday Iran successfully launched a domestically manufactured satellite on a ballistic missile called the Safir-2 space rocket. Since the launch, experts have noted that the Safir-2 can also be used to launch conventional
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Haveil Havalim #203
2009-02-09 06:47:00
Here is the latest entry in the Haveil Havalim carnival, which also includes one of my own postings. Check it out.
Ya'alon warns voters that Lieberman could recommend Livni for PM
2009-02-07 23:23:00
Moshe Ya'alon of the Likud has warned voters of what Avigdor Lieberman might do after the election: Three days before the national elections, Likud candidate for Knesset and former IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Moshe Ya'alon warned voters that after the elections, Israel Beiteinu Avigdor Lieberman could recommend to the president that Tzipi Livni build the coalition, Army Radio reported.
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The FBI learned its lesson about CAIR, but will Obama understand it?
2009-02-06 13:33:00
Brigitte Gabriel reports that while the FBI has finally cut off ties with CAIR, Barack Obama may not be acting as responsibly when it comes to the ISNA, another unindicted co-conspirator named in the HLF trial: Why then, is President Obama treading down the same well-worn path the FBI did? He’s embracing Ingrid Mattson, and by extension ISNA, the same way the FBI embraced CAIR. Like CAIR, ISNA
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Avigdor Lieberman won't garuntee he'll recommend Netanyahu as PM
2009-02-06 11:34:00
In today's Makor Rishon issue, it says that Avigdor Lieberman won't garuntee that he'll recommend that Benjamin Netanyahu be prime minister when he's invited to the president's office to make recommendations. And the president is none other than Shimon Peres. Even Uzi Landau and Danny Ayalon, who're on the Yisrael Beiteinu list, refrained from answering the question. And the party isn't ruling
US tried to promote Likud-Fatah parley a decade ago
2009-02-06 10:51:00
A short time ago, there was a scandal of an auction sale of US Consulate documents discovered (and I'm guessing the MSM hasn't reported it yet). Now, some more has been discovered: the US was trying to interfere in the Likud's internal affairs: ( Documents found in the bungled United States Consulate auction sale reveal a mammoth American effort for an overseas tour of Likud and
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South Korea provides something to learn from
2009-02-06 08:24:00
According to Chosun Ilbo (via One Free Korea ), South Korea is ending subsidies to violent "civic" groups: The government cut financial aid to non-profit organizations by half this year. Civic groups hosting or participating in illegal violent demonstrations will have their aid scrapped, and the government has asked the National Police Agency for background checks.It took a while for them to do it
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Another unfeminine Muslim women: she organized rapes to get victims to comm
2009-02-05 19:38:00
A most repugnant case has come up of one Samira Jassam, a Muslim women who was involved in a terrorist racket to have Muslim women raped and then recruited for jihad. From the Australian (via Jihad Watch): A WOMAN suspected of recruiting more than 80 female suicide bombers has confessed to organising their rapes so she could later convince them that martyrdom was the only way to escape the shame.
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Could Israeli elections be delayed?
2009-02-05 18:32:00
David Bedein has some interesting info in the Bulletin on the possibility that elections could be delayed because the Hamas is planning an attack on February 10: Ashkelon, Israel — The Middle East Newsline has learned from Israeli security sources that there is a distinct possibility that Hamas has achieved the capability to torpedo Israel’s parliamentary elections on Feb. 10. Israeli government
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Obama's team intends to pressure Israel
2009-02-05 17:32:00
One Jerusalem provides some information on how the Obama administration is predictably gearing up to damage Israel . I hope that, come Tuesday, Israelis will think wisely and vote out Kadima, and not let petty arguments get in the way. That's why I'm voting for the Likud. I do not want to throw away my vote, and I should hope that others realize why that would be a bad idea too. Update: let me
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Judea Pearl fails his son, and plenty of others too
2009-02-05 15:32:00
Debbie Schlussel writes about Judea Pearl , the father of the murdered journalist Daniel Pearl, and tells that he's simply not what he could be. In fact, some of the things Judea's said and done are disturbing. I think I recall Pearl signaling his support for Steven Spielberg's disgusting Munich movie 3 years ago, and that clued me in that something was wrong with his mindset. But now, I realize
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Now Tzipi Livni is so desperate she's willing to take Lieberman as a coalit
2009-02-05 13:03:00
Tzipi Livni is now trying a silly tactic to get more support: Kadima leader Tzipi Livni on Thursday said that she was not opposed to having Avigdor Leiberman's Israel Beiteinu party in her coalition - as long as he conforms to the government's platform. Speaking to Army Radio, Livni nevertheless said that "voting out of fear is problematic, be it out of fear of Arabs or any other group."
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Is the Israeli public really going to value Avigdor Lieberman that much?
2009-02-05 11:00:00
I read a report today that tells that the Likud has been losing Knesset seats to Avigdor Lieberman 's Israel Beitenu party. And I have to wonder: is the public of Soviet origin actually going to consider him more important than the impending war with Iran, not to mention the Hamas' attacks on the south? Lieberman is someone who's had shady business deals with the Austrian tycoon Martin Schlaff,
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Ari Shavit's findings on Tzipi Livni
2009-02-04 17:26:00
Ari Shavit, a reporter for Haaretz, has some interesting discoveries about Tzipi Livni : Over the past week I took statements from about a dozen people who know Tzipi Livni quite well. None of them is close to either Benjamin Netanyahu or Ehud Barak. Most support Kadima or parties on the left. Nevertheless, all are concerned. The portrait they paint of Livni is a disturbing one. Kadima's
Human rights in Turkey are still a disaster
2009-02-04 15:02:00
You would think that in Turkey , things are civilized enough for a country of their sort, right? Not so according to this item by Steven Plaut on FPM, which talks about Tayyip Erdogan's sick assault on Israel at the UN: Brutal force has been used against Kurdish separatists and other political groups. Indeed, the operations of the Turkish military against the Kurds make Israel's recent incursion
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UN killing free speech to please Muslims
2009-02-04 11:21:00
Nat Hentoff writes in the Washington Times (via Hot Air Headlines) about how the United Nations, at the behest of Islamic countries membering with them, is trying to suppress free speech against religion, specifically Islam: Only Islam and Muslims are specifically named in this resolution against religious defamation, sponsored by Uganda on behalf of the 57-member Organization of the Islamic
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Ohio agency head who snooped on Joe the Plumber resigns
2008-12-18 22:49:00
Finally, that disgraceful woman has left her post. She was first just given a mere suspension, but now, it looks like she's been forced to walk (Hat tip: Hot Air): Helen Jones-Kelley, the state official placed on unpaid leave for improperly accessing confidential information from state databases on "Joe the Plumber," has resigned. Two senior managers involved in the incident also are leaving,
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Dubya discards the free market
2008-12-18 22:36:00
As a going-away present to his supporters, Dubya says that: “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.”He also qualifies for the Illogicality Award, if such a thing were ever invented. Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.
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Geert Wilders in Jerusalem
2008-12-16 14:38:00
Geert Wilders, the brave Dutch politician who's an outspoken critic of Islam, was in Jerusalem just 2 days ago, and gave a whole speech presented at Andrew Bostom's site.
Blagojevich SHOULD quit on Monday
2008-12-14 21:10:00
The classically corrupt governor of Illinois will hopefully do us all a favor and say goodbye to his office tomorrow: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Scandal-plagued Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich could announce on Monday that he will leave office, the state's top legal officer said on Sunday. Blagojevich was arrested last week on charges of swapping political favors for cash, including an attempt to
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Fisher-Price's propaganda
2008-12-14 20:47:00
Americans buying toys for their children are doing the right thing by returning a Fisher -Price-made doll that features a voice subtly promoting Islam: ( Consumers across North America are returning a talking doll to stores that they claim says, “Islam is the light.” Fisher-Price’s Little Mommy Cuddle & Coo doll makes all sorts of noises, but some consumers say it also seems to
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