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2008-02-18 13:07:00
Jones, you know my granny Hazel died the prior week. And being such, folks seem to come out the wood works, in respect. A good thing, 99% of the time.An additional disclaimer, I am a reformed Memphis mac, meaning that at one point in time, I ascribed to the “bone and disown” school of thought. Yes i was foul, but that was before I manned up to life and mutual respect for all, especially women. Check this, one of the past histories was a riend, female in gender. We said hello, that she said sorry about my granny’s death and said:"You remember when I walked in on you and that BROAD in that Bar?"I instantly went back in my head and said "yes."What had happened was that we were dating. I think we were even informing one another of out love for each other. I had spoken with her earlier and informed her that I would call her back after I finished using the bathroom, but I did not. Truth was that I had spoken to another women before her and had planned to meet her at the bar. While t...
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5 million can go a long way
2008-02-17 17:35:00
I guess Hillary Clinton used the 5 million she loaned her campaign a few weeks ago well. Seems that reports have come out now that suggest Barak Obama did not get a single vote in some 80 voting districts throughout the state of New York. Not a single one.These districts included Harlem of all places. According to an article in Saturday's New York Times Metro Section headlined: "Unofficial Tallies in City Understated Obama Vote." A segment of the article read:"Black voters are heavily represented in the 94th Election District in Harlem's 70th Assembly District. Yet according to the unofficial results from the New York Democratic primary last week, not a single vote in the district was cast for Senator Barack Obama.That anomaly was not unique. In fact, a review by The New York Times of the unofficial results reported on primary night found about 80 election districts among the city's 6,106 where Mr. Obama supposedly did not receive even one vote, including cases where he ran a r...
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aint that a bomber or an iceberg?
2008-02-16 06:13:00
To the honorable Mr. Henry Waxman and Tom Davis:Why in the fuck are you wasting my tax money to hold Reform Committee hearings of Human Growth Hormone? I mean, it’s nice for me to perceive that you are concerned, but forgive me if I find it hard to fathom that you actually care. I would like to say you both do have top-shelf tie game, but you are no doubt wasting my money.Honorable Mr. Waxman, forgive me, but I prefer to get my information on science from scientist, of which I consider myself to be, and academic and scientific journals, of which I am certain you don’t read, from the manner in which you stumbled over words and concepts you orated during the segment of CSPAN called Health Effects of Human Growth Hormones.Of all folks Mr. Waxman, you need to consider HGH given your age, but that is another story. For some reason or another, I feel that the time and money (of which your salary is paid) would be better spent on dealing with education or the issue of the homeless o...
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running into a brick wall
2008-02-15 16:01:00
Now back to our regular scheduled programming. I had a homeboy that used to play defensive back with the Washington Redskins and Eagles. When he finished playing football in college, right before the draft, he came home. At one of my infamous party’s, we exchanged dap and talked. He spoke about the interviews he had with several NFL teams prior to the draft. He said he told them all “if you pay me enough, I will run into Brick wall." Now my Boy Barry hit hard, was Memphis Buck, and fast – all 6’2”, 220 pounds of him. He led the NFL in interceptions as a rookie and had 2 interceptions during the Skins Super Bowl win over Denver when Doug Williams was the MVP. I say this as a metaphor regarding the future as it may come to fruition in November.Most of you all know that Dr. Ron Paul was my first choice for the Presidency, followed closely by Senator Obama. But since it seemed as if folks didn’t ascribe to my position, I’m going with Obama in the title game. However, many ...
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a diamond treated like glass
2008-02-14 01:05:00
Now for me, i'm down to 3 generations. For my son and daughter, they still have four. But not me, my granny died and may have left me, but she will always be in my heart, maybe that is why the sporadic crying existed. But yawl don’t feel me though. I remember, at least from age nine, going down either via plane or bus, to Macon, to kick it with my grand mother. My momma, although she and my birth father divorced before I was two, made sure that I spent quality time with my grandma on his side of the family. I can still remember the old house, on the Eastside of Macon, on 1109 Boone Street. Every time I was on that dirt road her house was on, I got excited. She would always take me in the kitchen and my Aunt, her daughter would give me her room for the summer and she would sleep with my grandma in that two-bedroom edifice. Instantly, she would start making me one of her citywide and well know pound cakes. And as I waited, she would always slice me up fresh cucumbers out of her gar...
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The father of Jim Crow
2008-02-11 05:47:00
Now I consider myself an amateur historian. Although my preference is ancient African history, I consider myself astute in the history of America and the West Indies. I may have a limited knowledge of music videos, movies and entertainers, but I do feel I have a descent and particular grasp regarding information pertaining to the early colonies, presidential history, and slavery (inclusive of reconstruction and Jim Crow ).I have been thinking about what I am about to assert for a while. I know that it is rare when all of the aforementioned areas decussate such to pronounce a concise conclusion. Especially as it relates to the actual start of Jim Crow policies in the South (up south too). And being that this is the single month that is allocated to black folks, and the single month when black folks see to care about knowledge about themselves, I want to take this time to propose a new postulate on history relating to folks like me. Nope, I aint going to state no fact I can copy ...
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Return to sender
2008-02-09 18:47:00
I know in my heart that I worry about the sons and daughters and husbands and wives of those engaged in military combat. And I sincerely will never wish for such an experience for my son or daughter for I believe it is like Michelle Obama said, that they are the only ones really making a sacrifice for our country. I just wish that the government and military appreciated and understood such.My work in prisons and with the homeless shows me too much. That for example, I get tiered and hurt at the same time that at least a third that I have come across were veterans of Dessert Storm and of recent wars. In fact it turns my stomach. But I try not to show it working with them. I wished that, and believed that my government is me, and that it would make all the considerations possible to make the return of these individuals admirable. Unfortunately, it appears, as under the surface this is not the case.I have just come to find out that the Army Surgeon General Eric B. Schoomaker doe...
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damn folk
2008-02-08 05:57:00
no more blogging for a while, my granny died 2nite. Im heading to macon now.
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y yawl hang up on me jones
2008-02-06 23:52:00
Yo, after the post I wrote on Mike Savage, I made a pledge to myself to tackle injustice where it rose. No, I aint the super friends but I made such a commitment to myself. Being that I live in Atlanta, I was provided such an opportunity today. We got a radio station in the ATL and such an opportunity came to my attention. So me, being the proactive, albeit I have no bumps, person as I am, I went for it and called in.“Hello.”“Yea, I want to speak to Webbie.”“OK, what would u like to say.”“Well I wanted to ask him why was he such a fuckboy.”“Excuse me?”“Well, I wanted to say he was a fuckboy.”“We don’t take calls from hatters.”“I aint hating Jones , I jus wanna know why he don’t he talk about academic performance, staying out of jail and being a man.”“Well, we don’t take them type of calls.”“What type of calls, aint yawl representing the community? I’m the community?”“Click.”“Why you hang up on me Jones?”I did not get on the...
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What dressing u want
2008-02-05 15:45:00
2 points of order before I post this. 1] No super tuesday stuff (nor will i speak on service sector index drop-recession) and 2[ shouts out to V. Anthony Rivers and his Black History month post. chk it out.Man, your folk here has lost complete respect for Lou Dobbs tonight. I used to listen to him and his drive towards dealing with illegal immigration in America. But tonight, folks got his panties pulled up his booty crack and got defensive.I mean Janet Murguia put it down. She is the current La Raza President and CEO. I mean she made me see that Lou did not ever, really distinguish from Illegal and legal immigrants, He even tried to refute FBI and department of justice statistics showing an increase in hate crimes against immigrants, Hispanics, Latinos.What upset me was when he made it into an attack on him, when the entire time she said Networks, all networks, not CNN alone. It was as if he was upset when she documented Dobbs paraded on television, people that belonged to white...
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I can’t fight so I talk shit
2008-02-03 03:33:00
This will be a first. I will attempt to present subject matter without conjecture or invective. So here goes. Talk radio is a regular and if not, daily experience for me. Although being down here in Atlanta, my preference is limited to Sports Talk 790 the zone, Neal Boortz and NPR on WABE, I do read transcripts and occasionally listen to the broadcast I can receive without registering online.I have noticed outside of NPR, and inclusive or Sports Talk, most of these folks just be talking shit (a mile a minute to quote George Clinton) out the sides of their necks. Take said example of Syndicated Talk Radio host Michael Savage. I have read that it is heard across approximately 350 or more stations and is preceded in listeners only By Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.After the I’m smarter than a fifth grader speech, I mean state of the union address by President George W. Bush, one of the topics covered was the Presidents proposal for 30 billion US $ in emergency AIDS relief for...
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he has a Coretta.
2008-02-01 03:38:00
I was watching CSPAN when I suspect most folk were looking at the Democratic debates on CNN. I on the other hand was listening to a woman tout how “character counts.” Of a woman who acknowledged that things have occurred under the watch of both democratic and republican presidential administrations. She spoke of her mother in law. Of how she had to be naive and had to be a dreamer, for trying to raise a black male in the 60’s. She admitted her biases, since she confirmed her proud ness to be his wife, his woman. She acknowledged that she would be there for him, that she loved him even if he had nothing, for which she started out with, with him.She spoke of his beauty and his sacrifice and new that they were blessed, for she saw a person who was willing to give up something for her and others. She said that in her household, “your word is your bond, that you treat people with decency and respect, that nothing was more important than ones commitment to their family and their c...
Hook, line & sinker
2008-01-30 22:57:00
As you can see from the prior post, your folk may be rawdawgbuffalo, but I do have a heart, at least my children think so. But back to the regular rigamaroo. I had to get this off of my chest before the Memphis-Gonzaga game that comes own at noon (when i started this post). But I do have one question? How many of yawl votes hands down for democratic candidates? I am just asking because I personally don’t feel they (nor the republicans) have our best interest at hand. As well, I do not subscribe to the argument that they are the less of two evils. Unfortunately, I just think they are better a marketing their selves to black folk. This is to say that Republicans do not care that much about us and as result do not even attempt to secure any part of the massive voting block we represent. In contrast, the democrats do not care as well but their over-zealous pursuit for becoming elected enables them to smile and address us as a community more than the republicans. If you look a...
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Ode to Miss Anne
2008-01-29 00:53:00
As I have recanted an inordinate amount of time, I am a country boy. I’m proud to be a country boy and from flip flops and socks, to wearing my hair in Plats, I personify that pick-up truck driving, wild boar throat cutting while its live, Jones who owns throwing axes, rifles and 11 acres to personification.This weekend, in-between auto junkyards looking for some parts to fix my truck, or get it fixed, I stopped by an associate of mine Birthday party. His woman had asked me to come through. Now this not one of my real folk but he my folk and I see him regularly at this little Jamaican redneck joint in Fairburn, Georgia called Latitudes. Now I’m in Palmetto, and to put into perspective it is about six miles down Roosevelt Highway from my spread.The bar, well, they serve Jamaican food, is owned by this kat named Les who is originally from Negril, Jamaica. Like I say, he a cool kat, and a real Rum dranker. The catch is that since it is in the country, half the clientele are N...
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a penchant 4 commitment
2008-01-26 03:55:00
Not saying that i am looking for one (u never find when u look,it just happens) but I would like to have a committed relationship. I don't know what one is perse, but I would hope it would entail being with a person that had the same mutual respect and admiration for me as I did them. It is just difficult. Unfortunately, I have been told and have come to the conclusion that I intimidate women - yep, nice old me.True, i have my iniquities and I'm not the most attractive mother fucka or smartest person in the world, but my kindness and unconditional positive regard for others, especially my children and family or a significant other can't be matched. I just know what I aint, and as of yet, i have not been able to locate it. That someone, that special person that would be willing to share my spirit late at night, after work even when they get off. A person that when they would call, they would want to hear my voice and not call just to ask for something or because they needed ...
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the midas touch
2008-01-24 17:10:00
Extra extra, read all about it, these mutha fuckas want to pass a 150$ billion economic emergency rescue bill with the quickness. At least, this is what I have been able to ascertain thus far based on what Mr. President, Mrs. Speaker of the House and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (yes Virginia, the Treasury Secretary has a name) have stated on the record.This loot is supposed to serve as an economic stimulus to jump started the already stagnant economy (which I wrote about a few weeks ago) with roughly 66% allocated for tax breaks for individuals ($880 for individuals and $1600 for families) and a significant proportion of the remanding one-third to businesses given it also includes some additional but narrow support for unemployment benefits and food stamps for the poor.I just wonder why they could not see all this shit approaching? A perspicacious person would have seen the possibility of such. Ronald Reagan started all this mess some 30 years ago. The California cowboy Acto...
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to whom it may concern:
2008-01-22 17:23:00
NOTE: I wrote this last year when my son's school suspended him for defending himself after a white boy hit him. Didn't want to write on politics today so I found this. Hope u dont mind. And for the record, he was reinstated that day. The things they try and do to our young men. Fathers stand tall. I am writing this letter in reference to the disturbance that my son (in picture) was alledgedly involved in on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. I am disconcerted given from my terse understanding of the situation and the resulting suspension of my son. More disheartening is the understanding that the white male youth was not suspended when he was involved as a "mutual combatant." First is the recantation overheard by my son regarding the comparison of the participants in a monochromatic fashion, specifically the references of behaviors described as "black" and "white." I would hope that professionals such as you would not participate in the usage of stereotypical referenc...
thank we free
2008-01-19 04:04:00
Yo folk, this is self-evaluative…. we some fked up folks. We seem and appear to care about the mundane, music, sports (of which I am guilty also) entertainers, what folks think of us and anything that really has no direct bearing on our immediate lives. I spent tonight looking at "Boycott": The Montgomery Bus Boycott while I figure many folks were or are out having fun, at a bar, or a club or just out in the streets. And for the record, Jeffrey Wright and Terrence Howard put it down. We didn’t have such worries or cares when we were in the bowels of slave ships being transported to foreign lands.It is just that now; our slave ships are landed in front of us, on walls and in our bedrooms and come with remote controls. The folk in Montgomery went 381 days without riding the bus. Taking cabs, car pooling, walking and what have you to express their passion for right and showing that thing were not, as the say ALL GOOD. We can’t go without a telephone, a car, a television, the...
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basic thrust equation
2008-01-17 06:36:00
Yo don’t tell anybody, but folk back in the classroom teaching Statistics at CAU. Albeit I am suspended with pay I am a scientist and a teacher and miss the chalkboard. Any who, given my penchant for thought crimes, I decided to make sure my bran cells still functioned given their propensity for being saturated with tequila and additional cyclic alcohols.Although my PhD is in counseling psychology, if I had to do it al over again, I would likely select either particle physics or solid-state physics. With that said, as a person, as a man, u know horesman love him some sex. I mean, if I had my way and a steady partner, five times a day of me bending my manhood at the base of my partners spine, or the back of her throat would be more than amenable for me. Some may say this is excessive, but I have Sir Isaac Newton (Notice how he looks like Alexander Pope Below)to back me up on this.Based on Newton's third law of motion, I feel that sex, and the attraction for having sex is like ...
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worldly MF
2008-01-15 07:00:00
u know, folk here consider himeself a worldly mutha fucka, so I tell my self to never get stuck into thinking we Alexander Pope (to left w/ wig) up in this camp. Read his Essay on man for additional perspective. Any who grasshopper, i'll read almost anything and if u feed me u can have your way with me (not the men)....a few stories that caughtmy eyes1]Polish teen derails tram after hacking train network2]And Then There Was One3]Price of gold breaks through $900 level4]Maybe lowering voting age to 16 in the UK5] Man Texting While Driving Hits Train6] Beyonce, George Bush Mug for Their HometownRIFps: first time i ever mentioned Beyonce in a blog - must be slipping. Eb, im not deep no more
2008-01-13 23:48:00
Wonder how much Money Bill and Hillary Paid him. Read 4 yourself. I would add my perspective but i would just say "hatters everywhere we go." and if that dont work for her, just make his plane run into another plane.any who back to the game and beveraging
sunni or latter
2008-01-11 16:15:00
With all this election stuff, it had almost slipped my mind that we were still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and trying to contrive 5 speed boats as an act of war with Iran. Then there is the northern end of Iraq, where the Turks and Kurds going at it. But as expected they say things are going well when to me they are not.I mean if I was an Iraqi and running the government of Iraq, I would move to take our state back and urge all, Sunni ’s and Shite to join in battle with the Kurds against Turkey. This may engender nationalism of my people for Iraq, and at the same time anger the US, who move for a unified Iraq but really don’t want one – and did I add, would likely be forced to help Turkey if such popped off. But this wont occur for we have effectively divided the country and encouraged secularism in the country with our pre-emptive policies and morosely laconic foreign policy.We are now, since the surge (what ever that is) recruiting villagers of Iraq that are members of...
hope 2 die
2008-01-08 19:59:00
1st I want to thank Ingrid D. Moore Curry for making me the featured writer of the month on her blog.You know all good, and even great things come to an end. Such is also true for nation-states. The Roman Empire fell because it was fearful of technology, it had no more folk to conqueor and because the Empire's economy could no longer be fuelled by the exploitation of new colonies. They had to raise higher and higher taxes to maintain itself and its armies and the people pulled a Hall & Oates (can't go for that ,no can do).Babylon's fall came as a result the loss of commercial relationships with other nations and depopulation, although Biblical pundits use Isaiah 47 and Revelations 16 to assert that the fall was a punishment from God due to their “false religious system”. And we all recant the fall of Constantinople by the he Ottoman Turks Empire in 1453. Today class, I would like to postulate that the next major empire to Fall will be the United States of America.From all...
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2008-01-07 03:26:00
Go figure, but seems to me before the Mitchell Report came out, each and every day, some where in the United States someone was talking about Barry Bonds, his use of steroids, and their often fatuous purview (since use of HGH is not illegal in baseball) and how they think he should have some ridiculous reminder behind his homerun record. Many of these folks are in many cases likely afflicted with respect to laying sport proficiently in the first place. And like magic, all of this talk stopped. Mainly because the folks who were talking made such sweeping statements that they have to eat crap with respect to who they think worthy to be in the hall-of-fame. Many said Barry, because of this would never make it. The Mitchell Report named some of the golden boys: Rick Ankeil, Eric Gagne, Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemons.While being interviewed on 60 Minutes by Mike Wallace, Roger Clemens said he was never injected with illegal performance-enhancing drugs by his form...
im it
2008-01-07 00:54:00
ive been tagged so i will play albeit i dont want toso 7 things u dont know about yo folk1] combined SAT 690 but they say my IQ 185 go figure2] Never wanted to go to college3] member of the first all black high school golf team to go to city championships in Memphis4] read and write music, got own recording studio and more than 7000 songs since 1985 recorded and in mp3 form5] vinophile - preferabbly s. african wines6] was hit by a car (he ran light and didnt like my social club?7] been stabbed or cut, knives and ice pics 7 plus timesThese the folks im finna(im country) tagthe prisoners wife, soul cruzer, paris romance, soul of Emmanuelle Elie, lucious librarian, maurice garland & v anthony rivers
poor mr. or mrs. next president
2008-01-05 03:18:00
It was my intention to not discuss the caucus results of Iowa and or Barack Obama at all so early in the election. I was hoping after reading a substantial corpus of blogs from around the globe I would see a majority of the implications discussed. Especially after such a "stunning" victory (others words not mine; stunning to me is 50% of the votes).For the record, your boy here likes to stack a little change. Easy change which means using your brain. Maybe some consulting or statistical data analysis mostly, but also in them markets, precious metals and Forex exchanges. I mean I bought my first stocks when the DOW was at 3500 (which fell today 266.84 to 12,998.28). So one could suffice to say I have accrued and nice sum of chump change.However, I feel that whoever the next President is, there will be something to deal with that won't be easily dealt with either with the rhetoric of experience or new leadership. This week, an ominous and unfortunate event occurred, the price ...
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the tru and the false
2008-01-03 06:58:00
I know most folks read new and recent shit. And stuff they were told that are classics from their family and teachers. Instead of sulking over the holidays, I read a few books, don’t know why but I’ve been into plays lately. Just finished reading a book of plays by this French Jones named Racine. He posed to be one of the best French Play writes they say. But Jones can’t put a finger on Moliere and reading him made me go back and read Tartuffe – some of the funniest shit a nigger will ever read.Folks don’t write like they have a command of language and intelect anymore. Especialy folks my complexion. Just like music today we want to write what sales or what folks will buy. And just as in the music game, there are few real indepenent and spirited voices in Arican American literature. And yo folk her aint no E Lynn Jerome Dickey Tyree type. I mean if I didn’t sale books I’d still write: plays, essays, verse, short stories what have you.Voltaire, true is my all time favor...
From 1159 to 1214
2008-01-01 06:09:00
Sounded like MogadishuRound and pop and clip after clipIn the airMy neighborsI smiled out here in the countryToasted my second tomato juiceTo me this NEW yearWe can take care of ourselvesAll manner and sizesExplode into the nightSo I raised my smile tooLet 32 out in 5 secondsInto the wind
5$ on one
2007-12-31 07:52:00
I will take this time to say that I’m happy to be making it to 2008. The other day I went to the gas station, I was waiting to pay for a Gatorade for my daughter and a newspaper. I was behind this dude who gave the lady $20.00. He asked for an assortment of lottery tickets, a task that consumed quite a bit of time since I was standing behind him, but I was patient.He scratched them all of as I waited. He won nothing and said, let me get five on one. It made me wonder what his definition of depending was. To me, it would have ben more important t put all that loot in the gas tank with gas being $2.83 per gallon but he did not. It was obvious he depended, or at least wanted to win on the lottery tickets for his future. The way he purchased him, it was no logics but rather chance as he picked 15 different one dollar scratch offs. And he did it in such a way that let me know he likely did it in several gas stations he went too.I don’t buy lottery tickets, in fact I would rather purc...
Introducing: eyeball stealing
2007-12-27 17:24:00
I just wanted to thank the laws for putting into place a new crime to come – Eyeball stealing. Sure there is no code for it, or no fancy name like homicide, it too shall come to pass.Trying to get what they can out of biometrics, the FBI wants to use precise body measurements unique to every human being, to help them fight crime. The new FBI plan announced last week notes that the agency plans to spend a $1 billion dollar on the effort. Now these fools cannot even solve or prevent identity theft and its text-based information so whom will they be able to secure a massive database of biometric data? I mean it last forever. One could even be dead and the still could be committing crimes with your eyeball. The only good may be a new specialty in plastic surgery or ophthalmology in changing and replacing human iris and retinas. According to the Washington Post, the FBI is going to give somebody a 10-year contract that would contain information on all from iris patterns, scars and the ...
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