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Liquidity Vs. Austerity ? Too Soon To Declare Final Winner
2012-06-02 11:08:00
A lot of debates, opinions, analyses of monetary policies of central banks around the world, and of fiscal policies of their respective governments have been taking place since 2008. How good or bad the situation is and which analogy is appropriate, what research ? and for which period and which nations best describe present situations ...
FDA Says Only Sugar Is Sugar! CRA Runs For A Big Gulp!
2012-06-01 21:35:00
The FDA are generally a toothless organization that basically go along with whatever Big Food and Big Pharma want to do. Very occasionally though they are forced to make a choice that puts someone?s nose out of joint. For the past couple of years there has been a war waging between the Sugar Association and ...
FDLE Issues an Amber Alert for 2 Month Old Josiah Saintil
2012-06-01 19:30:00
An Amber Alert has been issued by the FDLE for a two year old baby, Josiah Saintil.  They say that the baby was reported missing today. He was last seen in the area of 149 North West Bay Shore Blvd. in Port Lucie, Florida. When last seen the baby was wearing a onesie that is blue ...
Windows 8 And The End Of Computing As We Know It!
2012-06-01 18:21:00
I (thankfully) am no longer involved in the sharp end of the computer world. These days I sit and giggle from the sidelines. Computer fads come and go, and for the most part they just ?go?. Something better arrives the next week and we all move on. Much like life the constitution the computer industry had ...
It?s the Anniversary.. CAT successfully shut off from Cyber Crime victims
2012-05-31 13:59:00
It was on June 30 2011 that the previous presiding officer of Cyber Appellate Tribunal attained superannuation. Since then CAT  has remained non functional. In December 2011, Justice S K Krishnan assumed office at CAT as “Member Judicial”. He was eligible to be appointed the Presiding officer but he was not. Now it is end May and one year ...
Why Scots die young
2012-05-31 06:49:00
There’s a lot of beating about the bush in the report below so perhaps it falls to me to tell the real story. Scots in Scotland today are a very socialist lot. Add to that a tradition of fighting and you have a very “Bolshie” lot, not to put too fine a ...
Home Sweet Home by John Dragona - a Preview
2012-05-31 00:21:00
Every once in a while there is a book that stands out. Books are very personal items. The one thing that I do know is that 99.9999% of authors put their life and soul into whatever book it is they are writing. A book is often the window into the mind of the author. The ...
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Will They be Turned In for Mentioning the Name of Jesus?
2012-05-30 03:32:00
Please Pray for a town that honors God: Should a school district be ‘turned in’ for daring to mention the name of Jesus Christ at graduation? A person close to me was aghast that Jesus Christ was prayed to at a High School Senior’s graduation ? which included both an invocation and a benediction. He ...
Texas Judge Uses 17 Year Old Student As Example - Sentences Her To One Nigh
2012-05-29 21:03:00
I am really appalled after reading an article about a judge in Texas sentencing a 17 year old girl to an overnight stay behind bars and he has fined her $100. The good judge has decided and I quote, ?If you let one run loose, what are you gonna do with the rest of them? Let ...
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The Annular Solar Eclipse Revisited
2012-05-29 20:32:00
I followed the Solar Eclipse with interest. You can find my article here. I loved the sheer guts and determination that one amateur astronomer was willing to put into sharing his passion with us mere mortals. Scotty Degenhardt is my kind of people, he has passion for his subject and loves to share that passion with ...
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Book Review: ?Warning Signs? by Jan Christensen
2012-05-29 02:55:00
Warning Signs by award winning author Jan Christensen is made up of three short stories that were previously published in print and online markets. This collection is a bit less than 19, 000 words and each story is a good one. Each story has a small intro, a brief explanation of how the story came ...
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MD Legislator?s Priorities Warped In What Life Is Worth Preserving
2012-05-29 01:36:00
During the 2012 session, the Maryland State Legislature considered the abolition of the death penalty. Opponents of the practice argued that not everyone receiving the sentence actually committed the crime of which the judicial system found them guilty. However, having only carried out the practice five times since 1977, it is doubtful such miscarriages of justice have ...
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Memorial Day ? It?s Just About Trying
2012-05-28 21:12:00
Memorial Day mostly focuses on those that lost their life so that we might live. But to me it has a different meaning, it is an opportunity to honor every person alive or dead that has put their country above their own personal needs to protect our freedom. Our young people here in the US, and ...
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Celebrating Queen Vic Day In Canada
2012-05-28 17:20:00
 I wrote this little tale of woe about 15 years ago, however I think it deserves a second airing. Here in the US we have Memorial day, Canada calls it Victoria Day. The names and sentiments may be different, but both countries use the holiday to signal the start of the summer season. Canada gets ...
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Deadly Everest and Child Abuse
2012-05-28 10:43:00
Okay, parents. Your 13 year old makes a decision that he wants to do something that has a 2 percent chance to be fatal. Do you 1) Forbid him to do it. 2) Try to talk him out of this but if he refuses to listen to your concerns, allow him to do it anyway since ...
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The Sugar Is Sugar War Runs On Unabated
2012-05-26 01:46:00
  This is a war that I have been following for a couple of years. At first look it may seem a pointless war. Lets face it, we don?t watch it on TV newscasts and hear that 50 people lost their lives as the result of a radical suicide Sugar bomber detonating his or her sugar ...
Who Owns The Moon?
2012-05-25 23:49:00
It is at first a really silly question. The Earth owns the Moon by way of gravity. Without gravity and its wonderful relation to the moon we would not exist. Of course this does not stop enterprising companies from making claims on the Lunar landscape. For several years I taught a class about the internet. One ...
Understanding The New Music Industry - Life After Labels
2012-05-25 21:01:00
This morning I stumbled across a fascinating article by David Lowery discussing the state of the music industry. He presents a well thought out case that runs contrary to most peoples views. The traditional argument is that the ?old? record label system was grossly unfair to the musician, you could have a #1 hit, a sold ...
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Book Review: ?Burnt Offerings? by Michael Lister
2012-05-25 18:29:00
For Professor Daniel Davis and his friend Ben Greene this late September morning is the time for good natured give and take and a run along some abandoned railroad tracks in the heart of the North Florida Wildlife Preserve. The running for Daniel is not just exercise but as a means of escape from nightmares ...
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FaceBook FacePlants
2012-05-24 03:14:00
It was over a decade ago that Tech Bubble 1.0 burst. IPO?s were so common that it was hard to keep up with them. Everyone was launching All of these sites shared a common feature, lots of hype, but absolutely no business plan worth a lick. Even the few that did have some kind of ...
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Google Celebrates Bob Moog
2012-05-23 19:12:00
Bob alas died in 2005, but had he lived today would have been his 78th birthday. Bob was not a musician, but his contribution to  music changed the landscape in the late 60?s and early 70?s and continues to do so today. I view him as a major contributor to the genre of music we ...
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ESPN Slimes Catholics (and Pacquiao)
2012-05-23 09:02:00
GMA and ESPN are now promoting hate speech against Catholics under the guise of accusing Filipine boxer Pacquiao of homophobia. From “An Open Letter to Manny Pacquiao From a Gay Filipina American,” …your parents give you Catholicism as a kind of heavy gift. A centuries-old guide for every life transition a human can go through. Birth, death, ...
CNN Makes The News, But Not By Reporting The News
2012-05-23 00:44:00
One thing is clear, times have changed from the early days of CNN. It was a nitty gritty cable adventure that like Star Trek, boldly went where no man had been. It was new, it was innovative, and it was wall to wall news. Ted Turner had created a channel like no other. They also always ...
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The Solar Annular Eclipse - The Ring Of Fire
2012-05-22 21:03:00
I am not an avid astronomer, but I do like to watch strange phenomena. A solar eclipse is one that should not be missed. Sundays event alas was outside of my viewing area. But I knew that somewhere in the wild world of the internet there would be a live feed.  As I had a ...
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Smith-Mundt Act Modifications Lack Protections Against Abuse
2012-05-22 01:37:00
Smith-Mundt Act Modifications Lack Protections Against Abuse by Ted Lipien While the independent, nonpartisan Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting supports some changes in the Smith-Mundt Act, we and many other media freedom advocates share grave concerns that officials of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) will use the new legislation to abandon some foreign audiences under the ...
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Culinary Adventures ? Cheese
2012-05-21 20:45:00
I am a big fan of cheese. It comes in many subtle and not so subtle guises. Pretty much I like it all, they all have a place and a purpose. Although you would have to ?waterboard me? to buy Velveeta (not quite cheese) of my own volition, my wife makes a wonderful creamy casserole ...
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Airbrushing Eugenics
2012-05-21 09:01:00
Should folks name a high school after a man who supported Eugenics? No, say the Canadian Metis blogger, ex-politician, and all around troublemaker Mrs. Gay Caswell on her blog. So who is she complaining about now? A Canadian bigshot who implemented socialized medicine in that country. Complains Mrs C: He followed the Regina Manifesto, a doctrinaire communist ...
Jethro Tull ? The Aqualung Legacy
2012-05-20 20:18:00
Released in 1971 Aqualung proved to be turning point for the band Jethro Tull . It took them relative obscurity to a powerhouse of the popular music world. It is estimated that over the years some 7 million copies of the album have been sold. The band has been headed by front man Ian Anderson since its ...
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Twelve Seasons of Austin
2012-05-20 20:07:00
As we rapidly approach vacation season, I would like to offer a little tourist information about my hometown of Austin and the nearby Texas Hill Country. This candid insider’s viewpoint includes a few places and activities of interest, including a few details traditional sources may accidentally on purpose neglect to mention. You can find the ...
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Chinese blind dissident Chen Guangcheng secretly listened to Voice of Ameri
2012-05-20 03:38:00
The Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB and the independent BBG Watch ( website reported that blind Chinese legal activist and dissident Chen Guangcheng, who arrived today in the United States, had been secretly listening to Voice of America Mandarin shortwave radio broadcasts while he was in prison in China. Chen Guangcheng revealed this ...
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