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Regarding Farouk Hosni : Last Argument
2009-09-17 00:52:00
I think I spoke a lot along others online and offline regarding our rejection to Farouk Hosni?s nomination to hold the highest cultural position internationally as the UNSECO?s director general.  Of course we have been attacked in the official press as if it were from patriotism and the love of Egypt to say Yes for Farouk Hosni , well it is because we are patriots and we are madly in love with Egypt , we say No to Farouk Hosni. We have been attacked in the official press because we are saying working against the Muslim and Arab candidate in the race despite the fact that candidate did not work for 20 years to preserve our Islamic Arabic heritage. We are saying No because we love our country more than Hosni whom for 20 years worked in successive cabinets for a suppressive regime in a sign for loyalty even the defense and interior ministers did not enjoy for all that time long. One of the things that made me sad is the fact that the controversy regarding anti-Semitism and burni...
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The Muslims Are Coming, The Muslims Are Coming
2009-09-16 10:24:00
Please watch this video from the Daily Show till the end or near the end to be precise The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c Mad Men Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Healthcare Protests ?The Muslims are taking over !!!? , ?The Communists are coming? , ?Obama is Hitler? and ?Obama is Muslim Marxist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I am not an expert in the America n affair but I wonder where those angry protesters were when Bush brought down the house in 8 years !! The title of this post was inspired by 1960s American political comedy ?The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming? Technorati Tags: America,International,Economy,Daily show,Islam ,Muslims,Obama,Right,tea parties,Politics ,Fox News,Video ,Media
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World environment day
2008-06-10 22:30:00
we forgot about this important day in Egypt , originally it is on the 5th of June according to the UN but of course you may know that from this blog that many Egyptians associate this day with our worst military defeat in the modern history. Nevertheless it is not too late to celebrate especially that for the first time in Egypt we feel that people the real people began to have great awareness about environment. Thanks to Agrium , seriously those greedy businessmen Canadians opened the Egyptian people?s eyes especially in the Governates on the hazards of industrial and chemical factories.Now Agrium is stuck in Damietta and can?t go anywhere and has nothing to do except in my humble opinion to close the factory and move back home. Already all the Governates are refusing to host this factory. There are another two Agrium alike cases, may be there are not under the spot light like Damitta?s Agrium for now but they will sooner or later. The first is a factory owned by an Indian Company ...
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Follow Up : The Al-Burullus City
2008-06-10 19:48:00
Here is quick info about Al-Burullus City ,You know that there were violent clashes between the citizens and the police , still the city deserves more attention. As almost every City and place in Egypt , it has got real long history ,I will try to summarize it in the few minutes Al-Burullus is a coastal city,well it is actually a peninsula , the Mediterranean sea is in its north and the lake of Al-Burullus is in its south. The city of Al-Burullus itself is historical ,It is named after the Al Burullus lake and the fortress of Salah El-Din known as ?the tower or Al Borg? , officially it is ?Borg Al-Burullus? still it is known as ?Al-Burullus? The city has got one of the original light houses that Khedive Ismail had built in 1869. There is also a from the time of Ahmed Orabi and his battle against the British invasion in the 19th century. It has its own battle in 1956 against the French invaders on the 4th of November which is its national day , the famous Battle of Jules Jamal and...
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Testing the i google publishing feature
2008-06-10 11:43:00
coz I like to test every new feature
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Follow Up : Al Burullus revolution.
2008-06-09 22:04:00
First of all I want to clarify something , yes Kafr El-Sheikh has a great MB presence but they do not have any relation from near or far with the uprising , with the mini revolution of the Al Burullus people. Already Al Burullus people acted alone with no pre-organizing movement and this is why it is dangerous from the security of point of view . If it were the MB or the leftists then it would be easily to control but this sudden emotional rebel moves make the regime scared to death. This is stupid regime which does not learn from its mistakes , it forgot that simple fishermen can be very angry and their anger of those outcasted forgotten people can harm all Egypt ,especially rich Egypt that goes to the north Coast and already they saw it last July in the Water protests. Now here is a theory the regime acted so ugly and violently with the people of Al Burullus ?they did not arrest them last year? because they wanted to teach them a lesson , it is not a game to cut or block the ...
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Follow Up : The Al-Burullus uprising "With videos and photos"
2008-06-09 20:49:00
Al-Burullus made the headlines around the globe in the last 48 hours as the city which saw the hunger revolution , real hunger revolution. All Egyptian commenters and activists consider Al-Burullus to be the second Mahalla whether from the public anger or how the security dealt with it. Nevertheless Al-Burullus people proved to be real respectable people with hot temper , if we were all with hot temper like them our rights would not have been taken one by one like this. If you remember last summer we were shocked to know that in the land of the Nile there were Egyptians who could not find not clean water for months , the Nile Delta saw huge protests starting from Al-Burullus , when the people from that city brought their cause to the attention of the world when they cut and blocked the international highway for 6 or 7 hours after 11 days without water. Ironically its anniversary is next month The people of Burullus knew the trick ,the government won?t listen or look down humb...
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Follow Up: Momtaz you are fu*ked up
2008-06-08 21:58:00
Lol Mr.Momtaz El-Kot is paying for his kisses to the regime ass as I expected. The Egypt ian Presidency was shocked at what he wrote last Saturday ,well not at what he had written but how the people received it in and outside Egypt. The man made from Mubarak an universal joke with package of dates , exactly two kilos of dates, oh yes Mubarak paid the customs for two kilos of dates. Now the Presidency had to act fast and thus they issued indirect press release from their unofficial spokesperson General Mustafa Bakery in his nationalist newspaper to deny the incident , it did not take place. He wrote this in his column and Al Dostor re-published it ?It is a strange act? According to Bakery, Mubarak was angry from El-Kot that in Italy he asked him on the air force 1 , our air force 1 ?From where did you get that story of the dates ??? El-Kot smiled and did not know what to say . Still Bakery got a point It turned out that those presumed two kilos were present from the Pr...
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Jon Stewart and AIPAC
2008-06-08 19:15:00
digg_url = " 008/06/jon-stewart-of-aipac.html";digg_ti tle = "Jon Stewart of AIPAC";digg_bgcolor = "#F8EFD5";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;I know it is late , but you know me , it is never too late , I comment about Alexander the great sexuality so why not to speak about last week?s stuff . Jon Stewart made fun from AIPAC and the appearance of the two candidates Obama and McCain ?also Hilary? and how they kissed the AIPAC ass. I have seen on TV and I am happy to find it that it is so popular on the Internet From the Daily Show P.S Jon Stewart is a Jew.   Technorati Tags: America ,AIPAC,Israel ,American Presidential elections 2008,elections 2008,Daily Show,Jon Stewart,Jews,politics,Films,videos,Media
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Follow Up : Al Matrya hosptial
2008-06-08 16:53:00
digg_url = " 008/06/follow-up-al-matrya-hosptial.html" ;digg_title = "Follow Up : Al Matrya hosptial";digg_bgcolor = "#F8EFD5";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;The terrible incidents of Al Matrya educational hospital are still making headlines , all the spot lights are on Dr.Akroot and his co-doctors who impressed Egypt with integrity. The General prosecutor now is investigating in the incidents. Now more people come to the media who relatives from parents or fathers or children were victims to the outage. By the way Dr. Akroot has a blog now , so bookmark it now because he is promising for a new scandal. Technorati Tags: Al Matrya,Hospitals,Citizen Journalism,Egypt,Health ,News,follow Up,Mideast,Middle East,Blogs,Blogging,Dr.Akroot
Laura you are not Jackie
2008-06-08 16:14:00
digg_url = " 008/06/laura-you-are-not-jackie.html";dig g_title = "Laura you are not Jackie";digg_bgcolor = "#F8EFD5";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;Laura Bush is visiting Afghanistan now , seriously I do not know why ?? It is too late. seriously what is she doing there ?? What are they trying to prove ?? That Afghanistan is under control and too safe that the first lady is visiting it !!?? For God Sake the coalition forces only control 30% or even less from Afghanistan !!?? Laura Bush is not Jackie Kennedy* , Laura Bush is married to G.W Bush , I guess this enough *Jackie had visited Afghanistan in Technorati Tags: Laura Bush,Jackie O,Jackie Kennedy,Afghanistan,G.W Bush,America ,News,Women ,politics
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8,000 protesters are not few protesters
2008-06-08 10:47:00
Last night the city of Al-Burullus witnessed huge clashes between the citizens and police forces. About 8000 citizen gathered and protested against the governer's decision to distribute Wheat on bakeries instead of the people.The clashes and its size and severity reminded the people with the clashes of the Mahalla on last 6th of April 2008 .I think that this is the first big sized protests to be for wheat and bread , Mahalla was originally for workers' right and rise in prices , but this is for Wheat and bread.People are getting more and more angry for wheat , this reminds me with the French Revolution , strangely no one reads history or learns anything from it , Moshe Dyan was right !!The Governer of the Kafr El-Sheikh , which Al-Burullus city follows of course denied that there were clashes and said that the protestors were few on TV last night !!??I do not think that 8000 citizens can be described as few protesters ,even if they protested in Cairo !!??I am trying to put my hand...
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What happened to Filbalad ??
2008-06-07 12:28:00
digg_url = " 008/06/what-happened-to-filbalad.html";di gg_title = "What happened to Filbalad ??";digg_bgcolor = "#F8EFD5";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;What happened to Filbalad News website ?? After two months of upgrading the website to become a Web 2.0 look alike I found out that they closed their news and political section . Why ?? It was very successful as far as I could see and It received comments and good reactions . It is ridiculous to close their successful news section and keep their sports and Arts sections , well may be someone wants the Egyptians to think only in those two things only !!?? That website was my favourite and I made it my homepage for its news section but now.. ?? I am asking why again ?? Did they receive orders from someone especially they used to host people like Ibrahim Eissa in the Website ?? or what ?? FilBalad | ?????? ????...
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The Agrium Saga : Your President stayed so long in the rule and this is why
2008-06-06 23:13:00
digg_url = " 008/06/agrium-saga-your-president-stayed- so.html";digg_title = "The Agrium Saga : Your President stayed so long in the rule and this is why we are here !!??";digg_bgcolor = "#F8EFD5";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;The Canadian  manager of Agrium Egypt justified why they chose Egypt using these stupid words that would make people more and more angry We chose Egypt because of its political stability , your President ?Mubarak? has stayed too long !! The War is going by the people of Damietta and the company. The newest thing is that the Company began a campaign to spread lies that the campaign against its pollutant factory is funded by NDP members in the city who wanted this piece of land. I could believe this if the Government did not stand with them so blindly , those poor Canadians do not know that the NDP and the Cabinet are the same th...
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This is what he should do !!??
2008-06-06 21:40:00
digg_url = " 008/06/this-is-what-he-should-do.html";di gg_title = "This is what he should do !!??";digg_bgcolor = "#F8EFD5";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;Our family do not buy Weekly Akhabr Al Youm since Mr. Momtaz Al-Kot , its chief in editor crossed all the lines in kissing the regime ass , after being loyal to Akhabr Al Youm publications for more than half a century for professional and emotional reasons , we could not take it anymore with the rubbish Mr. Momtaz writes every week to book the CEO place of the Akhabr Al Youm publishing house, even daily Al Akhabr we found ourselves living without it after boycotting it for a week and thus we do not buy it anymore even for Ahmed Rageb and Mustafa Hussein.Al Akhabr and Akhabr Al Youm are turned officially in an Egypt ian Parvda , well it was like that since its nationalization I am afraid but we just do not remember....
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This was not from 5 June 1967
2008-06-06 19:49:00
Daily Al Masry Al Youm published a special report about the 41 anniversary of the six days war. I noticed something , it may be silly but I can?t go over it . I love photography and photos and I love to study the details of photos so much because I believe you can know a lot from it just by studying it. In the online edition and also printed edition , they published a photo as a scene from the six days war ?they even used this term as the caption ? . I think this photo was not from the six days war 1967 but from the Suez War 1956 , with my all respect I saw many photos from both wars and I guess some of you know that due to my research about the POWs whether in 1956 or in 1967 , I saw sorry  studied many photos . To prove my point please look to the photo As you see those Egyptian soldiers were wearing winter coats , where as the Six Days war was in June 1967 , the Egyptian Soldiers were dying from heat and thirst. If I am mistaken this photo was from the 1956 war ...
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Remembering them
2008-06-06 00:35:00
I can?t forget them because Egypt does not forget them. powered by ODEO Please visit There are new updates and news Technorati Tags: Egypt,POWs,Egyptian POWs,1967,Israel ,War Crimes,History ,Human rights,photos,UAR,Middle East,Mideast,Africa
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Follow Up : The Matrya Hospital scandal
2008-06-05 22:11:00
More info about the terrible the Matrya hospital scandal. First I contacted Mr.Akroot who uploaded those daring videos that shocked the public and reached to the media and this is what I knew Dr. Akroot is actually a doctor in the Matrya educational hospital. He did not film these shocking videos , but they were filmed by his co-doctors . He is the one who collected these clips in order to publish it and expose the corruption in media and in public. Now here is the news updates : The minister of health presented an urgent request to the General prosecutor to open an immediate investigation about the incident. There is a lot of trouble in the administration of the hospital. The doctors are being admired for their courage in the situation. It turned out that in this black night not only 4 babies were killed but also 2 adults because of the outage. The families of the victims are so angry. Here I want to say something Dr. Akroot is a citizen Journalist ...
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A brand new powers in a brand new middle East "1-2"
2008-06-05 21:25:00
This is a brand new Middle East for sure that suits a brand new world , another step towards the new middle East where the Usually leading countries are substituted with other countries in the leading place,it is not about dictatorship regimes and minorities . In the last 20Th century Egypt and Saudi Arabia were the leading the countries in the Middle East, Egypt was the first then Saudi Arabia was the second , then in the last 27 blessed years the roles were switched especially in the last two years , Saudi Arabia became the leader and we are the follower , of course both were following the American Orders blindly. Saudi Arabia was always the faithful ally for the United States ,so it is not a surprise , Egypt has its own ups and downs with America since the revolution or the coup of 1952 "it was actually the first one to be backed by the American administration then in the region" Any how it seems that the United States got bored from these two dictatorship corrupte...
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Al Matrya Hospital shocking videos
2008-06-04 22:33:00
I do not know if I should post this or not . Last week Al Matrya educational hospital had seen a tragedy on the 22nd of May 2008 when a power outage took place , yes Power outage took place for two hours leading to the dramatic death of 4 babies in the neonatal intensive care.You must know before this outage on the 22nd of May , the hospital witnessed an another outage from three weeks before for 5 minutes and you must know that the back up electric generators did not work !!More important you must know that the administration of that hospital in Cairo that follows the ministry of health knew that. You must know that the administration of that hospital faked the time of death of those infants three hours before the outage so it would escape the legal accountability !!Now when the outage happened ,the doctors who were in duty during that time did what they could do to save those babies , they used their mobile phones to light the Neonatal I.C , one of them filmed these critical mo...
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Samson Blinded: The ugly face of Samson
2008-06-04 20:03:00
In the Bible there is a famous Hebrew of legend Samson,the Divine saver of the Israel ites against the Philistines was deceived by Delilah who cut his hair , his secret of strength , she was deceived him and cut his hear while his sleep for money in Gaza from the Philistines . Losing his power , Samson was captured by the Philistines who tortured till he became a blind. They took him to their pagan temple after couple of days , they did not notice that his hair was growing again; they were going to kill him to please their pagan; in the last moment he prayed to God for forgiveness and God forgave him and returned back to him his powers in the last minute and thus Samson in anger rage brought down on the pagan temple on the philistines and himself in a scene the was best quoted by Farid Al Atrash in his film ?Last lie? ?On me and on my enemies Lord ?Changing the famous words of Samson in the new testament ?Let Me die with the Philistines?This legend was memorized in the Egyptian memo...
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Obama : a historical victory and repeated Promises
2008-06-04 18:54:00
This is a historical victory , in fact even if Obama does not make it to the White House ,it will be enough for him this honour , to become the presidential candidate of the Democratic party in the Presidential America n race 2008. I believe that Dr. King did not dream in his time for this , I believe that  Rosa Parks did not think for one moment that a Black man will have the chance to become the President of the United States when she started the Civil movement , or when she refused to give her seat in the bus for a White man. Here is Obama?s speech of victory , it is indeed a victory. What next ?? Well more five months of direct war with John McCain , I do not know but I think if Obama won Hilary , he would win McCain insh Allah. This will be very exciting because Obama is the first black and McCain is the oldest in the history of American elections. We will wait and see as world viewers who will be the next of the leader of free world . Already I believe Obama ...
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Is he the president of another country ??
2008-06-03 23:07:00
President Mubarak is in Rome at the food security summit today and said to the Journalists and reporters from around the globe that Egypt did not suffer currently from food Crisis !!?? Excuse !!?? What about the daily queues in front of bakeries to get some loaves of bread after waiting for hours !!?? What about his decision to save the day and order the army to share its wheat with the people ?? What about the decisions to import Wheat from faraway countries like Russia ?? What about the Rice Crisis ?? Rashid order to stop the export of Egyptian Rise and this caused a trouble abroad and the price of Rice went up because of it ?? Does he think that those reporters will believe him like the chief in editors he takes with him in his Air Force One !!?? This shows that this man is no longer contacted to the present and he lost his ability to interact with the outside world as he should !!?? He lives in his world of lies and hypocrisy made by his entourage. The sad thing he doe...
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So What ?? They are all like her
2008-06-03 21:11:00
It seems that suddenly some Arab ic media woke up lately and discovered the historical background of the Israel i Foreign minister Tzipi Livni !!? I think I tickled her controversial role in the Mossad before from two years ago !! So what !!?? Now you are angry from her because you knew that she used to kill Palestinians !!?? With my all respect most of the Israeli ministers have killed Palestinians and Arabs !!?? All the Israeli prime ministers except Ehud Olmert were members in the IDF and fought and killed Palestinians and Arabs even pre-1948 !!?? Being an assassin in the Mossad is not something bad there ,after all she used to kill those she believed that they were and are her enemies , that makes her heroin in her society ,she does not care about what you think about her !!? Technorati Tags: Tzipi Livni,Israel,Foreign Minister,Middle East,Mideast,Arab,Palestine ,Palestinians, Peace
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Two hits
2008-06-03 19:46:00
Two hits in the heads hurt An Egypt ian common proverb I remember it when I read about another book that can cause trouble for Bush and his administration , already the man is still suffering from the consequences of McCallen?s book and does not know where it is going to take him so he would  find out that there is another book exposing his failure in the Iraq i war. This time the author is not a Civilian old buddy press secretary , he is retired U.S LT.General Ricardo S. Sanchez ,the former commander of the coalition forces in Iraq. The book is Wiser in Battle : A Soldier?s story ,you can order it from Amazon here. Wiser in BattleISBN: 0061562424ISBN-13: 9780061562426 It seems some people want to clear themselves earlier in front of the America n people , in front of the people of the world and more important in front of the history. From administration point of view the Bush administration was suffering from a groupthink . This is what I got from the two bo...
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This is a war crime
2008-06-03 00:07:00
Oh boy we are in the sad June with its terrible memories regarding our slayed POWs and Civilians in the desert Sinai and here we are with this new scandal , which I am not surprised at all to know about. Thank God that people now speak and confess Please check this confession from an America n Soldier regarding what the U.S army does with the Iraq i and Afghani civilians dead bodies . There should be an international investigation about these crimes.These are war crimes by all measuresTechnorati Tags: American,American army,U.S Army,Iraq,Afghanistan,video,Media ,Human rights,regional,Arab,War,POWs,War Crime s
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The generations fight
2008-06-02 17:54:00
Step away the civilization fight ,there is some kind of a generations fight in the Egyptian blogsphere. The 1960s generation vs. 1980s generation . It was wonderful , if you know Arabic then please read these two links which represents the two generations. The 1980s generation Which I belong to The 1960s and 1970s generations which I like so. What do you think ?? By the way I found this essay in Radar Magazine from the US about their generations fight there ,this man hates our generation so much !!?? Technorati Tags: Generations ,Society ,Egyptian Society,international,life,nostalgia
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The Syrian-Israeli Peace talks
2008-06-02 09:00:00
And so the Syria ns are having an actual Peace talks with the Israel is under the blessing of the Turkey , the new Power of the middle East. Surprise , of course our official media are speaking in the infamous way "Now they are imitating us those who can't liberate their land !?? it is so late" This is disgusting talk I read it and I felt so so so sad because I know that Egypt should stand with Syria in that critical time , she should leave her like what happened to us in Camp David. Anyhow I do not put much hopes on these talks because I believe it is a public stunt by Ehud Olmert . Guys pay attention to Israel internal affairs , Olmert is on the break of resignation or accusation of corruption or even both , he needs this to raise from his popularity , the tough warrior image did not work and so he goes to the Peace Maker , who will solve Israel's problems. Timing is critical , in fact you will know that it is a public stunt or even a way to seek for person...
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A land fight not a sectarian fight
2008-06-01 21:39:00
As if we need it , seriously we do not need this , this is why I do not like some times the Upper Egyptian mind set. Now all the world , the news agencies around the globe are transferring the news that there had been clashes yesterday between Muslims and Christians over a piece of land in Mania in the south of Egypt , the clashes resulted in one death "a Muslim" and 4 injuries "Christians" The problem is that the dispute is not on a regular land but on a land that follows a monastery in Mania ,yup religious ownership adding more fuel to the fire !! There are some Arab tribes that claim the ownership of this land where as the monastery claims other wise , here we do not talk about religion but we talk about Upper Egyptian famous mind set , the sacred land. Look this is not a sectarian fight ,already with my all respect the Muslims kill other Muslims over land disputes in Upper Egypt ,Christians kill other Christians over land disputes in Upper Egypt. Last ...
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The sequence of events
2008-06-01 19:01:00
Please look with me at the sequence of the events in the Levant in the past two weeks: The Lebanese parties reached to an agreement in Doha ; no more strikes , more Parliament sessions and a new president with a national cabinet. Turkey announces that it is the mediator between Syria and Israel . Syria and Israel admit that there are Peace negotiations between them. There are news that Israel and Hezbollah are going to exchange POWs in a very big deal that will even include Samir Kantar himself !!?? Fouad El-Saniora is back again as the Prime minister !!?? Israel released Lebanese Prisoner on the 1st of June for exchange of their soldiers remains . Now this is what I think Egypt is completely excluded from all that considering that the fact that the Egyptian regime considered itself as a the sole mediator between the Arabs and Israel, I mean were not the words of Mubarak and his FM during the Israeli invasion to Lebanon in 2006 that we kept our embassy ...
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