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#Egyelections: The presidential candidates platforms
2012-05-10 13:53:00
It is only 72 hours from the actual start of the presidential elections as Egypt ians abroad will inaugurate officially the elections in the Egyptian embassies and consulates in all over the world on May 11th,2012. Strangely despite the presidential elections will start after few hours and we have not seen any presidential platforms except from 7 presidential candidates "Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh ,Ahmed Shafik, Amre Moussa , Mohamed Morsi , Khlaed Ali , Hamdeen Sabbahi and Mohamed Salim El Awa" out of 13 candidates !! Here are the Presidential candidates Platforms in Arabic arranged by the presidential candidates' names below after the break. Here is Abu El Fotoh's platform. It is called "Strong Egypt" Ahmed Shafik has just issued his presidential platform only on Thursday "10/5" and his campaign has not posted it yet on the campaign's official website  The only thing I know about it that it is called " The New Era , Better home for great nation" Here is Moussa's pla...
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Breaking : Administrative court suspends Presidential elections !!!!
2012-05-10 11:46:00
Al Ahram newspaper has just reported on its official website that the administrative court in Qalubiya has issued a court ruling to suspend the Supreme presidential elections committee decision to hold the presidential elections next May 23rd and 24th !! According from what I understand the administrative court saw that we can?t have presidential elections. Updated #1 : According to MENA this court ruling was taken because the one that should call the voters for elections is SCAF instead the Supreme presidential elections committee ?SPEC?. The government has the right to appeal the court rule tomorrow. Lawyer Wael Bahget is the man who stands behind this surprising court ruling and from hearing him now on TV I know that he got Islamophobia. I saved the country from civil war !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bahget said hinting out the warnings of Muslim brotherhood of going back to the street if there is electoral fraud as well the rage of Abu Ismail?s supporters. People are extreme...
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#EgyElections : Presidential campaigns ads "Updated
2012-05-08 20:32:00
Since the start of the presidential campaign officially since last week and we began to be showed with Presidential candidates TV ads in Egypt ian TV channels. In this post I will share with you the Egyptian presidential candidates by Alphabetic order and it will be updated as soon as there are new ads. The ads are after the break Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh : Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and his campaign aired thad ad that expressed about Abu El Fotoh program and promises to restore security in the first 100 days of his election and to make Egypt one of the strongest 20 countries in the world in the upcoming world. He spoke about justice , about values , in nutshell he spoke about his program in few seconds in very strong voice and command. Unlike other ads he spoke throughout it from the beginning to the end. I like the music used in the background. There was another TV ad the campaign launched and it was so popular online , it was based upon the famous and popular op...
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And France has got a new president called #Hollande
2012-05-07 00:37:00
Dear Egyptian chronicles readers meet France?s new president Françoise Hollande , the second socialist president to rule France after Francoise Mitterrand President Hollande of France The 24th President of France is a socialist and he won in the runoff of the French presidential elections by 51.9% of the votes. Of course I will not deny that I am happy that Sarkozy has lost the elections , the dear friend of Mubarak. What I care is now the Egyptian French Relations post revolution in time of new presidents , not only a new president as insh Allah hopefully we will have a new president in 3 months. We are speaking about economic relations , political relations as well military relations aside from cultural relations. We used to have good relations with Mitterrand so I wonder how it will be the relations not only with Hollande but with Mr. X who will become Egypt?s fifth president insh Allah. Now this is a fact that the Egyptian national TV announced that Hollande won before h...
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Is not this conflict of Interest ?
2012-05-06 18:59:00
Dr. Mohamed Morsy , the official presidential candidate of Muslim brotherhood in the presidential race and the leader of the Freedom and Justice Party has got two children that were born in California , United States. According to all sources his children got the American citizenship. Now Morsy is not the only one to have children or grandchildren with American citizenship because I think that Amr Moussa?s grandson is also a British citizen as his father Ahmed Ashraf Marwan got the British citizenship and his daughter lived in UK during their marriage. ?They divorced later and Hania Moussa lives in Egypt ? There is nothing in the current presidential elections law that speaks about the presidential candidates? offspring nationality but one must wonder about their loyalty and the conflict of interest here especially when it comes to Morsy?s children and grandchildren as we are dealing with the American Egyptian very critical and complicated relationships here. It is not about racis...
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Ideas after the Abassiya II defeat
2012-05-06 17:02:00
We are the product of reactive social culture , we never take proactive steps except so rarely ; this is a fact we can not deny.For a year the activists , revolutionary youth and their supporters on twitter and Facebook have kept warning us from the Romanian scenario and how after the execution of CeauSesCu the military rule sabotaged the Romanian revolution in its own way and how SCAF is following the steps of their Romanian countrpart yet strangely all the time the activists and Opinion leaders in Egypt did not tell us for real how to avoid this scenario in the real world. In fact proudly activists and opinion leaders are participating in making this scenario a reality with their revolutionary romanticism and arrogance and by failing in every trap made for them. The political game between SCAF and MB as well the rise of the Salafist power and the release of Islamist Jihadi icons made many people fear from Algerian scenario. We even got people now who believe that army soldiers are...
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regarding The Egyptian Delegation To the Kingdom
2012-05-06 02:05:00
At the same time we were watching on TV the clashes between the military police and the protesters at MOD sit in , many Egypt ians were shocked from what they were seeing on Al Arabiya TV channel on air from the Saudi Royal palace in Riyadh from humiliation to their Egyptian dignity.   A public diplomacy headed by the Speaker of the People Saad El Katatanini and MPs from different parties including Freedom and Justice Party and Al Nour Party as well the leaders of Al Wafd Party ?Sayed Badawy? and Ghad El Thawar Party ?Ayman Nour?. There were representatives from religious institutions in Egypt like Al Azhar and the Orthodox church of Alexandria along with Salafist Sheikh like Sheikh Mohamed Hassan. There were also actors in the delegation that was received warmly by Saudi. The delegation went to apologize for the insults the Kingdom and the King endured during El Gizawy?s case and for the insulting graffiti written on the walls of the embassy from couple of weeks ago as w...
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The ?Final? Friday : The end of What exactly !??
2012-05-04 20:55:00
I do not know who really chooses the names of ?Friday Protests? , it is another mystery of the mysteries of the Arab Spring but one thing of sure whoever chose the name of this Friday?s protest in Egypt is really stupid. Today?s Friday protest is called ? The Final Friday? and Please do not ask me what end and whose end we are speaking about here because it is so painful. Today there are two many events , a million man protest in Tahrir square and a revolutionary march heading to Abassiya square and MOD square. I do not know what the aims and goals of these protests for real to be honest aside from rejecting and condemning the brutal attack on the protester and their cold blood murder. The marches to MOD are considered more important today than the protest in Tahrir square. They are organized by April 6th Youth Movement ?two fronts? , The second day of rage Facebook Page ?Which is somehow radical to me? and other 13 movements. The goals of those marches are : Ending the military rul...
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And Hussein Salem speaks at last
2012-05-04 01:00:00
And for the first time since very many years Hussein Salem speaks to the Egypt ian media on TV , the man who is labeled the Best best friend of Hosni Mubarak , in fact he is the only friend we knew from Mubarak?s close Friend. Salem decided to have his first and last TV interview to none other than Amr Adeeb. The interview was recorded I think from two weeks ago in Spain. Already Adeeb was the only TV host who spoke with Salem before his great escape from Egypt or even after his great escape from Egypt. I believe choosing Adeeb was a good choice because honestly no other TV host in Egypt could tolerate the wickedness of Salem. It was like a memories conversation between a streetwise guy and an old merchant in a local café for God sake !! Amr Adeeb interviews Hussein Salem In nutshell here is what he said : He is innocent from all charges he is accused of whether in Egypt or Spain. He is ready to give the great people of Egypt financial aid. ?in other words he is ready for recon...
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#MOD : Because we do not learn from our mistakes !!
2012-05-03 12:29:00
And the protesters are insisting to complete to have useless sit in which we do not know really what their demands for real were up till now in  a very hostile area. There were several marches that headed this after noon led by prominent figures including presidential candidates like Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh , Hamdeen Sabbahi and Khaled Ali to show their support to the protesters after the brutal clashes in early morning. Thousands joined these marches in solidarity with the protesters and yet on one convinced these protesters to end that sit in which everybody knows that it will end in bloody disaster. We do not know learn from our mistakes , we are being dragged to useless confrontation because of vague empty slogans that have become so ridiculous. Already one of the disasters that they can not deny is how Mohamed El Zawahiri, the brother of Ayman Al Zawahiri was received by his followers mainly from Salafist Jihadi trend as well the Abu Ismail Supporters on the first anni...
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#MOD : On Going Massacre "Graphic"
2012-05-02 15:17:00
And deadly clashes erupted early morning today between the Protesters of #MOD sit and thugs as well locals of Abassiya resulted officially in the death of 5 citizens and the injury of at least 45 in one of the worst clashes since the Port Said stadium clashes. According to the ministry of health official report the 5 were killed by birdshots. One of the injured transferred "3mo Shehab" According to unofficial numbers there are 10 have been reportedly killed in the clashes according to the field hospitals in the area.One of Abassiya locals have been killed this morning , allegedly shot down and that was the start of the clashes. Of course these clashes comes after daily fights with the thugs and locals of Abassiya that started on Saturday !! Protesters and eye witnesses are speaking about the use of automatic guns in horrifying scenes where protesters are being slaughtered. One of the hospital nearby Abassaiya ?Dar El Shafaa? is said to be under the control of thugs and angry loc...
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Waiting For Presidential Debates on TV to Start
2012-05-02 00:22:00
The famous debate between Nixon and Kennedyin 1960 And for the first time in the history of Television in Egypt as well in the East of the Arab world we are going to have televised presidential debates on TV between the presidential candidates in Egypt next Thursday?s evening. The first time there was a Televised Presidential TV debate in the history of television in the Arab world was in Mauritania in 2007.   The Presidential Debates event will be a joint broadcast between Dream TV Network and ONTV Network The debates will be moderated by Mona El Shazly , Yosri Fouda , Reem Magued and Hafez El Marazi. There will be also analytical discussion after the debates by political analysts moderated by Amr Khafagi. The debates will be published next day in Al Shorouk and Al Masry Al Youm newspapers exclusively.   Of course one must wonder about the Egyptian National TV , well it is out of the world despite it airs some TV show presented by veteran TV host Tarek Habib calle...
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Presidential Elections 2012 : The official Islamist vote leans Towards Abu
2012-05-01 02:14:00
And the presidential elections committee announced last week the final list of the Presidential candidates forcing the major Islamists parties and powers to declare their position after being hesitant for weeks to declare their endorsement till everything is clear. In the Past few days there have been a lot developments when it comes to the Salafist Islamist vote. Al Nour Party has announced its official endorsement to Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and they are supporting him by all their force which is demonstrated in the big rally made for Abu El Fotoh in Alexandria today. Al Nour parliamentarian committee held an internal elections to choose the Islamist presidential candidate they should endorse and accordingly Abu El Fotoh got 74 votes while Mohamed Morsi of MB got 30 votes and Mohamed Salim El Awa got one vote. Al Nour Party endorses Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh A screen cap for Al Nour Party official FB Page  Nader Bakar , the official spokesperson of Al Nour Party and it...
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To catch a Thug on Facebook : Mr. Baskoeta !!
2012-04-30 16:41:00
Do you remember that video from last Sunday?s early morning clashes between protesters and thugs as well locals in Abassiya area near the #MOD sit in where attackers face were crystal clear and we had the opportunity to hear and see the moment the video shooter getting hit by another young man carrying a handmade gun !!!? Here is the video to refresh you mind. Later ?Kolena Khaled Said Group? FB page showed a screen capture for that young man in order to be arrested by the authorities. The Screen Capture Now amazingly before we hear anything from the authorities our youth were able to find all the details concerning his address and his name plus his Facebook Profile. A Screen cap from the Facebook profile  Mr. Karim Baskoeta aka Karim Biscuit seems to be a young man from Abassiya if I may say judging from photos he posted on the Facebook. He is from the working class that worked as a cashier in a clothes shop , who visited the Holy land and marked his visit , who t...
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Some good advice For New Parties in town
2012-04-30 09:34:00
Dear follow blogger Sandmonkey aka Mahmoud Salem wishes all the success to Dr.ElBaradei?s new Constitution Party and thus from two days ago he published some good advice from his experience in the Partisan Life in Egypt after the revolution as a leading member in the Liberal Free Egyptians Party on his twitter account through demonstrating the major problems news parties face in Arabic along with their solutions . After taking Sandmonkey?s permission , I compiled the tweets and translated them in to English after the break. [View the story "Sandmonkey's 101 for new parties ????? ??? ?????? ???????" on Storify] Sandmonkey's 101 for new parties ????? ??? ?????? ??????? Storified by Zeinobia · Sun, Apr 29 2012 18:30:15 ???? ??? ?? ????? ??? ???????? ????, ??? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ??????? ??, ???? ????? ????? ????. ???? ????? ????? ?????.Mahmoud Salem Wishing for ElBaradei's party all the success , I will present some advice because I do not want that party to fail  ...
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Another Ministerial Reshuffle Coming in the way !!
2012-04-29 22:43:00
Rumors , leaks and news in Egypt are speaking about very close ministerial reshuffle today after the decision of People?s assembly to suspend its sessions till next May 6,2012 ?Sunday? to object the decision of Ganzoury?s cabinet not to resign as they want. The decision was taken by the approval and support of the Islamist majority in the PA especially the Freedom and Justice Party despite the refusal of more than 80 MPs. Anyhow back to the rumors and leaks that sprung this afternoon. The news is confirmed by the Egyptian Social Democratic party MP Bassel Kamel on his official twitter account. [<a href=" isterial-reshuffle-in-egypt" target="_blank">View the story "New Ministerial Reshuffle in Egypt " on Storify</a> ]<h1>New Ministerial Reshuffle in Egypt </h1>&a mp;amp;lt;h2>MP Bassem Kamel of Egyptian Social D...
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#MOD sit in: Abassiya battle II
2012-04-29 14:55:00
Tens of protesters have been injured in clashes with armed assailants at Abassiya area while they were having a sit in at the ministry of defense "MOD" area. The clashes started late night and continued till the early hours of the morning. The armed assailants from hired thugs and angry Abassiya locals used handmade cement bombs, Molotov cocktails, rocks ,live ammunition and birdshots against the peaceful protesters , mostly from the Islamist Salafist powers who were objecting the exclusion of Hazem Abu Ismail from presidential elections. Blood on the vest of that young man by Nawara Negm According to the ministry of health not less than 91 have been injured with no death cases.News reports are conflicted when it comes to deaths , there are reports that a Salafist protester has been killed while field doctors say that 4 were killed. There is documented use of live ammunition along with birdshots. There two field hospitals in the sit in , one set up by Tahrir doctors group and th...
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#CParty : wish for it all success but ..
2012-04-29 14:10:00
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is back to action and this time he decided to participate in the political game officially by founding a political party which he hopes it would represent not only the Egypt ian revolution but rather the Egyptian people in order to save the revolution The new Party is called ?The constitution party? because ?The constitution is what brings all Egyptians together? , of course its suits this phase in the revolution when there is a battle on the constitution right between The Muslim brotherhood and Non Islamist powers. Mohamed ElBaradei and Ragia Omran "AP" The Constitution party  includes prominent political figures and activists like for instance Dr. Alaa Al Aswany , Dr. Hossam Eissa , TV host Gamila Ismail , Journalist Wael Kandeel ?Official spokesperson and editor in chief of Al Shorouk Daily? , Human rights activist lawyer Ragia Omran , Revolution Youth coalition member Shady El Ghazli Harb and the famous Dr. Ahmed Harara. For sure ElBaradei and ...
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#April20 protest in Video and Photos
2012-04-27 21:24:00
I know this is late to share the videos and photos of #April 20 protest but I can?t share at least for my effort , God knows how much I spent from time trying to edit that video and post as soon as possible. Again it is never too late. #April20 Protest in Tahrir square Here is a video clip showing what I have seen at the #April20 Protest held at Tahrir square last April 20th , 2012. I dedicate this clip to all those who claimed that the Islamists mostly from Hazem Abu Ismail supporters did not break the agreement of having united slogans and goals. I dedicate this clip to all those who said that some people including me were overreacting when it came to Islamist slogans and Islamist flags. Islamist black flags  Islamist black flags again  The flag of Hazem Abu Ismail over the Egypt ian flag  The Islamist scholars poster were put by Islamists over the Syrian Tent  One of Hazem Supporter's supproters  Of course like in Every protest th...
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Necrophilia Law is a Rumor Ya People !!
2012-04-26 20:42:00
Now it has found its way to the Daily Mail , which is from the most read tabloids read online and you can imagine its impact on the Western mindset that already got that stupid stereotype about Muslims and Arabs already , I think I have to clarify things because it is getting out of control.  ?It turned out it found its way to the huffingtonpost as well and Jezebl !!" From couple of days ago we found out that Amr Abdel Samaii , the writer in Al Ahram newspaper claiming that the Islam ists in the parliament are going to draft called the Necrophilia law in a 18 words sentence for one time in his op-ed about women and media in the time of the new Islamist majority. . The necrophilia law allegedly allows the man to have one last sexual intercourse with his deceased wife in the first 6 hours after her death.  !! The Egyptian National TV former host who used to support Mubarak and his son did not mention the name of MP who proposed that law or any further details about it in his...
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And the final list of presidential candidates is here
2012-04-26 12:49:00
And the Presidential elections committee "PEC" has officially issued its final list of presidential candidates. They are not potential presidential candidates anymore as they are "Presidential candidates" now. The final presidential candidates running the first real multi-candidate presidential elections after the revolution in Egypt are : Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh "Independent Islamist" Abdullah El Ashal "Partisan" Abu El Ezz El Hariri "Partisan Leftist" Ahmed Shafik "Independent" Amr Moussa "Independent" Hamdeen Sabahi "Partisan Nassirte" Hisham El Bastawisi "Partisan Leftist"  Hossam Khairallah "Partisan" Khaled Ali "Independent Leftist" Mahmoud Hossam "Who is he ?" Mohamed Morsi "Partisan Islamist" Mohamed Salim El Awa "Independent Islamist" Mohamed Abd El Fatah "Who is that guy !?" 
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Happy Sinai Liberation Day 2012
2012-04-25 23:06:00
Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Israel i occupation from Sinai , just days after the decision of EGAS to cut off the gas supply to EMG and thus to Israel. Some say that this was the unique celebration for the day. It is unique anniversary despite it was some how quiet today and I am not speaking about quiet streets of Cairo but rather in Sinai still the Youth of North Sinai movement had a stand across in front of the North Sinai Governorate where tens of locals carried banners against the marginalization of Sinai and the neglect of the government to the peninsula. Youth of North Sinai movement Youth of North Sinai movement Mourning Sinai : 31 years A government thatdo not care "Sinai Youth Movement" Who wants to liberate it , should re-build it"Sinai Youth Movement"  Another group of Youth tried to march to The Dayan Memorial Stone in Sheikh Zowaid in order to paint with the Egypt ian flag colors but the army and security forces block...
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US , them and breaking the stereotype !!
2012-04-25 01:31:00
Dear Mona El Tahawy has caused an uproar online yesterday with her long essay in Foreign policy?s special Sex issue with the title ?Why they hate us !?? In 24 hours there have been strong reactions mainly from Arabs and Muslims who refused this orientalist view to women and men in the Arab and Muslim world. From Dima El Khatib : Love , not hatred , Dear Mona ! From Karim Malek : Case in Point : Mona El Tahawy?s FP article From Mona Karim : ?Why Do they hate us !?? A blogger?s response From Samia Errazzouk : ?Dear Mona El Tahawy , you do not represent us? From Phil Brennan : On Muslim-Arab issues and the Danger of Aiding the Neo-Liberal Colonialist Agenda Now to my short comments as I think the people above have covered all what the points I want to say and have said in details , they even did it better than me. I am fed up as Egyptian Arab Muslim African woman of that stereotype Westerners and orientalists put me in that I am being oppressed and needed to be saved as soon as pos...
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The man who does not speak much yet wants presidency
2012-04-04 22:57:00
Who is Khairat El Shater ? A question that many Egypt ians from outside Muslim brotherhood are asking themselves now especially that he is going to run for presidency representing Egypt's most organized power. Of course the loyal MB members will not believe that someone in Nubia or in Sinia or in New Valley does not know their savior , Egypt's 21st century Joseph !!! Unlike other leading members of the brotherhood and those members authorized to speak to the media , El Shater is considered very media shy in a way that reminds me Ironically with Omar Soliman.  El Shater made about three interviews if I am not mistaken. ?El Shater?s interview with Mahmoud Saad in Egyptian TV, Ahmed Mansour in Al Jazeera, Mona El Shazly in Dream TV ? When the Muslim brotherhood announced that it chose him as a candidate , El Shater did not show up in the press conference held at the MB HQ. Mohamed Badie , the supreme guide of MB and the Mohamed Morsi , the leader of Freedom and Justice were the ...
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Blast From the Past : Monday and the World Cover Girl
2012-04-04 13:27:00
The Monday and the World magazine cover girl : The daughter of the Nile carries a gun. I love how that lady looked like and I love her nail polish During then there were tensions and resistance operations against the British occupation the Suez canal zone. I really love these Monday and the world covers , they were very interesting and creative. Technorati Tags: Nostalgia,Women ,Egypt ian,Suez Canal,History ,Monday and the world,Society,Photos,Scans
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They Kill Cats in Gezira Club 2
2012-04-03 22:52:00
After publishing the first post ?They kill cats in the Gezira Club ?GSC? and what it caused from noise , I believe I should not close this file. First of all more photos showing dead cats in the club began to surface online along with testimonies in the past few weeks following my post. Here is a photo taken by club?s member Ahmed Khalifa. Poor cat killed in GSC Of course now it seems that there is a development in the way of killing these poor cats , instead of poisoning them they were hit by sticks. Here are more photos taken from GSC by Pam Labib on Facebook from about a week ago. This is a psychopath action to be honest. Now I know that earlier this week a group of GSC members are planning to have a protest against the club?s administration and its decision to kill all stray cats in the club. This is not an Upper Class issue or protest , the one who will protest for a cat will protest for a human. I do not underestimate these small movements anymore. If you see...
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And Abu El Fotoh Shows off in front of the Muslim brotherhood
2012-04-03 15:24:00
Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh launched his presidential program tonight at Al Azhar Park in Cairo in a big ceremonial event. It was more of an official launch for his campaign. Aside from prominent figures , political activists and reporters from local and foreign media , thousands of Abu El Fotoh supporters from young people attended the big event cheering the man and saying ?The people want Abu El Fotoh as a president? and ?Down with the military rule? The audience at the conference  It was a big show off with fireworks in front of Muslim brotherhood as well the Salafists where Abu El Fotoh is being positioned as the Revolution?s candidate thanks to that big number of prominent figures in the society from politicians to artists to Christian priests even ex-Muslim brotherhood figures. Abu El Fotoh's supporters "Abu El Fotoh campaign"  Among those personalities : Kamal El Helbawy ?Leading ex-MB member? , Mokhater Noah ?Ex-MB member? , Hamd...
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An Insult to the Egyptian Revolution that Can?t be ignored !!
2012-04-02 22:57:00
This can?t be ignored simply because it is very insulting on many levels , insulting to Egypt , to the 25 January revolution and its martyrs ; it is even more insulting to dear Lebanon and its martyrs of the civil war. MP Mohamed Abu Hamed participated in some conference organized by the Lebanese forces Party in Lebanon where he celebrated the inspiring Christian Muslim leader Samir Gaegae !!!!!!!!!! In a small speech in front of hundreds of Lebanese Abu Hamed said that Gaegae inspired the Egyptian revolution !! MP Mohamed Abu Hamed praises Gaegae !! The man says to Gaegae ?Thank you our sir for inspiring us !!!? The bastard mentioned the names of our martyrs in his speech , who gave him that right !? Inspired who that war criminal !? For God sake thanks for the Egyptian revolution we have been spared from that yellow faced war criminal in Cairo. I do not know what is worse , that the former leading member of Free Egyptians knows the true history of Gaegae and he is kissi...
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The citizenship of the Sheikh?s mom : Was she American or not ?
2012-04-02 11:57:00
My late mother had only a US Green Card while my sister has got a US passport because she lives in the United States. Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail said so in an official statement published in his official campaign FB page on Sunday?s evening. Strangely this comes after one week of a complete denial that his late mom ?Mrs. Nawal Abdel Aziz? got any foreign passport. There have been rumors and reports that the mother of the powerful Islamist presidential had got an America n citizenship and thus he will not be qualified for presidency. That strong rumor is enforced by several press reports claiming that the late lady entered the country in on 16 August 2009 coming from Germany with American passport and that the number of that passport is ?500611598?. This is a security way of leaking , why now , why they had to wait all that time , we are all wondering. Already Abu El Ismail can say whatever he wants yet the truth will be announced officially by the department of Justice in the United St...
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Can El Shater run for presidency from health point of view ?
2012-04-02 08:46:00
Can Khairat El Shater run for presidency of Egypt from health point of view ? A question that pumped in my mind through out the day after hear I remember very good that the family of Khairat El Shater plead through the time of Mubarak that the man?s health was deteriorating especially that he had huge heart and diabetic problems as well blood pressure problems. I remember Amnesty International and international human right organizations even addressed this matter. In 2007 he got that terrible infection in his leg and his family feared that it would be amputated. In 2008 he suffered from defected coronary artery and obstructed artery but received treatment after terrible agony. In fact the man was released from jail on health ground in 2011 so did he recover in one year and is ready to rule Egypt in a very critical time as simply as that !!? God knows how many times Essam Sharaf , our former PM had to transfer to hospital because of exhaustion in the past year so I hate to imagine...
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