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A blog dedicated to providing information about the death penalty in North Carolina and elsewhere. Includes news updates Monday through Friday, plus commentary and breaking news.
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Tim Hennis Pretrial Hearing
2008-06-02 17:13:00
News Update 06.02.08 North Carolina A military court at Fort Bragg will hear pretrial motions today in the case of Timothy Hennis. Hennis was acquitted of three counts of first-degree murder in civilian court, but is being retried by the military. If convicted, Hennis could become the tenth person on the military’s death row. Three Salisbury ...
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Jakiem Wilson Trial Begins
2008-05-28 19:30:00
News Update 05.28.08 North Carolina In Wake County, jury selection has begun in the trial of Jakiem Wilson , who has admitted to killing his wife in 2007. His attorneys will argue that Wilson should be convicted of second-degree murder or manslaughter. If convicted of first-degree murder, Wilson will be sentenced either to death or to ...
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Racial Justice Act Press Conference
2008-05-23 16:03:00
(from a press release) RALEIGH, NC ? Senator Vernon Malone, Representative Larry Womble, NAACP-NC President Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and other leaders will hold a press conference in support of the NC Racial Justice Act (HB 1291) on Tuesday, May 27 at 1:00pm in the Legislative Press Room of the Legislative Building. Also in attendance ...
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Crowe?s Death Sentence Commuted to Life
2008-05-22 23:04:00
Just two and a half hours before he was scheduled to be executed, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has commuted Samuel David Crowe’s sentence to life without parole.
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Murder Defendant Denied Counsel
2008-05-21 18:19:00
News Update 05.21.08 North Carolina In a highly unusual turn of events, the Charlotte man accused of killing a state insurance investigator who was conducting an audit of his business has been denied the assistance of a public defender. According to Judge Bill Costagny, Michael Arthur Howell makes too much money to be entitled to assistance ...
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State Seeks Death for Covington and Jackson
2008-05-20 18:31:00
News Update 05.20.08 North Carolina In Guilford County, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Ronnie Lee Covington, 20, and Keith Lauchon Jackson , 19. Covington and Jackson are accused of the 2007 murder of a gas station clerk. Jackson, who denies involvement in the shooting, asked the judge, “I’m only 19, why are you trying ...
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Stitt Sentenced to Life Without Parole
2008-05-16 16:08:00
News Update 05.16.08 North Carolina A Cumberland County jury has voted to spare the life of convicted double-murderer James Stitt. Stitt killed his housemate, a 21-year-old soldier, and the soldier’s 16-year-old girlfriend, at their home in 2005. He then took the victim’s car and other property and drove to Brooklyn, New York, where he sold ...
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NC Lethal Injection Litigation Continues
2008-05-14 16:44:00
News Update 05.14.08 North Carolina The Council of State fired its latest volley this week in the ongoing litigation over North Carolina’s lethal injection protocol. The arguments can be summarized as follows: 1) the inmates cannot appeal the COS’s decision to approve the lethal injection protocol because they are not “persons aggrieved” by the decision; (2) ...
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Jury Deliberates Guilt in Stitt Case
2008-05-07 15:37:00
News Update 05.07.09 North Carolina In Cumberland County, a jury will soon deliberate whether James Christopher Stitt is guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the 2005 deaths of his housemates. If found guilty, Stitt will face the death penalty. Today’s New York Times has “As Executions Resume, So Do Questions About Fairness,” which examines the ...
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Death Row Exoneree Bo Jones Speaks
2008-05-06 16:44:00
News Update 05.06.08 North Carolina Levon “Bo” Jones , recently released after serving over a decade for a murder he did not commit, held a press conference yesterday in Raleigh. Jones’ attorneys spoke first. Ernest “Buddy” Conner told those gathered how the police failed to dust for fingerprints at the scene and eventually lost what little ...
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Levon ?Bo? Jones Released from Death Row
2008-05-02 16:49:00
For the second time in two months, an innocent man is being released from North Carolina ’s death row. Levon “Bo” Jones spent 13 years on death row after being convicted of the 1987 murder of Leamon Grady. Federal judge Terrence Boyle vacated Jones’ conviction and death sentence in 2006 after finding that Jones’ ...
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Executions - May 2008
2008-05-02 15:38:00
6 - William Lynd (GA) 27 - Kevin Green (VA)
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Where Do NC Candidates Stand on the Death Penalty?
2008-04-28 16:01:00
(This post is an expanded and modified version of last week’s post. Thanks to everyone at BlueNC for their help. Further additions are welcome.) With an important primary just a week away, here’s a look at how the contenders feel about capital punishment. In the Democratic NC gubernatorial debate, both candidates said that they support ...
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Where the Candidates Stand on Capital Punishment
2008-04-25 20:22:00
News Update 04.25.08 North Carolina In this week’s Democratic NC gubernatorial debate, both candidates said that they support the death penalty if it is applied fairly. Beverly Perdue, unlike Richard Moore, supports a moratorium and further study of the issue. In the Iredell and Alexander County district attorney race, all three candidates have made clear that they ...
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The Importance of Being Nerdy
2008-04-23 22:09:00
A friend sent me this link, with a note, “Arrr! It be cruel and unusual punishment!” To which I naturally replied, “Shiver me timbers! Yer evolving standards of decency has been cast in Davy Jones’ locker!” It’s possible that we both need a hobby.
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Fund for Glen Edward Chapman
2008-04-23 15:18:00
As regular readers will know, Glen Edward Chapman was released from North Carolina’s death row recently after having served over a decade in prison for two murders he did not commit. People of Faith Against the Death Penalty have set up a fund to help Edward adjust to life in the free world. ...
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North Carolina Reaction to Baze
2008-04-21 17:33:00
News Update 04.21.08 North Carolina The US Supreme Court’s decision last week in Baze v. Rees does not mean that executions will resume immediately here in North Carolina. There are two state-based cases that must be resolved - first, a suit by five inmates who allege that the Council of State acted improperly in approving a ...
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Christy Crittenton Sentenced to 20 Years
2008-04-16 16:47:00
News Update 04.16.08 North Carolina In Durham, Christy Crittenton was sentenced to 20 to 25 years for the 2006 murder of Edwin Knowles. Crittenton once faced the death penalty for the crime. In court, Knowles’ daughter gave Crittenton a Bible - and her forgiveness. NPR listeners should tune in to today’s The State of Things on ...
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Breaking - Baze v. Rees Decided
2008-04-16 16:37:00
Opinion here. Says SCOTUSBlog: In a widely splintered decision, the Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for death-row executions to resume across the country, concluding that the most common method of lethal injection does not violate the Constitution. The final vote was 7-2 in Baze v. Rees (07-5439), although there was no opinion that spoke for five or ...
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Death Row Families Come Together
2008-04-15 16:58:00
News Update 04.15.08 North Carolina Over the weekend, People of Faith Against the Death Penalty held an interfaith service and provided dinner for the friends and family of death row inmates. The event provided a rare opportunity for death row families to come together in an environment free of judgment. “As a pastor, I have ...
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Judge Removed from Kyle Berry Case
2008-04-11 17:28:00
News Update 04.11.08 North Carolina Judge Ronald Spivey has been recused from presiding over the appeal of Kyle Berry , who is on death row for a 1998 New Hanover County murder. Another judge removed Spivey from the case after his hostile courtroom comments to Berry’s counsel were found to indicate prejudice. The attorneys for Glen Chapman weigh ...
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State to Seek Death Against Barbara Clark
2008-04-08 17:03:00
News Update 04.08.08 North Carolina Orange and Chatham County district attorneys have been given the green light to seek death against Barbara Clark, the woman accused of killing two elderly women at an assisted living center last year. Clark’s attorney has raised concerns about her mental fitness to proceed - Clark was too paralyzed by anxiety and ...
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Glen Chapman Freed From Death Row
2008-04-04 16:22:00
News Update 04.04.08 North Carolina Media coverage of Glen Chapman ’s release from death row via the News & Observer, the New York Times, the Charlotte Observer, WRAL, the Hickory Daily Record, NBC-17, and WSOC-TV. Chapman was released two days ago after serving nearly 14 years for two murders he did not commit - one of which ...
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Breaking - Innocent Man Released from Death Row
2008-04-02 19:12:00
From press release: INNOCENT MAN PUT ON DEATH ROW BY LYING POLICE OFFICER FINALLY SET FREE NEWTON, NC ? Today Glen Edward Chapman, who spent 15 years on North Carolina?s death row for crimes he did not commit, is walking out of prison a free man. Chapman was sentenced to death for the 1992 murders ...
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Next Step in NC Lethal Injection Litigation
2008-04-01 17:06:00
News Update 04.01.08 North Carolina The latest filing in the ongoing Council of State litigation is available here. The inmates - Archie Billings, James Campbell, Jerry Conner, Marcus Robinson, and James Thomas - have asked the Superior Court to reject the State’s Motion to Dismiss and review the Council of State’s November decision to ignore the ...
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Executions - April 2008
2008-04-01 16:20:00
There are no executions presently scheduled for the month of April . It has been six months since anyone was executed in the United States.
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Quick Update
2008-03-28 15:16:00
News Update 03.28.08 North Carolina Nothing to report. Elsewhere Quick updates on several past stories: In Texas , a federal district court has decided that Scott Panetti is crazy, but not that crazy. The Third Circuit has decided that Pennsylvania’s Mumia Abu-Jamal should receive a new capital sentencing hearing. The Supreme Court ruled in Medellin v. Texas that just because the President ...
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Life Sentence for Robert Windsor
2008-03-25 15:52:00
News Update 03.25.08 North Carolina Yesterday in Catawba County, Robert Lane Windsor was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Windsor faced the death penalty for suffocating his former girlfriend, putting her body in the trunk of her car, and abandoning it along the interstate. He then went on a crack binge. ...
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Hearing in Army Fragging Case
2008-03-21 16:07:00
News Update 03.21.08 North Carolina Yesterday a pretrial hearing was held at Fort Bragg for Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez, accused of killing two superior officers in Iraq. His attorneys urged the judge to keep gruesome crime scene photos out of evidence, and also asked that Martinez’s expert be allowed to review evidence off-base, to ensure that ...
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BIS Monitor Not So Great for Surgery Either
2008-03-19 15:35:00
News Update 03.19.08 North Carolina A recent article in The Washington Post questioned the usefulness of the BIS (bispectral index) monitor in surgical settings. The BIS monitor is also used in North Carolina - against the advice of its manufacturer - to monitor anesthesia during executions. One patient in the study described coming to ...
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