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a personal corset blog about corsets, stockings, high heels, dresses, feminin clothes, ... - with a lot of photos.


20 inch waist corset - from the back!
2008-01-15 16:40:00
20 inch waist corset - from the back..Thanks to one of my corset-blog readers! She noticed that I've never posted a photo where you can see me in a tight laced corset from the back!So I put on my waistcincher - a very short corset with now a bit more than a 20 inch waist - and made some pics showing me from the front, the side and the back. I've choosen this corset as it has the most impressive waist and a very nice hip-spring. This wais cincher really makes a very nice hour-glass shape. The skirt is a very tight and high pencil skirt - so it's perfect to wear under (or over - like on the last post) a corset. don't waste your waist,yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!
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tightest corset - merry christmas corset-fans!!
2007-12-25 13:58:00
the three corset-pics above you can see what i'm going to wear. new stockings, my new pencil-skirt, a white blouse and my shortest underbust-corset (waist cincher). i just don't know if the corset should be over or under the clothes. maybe the corset worn underneath fits better for christmas. i even sewed the corset a bit tighter - so it's now a bit more than 20 inch (which is the tightest i've now). together with the very high and tight pencil skirt it makes an incredible combination. even with the corst underneath. merry christmas and best wishes to all of my corset-blog readers! - yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!
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hidden corset - underbust corset underneath part II
2007-11-30 00:43:00
hidden corset - underbust corset underneath part IIAnother one of my favourite tops - fitting perfectly over an underbust corset worn underneath. This one is so tight - i probably won't fit the top without the corset. But over a corset it gives you an amazing silhouette with a tiny tight laced waist. And still the corset is not visible - but of course it makes people wonder where the waist is coming from. If you take a closer look then and know about corsets you can see the shape of the steel bones of the corset through the top. But as most people still don't know about real corets it just confuses them. Only some smile at you like the wanted to say: "I know about the corset underneath". all the best - yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!
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Underbust corset underneath - a tiny waist
2007-10-31 22:47:00
Underbust corset worn underneath - creating a nice tiny waist...I like to enjoy the last warm sunbeams of autumn, and that’s best outdoor in nature! That’s what I’m doing on this pix! I wear a white skirt combined with a black and white “waterfall”-top (because the plunging neckline looks like a waterfall). Underneath – of course – a corset!! It's my 21inch underbust corset. The waistbelt of the top accentuates the tight tiny waist very well. Together with the tight skirt the corset underneath creats a very feminin shape with a nice tiny waist. My shoes are the Italian Stilettos with 5inch high heels which you already know! But they are so special, that they never ever will get “boring”.Hope you enjoy the corsetpix and have a happy halloween, yours - tight laced corsetgirl!!!
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corset, stockings, sunglasses ...
2007-09-30 03:06:00
I got a lot of response from the last post – thanks to all corset-blog readers. Some of you told me that they would like to see me in a corset with tie and with some stockings again. Stockings are a really good idea – just saw that I haven’t posted pics showing stockings for a long time. I tried to fulfill all your wishens – so I put on my long black 21 inch overbust corset, over a blouse and a tie, a miniskirt and fully fashioned black stockings and high heels.Here is something I would like to introduce to you... As corsetting is quite an expensive hobby, and as I’m a student, my funds are limited ;-)A lot of people told me that they would even pay to see my corset-pics, but I do not want to make this blog liable to pay the costs because wearing corsets is my passion and I want to share my experiences, photos, … with other corset-fans. So I came to the decision to give you the opportunity to support me and my corset-hobby with small - or even bigger ;-) donations. I...
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corset with a schoolgirl-outfit...
2007-08-30 16:47:00
this time my outfit looks a bit like the uniform of a schoolgirl, but of course "pimped" with a corset, if you know what I mean ;-). and the black corset fits perfektly to red and white i think. with a real tie it would look even more serious - but still it would cause a lot of attention going like this to university or school. on the corset pics you can see me wearing a very shot red miniskirkt in kilt-style. Combined with a tight laced corset - it is my 21inch black underbust corset which I'm wearing over a white blouse. - a lot of my corset blog readers asked about my measurments: - well, without a corset: 35" - 25" - 36"and corsetted: 35" - 21" - 36" . the 21inch are over the corset - so the real waist size is probably half an inch less.yours thight laced corsetgirl...
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tight laced overbustcorset, miniskirt, 5inch high heels....
2007-07-29 23:40:00
...some of you asked me some corset related questions... I’m sorry that I can’t reply to all of them, but I’ll try to give answers to the most asked questions:well, I think there are a couple of reasons why I’m wearing corsets. first of all there is the very feminine look, which I admire, not so much the feeling of the tightness, but the womanly feeling. corsets bring out the feminine shapes – they emphasize the breasts and minimize the waist, so that the typical hourglass-shape of a woman appears. at the moment I manage a reduction 4,5 inch (12cm) in the waist – one day more, one day less… many people ask me if I can still breath when I’m laced tight… and my answer is always the same. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be here ;-)of course it is kind of a learning process, so nobody should start with such a great waistreduction! once you are used to and your body learned how to breath, to sit and how to walk with a tight laced corset, you’ll love it too!!Here are som...
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underbust corset worn under my mini dress
2007-06-30 23:35:00
sorry you had to wait so long for some new corsetpics of me…. thanks for your patience and your nice mails! yes, i'm still alive and wearing corsets ;-). but june always is a quite stressful month at university, so it really wasn’t easy to find some time to make some corset-photos. but finally i managed i’m wearing my mini-denim-dress you already know with an tightly laced underbust corset underneath. this was the corset-outfit i wore when i was going out last, finally i have more time again - and really good news for all corset-fans because i started working on a corset-video. so i'll surprise you in july!!!thanks again for your patience - yours thight laced corsetgirl!!!
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Underbust Corset in town... - more Pics
2007-05-10 12:58:00
more corset pics of me wearing a tight underbust corset in town. it's funny to see people nearly hitting the lampposts when looking a my corsetted waist. but, thats the reason why i wear a jacket over the corset - before the corset gets the reason for a car-crash - i'll close my jacket ;-). allthough a sexy corset is probably the most feminin cloth in the world - and the number of corset-wearing women is increasing, worn in public, a corset is still something very very special. thats really quite strange sometimes because for me a tight corset is totaly normal and other people look like they see a corset for the first time.stay tigh laced (even in public) - yours, the feminin alias corsetgirl.
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Underbust Corset in town...
2007-05-05 23:36:00
me, wearing a nice black underbust corset in town. many corset-fans and blog-readers ask me if and how i wear corset during a "normal" day. so i thought of just making a few corset-pix when doing some shopping. well, this is how i went to town last weekend - wearing a black 21 inch underbust corset over a white blouse, a knee-long black-skirt and a jacket - not to forget, my favourite golden heels. so, you see - a corset is not only something to wear on a ball or on party. if you really like wearing corsets, a corset can be worn nearly every day. stay tigh laced - yours, the feminin alias corsetgirl.
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black waist-corset over a short black dress - standing
2007-05-01 22:06:00
black waist-corset over my short black dress - standing ;-).as requested - here is a photo of me standing while wearing my short black waist corset. i didn't post it in the last post because of the low contrast between the corset and the jacket - so you only can imagine the 21inch corseted waist ;-). yours, tight-laced corsetgirl - alias the feminin
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black waist-corset over a short black dress
2007-04-27 14:06:00
my 21inch black waist cincher worn over a short black mini dress. with the jacket closed you can't see the corset and just wonder about the tiny waist (of course i had to adjust the jacket with my sewing machine to fit the corsetted waist). so this corset-outfit is perfect for events where a visible corset would get a little bit to much attention. but afterwards to party or going out - just take of the jacket and the outfit becomes really sexy. of course everyone will know then that a corset created the small waist....i'll post some pics showing just the short black dress and the waist cincher. yours tight-laced corsetgirl - the feminin.
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Underbust corset worn underneath - reloded
2007-04-10 00:30:00
corset worn underneath - reloded ;-)some new photos of me wearing an underbustcorset underneath clothes. as suggested by some corsetfans i wear a tie this time as well. the tight pencil-skirt and the blouse were changed by myself to fit the wasp-waist created by the corset. it's funny to see people looking at your small-waist - not knowing that the wasp-waist is created by a corset ;-)ofcourse it's not easy to find clothes which fit perfectly over a corset, but if you know how to use a sewing machine nearly everything can be changed to fit around a tiny corsetted waist. yours corsetgirl - alias the feminin.
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waistcincher corset over a denim mini dress
2007-03-29 01:07:00
a 21 inch waistcincher over my newest minidress! quite a difference between these corset-outfit and my ballcorset-pix of the last posting ;-).but, when trying on this very short denim minidress i just couldn't resist to try a corset over it. although the dress looks already amazing without a corset, with this black waistcincher it looks even more sexy. with its very tight fit it's really made to be worn under a corset. on these corset pics you can see my 21 inch waist quite good against the light. until now it's not the right weather to wear such a mini corset-outfit outside, but it's getting summer soon....greetings corsetgirl - the feminin.
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Corset, stockings and heels ....
2007-03-20 00:48:00
it looks like the last corsetpix with the long black overbust corset are your all-time favourite corset-pics!! unbelievable how many mails i got from corsetlovers around the world! thanks a lot! many of you asked me, if i have some more corset-photos with these outfit. so - here are two more photos of me wearing the black overbust corset, stockings and high heels. yours, corsetgirl alias the feminin!
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ballcorset at the end of the ballseason
2007-03-13 01:26:00
begining of march is the end of the ballseason in austria. but before i hide my ballgowns until november, i decided to make some corsetpics for my corsetgirl blog. so i dressed up in my long black overbust ballcorset, a matching black skirt, fishnet stockings, high heels and gloves and made some realy sexy looking corset-pics as i think. hope you like them ;-). during the dancing-balls a lot of people ask how i can breath and even dance with a 21inch waist - they were all realy fascinated by this overbust-corset. but my impression is that a corset gets more popular - especially on such events you can allready see a couple of women wearing corsets.
Corset worn underneath..
2007-03-11 00:41:00
i never showed you pictures where i wore the corset underneath. so this is kind of a premiere on my corsetblog ;-). here you can see a very nice outfit - where the corset fits perfectly unterneath. i wear my black thight pencil skirt and a white blouse. underneath my black 21inch underbust-corset - the one you can see in my last post. underneath clothes an underbust-corset is the best choice i believe. the corset gives you an amazing shape - and nobody (only corset-fans) know that a corset created this small waist ;-).
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i'm the 75th corset kitten pinup on LISA!
2007-02-25 21:45:00
it's really a great honor for me - since last week i'm the 75th corset kitten pinup on LISA! thanks to thomas, he created a really nice corset kitten pinup page for me. hope all visitors from and enjoy my corsetgirl weblog.
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finally new corset pix - me wearing a black underbust corset!
2007-02-13 15:23:00
finally here are some new corset pics of me! i was really busy during the last week, so didn't have for taking some corset pixs of me. you can see what happens if i can't decide what to wear - the corset with the denim mini skirt or with the jeans. although most of you would probably prefer to see me wearing the corset and the miniskirt, i finally decided to wear the underbust corset with the jeans because it's still a little bit cold outside and i had to walk a bit. and jeans with high heels look casual but still quite sexy i think. oh, and don't forget - TOMORROW IS VALENTINES DAY!!! a corset would be a really nice present i think ;-)..
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white miniskirt and a black waistcincher..
2007-02-02 01:40:00
here is another pic of me wearing my shortest underbustcorset. i guess i'm really in love with this corset. but i believe this corset really looks amazing - over or under the clothes. and i think that this waistcincher fits me the best. even if i wear it over my clothes i'm able to close this 21 inch corset completly. last weekend i wore the corset over a white top and a white miniskirt - a really nice - even sexy - black and white "corsetgirl" combination of course with black high heels ;-).hope you like this corset as much as i do....
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black waistcincher
2007-01-16 22:11:00
perfect corset-weather! it's january, but still warm enough to wear the coat open and show the corset and wear high heels's again my waistcorset with the 21inch waist. as i wrote allready before, this corset fits really with everything. this time i wear the waistcincher with a white blouse a black skirt and a jacket. with this combination the corset looks even a littlebit businesslike i think. although you probably would get a lot of attention wearing a corset at your work ;-).
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waistcincher part II - close up
2007-01-10 00:31:00
it looks like the 21 inch waistcincher is not only my favourite corset ;-). i didn't expect that you like this corset and the red dress so much - well i like this corset very much too. as by a lot of corsetfans requested - here is a close up photo of me in my red dress and the black waist corset. thanks for all the nice "happy new year - emails"!
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Happy New Year to all corset fans!!!
2006-12-31 17:16:00
i wish you a happy new year. i celebrate the new year with some friends at home. and, as it is usual in austria we are all dressed up really nice for silvester. i decided to wear my long black overbust corset with a black ball gown.hope to see you again next year - yours, laced up the feminin.
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waist cincher...
2006-12-28 02:58:00
on christmaseve i finally wore the golden underbustcorset with the white blouse - like shown on my last post. there was no other combination that fitted with the golden corset... here i show you my latest corset-outfit. a very short red dress with a short underbust corset (a waist cincher) over it. this corset has a 53cm (21 inch) waist and looks really stunning over a dress or a blouse. dressed and corseted like shown on the photos i was on a after christmas-party. because the corset is so short, its no problem to dance all night. this waist cincher is really nice to wear over or even under the clothes and fits to almost everything (not like the golden corset) ;-).
my golden underbust corset part II....
2006-12-15 02:01:00
here you can see me on some more pictures wearing my golden underbustcorset. i already call this corset christmascorset. it's really a very beautifull corset, but it's also really hard to find something that fits with a golden corset. well, this time i tried it with a white blouse, a black skirt and really nice black heels. i think this outfit fits much better with the corset - but, just have a look ;-).
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Golden underbust corset...
2006-12-11 13:49:00
a golden corset? - yes! in less than two week it's christmas, everything is decorated in gold and silver - so i thought a golden corset would be nice. well - here is a golden underbust corset. maybe i should call it christmas-corset. ;-)this corset is not as thight as my other corsets, it has a 22 inch (55 cm) waist. i just tried it with a black blouse and skirt and my grey heels, but i'm still not sure what to wear for christmas-eve...i'll try some more outfits with the golden corset - of course you will see the photos . ;-)
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Corset and miniskirt!
2006-11-29 23:57:00
this corset-outfit is one of my favorites for going out on partys and clubbings. my long black overbust corset, a quite short black mini-skirt, stockings and black high heels. in this combination the corset is really an eye-catcher. although in clubs a corsetted 21 inch waist is sometimes really breathtaking, i won't miss the corset and this outfit.
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Corsets in autumn!
2006-11-06 00:51:00
these corset-photos were taken on the last few sunny days in autumn. it was warm enough to wear just a long coat above the corset. i wear my favourite black overbustcorset. the corset is nearly fully closed - thats about a 53 cm or 21 inch waist. this long corset together with a tight skirt and high heels gives a very nice shape as i think.
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New corsets!!
2006-09-18 18:11:00
Finally, here are some new corset-pics. But not only new corsetpictures - i got 2 new corsets as well. A red and a white underbustcorset. The red underbust corset can be seen here - combined whith a white blouse and a short jeans skirt. More corset photos of me and my new corsets will follow soon.with this photo - me wearing my long black overbustcorset - i'm now on in the hall of fame. So, to all the people who clicked on the corset and came to my corsetblog from 25peeps - a nice and thight laced welcome! More pics of me wearing different corsets will be published soon - because i took some of my corset with me on holiday.
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